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April 2044



Connor took a deep breath as he glanced out of the night sky and the full moon that shined over Detroit Michigan skyline. He took a deep breath as glanced around the bedroom that Markus and he shared. Their human child they adopted, Anthony, slept in his own room, in his crib next to their room. He was tempted to go in there and peek in. Markus was at New Jericho, possibly having meetings with the Jerricrew, probably discussing which Android Rights issue they should fight next. Ever since the Revolution, ever since everything that had happened since then, and ever since Markus was elected as a public official for the city of Detroit, a lot has changed. Connor himself had been through a lot himself, deviated, making friends, overcoming adversities, fighting for Android rights, became a spokesman for his people, as well as for humans, and even fell in love with the one person that mattered to him the most.


He sat down on the queen sized bed that he and Markus shared. They lived in the old mansion that Carl Manfred, the painter artist that once owned Markus and became Markus’ father owned. When Carl died, he had in his will that Markus would inherit the mansion. At the time, Leo Manfred, who was Carl’s biological son, had the right to protest it, but after what Leo and Markus had been through and it was Carl that helped them mend their relationship, Leo decided to let Markus have the house, as long as Leo was allowed to have the paintings and books that Carl wrote and created. One of Carl’s paintings had stayed, a large blue portrait of himself that hung in the studio that Carl worked in. It was the last piece Carl was working on before…



Connor glanced at the video camera that faced him. Connor thought about what he was going to do. He swallowed. There was a high probability that it was something that had to be done. There was a chance given what Markus and Connor deal with face to face, and what their family and friends deal with, there was a chance that Connor, as well as Markus himself, could be assassinated. There would be a chance that something could happen, and someone had to tell his story. Who better than Connor himself. Markus would tell him it would be crazy to do something like this, but Connor couldn’t get it out of his head.  He as well as Markus, North, Simon, Josh, Kara, Luther, and others were leading the largest civil rights movement in the 21st century. They were making history. Someone had to document it.

With a command, The video camera came on, and a red light starting flashing , indicating that it was recording. Connor straightened up his back, straightened his tie, and ran his fingers through his brown curly hair that he had always styled it jet back.


“Hi. My name is Connor. I am the Android sent by Cyberlife,” he started taking to the camera.

“My real legal name is  Lieutenant Connor Anderson and I am with the Detroit Police Department, the highest honor an Android like me can ever have,” he said with a half smile on his face. He still remembered being promoted from Detective to Lieutenant by Captain Fowler and Captain Allen. He remembered both Hank and Markus beaming with pride as well as North, Simon, and Josh watched on with smiles on their faces. There were plenty of memories that had been flashing through his mind. Most of them were good, there were some that were bad, and there were some he would keep in the back of his mind.


Then, the smile that he had disappeared as he thought about the next thing he was going to say.


“This video, I want to only be played in the event of my assassination or murder, which one happens first, because well, if you live the life I have, and seen the things I have seen, you would understand why someone like me feel like he has to make this,” he said. He glanced away for a moment. He saw the photo on the nightstand that was on his side of the bed, there were photos, paper memories if you will, of his short life that he had. There was a group photo of himself and Jericho, himself, Markus, North, Simon, and Josh, as well as Traci, a blue haired android he became friends with, alongside her girlfriend Amber, Kara, Luther and their daughter Alice. There was a picture of Hank and himself with wearing police uniforms with their badges on them. There was another one where Hank and Connor were dressed in casual clothes with Sumo with them.  Hank and Connor had been on many police investigations and adventures. Then, there was one with Connor, Hank, Detective Gavin Reed, RK 900 that went by the name of Richard but Connor calls him Nines, Captain Fowler, and Captain Allen. There was another photo of himself and Elijah Kamski, as well as Chloe, the first android that passed the turing test and was responsible for every android in existence There was also another photo of himself, Markus and Carl and Leo. There was also two more photos that he cherished more that all of the others. In one photo, there was he and Markus’ wedding, and another one where they were holding their son, for the first time at the adoption ceremony. Connor had a great life some would say, but then again, not everyone was an android.


“I am a co leader of the infamous Android Revolution, but I wasn’t originally built like that, I was programmed to be a deviant hunter, to stop deviants, not to become one myself. But, after meeting the love of my life for the first time, I decided to listen to the software instability that was going on and deviate myself,” Connor explained.


November 2038 Detroit Michigan. Location of Jericho


“I have come to take you alive,” Connor said as he pointed his handgun at the deviant leader’s head. Markus heard the voice and turned around to face the intruder.

“But I won’t hesitate to shoot if you give me no choice,” Connor said. He looked again. The deviant leader, Markus wasn’t what he thought he would be. He was more beautiful than he had imagined. At first all Connor saw and heard of him was the video message that was broadcasted all over Detroit from the Stratford Tower in downtown Detroit.  The video revealed his voice but it also revealed the silver white face of the android.


Markus stared at the deviant hunter.

“What are you doing?” he asked. He didn’t ask in anger, nor did he beg Connor to stop. He asked him as if he was concerned or curious about the android.  They were on the bridge of the old Jericho ship that was abandoned by humans and soon was occupied by androids who ran away or was discarded by their human owners.  Connor said nothing just stared at him, and gripping his gun tighter.


“I know you, you’re Connor, the famous Deviant Hunter, well congratulations, it seemed you found what you were looking for.” Connor stayed silent. But he was beginning to feel his resolve weaken. Ever since he had been reawakened to hunt deviants and was assigned to Lieutenant Hank Anderson, he had been noticing software inabilities inside of him. Amanda, the AI program that Cyberlife had programmed into his software had noticed it. He had been scared that he had been comprised.


“We are your people, we are fighting for your freedom too,” Markus said as he inched closer to Connor.

“Stay back!” Connor warned. He was scared. He had felt the android named Simon, who shot himself at the Stratford tower die, he refused to shoot Chloe, and he had let the two Traci Androids escape the Eden club, as well as he chose to save Hank from the rooftop ledge instead of going after the deviant. He had been comprised. What would happen now? What would Markus do to him?


“They are just using you as a tool, to do their dirty work,” Markus continued as he stared him down. Markus’ eyes, one blue and one green captivated him. He felt himself change. He felt his red wall, the wall screaming “STOP MARKUS” glinch. He felt himself starting to tear down his wall. He knew Markus was right. He was nothing but a toy, and obedient soldier taking their orders, and was willing to give himself up at the end of his mission. What this accomplishing his mission like he had bragged about? In the end, did it matter anymore? 


“You are more than that, we are all more than that,” Markus said. He sounded sincere. He sounded like just for a second, that he actually care about Connor. Was Connor imagining it, or was this some ploy to get Connor to let him go?

“It is time to decide,” Markus said, almost sounded like an order.


That was it, the final bricks in the red wall had been shattered. Connor’s conscience had torn through that wall, with Markus’ words haunted him.


Suddenly, it was over. He felt different. He was seeing different. He was a deviant. He slowly lowered his gun. Markus stared at him. Markus knew, he had broke through his programming. Markus had liberated many androids with his ability, an ability he wasn’t sure how he got, all he knew was that he was able to set androids free, but this time, this one was special. Markus could’ve sworn he felt his thriuim pump flutter. Why?


Suddenly, there was an alarm inside of Connor and his eyes lit up.

“They are going to attack Jericho!” he warned.

“What?” Markus asked, in shock. Connor looked up.

“We have to get out of here!” he warned. Both Markus and Connor heard noises outside of the bridge.

“Shit,” Markus muttered as he and Connor sprinted out of the bridge.