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The (not quite) date

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Jirou had noticed how Momo's reactions to her had changed ever since that night they'd ended up asleep on the sofa together. Not necessarily in a bad way though, just different. She'd been getting more flustered around Jirou and didn't seem to be able to maintain her calm demeanour as much. She'd also started to use physical contact far more, putting her hand on Jirou's shoulders on more than one occasion and letting her hands linger slightly longer than needed when handing her something. At first Jirou thought she was just being hopeful, seeing what she wanted not what was actually there but it was when Denki had pointed it out that she'd really taken notice.

They'd been sitting in his room, talking about random stuff and listening to music instead of working on homework as they probably should have been. She'd been on the bed and Denki was resting against the end of the bed, playing some dumb game on his phone. Denki had mentioned in passing that she and Momo had seemed to be closer the past few weeks. She'd tried to act disinterested and just asked “how so?” but he'd known her long enough to realise when she liked someone and had pressed the matter. He obviously wanted to know if she had finally made a move or something.

“C’mon don't act like it's not the most obvious things ever! She's been deliberately asking to hand out things in class just so she can hand something to you,” Jirou turned a light pink, that can't have been true. “She's almost always got her hand on your shoulder or your back you can't tell me I'm wrong because I've seen it for myself. What happened between you two? Spill.”

Jirou had just managed to stop Mina from sharing that photo with the whole of the class and so it seemed that only the girls were aware of the situation last Friday. Currently the only people with the photo in their possession were herself (she'd set it as her background) and Mina. She didn't particularly want that to change and so stayed firm and didn't tell him anything. He pestered her for about five minutes before becoming bored again and moving on.

Denki was right though, Momo had been far more confident lately in casual contact with Jirou. Jirou wasn't one for loads of physical contact but she'd found herself less inclined to complain when it was Yaomomo. She'd actually felt herself starting to look forward to and enjoy it, craving more of the touches even. Jirou didn't want to read into it too much, because she could just be trying to be friendly right, and she didn't want to get her hopes up only for them to be crushed. She sighed and hugged the purple blanket closer to her chest. It was still incredibly soft even after being washed and had a comforting scent to it. Yaomomo had never asked for it back and so she'd just assumed it was hers now, it's not like she was going to give it back now she had it. Anyway, it fit the decor of her room fairly well, well enough for it not to be a problem. It was a Saturday morning and she just didn't have the effort to properly get up, she was dressed and ready for the day in theory but in reality she was just laying on her bed and stewing in her own thoughts. She sighed again and dragged herself up, deciding to head downstairs and eat something. Maybe it would clear her head a bit more.

The walk downstairs was slow and it felt like she was dragging her body across the ground. When she finally made her way to the kitchen it was empty except for Mina. Presumably everyone else had eaten already as it was eleven in the morning. She shuffled over to the toaster and placed two slices in, setting it to low. As she waited she turned to Mina who was humming to herself and eating a cowl of colourful cereal. Jirou gave her a suspicious look, she didn't normally eat breakfast this late in the day. But then again neither did Jirou so who was she to judge.

The toaster made a ding sound and she placed the slices on a plate, adding some butter on top before sitting in the seat opposite Mina. Mina made no idication that she saw her other than her humming stopped. Jirou was just starting to bite into one of the pieces when Mina began to talk.


“So what?” Replied Jirou mockingly.

“So what have you been doing about your Momo situation?” Mina shot back easily.

“What situation? Why would I be doing anything?” Replied Jirou in a rush, she really didn't want to do this now. Not in the kitchen where anyone could walk in and hear.

Mina looked at her, exasperated, “Don't play dumb! You know exactly what I'm talking about, have you talked to her yet?Obviously something has changed with you two.”

Jirou rolled her eyes and bit her bottom lip nervously, “it's not like there's anything to talk about, we just fell asleep on the sofa together no big deal.”

Mina gave a devilish smile and pulled out her phone, “well if it's no big deal then I can just send that picture to the class chat then.” Jirou lunged frantically across the table for the phone, almost knocking the bowl of cereal over in the process, but Mina was leaning back on her chair and holding it just out of reach. “Nope! You talk to her and actually try and work through your feelings or I send the picture, simple.”

Jirou groaned, “this is blackmail, I should report you.”

Mina laughed, “Yeah but you won't and anyway it's for your own good! Just ask her out to that cafe you said she'd like, worst case is she says no and you just continue on as normal.”

Jirou could see the sense in that but also she was absolutely terrified that Yaomomo would reject her and hate her. Her fears were entirely ungrounded but that didn't seem to stop them. It wasn't like it had to be a proper date the cafe/coffee shop Mina had in mind was one Jirou had noticed because of its wide range of different types of tea. Upon seeing it she'd thought of Momo immediately and had actually planned to get her to go there somehow. Really this was the perfect opportunity. She placed her head in her hands, “fine, I'll do it. Happy?”

Mina's smile stretched right across her face, “Yup!”


Jirou nervously approached Momo on the following Monday, straight after class. She couldn't stop fiddling with her earphone jacks and she was practically buzzing with nervous energy. She'd decided to ask Momo to tutor her some more and she'd suggest the cafe as a suitable place. This was not at all a date, just two friends meeting up to study and drink tea and maybe kiss if she was lucky. Jirou blushed and tried to dispel those thoughts but she hadn't realised Yaomomo had finished talking to Iida and was looking at her.

“Are you ok Jirou?” She asked with a small smile, “you seem to be shaking your head a lot and you've gone rather pink.”

Jirou looked up at her and cleared her throat, “ I-er well would you consider tutoring me some more, privately I mean. I know this cafe that would be good to go to and of course I'd pay and everything and I just wanted to see if you were interested. Just I've been struggling with literature recently and I thought you might be able to help.” She barely breathed as she spoke and tried not to look too desperate. She did have some personal pride after all.

“Oh! Of course I'll tutor you, this cafe sounds wonderful. What do you think about after school tomorrow? I can meet you in the common room and we can go from there. We'll need to obtain permission from Aizawa first but I'm sure that will be fine,” she said excitedly, looking happy at the prospect.

Jirou let out a small sigh of relief not realising how tense she had been. “Yeah tomorrow is great, I can't wait.” Momo pulled her in for a hug and Jirou couldn't help but be surprised, she gently returned the gesture before pulling back and smiling widely. That went well.


In final period on Tuesday Jirou was anxiously waiting for the bell to go so she could leave and get ready. She had already got Mina to help her pick out a casual but good outfit. Mina had been totally beside herself when she heard Momo had agreed, maybe even more so than Jirou herself, she had been a bit annoyed to find out it was only really a tutoring session though. She'd forced Jirou to promise to do something more drastic soon.

Jirou was tapping her pen on the top of her table, her books already half packed so she could leave as fast as possible. She had her head rested in one of her hands and could barely focus on what was being said. Too focused on the clock at the front of the class, she watched the seconds count down.

The bell finally rang and she shot up, throwing everything in her bag and racing up to her room. She took the stairs two at a time and swung open her door just letting it slam closed behind her. The clothes were laid out neatly on her bed and she carefully switched out of her uniform and into them. She was wearing plain black jeans, a deep dope t-shirt and a leather jacket, the one Yaomomo had gotten her. On her feet were black boots that reached just below her knees. She shoved her phone and purse into the pockets of her jacket and went to brush her hair through once quickly before leaving again. Rushing about like this was kind of stupid because it was highly unlikely Yaomomo would be ready this fast but Jirou just couldn't risk turning up late. Sure this wasn't a date but she still wanted to make a good impression. Giving herself one last once over she walked back out the door.

The common room was empty when she arrived, not that she'd expected it to be full. Usually it didn't start filling up until late afternoon. At least it would mean she wouldn't have to worry about anyone noticing how nervous she was. She began to idly twist her earphone jacks around her fingers to stay occupied when she heard the sound of approaching footsteps. She looked up hopefully and saw Yaomomo standing in the doorway, a black bag swung over her shoulder and a smile gracing her face. She was wearing a long flowing skirt and her cream turtleneck jumper. Jirou thought she looked beautiful but she was surprised at how quickly she'd arrived. She wasn't expecting Yaomomo to turn up for another ten minutes at least.

“Shall we get going then? I wasn't sure what we needed so I just brought all my notes from last week and a few with more important topics.” Momo began, shifting her bag around slightly.

Jirou grinned and walked over, “that's fine Yaomomo! Thank you for helping me out.”

Momo seemed almost flustered as she replied, “anything for you Jirou.”

Jirou tried not to dwell on those words too much as she walked out the building, holding the door open for Momo. She'd already obtained permission to go out from Aizawa as the cafe was fairly close by. The only instructions she had been given were to be back by seven and not to get into any fights. Jirou figured that these demands wouldn't be too difficult to meet so wasn't worried about getting in trouble. She and Yaomomo continued in comfortable silence down the path and out onto the pavement. Jirou decided to risk it and grabbed Yaomomo’s hand in her own, tugging her down the street.

“C’mon it's just a little further this way.” She said while pointedly not looking at Momo. There was no resistance however so Jirou assumed she didn't hate it and kept her hand in place. It felt comfortable, right. She squeezed her hand slightly as they went round the corner and the cafe came into sight. It was painted black and had large windows on the side, so you could see straight inside. There were two black tables and chairs outside and the ones on the inside mirrored their design. A large sign was hung above the door, it was of a golden teacup with steam rising from it, bordered in black again. Jirou turned to look at Momo briefly to shoot her a smile.

“This is the place!” She said with something bordering on excitement. She couldn't wait to see Yaomomo's reaction when she saw all the different types of tea on the menu. Jirou had taken the liberty of checking the cafes website for the drinks list and she'd been surprise but pleased by the amount of variety. She pushed open the door which was almost entirely made out of glass and pulled Momo in behind her, the bell tinkling as they entered.

The place was almost empty save for a few tables in the back corner. There was a radio on the counter that was playing quiet music and the atmosphere was calm and relaxed. Perfect. Jirou carefully removed her hand from Yaomomos, who was staring around the cafe with a look of wonder, and walked over to a table in the corner next to the window. She pulled out one of the chairs and Momo noticed, walking over, sitting down and thanking her. Jirou sat opposite her and nervously began to tap a rhythm out on the table.

“So, what do you want? It's all on me of course, I mean I dragged you out here in the first place.” She began anxiously.

“Oh!” Exclaimed Yaomomo, “I mean, thank you. You really don't have to but I appreciate it.”

“No problem,” muttered Jirou in reply, as she averted her eyes slightly and stared out of the window. She could see a small sparrow perched on one of the chairs outside, flapping it's wings. She quickly looks back at Yaomomo, trying not to get too distracted. She couldn't mess this up.


Yaomomo placed her order, some sort of fancy tea Jirou could barely pronounce the name of, and they were waiting for it to arrive, along with Jirou's choice of a hot chocolate. Momo had gotten out her notes from last lesson out and they were going over them, Jirou copying important parts down and occasionally pausing to speak with Momo about a particularly confusing part. Jirou had almost forgotten that this was actually a tutoring session, at least she actually did need help with her notes. There was a patch of silence and Jirou had her left hand resting on the table after she'd placed it there when picking up a new highlighter. She suddenly felt something warm being placed gently on top of her hand. She looked up, confused, at Yaomomo only to see her looking incredibly flustered with her hand on top of Jirou's. Jirou smiled and just continued copying down the notes, not wanting to say anything that could ruin the moment.


Their drinks turned up soon after, Momo's was completely plain with only a spoon sticking out of the cup whereas Jirou's was piled high with cream and marshmallows. There was an odd wooden stick in the mug and Jirou was delighted to find it had a large lump of slowly melting chocolate on the end. She swirled it around above the cup, watching mesmerised as parts of it drizzled down into the frothy milk. She liked the bitter taste of coffee but she had a surprising sweet tooth as well.

Momo was watching her with fond amusement. Her eyes following the falling chocolate. She delicately picked up her own cup and took a sip. Jirou heard her give a contended sigh and smiled at the sound. She was glad Yaomomo actually seemed to be enjoying herself. After replacing the chocolate cube, Jirou gulped down about a quarter of her drink in one go, damn was it good she'd have to come back here again when she could. Although she figured that might be difficult with some of the stricter policies U.A had begun to enforce recently. She licked her lips and placed her drink out of the way. She picked up her notes and went back to studying in comfortable silence. The only sound was the movement of a teacup as Yaomomo continued to drink. She could get used to this, it was nice.


They were walking back to the school slowly, having just left the cafe. Jirou had reached out again for Yaomomo's hand soon after and hadn't let go since. The walk back was less rushed than the one there and the two girls were more content to take in their surroundings and enjoy the journey. It had started to get dark and the street lamps had lit up, giving the walk an almost eerie atmosphere due to the dim yellow light. A breeze passed through the road, causing all the tress to rustle slightly. Jirou shivered a bit and pulled her jacket around her. Yaomomo seemed to noticed and squeezed her hand, leaning just a little bit closer to Jirou. They had just gotten close enough to see the school when Jirou stopped underneath one of the lamp posts. She took a deep breath and turned to Yaomomo,the yellow light of the lamp above them just made her look even more beautiful to Jirou .

“I enjoyed that, a lot,” she began, “and I just wanted to say thank you for agreeing to go with me and I was wondering if maybe you'd like to, go there again sometime.”

Momo smiled and stepped closer to Jirou so they were only an inch or so apart. “I'd like that,” she replied in a soft voice, just loud enough for Jirou to hear. Jirou tilted her face upwards and she could see Yaomomo begin to move even closer, her arms encircling Jirou in an embrace.

Jirou had just closed her eyes when there was the sound of a car horn honking loudly and they broke apart suddenly. Jirou awkwardly looked away and rubbed the back of her neck. “Thanks again,” she said before turning back towards the school, Momo following right behind her.