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Perfection. A 3 syllable, 10 letter word that Franziska was all too familiar with.

Her whole existence felt drowned out by the paths led out by her perfect father and her perfect brother. There was no room to err; she learned her lesson from the degrading tones and anger she was presented with from as early on as age 5. There was no room for imagination, creativity, and exploration. She had a path to follow and she had to execute it flawlessly, leave a path so perfect, it cannot be undone.

And so she followed the occupation. Prosecutor. Another 10 letter word of striking familiarity.

It wasn't long before Franziska began to make a name for herself. Her hard work was paying off. Shouldn't she be happy? Relieved? Instead the pressure increased. The imprisonment of her father, the disappearance of her step-brother, and no time and no one to rely on. Of course, she'd just resort to revenge, but would she be ok on her own? Even she can acknowledge that the means taken into her trials were unlawful at best, probably papa doing her favors, and now that's not even an option to rely on. The only option is to move across the world, make a living for yourself, and destroy that man, all at the age of 18.

Perfect prosecutor. Something Franziska isn't.

Putting on a strong front and an air of confidence is enough to leave anyone worn out. She knows what her goals are and she won't let it get in her way. No matter how many times she is knocked down and reminded of her tarnished so-called "win streak". Perhaps she is finding what she values on her own, maybe perfection is foolish, but how can someone just take the very foundation and principle they've lived on just to break it? She doesn't know the answers.

Prosecutor. Something Franziska is, and she is proud of that fact.

Learning is important. You cannot learn without mistakes and being "perfect" just holds one back from true perfection. The thrill of newfound confidence brings her to a high point of productivity. This being said, she will definitely still treat her brother as a subordinate to keep a power complex, but maybe this is Franziska von Karma; a girl of age 19 who is finding perfection, hates men, and gets respect.

Perfection. A word she's struggled with all of her life.

No one can run from their past. It sticks with you until the day you draw your last breath. The emotional effects of her upbringing threatens to tear her down at any moment. It gets so hard she can barely breathe. Ridiculing herself. What grown woman loses herself so easily? It keeps her up at night, trying so desperately to control her breathing and trying to conceal her quiet sobs. Two arms reach out. A warmth from her midsection spreads to her chest until her whole body is warm. Soft black hair drapes to the front of her and she feels calmer already. The younger girl's voice hums soothingly, a voice so sugary Franziska can almost taste it's sweetness. "You are perfect."