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Sweet for You

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Tom always thought he had led a gentle life. Being a psychotherapist for years and befriending his patients, there couldn't be big fluctuations anyway. All he needed to do was drive down the same road every morning, greet the same people he knew and buy a hot coffee.

Tom loved helping his patients untie their knots. He felt good when someone sat across and slowly open his heart. Usually he would send emails to make appointments and do regular check ups, but his patient who had been scheduled for this morning could not make it, said some emergency happened in her family. That left Tom a bit of leisure. So he wasn't prepared at all to walk in and see a man lying there on the couch, squinting him.

“My god! How did you - ” A scream escaped his lips, which was embarrassing, oh god, let alone he spilled his coffee. “Who are you?!” He tried not to scream out loud but that man, now sitting up, looked just scary. Tom swallowed hard and dared not to move. He was handsome, truly, but those dark green eyes looked like he was going to kill him.

The man stood up suddenly, with a twitch of his wrist and a wave of his hand the pool of hot coffee was gone, seizing Tom by the neck, who opened his frightened eyes wide, until he was lifted off his toes.

Poor Tom was already too shocked to manage a complete sentence, only blinking rapidly with his flickering eyelashes. He looked at the man in front of him, gazing into those deep green eyes and couldn't suppress his gasps. The green cloak, which hung over him like a robe was just too frightening that he didn't realize that it was a little comical here in this small room.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god.” Tom mumbled, looked like he was about to cry.

Quiet.” Said the man.

He complied, shivering all over.

“I want to talk.” That came out more like a sigh of request.

“Oh god. Yes, yes, put me down please!”

He fell into the man's arms, coughing violently. He wasn't pushed away though, but the man was frowning. Tom coughed again awkwardly and stood up, blinking at him nervously.

“Um.” Said Tom tentatively, still keeping his voice down, “Would you like to sit down? With me?”

The man did. They sat on the bed next to each other, with Tom's heart still thumping loudly in his ears, he heard that man's deep, smooth voice.

“You deal with people whose family have problems?”

“That's not… entirely true.” Tom breathed, “I deal with many kinds of patients, as long as they have knots in their hearts and are willing to let me help.” He answered carefully.



“My name.” Said he with a faint smile. “I had to tranquilize you because you were too loud and would get people's attention.” Loki looked at Tom with interest, his deep voice didn't sound sorry at all.

“Oh.” Tom swallowed again. “I'm Dr. Hiddleston. But I… didn't remember we had an appointment? No, I mean - ”

“You haven't heard of me?” Loki cut him off, looking surprised and a bit annoyed. “What about the name Thor? Sound familiar?”

“Oh my god, Thor… Wasn't that the god of thunder in legend?” Tom gasped, then his eyes widened with shock, “You're Loki.”

“I am.”

“Oh my god. You're real. You're a god.”

Loki waited patiently, watching the mortal cover his heaving chest.

“Loki - ” Tom chocked up, “I'm so sorry I'm a little bit overwhelmed, I don't understand… Why did you come here? You scared the hell out of me!” He quickly added, “Which was cool, I just don't understand…”

“I want to talk with you.” Loki sighed.

“Oh. Of course.” Tom blinked, trying very hard to offer a smile. “God I still can't believe this isn't a dream.”

Loki didn't bother to glare. “Tomorrow's my brother's birthday. Everyone will be around him like puppies, throwing a big party while I don't even remember having one about mine.”

Tom's eyes widened, “Thor is your brother?”

“My big, stupid, brainless brother.” Loki rolled his eyes. “He's about to turn 1632. Every year, the same fools and the same party. How can anyone be more irritating than that?”

He continued before Tom could get a word in. “It's ridiculous but how could he still be a party animal? And Odin - how could he even put up with such an idiot and let him walk around and laugh and still decided to pass him the throne?”

“I don't always stay there anyway.” Loki hissed, clearly more angry. “I hate parties.”

He gasped a little at the end of so many words, only to find that Tom was still looking at him in astonishment, and, for a moment, a gleam in his big blue eyes.

“What? Hiddleston?”

Tom opened his mouth and paused, meeting Loki's fierce eyes. He still shivered slightly, trying to take in so much information, and the pause was longer than he expected, but words came out before Loki's hands grasped his collar again. “Loki um - I do have a lot to say to you. Like… just call me Tom, please?”

Loki blinked a few times.



“You are a god.” Tom started again after another awkward silence, shifting in his reclining chair, “And you came from a family that you hated, and you chose to come to… me.”

“Is that a problem?” Loki raised his eyebrows.

“No, no. But why? How did you even know I'm a therapist?”

“I didn't.” Loki shrugged. “I came here on Midgard, and I saw you greeting some women, smiling idiotically just like my brother. So I followed and ended up here.”

Tom stared at Loki incredulously and gasped, “So you followed… You just got in here? How?”

“I do magic, obviously - Didn't you see there? Tom, I finally seem to met a man who might be able to solve my problem. Do I have to tell him stories like treating a baby?” Loki scolded, but the flush on his cheeks after a long speech looked lovely, so Tom didn't feel like scolded.

“I'm sorry.” It just slipped out. Tom was still staring at Loki's face, without even blinking.

Loki didn't speak.

“You're a good brother, I think.” Tom smiled, his voice softened, “Because after more than a thousand years you still remember exactly your brother's age. Which is really surprising and thoughtful. I don't think I can do that if I were you.”

Loki was still quiet so Tom smiled awkwardly and wiped his sweaty forehead, “Loki, um, maybe we could try this in my routine. Lie down here, can you?”

Loki frowned at him, but didn't protest. He lied down and looked at Tom, more like scanning, and the therapist moved to his own chair.

“What now?”

“Now close your eyes. Yes, good.”

“This is stupid.”

“Try a few deep breaths.” Tom suggested gently, holding Loki's hand and took the chance to look at the beautiful god carefully. His hand felt colder than anyone's Tom had touched, but in a pleasant way. His eyelashes were soft and dark, quivering silently as he let out even breath.

“You're doing great Loki.” Tom murmured. Couldn't believe he actually said that.

Loki's eyes flew open, glaring at him.

“Hey, hey Loki - ” Tom said hastily, “I'm only trying to relax you. Now you can tell me more about your brother, your family or your problems, and I'll listen patiently, ok?”

Loki took in a deep breath. “Well.”

Tom gave him expectant eyes. Still holding Loki's hand, he gave him gentle squeezes, encouraging him to continue.

But all Loki managed was a dry cough as Tom's fingers wrapped around his own, and he withdrew from the touch, frowning deeply. “Why are you touching me?”

“I…” Tom flushed and pulled his hand away, biting his lips. “Thought it would help.”

“Would it?”

“It would, usually…” Tom started shivering again, “I'm so sorry if I offended you.”

“It was strange.” The god muttered, and paused, “No one has ever done that to me.”


Tom slowly locked their hands again, leaning closer so he could look into Loki's eyes. The god lay there quietly beneath his gaze, waiting for him to speak first.

“Loki I want to be your friend.” He murmured. “I want to help you and listen to you, not as a therapist, but as your friend.”

Oh those green eyes could make him tremble. Loki blinked them, seemed to be considering his words seriously.

“You're… the god of mischief, you walked in here, you didn't kill me for rambling…” Tom let out a nervous laugh, but Loki didn't smile. “This is crazy. God I want to be your listener. Will you give me a chance?”

The god's breathing turned smooth, his hand found its way to Tom's face and traced his hairline. “We look alike. Don't we?” He whispered.

“Yes, we do. I noticed that the moment you grabbed my neck.” Tom smiled shyly, pretty happy that they looked indeed alike.

“I'm becoming silly to satisfy your request.” Loki mumbled.

Tom smiled widely and brightly, hugging Loki tight until they both stumbled into the recliner and Tom's head buried in the crook of Loki's neck.

“What are you - ” Loki hissed, sitting up and pulling up the mortal with him. He glared at Tom, who was blinking at him with wide eyes and messy hair, and a smile on his lips.

“I'm sorry. I was just too happy.” Tom let go of him, his face pink. “So tomorrow is your brother's birthday. When is yours?”

Loki leaned in, shortened the distance between their faces, making Tom slightly shudder. He could feel Loki's cold breath on his nose. “A week from now. And yes, there will truly be no one celebrating, not even remembering.”

Tom hushed him with a finger. “I wasn't going to ask that. I want to celebrate your birthday. I want to get you a gift.” He said, eyes lit up.

Loki looked shocked. He just went stiff for a moment, so Tom pulled him closer, stroking his beautiful raven hair. “Just come here and talk to me. Everything, Loki, I'm so willing to hear them.” Tom purred. This wasn't how it usually worked with his patients. But right now he couldn't care less.

Loki pressed his lips to a thin line and nodded slowly. He eyed Tom's hand and pressed his on it, pulling out a surprising yelp from the therapist. But then Tom smiled, a little shyly, looking into Loki's eyes. “Just call me anytime.” He murmured innocently, the same words he said to all his patients just spilled out.

“What does that mean?” Loki asked with his deep voice. “Call you?”

“Oh. Like, do you have a phone?”

“I don't.” Loki said, pressing harder as Tom tried to withdraw his hand. The therapist flushed, struggling a little but gave up quickly, realizing he would never break free from Loki's grip if the god didn't want him to.

“Oh. Ok. That is just… how I usually get in touch with my patients.” Tom swallowed.

“I know you're here. I don't need anything else.” Loki grinned, almost mischievously.

“Right.” Tom whispered, wishing the god would let his hand go because he really couldn't flush harder.

Loki looked at his face in interest and he couldn't take this anymore, “Loki, let me go.”

The god finally released him with a grin and Tom looked away, breathing short and trying desperately not to show. Loki just watched him quietly.

“My next patient is about to come.” He whispered.

“Then I suppose I should leave. For now” Loki stood up, his anger had gone from his face, leaving only a slight smile. “Goodbye, Tom.”

Tom hurried to stand up, trying to catch Loki's arm, trying to say something, but the god had already vanished with a gleam of green light.

Tom fell back into his chair, breathing heavily.