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Dark Paradise

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Jeongguk takes a deep breath through his nose, the first time he has felt this in months. The crisp, fresh air fills his lungs and he exhales slowly. His warm breath releases a cloud of fog into the cold air. He had been locked into isolation for too long this time, and he regrets it every time he’s put in there. He promises to behave himself from now on here, he was lucky that no time was added on to his sentence. But, that’s what he promises every time. 



Park Jimin, ward officer. That’s what it said on his shiny, new name tag. Jimin has been in the police force for a few years and he needed a change. Something different. His wife had been nagging at him, that he wasn’t the same anymore, wasn’t the happy Jimin she married and fell in (love) with. It was hard to stay the same when you have a job that takes everything out of you, you sacrifice your happiness so that other people can be. Jimin sacrificed his happiness for his kids and his country. His kids are what mattered most to him, the only things that are still keeping him alive at this point. Jimin sighs and shakes his head, shunning his thoughts along with it, and fixes his name tag on to his shirt. Hyuna walks into the room, she tuts and walks up to Jimin and fixes his collar. 


“Sorry, thanks.” Jimin breathes. When he looks at Hyuna, he feels endearment and comfort and he loves her. He does. 

“Don’t be so nervous, you’re going to be fine. Crowd pleaser, remember?” She laughs, and Jimin is momentarily transported to his teenage years when he had danced on a table at a strip club in his drunken state. It was the only time he had ever done something crazy and had gotten so drunk, but Hyuna had watched it all. 


They were childhood friends, growing up together because their families had been so close. The success and status of their families was beyond measurable, so it was inevitable that they would be forced into marriage together. Jimin knew they both never wanted it, but they still agreed because they were faithful, obedient children and always listened to their parents. Their parents knew best, after all. Jimin loves Hyuna, he really does, but he had only ever loved her as his best friend and confidant. She knew how gay he was because he had confided to her about all of his high school crushes and it was the same for Hyuna. But here they are, (happily) married with two beautiful kids and a good life. As long as they’re happy, Jimin has no problems. 


They had both tried in the relationship for so long, but he knew it was burning out. When he looked at Hyuna, he could see how tired she was. Jimin wonders if the look in his eyes is the same. 


“Papa, work?” The three-year-old was tugging on his trousers. Jimin couldn’t believe how fast his baby boy was growing up. Jimin picks Minwoo up and nuzzles his cheek, then he hears crying from the next room. That must be Jiwoo. 


“Yes baby, papa is going to work today.” He coos, and hands him to Hyuna with a sloppy kiss so he can go check on his baby girl. Jimin gently picks her up and starts rocking her so that she calms down. She’s only a few months old but Jimin can’t bear it when she cries and she rarely does. He is so thankful that he has well behaved children, the both of them are the best things that have ever happened to him. She cuddles into Jimin, her small face pressed into his neck as her breathing starts to even out again, and she’s gone like a light. She only needed the comfort of her father to relax her again. He kisses her goodbye and puts her down again gently. 


“Okay, I’m going. I’ll see you later.” Jimin picks up a piece of toast from the table, quickly pats Hyuna on her bum and cuddles Minwoo for the last time before he leaves for work. 


“I love you, big guy.” He whispers in his ear when they cuddle. 


“Love you, papa.” Jimin’s heart expands in his chest every time he hears those words and he can’t help his smile when he looks at him again. 


“Chim?” Hyuna calls out. She hasn’t called him that in so long. She hasn’t called him anything in so long. 


“Yeah?” He pops his head around the kitchen door again. She doesn’t look at him. 


“I love you.” She says, continuing to make Minwoo’s porridge. Jimin’s heart clenches. He walks towards her and turns her around so they’re facing each other. His breath ghosts against her lips before he presses them lightly against hers, a featherweight across her lips. “I’ll always love you.” He whispers against her lips, with one last kiss on her forehead he forces himself to leave for work. On the way there, he cries about what their life has become. And there really isn’t much he can do about it. 




“You seen the new ward officer?” Jeongguk was sat on the bench, alone, always listening in to conversations to be kept in the loop. It’s so that he knows who to look out for, you don’t make friends in prison. 


“Yeah, that one with the fat ass? A beauty he is.” The elder man ran his tongue along his rotting teeth, and Jeongguk rolled his eyes in disgust. Sexual assault that man was in for. 


“He maybe a sight, but you don’t mess with him. He already had one of the guys on the floor, it’s only his first day.” 


“Let me guess? Jiho?” Jeongguk’s ears perked up at that. 


“Probably, what a fucking idiot. He thinks with his dick, doesn’t use his goddamn brain- that’s why he’s in here.” 


Jiho, unfortunately, was Jeongguk’s cell mate and he hopes that whoever this new officer was had put him in isolation because he couldn’t stand that fucking dickhead. He’d only been cellmates with him for a couple of months but it had felt like a lifetime. He was a middle-aged man with long hair and a disgusting mind. Being cellmates, Jeongguk had already been prey to his dirty intentions but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. He took it as it came and dealt with it. This place doesn’t sympathise, you can’t go running like a little bitch. He’d rather fucking die. 


Jeongguk really didn’t want to be in here, he wasn’t supposed to be in here in the first place.  But it’s where life had taken him and he had accepted his fate. When he was framed for dealing drugs by the only people who he thought cared about him, he knew he shouldn’t have been surprised. Not when he had spent all of his youth with them, not when he’d seen them do the exact same thing with others. Jeongguk was sent to prison at the age of 19 with barely any knowledge of how to deal with life or people. It’s best to say, that Jeongguk had learnt the hard way. And two years on, he had learnt how to keep his fucking mouth shut and keep to himself. But even that was hard in prison. You couldn’t just keep to yourself, not when you’re in with some of the most dangerous criminals in Seoul. 


When Jeongguk walks in to the dining hall, it’s as loud as it usually is and he grabs a tray to fill up with his survival intake. He usually sits anywhere he can find unless someone wants something from him, which means he is summoned to the table of whoever wants him. You don’t say no, you never say no. Today just happens to be one of those days. 


“Jeon boy!” Jeongguk hears it and suppresses the urge to sigh in irritation. He looks back at Kim Taehyung and nods his head before making his way to the table. Taehyung is one of the younger ones in here, just like Jeongguk, too pretty for this place he thinks. But Taehyung is bad, you don’t ever want to get involved with him at all. He will make your life hell, he’s seen it with his own eyes. He’s only ever bothered Jeongguk with mindless things, mindless to Kim Taehyung that is. A cigarette here and there, a blowjob to pass time, some choco balls if Jeongguk is lucky. Jeongguk agreed every time, of course he agrees, Jeongguk has a brain. Time passes by in mindless chatter over dinner until Taehyung is sidling up to him. 


“I need a favour.” Jeongguk didn’t think it was possible for his voice to go any lower. 


“I figured, what’s up?” Jeongguk says, continuing to shovel the slob of food into his mouth. 


“See that fine specimen over there?” Taehyung cocks his head to where the ward officers were standing. Jeongguk’s eyes linger to the back of one of them he doesn’t recognise, looks at his ass and then everything is much clearer. 


“New ward officer?” Jeongguk’s eyes linger, waiting for him to turn around so he can see his face. 


“Mhm,” Taehyung hums, rubs his chin and he has a mischievous glint in his eyes. When the officer turns, Jeongguk’s breath almost hitches. Beautiful doesn’t cut it. What were people thinking sending someone like that in here, he’s going to get ripped to shreds. How stupid can people fucking get. 


“Wow.” Jeongguk pretends to be disinterested and goes back to his food. He doesn’t know what Taehyung wants yet, he needs to be careful. 


“You really are a dumb het,” Taehyung shakes his head, he doesn’t seem annoyed yet but Jeongguk really needs to watch it. 




“Your reaction was fucking dumb, no one reacted like that. Can you not see him, he’s a fucking work of art, you fucking blind or something?” 


“He’s pretty, why is he in here?” Jeongguk looks back at the officer and he’s even more startled. You don’t get pretty people like that in here, he’s going to get absolutely violated. Jeongguk is more than a little affected, a little breathless even. He scans over his face, jet black hair, pretty eyes, the high cheekbones and strong jawline, and sinful lips. He’s practically asking to be killed in here. 


“Fuck if I know. All I know is that I want him. He’s mine and I’m going to have him whichever way I see fit.” Taehyung smirks, and Jeongguk already feels sorry for this officer. He won’t last longer than a month in here, he guarantees it. 


“So what do you need from me?” 


“Patience Jeon, I’m getting to it.” Taehyung rolls his eyes. “You’re gonna need to help me lure him in, I want him to wreck my ass. I bet he has a pretty dick, just like his face.” Jeongguk wants to roll his eyes at Taehyung, everything always resorts to sexual release with him. He has nothing else in his mind. In fact, none of these people have thoughts that aren’t sexual and Jeongguk is surrounded by fucking idiots. Fuck this shit. 


“How can I help you?” Jeongguk laughs, Taehyung is ridiculous if he thinks Jeongguk can get that


“You’re the only other pretty one in here, you fucker. Why else would I ask? Look at your baby face, everyone wants to fuck you up.” Taehyung flicks under his chin and Jeongguk scoffs at that, he really feels disgusting in here. “Imagine me and you put together, we’d get anyone on their knees. We could get this Park Jimin to his knees, I bet.” 


“I doubt it, I heard he’s good at what he does.” 


“Oh yeah, he’s very good at what he does. If I didn’t know any better, I’d be shit scared of him. But I know better, and I’m having him.” Taehyung smiles a toothy grin, his tattooed finger in between his teeth. “When I call, you come.” Taehyung stands and leaves. Jeongguk doesn’t reply because he doesn’t have a choice. When Taehyung calls for him, he will go. If he wants to live. Jeongguk looks back at Park Jimin, he would like him to survive in this place but he thinks that it’s highly unlikely. He finishes his food alone and when he leaves his eyes linger on the officer, they make brief eye contact and he gives him such a stern stare that Jeongguk’s heart skips a little. Yeah, this is definitely going to be tough. 




 A week passes by without any inconvenience, and this is very unlike Taehyung. Normally, when Taehyung wants he gets instantly so he must’ve forgotten. Must have. From what Jeongguk has seen so far of Park Jimin, he doesn’t take things lightly and he does his job well. Hard working. He puts people in their places and doesn’t let anyone walk all over him. Maybe he will stand a chance, Jeongguk wants someone like him around because he seems like the only one in this place with his head screwed on. 


Of course with someone like that, Jeongguk is attracted to him, but everyone is. Someone with brains as well as good looks? Yeah, he would like someone like that. Jeongguk likes pretty things, he wants things he knows he can’t have. This Park Jimin, will be the end of him, he thinks.


Jeongguk knows he stares, Jimin notices when he does and he holds eye contact until Jeongguk looks away, never backing down. Jeongguk likes that. They’ve never spoken but there’s already a weird sort of tension between them, or maybe Jimin looks at everyone like that and Jeongguk just thinks he’s lucky. Either way, Jimin is going to get him in a lot of trouble. 


Jeongguk is on kitchen duty today, and he doesn’t mind this. Doesn’t mind washing all the dishes and cleaning up, it calms him. Distracts him from his hideous thoughts. It refreshes him. Jeongguk stays to clean up until he’s the last in there, wiping down the surfaces with a dirty, mildew-ridden rag. When he hears footsteps behind him, he knows it’s a ward officer getting him to hurry up. 


“Nearly done officer, just these last ones to go.” Jeongguk blindly speaks, getting the last of the dishes to put away. 


“Good, I’d like to go home today.” He hears a sweet voice, and he doesn’t even need to turn to know it’s Park Jimin. A sweet voice to match his sweet face. Jeongguk doesn’t turn to look, he knows he’ll lose focus. 


“Lucky for some, hey?” Jeongguk snorts. 


“Lucky I abide by state laws?” Jimin retorts. Feisty and quick, Jeongguk smiles at that. 


“Lucky you have a home.” Jimin doesn’t reply to that and Jeongguk feels smug about it, he thinks he might have left but when he turns around Jimin is still standing there. The same stern look in his eyes, void of any emotion. Up closer, he looked younger. He couldn’t be any older than Jeongguk himself. He had tiny wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and Jeongguk wonders what he would look like if he smiled. “All done.” Jeongguk smiles, wiping his hands on a tea towel. They stare each other down and Jeongguk can feel the tension from where he stands, but the weird thing about it is that he doesn't hate it. He loves the way Jimin looks at him, the harsh look in his eye should make him feel intimidated but all it does is make him a little hard.    


"Do you always stare at everyone?" Jimin's voice is so crisp and to the point, he wonders if he thinks about ten times before he speaks. 


"Not everyone, I just like to look at pretty things." Jeongguk resists the urge to wink at him because he knows it won't bode well, he smirks anyway. 


“Get out of here.” Jimin almost snarls. 


“Yes sir.” Jeongguk clenches his jaw and makes his way out of the kitchen, making sure to shove past his shoulder. He doesn't know where he got the balls to do that, but he's glad he did. Jimin smelt good, something like orange blossom. It reminded him of his candle collection before he went into prison, Namjoon had bought him such an expensive one for his 18th birthday all the way from London and Jimin smelt like that exact same scent. It was comforting, smelt like home. It made him a little envious too, because Jeongguk loved scented things but it wasn't allowed in prisons. 


Jeongguk is lucky Jimin hadn't called him back because of the shove, if it wasn't the end of the day he probably would have but he probably doesn't want to deal with anything right now if he wanted to get home. He was so damn aggressive all of the time, but he guesses you had to be in a place like this. You could trust no one. When Jeongguk gets back to his cell, he has a note waiting for him under his pillow. 


‘Piss him off.’ 


It's signed off with a V and Jeongguk knows it's from Kim Taehyung. Jeongguk has no idea what he’s getting himself into. 



Jimin is exhausted. What made him think that he’d be good at working in a men’s prison full of disgusting inmates who claw at him like he’s a piece of meat? Jimin doesn’t care, he will persist and prove that he’s good at his job. Despite everything, he doesn’t think he’s doing too bad. Especially after everyone else has commended him for being so ignorant to the comments and actions of the inmates, but he’s had to go through it in some form all his life. It doesn’t bother him anymore.


"You look more tired." Hyuna mumbles as he gets into bed late that night. 


"I feel it, it's tough work." Jimin's eyes are already shutting as his head hits the pillow. 


"I don't know why you do this to yourself," she whispers in the dark. 


"You know why." When she doesn't respond Jimin speaks quietly. "It may not seem like it but I do enjoy it." 


"Do you?" she questions, there's a foot separating them in bed and he can't remember the last time they had been close. 


"Not now, Hyuna." Jimin rubs his eyes, he shifts and lays back so he won't have to look at her in the moonlit room. 


"Jimin, you can do it. You can leave, I wouldn't even be mad. You can follow your heart, do all the things you've dreamed of it's not too late." 


"Yeah? And where are my kids going to fit in to that, where are you going to fit into that? What about my parents? Your parents?" 


"I love our kids with my everything, I'll look after them you don't have t-" 


"You think I don't love my kids? You think I'm just going to leave them for some stupid fantasy of mine? You're fucking kidding me," Jimin sits up, he's ready to turn this into a full-blown argument. 


"I didn't say that, I just want you to be happy." her voice is the same tone and she just looks tired. So tired. She holds out her hand to him and Jimin doesn't hesitate to grasp it in his. 


"Hyuna, we both had dreams that we sacrificed for our parents and now for our kids. This is our choice and I'm sticking with it. I love them too much to even think of doing anything else, but you. You deserve to be happy too," Jimin's breath hitches in his throat and he wants to cry. He blames himself for the way life has turned out for them both. If he had just grown up and put a stop to it before it had gotten too far then maybe they both would have been happy. But they have kids now, and they're too young to understand but he doesn't want his kids exposed to this. He wants the best for them, wants to give them the happiest lives and watch them grow into beautiful people. He would do anything for them and if that meant he wasn't happy in himself then he didn't care. He would give it up for them. 


"You don't love me." Hyuna whispers and Jimin almost doesn't catch it. "I know you don't want this."


"P-please don't say that," Jimin's lip trembles and he has to get a hold of himself. He loves her and he doesn't want her to think otherwise.  


"I didn't mean it like that, you don't love me as your wife and it- it's hard, Jimin."


"I'm sorry, baby." Jimin instinctively moves towards her and envelopes her in his arms. He doesn't have to hear her to know that she's crying and it breaks his heart. This is all his fault, he has hurt his best friend, his wife, the mother of his children and he feels guilt course through his veins. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. 


The next day, at work, Jimin is in a foul mood and it seems like everyone is angering him on purpose. They're out to get him today. He's already called out two inmates, he's being ruthless and he knows it. He has to be careful though, he doesn't want them to hate him, he just wants them scared enough to be wary of him. Wants them to know that he won't be taking any shit. During his midday break, he steps out into the courtyard for some fresh air and a well-deserved smoke. He doesn't expect inmates to still be out here so he tries to hide his startled expression when he sees two of them walking towards the shed where he's leaning. He continues to smoke, an unbothered expression on his face. 


"Pretty sure you're not allowed to be doing that here, officer." one of them smirks at him, they both look familiar. He recognises the other boy as the cute, quiet one who always stares at him. He certainly looked like he shouldn't be in here and Jimin wonders what he did to end up here. Sometimes, the most innocent looking people can be capable of doing the deadliest of crimes. He blinks at Jimin and stares with his round doe eyes, as usual. Very cute. 


"I do it because I know you can't." Jimin's voice tone is dead, and he looks away from them both. They look pretty close.  


"How thoughtful of you, you seem like the caring type." the loud mouth flutters his eyelashes and Jimin rolls his eyes. "I'm Kim Taehyung, if you were wondering." This Kim Taehyung is stepping up to him and has his hand on his chest pushing him against the railing. There's no doubt he looks like a fucking model, and his cocky demeanour tells him that he knows it too. 


"Get your goddamn hands off of me, inmate." Jimin spits, allowing him to step away before he gets riled up. He's taller than Jimin so he's towering and that pisses Jimin off even more.  


"Aww you're no fun," he has a pout on his lips and Jimin knows it's all for show. He wants to beat the shit out of this guy, his smirk making anger rage inside of him. "Do you know how lucky you are now that you've had my hands on you?" he steps away so that they're not touching but he's still close and Jimin just wants to shove him away.   


"Get back inside, don't make me repeat myself." He just wanted a fucking minute to himself. Taehyung moves to stand beside him and the other boy follows, so they're all lined up against the shed. Jimin closes his eyes in annoyance, this guy wants to be difficult. He reminds himself not to play into their games. 


"We should get to know each other a little, Jeonggukie here is a little shy but we can make it work, right?" his eyebrow raises in question and Jimin just wants to hit him. Did he say Jeonggukie? What kind of a name is that? 

"Fucking fuck off." Jeonggukie mumbles, and he has to suppress a laugh. He looks like an angry bunny rabbit. 


"Get the fuck inside. Now." Jimin's voice goes lower, but Taehyung is still smirking at him.


"God, you're such a prissy little bitch, we're fucking going." Taehyung moves to go, mumbling something like 'just 'cos you're thick and pretty you think you get to order us around' under his breath. Jeongguk is still standing there, and Jimin looks at him expectantly. 


"You don't want to mess with Kim Taehyung." he whispers, and Jimin is taken aback. He didn't expect that coming out of his mouth, but he's already gone before Jimin can say anything to them. He doesn't want to mess with either of them. Jeonggukie, what kind of fucking name?


"What was all that about?" Jisoo is joining him, with a cigarette balanced in his fingers waiting for Jimin to light it for him. 


"Fucking inmates playing stupid games." Jimin lights it for him and they both lean back enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet. 


"You're doing well, don't give up just yet you look like you're going to." he snickers.

"I'm not, they just fucking piss me the fuck off." Jimin sighs, crushes the stub under his foot. Jisoo was one of the good officers, he'd even consider him a friend at this point and they got along well enough unlike the other shitty bastards in here. Jisoo is laughing at him, shaking his head. 


"You'll survive, just don't play into their games. Don't let them get you where they want you to be, the lot of them are fucking sick in the head."


"I know, fucking pricks." The conversation ends there, Jimin knows these are some of the most dangerous men in the world and he just has the pleasure of keeping an eye on them. He just needs to be extremely careful. 


That same night, he was working the night shift. He hadn't worked a night shift before and he hoped it would be a lot better than working in the day, especially if all the inmates were sleeping. He made a mental note to ask for more night shifts so he'd get harassed less, that way he could spend more time with his children too. 


"You think night shifts would be easier but they drain you out, I'm glad I get a break from them." Hyunwoo cracks his neck as they swap over for their shifts.


"Thanks for the heads up." Jimin's voice oozes sarcasm and Hyunwoo gives him a sympathetic look. 


"They're better than the day shifts." He whispers and pats him on the back before heading out. Jimin finishes up his dinner of spinach salad and grilled chicken, part of his diet that he has to stick to and gets ready for his shift.  


"Park Jimin?" he hears the correctional officer behind him and he turns and bows at him. 


"Yes sir." 


"Please come into my office before your shift starts, I have something I need to talk about." Jimin's heart beat increases and he thinks of everything he has done for the past three weeks, what has he done wrong? Cho Soon sits at his desk, scribbling on a piece of paper. "Please sit." he gestures to the chair in front of him and Jimin takes the seat. 


"I'm just going to get straight to it, I have spoken to Kim Jisoo already about this and he tells me that you're one to be trusted. We're being put under review, the practices and rules of this prison are going to be smashed on, and I can't afford to let these big fucking dogs do this. I trust Jisoo, and now you to make sure this place runs smoothly whilst they're here. Make sure they know there are no problems, and you and I both know that there's a fuck ton of shit wrong with this place."


Jimin is taken aback, were there really no decent people around here. Did anyone even know what the fuck they were doing? Nevertheless, he's glad he is in the good books of the correctional officer, it'll be handy for him and he has to thank Jisoo for that. 


"Yes sir, I'll try my best." Jimin nods, and feels sympathetic towards his crestfallen expression. 


"You're good, Park. Just remember that they're still human too." Jimin ponders over that for a while, long after he was dismissed from the office. 


He sits at his desk in the middle of the cells with the other ward officer on duty, mindlessly munching on his damn almonds. The inmates are fucking loud even though they're supposed to be sleeping, he knows more stuff goes on in here that shouldn't and he needs to be the one preventing it. The snores are loud and some of them refuse to sleep, singing loudly or trying to speak to other inmates across the hall. He gets up determined to shut the fuckers up, his baton ready in his hand. He goes to the idiot that's singing his lungs out, it would not have been bad if he had been remotely good. 


"I think it's time to shut the fuck up." Jimin taps his baton against the cell, the inmate grunts and gets into his designated bed with a huff. Jimin walks away satisified, giving the same treatment to those who hadn't slept yet. He looks at the time and it's only midnight yet he feels like he's been there the whole night. He still has such a long time to go. He does regular rounds around all the cells, being as quiet as possible, making sure there's nothing going on inside that shouldn't be. He has a duty of care after all. He stops when he hears it, it's coming from a few cells down. An impossibly quiet whine that Jimin picks up on, he thought it was his imagination until he hears it again. He makes his way towards the cell and makes sure he gets his defences up, gets ready to fuck someone up.


"Shh babyface, you're going to get fat ass over here." he hears it being whispered and he switches on his torch so he can look into the cell. He finds an inmate with his hand under the blanket of the inmate sleeping on the top bunk. When the light shines in his face, he whips his hand out and stumbles back. Fucking disgusting.  


"Get the fuck in to your own bed." he growls, he wants to get this guy out of here but he forces himself to calm down and be logical. These people weren't humans, they were animals. 


"Fucking dick." he mutters under his breath before he scrambles up and into his own bed on the lower bunk. He shines the light at the top bunk and is surprised to see that Jeonggukie guy, still fast asleep, a frown marring his features from when he was being manhandled and anger is coursing through his veins. Motherfucking low life. 


"You're done." He spits, before he forces himself to walk away. He won't tolerate rape or sexual abuse and he'll do everything he can to make sure it doesn't happen. The words from the commission officer rings in his ears, they are human after all. So when his shift is nearing its end and the inmates are waking up, he keeps an eye on this particular inmate and watches his every move. When they lock eyes, he gives Jimin a dirty smile. 


"Looks like you wanted to be in on the fun last night," Jimin doesn't hesitate to pounce on him, all his patience gone and he frames him, gets his arm behind his back and puts enough pressure to hear a few bones snapping. Jimin makes out as if he had laid hands on him and gets him locked away from here. As much as he's glad he could do that, he doesn't feel the satisfaction he thought he would. He knows that this is just one person out of possibly hundreds in here and that makes him feel sick to his stomach. He leaves his shift with a heavy heart, something stuck in his throat. They're still human, he reminds himself. Just because they're prisoners it doesn't make them unable to be the victims.        



Jimin wasn't a prissy little bitch. Jeongguk finds that out first hand when he comes out of his cell to see what all the commotion was about. Jimin has his cellmate on the floor, hands behind his back and the dick is screaming out in pain, it looks like Jimin's broke something of his, it looks like his arm. 


"Don't you dare fucking lay your filthy hands on me ever again, understand?" he spits in his ear, he receives a strangled cry in response and then he is being cuffed and taken away by officers. Thank fucking god. He can sleep peacefully for a while without his cellmates dirty wandering hands. Jimin is telling everyone to go back into their cell and his eyes lock on to Jeongguk's for a moment. There was no stern stare this time, just a blank stare, and it made Jeongguk feel a little uneasy. Like he knew something. He turns away and goes back into his cell and rejoices in the comfort of having the room to himself. Little things. 


He doesn't have it for very long because Kim Taehyung is walking in and slaps him on the back of his head. Jeongguk is already sick of his face.  


"Well, Jimin got rid of Jiho, huh?" Taehyung's tone is teasing. 


"Yeah, guess so." Jeongguk wants him gone, he just wants to be by himself for a minute. 


"You should look more excited about it," 

"What are you talking about?" 


"Don't play stupid, everyone knows what goes on in here. I can hear your bitchy little sounds from my fucking cell."


"Did you want something or?" 


"Yeah, I want Park Jimin." 


"You're not going to get him, just give it up." 


"I don't give up." he looks at Jeongguk with a determined gaze, and Jeongguk sighs tiredly. It has even started yet, Jeongguk knows this, but he is sick of it. "Anyway, I heard he's married. He wears a ring, what a lucky bitch. And he's my age, why the fuck is he married so young?" Taehyung continues. Married? There's not a chance and he doesn't hesitate to tell him that. 


"You've got no chance then,"


"Like fuck I have, do you want me to prove it to you Jeon boy. You really wanna challenge me?" Taehyung always turns everything into a competition and it annoys the hell out of him.  


"Fuck off, he won't give in and you know it." 


"We're doing this, and then I'm going to make you watch it. I bet he'd love that." Taehyung licks his lips and Jeongguk shudders. He is beyond disgusted. Jeongguk turns away from him and closes his eyes, he feels like he's never going to get out of here. He can't wait for the day he's finally free. Only two more years. Also, he misses Namjoon hyung.        




Jimin's time passes by slowly but eventful at the prison to say the least, and before he knows it he's already been working there for three months. Jimin doesn't get bored, the prison is a very lively place and every day is different. He's just tired. It does get better though, he's made a name for himself and he has a feeling the inmates are wary of him. They know not to get on the wrong side of him and have enough respect for him that they don't challenge him. He's proud of himself for standing his ground, he knows he doesn't have strict features and his height doesn't help when he's trying to intimidate an inmate that's three feet taller than him but he's done good. He fits in.   


When he walks into the kitchen that evening, he already knows to expect Jeonggukie to be the last in there and he's not even surprised. 


"Why are you always the last in here?" Jimin has his guard down, there's something about speaking to him that just makes it irrelevant to be as stern as he usually is. Maybe it's his age. 


"I like cleaning." he doesn't turn to look at Jimin and continues to clear up. Jimin hikes himself on to the worktop and he makes a sound when he sits and waits for him to finish, he grabs an apple from the fruit bowl and bites into it. He's long over rushing him to hurry up because he takes his time anyway, not the slightest bit phased by Jimin's nagging to hurry up. So, he just sits and watches him until he's done. His back is straighter than it usually is and it looks like he's very aware that Jimin is watching him. 


"Is Jeonggukie your real name?" Jimin's voice sounds weird, and he kicks himself for even letting it slip out. He can't get to know prisoners, it's unprofessional. 


"What?" Jeonggukie turns to look at him, with a weird smirk on his face. He makes a sound, like he's suppressing a laugh and Jimin feels self conscious. 


"Jeonggukie? That's your name?" he asks again. 


"So what if it is? Is there a problem?" He can see his shoulders moving and knows he's laughing, why is he laughing?


"There isn't, it's just a weird name. Sounds like cookie." he mumbles the last bit, he's showing too much of himself to this boy and he needs to reign it in. 


"I taste as delightful as one." he turns his head and winks at Jimin, and Jimin doesn't know where to look. There's a strange flutter in his chest and this boy looks so small, too young to be in a place like this.  


"I'm sure you do. Come on, get out of here I wan-" Jimin hops off the worktop. 


"You want to get home, I know." Jeonggukie shakes his head. "It must be nice."


"It's okay." his voice is small, and he waits while Jeonggukie hangs the cloths to dry. 


"That sounds so convincing," he rolls his eyes "when I get out of here, I'm gonna get a job then I'm gonna get a home for myself." those words don't usually come from a prisoner. 


"How long?" Jimin is surprised at how forward Jeonggukie is being, he's usually so quiet and they've never spoken more than a few words. He assumes this is a rarity for him, he's usually so closed off from everyone, from everything. He's never involved in any of the drama. 


"Two years," he smiles. "It seems so far away." 


"It'll come before you even know it. You've never had a home?" 


"A bit personal, officer?" Jeonggukie asks, a cheeky glint in his eye. 


"Sorry, I- sorry." Jimin's cheeks flush red at his prying and he wants to bury himself alive. Jeonggukie is getting under his skin and he doesn't know if he likes that. He can't make friends in here, he's a prisoner for god's sake. 


"I'm just kidding, but no to answer your question, not really- wait, why are your cheeks like that? Why are they so red? Are you blushing?" Jeonggukie's eyes widen when he looks at Jimin before his gaze turns amused. 


"The fuck? I'm not fucking blushing, what the fuck? I'm just fucking embarrassed, fucking stop that," Jimin turns so Jeonggukie can't see his face and he hears him continue to laugh. A very cute laugh he notes. 


"Look at your fucking cheeks, that's the cutest shit I've ever seen, my god." Jeongguk is laughing but Jimin is frustrated. It only makes him go redder, his stomach churning. 


"Shut the fuck up and get out of here." he doesn't dare to turn back around but when Jeongguk leans into his space from behind him, his breath hitches and he's ready to attack him if necessary. His hand moves to his baton attached to his trousers, just in case. 


"By the way, my name is Jeon Jeongguk." he whispers in his ear, and Jimin clutches the worktop, his heartbeat out of control. Oh. Ohhhh. This Jeon fucking guy just made him look like a goddamn fool, and no one makes him look like a fool. He's going to die in this place. "You'd do well to remember it." Jeongguk takes a deep breath through his nose and Jimin can feel it.  


"Get out of here, inmate." he replies, and then Jeongguk is gone with a laugh to mock Jimin as he's walking out. Jimin deflates and breathes again, he won't be making the same mistake again. He's sure of it. 




Jimin is avoiding Jeongguk, he knows it because he hasn't seen him for days. Not even when he's working in the kitchen which he was hoping would be the day he saw him again. Jeongguk knew he had let his guard down the other day, they both had and for Jimin, Jeongguk's teasing had only made it worse but so worth it. To see him look and speak like that was refreshing, like they were just friends and it made him forget that he was stuck in a prison. Even if it was just for fifteen minutes. Jeongguk never spoke to anyone like that in here, he didn't trust anyone enough. Namjoon hyung was the only one he spoke to about anything. But one look into Jimin's eyes and he was rattling away. He was more than surprised at himself for giving so much away but his eyes were so inviting, he was sucked into the enigma that was Park Jimin. Jeongguk was sure that Jimin had let himself go, too, because Jeongguk knew that he wasn't nearly as tough as he made himself out to be. He had a feeling Jimin hated that he revealed that side of him to Jeongguk of all people. 


Jeongguk thinks that he's been taking the night shifts and so Jeongguk has a plan. It will probably get him into a lot of trouble and expose his ass a little bit, but he's willing to risk it if he gets to see Park Jimin. A small voice in the back of his head tells him to be wary of Kim Taehyung, but he forgets about all of that as soon as the cells are locked and the lights are turned off. Jeongguk keeps his lamp on. He hears officers making their rounds around the cells a couple of times, hoping that Jimin would come by at some point but Jeongguk is left disappointed. It's weirdly quiet, ever since Jimin had started doing the nights shifts everyone just shuts the fuck up. He does his job well, that's for sure. A lot of the guys are intimidated by him, but Jeongguk knows better. Jeongguk wants to think he knows Jimin a little better but that's just wishful thinking. He's way too hard to figure out.  


Jeongguk assumes it's really late when he decides that Jimin is not doing the rounds, that's when he chooses to take action. He takes a deep breath, and in his most purposeful hideous voice he starts to sing the lyrics to that stupid rock song that Namjoon hyung used to play to annoy him. Was it Linkin Park? He doesn't know but he does it anyway. It takes all of about ten seconds before he can hear complaining, other inmates shouting at him to shut the fuck up. No one will even know that it's him, his voice completely different to how he speaks and it's something that is unlike Jeongguk. No one will know. No one except the officer who is coming towards his cell. His hands grab the rails and rattles them as he gets even louder, wanting to piss the officer off. What if Jimin wasn't even working today, he would look like a goddamn idiot. 


"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Jimin is standing in front of him and he rejoices in his relief that he's the one standing in front of him. He shuts up immediately and smirks at him. The light from his lamp illuminates Jimin's face only a little, but it's enough to see that something is wrong. His eyes are cold and he has dark eye bags and he looks paler than usual.  


"Hey sweet cheeks, haven't seen you in a while." Jeongguk seems to think at the last minute that this is probably the wrong time to do this but it's too late. His words are already out. But Jeongguk can see the pale pink blush on Jimin's cheeks, he's flustered. 


"Will you keep it the fuck down," Jimin hisses, as he looks to his side to make sure no one could see or hear them. "What are you doing?" 


"I'm bored." Jeongguk shrugs, and presses his face into the railing so that he's closer to Jimin. There's definitely something wrong and it's weird how Jeongguk notices. 


"Not my fucking problem." Jimin harshly whispers, before he takes a step back to put some space in between them.  


"Keep me company?" Jeongguk tilts his head, but he knows that it's a ridiculous request. You don't ever see a prisoner and ward officer casually hanging out. 


"Do you want to die? Get the fuck to sleep." Jimin scoffs at him, shakes his head. 


"Jimin?" Jeongguk's voice drops a tone lower, his voice soft when he says his name. 


"What?" Jimin runs his hand through his hair in frustration, Jeongguk's stomach flutters. Wait, does Jeongguk like him? Why is his mind spinning and heart fluttering like that? He's almost...nervous.   


"Your eyes- you- there's something wrong." Jeongguk chokes as he says the words. Nervous about showing any concern, nervous that Jimin might be able to see right through him and read his mind. There's just something about Jimin that has him intrigued in more ways than one. 


"It's none of your business, go to sleep." Jeongguk feels it in his chest, but he brushes it off and lets Jimin walk away. He slumps into his bunk and tries to shake the feeling of concern from him. He's not supposed to feel like this about a ward officer. He just thought that it was different, he thought they were beginning to be friends at least. Whatever. Jeongguk's plan had worked at the very least, and he got to see Jimin. He stays quiet enough so that he can hear the officers muttering between themselves. 


"You're good, Park." he hears the slap on the back.  


"Someone needed to shut the fucker up. Fucking wasting my time." he can vaguely hear Jimin grunting the words out. Jeongguk knows it shouldn't mean anything, but he still feels it in his chest. Tears still prick at his eyes, and he has to laugh at himself for being so ridiculous. Fuck Park Jimin for affecting him like this. 


What he doesn't realise is that Kim Taehyung is wide awake in the cell across the hall from him, and he had just watched the whole ordeal take place. 


Chapter Text

"Get into line, stop trying to rush forward you're not going to get in faster." Jimin rolls his eyes at the inmates rushing to get into the prison commissary. He feels a shove from behind him and he turns ready to reprimand whoever it is. "Hey! Get back here inmate." Jimin shouts, and then it's Jeongguk turning around to face him, regarding him in an icy glare. A glare that hasn't left his face, it seems like, for the past few weeks.  


"Yes sir?" His body turns to face Jimin, and he has four packets of ramen noodles in his hands and some sort of packet of snacks. Wait, are they choco balls? He used to love those as a kid. 


"Will you stop shoving people? It's unsafe, not just for me but for you too. It needs to stop." Jeongguk has been behaving insanely like a spoilt child, and Jimin felt annoyed speaking to him in this manner but he had to do something. Jimin had let it go so far, Jeongguk's hard glares and shoves when he would walk past were a regular occurrence in the last two weeks and he didn't say anything because he doesn't want to admit it but there's a soft spot for Jeongguk forming. He doesn't want to write him up, especially after Jeongguk had expressed his thoughts on leaving this place. If it got bad, things could result in an extended prison sentence and he didn't want that, not for Jeongguk. 


"Why?" Jeongguk's expression turns a little smug, and Jimin is beginning to get frustrated. 


"It needs to stop, inmate." Jimin's tone leaves no room for argument, but Jeongguk seems to like a challenge.  


"Inmate? I'm pretty sure you like calling me Jeonggukie?" Jimin's jaw tenses at the amused look on Jeongguk's face, he's aware of his surroundings and this is not the place to do this. 


"Come with me," Jimin grabs his arm, twists it so its behind his back and shoves him forward so he starts to walk. Jimin's hand stays put around his wrist as he shoves him the rest of the way to the headquarters, thankfully no one is in there. 


"What the fuck is your problem?" Jimin spins him around so that they're facing each other, his hand still clasped tightly around his wrist. Jeongguk's commissary goods fall to the floor and he lets them and fixes Jimin with an annoyed look. 


"I don't have a problem." Jeongguk mutters. 


"You do, you keep shoving me and looking at me like I've done something wrong to you." Jimin spits, Jeongguk's face annoying the hell out of him. "If it was because of that day I got you to shut the fuc-" 


"It wasn't that." Jeongguk interrupts, and tugs at his hand. "Let go, it fucking hurts." Jeongguk pulls his wrist from Jimin's strong hold and rubs at his wrist but Jimin didn't know he was holding on that tight and he feels a little guilty. 


"Then whatever it is, fucking grow up and stop behaving like a child." Jimin runs his hand through his hair in frustration and anger.


"Fuck you." He spits, and then he gathers his things from the floor. 


"Put them down." He gestures to the ramen and choco balls. 


"What?" Jeongguk's eyes widen a fraction.


"You're not having those, put it down." Jimin stands his ground, he knows it's petty and stupid and probably a little bit unfair but Jeongguk has him riled up and he can't stop himself. 


"What the fuck? You can't do that." Jimin feels a little bit bad at the look on his face, Jeongguk could have been looking forward to these things for ages and he's restricting him from it. 


"I can be just as childish as you, now get the fuck out of here and don't disrespect me like that again." Jeongguk scoffs at him, Jimin wouldn't stop him if he took the items and walked off right now. But Jeongguk drops them to the floor again and storms out the room. Jimin wants to punch a wall, why did he have to be so fucking damn rude? And why the fuck does he feel so bad about it, he groans in frustration and puts both his palms against the desk taking a few steadying breaths. 


"The day has barely started, Jimin." Jisoo is walking in with a cup of coffee in his hand. 


"Yeah, and I'm already done with it." He sighs and turns so he's sitting at the edge of the desk. 


"We have a transfer today, Seokjin will be by himself, you can do the security checks today if you'd like. Give you a little break from them." he takes a sip of his scalding coffee and burns his tongue, cursing at himself. 


"Really? But what about-"


"I'll handle it, take a break today, I don't want you to quit. You can't leave me in here by myself." Jisoo is smiling at him and he chuckles. Jimin could do with a break from the inmates, from a particular icy stare no matter how much he tries to avoid it. 


"Thank you." he whispers, before he gathers his things and makes his way to Seokjin. Kim Seokjin worked at the reception at the front of the prison but he had started out as a ward officer just like Jimin. No one had to tell him that with a face like that, being a ward officer didn't really work out that well for him. 


"Hey Jimin, how you doing?" Seokjin greets him with a friendly smile. 


"Hey, I'm glad I'm getting a break from inside there. Sorry that you're stuck with me." He sets his things down on the table, before getting ready to do the security checks. 


"I'm glad I've got company, it gets lonely down here sometimes." He starts to sift through the large pile of paperwork on his desk. 


"It can't be as bad as in there." he plops down into the chair next Seokjin and deflates. 


"Yeah, they're putting you through paces huh? It's pretty shit, I would know." Seokjin shudders. "You've done well so far, everyone speaks very highly of you." 


"Yeah?" Jimin raises his brow at him. 


"Of course, it's strenuous trying to keep your cool, trying to do right by them. You've done exceptionally well so far." Seokjin nods at him. Jimin basks in the praise, it's just what he needed to keep him from losing his mind. It's what he needed as encouragement to keep going and continue to do what he's good at.


"Thanks hyung," Jimin's cheeks tinge a little pink as he gratefully smiles at Seokjin. He gets up to make himself and Seokjin a coffee before the transfer inmates arrive, having some time to himself before he's thrown deep into the process of checking inmates in. There aren't too many to check in, but it takes him the better part of the morning for the process. When it comes to lunchtime, someone is bounding down to reception with the brightest smile he's ever seen in this place. 


"Hi, can I help you?" Seokjin had gone for a toilet break and had left Jimin tending to the desk.


"Hi, um, usually Jin is here. Is he not here today?" the man says, his eyebrows creasing slightly in confusion. He puts down a bag in front of the glass barrier. 


"Oh, he's here, he's just on a break at the minute. Feel free to wait in the seating area, he'll be right back." Jimin smiles, and receives a bright smile in return. When Seokjin is walking back, the man jumps up and into his arms. 


"Surprise! I bought lunch, let's go eat?" the man begins to drag a startled Seokjin outside. 


"Hey, listen, let's eat inside with Jimin. It's cold outside." Seokjin grabs the man’s hands and rubs them in between his. Then, they're making their way inside through the barrier. 


"Jimin, this is my boyfriend Hoseok. Hoseok this is Park Jimin, he's a ward officer." Seokjin introduces them. 


"It's nice to meet you!" Jimin says as he stands to greet Hoseok who pulls him into a hug. The embrace is very forward but Jimin relaxes into it and reciprocates. They are both wary after that, trying to gauge Jimin's reaction to them being gay, and Jimin can feel it because he has previously found himself in this type of position before so he tries to make them as comfortable as possible.


"You should try some of this Jimin, it's so good!" Hoseok says, offering a piece of orange chicken to him.


"Oh no thank you, I'm on a diet so I have to stick to my meal prep." he digs his chopsticks into his lunch of steamed salmon and broccoli. The smell of that chicken is making him crave. He sees Hoseok visibly deflate and he rushes to correct himself. "Um, actually, it smells really good I wouldn't mind a bite." Jimin stutters and Hoseok brings the chopsticks up again to Jimin and he takes a bite. Shit, it's really good. He can't remember the last time he even had a takeout. Hoseok looks pleased with himself and continues to eat.  


"What are you on a diet for?" Seokjin asks around a mouthful of rice. 


"Nothing in particular, I've got to stay healthy for the job." Seokjin nods his head appreciatively at that. 


"You gym?" 


"Yes, every morning." Jimin stretches his arms above his head and stills feel the ache from this morning's workout. 


"God, I wish I had that kind of willpower."


"No! I like it when you look pudgy." Hoseok pokes at Seokjin's cheek and Jimin's heart is in a mess. They were cute. He stares at them in adoration and a little bit of longing. 


"Speaking of pudgy, you have got to see Jimin's daughter. She's the pudgiest thing I've ever seen." 


"You have kids?" Hoseok squeals. "Oh my god, show me!" he scrambles to sit next to Jimin when he pulls his phone out, his food left abandoned. Jimin laughs at Hoseok's reaction as he goes through all the pictures of Minwoo and Jiwoo, his camera roll is just full of them. 


"They're the cutest, you're so lucky." Hoseok pouts, and seemingly remembers his abandoned food. 


"I'm beyond lucky, my babies are so good." Jimin smiles fondly at his lockscreen of them both, he misses them. 


"You look too young to be having kids, you look younger than me!" Hoseok points out. 


"I'm 24, I got married early." Jimin brings up a picture of him and Hyuna on their wedding day to show him.


"Wow, that's a beautiful family." Hoseok smiles, Jimin looks away and gets back to his food. The finish lunch in mindless chatter and Jimin really does get along with the both of them. He can see them becoming good friends. Jimin says goodbye to Hoseok with a promise that he can come to see his kids and play with them. He spends the rest of the day with Seokjin, helping him to fill out the security forms but Seokjin is good company and during that time he forgets all about his internal struggles and thoughts. It felt like a breath of fresh air in the stifling, humid air of the prison. Jimin took this as a small blessing in his otherwise complicated life, and could almost feel the peacefulness settling in his bones. He has to remind himself to thank Jisoo again for allowing him to take a break, even though it wasn't really a break. 


At the end of the day, he gets back to the headquarters to grab his stuff to make his way home but something catches his eye behind the desk. It was Jeongguk's commissary goods that he had left, and Jimin feels a pang of guilt. He makes the split decision of leaving it in his cell, the inmates will all be eating dinner right now and he could just leave it there on his bed for him, no one will even realise. Jimin paces through the halls and gets to Jeongguk's cell, his cell is always neat and organised unlike the other cells, and Jimin leaves the goods on his bed before deciding to tuck them under the blanket for good measure. Something falls to the ground and he picks it up to shove under his pillow again, but it catches his eye. It's a small pendant with his initials 'JJK' engraved into it, so very dainty and so very Jeongguk. He doesn't get a chance to open it because a voice startles him and he tries not to look surprised. 


"What are you doing in here officer?" Kim Taehyung is leaning on the cell wall, smirking at him. 


"Sorry, I didn't know I needed permission from the inmate to search a cell." In a panic Jimin wraps his hand around the pendant to hide it, but Taehyung catches it. 


"Oh that's mine, I must have left it earlier when I was in here." Taehyung's hand reaches out for it, and Jimin hesitates. His chest constricts just for a moment at the implications. "What? Do you want me to prove it to you or something?" Taehyung scoffs and Jimin just wants to smack him to shut him the fuck up. Jimin knows it isn't his, but they seem to have some sort of relationship and he doesn't want to do or say anything that can jeopardise himself. The words Jeongguk had spoken rings in his ears 'don't mess with Kim Taehyung'. Jimin has a feeling that this pendant has some sentimental value to Jeongguk and he can't let himself just give it to Taehyung. 


"I'm going to have to confiscate this item unfortunately." Jimin says, slipping it into a plastic bag and into his pocket. He can see the mirth dancing in Taehyung's eyes and Jimin knows Taehyung can see right through him. He almost stutters over his words but he gets a hold of himself and feigns his nerves at being caught. 


"I'm sure Jeonggukie will be very happy that you took that away from me. He gave it to me as an anniversary present, so that I'd always remember him." Taehyung picks at his nails. 


"You see him every day, I'm sure you'll remember him just fine without it." For some reason, Jimin didn't believe a word that was coming out of Taehyung's mouth, he could read people easily and there was no way that Taehyung and Jeongguk were together. No way. 


When Jimin moves to get out of the cell, Taehyung’s arm moves out, trapping him inside. His stare is focused on the opposite wall but the threat is very clear. 


"I don't like when people take what's mine." Taehyung's voice is too deep, and Jimin hopes that he hadn't just heard him swallow. Jimin doesn't know what he means by that but he has a strong feeling it wasn't about the necklace. 


"Out of my way, inmate." Jimin regains his posture and looks at the fire in Taehyung's eyes. 


"I'm just reminding you, sweet cheeks, please remember it." Jimin's surprise is evident at the pet name when his breath hitches but then he pats Jimin's ass, and then Jimin snaps. In a second, Taehyung's front is pressed to the wall, his arms behind his back and Jimin leans into him, his mouth at his ear. 


"You don't want to threaten me, Kim Taehyung." Jimin's voice is deadly cold. No one gets away with treating him like that. 


"Oh, I think I do." he still has the nerve to be laughing. Jimin shoves him against the wall again so that his head bangs against it, and he hears the small whine come out from him which is a small victory for Jimin. 


"You really fucking don't. And if you so much as lay another finger on me ever again, you've had it." Jimin spits in his ear. 


"I'll have you begging for me to touch you in no time, sweetheart." Taehyung grins, but with one more shove against the wall Jimin releases his hold. He needs to be very careful.  


"Get the fuck out of my face." Taehyung smirks at him as he slowly walks out, making sure to never break eye contact with him. 


"You're going to get in a lot of trouble, Park Jimin." they're the last words out of Kim Taehyung's mouth before he's gone. When Jimin's breath regulates and he's sure Taehyung is out of sight, he rushes out of there as soon as he can. What was Taehyung trying to imply? Was he implying that Jeongguk was his, and that Jimin was trying something with him? He sounded awfully like an overprotective boyfriend. But Jimin knew, that this soft spot he had for Jeongguk was being noticed and he couldn't let himself be exposed like that. Jimin couldn't have a soft spot for anybody, he had to treat all criminals the same way. And he certainly couldn't make friends. How stupid it was of him to even assume him and Jeongguk would become friends, how stupid of him to assume that they had some sort of connection, some sort of platonic chemistry.  The pendant burns through his trousers when he remembers and these people are going to make him lose his goddamn mind. Or maybe it wasn't them at all, and maybe it was himself. 




Please, please, please. Jeongguk has his cell upturned as he searches for the one thing that keeps him sane, his one bit of hope in this place. He runs his hands through his hair in frustration when he can't find it and gives up as he sinks to the floor, his head resting on his knees. He always kept it hidden and out of sight so that no one could take it, he rarely left it under his pillow because he knows how ruthless ward officers can be when they do their searches. 


He punches the side of his bunk once and lets out a frustrated groan. That necklace was all the memory he had of his mother and now it was gone. Jeongguk wipes his tears away angrily, angry at himself for crying for a stupid necklace and really angry at the world for taking it away from him. He looks at his commissary goods sitting in the corner of the room, and he finds some solace in the small action of the small officer. The married dick of an officer was really pushing Jeongguk's limits, and making him think things he really shouldn't be. Jimin was ruthless with him today, but Jeongguk almost deserved it from the way he had behaving. He hated that Jimin was right about him behaving like a child because he was. Jeongguk hated it when things don't go his way, he was selfish in that sense and maybe a little bit senseless too. There was nothing stopping him, except for Kim Taehyung. 


"Shit, Jeon, never seen it look like this in here." 


"What the fuck do you want?" 


"You tryna find a way to escape?" Taehyung ignores him and continues to speak. "You're not leaving here without me, are you?" 


"Tae, I swear to god I'm not in the mood." 


"Can I get you in the mood?" Taehyung's arms circle his waist as he looks at Jeongguk softly, he would also think that it was real admiration and awe if he didn't know Kim Taehyung. 


"Don't." Jeongguk warns, as he slaps his hands away. 


"Shutup Jeon. It's not what you're saying when my dick's in your mouth. Makes me wonder what it would be like if my dick was in you." Taehyung whispers into his ear, and Jeongguk is about to regurgitate the choco balls that he had just consumed. There's no doubt that Taehyung was pretty, all smooth skin and sharp edges but Jeongguk for the life of him couldn't be drawn in to his abominable personality. There was genuinely something wrong with him.  


"You're sick, Kim. Really fucking sick." 


"Keep complimenting me, I love it." Taehyung snickers at him. "So, you lost something or what? What's with all the mess?" 


"It's not any of your business." 


"Are you sure? It doesn't happen to do with a necklace does it?" 




"I thought it was none of my business?" 


"Tae." Jeongguk growls. 


"Well, maybe someone took it. I'm sure it'll come up at some point." Taehyung moves to walk out but Jeongguk pulls him back in a second.


"Please, Taehyung." 


"What do I get in return?" 


"Do you have it? Please, it's really important and I need it." 


"I asked you what I would get in return." Taehyung smirks. Jeongguk looks away from his eyes for a moment and then back up to the sadistic glint in his eyes.


"Anything." he whispers, his breath shaking. 


"Good boy." He ruffles Jeongguk's hair and he jerks away from the touch. "Tomorrow, after lunch." he leaves with one last flick to Jeongguk's chin. Jeongguk sighs in frustration for the tenth time that night. He knows what's coming, he won't even be able to have his ramen for lunch tomorrow because he knows he'll be sick right after Taehyung's done with him. It's not that Jeongguk is not affected by Taehyung, it's not that he doesn't get aroused. It's the intention behind the whole thing that is the game killer for Jeongguk, he gets scared for himself. Before prison, he never had much sexual experience and being thrown into this life made him fearful and it was never a good experience for him at all. So now all he can associate it with is it being carried out as a favour, a punishment and something not to be enjoyed at all. Jeongguk had a feeling that Taehyung knew he was scared, which is why they never did anything beyond blowjobs and handjobs. Taehyung just used the excuse of him being a het and because they had no lube (although that wouldn't stop Taehyung). That's what Taehyung thinks of him but it couldn't be further from the truth, Jeongguk was gay as fuck. 


When tomorrow lunchtime comes, Jeongguk sits in the dining hall with shaking hands and a cup of water. He hates this, he hates it so much. Jimin is standing at the front of the room, with an ice stone expression in his face, and he just won't make eye contact with Jeongguk. He knows he should thank him for being so lenient with him, for leaving his commissary goods that he had been waiting for a long time for. But Jeongguk is not that person. Just looking at him gives Jeongguk some sort of relief from his nerves, a little bit of comfort in this strange place. But when Jimin's eyes finally meet Jeongguk's and soften, he really does feel warmth and comfort singing in his veins. Jeongguk has no idea why he feels this way but it scares him. He's scared for himself and for Jimin, because the way that Jimin is looking at him now was almost endearing and that could never be a good thing. Jeongguk wonders if his expression matches Jimin's, he wonders what Jimin thinks of him. Jimin seems to snap out of it and he quickly looks away, his face contorting back to his usual expression and he doesn't look at Jeongguk again. Jeongguk wants him to just look at him one more time, wants him to meet his gaze to find that sense of home in his eyes before he goes to Taehyung, but Jimin doesn't. And Jeongguk doesn't know why he feels so disappointed. 


"What a good boy, you listen so well." Taehyung says when they meet in the janitorial closet, his arms push Jeongguk back against the wall and he traces a finger down Jeongguk's cheek. He hears laughing from the back of the closet and turns to see two other inmates, watching them with predatory glints in their eyes. He doesn't even know who they are or what their names are, but Jeongguk would rather die than question Taehyung. Taehyung often does this, have people watch them so they can get a kick out of it, it's nothing Jeongguk hasn't done before. But it usually happens when Taehyung is feeling particularly sadistic or pissed off about something. Jeongguk doesn't want to find out why they're here so he keeps his mouth shut and gets ready to obey to every demand that is about to come out of Taehyung's mouth. 


They never kiss, but Taehyung is so close to Jeongguk's face that he might force Jeongguk into one but he doesn't want this. Not like this. Taehyung's breath hovers hot over his lips and Jeongguk can't breathe, his panic starting to settle in. The look in Taehyung's eyes is dark, so dark that it might kill Jeongguk. He was in here for murder after all, there was nothing stopping him from doing it again. Taehyung smirks at him then leans down to mouth down Jeongguk's neck and he breathes a sigh of relief, he hates seeing the masochistic look of pleasure in Taehyung's eyes. And he avidly avoids any eye contact with the other two presences.   


"On your knees, sweetheart." he demands, against Jeongguk's collarbone. Jeongguk fumbles to get to his knees, and in his haste his knees hit the floor hard and he yelps at the contact. "What's the rush, Gukkie? You that desparate to get my cock in your mouth?" they all snicker and Jeongguk has to stop himself from saying something that wouldn't bode well. "Why don't we do this? Why don't you pretend that you're about to suck Jimin's cock instead, since you're both pretty fond of each other, hm?" 


"What are you talking about?" there's a loud smack against the side of Jeongguk's face, his cheek tingling as he groans at the impact. Fucking bastard. There was nothing going on with Jimin, why would he say that?  


"Did I ask you to fucking speak?" Taehyung spits at him, and he can hear the others chuckling at the way he was being treated. Jeongguk shuts his mouth, and hopes he can keep it that way. His eyes are watering at the harsh smack and he hopes to god that Taehyung doesn't notice, because he knows he'll take the piss out of him. "You know what happens when you mess with me, don't you? Know where you'll end up, huh?" Another smack against his other cheek and it’s so hard Jeongguk bites his tongue and he can taste blood. Fuck. It hurts so bad, but he just has to take it, he'll be alright. "So what the fuck is going between you and Park Jimin?" 


"N-nothing, I don't know what you're t-talking about,"  Jeongguk stutters his way through his words, and then Taehyung is pulling down his ugly, orange trousers. Jimin is married and he's a ward officer and he has a home and Jeongguk is a fucking prisoner. How can there be anything going on between them? 


"You and Jimin, there's something going on. You look at each other like you want to fuck each other, all the fucking time." Taehyung grabs hold of his cock and swipes it across Jeongguk's wet lips. "I've seen you both, he doesn't treat you like he treats everyone else." Jeongguk knows he shouldn't but he feels happy at the idea of Jimin treating him differently, he knew that he did but having someone confirm it makes Jeongguk pretty content. "Why is that Jeongguk? Are you letting him fuck you?" 


"No!" Jeongguk is annoyed at the accusations because it makes him hope. He doesn't like having hope. Taehyung shuts him up by snapping his hips forward forcing his dick down Jeongguk’s throat. 


"What? One guy with a fat ass comes and suddenly you're gay for him?" Taehyung runs his tongue across his lips. "Did you turn gay for a married man, Jeongguk?" Taehyung states and pulls out.


"You're just fucking jealous that you couldn't turn me gay." Jeongguk spits and he regrets it even before all the words are out of his mouth. Taehyung's hand closes around his throat and his cock slips fully in to his mouth and he gags immediately.


"Shut the fuck up, you fucking whore." Taehyung is ruthless and Jeongguk regrets it so much for letting his mouth run like that. Taehyung is going to kill him. He spits obscenities at Jeongguk whilst pounding into his mouth, not caring that Jeongguk can't breathe or that there are fat tears rolling down his face or that his mouth is being assaulted in horrendous ways. Taehyung tells him how much of a bitch he is, how much of a whore he is for going after a married man, how annoyed he is that Jeongguk is going after the guy that Taehyung wants. Jeongguk lets his mouth be used, or abused for use of a better word, and when Taehyung comes down his throat he swallows like the good straight boy he is. Taehyung's hand brushes through his sweaty hair, Jeongguk almost laughs at the incredulity of it, how Taehyung can be so aggressive and then pretend to be so endearing the next.  


"I promise you, Jeongguk. I'm going to get Park Jimin, and you're going to watch every second of my time with him, understand?" Taehyung caresses his cheek, where the imprints of his fingers still linger. He drops a kiss to the top of his head and leaves with the two inmates, leaving Jeongguk alone in the closet. He hadn't even given Jeongguk his necklace back which is what annoyed him most. He probably didn't have it at all and used it to get to Jeongguk. As soon as Taehyung is out of the door, he doesn't stop his urge to cry and he retches into the sink that's in the back of the room. He shoves his fingers down his throat to make sure he gets everything out because having it inside him makes him feel vile, he retches until he's a heaving mess and he doesn't even hear the door open again and he hopes to god it's not Taehyung again for another round. 


"Hey inmate, you shouldn't be in here." Jimin's sweet voice soothes Jeongguk automatically and he sags in relief. "Hey, are you okay?" It's dark and he can't see Jeongguk but the concern in his voice is evident. He can hear Jeongguk's sniffles, can probably see Jeongguk's form hunched over on the floor. Jeongguk doesn't want Jimin to see him like this, this is when Jeongguk is at his most vulnerable, and he doesn't like anyone to see him like this.  


"S-sorry, I'll- just give me a minute." he tries to calm himself down, tries to stop the tears. 


"Jeonggukie?" Jimin's voice is so soothing, so concerned and no one has ever spoken to him in that tone that it makes Jeongguk cry even more. His fingernails dig into his palms trying to get him to placate himself and stop fucking crying like a little bitch. Like Taehyung told him he was. "Hey? Are you okay, what's wrong?" he can hear Jimin walking towards him and he panics and wants him nowhere near here. 


"I'm fucking fine, just go, please." Jeongguk's tone is pleading and he knows his voice sounds rough, he hopes that Jimin leaves him. But there's a small part that wishes he could just stay with him for a few minutes. Why does he find so much comfort in Jimin? Why does everytime he speak, it feels like home? He hears Jimin stop, but he can feel his presence near him. 


"You're not okay," Jimin speaks like he wants to say more but is restricting himself. He's holding back. "I just saw a few inmates coming out of here, did they do something?" Jeongguk can sense bitterness to his words. 


"What? You saw Taehyung, did he see you?" Jeongguk panics, he'll kill himself before Taehyung gets to him. 


"Hey, no, calm down, he didn't see me come in here. Calm down, Jeongguk, you're shaking." Jimin kneels on the floor and he looks like he wants to reach out and do something but he looks so awkward. "What did he do?" Jimin whispers, his brows furrowed in concern. Jeongguk sobs at the look in his eyes and he doesn't stop himself when his head comes into contact with Jimin's shoulder. Jimin's arms wind around Jeongguk and his hand rubs soothing circles into his back. It prompts Jeongguk to move in closer, to get into an embrace because he hasn't had this kind of physical contact in so long and he needs it. He needs it from the one person that reminds him of home, even though he doesn't know what a home really is. Jeongguk cries so much, and then he is having a panic attack and then he can't breathe, his throat throbbing from the harshness of what had happened moments prior and Jimin is pushing him back and telling him to breathe. Breathe, Jeongguk, breathe. From the haze, he can feel Jimin grasping his hands and trying to get Jeongguk to follow his breathing pattern. It takes a few moments to work, but soon enough, Jeongguk is breathing harshly trying to find the rhythm that Jimin has set. He falls into it soon enough and he's okay, he's breathing and its okay. Jeongguk doesn't look at Jimin when he settles, he's too embarrassed that he had just had a panic attack and cried in front of someone else so he fascinates himself with the floor of the room and their hands together. His hands are still entwined with Jimin's and he can't help but be a little bit obsessed at how soft and chubby they are. His tears are all dried up on his cheeks now, and the rhythmic way Jimin is using his thumbs against his hands make him hum in contentment. 


"Okay?" Jimin whispers and he really doesn't want to look at him at all. He is fucking embarassed. Jeongguk just nods his head and hopes Jimin won't pull his hands away yet. This is so fucking gay. 


Jimin pulls his hands away, and Jeongguk's heart almost drops before he feels them against his cheeks. "This looks bad," he whispers, and Jeongguk may be delusional but it looks like there are tears in Jimin's eyes when he looks up. Taehyung had hit him hard enough, there were bound to be marks. That's what Taehyung had intended to happen. 


"I'm okay," and as much as it had pained Jeongguk, he pushes Jimin's hands away from him. “I’m fucking fine Jimi-“


“Hey, it’s okay. Right now, I’m not a ward officer but a friend. I’m your friend. And it’s okay to speak to a friend sometimes, but even if you don’t then that’s okay too. Just let me be here for you right now, that’s all I ask.” Jimin's voice sounds so fucking heavenly and soft and so endearing that Jeongguk's chest hurts. It hurts so much that he panics, he can't let this friendship or whatever happen. He can't let him ruin his already tainted heart. His hands rest on Jeongguk's thighs, a light pressure to keep him grounded. 


“No you don’t fucking get it. I’m fine, I’m not a little kid and we’re not fucking friends.” Jeongguk stands up on shaky legs, and Jimin is looking at him like a kicked puppy with his glossy eyes. 


“Jeongguk.” Jimin slowly stands, and there's almost an authoritative tone to his voice that Jeongguk wants to challenge.  


“Fuck you. You think that I’m fucking suffering in here and you want to be the hero and try and be there for me as a friend. Fuck that. You can shove your friendship up your ass.” Jeongguk's voice shakes as he says the words, and he knows Jimin notices it.


“Don’t push me away, Jeongguk.” Jimin’s hands move to stop Jeongguk, grabbing his arm as he tries to move past him. 


"Don't touch me!" Jeongguk tugs at his arm, but Jimin hand gets tighter. "Please. Don't touch me, please." Jimin immediately lets go when he sees that Jeongguk is being serious, when he sees the pained expression on Jeongguk's face and the panic in his voice. 


"No, Jeongguk, I'm sorry I-I didn't mean to," Jimin takes a step back, and Jeongguk almost steps towards him when he sees how panicked Jimin is.  


"Just leave me alone, Jimin." Jeongguk whispers, defeated. He just wants to get away from here to stop embarrassing himself. He has shown his vulnerability to the least convenient person, a ward officer of all people. Park Jimin, a married man, of all people.


"I'm sorry, Jeongguk." Jimin whispers, but Jeongguk is already running out of the room.





Jimin can't concentrate. He can't think at all and his head is a mess. The look on Jeongguk's face when he had stopped him from leaving was ingrained in his mind and he couldn't stop thinking about it. He was wondering if Jeongguk was okay, if Jeongguk thought that Jimin was a dick, why they couldn't be friends. Whatever had happened with Taehyung,Jimin assumes,was really bad if Jeongguk had a panic attack like that, it must've been bad but all Jimin cared about now was that Jeongguk was okay. He had to do everything he could to stop himself from going to check. He was digging his fingernails into his work desk to stop himself going to find Jeongguk and to stop himself from going to find Taehyung to beat the shit out of him. 


He had seen Taehyung, coming out of the closet with two other inmates in tow laughing and he had wondered what they were doing in there. They hadn't seen Jimin when they had come out, but Jimin is so glad he had gone inside. Taehyung was dangerous. Jeongguk had warned him of that, but Jimin wasn't scared of him. He was an inmate and Jimin was a ward officer, he could ruin him in a matter of minutes so he had nothing to be scared of. 


"Hey sweet cheeks." Taehyung winks at him as he walks past him in the dining hall. Jimin stares him down and ignores him, not giving him the reaction he wants even though his fucking face makes Jimin blood boil. It was weird, when Jeongguk had asked if Taehyung had seen him come inside. Why would he get panicked about that? Was whatever happened because of Jimin? Was it because of the necklace and how Taehyung had warned him the other day about Jeongguk. Jimin had this undeniable feeling that he was all a part of this, and it makes him sick to the stomach. How could he let himself get involved in something like this? 



Jimin scans the room for Jeongguk, but he is nowhere in sight and that doesn't sit well with Jimin. Why is he not here, why is he not eating? Taehyung keeps a close eye on him and he really tries not to let it affect him, he doesn't want to provoke him or make things more worse than they are. He is definitely involved in all of this. 


"Park." The correctional officer is standing next to him, looking at the room filled with rowdy inmates. 


"Yes sir." Jimin follows his gaze. 


"The big guys are coming in this week, remember what we discussed?" he rubs his chin in contemplation.


"Of course, I'll make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible." 


"I don't doubt that it will, but I have one more request for you. If you'll be able to handle it?" he looks hesitant, he meets Jimin's eyes briefly before looking away. 


"Yes, of course." Jimin doesn't hesitate to agree. 


"I need you to keep an eye on Kim Taehyung." Jimin's heart drops. Why was this man so dangerous? Why was everyone so scared of him? Jimin waits a moment before he agrees, does he really have any choice? "I don't know what you know of him so far, it's inevitable that he's already harassed you but he's one to be reckoned with. All of them are insane but Taehyung is..." he waits a beat "...different." 


"I have noticed." Jimin's jaw clenches, and unclenches. 


"Please don't get on the wrong side of him, he's very manipulative and calculating. He thinks a lot, doesn't go straight for the kill, you know? One of them, I'm pretty surprised he's in here to begin with. He could have easily worked his way out of it but yes. Eye on him. Please." he lets out a grateful smile or maybe it was a sympathetic one just for Jimin. "I'll have Jisoo fill you in on last year's review, it's very interesting." 


"No problem." he dismisses himself after that because fuck. This was way more serious than he thought it was and he doesn't know what to expect. He needs to know what happened last time, he needs to know what he has gotten himself into. He finds Jisoo at the reception area, chatting with Seokjin. 


"Hey Jimin, we were just planning drinks for tonight, you in?" Seokjin is smiling at him and he should say no because he has to get back to his kids tonight but he also thinks it will be a good idea to have a chat with Jisoo, somewhere that is not work environment. 


"Is Hoseok coming?" Jimin narrows his eyes at Seokjin, and he's scrambling to get his phone. 


"He'll be there!" he says as he types furiously at his phone. 


"Good. I'm only there if he is." Jimin replies and Jisoo agrees. 


"If everybody didn't love him so much I'd be jealous." He grunts, and rolls his eyes. 


"Chief have a word with you today?" Jisoo asks, gathering some paperwork to take back to the office. 


"Yeah," Jimin sighs. "Can we talk about it over drinks?" 


"Sure" Jisoo nods, and his expression matches the correctional officer's. Sympathy, pity or gratefulness. Or maybe it's all of them. He's pretty sure he'll find out soon. 


Before Jimin's shift ended today, he had to make sure he saw Jeongguk one last time. For his own sanity and peace of mind, he wouldn't leave until he did. He was supposed to be in the kitchen today but when he made his way in today it was still bustling, inmates trying to clear everything away and there was no Jeongguk. He made his usual rounds, around the cells and hallways. Jeongguk was hiding out somewhere, Jimin knew he was already or else he would have found him easily. When he made his way in to the toilets on the other side of the building, ones only the inmates who worked in the workshop used, his heart rate started to pick up. Jeongguk was bound to be in here. It was eerily quiet when he walks in, only the sound of his footsteps echoing. Jimin kneels on the floor to have a look to see if anyone is in the stalls, and as expected he can see a pair of feet clad in thick black boots turned inwards. It was definitely Jeonggukie. Jimin takes a deep breath, leans his head against the door before he speaks. 


"Jeongguk? I know you're in there, you don't have to say anything, I just wanted to know if you were okay." Jimin receives nothing, but he didn't expect it either. "My shift is ending now but I just wanted to say sorry about earlier, I d-didn't mean to grab you like that. That must have been hard- shit- no you're strong I didn't mean that you were weak or anything you just-it must be hard to be in here and I'm not making it any easier, huh? I don't know why I keep pursuing you like this, I guess you can't really make friends with a ward officer. That was a little stupid of me to say. It's just that my job- we have a duty of care, you know? You're not being treated well but I can help you with that, you can talk to someone and we can try to stop whatever it is..." Jimin sighs, his forehead pressed against the door. "I'm sorry that I'm prying so much, I just thought that maybe we could be friends and if you needed to talk to someone then you can talk to me even if I can help just one person, it would be something. Fuck, it sounds even more stupid out loud just- forget I said anything. Shit." Jimin wants to die. How could he have the audacity to even ask an inmate to be friends? This wasn't fucking school but he was asking like they were teenagers. How mortifying. 


He doesn't know where any of this is coming from. He takes another deep breath, then remembers the choco balls he had hidden under his shirt for Jeongguk. He gets them out and slides it under the door. Jimin turns and looks into the mirror at himself, brushing his hand through his hair before he starts to make his way out but he hears the lock moving and he hopes, waits. Jeongguk comes out, his eyes red rimmed and he looks so tired. 


"We can't be friends." Jeongguk speaks but his voice is so damaged, it sounds so raw and it must be painful for him to be speaking. Why does he sound like that?


"I know, I'm sorry." Jimin's cheeks flush red, and he's so annoyed at himself for letting an inmate see him like this. 


"You won't get it, just please, stay away from me." Jeongguk is pleading with him and he doesn't get it. Not really. 


"I will, I promise. I just needed to see if you were okay, I couldn't leave without knowing," Jimin is late, his shift ended a few minutes ago and the guys are probably waiting for him but Jeongguk is here in front of him alone, and he doesn't know when he'll get a chance like this again. Inmates are everywhere and it'll be hard to get him alone to speak like this. 


"I'm okay," he whispers and his eyes glaze over. "How did you find me?" Jimin shrugs at him. 


"Can I, like, ask?" Jimin is nervous, he doesn't know if it's okay to ask and he doesn't want Jeongguk to run out on him again. 




"Your voice- why is it-?" Jimin for some reason can't ask properly, he's scared of what Jeongguk will say. 


"I don't know, it's what usually happens when I get a cock rammed down my throat." Jeongguk doesn't look at him when he says it and Jimin closes his eyes. He suspected, he just didn't know how bad it would be. 


"Taehyung?" Jimin is pressing his fingernails into his palm hard to stop himself from punching something. Kim Taehyung gets more vile day by day. Jeongguk just nods and then he is turning to look in the mirror, his hands leaning on the sink. "Motherfucker." Jimin sighs and runs his hands through his hair again. "Can I ask something else?" Jimin takes the silence as an affirmative and continues. "Is- did this happen because of me?"


"What do you mean?" Jeongguk's eyebrow is raised, and he has a defensive glint to his eye. 


"It- because the other day- I came to put your commissary goods in your cell and he- Taehyung caught me and said some shit but I was pretending to search your cell and had to take your necklace because he wanted it but I was goin-" 


"You have my necklace?" Jeongguk cuts him off and starts walking towards Jimin, maybe relief in his eyes but he can't tell.


"Yeah, I'm sorry I had to take it but it was only because Taehyung said it was his but I knew it wasn't so I-" 


"What do you want me to do to get it back, I'll do anything I swear." Jeongguk's eyes are pleading and he's standing right in front of Jimin. 


"What?" Jimin was shocked at the words, what does he mean? 


"That necklace, please, I need it, I'll do anything I'll-" Jeongguk sinks to his knees, his hands fumbling with Jimin's belt. "Please." he's crying and this is messed up. So fucking messed up. 


"Jeongguk, what the fuck?" Jimin pushes Jeongguk's hands away from him, and Jeongguk sits back on his heels with his head down. "What are you doing?" 


"That's what everyone wants, right? Something in return for my necklace? I just want it back, it's- I need it." Jeongguk is flustered and he wrings his hands. Jimin sighs. He gets down to eye level with him and forces him to make eye contact but Jeongguk's hands are shaking and he looks like he might have another panic attack so Jimin pulls him in. He doesn't know where he gets the guts to do something like this, but he knew it had helped Jeongguk earlier during his panic attack. This isn't right and it shouldn't be happening, he could get in a lot of trouble for this but Jimin wants nothing more to be a source of comfort so he lets Jeongguk's head rest on his chest as they breathe in synch. They're humans, they're all humans too. He tries to remember the words of the correctional officer to justify his actions. Jeongguk will be okay, Jimin will make sure of it.    


"I'm married. You can't just pull something like that- it can get you in a lot of trouble, fuck." Jimin sounds reprimanding and he doesn't want to. He doesn't want to make Jeongguk feel worse than he already does. It makes Jimin wonder what kind of people work here that Jeongguk thought his immediate reaction should've been to get on his knees. This is worse than Jimin thought, and all he feels for Jeongguk is sadness. He was so young but he was being exposed to such vulgar sexual harassment and this shouldn't be happening at all. "Hey, can you look at me for a minute?" Jimin says, almost in the tone of voice he uses with Minwoo. Jeongguk looked so small, and he was making himself smaller by curling into himself. He just wanted Jeongguk to feel protected, even if it was just for a minute or two. When Jeongguk looks at him, his heart shatters because he looks so broken and so tired. 


"I'm sorry, you're different, I know you are- I don't know why I just-" Jeongguk starts but he chokes up, can't say anything more. Jimin shouldn't be thinking things like this but all he wants to do is gather Jeongguk into his arms again and hold him close, tell him that he deserves love and he is valid and when he gets out of here he'll be amazing despite his past. But Jimin can't do that because they're not fucking friends. 


"Jeongguk, I was never planning on keeping that necklace, I just haven't had a chance to give it to you. You don't have to do anything in return for me that's not-" Jimin sighs. "In the future please don't do that. That's not how it works and if anyone asks that of you then just come to me and I'll handle it." Jeongguk scoffs at that. 


"I wish it did work like that, Jimin. But I'm not a pussy and I won't run to you with my problems." Jeongguk shakes his head. Jimin has no hope, he works in a shithole and there's nothing he can do about it. He grabs the necklace from his pocket where it had been sitting for a few days and hands it over to Jeongguk. 


"It's pretty." Jimin lays it in Jeongguk's palm, their hands touching briefly. 


"Did you open it?" Jeongguk asks, his hands grasping it tightly. 


"No, I didn't. Should I have?" 


"I'm glad you didn't." Jeongguk mumbles. There's a minute of silence between them, Jimin is grateful to get a break from the intensity of all this. Jeongguk opens the pendant and brings it forward for Jimin to look at. "That's my mother, and that's me when I was born. She left this for me before she got killed, it's the only thing I have." Jimin's heart seizes in guilt and sorrow. It was a small picture of his mother and Jeongguk as a small baby, it was beautiful. 


"I'm so sorry I took it, I didn't realise-" 


"It's not your fault, actually- I'm glad you took it. Taehyung wouldn't have given it back to me." Jeongguk closes it and his palm closes tight over it. 


"Taehyung is crazy, Jeongguk." Jimin wonders what kind of arrangement they have with each other. Or whether this 'arrangement' is just Taehyung harassing Jeongguk and making him do these 'favours'. Jimin knew to expect disgusting behaviour in here, he just didn't expect it to be this fucking bad. 


"I know and that’s why you need to stay away from me. He can't-" Jeongguk's voice falters and he shakes his head like he was about to say something he shouldn’t be. "Just be careful when he's around, he's insane." 


"He won't hurt you," Jimin starts to say. 


"He has the capability to kill me, to kill you too. Just listen to me, and be aware of him," Jimin is no longer surprised about this, Taehyung is a killer after all. 


"He did this because of me? What he did to you today? That was on me?" Jeongguk shakes his head but Jimin knows it's true. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry that it was because of me." 


"Jimin, promise me. Promise me that you'll listen to what I say?" Jeongguk grabs a hold of Jimin's wrist. 




"You have to, he'll ruin your life, please? I won't be able to see you go through that, you're the only decent one in this hellhole." He holds on tighter, urging Jimin to agree. Jimin hates that the prison is in this state, Jimin can't be the only decent one in here because then everything bad that happens here is justified by idiots. He can't let this happen, he needs to do something. 


For some reason, Jeongguk's words don't sit right with him. He wouldn't be able to see Jimin go through that? What could Kim Taehyung possibly do? What kind of lengths will Taehyung go to, to ruin Jimin? 


"Okay, okay. I promise." Jeongguk lets go of his hand and Jimin curses at himself internally for being disappointed he hadn't held it longer. Jeongguk is looking at him with such pleading, panicked eyes and it scares Jimin, the way Jeongguk looks at him. Jeongguk can't be as fascinated with him as Jimin is with Jeongguk. Surely not, that would be dangerous.   


"Can I, um, can I ask you to do something else for me?" Jeongguk's shyness makes a fondness creep up on Jimin. Jeongguk's eyes are something else, and his lips are in a little pout that Jimin knows won't get out of his mind. 


"I will help you in any way I can." Jimin accepts readily, it was in his nature to do whatever he could to help someone. 


"Can you keep this safe for me? I trust you." Jeongguk hands Jimin his pendant and he opens his mouth in surprise ready to decline. He can't do that. 


"I can't keep this, it's-" 


"I know you'll keep it safe and you can keep it as a promise. A promise for a promise." Jeongguk closes Jimin's hands over it. The touch sends tingles up his arm and he has to resist the urge to shudder. 


"A promise?" Jimin looks at Jeongguk in question.  


"We can't be friends right now, not in this place but when I get out of here, we can be." Jeongguk promises and he doesn't think he has ever seen Jeongguk smile but when he does, it lights up his whole face. It's a shy smile full of hope, and Jimin can't resist the smile he reciprocates with. He wishes he could see this smile on his face more often. 


"I'll look after it, promise." he slips it back into his pocket. He waits a minute before he speaks again. "So? We're not friends?"


"Not friends." Jeongguk says with a small smile, dusting off his trousers when he gets to his feet. 


The hope that Jeongguk portrays now is something that Jimin will hold on to as well, and with time it can only get easier. The hope that this place was not meant for them, that there'll be a time in the future where they will be able to be friends outside of this place is all Jimin needs. He can live with that. He and Jeongguk had this connection which he could sense when they had first met and it was hard to keep away from him. They were drawn to each other, and he believed Jeongguk knew this too. Jimin isn't ready to find out why. Or maybe he's just playing ignorant.   




"I know chief is putting a lot of pressure on you about this whole review thing, it's just that he thinks this will be the last straw. They might shut the place down and it won't be good for any of us." Jisoo takes a sip of his beer. "A fresh face might help to keep it standing." he gestures to Jimin, he looks a little annoyed. 


"I don't know if I can do anything about it but I'll try." Jimin sighs, his head hanging. He was exhausted, mentally and physically. 


"You're stressing too much, you'll be great." Jimin humphs in response. "So, Kim Taehyung?" 


"Yes, Kim Taehyung, the bastard." Jisoo snickers at him and shakes his head. 


"You've got your work cut out with that one, he's...something." Jisoo is contemplating. 


"He's making my life a living hell." And Jeongguk's he thinks. 


"Why do I have a feeling there's more to this than meets the eye?" Jisoo gazes at him curiously. Jimin just shakes his head at him, there's no way he could tell Jisoo about everything that has happened. Sure they're friends, but Jimin would be putting himself at risk if he revealed anything to anyone else. He had to keep his mouth shut about it all. 


"Taehyung is a wicked soul, you don't want to get on the wrong side of him. We all know what happened last time," Seokjin is saying this, and Seokjin never had a bad thing to say about anyone. Not even the shitty ward officers. 


"I don't know what happened last time," Jimin says, he runs his hand through his hair and Hoseok shoots him a small smile which is comforting. 


"Last time we got put on review, he fucked us all over. Made out like one of the ward officers was taking advantage of him, got us all into a shit ton of trouble," Seokjin was looking into the bottom of his now empty glass. Maybe something had happened with him and Taehyung, too, he would have to ask him about it later. 


"Turns out he had a past with this particular ward officer, his name was Seojun, and they were fucking on the regular in secret. Then Seojun fobbed him off, so he planned this whole thing in time for the review and it got him fired but then that made it hell for us too." Jisoo says. "We were all put on these stupid, fucking plans like we were misbehaving children."  


"Fucking hell, he did that?" Jimin's eyebrows are raised in shock. What the fuck had he got himself into? 


"That's not even the worst part, a week later we find out that Seojun's dead. He was shot in the head." Seokjin says in monotonous tone, his hands come into contact with his thighs as he gets up to go to the bar again to order another round of drinks, he was avoiding eye contact with everyone.   


"Holy shit." Jimin suppresses the rising panic he feels. 


This was worse than he thought. 


This was a matter of life and death. 


"He was part of this big gang, some of them come in to see him sometimes," Jisoo continues. 


"They're allowed to do that?" Jimin was surprised that they could come to see him, especially after the death of the ward officer. It wasn't proven that Taehyung was behind it, but it was made crystal clear. They should ban anyone from coming to see him. Make his life fucking hell. 


"We can't stop who comes in to see them unfortunately," Jisoo sighs, whilst Hoseok looks like he's going to throw up. "We're all in danger, part of the job role I'm afraid Jimmy." he shrugs, and Jimin visibly deflates. This was horrific. 


"My job is worse than I thought." Jimin puts his head in his hands and takes a deep breath. 


"You've got a mind of steel, you just have to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't do any funny business." Jisoo pauses for a second before he continues. "Just make sure you're not part of the funny business or you might die." Jisoo laughs to lighten up the mood, but it was true. His life was on the line on here. He couldn't die, he couldn't let Taehyung get to him. He had his wife and kids to live for and he would fight to live and stay with them. Kim Taehyung really was going to be the death of him. 


"I don't know if I can do this," Jimin starts. 


"As long as you don't provoke him, you just have to look out and then report it to me. You won't even have to call him out, I'll handle it if that makes it easier." Jisoo offers and he's grateful for that. 


"Fuck Kim Taehyung." Jimin breathes, downing his drink in one. 


"Yeah, fuck that guy." Seokjin says which results in a pinch from Hoseok for swearing. It makes Jimin giggle. 


Jimin thinks knows he's about to embark on the worst part of his life. If he even has a life left. 

Chapter Text

The weekend is saved for his children, the two of them clambering all over him as they try and get comfortable to watch a rerun of 'Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir'. Jiwoo doesn't understand any of it, but she sits on a laid out Jimin's chest fascinated with the show. Minwoo is sitting on his legs, his hands occupied as he mindlessly snacks on a cut-up apple that Jimin had prepared for him earlier. 


"Papa, Jiwoo is Ladybug, she's superhero." Minwoo says, climbing higher up Jimin settling on his stomach so he can sit next to his little sister. He grabs her hand gently and tries to feed her a small bit of apple, he's always so gentle with her. 


"That's right, and you're Cat Noir the best superheroes there ever were!" Jimin says, wrapping his arms around the both of them and squishing them a little. They both moan in protest. 


Hyuna had some time to herself today, she had gone out to see her parents and then she was meeting up with her friends later. She looked after the kids whilst Jimin worked and she also balanced a home learning course for her accountancy qualifications. Jimin was grateful for her. She kept busy which was what she wanted but she deserved a break and Jimin loved spending time bonding with his kids, so he had made sure she made plans to have some time to herself this weekend. Jimin had invited his long term best friend, Yoongi, over today too since he had been pestering Jimin to listen to some of his music but mostly pestering him about his kids. 


'Why does Jiwoo look so big?' 


'You saw her last week, hyung.'



'Minwoo's foot is bigger in this picture, has he gone up a size?'


'He has enough shoes, he doesn't need anymore Yoongs.'


'I'm not buying him anymore shoes, Jimin.' 

'I just need to know this information.'

 'I'm their uncle.' 



Yoongi walks into their house with two baby shoe boxes which Jimin rolls his eyes at. But then someone is following him in, tripping over his feet. 


"Jesus Joon, I told you to watch the step." Yoongi admonishes, and this guy just sheepishly smiles in response. Minwoo is running to Yoongi as soon as he sees him, and he's scooped into his arms, the boxes passed to the other guy in a haste. 


"Hey big man, you look so cute today." Yoongi says, a sloppy kiss placed on Minwoo's cheek. Jimin never ever thought Yoongi would be a kid’s guy, but as usual, he surprises Jimin when he goes above and beyond for his children. He almost loves his kids like they're his own, and Jimin is so thankful for his presence in his life. It's just not something he expected from grandpa Yoongi. 


"Hey Jimin, this is Namjoon. Remember the guy I met that I was telling you about?" Yoongi's cheeks flush and he wonders what all that is about. The guy looks like a giant teddy bear, all long limbs, round face and honey skin. It annoys Jimin that he has to look up at him. 


"Ahh, yes nice to meet you. You're working together on that big album?" Jimin holds his free hand to shake Namjoon's hand, the other arm is securing Jiwoo on his hip. Jimin is always wary of meeting new people but he has a friendly face, and if Yoongi is friends with him he'll be harmless. Jimin gives him a bright smile, and it looks like he immediately relaxes. He was a little awkward, it was funny. "I can't wait to hear it soon." 


"Well, we have a few tracks completed I'm sure hyung will let you hear them." Namjoon smiles, his eyes squinting a little.  


"I'm sure he will, I just wish they were safe enough for my kids to listen to." Jimin laughs, as Namjoon coos at Jiwoo who makes grabby hands at him. He doesn't hesitate to take her but when Yoongi warns him not to drop her, Jimin laughs. Jimin likes him.


"No Hyuna today?"


"She's having some time to herself today, so just me and the kids." 


"I'll message her later, I wanted to know if she'd be able to do some vocals for me on a song." 


"I'm sure she'd be more than happy to, as long as we can all come along." 


"Of course, you know you're always welcome! I'll get Jiwoo to feature on it too." he laughs, gently caressing her small hand. "Also, I was wondering what you thought about rapping again?" 


"You rap?" Namjoon looks astounded. 


"Hyung, that was one time when I was drunk. I thought we agreed not to speak about it again." Jimin rolls his eyes. 


"Yeah you said speak, I still have the video." Yoongi laughs and tells Namjoon he'll show him later. 


"I can't believe you." Jimin shakes his head and they walk into the living room to settle down. 

"I'm being serious, I have this song that I need a particular voice for and I just think you'd fit it really well. Have a think about it and let me know, I can send you the demo." 

"I haven't done anything like that in a while, it'll probably come out shit." he cringes, looking at his children to make sure they didn't notice him saying the word shit. They were staring at the TV screen fully engaged. 

"You sing to your kids every night, don't bullshit me. Talent doesn't just go away like that." he whispers angrily, making sure the kids don't hear. 

"Yeah if I had any to begin with." Jimin eats his words. 

"Jimin, shut your mouth. Don't anger me today." he points a finger at him in warning. 

"Why? You just look like an angry kitten." Jimin snickers. 

"I'll second that." Namjoon agrees, but the smirk is wiped off his face when Yoongi glares at him. 


"So Namjoon, what do you do?" 


"I write and make music, but I'm not-" 


"He's a genius, his mind is just something else," 




"A rap legend, he is so good at rapping let me tell you," 


"Please no-"


"He's like a rap king, so good you know what he used to call himself?" 


"I wish I never told you," 


"He used to call himself Rapmonster, he was that good!"     


"I was young and uneducated, I didn't know any better." 


"At least it wasn't as bad as-" Jimin starts. 


"Shutup Jimin!" Yoongi jumps and sits at the edge of his seat, he looks like he's about to hurl himself at Jimin.


"Wait, what?" Namjoon looks between the two of them. 


"Oh, he doesn't know?" Jimin has a mischievous glint in his eyes. Karma was about to get Yoongi good. 


"Tell me! You said you didn't have any past rap names!" Namjoon is out of his seat and Jimin was having too much fun with this. 


"Oh, this is great, this is amazing." it's getting too loud in here, and Minwoo is jumping up and down wanting to be involved in all of the teasing. 


"Jimin I swear to god-"


"I'll have to see if I can dig any pictures out when he was doing his underground rapping, the hair and makeup suited the name." Jimin smirks at Yoongi's glare. He was immune to these sort of looks from Yoongi from years of experience. 


"You gotta tell me, Jimin. Please," Namjoon is kneeling in front of Jimin like a little puppy. 


"His name was Gloss." he whispers to Namjoon, and then there's a smack against the back of his head. 


"Papa!" Minwoo cries out and immediately stands on the sofa to cradle Jimin's head. Jimin pretends to cry and Minwoo gives Yoongi, his most favourite person, a dirty look. Jimin tries to muffle his snickering in Minwoo's neck because his baby is so cute and protective and Jimin loves him so much.  


"No Min-min, it was just a joke. Jimin tell him it was a joke, he can't hate me." Yoongi pouts and Jimin starts laughing, and it feels so good. He hasn't laughed like this in a long time. Then Minwoo is laughing at his dad because he probably hasn't ever seen Jimin laugh this much, and then they're all laughing. Jimin is just being hysterical but he needs it. His life is such a mess at the moment he just needs to let go, and there's no one better to do it with than his children and best friend. 


"Min-min can never hate Uncle Yoongi, can you?" he ruffles Minwoo's hair, and he runs to Yoongi and throws his arms around his neck. Yoongi grumbles but Jimin knows better, knows that he secretly loves it when Minwoo blows raspberries on his cheeks. 


"Yoongi hyung tells me you're a ward officer?" Namjoon asks, politely. 


"Yeah, I am. I know what you're going to say - that I don't look like I work in a prison, how the inmates could possibly be scared of me but-" 


"I was going to say nothing of the sort, I was actually wondering which one you work at beca-" Namjoon doesn't finish his sentence because Jiwoo bursts into tears from where she is sitting, and the conversation is forgotten. Jiwoo rarely cries but Jimin realises the way she was sitting wasn't exactly comfortable for her so Jimin consoles her till she becomes sleepy and tells the rest of them to wait right there whilst he takes her to her room. It takes a while for her to get into a deep sleep but Jimin always likes to cuddle her for a little longer, it's the thing he enjoys the most. When he gets back to the living room, all three of them are knocked out. Yoongi is lying on his side, with Minwoo curled into him and Namjoon is snoring softly from the opposite side of the couch. It was an endearing sight. He switches the TV off and drapes a few blankets over them before he makes his way out the patio door for a smoke. He hopes they wake up soon because he was hungry and it was almost time for their dinner. 


He doesn't like smoking. Truthfully, he doesn't know why he does it because it's not good for his health and it's not good for his kids to see it, not that he ever smokes in front of them. He should stop, but there's always this feeling in his heart or in his mind that he can't explain and it seems to lessen it. The tiredness Jimin feels in the depths of his bones, it lessens that. It doesn't justify anything, but it helps. He looks through the window at them all sleeping and he wishes he could feel as content as he knows he is, but that strange feeling is always there, always present and holding him back. He looks at Namjoon and hopes that he sticks around for a while and hopes he makes Yoongi happy. Jimin would like to see that. 


They eventually wake up from their late afternoon nap and Jimin feeds his kids their dinner. Namjoon and Yoongi both insisted on helping to feed Jiwoo but he regrets accepting their offer because there is food everywhere and Jimin knows he has his work cut out for later. They play around for a while after dinner before Jimin puts their small tired-out bodies to bed. That's when he cracks out the alcohol and Namjoon offers to fetch some food from the nearest takeout. Jimin needs to just relax, just for a little while and forget about everything. 


"You good? You seem a bit on edge," Yoongi asks when Namjoon is out the door. 


"I'm fine, hyung." Jimin brushes his hair back out of habit, but Yoongi knows what it means. 


"Just tell me, don't internalise," Yoongi sighs, making a gesture with his hands. 


"It's just my job," Jimin takes a deep breath "it's getting intense and I don't know if I can handle it." 


"What do you mean by intense?" he fills up a cup of water and nudges it towards Jimin. 


"The inmates, th- they're scary people, hyung," 


"You knew that when you took the job, it's never going to be easy or 100% safe, Chim." 


"I know, but it's a matter of life and death. Those people, they're out of their minds." 


"Even when they're locked up?" 


"Even then. It just makes me frustrated that I can't do anything more than what I'm already doing," 


"You said you like the challenge when we last spoke about it," 


"I do, the job isn't all bad but there's this one inmate. Chief has told me of all people to keep an eye on him but he's dangerous. Dangerous like you wouldn't believe, hyung. He can have me killed in a matter of minutes." 


"Just keep your head down and don't provoke him, I mean, he's the one locked away isn't he?" 


"That doesn't stop any of the bastards." 


"And you out of all people? That must mean something, that must mean you're good?" 


"I guess so, it's just hard." Yoongi shoots him a sympathetic look, he knows this wasn't what Jimin wanted. 


"Namjoon mentioned something to me about the prison, something about his friend. He said it was a dangerous place." Yoongi agrees. 


"He has a friend there?" Jimin raises a brow. 


"It's unlikely you'll know him, there's thousands of people in that place," 


"That's true, I don't even know the names of half the people that work there." 


"I don't think his friend works there, Jimin." Yoongi scoffs a little, and then Jimin feels funny. If he doesn't work there, then he must be an inmate. Jimin hums in response, he feels a little wary but he shouldn't. Just because his friend is an inmate, it doesn't make Namjoon a bad person. Jimin shakes the feeling off just as he returns with food, his nose red from the cold wind outside. Yoongi pokes his cheek with an endearing smile and Jimin finds it disgustingly adorable. That conversation is forgotten as soon as they start eating and they start to talk about their collective album instead. 


Jimin hears the demo for the song Yoongi wants him to feature on and he almost agrees right there and then because he loves it. But Yoongi urges him to think about it all first before he makes a hasty decision, he would have to get some vocal coaching to improve his voice from disuse and that would take up time that he doesn't have. So Jimin agrees that he will definitely think about it.   


When they leave for the night, Jimin makes them promise to come back soon. Namjoon leaves him with a big smile and his number to message him whenever he wants. He sees them becoming good friends and Jimin can't deny the fact that he was a good guy. And he seemed to make Yoongi happy too, which was all Jimin wanted. He wanted to see his best friend happy. He wanted to see all the people he loved content and he would look after them and make sure of it until he's spent. 



Jimin doesn't like dreading his job, but he has to physically drag his tired body into work. He just didn't want to go. Not when he had the whole weight of looking after Kim Taehyung on his shoulders now.  

Jimin is observing the TV room today, the inmates are engrossed in the movie they're watching with headphones. He stands tall at the front of the room eyes locked with Taehyung's as he strokes Jeongguk's hair from next to him. Jeongguk is sitting upright, his back straight like he had been forced to endure the painful hour and thirty-three minutes of 'Keimusho no naka' and Jimin wonders if they're even allowed to watch this shit in prison. Jeongguk's cheeks are bruised up purple and blue and disgust and anger rages inside of his veins every time he looks at him. Jeongguk refuses to make eye contact with him and he's not sure why. He's not sure if it's from embarrassment from the other day or because he's trying to avoid Jimin in front of Taehyung.  


"Listen, be careful." Jisoo whispers next to him. Jimin knows that the tension between Taehyung and him is undeniable to the point where people are noticing, but Jimin never backs down.  


"I'm always careful." he turns to glance at Jisoo, just for a second before scanning the room again. 


Taehyung's eyes never leave him. 


"Sir." one of the inmates is standing in front of him, his legs crossed. 


"What do you want inmate?" his voice as stern as it usually is. 


"I need to leave," he jumps around a little. 


"You know the rules, sit your ass back down." the room grumbles, telling them to shutup because they can't hear. 


"I need the toilet, badly." the desperation makes Jimin give in. 


"Fuck's sake." Jimin sighs, he leaves Jisoo with the rest of the inmates and guides this particular inmate to the toilets. He waits outside impatiently whilst he pisses loudly. When he comes out he gives Jimin a sadistic grin and Jimin cringes internally. Sick bastard. The next thing he knows, the door bursts open and Kim Taehyung is walking in. 


"Good job, Johnny. I'll see you later," Taehyung smirks at him as he walks out, smacking his ass. Jimin doesn't even have the energy anymore to call him back and make him wait there because he's supposed to be watching the fucking movie. How the fuck did Taehyung get out of there anyway? The movie was nearing its end and it had looked like Taehyung had made sure to time this just right. 


"Wondering how I got out of there? Jisoo always falls for my charms." he smirks and Jimin is just so tired of his face. Jimin didn't know what to do, he had no idea what Taehyung wanted from him and it had started to irk Jimin more than he realised. 


"I'm glad there's someone in here that does." Jimin’s reply was snarky. He fights the urge to sigh because he doesn't want Taehyung to know that he is getting to him. He can't let him know because things will get worse, he's so sure of it. 


"What is your problem with me?" Taehyung asks, like he is genuinely concerned of Jimin's treatment towards him. Jimin has noticed that about Taehyung. He always looks like he genuinely gives a shit then turns it around on them and lacerates the person. Unfortunately, it was a trick that Jimin knew all too well. His arm leans against the wall and he tilts his head when he looks at Jimin. Speculatively. 


"I don't have a problem Kim, just stay out of my way."


"Why don't you talk to me how you talk to Jeongguk?" Taehyung's eyebrow raises, and he knows he's hit something in Jimin with that statement. 


"What the fuck does that mean?" 


"Oh, you know, Jimin. Come on" he scoffs, and Jimin stays silent. He doesn't want to give in to him just yet.  "'Your room is always so clean, Jeongguk I don't even need to check it' 'you're so good at gardening, Jeongguk' 'did you really make this in the workshop today? Wow, it's amazing Jeongguk' 'Oh Jeongguk'" he says it in a high-pitched voice, mocking Jimin and he's outraged. 


"Shut the fuck up." he grabs him by the collar and slams his head against the wall. "I don't know what you're fucking implying, but I'm telling you that's not it. Do you understand?" 


"Being married doesn't stop anyone." through the pain of getting his head thrashed he still manages to smile at Jimin. 


"Being a fucking prick doesn't apply to everyone but you're still one." Jimin spits. "Just because we're in the same place it doesn't mean we're the same, we're at two different ends of the spectrum sweetheart, don't forget it."  


"Oh Jimin, I think we're similar in more ways than one." 


"You can fucking go to hell." Jimin's anger is about to reach its limit. 


"It's where I came from." Taehyung laughs, a sadistic, evil kind of laugh that makes Jimin's blood boil. 


"What do you want from me?" Jimin asks, his hand tightening on his collar, pressing him harder into the wall.


"You'll find out soon enough, sweet cheeks but for now, leave my Jeongguk alone." he smirks. "I recall warning you about people who take what's mine." he lets his finger drag down the length of Jimin's cheek. "I like it when your attention is on me," he whispers, his warm breath hitting the side of his face because Jimin can't bear to look at him. Can't bear the sight of him as it makes his stomach churn.  "I could make you feel so good." 


"I can fucking ruin you, you know that?" Jimin feels like he needs a reminder. A reminder that Jimin isn't messing about here. 


"I bet I can ruin you ten times worse baby." Taehyung smiles, and Jimin believes him although he doesn't show it. He might even be shaking a little bit, from fear or anger or both. 




Jimin tries to avoid Taehyung, he really does but it's hard when he's supposed to be looking over him. Jisoo isn't helping either, asking for regular updates on how things are going and if anything has happened yet. The inspectors are roaming around freely getting a feel of the place before they get down to business and really start investigating everything. To say that Jimin was under pressure was an understatement. Jimin was in charge of a lot of things which means more stress. Stress means more cigarette breaks and more coffee consumption. It was almost the end the day but he needs this last break, things were that bad that they were taking a toll on him mentally. He takes his steaming cup of coffee outside along with a cigarette to smoke on behind the shed. 


"Hey," Jeongguk is walking towards him after a while, his hair shoved into a beanie on top of his head and he's wearing a thick wide jacket that he looks way too small for with a rake in is hand. Why was he gardening at this time of day? He shouldn't be out here in the cold. He takes a quick, panicked look around to spot anyone lingering but there was no one out here right now. They were safe.  


"Hey, why are you out here right now?" Jimin takes a long drag of his cigarette, Jeongguk scrunches his nose and Jimin's breath hitches. That was fucking adorable. "What? You don't like it?" 


"Cigarettes disgust me," Jeongguk says, he leans back into the shed his arm almost touching Jimin's. Jimin drops it, crushes it under his foot and apologises. "Don't be sorry to me, be sorry to your lungs."


"Why do you hate it?" 


"Lots of reasons, why do you like it?" Jeongguk fires back. 


"I don't- it just- helps me." Jimin shrugs. 


"You just think it does, it doesn't do jack shit." there's a minute of silence then because Jimin can't argue with that. He knows it's just his mind playing tricks on him, they don't help him at all but he doesn't tell Jeongguk that. "My dad used to be a chain-smoker, it annoyed the hell out of me. Then my friends all did, forced me to do it and I hated it." something flashes in his eyes that Jimin can't put a finger on. 


"Why did they force you?" 


"I had to do it to be part of them, part of the circle. Peer pressure. It was sort of a good job I ended up here because now I don't have to," Jeongguk laughs, a pointed look thrown to Jimin, tries to make lemonade out of lemons. Free spirited soul in these sorts of confinements and he's enamoured with him. Jimin snickers at him, tries to make this light-hearted because he had a feeling it was going into deeper waters. 


"What did you do to end up here?" Jimin had been curious about this since he had set eyes on Jeongguk. What had he possibly done to end up in a prison like this? 


"Drugs." was his simple answer. 




"Yeah. But it wasn't- I was fucking set up it wasn't-" Jeongguk stops then, he bangs his head once against the shed like he couldn't bear to carry on.  


"What do you mean set up?" Jimin says quietly, he doesn't want to pry too much but he was curious.  


"Fuck, nothing. It doesn't matter anyway." he sighs and Jimin stays quiet, he doesn't know what to say. Jeongguk turns towards Jimin and takes his coffee from him, takes a small sip before giving it back. Jimin just stands there, a little bit awkward and a little bit in awe of his boldness. Had he really just taken a sip of Jimin's coffee? "I pissed off Officer Lee so he's making me work out here in the cold. What a dick," his hair is pushed forward because of the hat and it crowds his eyes. "sorry about that," he gestures to the cup in Jimin's hand but he's not sorry at all because he takes the drink again and downs it in one. Jimin just stares at him, trying to suppress his laughter. 


"You probably deserved it," Jimin laughs, referring to his punishment. He doesn't say anything about his coffee. The hot hand pack in his pocketed hands is burning through his skin. "Here," he gives the hot pack to Jeongguk, who timidly accepts it with a small nod of his head and keeps it in between both his palms. Then Jeongguk turns the hot pack with an amused smile. 


"What's this?" Jeongguk laughs and Jimin almost kicks himself. Hyuna had bought ones with little characters on them for when they go out so that the kids would enjoy holding them. 


"N-no, that's not- shit I'm not- they're not mine." he stutters out a reply and doesn't fucking know what to say to redeem himself from this. Fuck. 


"Hey I'm not judging, I just didn't expect it," Jeongguk pockets his hands with the hot pack but the mirth is still dancing in his eyes. 


"They were supposed to be for my kids," he sighs, sinks into the back of the shed when he stops spluttering. 


"You have kids?" Jeongguk asks quietly. 


"Two." Jimin nods. He wishes he could show Jeongguk his kids right now, show Jeongguk how beautiful and perfect they are. How proud he is of them. 


When he looks at Jeongguk, he stares back at him blankly and Jimin can't figure him out. He can tell when Jeongguk is happy or excited or sad or angry. But the way he stares at him now, he doesn't get it. He doesn't know what it means.


"I'd better go, I have to fini-" 


"Can I just ask?" Jimin interrupts and Jeongguk stops in his haste to get away and turns to look at him again.




"Are you okay?" Jimin asks, his face fucking blushing now of all times. Jeongguk doesn't seem to understand, so Jimin taps his own cheek and then it looks like it clicks. 


"I'm fine Jimin, thank you for your help that day I-" Jeongguk stops, looks as though he was contemplating something. "You made me feel better." He smiles and Jimin can't distinguish the ache deep in his chest. He walks away after that, back to where he was working and Jimin takes a deep breath before returning inside to the chaos. Those few minutes of peace with Jeongguk are what gets him through the rest of the day. 




It was absolutely chaos. Everything was going wrong and Jimin had a strong feeling that he was going to be the one to blame for this. The inmates knew that the inspectors were in this week, which made them go up in absolute riots. Shouting, screaming, violating fixtures, food fights, regular fights - they were doing it all. A few officers were also attacked and he had to do something but even Jimin only had so much power, he couldn't control a mass of inmates. It was like fighting a losing battle in here. It was such a mess and Jimin was so close to packing it in. The prison was a mess beyond repair and even Jimin couldn't persevere long enough to try and fix things. 


"Chief, I know you're stressed but it's a mess and I can't stop them," Jimin runs into his office in a panic. 


"For fuck's sake, Park. This can't be happening, they'll shut us down!" He shuffles through his papers on his deck, trying to get to the mic. The noise from the kitchens and the halls are resounding inside the room and Jimin doesn't know what to do. He's about to get fired, he knows it. 


"Can you not hear them? They're going to be rioting soon if we don't do anything." the chief can only shake his head and takes a deep breath before he starts speaking into the microphone. 


"Can I have your attention please? Due to the unacceptable performance I have seen from all of you tonight, I have decided there will be a lockdown, this won't be tolerated. Please remember where you are and think of your actions, Officer Park will be counting numbers in cells tonight and you will stay there until a further decision has been made." Jimin startles, they only do lockdowns in extreme circumstances. For example, when a prisoner escapes or there is an attempt at an escape. He has never seen a prison lockdown before because of misbehaving inmates. It was a little extreme but maybe it was needed, they couldn't think of anything else to keep them in line.  


"Can you do that?" 


"I'll do what the hell I want, Park. You're staying tonight, we need you." he demands before walking out, presumably to gather the inspectors so they weren't caught in the midst of it all. Or better yet, not attacked. Jimin groans loudly, he had promised Yoongi he would go around tonight. He'll be stuck in this hell hole instead, tending to bratty fucking inmates. He goes out to the cell desks so he could ring on the office phone to let Hyuna and Yoongi know that he won't be home today. It's 6pm and he picks at his lunch that he is yet to eat for today as he asks Hyuna how the kids were doing. 


"How's Jiwoo today, has she still got the runny nose?" 


"Yeah but she's much livelier today, she'll be better by tomorrow hopefully, I've been giving her lots of love and kisses and so has Min-min." 


"Thank god, I can't see her like that. She couldn't even breathe from her small nose this morning when she woke up," 


"She'll be fine, Jimin." she says, she knows how much Jimin worries about them. "So, you're not coming home at all today?" 


"It doesn't look like it. Chief nearly had my ass today," as he says this, someone is rushing into the room. It's Jeongguk. When he notices Jimin on the phone he halts and waits in the doorway a panicked look in his eyes. Jimin stands from his seat and tries to get off the phone. "Hyuna, I've got to go okay? I'll see you tomorrow, tell Minwoo I'll get him from playschool tomorrow too." Hyuna confirms she'll tell him and then she is giving the phone to Minwoo so he can say goodbye. "Bye papa, I miss you." 


"I miss you too, I'll see you tomorrow okay?" Jeongguk is still looking at him and he averts his eyes to make it less awkward. "Love you Min-min." Minwoo replies to him and then he puts down the phone to direct his attention to Jeongguk.


"What's wrong?" 


"Cute." Jeongguk smiles and looks at the floor shaking his head. 


"Jeongguk, what's wrong?" Jimin ignores him. 


"I was just told to come and get you because a fight broke out in the workshop but it's too late now, probably, um, I should go." Jeongguk stutters through his word. 


"Okay? Are you okay?" Jimin stares blankly at his flustered face. 


"Me? Yeah, why are you asking?" 


"I don't know you look a little panicked, is everyth-" 


"Everything is fine, why do you have to keep asking all of the time?" he rolls his eyes, and his stance almost turns defensive. 


"I'm just being nice, you looked scared and I thou-" 

"Well stop thinking things, just do your job." his tone is bitter and Jimin wonders what's wrong with him. 




"What?" he almost pouts, a petulant sort of attitude showing through his facade. Jimin thinks that Jeongguk likes to use this particular facade as sort of a coping mechanism to defend himself from getting himself hurt internally. To stop himself from exposing too much of himself to people. It was crazy how Jimin could read all of his emotions, how well he knew Jeongguk in the short time they had been interacting. Maybe Jimin was just good at reading people, he always did have a knack at it.  


"What is it?" Jimin sighs, he knows something isn't right. 


"I need to go." and he leaves Jimin perplexed. What the fuck? He needs to get better at these stupid mind games or just not follow them at all. Despite his words, Jeongguk doesn't move a single muscle, it's as if his feet were stuck to the ground as he stood there staring up at Jimin. 


"Are you going?" Jimin raises an eyebrow at him as he asks the question after a minute of silence. It was funny how he hadn't moved at all, like he'd just wanted to stay in Jimin's presence a little longer but having no reason to. 


"You're so annoying." he sighs and walks further into the room. Jimin is so confused, he almost has whiplash.


"What are you doing? Someone will see yo-" 


"Is that chicken and rice?" Jimin looks down to his abandoned lunch of steamed, sticky rice and grilled chicken with a side of spinach salad and some kimchi. He suppresses the grumbling in his stomach and nods his head before looking to Jeongguk who had an expression that didn't mask his longing much. Fuck it. 


"Eat it, hurry. I'll go look out." Jimin stands to keep an eye out the door to see if anyone was coming. He doesn't even bother to look at Jeongguk at all, because he shouldn't be fucking doing this. And it's embarrassing. The time it takes for him to just give in to Jeongguk is atrocious but he just can't help himself. Not when Jeongguk looks at him in that way of his. With them cute doe eyes and his stupid, big nose wrinkling in that adorable way of his. Jimin is so fucked. 


The thought that Jeongguk could be using him for small luxuries like this enters his mind briefly, but he dismisses the idea because Jeongguk isn't like that. He is a sweetheart, a heart of gold in that body of his. Besides, Jimin is the one who has been initiating any of this in the first place. It's risky business, of course he knows that and if he gets caught he could get fired in a matter of seconds. Was Jimin that weak that he would put his job on the line for an inmate that he has a soft spot for? Did he have no self-control at all? 


"I'm done."


"Fuck, that was quick." it hadn't even been 5 minutes. 


"That was so good, did you make it?" he leans back in the chair he had been occupied with a full belly. 


"I did, it wasn't that good. It's just because you haven't had it in a long while." Jimin wants to laugh but he doesn't. 


"Thanks, you-" Jeongguk stutters through his words but Jimin thinks there's some kind of appreciation to the way he fidgets and doesn't know what to do with his hands when he stands. 


"Go." Jimin whispers then tries to hide his smile and averts his eyes, relieving Jeongguk of his embarrassment. Jeongguk just looks gratefully at him before moving to leave. Jimin is just about to gather his things for the next shift when he hears Jeongguk again.






"You didn't eat?" he asks, like he had just realised that he had eaten all of Jimin's lunch and left him with nothing. 


"It's fine, I get food at home." Jeongguk nods his head before he leaves. Jimin doesn't know why his chest clenches the way it does. 




The night shift turns out to be worse than he thought. He thought that being on a lockdown would show them the reality of things and that they would be scared and start behaving but it did absolutely nothing. 


"Shut the fuck up!" Jimin stands in the middle of the cells, on the desk crumpling the few papers that are left there with his heavy boots. They were probably important but he didn’t give a shit. Jisoo is looking up at him with a concerned grimace. It gets a little quieter and Jimin just needs them all to just shut up. He grabs his baton from the back of his trousers and starts to bang it against the desk getting some kind of order in the room. "Do you think what you're doing is helping you in any way? Do you really fucking think that by behaving like this you'll get this place shut down and that you'll suddenly be free?" the room is dead quiet and Jimin rejoices a little at it. He internally praises the lords that they actually used their brains today and shut the hell up. You couldn't even hear a pin drop. "The inspectors are in for a reason, and if you're gonna be acting up then believe me shit is about to get ten times worse in here with that kind of attitude that you're showing them. You're only going to make things worse for yourself but who am I to even give the slightest fucking shit about any of that. This is all on you." 


Jisoo looks impressed when he looks down at him and he sees the chief walking in with the inspectors who were very aware of the lockdown and fuck, this wasn't professional at all. He was standing on his goddamn desk. But Jimin wasn't done, now that he had started to speak he needed to finish and if that meant not following procedure then so be it. He could get in such deep shit for this. 


"Trust me, it can get a lot more worse than this. I would know. So I suggest you all shut your motherfucking mouths up and behave like the good children I know you can be on a normal day. Does everyone fucking understand?" Jimin is sure the vein in his neck is about to burst from how much he's exerting himself. 


"Shorty has to stand on a table to be heard," someone says, and Jimin is pretty sure he knows who it is. The voice haunts him at night. The inmates begin to laugh and he has to silence them once again with the help of his baton. 


"I'm sure I can make you the same height as me when I snap them skinny legs of yours in half," he shouts, aims it in the relevant direction. It's a good job his mind is fast to keep up with them. The inmates are amused, he can hear whistles and a broken round of applause and words of encouragement like he had just won in some sort of rap battle but he can still make out the 'fucking dick' being shouted at him from that voice. 

"Worse things are going to happen around here than just a fucking lockdown. I would be very careful if I were you, don't fucking push it this time." Jimin begins his checks after that, he notices an impressed chief in the front of the hall along with an inspector and he nods at Jimin approvingly. Jimin sighs in relief, he really thought he was going to get called out for that. Jisoo pats him on the ass and tells him he did a good job and he's glad, he always likes to receive praises even though some of the things that he pulls are questionable. He doesn't even know where he got the guts to just do something like that but he was glad he did. Maybe it was the pounding at the back of his head, or the unsettling feeling in the depths of his chest that drove him to be so audacious. 


The inmates are relatively settled now, but tomorrow would be the real test. He's scared he's going to get cornered and beaten the shit out of when the lockdown is over and the fear hangs over his head. He moves along the cells, making sure to check the inmates and check their rooms too for any funny business. When he gets to Kim Taehyung's, his heart beats a little faster. 


"Ah, sweet cheeks. I was waiting for you," Taehyung says, and Jisoo clicks him in. 


"Don't mess with him today, Kim. He's on one." Jisoo snickers. Jimin doesn't say a word but starts to raid his room, lifting the mattress and getting rid of his bed sheets to find anything suspicious. 


"It's okay, Jisoo. I think he has a soft spot for me just like you do," Taehyung smirks at the both of them and Jisoo looks a little scared. Fuck, this guy has everyone wrapped around his finger. Jimin doesn't find anything and he is a little disappointed, he wanted to- no, wants to make this guy's life a living hell. When he locks him up again, that's when he speaks. 


"Please look after your legs," Jimin winks at him and walks away, he is fairly satisfied with the growl Taehyung lets out, followed by a string of curses and something about how weak Jimin was saying it from outside the cell instead of when he was in the cell where Taehyung could choke him. Jimin just rolls his eyes and ignores him. 


 When he gets to Jeongguk's cell he forces himself not to return his shy smile because Jisoo is right there, and it would look stupid. Fuck that. He inspects his room but he's not as thorough as he usually is because Jeongguk isn't even likely to have anything remotely suspicious in here. 


It's just as well that Jimin thinks that because when he checks under his mattress, he finds something that shouldn't be there and it falls to the floor with a loud clang. It was a tool from the workshop that could potentially be used as a form of harm to himself or to others. Jimin doesn't even have time to think before Jisoo is calling him out. Jeongguk wouldn't have this in here, he knows this. It's too late to hide it now, Jisoo had seen he'd found something and it would look even more suspicious on Jimin's part if he let this go. 


"You find something Park?" Jimin's eyes flutter shut and as much as he doesn't want to, he has to go through the relevant procedures. He looks at Jeongguk who gives him a curious look, he doesn't even know and now Jimin has to call him out for it. 

"What's this, Jeon?" he shows him the tool, it was a scalpel of some sort. It looks like it's been used to gauge someone's eyeballs out. Jeongguk looks at him blankly, Jimin knows he knows nothing about this. Jeongguk wouldn't do something like this, he wouldn't jeopardise himself like this when he wants to leave so badly. Jimin's heart beats faster as he waits for Jeongguk to say something. "Jeon?" 


"How the fuck did you get that in here?" Jisoo looks at it in surprise. "Hands up Jeon, you're in big shit for this." 


"Inmate! I said what the fuck is this?" Jimin's voice increases in pitch and he just wants him to speak for himself, defend himself or just say something. He stays mute. If the inspectors ever caught sight of this, they'd go down for sure. There was absolutely no recovering from this if they decided to walk in right now because this shouldn’t have happened in the first place.   


"Arms behind your back. Now." Jisoo is putting his hands in handcuffs, his hands tight around Jeongguk's small wrists. Jimin doesn't like the look of it. "You're in big shit this time, Jeon, shit." Jisoo whistles. It just doesn't sit right with Jimin. Why is Jeongguk not saying anything, why is he not defending himself and telling him that they've got it all wrong?  


"Take him to the interrogation room, we need to make him talk." 


"What? There's nothing to interrogate him about, he's going straight into isolation and that's getting away with it lightly." 


"Jisoo. Take him to the goddamn room and keep him there, now." 


"Is that an order?" Jisoo raises an eyebrow at him. 


"We're in the same position, it's not an order. I want to get to the bottom of this, how the hell did someone get this shit in here? Does no one know how to fucking do their job in here properly?" 

"Fuck, okay Park. I'll wait with him in there. Finish the checks," Jisoo shoves him out of the cell, towards the interrogation rooms and Jimin watches Jeongguk until they're gone. Jimin finishes the last of the checks himself with shaking hands and a pounding heart. He knows that Jeongguk hadn't bought that in here. He knows it. When he walks around the cells a final time, Taehyung is leaning on the barriers waiting for him to pass, smirking at him. 

"Looks like you treat Jeonggukie like you do the rest of us, huh?" Taehyung is still smirking and what Jimin would do to be the one to wipe it off of his face.


"Looks that way, get to sleep, Kim." he walks past his cell, and he can tell from the expression on Taehyung's face that it wasn't the reaction he wanted. Jimin already knew it was him who had set him up, there was no other person that could get away with it. And Jimin wasn't going to be playing into his games anymore, hence his lack of reaction. If Taehyung was going to mess with Jimin, then he had to be ten steps ahead of him. Always. 

"Jisoo, you're needed out in the halls. I'll take care of this motherfucker." when he gets into the room, Jeongguk is staring into space and looks at him only briefly. 


"Good luck, I've already tried." Jisoo is out of the room, and Jimin stays standing at the door and locks it. Jeongguk is out of his seat then and charging towards Jimin. 


"Why. The fuck, didn't-" Jeongguk pounds his handcuffed hands on Jimin's chest, and Jimin thinks he's crying but he's not too sure. 

"Hey, stop!" Jimin gathers his arms and holds them down. "What are you doing?" 


"Why didn't you save me?" Jeongguk's chest heaves and Jimin feels so bad. "It wasn't me, someone set me up!" The words remind him of what Jeongguk had said a few days before about being set up. Jeongguk was unlucky, that's what Jimin wants to believe, because there was no way he deserved any of this. No way he deserved this kind of life because he was too innocent from what Jimin had observed of him.  

"Jeonggukie, I know it wasn't you but I couldn't. I didn't even have time to hide it and I panicked. Jisoo can't know anything, he can't know that I favour you because-" Jimin halts. Because what? 

"Because what, Jimin? Because you want to be my friend? Because whatever you're doing with me is fucking illegal?" 

"Jeongguk, calm down," 

"Don't fucking tell me what to do. I don't know what you want from me? Why do you treat me like that? Is it because you want something from me in return?" 


"No! Jeongguk what the fuck, we already talked about this,"

"Do you want a break from your stupid, perfect married life with a good home and your kids and think you can find it in me? You want to start something with me, is that it?" is that really what Jeongguk thought?


"What the fuck is your problem?" Jimin is seething. How dare he bring his family into this. 


"You want an affair with me, because I'm a pushover? Want to cheat on your wife with me, huh? Because you know I'll give it to you?" Jeongguk pushes at his chest again and now stands inches away from him. Jeongguk is getting hysterical and he is just saying anything that he thinks might hit a nerve in Jimin but Jimin is well aware of his intentions. He was saying things like this to protect himself, to protect his feelings that can easily be ruined. Jimin just knows this, he doesn't need Jeongguk to tell him that. "Tell me, Jimin, because that's what everyone wants." his voice lowers a tone, and Jimin has had enough. He grabs Jeongguk and pushes him back against the wall. "Everyone just wants to use me." he sighs, and there it is. There’s the reason for his piercing words. He physically sees all the fight leave his body and his body falls limp. His body would fall to the ground if it wasn't for the tight grip that Jimin had on him.


"Don't do this shit with me, Jeongguk. I'm not that person and you fucking know it." Jimin holds him up, urges him to make eye contact with him so he can see the sincerity in his eyes. "Jeongguk?"

"Fuck you." his voice is small, a stark contrast to what it was a few minutes ago. "Kiss me." Jeongguk demands and Jimin is taken aback by his request but can clearly see the want in his eyes. God, no. This wasn't how it was supposed to be, this wasn't supposed to happen. 


"What?" Jimin is sure that the shock was evident on his face.


"Please just kiss me, Jimin." he pleads and then he tries moving forward but Jimin holds him firmly to the wall so he can't move any closer. His handcuffed hands are clutching tighter onto Jimin's uniform at his chest. 


"No, Jeongguk," he whispers. He's desperate for Jeongguk to stop saying these words because he doesn't know how much self-control he has left. There were a lot of reasons why Jimin had said no. Jeongguk had outlined the main reason just minutes prior, because he was being used all the time. Jimin didn't ever want him to feel like that, especially not with Jimin. He didn't want Jeongguk to feel like Jimin was using him just to get off, he wouldn't do that to him or himself. 


"You don't want to?" his eyes are glass over and no no no, it wasn't supposed to be like this at all. Jimin is scared because that's all he wants right now, to press his lips against the soft curve of Jeongguk's mouth, to feel him kissing back but he can't. It would ruin everything between them. 


"I-I can't. I'm married." his voice shakes and it feels so wrong that he just wants to give in. Wants to ravish Jeongguk, wants to ruin his lips. He wishes he could let Jeongguk know that the want wasn't as one-sided as he knows Jeongguk is thinking right now. He thinks that Jimin doesn't want him in that way but if only he could just read his mind right now then maybe Jeongguk wouldn't look so disheartened.


"That doesn't answer my question." his gaze moves down to his feet, and he shakes his head. He looks sad, so sad. Jimin moves closer towards him, until he's pressed against Jeongguk. Until his mouth is pressed against Jeongguk's soft hair that smells like lemons. He presses a kiss into his hair and mumbles out an 'I'm sorry' into his hair and he can hear something small come from Jeongguk's throat. He caresses his hair softly before he moves away and lets himself fucking breathe. He turns his back to Jeongguk and has his hands on his hips to gather his thoughts, he can't bear to look at Jeongguk right now. The guilt was weighing him down and he feels so bad. 


"It wasn't me, Jimin. I don't know where it came from I had no idea-" Jeongguk starts.


"I know, Jeonggukie but I can't fucking do anything about it. It was found in your cell, there's nothing I can do," 

"I don't want to go in to isolation, it's fucking horrible I'd rather kill myse-" 


"Hey! Don't say things like that. You'll just have to ride it out, I'll try and get you the least time possible, I promise. I'll tell them that you were set up, I'll tell Jisoo, I'll do something I-" Jimin unlatches the handcuffs from Jeongguk just for a moment and Jeongguk rubs his wrists to get the feeling back to his hands. 


"Are you doing this out of guilt?" Jeongguk interrupts him. 


"What do you mean?" 


"Because you don't want to kiss me, you're trying to make up for it?" Jeongguk questions and Jimin does feel guilty. He doesn't want Jeongguk to think that he didn't want to kiss him because he wanted it so much, but Jimin needed to act fucking mature and keep his head screwed on and he couldn't let that happen. Not at all. Not when his job was at stake, not when he had a wife and kids at home who would wait for him every night. Jimin wouldn't risk it all for something that was illegal, it didn't matter how bad he'd wanted it for himself. To be able to feel wanted and to want Jeongguk as bad as he does, it wasn't right and he just couldn't do it. 


"No that's not what I-" 


"Jimin, I know it's hard to get out of isolation don't even fucking bother the decision has already been made." 


"I'm sorry Jeongguk, I can get them to lessen the time at least I don't know. What else do you want me to do?" Jimin runs his hand through his hair in frustration.  


"Can you tell me something honestly?" Jeongguk sighs, slowly walking towards Jimin. "Why me?" 


"I don't under-" 


"You know perfectly well what I'm talking about. Why are you doing this to me?" Jeongguk pushes him once so he stumbles back. 


"I don't know." Jimin is defenceless, he doesn't know what to say to Jeongguk. He doesn't know how to explain it. 


"Tell me!" Jeongguk pushes him again. 


"I don't know, okay! You just- we have this connection, right? You feel it too, I know you do and I've tried to distance myself from you but I fucking can't help myself. I just feel this need to protect you or to look after you and I don't know why I feel like that you're just so-" Jimin doesn't know what words to use. He wants to say adorable and lovely and small (even though Jeongguk is a few inches taller than him) but those words would lead him on and that wouldn't be fair to him. He wants to say vulnerable and naive and unsafe but those words wouldn't sit right with him either. 

"I'm so what?" Jeongguk's eyes are so wide and he can see the insecurity behind them, Jimin knows that he is offended because Jimin didn't kiss him when he had asked and it hurts Jimin too. Jeongguk had nothing to feel insecure about, but he understands it, he just wishes it could've been different. Wishes he could make Jeongguk feel better about it. 


"Nothing, fuck, never mind. I just don't know why I feel like that but you can either embrace it or if you don't want me to behave like that anymore then I'll fucking stop. I won't keep pestering you, I'll stop." 


"What if I don't want you to stop?" 

"Then I won't, I'll protect you in here as much as I can allow." Jimin slowly moves closer, to see if it's okay and Jeongguk sighs in frustration.  

"I just, fuck, it feels weird for someone to feel that way about me. No one's ever-" Jeongguk stops himself but Jimin gets a rough idea. Has a feeling Jeongguk has been alone all his life. Never fitting in anywhere. He doesn’t even fit in here, he looks like an anomaly against all the other inmates. 


"Just let me take care of you then," Jimin reaches out his hand towards Jeongguk, and he fucking shouldn't be doing this, but when Jeongguk gently holds it in his he relaxes. The fit of Jeongguk’s palm in his is so perfect and maybe he does fit in somewhere. 


Jimin can see him take subtle deep breaths so he rubs his thumb gently across his hand to calm him. Make him feel more relaxed. "You'll be okay, Gukie." the nickname slips out and Jeongguk lets out a little laugh. 


"I'm, um, sorry about all of that I'm just-" he breathes heavy, waits a moment. "-scared." Jimin nods his head at him, understands that because he is just as scared if not more. Jeongguk slips his hand out of Jimin's and he doesn't like the loss of the weight of it in his palm. "I'm glad you're here, that you understand." Jimin can tell that Jeongguk is nervous, knows that he doesn't usually speak like this and he's grateful for his words.    


"It was Taehyung." Jimin states but Jeongguk wasn't stupid. It could only be Taehyung.  


"I know. There's no one else that could've got away with it." he slumps in the chair in the middle of the room and Jimin moves to sit across from him. 


"What is his fixation with you? Why would he put it in your cell?" 


"I did something-" Jeongguk shakes his head and changes his reasoning. Jimin wishes that he would elaborate further on what he did to Taehyung. "He thinks he has some control over me because he knows my friend, I just do what he says to keep him safe. If anything happens to him, I don't know what I would do, Jimin. He's the only person I have left." Jimin's heart aches for Jeongguk. 


"He's really that bad?" Jimin just couldn't understand how he could get people killed from inside of prison and get away with it. He's lost count of how many times he's asked this question. 


"Yes Jimin, I've told you before. You don't want to get on the bad side of him but it looks like we're both fucked." 


"Shit," Jimin sighs. "We'll do something, I promise." he wants to encourage Jeongguk to feel positive. He wants him to know that things will get better but that's hard to convey when you're in a constant hell hole that reminds you that life is shit and unfair. 


"Yeah, we will. If we're not dead by the time we think of something." Jeongguk laughs but it's a bitter laugh. That summed up their situation entirely. 




The next week goes by fast and Jimin is thankful that the inmates are better behaved so the inspection goes a lot smoother since the lockdown. Jimin tries his hardest to make sure of it, he works his ass off and makes sure everything is perfect, he wants this time to be better. Chief whittles it down to Jimin's little speech but he disagrees and thinks it's just a matter of the scare of the whole lockdown. Jimin had managed to get Jeongguk's time in isolation down to two weeks, it was the shortest time he could manage but at least it was better than three months which was what was originally intended. Jisoo had questioned him on it but Jimin just brushed it off, told him it was because someone set him up and it would be the hardest thing trying to find out who planted it in Jeongguk's cell. Jisoo wasn't stupid either though and Jimin was almost certain that Jisoo knew exactly who it was. 


Jimin misses Jeongguk. Misses seeing his fucking goofy face around the prison, his presence in the kitchen clearing up or out in the courtyard doing his chores like the good, little person he was. The lingering stares he would reserve just for Jimin to acknowledge when he would walk into a room or the small smiles that he would secretly give to Jimin, he missed it all. It never registered in Jimin's brain that it was him missing him, but when he started imagining things Jeongguk would do in situations or what he would say if he were there, Jimin noticed it then. He just really missed having Jeongguk around and it felt weird.   


Taehyung is still horrendously difficult and sometimes Jimin really does have a hard time keeping up with him and trying to make sure he stays in line, but it's nowhere near as bad as Jimin thought it would be, he hasn't tried anything that would trigger the inspectors but he just hopes that he's not saving anything for the next week that they're still here. In fact, he has been suspiciously quiet and Jimin doesn't know whether to be more afraid when he's quiet than when he isn't. It was a little unnerving. That unnerving that Jimin was losing sleep over it. He would lie awake at night and think of all the possible scenarios that could happen, how many different ways in which Taehyung could ruin his life. Hyuna had asked him why he was awake every time she looked over at him but he would just make up an excuse, that he had too much for dinner and couldn't get to sleep. Making excuses was something which he was good at by now. Hyuna never questioned any of it, even when she had seen Jimin skip dinner and throw away the lunch he had taken once he was back from work. The bags under his eyes were getting concerning and weren't going unnoticed, he knew that. The deep purpling under his eyes made him look gaunt and fatigued from over exhaustion. But Jimin was always a worrier. 


"Hey hyung, when you've got a minute can you just fill these forms out for me for security?" Jimin plants a large stack of papers on Seokjin's desk and he doesn't even flinch. 


"Hey Jimin! Of course, I can," he flicks through the papers then continues. "I miss you buddy I don't get to see you much these days." 


"I'm sorry hyung, the inspectors are here and I haven't even had time to breathe properly." he slumps into the chair next to him and lets his body just drop. 


"It's okay Jiminie, you look beat." the sympathy is evident in his eyes and Jimin just hums at him, closing his eyes for a few seconds. "I heard about that little stunt you pulled the other day. I was very impressed." Seokjin winks at him. If he didn't see how in love with Hoseok he was Jimin would feel a little flustered. 


"Oh that," Jimin rolls his eyes dramatically, everyone has been talking about it and he has a certain Jisoo to blame for that. Seokjin laughs at him and they catch up briefly about what's been going on.


"This might sound a bit stupid and a little bit dumb and a little bit lovely, but Hoseok has bought a few things and he wants to come to see them when you're free," 


"For me?" Jimin wonders if he had forgotten his own birthday or something. 


"No you dumbass, why would he buy something for you?" 


"Hey!" Jimin hits him on his arm. "Why wouldn't he buy something for me?" 


"You should know by now that when you have kids as cute as yours no one gives a shit about you anymore." 


"That's so true," Jimin laughs. "Wait hyung, why did he buy stuff for my kids?" 


"Because he's a bit stupid, a little bit dumb and a little bit lovely?" 


"Oh my god, he is so sweet. I love him, he's the sweetest, hyung if he wasn't yours I would kiss him," Jimin says dramatically with a hand on his chest. 


"Okay, okay. Enough about my boyfriend, just text him when you're free and we'll come. He's so excited to meet them." he spins in his chair. 


"Will do, they're going to love him so much." Jimin is excited for them to come around and he makes a mental note to text Hyuna about it later. 


"So, did you have any work to do or you just going to piss about here?" 


"I have tons," he leaves with a funny face that makes Seokjin howl before walking back into the dull prison. He could always count on Seokjin to lift his spirits and make him laugh. 


"Officer Park, why don't you play a game of chess with me?" Taehyung grins, as soon as Jimin walks into the games room to inspect. "You look like you'd be good at it." 


Jimin doesn't know whether to take that as an insult or compliment. He was either implying Jimin was a nerd or that he was very intelligent. The people surrounding him suddenly disperse to leave the two of them alone together. Again, the surprise is evident on Taehyung's face as he watches him walk towards him and Jimin always likes surprising people. Especially those who are hard to surprise.  


"You trying to be funny, Kim?" Jimin says as he pulls the chair out opposite him making sure he doesn't break eye contact. He makes a point of dragging the chair along the sticky floor making a screeching sound that would annoy the shit out of anyone. 


It's not unheard of for officers to interact with the inmates like this, to play a couple of games with them if they behave appropriately or if you get along with them. In fact, it was a common practice and they had just been informed that the prison was excelling at the camaraderie between inmates and the ward officers. Of course, Jimin knew it was all a facade and they were all just putting it on a bit for show just for the inspectors but if it meant that the prison wouldn't be shut down then Jimin was already surpassing his goal set by the chief. However, Jimin had never thought he'd be sitting face to face with a Kim Taehyung playing chess like they were old friends. If Jimin wanted to anticipate his next move or how to behave with Taehyung then he had to get to really know him. He needed an insight into how that mind of his works. Only then would he be successful in being ahead of him. 


"There's nothing wrong with being good at chess." Taehyung smirks at him. Jimin ignores the comment and thinks to himself there's not any other face that annoys him like Taehyung's does. Jimin makes the first move, he's pretty confident with chess but he also had no choice since Taehyung had set up the white pieces for him. He used to be in chess clubs throughout all his time in school and always use to win the tournaments he attended, but Taehyung didn't need to know any of that. He will continue to surprise him and hopefully win the game. 


"You're a chess nerd?" Jimin asks when the tension gets too strong, when they're staring at each other like they want to kill. 


"We're in prison, Park. I have nothing better to do with my time," Taehyung's eyes linger too further down to be staring at Jimin's eyes but Jimin knows where his gaze is fixated. It's the first place anyone looks at when they look at Jimin. Taehyung swipes his tongue out to wet his lips before rolling his bottom lip into his mouth. His eyes are on his mouth and Jimin is uncomfortable with the way he's staring. It was almost predatory. 


Jimin slams down his next pawn piece down hard enough so that Taehyung startles and grins whilst averting his eyes towards the chessboard to calculate his next move. 


"You're pretty, Park. Has anyone ever told you that?" he rubs his chin against his long fingers and Jimin feels sick. His lunch rising up in his chest just from the way that Taehyung looks at him. 


"Been told plenty, Kim. Get on with the game." there's a lump in his throat that he tries to swallow down and he forces himself to ignore Taehyung. He's just winding Jimin up, that's all it is. Taehyung snickers and shakes his head then does as he's told. They got on with their game.  


The game goes by fairly quick albeit awkward because Taehyung doesn't stop staring at Jimin in that sick, sadistic way of his. But Jimin knows better, Taehyung is only behaving this way to throw him off and to make him lose concentration, he's certain. Jimin thinks he has everything under control throughout most of it until he gets to the end when almost all of their pieces were gone. Taehyung was playing too fair for the majority of it but he really hadn't expected his next move. Jimin didn't see it coming at all. 


"Checkmate." Taehyung grins at him, and Jimin tries not to look too flustered. He just put a check on his king and that was it, Taehyung had won. How Jimin couldn't see that coming at all was beyond him, he was always so careful of protecting his kings and making sure nothing got close to it. But now- now Taehyung had outdone him and ruined his personal reputation and he couldn't even deny the fact that he was thoroughly impressed. "You put up a good game, Park." he sits back, like he owns the place. That stupid grin of his returns and Jimin feels like he had been cheated on and he felt dirty, all the gazes and the proximity of Taehyung leaving inconspicuous stains on his face and clothes and his hands. 


"You clearly did, too. I wasn't expecting it," Jimin repeats a mantra in his head to stay neutral and not give anything away. To not give away how annoyed and frustrated he was at losing the game. Jimin was a sore loser and that was a fact. He just didn't want Taehyung to see through him, didn't want to give him the satisfaction of him knowing that he's getting to Jimin. That he makes Jimin mad as fucking hell. 


"I'm very unexpected, you'll come to see. Maybe you'll see that I'll always win, it doesn't matter how good you are, I'll always come out as the best." Taehyung winks at him then and he knows this is not about the game anymore. Fuck, this wasn't about the game at all. 


The whole time, the whole game wasn't just for pleasure or entertainment. He was trying to tell Jimin something. No matter how good Jimin thinks he is, how he thinks he has everything under control he really doesn't have anything. Taehyung could ruin him in a matter of minutes and that was the reality of it. 


Jimin was fucked. He was so fucked

Chapter Text

Jimin is the one to escort Jeongguk out of isolation, it was the least he could've done for him after everything. Jeongguk made sure that it was going to be him and Jimin agreed like he always did. Never one to say no to Jeongguk. He was a little excited to see Jeongguk in all honesty, it had been a long two weeks without him and Jimin was losing his mind a little bit. When he sees him in the isolated cell, a wave of relief washes over him and he exhales a breath that he felt like he was holding on to for the past two weeks. Jeongguk was a ball of comfort and contentment and he had lodged it deep inside of Jimin's heart. He smiles softly at him as he handcuffs him so that he can be escorted back to the cells. 


"Hey, you came." his voice is soft and quiet, probably from disuse. 


"Of course, I promised didn't I?" Jeongguk smiles in retaliation and Jimin walks him out, a few steps behind him. When they're out of the isolation centre with no prying eyes Jeongguk speaks again.


"Hyung, I didn't miss it did I? He was gonna come, my friend was going to come and he would have worried if I wasn't there and fuck, I don't even know what day it is," Jeongguk is breathless and he seems to be panicking. Jimin's mind is still stuck on the fact that Jeongguk had called him hyung, he had called him hyung


"What are you talking about?" Jimin shakes his head to diminish his train of thought. 


"The visitation? Has it happened already?" 


"No it's tomorrow, you're fine." and Jimin starts to walk again, dragging Jeongguk by his handcuffs. 


"Okay thank god," Jeongguk sighs in relief and follows Jimin. "You'll be there?" 


"Yeah I'm covering the visitation tomorrow."


"T-that's good," and then he stops again in the isolated hallway. The hallway that has cameras, Jimin reminds himself as he turns to look at Jeongguk again. "Jimin?" 


"What's wrong?" 


"I want-" he chokes on his words, his breath caught in his throat. He has seen that look before in Jeongguk's eyes when he was about to have a panic attack, after Taehyung had finished with him and he doesn't know what to do. Isolation can really mess you up mentally, he knows this. He looks around quickly and secures an arm around a panicked Jeongguk, and walks towards the end of the hall dragging Jeongguk along with him to see if he can find somewhere where there are no cameras on them. He finds some sort of closet at the end of the hall that is unlocked and he pulls Jeongguk in. There's a soft light coming in from the frosted window so he can see Jeongguk's face and it makes his skin appear almost golden. 


"Hey, you're okay," Jimin soothes with his words, doesn't know what to do with his hands. Doesn't know if it's okay. 


"I just want-" Jeongguk breathes, his eyes shift to the floor and he shakes his head. "C-can you please touch me?" Jimin's eyes widen and he moves to hold Jeongguk's hand automatically, interlocking them whilst they're still handcuffed. He ignores the way his heart rate picks up at the connotations, ignores what it could mean. "It feels g-good when you touch me, hyung, please?" Jimin tries to suppress the jolt that hits his body, but he is sure that Jeongguk had felt it. Jeongguk's voice is on the verge of whiny and Jimin knows this isn't good for him. The fact that Jeongguk could even say something like that made Jimin sway on his feet. Was he completely unaware as to what words like that could do to Jimin's head and his heart?  


"Okay, yeah that's-" Jimin starts wants to go for an embrace but then Jeongguk lets go of his hand to clutch at his chest to bring him closer and their faces are inches apart. Jimin gets lost in his eyes for a while before he comes back to his senses, just in time because when Jeongguk moves his face in closer, his mouth inches away from Jimin's, he turns his face and Jeongguk's nose and forehead hit his cheek. "Jeongguk." he tries to make it sound like a warning but it comes out breathless instead, Jeongguk doesn't move, his forehead pressed against his cheek as he breathes shakily. "Don't do this." Jeongguk makes him feel in ways he hasn't felt before, makes him feel wanted and valid and all of those stupid, mushy things. But it wasn't right. 


"Please touch me." Jeongguk sighs, his mouth dangerously close to Jimin's neck so that he can feel the hot air from his mouth on his skin. Jeongguk's hands slide down to Jimin's back pocket, where the keys for his handcuffs are. Jimin fumbles and gets his handcuffs unlocked and then Jeongguk's arms are around his shoulders pulling him in close, his head so close to being nestled into Jimin's neck. He wishes he would do it. Jimin's brain starts working again and he moves to put his hands on Jeongguk's small waist, sliding them so they're circled around him and pressing them even closer together and Jeongguk lets out a small whimper that does all sorts of crazy things to Jimin. 


"I'm sorry," Jimin whispers into Jeongguk's hair and he doesn't know what he's sorry for. He just feels the need to apologise, for something that he has no control over. Jeongguk nuzzles his face into Jimin's neck, his cold nose pressed into the warmth of his neck and he breathes in, breathes Jimin in and Jimin can't get over how right it all feels. And then he feels his lips. Jeongguk's soft, soft lips against his neck and he needs to push him away but he can't. Jimin's hand moves up the expanse of Jeongguk's back and back down again, feeling him, touching him. It would be so easy for his warm hands to slip underneath Jeongguk's top and he can't stop himself, he can't do it anymore. Jeongguk shivers when he feels Jimin's hands on his skin and he leans into the touch effectively increasing the space between them but Jimin just presses him closer again, pushing his fingers into Jeongguk's delicate skin. 


"Jimin hyung, please," he pleads and Jimin doesn't know what for. He sounds breathless, panting against Jimin's skin and it's driving him crazy, he just wants to give in and ruin Jeongguk. Jeongguk's arms tighten around his shoulders and then his hands move to Jimin's neck feeling the skin and then into the back of his hair, tugging on it gently so that his neck is more exposed and then Jeongguk is pressing his lips against the column of his throat. Jimin moans at that, egging Jeongguk on until his mouth is open and he is licking at the skin. Jimin's fingers dig into the skin of his waist, urging him to stop what he's doing but he doesn't say anything. He doesn't physically stop him and that scares Jimin. 


"Fuck." Jeongguk's mouth moves away from his throat suddenly and his head rests on Jimin's chest, his hands still in his hair. "Fuck, I'm so sorry." Jimin blinks to get out of the daze and then it registers in his head. This isn't Jeongguk's fault, it was the two of them. Jimin had let it happen, he didn't say anything to stop it. Jeongguk doesn't look at him, his head is buried in his chest and Jimin thinks that he's ashamed and embarrassed but it wasn't all him. 


"Hey, it's fine. You stopped," Jimin doesn't want to look at Jeongguk, he doesn't want to see the regret swimming in his eyes because it'll hurt. "I didn't say anything, I wanted it too," 


"Stop," he clears his throat so his voice sounds clearer "just stop doing that, acting like I did nothing wrong," he hits Jimin's chest with his small fist weakly, then looks at him with regret and it hurts Jimin more than he thought it would.   


"You didn't do anything wrong, it's okay," 


"Why are you so nice to me?" his eyes sparkle and Jimin wonders what it would be like to just kiss him, gentle and soft. 


"I don't know," he whispers, the answer he always gives and then brushes his hand through Jeongguk's soft hair once. "Come on, let's go." 


They don't speak about it again, they pretend nothing happened and that was it. Jeongguk goes back to his cell and Taehyung is already waiting for him on his bed and it leaves a funny taste in Jimin's mouth. But he can do nothing but walk away when Taehyung smirks at him from over Jeongguk's shoulder where they're embracing.


The visitations always bring so much joy to Jimin, it makes him feel happy that despite all of the bad things people have done to end up in prison, they still get to see and reconcile with their friends and families. He knows it wasn't true for the majority, but for the people who could attend the visitation it was triumphant and there were happy faces everywhere. Family was very important to Jimin, it was what he lived for and his family was everything to him despite the flaws they portrayed. His parents meant everything to him even though he's not too sure that he was everything to them. It didn't matter, they were his family and to see inmates embracing and catching up with their loved ones felt so liberating. He caught Jeongguk's eyes for a second, he looked nervous as he played with his fingers but when their eyes met Jimin's small smile seemed to immediately relax him and he wasn't shaking his knee so violently anymore as he sat there waiting for his person to come and see him. Jeongguk had mentioned his friend coming so he doesn't know why he's so nervous, maybe he's just excited. Maybe it wasn't just a friend and maybe it was a partner? 


"Name?" Jimin asks blindly looking down at the checklist of names when he sees someone arriving in his peripheral vision. 


"Uh, Kim Namjoon?" and Jimin's head snaps up. 


"Oh? Joonie hyung?" he's sure that the surprise is evident on his face and Namjoon laughs at him before he goes straight in for a hug. They've met up a few more times from when they first met since he always seems to be with Yoongi and he's taken a liking to him. He was such a friendly and thoughtful soul that it was hard not to fall in love with him and his stupidly big heart. He seemed to love Jimin's kids too which was always a plus. "What are you doing here?"


"I'm here to see my friend, I'm sure I told you that I had a friend here?" 


"Ah, I remember you mentioning something. It's nice to see you without Yoongi hyung for once," Jimin teases. 


"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Namjoon hits him on his arm with an offended frown but then he's laughing too. 


"Can I ask who you're here to see?" 


"Jeongguk." Jimin's heart stops. 


"Jeon Jeongguk?" he asks to make sure, it can't be true. 


"That's the one." Namjoon nods and Jimin freezes, in shock or fear he's not too sure. Namjoon's friend is Jeongguk. Jeongguk's friend is Namjoon. They knew each other, and they both knew Jimin. Fuck. How could any of that be remotely possible? "You okay?" 


"Um, yeah, sorry yo- you can go ahead," and he writes Namjoon's name next to Jeongguk's with shaking hands before he looks up to see Jeongguk looking at them curiously. 


Jimin wonders what they'll talk about when he sees them embrace briefly. They pull away before they're reprimanded but that doesn't stop the bright smile on Jeongguk's face. Will Namjoon tell him all about Yoongi and Jimin and what his life is like with them outside of prison? Will Jeongguk tell Namjoon everything that has happened, how Jimin treats him, how Taehyung treats him? And for a moment, Jimin wishes that he could sit there with them and be involved in their conversation. Jimin understands how Jeongguk and Namjoon are friends, they're similiar in a lot of ways and he now realises that Jeongguk has adapted a lot of qualities from Namjoon. Suddenly, a lot of things make sense. What a coincidence that Namjoon's friend was Jeongguk himself, what a coincidence that they were linked in ways that seemed impossible but was taking place right in front of his eyes. Jimin never believed much in fate until now, and he thinks that him and Jeongguk were destined to meet at some point in their lives, he was sure of it. But, that scares him because he doesn't know what that means.  


"Hey, we need to talk," when the visitation time ends, Namjoon is taking Jimin to the side. Jimin is scared of what Jeongguk has said, and he tries to find any disgust or change in the way Namjoon looks at him. He doesn't know what he knows, and to what extent but it scares him, a deep rooted fear of someone finding out about what he does. It makes Jimin disgusted at himself now that he thinks about it, taking advantage of an inmate like that and pursuing him. 


However, all he sees swimming in Namjoon's eyes is worry and maybe a little bit of panic. 


"Hyung, I know we need to talk. I didn't know that you knew Jeongguk," 


"I know, of course you didn't know. Jeongguk didn't know I knew you either, let's just talk later okay?" 


"Dinner tonight?" Jimin asks, hopeful. They can't talk right now, it was too dangerous for them to have a conversation inside the prison. 


"I'll bring food round tonight, I know you don't like being away from the kids and I don't want Yoongi hyung to know anything yet if that's okay," 


"That's okay I won't say anything, I've got to get back," he looks back to where the room has cleared and he needs to get back to work. 


"I'll see you later Jiminie," he leaves with a small smile and a hand on his arm that placates Jimin, he doesn't feel so nervous anymore but he still feels antsy about their upcoming discussion. Somehow, he doesn't think it'll go down well. He gets back into the prison and gets back into work. Surprisingly, the inspection that they had just last week had gone exceptionally well and there was nothing to disrupt the rest of it so he was pretty stress-free at the moment. They left with a good review and Jimin was commended for his hard work as well as the rest of the department. 


Jimin was very surprised that there had been no additional problems with Kim Taehyung, but it didn't mean Jimin had let down his guard. Taehyung was very much up to something and Jimin was going to win at whatever game he was playing. He wasn't taking any shit from him but his strange quietness had left Jimin spooked and he had no idea what was going to happen or what he was planning. The chief's words resounded in his mind, that Taehyung was a quiet, clever one and spent too much time thinking to execute his performance. It was obvious from their interactions that Taehyung had an ulterior motive planned and Jimin knew he would find out very soon. Jimin doesn't get a chance to see Jeongguk again that day, his placement and duties making it hard to catch him without other people watching but it was good to see Jeongguk back here. His presence made Jimin relax a little more when he walked around and he realised he really did miss seeing him in here. He would have to talk to him later when he got the chance to get him alone. 


"Hyung, here, have some more of this," Jimin shoves a lettuce wrap into Namjoon's already full mouth and Jimin laughs at him when he splutters.  


"Jeongguk was right about you, you're a devil," 


"That's what he said about me?" Jimin would be offended, but it was coming from Jeongguk. Jeongguk would have no malice intended from his words. 


"He said a lot about you," Namjoon regards him carefully and Jimin swallows. Namjoon knows, he must know. Jimin wanted to throw up everything he had ingested. "Jimin, Jeongguk is..." he sighs, frustrated. He runs his hand through his hair and the worry is etched into the corners of his eyes. 




"Yeah, he's a special case my little Jeonggukie. I've known him ever since he was like ten years old, I practically brought him up," Namjoon shakes his head again, he looks like he is about to burst into tears and Jimin slides just a little closer towards him. A sign of comfort if he needs it. "He's a good person, he didn't do it," 


"I know," 


"You know? He told you?" 


"Not explicitly, no. He just told me that he was set up," 


"Yeah, it was a big set up." Namjoon looks at Jimin, like he's waiting for Jimin to object, like he's waiting for Jimin to say something. 


"Tell me, hyung." 


"I promised not to say anything to you," Namjoon glances at Jimin curiously "He was behaving really weird when we spoke about you, actually. I've never seen him like that, he was almost...flustered?" 


"Hyung," Jimin gets in a panic, he knows his face is red and that's just going to give him away. Fuck. 


"It's not my place to say anything, even I was flustered when I first met you but Jeongguk gets fascinated by things- people and he knows what he wants and he won't give up until he gets it,"


"What are you saying?" it was weird how Namjoon was talking like Jimin was an object and it was pissing him off. Jeongguk wasn't going to 'get' him. 


"I'm not saying anything, just- does he know you're married Jimin? Because he won't be able to handle it if you're leading him on-" is that really what Namjoon thought of him?     


"Leading him on? I would never do that, Namjoon! There's nothing going on between me and him and I'm sick of people assuming that, I just know that he's innocent so I try to be nicer to him and stuff happens that you probably don't know about and I just try and protect him because he shouldn't be in there, it sounds crazy but...we're friends, we're just friends. I'm married for god's sake," Jimin lowers his voice when he realises his tone because Hyuna is only just upstairs with the kids, and she can't know about this. 


"Fuck, I'm sorry Jimin I didn't mean to assume things but I know Jeongguk and whatever you're both doing he's not seeing it as a friendly thing..." 


"He knows I'm married," Jimin shakes his head "Of course he fucking knows," he gets up and makes his way to the sink, he no longer feels like eating. 


"Listen to me, Jimin. I didn't mean that, I'm sorry that I offended you but I just needed you to know, if he knows you're married then he won't pursue you, he isn't like that," Jimin thinks back to Jeongguk's words when he disregarded his marriage and he thinks that Namjoon must not know Jeongguk at all then. 


"I'm not offended I'm just fucking tired of this, tired of this fucking job," his hands grip the edge of the sink and he takes a deep breath, steadying the panic that was rising in his chest. He didn't want Namjoon to think bad of him, he didn't want to portray himself in this light even though there was some truth to his words.  


"Hey, I'm sorry," he feels Namjoon behind him standing awkwardly, and then his body is engulfing him from behind and he attaches himself to Jimin. "I need your help if you still want to help me, if you don't then I understand," he mumbles and Jimin melts into him, his anger and frustration bleeding into thin air when Namjoon treats him like this. 


"Of course, I'll help you- just please, there's nothing between me and Jeongguk, I promise," 


"I know that now but I also know that you care about him," Namjoon sighs. "He cares about you too, it's just weird that you're an officer and he's an inmate,"  


"I do, platonically.." it sounds weird coming out of his mouth and he almost stutters. "He's innocent and he doesn't deserve any of this but it's not something that I do on a regular, I treat all of them like the criminals they are, " 


"I believe you Jimin and Jeongguk isn't just a criminal, I trust you so that's why I want to tell you everything about Jeongguk even though I told him I wouldn't, I need to so that you can help me,"  


They settle in the living room, Namjoon lounging comfortably on the sofa before he gets into explaining everything. Jimin joins him but he can tell he is wary of Jimin now, he doesn't want to say the wrong thing. 






"Jeongguk! Where are you going?" 


"Leave me alone, hyung, I'll be back later," 


"Stop!" Namjoon is rushing towards him. He waits but he could easily outrun Namjoon no problem, he could if he wanted to but he knows how much of a brat he has been already. 


"Hyung, I need to go and you're making me late," 


"Jesus fucking christ, Jeongguk. Look at you! You're not in any fit state to be out of the house and I've told you, you need to stop hanging out with those guys, they're gonna get you in a lot of trouble," Jeongguk's whole body was messed up from where he had got beaten up a few days ago when he had been out for a 'job'. But he was fine, Namjoon was just used to fussing over him. 


"I know what I'm doing, stop babying me," 


"Jeongguk?" the expression falls of Namjoon's face and he looks shocked, astounded even. Jeongguk hasn't ever used that tone with him before and he can see the surprise evident on his face. 


"What? You need to stop telling me what to do, you act like you're my dad but let me tell you something, you're not! I don't have a dad, I don't have anyone! So stop trying to control me, you're never going to get me to listen to you so you might as well give up," it hurts Jeongguk as much as it does Namjoon, but it was the only way he'd get off his case. It was the only way Namjoon would let him go. 


"That's not fucking true Jeongguk, you know it! You have me, you've always had me," 


"Well maybe I don't want to have you anymore when you treat me like this," 


"I-is that what you want, you want me to leave you alone." No of course it wasn't what Jeongguk wanted, Namjoon was all he had, all he knew. But he had too much going on right now, and he needed to sort it out before Namjoon found out so they could live peacefully together. Jeongguk was going to sort this shit out once and for all, and then him and Namjoon they were going to move to another neighbourhood and Jeongguk was going to get a proper job and they were going to be happy. He had it all planned out. This was just a little hiccup in the plan but he would sort it and apologise when he got back. It was going to be fine. 


"Yes, I want you to leave me the fuck alone and let me handle my own shit." Jeongguk storms away from him with regret pulsing in his veins. He wouldn't dare to look back at his face because it would break Jeongguk's heart, his heart would shatter in a million pieces if he saw the disappointment and hurt in Namjoon's eyes. He starts running then, running fast to get there on time, to get to the people he hates the most. Today was the last day he would ever have to look at their faces. He runs until his lungs are burning fire and then runs some more to make sure he isn't late.  


"Jeon, get in the back," he hears them before he sees them and he runs into a moving car, they don't even have the decency to stop for him. "You're late," 


"Fuck you Jinyoung, I'm on time," 


"What a little bitch," he spits, and gets ready to whack Jeongguk one from across Minho. Minho put his hand out to hold Jinyoung back. 


"Cut it out," Minho mutters menacingly, a warning in his eyes and they both sit back ready for whatever it is this time. 


"Do you still remember our deal, Minho?" he has to make sure, he has to be certain. 


"Of course, you're done after this Jeon. We'll never see your pretty face again," he smirks, and Jeongguk's mind eases. Him and Namjoon hyung, they'll be fine after this, he can't wait to tell him. 


"So they're just going to pick the package up, and I need to not get myself killed? That's it?" 


"You're getting the easy way out Jeon, how lucky," Minho smirks at him as the car swerves. "In through that building and down at the alley, they'll be waiting there and then we'll be waiting on the next block down, understood?" 


"Yes boss," he sighs, leans his head back against the grubby leather seat. 


"I don't know why you want out, it's like you were made for this," 


"Need a quiet life Minho, you wouldn't understand," he speaks with his eyes still closed. 


"I don't understand you, Jeon, never did," 


"Maybe that's a good thing, don't think you would like me that much if you understood me," Jeongguk lets out a breath through his mouth, he was almost laughing. 


"I never did like you in the first place,"


"True," Jeongguk shrugs at him but thinks otherwise, Minho had a soft spot for him, he knew that at least. Let him get away with shit and he never did with anyone usually.  


"You're good, Jeon. Don't mess this up," he hands Jeongguk a package and he doesn't even know what's inside, probably just some money. 


"I never mess up," he says reassuringly, he's always carried out these sort of tasks with ease. He was good at it, trying not to get himself killed by gang members that was, not so much the being part of a gang part. He hardly ever took part in any of the other things that came with this, the strip clubs, the drinking, the drugs, the sex. He hated all of that, but it was all part of the deal or part of the gang and he was very much a part of it. There were countless times where his women were paid for, but he would just let them go the majority of the time. Pretended to fuck them and drank until he couldn't remember. Well, he wasn't going to be part of the gang anymore, he never had to do any of that shit anymore. 


Minho smirks at him funny but Jeongguk brushes it off and gets out of the car to get into the building. It's easy trying to hack into a building and try and hack into the alarm system, that bit is easy. Getting through the building without being seen, also an easy part. When he gets down to the alley and no one is waiting there, that's not a particularly easy part. Gangs don't just trust each other like that, so he's usually being shot at or they're hiding out waiting to pounce on him. Jeongguk's done this before countless times. This time is no different, but it's eerily quiet in the alley and it feels weird, feels strange for some reason. He walks down the way he came from and there was still no sign of anyone waiting for him.


That's when he hears the sirens, but they wouldn't be coming here, they would't be coming towards him because he never gets caught and he always gets a warning before they come. He checks his phone just in case and sees a text waiting for him from Minho. 


"You're out Jeon :)" 


That's when the realisation hits him like a fucking truck but it's too late for him to do anything, the police vans skid into view and he doesn't have time to run anywhere, he was surrounded in seconds and told to put his hands up. 


"Fuck!" he drops the package and he wants to cry but he was too overwhelmed to feel anything, to portray his expression. Those bastards put him in it and he could't believe he even believed he would be out when he knew how their minds worked. He knew that whatever they said was too good to be true, he knew it was too easy. Jeongguk was just dumb enough to believe it. Jeongguk didn't put up a fight when officers were out of their vehicles, there were too many of them to outrun and he got onto the floor without a sound. He was so fucked. The only thing playing on his mind was how disappointed Namjoon was going to be. The fact that he won't be able to tell him that he didn't mean those words pricked at Jeongguk's heart and then he couldn't stop the tears from flowing. He needed to tell Namjoon that it wasn't him, he didn't do this. He was so close to that freedom he was craving but it had all gone to complete shit. He was done. 


Jeongguk doesn't remember much of what happens after that, he's put in a holding cell and then to a temporary prison until his court case. He still doesn't know what was in the package but if he was still here then it must have been bad, but it wasn't just that. It was the fact that Jeongguk was part of one of the biggest gangs that were wanted in Seoul which had led him to be locked up, and Jeongguk knew they were very aware of it as they tried getting him to speak. But Jeongguk doesn't speak. Minho knew that he wouldn't utter a word which is why he was here in the first place. He wouldn't utter a word because they kept tabs on Namjoon, and he couldn't let anything happen to him. Namjoon doesn't come to see him and that hurts more than anything ever did, but he doesn't blame him. Jeongguk deserved it after their last exchange of words and he wallows in the fact that there's nothing he can ever do about it. When he gets one call, he rings Namjoon, of course he does because he has no one else. But he doesn't answer, the knife twists deeper in his heart. 


The day of his court case, Jeongguk already knows the outcome. He was so broke, there was no way he could afford a lawyer so he accept his fate that he will be going to state prison but he needs to know how long he'll be in here. How long it will take to plan his revenge. He needed to teach them a lesson, give them a taste of their own medicine for not allowing him to be free, for not allowing him a future with his hyung. They took everything he had from him, and he wasn't going to sit there and take it. Not anymore. 


When he enters the room, he sees Namjoon next to a representative for himself he assumes, and his heart yearns and aches as he completely breaks down at the sight of his hyung. He can't help the pained sob that leaves him, he needs his hyung and he was really here supporting Jeongguk even though he didn't deserve it all. He wants to tell him how sorry he is, how bad he feels for getting himself into this mess but he is forced to stay quiet as a verdict is reached. He knew what the outcome was, but considering he was part of the gang his sentence was only two years which was great compared to what was the initial suggestion of ten years for carrying round a package of drugs and being part of the gang. He gets a total of five minutes with Namjoon before he gets sent away. 


"Hyung, I'm so sorry I'm so fucking sorry," he clings to Namjoon, letting his tears fall and ruining his suit that he probably borrowed. Jeongguk knew Namjoon couldn't afford something like this. 


"Jeongguk, you need to listen to me. This time, you really need to fucking listen," Namjoon pulls him back by his shoulders and he nods through his tears. "I spoke to Minho and I know it wasn't you. I know you were scared for me but you needed to defend yourself. Nothing would have happened to me, I would've sorted it you-" Namjoon runs his hand through his hair in frustration. "I should have taken care of you, I shouldn't have let you go, fuck," 


"No hyung, this is all my fault, I'm sorry for so many things and there's not enough time to apologise but I'll write to you, I'll write you a letter I promise," 


"Listen Jeongguk, you need to stay safe. Stay out of trouble, the prison that you're going to is insane and you won't survive but try for me, I'll always be with you but I- fuck, I'll do something, I'll get you out of there I swear,"      


"Hyung, I'm sorry," Jeongguk sobs and grapples at Namjoon's hands, he needs to hold them one more time before he goes. 


"It's not your fault, baby. I'm sorry this happened to you," he speaks to Jeongguk in such a parental tone that it only makes Jeongguk cry harder, the shame and embarrassment clouding his brain. Jeongguk is pulled away from him then and he goes willingly, he looks back at Namjoon one more time to imprint his face in his mind because it won't be a daily occurrence anymore. 


"I'm gonna fight for you, Jeongguk." he shouts those last words to Jeongguk before the doors close on him and the admiration bubbles up inside of him. His hyung was going to fight for him, Namjoon had his back. He always had his back and this time was no different. 






"So I signed up for college even though I didn't have the funds, I got in through a scholarship and studied to become a lawyer. I knew it was impossible to complete my degree in the time that Jeongguk is in for but I got lucky with an amazing opportunity for an internship at a firm that specialises in criminal activities. They're looking into his case and they're helping me to get information on how to prove he's innocent. It might sound like a lot of work just for possession of drugs but I know Jeongguk, he would have had it in his subconscious that he did something wrong, I don't want it on his record." Namjoon sighs. "I spoke to the gang that Jeongguk was forced into, his name was Minho. He said that they put Jeongguk in there because he knew he wouldn't say a word about them, because they knew me. The whole time, he was trying to protect me when he should have been protecting himself, the stupid idiot,"  


"Hyung, that's incredible, you-" Jimin chokes on his words, for someone to have that much love and support from another person was incredible and he was astounded at the person Namjoon was. 


"It's nothing for me, but Jeongguk is incredible. He didn't deserve any of this, he was so young and passionate and just trying to look out for the both of us but it backfired, he trusted people too easily which is why I was taken aback by your relationship with him, he doesn't just open himself up to anybody anymore,"Jimin nods his head at that but he really doesn't know why they're both find so much comfort in each other or why they're so open with each other. "It's okay, I'm just glad you're helping him in there - I know he needs it. He doesn't tell me everything but I know what it's like in there, it can't be easy," Namjoon shakes his head, almost like he's trying to get an image out of his head. 


"I'm not going to sugarcoat anything, it's horrendous in there," 


"I figured," they sit in silence for a while, Jimin processing everything through his head. Jeongguk really was innocent but he had someone fighting for him and that relieves Jimin for some reason. 


"Hyung? Didn't you say Jeongguk was only in for two years, it's already been two years and he said he's still got two more," 


"His sentence keeps getting extended and I can't seem to figure out why. At first when he told me I didn't believe him because I know Jeongguk wouldn't jeopardise himself like that, but he gets caught in the crossfire when things go down in the prison and he always ends up getting the brunt of punishments. It's not fair but there's nothing I could have done about it and trust me I've tried. He was supposed to be out this month." 


"They can't extend your prison sentence for two more years just like that, there has to be an extremely valid reason and explanation," 


"I've looked at all the reports for why it was extended, but they were justified- they were almost...forged..." he can see the clocks ticking inside of Namjoon's brain and he thinks he might have just hit something. 


"What do you mean forged?" 


"Jeongguk's story was completely different to what the reports said, well, not completely different they were similar but they didn't really add up," Namjoon presses at his temple, and it looks like he was getting stressed out. The revelation making his head hurt. 


"Hyung that's not allowed-" 


"If I bought those reports to you, would you know who had written them up?" Namjoon sits up from where he was slouched, a panicked look in his eyes. 


"I mean- I guess there's no harm in having a look, I could try," 


"Jimin? I really could do with your help, you can be sort of like my inside spy," he glances at Jimin warily. 


"Oh really? That sounds kind of exciting," 




"It sounds exciting?" the uncertainty is evident in his voice. He doesn't know if that was the correct answer.  


"If you got found out you could lose your job," Namjoon states with incredulity, like Jimin should disagree to all of this.  


"For proving someone's innocence?" 


"Well, when you say it like that..." 


"Let me help, I want to. Just tell me what to do." 


"Okay, I have a feeling we'll get to the bottom of this quicker with you on the team. We just need to get to the bottom of this sentence thing, then we can really start putting a plan in place" Jimin nods his head at him and he is determined to prove Jeongguk's innocence along with Namjoon. They'll get to the bottom of this for sure. They talk some more about it before Namjoon leaves but he leaves Jimin in a fuddled haze, trying to process everything in his head that had been revealed to him just today. He gets ready for bed almost in autopilot, there was too much going on his head, too many ideas and thoughts that Jimin knew he had to process somehow. He just didn't know how or who to let them out to. 


"You okay?" Hyuna is already in bed, her head propped up on the pillows as she reads through her accounting textbook. 


"Mm I'm okay," he sighs, gets into his side. He wanted to go cuddle with Minwoo today but he didn't want to disturb him, he needed the physical contact and attention he knows he can find from his son. 


"Namjoon gone?" it was mindless chatter, anything to fill the silence. Of course he was gone, or else Jimin wouldn't be here. 


"Yup," he doesn't know what else to say. 


"How's work?" 


"As usual," he turns away from her so that she gets the message that he doesn't want to talk, he just wants to sleep. 


"Why won't you talk to me properly?" he really wants to blame it on his tiredness, on the stress from work, on everything that's on his mind. But he knows. He knows that deep inside him it's because he feels guilty about the whole situation with Jeongguk, he doesn't want to look her in her eye when he knows whatever he's doing is wrong


"I need to sleep love," his voice is tired, and he hopes it shows her how tired he really is. How the exhaustion tickles him till the ends of his toes. 


"You always need to sleep," she sighs, and puts her book away. 


"I'm sorry," Jimin turns around again, tries again to be nicer but it was hard to. "How was your day?"  


"Want me to half ass an answer for you?" she replies sarcastically. 


"Stop it, I don't know what you want from me? I'm trying," 


"You're not trying hard enough," she whispers. 


"Do you know what? Fuck this," Jimin throws the covers off him. 


"You can't avoid your problems forever, Jimin." he slams their room door and then cringes, he hopes he hasn't woken the kids up. He knew she was right, and that's what annoyed Jimin the most. He couldn't avoid them and he had to tell her sooner or later, but right now he'd rather it be later. He couldn't let the shame consume him right now, he had to keep his head above the water. He pads his way to Minwoo's room, and he's wide awake. 


"Hey, did I wake you? I'm sorry," Minwoo shakes his head at him and scoots over so Jimin could slip in. It was just a small bed and it was a bit of a tight squeeze when Jimin slept with him, but Minwoo slept on top of him most of the time anyway so it didn't matter. It was a regular thing, when he had someone as cute and cuddly as Minwoo he couldn't resist it. Minwoo's hands are automatically around Jimin's neck as he pushes his small face into his chest and Jimin cradles him closer. 


"Papa, park?" he looks up at Jimin with his wide eyes and Jimin can do nothing but pet his hair endearingly whenever he looks at him like that. 


"You want to go to the park now?" 


"Jiwoo likes park," he giggles at the blame he's already placing on his little sister who doesn't even understand what a park is. 


"We can go this weekend buddy,"


"Promise?" he sticks his pinky out for Jimin to wrap around. 


"I promise, let's sleep okay?" 


"Okay papa, please sleep, love you," he mumbles his words into Jimin's chest as sleep slowly creeps up to him. His small smile makes Jimin's chest bloom. 


"I love you the most," he presses a kiss into his hair as his breathing evens out. He wishes he could fall asleep as fast as Minwoo did. 






Jimin doesn't see Jeongguk for the next few days, well they see each other but they can't talk with everything going on around them. They don't have long enough to talk about everything they want to, everything they need to talk about. Jimin is sure Jeongguk has a lot of questions, and Jimin has many himself. It just didn't work out that they got each other by themselves, so he had to think of something else so that Jimin could clear his head a little bit. With Taehyung's watchful eye he had to also be careful, he ignored Jeongguk mostly when Taehyung was there, but he could easily get caught when he leasts expects it. It was like constantly walking around eggshells. 


The prison was loud and lively as the holidays were coming up, the inmates were getting ready for it and you could feel the excitement even somewhere as dull as the prison. Christmas was approaching and the inmates were sorting out decorations for something to do with their time in the main area. 


"Officer Park! I made this for you," Taehyung shouts at Jimin and holds up a string of hearts which makes his little group snicker around him. 


"Very nice, Kim." sarcasm oozes from Jimin's tone, but he has to remind himself not to play into his games. With eyes locked on to Jimin's he gets up and moves towards Jimin. Oh, here we go. 


"Will you wear it for me?" he says, wraps it around Jimin's neck anyway. Jimin wants to punch his face. 


"It's not very festive, you could have made me christmas trees," Jimin's tone is monotonous. 


"What would have been the point of that? Wanted you to know that you have my heart, or, maybe..." 


"Maybe what?" 


"Maybe I have yours," he smirks and Jimin wants to pound his head through the floor. 


"You fucking wish, Kim," 


"I think it's already mine, think your ass is too sweetcheeks," he clicks his tongue, the sound annoying the hell out of him. 


"Fuck off out of here," Jimin rips the hearts off his neck effectively ripping them to shreds but Taehyung just laughs and blows him a kiss. He gets out of there, he can only take so much of Taehyung. He regrets it everytime he lets Taehyung get to him, he just needed to keep his cool but it was so hard when Taehyung gave him shit. You would think that after all this time, Jimin would get used to it but it seems as though each time he feels worse than the last. That's always how their interactions go, Jimin just has to be careful not to tip him over the edge, he knows he treads a very fine line already. He doesn't even realise where he's going before someone is bumping into him, it was Jeongguk. 


"Shit, sorry," he stays close to Jimin and slips something into his front pocket with a smirk before he moves to the main area presumably to help with the decorations. Jeongguk had beaten him to it, he was going to try and get Jeongguk alone long enough so he could slip him a note but Jeongguk was too quick. He shook his head and walked to someplace that he could look at the note.  


'Meet me in the workshop toilets at 7' 


Jeongguk had drawn a little rabbit in the corner that made Jimin smile like an idiot. Jeongguk was cute without even trying to be, but the small drawing made him even cuter. Made him appear even more innocent than Jimin thought and it was so endearing that Jimin felt like he was suffocating. Suffocated with thoughts of Jeongguk that he really shouldn't be having. Jimin feels his nerves building up to the time that they're supposed to meet, and he doesn't know why he's so nervous. The inmates were going to be still doing the damn decorations and no one would notice Jimin or Jeongguk missing, Jeongguk had been clever with the timings. They would have enough time to talk properly.   


He makes his way towards the toilets at 6:58 with shaking hands because he can't help himself and it would be a good idea to be there before Jeongguk. He makes sure the hallway is empty before he slips inside. Jeongguk is already waiting there, he beat him to it again. Jeongguk silently moves towards Jimin, his breath hitching before he thinks he's about to lean into him. Then he hears the lock go and Jeongguk moves back with a knowing smile on his face. Damn. 


"So?" Jeongguk starts suggestively, he leans back into the wall. 


"So?" Jimin says equally as suggestive, he leans his elbows back on the counter on the opposite side and looks up at Jeongguk with a smirk. He can't let Jeongguk get away with all the teasing.   


"Namjoon hyung says you're very sweet," 


"Oh? Is that right?" Jimin raises his eyebrow. 


"I told him otherwise, told him what you were really like in here," 


"Uh huh," 


"Told him how strict you are, how many asses you kicked,"


"Anything else?" 


"How you have a sweet face to cover up how much of a devil you are," 




"You fucking came from hell," Jimin laughs at that, laughs at how adorable Jeongguk's smile was. 


"What else, Jeonggukie?" 


"I told him a lot of things, he- he knows a lot of things," 


"I know," 


"About how your sweet face doesn't cover up how sweet you really are," 


"Jeongguk," It was playful and teasing before, but Jeongguk looked serious now, his eyes giving him away. 


"How nice you are to me, how you protect me," Jeongguk pushes a finger into his chest, and his arms buckle before he stands up straight again. "Do you protect your wife like that? Hm?" 


"My wife isn't in a prison?" Jimin wants to laugh at him but he doesn't want to tease Jeongguk, not when he has such an intense look in his eyes. 


"Touche. Do you love her, Jimin?" 


"Of course I do," Jimin doesn't know what he's getting at, doesn't know why he's doing this right now. 


"Then why are you letting me do this?" he presses his palm into Jimin's chest.  


"I'm not letting you do anything," Jeongguk's face is close to his so that they're looking directly into each other's eyes. "I love my family, Jeongguk." 


"Oh? Family? Is that you trying to rub things in?" 


"Think of it how you want but that's not what I intended," 


"Tell me, Jimin, does she satisfy you? Because I don't think she does," Jeongguk whispers against his lips, changes the subject to more dangerous territories. "I think you like the thrill of this, the thought of cheating on your wife, it excites you doesn't it?" 


"Shut the fuck up, just shut your mouth," Jimin breathes out harshly at his words. This needs to stop, he doesn't know what he's doing and there's too much going on in his head that he can't fucking think straight. 


"I know you, Jimin. I know you want me," Jeongguk is pressed against the opposite wall in a second when Jimin pins him against it by his hips. 


"Stop it," he warns, but he could walk away. He could walk away right now and Jeongguk would get the message, that he never wants anything like this with Jeongguk. 


"I want you Jimin, you know that I do," Jeongguk's voice is sultry but still sweet and he's trying to lure Jimin in. "Does your wife touch you like this?" his hands move to around his backside, pushing their crotches together. Jimin's breath catches in his throat and he has to stop himself from pushing into Jeongguk's touch. He can't believe how shameless Jeongguk is being right now, it was a change from how shy and flustered he usually is.  


"Stop now." Jimin knows this is his last warning before he loses it, it's too much. 


"She doesn't that's why you're so responsive," Jeongguk's mouth is close to Jimin's but he won't kiss him. He'll make sure that Jimin is the one to kiss him first, he knows this. "Look at how flushed your cheeks are, how heavy your breathing is, how fast your pulse is," he presses two fingers against his pulse on his neck. "I'm not the only one who wants, hyung," 


Jimin snaps and his lips are crushed against Jeongguk's in an instant. Jeongguk's hands are already in Jimin's hair, pulling him closer and Jimin's hands are pressing him hard against the wall by his hips. The intensity of the kiss leaves Jimin lightheaded but he doesn't want to part from Jeongguk's soft lips, he had imagined this for too long and he was finally embracing something he wanted for himself. He was rough in his kiss, biting and nipping at the softness of his bottom lip and forcing Jeongguk's mouth open to slip his tongue in to taste him. Jimin eventually has to break away to breathe, and Jeongguk's head falls back against the wall as he pants. Jimin doesn't miss the opportunity to kiss up his neck, giving him soft nips that make Jeongguk squirm and grapple at Jimin's neck.  


"Jeonggukie," he whispers against his lips, just to hear it before cradling his face and pressing a soft kiss against his lips. He can't get enough of it now that he's had it and he kisses Jeongguk properly again, but softer this time so that he can really feel Jeongguk's mouth against his. Jeongguk kisses him back with the same kind of passion that Jimin portrays and it's so good, he feels so good with Jeongguk's fingers running through his hair and on his neck. 


"Jimin?" Jeongguk gasps, breaking for air but Jimin doesn't let him. 


"Shh," Jimin reattaches his lips to Jeongguk's again, and his hands slip down his torso feeling the muscles beneath his prison shirt. "You feel so good, look at you," he lifts his shirt just enough to get a view of his sculpted abs and Jimin drools, wants to have his mouth there, but Jeongguk doesn't allow it. He grabs Jimin by the neck to press kisses against it, his mouth hot and heavy and it makes Jimin groan in pleasure, clutching at Jeongguk's hair to keep his mouth there. It elicits a whine from Jeongguk and the sound travels straight to Jimin's stomach, the pleasure pulsing through his veins. 


"Kiss me, Jimin," and Jimin does this time, kisses him for a long time and gives in to everything Jeongguk wants. When he pushes his hips away from the wall, Jimin responds instantly and grinds down against him. 


"Look at how much you want it, Guk," 


"I want you, I want all of you," Jeongguk fumbles with Jimin's belt and it looks like he was about to drop to his knees before Jimin grabs his elbows, making him stand straight again. He has dropped to his knees way too many times for other people, and Jimin doesn't want it for himself. He wants to make Jeongguk feel good, he wants to leave this for him. 


"We can't, you know we can't," Jimin holds Jeongguk's face in his hands, brushes his fingers gently against his cheeks and Jeongguk looks at him funny. Almost like he's startled at the affection through their lust-filled daze. 


"Fuck Jimin, do something please," he whines and writhes under the hold of Jimin, the only thing he can think of right now that'll make the least mess is for him to get on his knees for Jeongguk. And he would oblige to that in a second.


"I want to make you feel good, is that okay?" 


"Yes, please," Jeongguk is breathless and he rejoices in that fact, that he has just as much as an effect on him as Jeongguk does on him. Jimin kisses him again because he can't get enough of it, finally giving into the urge of ruining Jeongguk and he thinks he's doing a pretty good job of it so far. 


"So needy, you like to be like that?" Jimin giggles at him when he whines again, urging Jimin to hurry up. 


"I only need you, Jimin," his head hits the wall behind him and Jimin finally gets down, his face coming into contact with Jeongguk's crotch. He pulls his trousers down and his hands knead at the thickness of Jeongguk's thighs. Jimin can see Jeongguk's legs shaking so he presses kisses against the supple skin of his thighs to relax him. 


"Just relax, I've got you," his hand reaches up to hold Jeongguk's hand, to ground him. To let him know that it's okay. Jimin doesn't let his hand go after that, when his boxers are down his mouth waters at the sight but he doesn't miss a chance to tease Jeongguk, to see him moan and tell him to hurry up. When Jimin finally sinks down onto his cock, his mouth full, Jeongguk lets out a drawn out mewl and Jimin is satisfied with his response. 


"Oh no, Jimin," he practically sobs. 


"No?" he pulls off to ask. 


"No yes please, please keep going," his other hand is attached to Jimin's hair scratching at his scalp pleasantly. He licks up his shaft before engulfing him in his mouth, making sure Jeongguk feels his tongue around him and then he urges Jeongguk to fuck into his mouth a little bit. "F-fuck, so good," 


"Tell me how much you're enjoying it," 


"I'm enjoying it so much Jiminie, I love it so much- love your mouth, god," he doesn't have a choice but to lean his head back as he's consumed in pleasure, his eyes squeezed shut. Jimin sucks a little harder, gets a little bit more sloppier until Jeongguk is almost crying. 


"Hyung, please, I need-" Jimin's hand tightens around his hand, urging him to let go. And Jeongguk does, beautifully so when his hand tightens in his hair and his hips lift off from the wall. The cry that he lets out is like music to Jimin's ears, and he swallows the come shooting down his throat with no complaints, making sure he gets every little bit. He bites into the skin near Jeongguk's crotch, a little reminder for Jeongguk that makes him jolt and he lets out a guttural noise. Jimin puts his trousers back on for him as he looks up at a dazed out Jeongguk, and he can't help but smile at his absolutely gone expression. Jimin did that. 


"Was that okay?" Jimin doesn't know why he feels the need to ask, but he needs to know he did okay. 


"That was, wow," Jeongguk grabs him by his collar and into a kiss then presses a hand against Jimin's almost painful erection. 


"No, I'm okay," Jimin stops him before he gets any further. 




"This was for you, I'm good," he intertwines their fingers together and smiles at Jeongguk, his bright smile in return makes butterflies erupt in his stomach.


"No ones ever-" he scoffs, and it looks like his lip is trembling. No one's ever done that for Jeongguk? Jimin knew that's what he was about to say, it was expected because Jimin could read Jeongguk like an open book sometimes. It hurts Jimin that no one has ever made him feel pleasurable, it pulls at Jimin's heartstrings and he can only feel glad that he was able to do this for him.  "Thank you," his voice is small, and his cheeks are flushed red and Jimin coos at his shy demeanour as he embraces Jimin, hiding his burning face in his neck. 


"You're thanking me for sucking your dick?" he laughs but it sounds too loud in here. Jeongguk grumbles into his neck and then playfully bites him as punishment. It was a punishment that Jimin liked. They embrace in the comfortable silence for a while, the intensity of the moment finally simmering down. 


"Fuck, what have I done?" the realisation comes to him all too soon, and he wants to laugh or cry but he doesn't know which so all that comes out is a cross between a laugh and a sob. A soblaugh.  


"Hey, it's okay," Jeongguk's eyes are wide as he turns to look at Jimin, his hands rub comfortingly along his arms and it makes Jimin happy at the amount of concern Jeongguk is showing for him. "This was my fault, I'm-" 


"Don't you dare say you're sorry," Jimin's arms move to wrap around his waist. "How can you say that to me?" 


"Hyung, I-" 


"This was me, it was all me. I wanted that so much, Jeongguk and it- it scares me. I'm married and I shouldn't be having these feelings for someone else, I shouldn't want someone as much as I want you. Please don't say you regret it," 


"Do you regret it?" 


"Fuck no, I just feel so fucking bad and I don't know what to do, I'm panicking," 


"No one will find out, we can keep it a secret." Jeongguk's hand caresses his cheek and Jimin turns his face so he can press his lips against his palm. There were too many secrets that Jimin was keeping, it was only going to be a matter of time before he explodes. He knows this. 


"Joonie hyung is going to find out, he knows something is up already," Jeongguk intertwines their hands again and pulls Jimin closer. 


"He won't find out, no one will find out," he reassures with a peck to Jimin's lips. 




"Listen to me, Jimin. No one will know, it'll just be me and you, I promise." Jimin needs to protest, he needs to stop this before anything goes further. Someone will find out because they're in a prison, all eyes are on them. There was no way of hiding this at all. He needs to say no to this, say no to Jeongguk to stop them getting in trouble. This will end badly and Jimin has to say no. 


Jimin nods his head at Jeongguk.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk is so desperate. He doesn't let Jimin move away from his mouth, kissing and nipping and smothering him with kisses. They're in the kitchen store room, locked away for good measure but it's dangerous. If someone were to try and walk in right now they'd get caught and Jimin can't have that. 


"Hey, Guk, wait," 


"No," he whines, catching his bottom lip into his mouth and sucking on it. He pulls Jimin towards him again, crushes him against his body.  


"Someone's going to walk in any minute," he rushes out before his mouth is covered by Jeongguk's mouth again. His hands move down to Jimin's hands and he interlocks them. 


"Just kiss me properly for a minute," he whispers against his lips, pleading. Jimin doesn't think he's ever seen Jeongguk so eager, so desperate and that encourages Jimin to slip his hands around his waist and pull him in close. They've been doing this as much as they can, whenever they can. Sneaking away behind the shed to talk about their day, slipping each other small notes to remind each other to stay healthy (Jeongguk's always had some sort of drawing on it), hiding away in storage rooms to kiss and be together albeit in small amounts, the restrictions make it hard for them to do anything more than just kiss but Jimin is happy like this. Jimin is happy if it makes Jeongguk happy and he hasn't voiced out any problems. He has no problems when they're close together like this, when Jimin's hands are on him.


He presses his lips against his mouth once, twice and then they're slowly kissing, enjoying each other's presence and mouths. "Why do I want you so much?" Jeongguk whispers into his mouth, his eyes closed as the haze of lust washes over him.  


Jimin can say nothing but hum in agreement as they kiss again and again, not getting tired of it at all. Jimin doesn't understand why he wants Jeongguk just as much either, and the reciprocation makes Jimin's stomach erupt in butterflies. He wants Jeongguk so much, all the time that it was unexplainable how he felt about him. He couldn't put it into words even if he tried. He wants Jeongguk for more than just this, more than just the kissing. He wanted to sit late at night with him and talk about his feelings, wanted to hear about Jeongguk and have deep, meaningful conversations together like they try to do when they have two minutes to have a chat. Sometimes, when he sees Jeongguk out in the courtyard reading a book, he wants to go over and hold his hand whilst he reads. When he is left to clean the kitchen by himself, he wants to help so that his burden is lessened and Jimin doesn't want to find out what it means, because he's playing ignorant. He has to. 


"Jeon?!" they pull away in an instant and Jimin looks at Jeongguk with wide eyes. It sounded like Jisoo but he couldn't be sure, it could be another inmate. 


"Stay here," Jeongguk looks like he's panicking just as much but he looks a little more put together than Jimin. At least his brain is working. Jeongguk unlocks the store and moves to go back into the kitchen. Jimin doesn't know what to do, does he hide?


"Hey, sorry I was just cleaning up the store room," he hears Jeongguk say. Jimin doesn't know if it was believable, when Jeongguk had left his lips were bitten raw, his face flushed and his hair a mess from Jimin's fingers running through them. 


"You seen Park?" it was definitely Jisoo. Fuck. He doesn't know what he'll do if Jisoo walks in right now. 


"He was in here a few minutes ago, told me to hurry up and then pissed off," 


"He fucking runs around this place like a madman," Jisoo laughs. 

"Yeah, he does huh?" 


"Hmm, too good for this place that boy," he hears some shuffling and then Jisoo is speaking again. "If you see him again, just tell him I'm looking for him,"

"Yes sir," 


He hears footsteps, like Jisoo is walking away and then waits a minute, then waits a minute longer until he's sure before he makes his way outside the store room. 


"Fuck that was close, Jeongguk." 


"It's okay he didn't suspect a thing," Jeongguk looks calm in comparison to Jimin and he wants to throttle him. How can he be so nonchalant when his job was at risk here? It wasn't fair of Jimin to do and it was extremely petty but Jimin couldn't help but blame Jeongguk for this. If he had just stopped when Jimin asked then none of this would have happened. 


"It doesn't matter, he could've caught us and then we would've been done for. I would've been- fuck," Jimin shakes his head. "I need to go," he was already moving towards the door. 


"Hey?" Jeongguk grabs Jimin's hand, and looks at him with these soft eyes that makes Jimin's frustration melt just a little. He brings his hand up to his lips and presses a kiss on to his hand. Then he smiles, just a small one before he lets Jimin go. Jimin stops himself smiling until he's out of the room. His heart clenches at the small, cute actions of Jeongguk. 


Jimin walks through the halls back to the office so that he can find Jisoo again. 


"Ah, there you are! You see Jeon?" 


"No, why?" Jimin is defensive immediately and he really shouldn't be because it'll look suspicious. 


"Oh I just asked him where you were," 


"Why would I be with him?" Jimin internally kicks himself for continuing with the defences. It was a little obvious that Jisoo had only just come to find Jimin and he was already here.  

"I don't know, Park. You usually are, anyway you got a minute?" What did he mean by he usually was? Jimin ignores the comment. 


"Sure, what's up?" 


"I spoke to chief earlier today, I wanted to step down a little bit I work too much and my wife doesn't see me enough, neither do my kids," Jisoo leans back in his chair. "I want you to take on some more," 

"More than I already do?"  

"Fuck you, Park. I know you do a lot of my work anyway but I wanted to cut my hours back and there's no one better than you," 

"I don't know, Jisoo. I hardly see my wife or kids either," 

"It's a good opportunity for you to make your way up, the offer is there if you want it. Have a think about it first, I don't need an answer straight away, it was just a thought,"

"I'll have a think about it, speak to my wife first,"            


"That's okay Park, I know it will be good for you. You're good at the job, we're lucky to have you," 

"Stop, my head won't fit out the door," 


"Cheeky shit," he mutters as Jimin walks out, his shift had ended and it was time to make his way home. 


"See you tomorrow, Jin hyung," he says when he passes by reception. Seokjin was working late today, the pile of paperwork he was sorting through his desk seemed never ending. 


"Yes! See you tomorrow twice!" he had reserved tomorrow evening for Hoseok and Seokjin to come and meet his kids since Seokjin had quoted Hoseok 'I want to meet his kids for my own physical and mental health, it's what I need'. 


"I can't wait to see Hoseok hyung," 


"Brat, get out of here," he laughs to himself when he walks away. He wonders what it would be like if Jeongguk had worked there instead of being an inmate, he wonders if he would invite him over to his house to meet his children too. He knows that wouldn't be the case at all, they'd be doing a lot of things but introducing him to his family wouldn't be one of them. A surge of guilt runs through Jimin as he makes his way home, he doesn't want to be doing any of this but he can't stop himself either, Jeongguk was way too tempting. This isn't something he planned but Jeongguk was such an enlightenment in Jimin's life that Jimin had found it hard to say no and stay away. He knew he was cheating on Hyuna, even if they weren't really together, they never did things together or had any sort of romantic connection with each other, not like how he had with Jeongguk but it was still cheating. Jimin was so confused about it all, but he knew he had to tell her, he had to say something so the guilt doesn't consume him but he knows the outcome will not be pretty. He doesn't know whether he wants that for them or his kids. 


"Hey honey," Hyuna calls from the kitchen as soon as he walks in to the warmth of the house. 


"Hey, the kids sleeping already?"


"Yeah you just missed Minwoo, he was staying up but his eyes were closing on their own accord," she laughs. Jimin doesn't reply as he hangs his coat up. "I made dinner, shall we eat?" 

"I'm not hungry today, you can go ahead," 


"I waited for you Jimin, have a little bit?" she leans against the kitchen door frame. 


"You didn't have to wait, it's late." 


"I wanted to," 


"Did I miss anything today?" Jimin quickly changes the subject but seats himself at the dining table anyway. 


"Not really, Minwoo tripped at playschool today and hurt his knee, he was very upset." 

"Is he okay?"


"Yeah he's okay, he just wanted you," 


"You should've called me, I would have spoken to him over the phone," 


"I did call you, I called you five times," her voice is calm, but Jimin picks out the hint of a waiver. He doesn't want to argue, not tonight. 


"I'm sorry, I was really busy today I didn't even notice," Hyuna shakes her head 'it's okay' as she plates up the food. They eat in relative silence, Jimin tells her something that happened at the prison with an inmate, Hyuna tells him something that Minwoo said then that's it. When they're done Jimin kisses both his kids goodnight and then he gets in to the shower. He lets his worries melt momentarily with the scalding hot water, just like he likes his showers. He wishes they would go down the drain along with the water. He leaves the shower with a towel slung low on his hips, water droplets still sticking to his skin as he tries to find something to wear. When he feels Hyuna pressing into him from behind he freezes, he can feel her naked body against his back as her hands come to touch his pecs. 


"Hyuna," he sighs, his hands leaning against the drawers where he was sifting through to find his pyjamas. He feels small kisses being placed onto his back and he feels nothing, absolutely nothing. Her kisses move up to his neck and she undoes the towel so that he is fully naked. It feels weird because her hands are not Jeongguk's, her mouth isn't Jeongguk's, it's not anything that he wants. 


"We haven't done this in so long babe," she whispers against his neck, her hand moves to wrap around his cock trying to get him hard. 


"Please, stop," he turns around in her arms, holds her face. "I don't want to do this," 


"I just want to feel good for a little while," she says, her hands dropping from Jimin's body. "Can you pretend you want me just this time?" the tears are shining in her eyes, and Jimin feels so so bad. Jimin presses his forehead against hers, then presses his lips against hers softly. Her hands move to wrap around his waist again as she falls into the kiss and she steps closer so that she's pressed up against Jimin. "Want you, Chim." 


Jimin walks her backwards towards the bed before gently laying her down and kissing up her body. He doesn't feel anything, he's not getting aroused and it feels weird to be doing this with someone that isn't Jeongguk. It just doesn't feel right. He gets her off with his mouth, they don't have sex. 

"I'm sorry I made you do that," she lies with her eyes wide open, staring up at the ceiling. 

"You didn't make me do anything, I wanted to," 


"You didn't," she whispers, then turns away from him. 


"I'm sorry, for everything," he runs his hand gently down her back and after thinking too much, he cuddles her from behind. "I'm so sorry," 


"You know that we can't live like this forever, right?" 


"We have to, for our kids," 


"I'm so tired, Jimin," 


"I know, I'm so sorry," 


"This isn't your fault, I'm just tired to the point where I don't know if I can do this anymore," Jimin thinks back to Jisoo's offer at work, and he couldn't accept it. Not if Hyuna had too much going on and she couldn't handle everything, he had to help out more at home.   

"I'm sorry, I'll help you out more- I'll come home earlier, I'll cook dinner more often I'll-" 

"That's not it, Jimin! Why won't you just think of yourself for once? I just, fuck, I just want you to be fucking selfish," 

"I'm not leaving you or my kids, that's the end of it. We're in this together," he can feel her shoulders shake and he knows she's crying. 

"I love you, Jimin, you're my bestfriend, my partner. I just want to see you happy, I hope I get to see it one day," she places her hand on top of Jimin's and strokes the top of his hand soothingly. Jimin doesn't know how to respond, he wants Hyuna to be happy too but the only way she can be happy is with someone else. She isn't happy with Jimin but he can't risk both their happiness, he doesn't want a broken family, he doesn't want to let his parents down. He's a failure in every aspect of his life. He can't do his job right, getting too involved with an inmate, can't make his parents, wife or kids happy and he feels so useless. He doesn't know what else he can do to make it right, what to do to make his life better. He falls asleep fitfully, with Hyuna in his arms and he feels bad for her the most. She doesn't deserve any of this. 


When he wakes up the next morning, he makes sure he gets the kids ready and has breakfast sorted. One person can only take so much and he needs to help out more. 


"Jimin, you don't have to do this, I didn't mean this as in I'm tired of my routine- I meant I'm tired of my whole life," 

"I know you did, but let me help you out a bit more, it's the least I can do, I'll do anything to make it better for you," a hand gently on her arm. 


"You're so selfless, you do it on your days off," 

"But I should do it on my work days too, it's okay just sit and have your tea," he pushes her into a chair where the kids are already having their breakfast. They have breakfast as a family, something that is a rare occurrence because Jimin likes to get to work early and he's usually gone. But he figures he can spend some more time this morning with them. He doesn't tell her about the proposition he has from work, not when she was telling Jimin that she was tired of everything. That would be too selfish of him, and it would be too much for Jimin to take on. He tells her about this evening instead. 


"Hoseok and Jin hyung want to meet the kids so they'll be here tonight, so will Yoongi hyung and Namjoon hyung," he reminds her. 


"I'll make dinner for tonight then," 

"No, I'll just order. There's too many people to cook for," 

"Jimin, I'm very capable-" 

"I didn't say you weren't, it'll just be easier, just have a chill day today," he leaves her with a kiss on her head. "I'll see you later," 


He leaves for work feeling a little bit lighter, the guilt still heavily weighing down on his chest but he still felt better. He just wanted everyone around him to be happy. When he gets to into the prison, the small bit of lightheartedness doesn't last. 


"Officer Park, looks like we're partners today," Kim Taehyung calls out to him from where they're setting up to bake Christmas goods. He turns to look at Jisoo. 


"Don't look at me like that, I volunteered us to help out," 

"You volunteered for me? Without my permission?" 


"Oh come on, Park. It'll be good fun," he walks away, already rolling his sleeves up. They aimed to make 2,000 cookies today and Jimin has no idea why he has been forced to do this. There could be other things that he'd much rather be doing, things that are much more important. Reluctantly, he walks towards the opposite side of where Taehyung was and began to help get the flour out of the store room. 


"Hey sweet cheeks," he hears a soft voice from behind him. 


"Jeongguk," he warns with his eyes, but lets his hands linger on Jeongguk's wrist when he passes him a bag of flour. 


"I think I called dibs on you first," Taehyung is behind Jeongguk, Jimin hadn't even seen him. 


"Inmate, hands to yourself," Jimin reprimands him when Taehyung pulls him along to their work station. Jimin goes along with it, he wasn't in the mood to argue with Taehyung today, the Christmas spirit was out in full force, and this time of year Jimin always did get a little bit soft and lenient. The kitchen was split into two parts, Jeongguk was on the other side watching Jimin with a frown on his face, a small pout on his lips. So small it was hard to point out, it was only because Jimin knew his face well that he could see it. Kim Taehyung is relentless, his hands brushing against Jimin's back, his arm - Jimin knew what he was doing. He was trying to rile Jimin up. 


"Kim." he doesn't look away from the bowl he's cracking eggs in but he knows that Taehyung will hear him. 


"Yes sir?" he stands beside him and he feels more than sees his presence. 


"Stop it, or else I'll go help the other side," 


"Why? So you can be with Jeonggukie?" 

"So that I can get away from you," 


"That's harsh, stay here with me, I know you want to," he feels him lean in closer which makes his body turn rigid.  


"Don't test me, I'm not in the mood for this today," 


"I can give you something that'll get that stick out your ass," his voice drops a tone lower, so that no one can hear them.  


"What are you talking about?" 


"Put my dick in your ass instead, it'll do you better," he whispers straight into Jimin's ear. Jimin's fist clenches, he forgets the egg that was in his hand and he looks up to meet Jeongguk's intense gaze fixated on them. Fuck. It looks wrong. 


"Inmate, this is your last warning," he forces himself to look away from Jeongguk, and looks down at the task at hand instead. The egg had cracked into the bowl, the shells and all. "Oh look, looks like you've got shells in your batter Kim," 


"Good job I like a bit of a crunch," he says, continuing to pick out the shells from the batter. Real clever. His body is behind Jimin, pressed up against him and he can feel the hardness digging into his ass. His actions were deliberate, Taehyung wanted him to feel it.  


"Do you get off on pissing me off?"


"You look hot when you're angry," his breath ghosts over Jimin's neck and Jimin doesn't waste a second anymore, he turns and pushes Taehyung square in his chest making him topple and land on his ass. 


"That's enough, if you want to continue being here I suggest you fucking behave yourself," he spits. The kitchen is quiet, everyone's eyes turned towards them to focus on what was going on. Taehyung still grins up at him with that sick smile of his. 


"Yes boss," he gets up, dusts off his knees and just like that everyone gets back to their conversations, gets back to what they were doing including Taehyung. It hadn't even been fifteen minutes and he already had enough of Taehyung's antics. Surprisingly, the rest of the morning does go by without any more problems except for Taehyung's lingering glances and winks aimed at Jimin. But those he could handle. When they're done and the cookies are baked it's time for lunch already and the inmates file into the canteen to eat. He was about to go into his own office when he sees Jeongguk off to the side of the cleaning closet as he walks through the hallway, Jeongguk nods his head towards the door and Jimin scans around quickly before following him in. 

"Hey," Jimin says, his voice soft. 


"Hi." Jeongguk isn't smiling like he normally is and Jimin feels funny. 


"How are you?" 

"Fine." he crosses his arms over his chest. 


"O-okay, you're not eating today?" 

"Not hungry." 


"Are you mad?" 


"Why would I be mad?" 


"I don't know, Guk, you're being funny," 


"I'm fine." 




"Yes, fuck. What's your problem?" 


"I don't have a problem, hey, look-" Jimin gets into his pocket to get the cookie that he saved to give to Jeongguk wrapped in tissue. "I made sure I put extra chocolate chips in this one for you," he offers it to Jeongguk and his face eases a little, it didn't look as hard anymore. 


"Fuck you. I'm supposed to be mad at you," he takes the cookie from Jimin's hands. 


"So you are mad," 


"So fucking mad, Jimin." 


"Please don't be mad at me, not you too," he reaches out for Jeongguk, reaches for his hand. He needs the grounding that Jeongguk provides for him. 


"What was all that with Taehyung?" 


"What? You think I initiated all of that? You know how Taehyung is," 


"I don't know Jimin. What if all you want is attention? You seem to be getting it from everyone, including Taehyung. How do I know who else you're fucking with? What if this is just you trying to have some fun, messing with me?" Jimin should be angry at the words that are coming out of Jeongguk's mouth but he can't bring himself to be angry, he understands the insecurity somewhat. Jeongguk is insecure, of course he is. He is locked away in this prison and has no idea what goes on in the real world. The funny thing about it is that Jimin is fucking with him behind everyone else's back. 


"Jeonggukie, you're the only one I want attention from, only you. I don't give a shit about anyone else," he pulls Jeongguk closer to him by his waist, kisses his forehead fondly. 


"I don't know that for sure, you looked like you were enjoyi-" Jimin shuts him up with his mouth. 

"Stop this." he presses another kiss soft against his lips and he feels tingles all the way down to his toes. "You're perfect and I only want you, don't be mad at me," the word baby was on the tip of his tongue but he managed to hold it off. Jeongguk was meant to be called baby, the word fit him so well. 


“Show me.” Jeongguk sighs. His hands run through Jimin’s hair, coaxing him to comply. “Show me that you only want me, Jimin.” 


“Of course,” he turns to look at the door behind him knowing that this could mean trouble and then turns back to Jeongguk. Jimin would risk it for now. He takes his time kissing him, making sure he presses kisses everywhere he can. 


"There's something wrong,"


"What?" Jimin stops his kissing. 


"Yo- your eyes, something's wrong. Tell me," he cups Jimin's face with one hand and brushes his thumb over his cheek. Jimin is dumbfounded at the fact that Jeongguk knows there's something wrong just by looking into his eyes. The endearing look Jeongguk fixes him with makes his heart weaken. 


"It's nothing, I'm just tired-"


"Liar," he pokes Jimin in his side. Jimin doesn't know whether to tell him, he knows he can trust Jeongguk but from the way he behaved today about his interactions with Taehyung, Jimin was precarious. "Tell me," Jeongguk kisses him soft, just a gentle touch of their lips. 


"Work is just being a bit crazy, Hyuna has had enough of this, of me," 


"Of you?" 


"Jeongguk, she's my bestfriend and I love her but she's had enough of all of this and I don't know how to make it better for her,"  


"Make what better? How can someone have enough of you?" Jeongguk says like it's the most obvious thing in the world, his eyes so full of concern. "If she's had enough of you why won't she just leave?" 


"It's not that simple, we have kids," Jimin shakes his head and tries to move away from Jeongguk but his grip on Jimin is firm and he doesn't allow him to move or break eye contact. 


"You love each other?" 


"Yes of course we do, but not in that way." Jimin stops himself, he's talking too much. "Let's just forget about this," Jimin rushes out, tries to kiss Jeongguk again. 


"Tell me about it, I want to know and you never talk about her. You haven't told me why you're cheating on her," it's not that Jimin didn't want to tell him, he just didn't want Jeongguk to feel bad about it. Almost like he was a second option. Jeongguk deserved to know and he needed an explanation so that Jimin could show him he wasn't just messing around with him. 


"We were best friends Jeongguk, since we were five years old. She knows about everything, knows that I'm gay, knows about my whole life because we spent it together. But our parents thought that we were dating and they set up a wedding without telling us, we were too loyal to our parents to disagree so we ended up agreeing and going through with it and then our kids came because our parents wanted it. Of course we wanted it too, my life would be horrible without them and we don't regret them at all but we've lived our whole lives for our parents and never lived for ourselves." Jimin is on the verge of tears, but he can't show emotion like this, not in front of Jeongguk. This is the most he's revealed to anyone about himself but it feels right for Jeongguk to be the one to reveal it to. "I want you for myself, Jeongguk." he whispers it into his mouth and can see the longing and want in his eyes too. Jeongguk doesn't have to say anything because that was for Jimin, a weight lifted off of his shoulders to expose himself to Jeongguk like that. He kisses Jeongguk, needs to have the contact to comfort him. To drown in Jeongguk is all he needs, all he has ever wanted with someone. Their kisses get more and more intense and soon Jimin continues to show Jeongguk how much he really wants him. 


“You like that Guk?” Jimin asks him when he feels Jeongguk shudder when his lips press against his nipples, they harden almost immediately. Jimin has his shirt hiked up to his chest so that he can litter kisses against the expanse of Jeongguk’s toned chest. 




“Oh no, I think I just discovered something,” 


“Jimin please-“ his words end in a gasp when Jimin closes his mouth against a nipple and sucks hard, his teeth grazing across the bud gently. Jeongguk’s words contradict his hand in Jimin’s hair pushing his face closer to keep his lips attached to his nipple. Jimin’s lips making a popping sound when his lips unlatch from his nipple and he has a teasing smirk on his face. Jimin takes the chance to blow cold air onto his wet nipple and Jeongguk whimpers. Jimin’s cock jerks at the sound and he knows that he’s so lucky to have Jeongguk at his mercy like this. 


“So sensitive Jeonggukie,” he tries to hide his laugh at Jeongguk's reaction. 


“Fuck me.” 




“I want you to fuck me, come on” 


“We can’t, Jeongguk. You know we can’t,” 


“Fuck me raw, Jimin. I want to be able to feel you in me for days, want to remember it all the time,” this boy has such a dirty mouth on him that Jimin almost wants to put him in his place. But Jeongguk would never say something like that if he wasn't under such a lustful haze. The audacity to just say something like that to Jimin makes his head pound. 


"You're so naughty, my Jeonggukie," Jimin's fingers pinch his nipple between his fingers and he twists hard. 


"Jiminie, hyung, please," he pleads, his eyes scrunched close. 


"I promise I will one day, when we're better prepared. Not today, I don't want to hurt you," he kisses him softly, to soothe him and calm him down.  


"I want you to hurt me," Jeongguk grapples at Jimin's collar. 


"You couldn't handle it if I did," 


"Wanna bet?" his hand is on Jimin's chest, pushing him away slightly. 


"Let's bet. You'll be begging for me within minutes, I can imagine it - you whining and moaning, begging for me to let you come,"


"F-fuck you." 


"Look at that Guk, look how hard you are from my words," his hands press down on his crotch and Jimin can't help himself when he reaches down inside of his pants to wrap his hand around his swollen cock. "Still wanna bet?"


"Fuck yes," Jimin didn't know whether he meant yes to the bet or yes to finally having some relief of the hardness from his cock. "Fuck, no, Jimin wait you gotta go," Jeongguk looks like he's in a panic all of a sudden, pulling Jimin's hands away and moving towards the door. He hears a racket from outside and he panics. "Jimin, fuck, hide-fucking hide somewhere and shut the fuck up, don't say a word," he turns back to Jimin and pushes him toward the shelves. Jimin doesn't know what the fuck is going on but he gets down and make sure he's well-hidden before he hears the door being rattled. 


"Looks like there's one less person in here than I asked," it was Taehyung. What the fuck? Did Jeongguk know that he was going to come in? No, Jeongguk wouldn't have known at all, he would've told Jimin that Taehyung had asked him to come in here. If Taehyung had asked Jeongguk for one of his 'favours', why had he called Jimin here too? It didn't make any sense. 


"I know, I couldn't I'm sorry," 


"Sorry doesn't cut it sweetheart," he hears a loud smack, Jimin startles and tries to hold his breath. Had Taehyung just hit Jeongguk? "Next time I ask you for something, you fucking get the job done, do you fucking understand you little bitch?" 


"I fucking got it," he hears Jeongguk presumably shuffling backwards, away from Taehyung. 


"Oh what's this?" Jimin can see their feet from where he has his head down and he sees Taehyung back Jeongguk into the wall. Jimin is really biting his tongue, trying to keep quiet and not standing up to Taehyung for pushing Jeongguk around like that. But he knows, he knows how bad it can get if he pipes up. "What were you thinking about, huh? Look how hard you are," 

"Y-you, it was you," Jimin's heart stops. He can understand what Jeongguk was going through before, it was jealousy clouding his mind and he wants to get up and fuck Taehyung up for putting his hands on his Jeongguk. For touching him in that way without his consent. 


"Baby, I don't think it was. Are you lying to me?"


"Of c-course not," 


"You were thinking of Park Jimin weren't you?" Jimin has to suppress the gasp that threatens to escape his mouth. He knows. Taehyung fucking knows, he doesn't know to what extent but Jimin is terrified. This could be the end of him. 


"No! Just you, I promise," 


"If that's the case, then let me help you with that. You want it, right?" Jeongguk doesn't say anything more, but he doesn't have to. He can hear lips meeting skin, just where Jimin had his mouth a few minutes prior. Jimin feels sick to his stomach, he is about to throw up and he can't believe that he's here right now, witnessing all of this and unable to do anything about it. To hear the sounds they both make makes hot, angry tears burn in Jimin's eyes. That was his Jeongguk. 


"That's it baby, you feel good?" 


"Please," Jeongguk sounds like he's in tears and Jimin's fingernails dig into his palms. Jimin knows that sound wasn't one of pleading to continue, it was a cry for help, for Taehyung to stop. He can't do anything, it will ruin Jimin, it will ruin Jeongguk. Taehyung was sick in the head, for him to treat a person in this way was so disgustingly alarming and Jimin felt so helpless because he couldn't do anything to help Jeongguk.


"Funny how the tables have turned, huh? Me doing a favour for you, is that what you wanted Jeon boy?" he can hear the slick slide of Taehyung's hand on Jeongguk and the tears roll down his face, the lump in his throat seems to get bigger with every passing moment. Jeongguk cries out, his small whimpers making Jimin's heart ache. Jimin hopes he comes soon, he doesn't want to stay here for any more of this, he feels like he's suffocating.  


"Messy boy, coming all over yourself like that. Clean up and get back into the kitchens, understand? I'm sure Jimin will be waiting for you there," Jimin blinks the tears out of his eyes, he can't help but feel angry at the whole situation and he needs to get out of there. He needs to get out of there now. He hears the door slam and knows Taehyung has gone, he quickly wipes the tears away and stands up from his crouch. 


"Jimin?" Jeongguk's voice shakes and Jimin hates that he feels it deep in his chest. 


"I c-can't do this, I'm sorry," he walks towards the door, refusing to look at Jeongguk at all, his hands grasping the door handle. If he looks at Jeongguk then he knows he will be sick. He needs to get out, but Taehyung had only left seconds ago and he doesn't want to run into him outside in the hallway. 


"Jimin, please," Jeongguk is sobbing now and Jimin knows how weak he is. "Don't leave me," he presses his head against the door, knowing he can't leave Jeongguk in this state. "I'm sorry, Jimin, please, I need you," Jimin can tell how laboured Jeongguk's breath is and he doesn't want him to have a panic attack again like the last time. He thinks logically about the situation and he needs to stop thinking about himself and how he feels and think of what Jeongguk must be going through right now. He was touched without consent, by someone who he fears a hell of a lot and not to forget that Taehyung had hit him. Jimin is in front of Jeongguk in an instant, and Jeongguk reaches out for him as soon as he is close enough. 


"Please don't leave me," his head is buried into Jimin's chest, his hands painfully clutching at Jimin as he sobs out his words.


"Hey, I'm not leaving. Breathe for me, okay?" Jimin runs his hand down Jeongguk's back to soothe him, hoping he calms down and it doesn't turn into a panic attack like he knows it can. "Baby, breathe." Jeongguk nods his head at him, his hands still painfully tight around Jimin like he was afraid if he let go that Jimin would leave. Jimin's heart aches. 


"I'm sorry that happened, I didn't want it to- I didn't know- fuck, Jimin," 

"It's okay we can talk once you've calmed down, just breathe for me," it takes a few, long minutes for Jeongguk to settle himself, enough so that his now gentle breath hits Jimin's neck, almost like he was falling asleep. Jimin knows he'll be in trouble when he gets back, he has been gone for far too long for it to be not considered suspicious. 

"'m sleepy," Jeongguk mumbles against the smooth skin of Jimin's neck, his body goes lax against Jimin and he has to put in a little more effort to hold him up.  

"You can't sleep here Guk," Jimin says, presses a kiss against the wisps of his hair on his forehead.  


"Wish I could, want to cuddle you," it's something that Jimin wants too, but they couldn't do something like that in a prison. "You make me feel safe," he whispers and makes sure to look Jimin in his eye when he tells him that. 


"Jeongguk, I couldn't protect you just now you-" 


"You're protecting me now, and you stayed when I asked you to, that's all I wanted. I feel so safe with you, Jimin." 


"I want you to feel safe with me but just now, what happened with Taehyung-" 


"It wasn't your fault, if you had said or done anything it would have been harder for us going forward and I-" Jeongguk closes his eyes momentarily and then opens them again with tears shining in them. "I don't want to lose you, Jimin." 


"He's a fucking piece of shit," 


"I know he is, but you remember what you promised me? You have to keep that promise, please don't break it," he remembers the promise clear as day because it haunts him at night. When Taehyung tells you what to do, you do it without hesitation. 


"I won't but what do we do about him Jeongguk? We can't let him get away with this," 


"I don't think there's much we can do about him Jiminie," Jeongguk presses closer again, trying to chase the warmth that Jimin provides him with. 


"You didn't mean it, right?" Jimin's voice is small, the insecurity bubbling up and spilling out. 


"Mean what?" 


"What you said to Taehyung, it wasn't true," he needs to know that Jeongguk wasn't thinking of him. 


"Of course not hyung, the whole time I was thinking of you, I could only come with the thought of your hands on me, never him," Jeongguk's arms wrap tighter around Jimin, trying to get him to believe him. 


"Promise?" it sounds childish but Jimin needs the promise, Jeongguk smiles at him and presses a kiss against his lips. 


"I promise, it's always going to be you, no one makes me feel better than you do," 


"Okay, that's the same for me too, you know that," 


"I know Jiminie," 


"Let me clean you up?" Jimin wipes the tears from Jeongguk's face, making sure to be gentle around where the red mark of Taehyung's hit is still on his face, he puts his lips against it and wishes he could remove the pain that Jeongguk has had to endure. 


"No, I'll just get hard again. Pass me the tissues," 


"Let me, don't get hard," Jeongguk lets Jimin clean him up carefully, gently and shuffles his hair about too so he looks a little bit more presentable to go back into the kitchens. "Oh and make sure you eat something for me, okay?" 


"I will, you too and stop frowning at me, you'll get wrinkles." he giggles and tries to straighten out Jimin's frown with his fingers. Jimin grabs his hands to pull him closer, and then their fingers are entwining and their lips are meeting in a short, sweet kiss. "Go," he whispers to Jimin and Jimin does but not because he wants to.  


"Hyung?" he calls out just as Jimin turns the door handle. 


"Yeah Guk?" he turns and look at Jeongguk. 


"Thank you," his smile is shy and grateful and Jimin wants to see it on is face all of the time. He wants to be the one making Jeongguk smile like that forever. 




"Jiminie?" Yoongi snaps him out of his thoughts that evening. They had all eaten and played with his kids until they were worn out and now they were quietly talking and catching up with each other. Hoseok was infatuated with his kids and the kids were in love with him too, he was glad he had this kind of support around him and his kids, he was grateful for such good friends.   


"Mm?" he says absentmindedly. 


"You okay?" 


"Yeah, I'm fine, sorry I'm dazing out again, I don't even realise I'm doing it," too much had happened today for Jimin not to be constantly thinking of Jeongguk and Taehyung, he hated the fact that it just wouldn't leave his mind. 


"Its fine, are you okay?" 


"Yeah I'm okay, it's just work as usual," 


"Don't work so hard," Yoongi squeezes his shoulder, Jimin just nods his head at him effectively shutting down any conversation about work. 


"I can't believe you two went to the same school and college together," Seokjin says to Hoseok and Namjoon. 


"I can't believe we're seeing each other right now, the last time I saw you was with little Jeonggukie, how is he?" Hoseok is excited and he's clinging to Namjoon's side looking at him animatedly and Namjoon is just as excited if not more that they have coincidentally met again after a few years. Too many coincidences. Yoongi scowls at them from across the room mumbling something about 'Namjoon being his man'. As soon as they had seen each other they had been engrossed in catching up with each other's lives for the past few years. 


"Jeonggukie is okay I guess, Jimin can probably tell you more about him than I can," Hoseok looks at Jimin with curious eyes. 


"Jeongguk is okay, he's...surviving in there." 


"He's in prison?" 


"Remember that big gang bust up? He got caught in the whole whirlwind of things and was just unlucky, he's not supposed to be in there," Namjoon says with tired eyes. He had briefly mentioned that he had the papers that he wanted Jimin to check and he just looked exhausted from the whole thing. 


"Damn right he's not supposed to be in there, he was the sweetest kid I've ever met," Hoseok says, Jimin silently agrees with that statement. "You did well with him, Joon." 


"I should have done better," 


"Don't hyung, it's not your fault," Jimin says, he knows he was going through the internal struggle of blaming himself. 


"I know, but it isn't his fault either, I'm going to sort it, I promise." he promises to no one in particular, more to himself than anyone.  


"I don't doubt you will, plus Jimin and Seokjin can always help you with things," Hoseok says, it's the most obvious thing to do. 


"Yeah Jimin is helping me already, I could do with all the help I can get Seokjin hyung," that makes Yoongi's head snap towards Jimin but Jimin disregards him. He doesn't want to talk about it right now and of course Namjoon hasn't said anything to him yet. Jimin needs a cigarette. 


"What was all that about in there?" Yoongi follows him out on to the porch, leaving the rest of them to talk about Jeongguk's case.  


"Nothing, I'm just helping Joonie hyung with his friend," he takes a drag from his cigarettes and blows out. Yoongi exaggerates his choking and Jimin doesn't help him. 


"Doesn't that put your job at risk Jimin?" he says when he's over his coughing fit. 


"Not if it's trying to prove someone's innocence," 


"But you snooping around the place, that will get you in trouble for sure," Yoongi doesn't even realise the double meaning to that statement but it makes Jimin's head buzz. 


"It'll be fine, hyung," 


"If you say so, just be careful." Yoongi's wary eyes scares Jimin a little. 


"I will, I always am," 


"What made you help with this Jeongguk guy anyway?"


"He's my friend."


"Friend? He's an inmate, you can't have friends in prison," 


"Jeongguk is different, he's innocent," Jimin takes a longer inhale this time, making sure he blows away from Yoongi. He wasn't even done with his cigarette but he was no longer in the mood for it, he throws it out.  


"Jimin? What's really going on?" Yoongi moves to stand in front of him so that he can look him in the eye. 


"Nothing, hyung, I'm just trying to help that's all," Jimin shrugs, tries to come off as casual as he can. 


"I know you, and it's not just that, there's something else," Jimin leans against the cold wall behind him. "Tell me what it is," 


"I can't." he closes his eyes and it comes out as a whisper. He doesn't know what Yoongi would say, what he would think of him if he told him everything right now. 


"Jiminie?" the concern in his eyes tears Jimin apart, makes his walls breakdown a little. It would be so easy just to tell him so that he can feel better. 


"Don't make me do this hyung, I can't do it," Jimin is on a verge of a breakdown.  


"Hey, it's okay. You're okay," Yoongi pulls him into a hug. 


"I'm so stupid, I'm ruining everything," he mumbles into Yoongi's shoulder.


"Tell me what it is, Jimin." Yoongi's voice is so soft and distressed that it cracks Jimin and he can no longer hold it in. 


"I like him hyung, a-and I've been cheating on Hyuna, with Jeongguk," the words rush out of his mouth unplanned and he doesn't know what Yoongi is going to say to him. A sob escapes him when he doesn't say anything so he thinks it's his cue to continue but Yoongi squeezes him a little bit tighter. "I want him, hyung but it's all so fucked up,"  


"Oh Jiminie," he whispers, he allows Jimin to cry into his shoulder. He feels so small, so helpless like this in Yoongi's arms.  


"Tell me that I'm wrong and I've made a big mistake," 


"Jimin, it's not your fault. You can't help who you fall for," 


"Hyung, everything is going to go wrong and it's going to be all my fault. I'm going to upset so many people,"


"We can sort this out, I'll help you through it, I'm here for you," Yoongi sighs, rubs his hand down Jimin's back. "Can I ask you something?" 


"Yeah," he mumbles, pressing his chin into his shoulder in their embrace. Yoongi pulls back so he can look at Jimin properly. 


"Are you happy when you're with him?" 


"So happy. He makes me so happy," even though Jimin is crying, he hopes that he coveys how happy Jeongguk makes him to Yoongi.  


"That's good Chim, I'm so glad. Why haven't you told Hyuna?" 


"I don't know, she'll think bad of me I know she will and I'm not ready for that yet," 


"You know that she won't get mad at you, she'll understand," 


"I'm not sure hyung, I don't want to risk it, what if she leaves me? I won't be able to take it, the kids mean everything to me," 


"Okay that's understandable, I'm so fucking glad you told me at least. How long have you been carrying around this burden for?" 


"A couple of weeks," he whispers, his cheeks flushing red from embarrassment.  


"I could tell when I saw your face, I can always tell." Yoongi sighs. "Jimin you know that I'm here for you and that I'll do anything for you no matter what. You're not alone, you're my brother Jimin I'd die for you even,"


"Hyung don't say stuff like that," his head falls into Yoongi's chest as he sniffles.  


"You need to understand how much everyone cares about you. You do so much for other people, you forget about yourself," 


"I don't I'm being selfish right now, I'm doing something that is unforgivable because I want him for myself," 


"This might sound stupid, but I'm glad you're doing this for yourself. Yes, the consequences will probably not be pretty and it's wrong that Hyuna doesn't know about this but I hope you get the happiness you deserve with Jeongguk. He must mean a lot to you if you're putting everything you've worked hard for for years on the line for him," 


"He's pretty special," Jimin smiles when he thinks of Jeongguk. 


"And here I was getting jealous of him because I thought there was something between him and Namjoon," Jimin laughs at that, Namjoon was practically Jeongguk's father, there was definitely nothing there. "Do you think Joon should know about this?" 


"I think he does because it's his friend, but I know he'll think I'm a crazy, senseless cheater and he won't let me help with the case,"  


"I can explain everything to him if you want me to, Joon isn't like that, he'll understand," 


"I don't know hyung," Namjoon is Jeongguk's friend after all, and he'll find out sooner or later but Jimin has made a connection with him that he doesn't want to ruin. He doesn't want Namjoon to think of him any different. 


"Let me tell him, it'll be okay. I think that he needs to know about this." Jimin nods his head at him. It felt like a relief now that he had told someone about this, it was eating him up inside everyday and now that he knew that he had his hyung on side to help and support him, the relief felt so pleasant. 


When they get back inside Namjoon calls Jimin to check on those reports. Hyuna walks in just in time to ask if everyone was okay for drinks, the kids had fallen asleep long ago and it wasn't weird for Hyuna to be here because they were all friends. But still, Jimin felt funny having her here. He knows that Hyuna can read him like an open book after all of the years they have spent together.  


"I just need you to confirm who the signatory is on his sentence extension reports and then we can go from there," 


"Yeah that's fine hyung," Jimin takes his place on the sofa again and Namjoon passes him a photocopy of the reports. 


"That's Jisoo, he's the senior ward officer," Hyuna seats herself next to Jimin after filling their glasses up. 


"Not for long," Seokjin says and wiggles his eyebrows at Jimin. 


"Why? Who's taking his role?" Namjoon questions. 


"Jiminie is!" 


"You are? You didn't tell me," Hyuna says, her voice quiet knowing she didn't want to cause a scene in front of their friends. 


"No! I'm- not yet, I haven't given them an answer yet I was going to turn it down." 


"That's great Jimin! You should take it for sure," Yoongi senses the rising tension. 


"I don't know yet, I haven't told anyone about it. I don't know if I can handle that kind of pressure," Jimin shakes his head and turns his attention back to the reports.  


"You'll be amazing at it Chim, you should accept it," Hyuna says, rubbing his back encouragingly. 


"We'll see, anyway Jisoo has signed it off. He's a fair officer, I don't know why he would sign this off? Seokjin hyung?" 


"Yeah he's a good guy, he doesn't seem like the type to just sign something off without getting proper reasoning for it," 


"That's definitely weird, I was hoping it was someone who was distrustful so we would have some blame, but this makes it harder for me," Namjoon is frustrated when he runs his hands through his hair. 


"I can have a look at our reports, I'll dig them out and see if there are any contradictions," Seokjin says, he has all the reports on hand. Hyuna lets him know that she's tired and so she heads to bed and says goodnight to everyone. When she leaves, Namjoon is on his case. 


"Jimin, if you take this position you can help me a hell of a lot. I'm not pressuring you into taking it, it's your choice and whether you have the capacity to do it but it will mean that we can crack this whole thing. Jeongguk can be out of there sooner than I thought," 


"Joonie hyung, I'm going to think about it and talk to Hyuna first, it's a challenging role," 


"Of course, take your time and make the right decision for you but let me know if you do decide to take it," 


"I will, I want to solve this just as much as you do hyung and it would help if it would be done sooner," Yoongi gives him a look from next to Namjoon, a reassurance that he knows he needed. 


"Thank you again for your help, both of you, I appreciate this so much and I'm sure Jeongguk will too," 


"We're glad we can help," Seokjin says. 


"If anything Jiminie, just text me," Namjoon says when he gets to the front door with his arms around Jimin. 


"I will hyung, don't worry,"


"Don't worry so much Chim, you're going to be fine," Yoongi whispers in his ear when they embrace and it brings tears to his eyes. How did he get so lucky to have such a caring and supportive hyung? When they leave, Jimin is exhausted and he has to drag himself upstairs to his bedroom. He hopes that Hyuna is asleep because he knows she will question him about the job offere. His prayes are left unanswered.   


"When were you going to tell me about the job offer?" she sits on their bed, waiting.  


"Hyuna, let's sleep?" 


"Fucking stop this right now!" Hyuna's voice raises, and she rarely ever raises her voice at Jimin. She stands when she shouts and Jimin feels so small under her gaze.  




"No Jimin. I'm fucking sick and tired of this, of you not telling me things. I'm your wife whether you fucking like it or not so fucking treat me like it," 


"I'm sorry for not telling you, I really fucking am. I only got told yesterday and when I got home you were telling me you were tired of everything, how fucking inconsiderate would it have been for me to tell you that I would be at work for longer?" his voice matches her volume level but Jimin knew this was coming. It was only a matter of time before shit exploded.  


"Well be fucking selfish for once and take the job if you want it, don't make this about me, don't put the blame on me Jimin," she deflates and walks to stand in front of Jimin, her hand cupping his face as the fight begins to dissipate from her body. "Do something for yourself, if you want to take the role then do it." her fingers gently stroke his face, her voice now a lot more gentle. "What are you not telling me, Chim?" the words mirror Yoongi's from earlier as she looks into his eyes. There's not a chance that she doesn't see the fear, pain and anguish in his eyes. 


"Stop." he pushes her hands away and turns away from her so that she can't look into his eyes anymore. 


"Jimin, please. Why won't you tell me?" she pleads but Jimin can't tell her, it will ruin things for the both of them. 


"It's n-nothing, it doesn't concern you," 


"It concerns me if it's affecting you Jimin, of course it does!" 


"Why won't you just drop it?" 


"You're hurting, I don't want to see you hurting honey, please talk to me," her hands grab Jimin's and she gently pulls him towards her so she can look at his face again, concern and worry evident in her expression.  


"I'm not hurting, and I'm not a fragile case where I can't go through shit sometimes, it's nothing." 


"What is it that's so bad that you can't tell me?" 


"It's nothing bad!" 


"Then why won't you tell me?!" 


"I don't want to tell you anything, fucking drop it!" 


"You have to work with me Jimin, you said it yourself, we're in this together," 


"Hyuna, I'm not asking you again, stop it right now."  


"Fuck you, Jimin. Do you know how hard I try with you?"


"Well no one is fucking asking you to try with me, just leave me alone," 


"If you want me to leave you alone so much why don't you just divorce me?" Jimin could hear the tremble in her voice and he was shocked that the words had dared to even leave her mouth. They had never ever used the word divorce in their marriage so far, so her words had knocked the wind out of Jimin. If they divorced right now, he would lose his bestfriend and she would get their kids and Jimin doesn't know if he could live with that. 


"Hyuna no," he lets out a choked out sob, his voice a mere whisper and the pain evident in his voice. 


"Don't even dare to say my name like that, I'm done trying with you when I receive nothing back," she spits at him.  


"Papa," it was Minwoo standing in the doorframe, his lip trembling as he fidgeted with his hands. 


"Hey buddy, let's go back to sleep okay." Jimin's expression and tone changes in an instant, and he kneels to pick Minwoo up.  


"I'm leaving." she states and grabs her phone. 


"What? No, let me just-" Jimin tries to stop her, she can't leave him hanging just like that when she had used the word divorce.


"Give me Minwoo, I'm taking them with me," 


"Like fuck you are, you can't take my kids away from me," Jimin's defences are up in an instant. When it concerned his kids, he would fight till death for them. 


"Our kids, Jimin. Come on Min-min, let's go?" 


"Where we going papa?" Jimin's jaw clenches as he tries to hold in his anger. 


"Papa is staying here, let's go," she reaches out for him and if Minwoo willingly goes to Hyuna he will let him, but Jimin's grip on Minwoo gets tighter, he doesn't want him to go with her. Minwoo doesn't reach out for her but instead he burrows his face into Jimin's neck, he sighs in relief. 


"Hyuna, please just be logical about this. Let's talk properly about it, don't leave." he tries one more time, but he can see the hurt in her eyes because Minwoo hadn't gone to her. He didn't want her to leave.


"I just- I need some time alone right now Jimin, to think. Let me have it," she squeezes her eyes shut, trying to blink away tears. 


"Okay." he whispers as he finally gives in and steps away from the doorway with Minwoo in his arms. He watches her leave, without the kids and it makes Jimin worry so much. What if she doesn't ever come back, Jimin doesn't know what he would do without her. He knows where she'll go so he shoots a quick text briefly explaining the situation to Yoongi, she'll go to him like they both always have done when things go wrong. 


"Come on, Min, sleep with papa today okay?" he puts him down into his bed then he goes to get a sleeping Jiwoo from her room, he will not sleep without his kids today. 


"Hey, don't cry, Papa is here you're okay," when Jimin gets back into his room, Minwoo is rubbing the tears out of his eyes. He pulls him into his arms immediately to cradle and console him. He feels bad that he got caught in the corssfire between their argument and he tries his best to make him feel better. 


"Where's Mama?" his voice trembles and it pulls at Jimin's heartstrings.


"She'll be back tomorrow okay? Sleep now, you have playschool tomorrow, right?" he says, smiling at him fondly as he tries to distract him from his thoughts.  


"Papa will drop me?" he asks, ever so sweet as he usually is. 


"Of course I will, I'm always going to be here, Minwoo," he presses a kiss against his forehead and tucks both of them into his side. He waits until their breaths are steady as he quietly hums under his breath for them both.


Sleep doesn't come for a long while as he blinks his way through the lonely, quiet night. The night makes him too honest with himself, the thoughts that cloud his mind are too honest than he has been with himself. But maybe he needed this, maybe the confrontation with Yoongi and Hyuna is what he needed to finally be honest with himself. His life is a mess and no one but him can make it right, he needs to be his own saviour and he needs to stop being scared of what others want instead of himself and the people that care about him. He sits up, cuddling his children whilst they sleep as he watches the sun come up. It lights a fire in his heart but he wishes Jeongguk were here to watch it with him, he knew it was one of his favourite things to do. He internally chastises himself for thinking of Jeongguk but he couldn't help it. Like Yoongi had said, it wasn't his fault who he fell for. Life worked in mysterious way and Jimin was scared for his future, what this all could mean for him. He calls in sick at work, something he hasn't done to this day in his life. He just needs to slow it down, think things through and free his mind, even just for a few moments. 




"I didn't mean it Yoongi, it just came out and he looked so scared but I just wanted to see if it would affect him you know?" Hyuna is curled up in the single armchair that Yoongi normally sits in but Namjoon and him were occupying the bigger sofa when she had arrived unannounced. Jimin's text came through a few minutes before she had come and Yoongi was thankful for it because him and Namjoon weren't very decently dressed. Yoongi gives her a soft smile, pity must be evident on his face as he stares at her curled up frame, a blanket wrapped around her.  


"You shouldn't throw a divorce around like that, especially if it's something you have never ever spoken about previously," Yoongi leans back into his worn-out sofa.  


"I know, I just wanted a reaction out of him, wanted to get something from him because he's so fucking robotic, living just because he has to," Hyuna sighs, a lone tear escapes her eyes. "I want him to be himself again, He's so fucking unhappy with his life, I don't want to be the cause of that unhappiness so what do I do?" 


"Hyuna... you know, right?" Yoongi knows that she knows, he just also knows that she doesn't want to admit it. Namjoon looks a little uncomfortable to still be sat there, but when he makes a move to leave, Yoongi shoots him a warning look. "Please don't make me be the one to tell you," 


"I know," she nods. "Our relationship got worse when he started working at the prison," 


"He told me that Jeongguk makes him happy," Namjoon looks up at this, confusion settling in his eyes. 


"Why didn't he just tell me?" 


"He was so scared, that you'd leave him. That you'd take the kids and you'd leave him, you know he wouldn't be able to handle that, he loves them so much,"


"I know, I would never do that really because they love him too but it was just the heat of the moment, I couldn't handle it. We told each other everything, he told me everything even after we got married. He wouldn't hide anything from me and this hurts," 


"It was eating him up inside for weeks Hyuna, and he only told me today," Yoongi sighs. "You have to know how hard it is for him, to have something with someone that's an inmate in state prison isn't something ordinary," 


"I know that, I wish he would tell me because I'm not against him. I'm his bestfriend," 


"Let him tell you when he's ready, he's just scared," Yoongi holds her hand, he doesn't know if it helps but he tries. He was in such a predicament when both of his bestfriends came to him with problems that they had with each other. 


"Wait, wait a minute," Namjoon stops them, the shock dissipating and realisation finally settling in. "Jimin is with Jeongguk? And you're okay with that?" 


"Our relationship was never real to begin with Namjoon, we were forced into our marriage," 


"So you're okay with him cheating on you like that?" 


"It hurts that he's cheating but is it counted as cheating when we weren't romantically together in the first place?"


"It's cheating, Hyuna and that's unacceptable, so it's okay to be hurt by it," Yoongi says, forcefully. He doesn't want her to think that her feelings are invalid or not important, because they were just as important as Jimin's feelings.  


"I'm just hurt that he didn't tell me, I wouldn't leave him." she says more to herself than them.   


"But you have kids! You're still legally married-" Namjoon starts. 


"It was forced upon us by our parents, and Jimin doesn't like to disappoint and neither do I. We both agreed to live our lives together like that," 


"Shit, that- this is all messed up," they sit in silence for a while whilst it processes in Namjoon's head. "I suspected it because Jeongguk- fuck I don't know whether I should even be telling you this," 


"Tell me," Yoongi coaxes, a hand on his arm. 


"Jeongguk talked about Jimin in ways that were suspicious to me, he's very fond of Jimin I know that much,"


"I'm glad, I'm happy for him if he finds his happiness with Jeongguk," she smiles, fondly and staring at nothing in particular. "That might sound weird to you, but me and Jimin just wanted each other to be happy and if that means he finds happiness with someone else then that makes me happy. I just- I don't know I don't want this to be a fling of some sort, I just don't want it to be the excitement of liking someone that gets to Jimin,"


"I don't think Jimin will mess around like that, there could have been many times where he could have explored other possibilities. He wouldn't risk changing his whole life for this one person if they were just messing around. Do you think Jeongguk is messing him around Namjoon?" 


"I don't know what goes on in that prison to give you an answer that I firmly believe in, but I know Jeongguk and he wouldn't do something like that either, he wouldn't play with someone's feelings like that, he likes Jimin just as much I think," Namjoon agrees, and peace settles into Yoongi's heart. He doesn't think Jimin would be able to take it if Jeongguk was messing him around, he can't wait to meet this Jeongguk. He'll ask Namjoon if he can go with him next time so he can see for himself what was so special about him. 


"I guess you're right, Jimin would never do something like this unless that person meant something to him. I'm happy he's doing this one thing for himself, I want it to work out for him, in the long term,"   


"I thought you loved him?" Namjoon's voice is quiet, he's unsure whether it was the right thing to say.  


"I do love him, he's my best friend. But we both know that this wasn't meant to be for us, this wasn't the life we were supposed to live, I just don't know what to do anymore and I don't know where that would leave me and our children," 


"I think I have an idea," Yoongi says and Namjoon clasps his hand in his as a sign of his support. 

Chapter Text

Jimin has had the whole day off and it has been refreshing for him. A breath of fresh air. Something that he needed to occupy his mind and take a break from the chaotic thoughts that he would usually have running around in his mind. He had sorted the kids out for the day and dropped Minwoo to playschool and was engrossed in making Jiwoo laugh and play for the rest of the day. He loved his kids, and he would never see this as a chore or something he had to do, he enjoyed taking care of them because he wanted to but he still understood why Hyuna could get tired. Hyuna still wasn't back at home but Yoongi had assured him that she was okay. Jimin still felt like shit regardless. It was the afternoon by the time she came round.  


"Hey," he heard from behind him, arms slipping around his waist. He was waiting outside of Minwoo's playschool with Jiwoo in her pushchair ready to collect him from his busy day. He was startled but he could recognise her voice anywhere. "I'm sorry, Chim." she presses the words into his back as the children start to come out, rushing into their parents arms. 


"It's not you, it's me." it sounds so cliche but it was something that had to be said. Jimin never wanted Hyuna to blame herself for any of this and he wants her to know that none of what happens is because of her. His aching heart gets some relief when she links their arms together and stands beside him, her head automatically leaning into his shoulder. 


"I love you," she whispers, the wind carrying the words into the air, her hand squeezing his in affirmation. The time away from everything had seemed to calm her down and she was back to her usual lovely self. Jimin was relieved and made a mental note to speak to Yoongi later and thank him for whatever he did for her. For giving her a piece of mind.   


"Love you too," the watery words get tangled in her hair, a small press of the lips against her head as a testament to the statement. There was still a lot of things to discuss and talk about but right now wasn't the time, not when Minwoo was bounding over to them with such a happy smile on his face when he saw that Jimin had kept his promise of picking him up from playschool. "Can we not fight in front of him ever again, he was so upset last night," she nods in understanding at him.  


"Papa!" Jimin leaves the pushchair in Hyuna's hands so that he can open his arms wide enough for Minwoo to jump into them. 


"I promised him we would go to the park for a little while," he looks questioningly at Hyuna and Minwoo looks at her with pleading eyes. 


"Sure, let's go?" Minwoo cheers in victory and they make their way down to the park near their house. Jimin can't remember the last time they had done something like this as a family and his heart hurts knowing he was the reason behind it. It felt good to just be out like this with them, Minwoo's excitement made Jimin feel down with a heavy heart. His son was so excited for his dad to be joining them, it was such a shame that this couldn't happen more often. 


"You look sad," Hyuna nudges his arm as they sit on the park bench and watch Minwoo on the slides, Jiwoo sleeping peacefully in her pushchair. 


"Always sad," he mumbles. 


"Are you crying?" Hyuna knows what happens when she asks this question and he hates her for it. 


"No." he turns his face away from her and he can hear her chuckling at him. 


"Oh, Jimin," her arms secures itself around his waist as a form of comfort and Jimin lets his tears fall. "What a big baby," she mumbles quietly but just loud enough for Jimin to hear it. 


"I'm sorry, Hyuna." he sighs. "For everything," he shakes his head, sick of saying the same words to her over and over. 


"I know you are," she rubs his back and they are left in a momentary silence, enough time for the words to swim in the air and then slowly start to settle into their pores. "You'll be okay, you know?" 


"You think so?" Jimin hopes he will. 


"I know so." she smiles at him and Jimin feels a hundred weights lifted off of his chest. He smiles back at her genuinely this time. 


When Jimin rings into work the next day, Jisoo tells him to just take the rest of the week off and come back in fresh Monday morning and he couldn't be more grateful for the time off. He spends it religiously with his children, making sure they get to do all the things they wanted to do. Hyuna watches from the sidelines, not getting involved with them but she had expressed her gratitude at taking a step back and letting Jimin take control over everything for a while. She had time to revise for her upcoming exams and to see her parents as well as Jimin's and she was grateful for it. Yoongi and Namjoon had also dropped by a few times to spend some time with him and he was better, he felt better. 


As much as Jimin enjoyed being at home with all of them, he missed being at the prison. Well, not being at the prison per se, he just missed one person. Jimin had given him no warning as to where he would be and he knows that Jeongguk would be worrying for him but a small part of him still nagged at him that Jeongguk wouldn't care at all. He knew that was ridiculous but he couldn't help but think it anyway. He wonders if Jeongguk is okay, what he would be doing and if he thought of Jimin at all, it was making Jimin restless. What if Taehyung had got his hands on him again and what if he needed Jimin? Jimin had to physically force himself to rid his mind of these thoughts and focus on his own home for the time being. He needed this. 


The prison had suffocated him so much, with the fear of him and Jeongguk being caught and with Taehyung watching his every move that it felt almost liberating to not be there at all. The only thing he was missing was Jeongguk, his small smiles reserved for Jimin that makes his eyes glimmer that would get Jimin through the day and his gentle touches that appease his tumultuous soul on days where he feels like he can't breathe. He misses Jeongguk and he's petrified. Petrified at the fact that he is risking everything in his life for this one boy, the boy that has turned his world upside down and made him feel wanted like no one has before. Jimin thinks long and hard about it all for the next few days and doesn't know what to do next, but he knows that this can't carry on for any longer. This thing with Jeongguk, he can't do it and he won't do it whilst he's in prison either. The decision he has to make is easy and his mind is made up, but why is it so difficult for Jimin to accept it? He doesn't know if he will have the willpower to be able to carry it through. He can only hope he does.     


By the time the next week comes around, he feels at peace and ready to face the turmoil of the prison. He can only thank his children and Hyuna for the tranquility settled in his bones before he leaves for work on Monday morning. He just has to remind himself to stay away from Jeongguk, he can't let him get to Jimin's plan that he has in place for Jeongguk's freedom. The determination is set into his head and Jimin is nothing if not strong-willed. Nothing will come in his way. Seokjin grabs him as soon as he has made his way through the front doors.

"Jiminie, how are you? Let me see you." he grabs Jimin by his shoulders as his eyes roam across his body. 


"I'm fine, there's nothing wrong with me I just wanted some time off," Jimin whispers so no one else could hear. 

"You stupid shit, you made Hoseok worry for no reason he was ready to come round with a pot of soup," Seokjin hits Jimin on his chest and it makes Jimin laugh. 


"Hoseok hyung is the best person," Jimin smiles at him cheekily. 


"I. Know." Seokjin rolls his eyes and moves towards his desk again to get back to work. "Hey listen, I was trying to find those reports that Namjoon wanted and it's so weird but they're gone,"

"What do you mean gone?"

"We've got every single file for prison extensions for everyone, except Jeongguk's. His aren't in here," 


"Where the fuck are they then?" Seokjin shrugs his shoulders at him.


"The only other place they could be is with Jisoo or the chief which they shouldn't be or they're in the bin, isn't that too suspicious?" 

"Fuck, that's not good. That's not good at all." 

"There's definitely something dodgy going on there, why are only his reports are missing?" 

"It seems very suspicious" 

"Means you might have to do a little bit of snooping" 

"Looks that way, I'll see what I can do by the end of today." Jimin promises. He needs to find these reports to prove Jeongguk's prison extensions were unjust, it's the only way whoever was messing with Jeongguk could get caught. Someone was trying damn hard not to get caught, but Jimin was good at this. Maybe a little bit too good. 

For most of the day, Jimin had a lot of paperwork to catch up with so it was easy trying to avoid Jeongguk, he hadn't seen him at all and his plan was working so far. Regardless, his heart yearned to see just a glimpse of him but Jimin was a weak man, and his resolve would melt at the sight of him. No Jeongguk meant that his mind was clear, free of any distractions to try and get what he needed to get done today and he needed to get a lot done. When Jisoo asks Jimin to cover the inspection for him over dinnertime, he already knows it's going to go horribly wrong. He almost wants to kick Jisoo because everything so far was working in Jimin's favour and he didn't want to get distracted now when he was so close to the end of the day. He only had to keep it up for a couple more days at most.  

When he enters the canteen, his eyes lock on to Jeongguk's immediately like he was just waiting for Jimin to come in and he sways from how unusually bright his eyes were today from seeing Jimin. It knocks him breathless. Jimin realises how much he truly missed him, it hadn't even been a few seconds and his resolve was already crumbling. He doesn't return the smile Jeongguk gives him, his usual stare set into his face as he stands there inspecting. He avoids Jeongguk's eyes for the rest of the time which proved his willingness to his plan and he was proud of himself. But of course, things were never meant to go his way. He made sure he was the last to leave to ensure he wouldn't bump into Jeongguk so he was positively surprised when he was walking through the hallway and a hand grabbed him, pulled him into a storage room a few steps away from his office. 

"Where the fuck have you been?" he was crushed against Jeongguk's chest, his arms wrapped tight around him and Jimin's heart expands and he so badly wants to lean in, kiss Jeongguk senseless to show him how much he missed him but he can't. He stands frozen in Jeongguk's arms and he's selfish enough to wait for Jeongguk to realise Jimin is not touching him.  

"Hands off me inmate," he pushes Jeongguk back with a hand to his chest and it pains him to do it. 

"What? What are you-" the hurt settles in his eyes and Jimin wants nothing more than to pull him in and apologise profusely. 

"Please don't touch me again like that or else I'll have to report you," his voice chokes on his own words and he knows Jeongguk can hear the tremble in his voice. 


"Jimin why are you saying that? Did someone say something, does someone know?" he panics and grabs Jimin's hand. 


"Jeongguk, stop. This needs to stop, right now." he tugs at his hand once, but Jeongguk doesn't let it go, he only clasps it tighter in his. 


"Is it because of that day with Taehyung, I'll say no- I'll tell him no from now on, just please don't do this-" 

"I said stop." he really didn't want it to come to this, but he had no other choice. "I don't want to do this anymore, please keep our relationship strictly professional from now," Jeongguk's hand falls away from his and it hurts Jimin more than he expected. 

"Why? I'm sorry-" Jimin wants to refuse, tell him he's sorry and that it's not his fault. 

"Enough. I need to go." he turns away from Jeongguk so he has to no longer stare into his anguish ridden eyes. 


"Tell me why at least, is it me? I'm not good enough, is that it? You were just messing around, right?" he steps closer to Jimin, enough so that he can feel the words against  the back of his neck. 


"Whatever we did, it was never me messing you around. I'm not that kind of person Jeongguk," 


"Then tell me Jimin, why are you leaving me? You said you weren't going to leave me and I-I need you, fuck, what am I going to do?" his hands come around his waist, his forehead pressed against Jimin's nape.  

"I have to go." the tears spill out of Jimin's eyes and he hopes Jeongguk doesn't know.  

"Hyung, please." Jeongguk is crying and Jimin leaves. Leaves him in that state knowing full well that Jeongguk has a delicate heart and Jimin had just ruptured it. It was for the best, Jimin knew what he had to do now to save Jeongguk and he was going to accomplish his plan. Jeongguk just didn't know what lengths Jimin was going to, to save him.



The first place Jimin looks for the missing reports is the Chief's office, they could have just got lost in the mountain of paperwork on his desk. The chief was off on holiday so it was easy getting into his office with the emergency key, he just had to make sure he arranged the sheets of paper on his desk just how he had left them. He checked all unlocked drawers and he came out empty handed and disappointed because he was adamant he would find them in there. The next place is Jisoo's desk, he was in a staff nightly meeting with other officers for the handover shifts and all drawers were unlocked, this was the only time he would have access to his drawers. Jimin worked fast trying to sort through the mounds of papers in each drawer, anything with a flash of Jeongguk's name on it. It wasn't until he was in the middle of the last drawer that he had hit the jackpot. All the reports were there, all three of them with Jeongguk's name clearly stated on them and Jisoo had signed them all off too. It was extremely unusual that Jisoo had signed these off , let alone have them hidden in his desk, too. 


"What are you still doing here?" Jisoo was walking into the room and Jimin didn't know whether to confront him now or converse with Namjoon first. He stuffs the reports in his bag and forces himself to have patience. This could turn out to be worse than he thought.  


"Just packing away, I'm leaving now," he starts to pack his things away, hoping he didn't see the reports in his hands. 

"Okay, have you had any more thoughts on that offer yet?" 


"Actually, I think I want to take it." Jimin's doesn't think before he says it, especially with Jeongguk's freedom clouding his mind. All he knows is that he needs to get Jeongguk out of here, and fast. 

"Yeah?" Jimin could tell he was surprised, Jimin hadn't shown that much interest in the position until now. 

"Yeah, I'd like to move up the ranks and this is the best way to do it, you said it yourself," 


"Good man, I'll sort everything out tomorrow for you,"


"Sounds great, I'll see you tomorrow?" 


"See you tomorrow, have a good night!"


As soon as he's out of there, he is on the phone to Namjoon. 


"I don't know why they were in his desk, I'm trying to figure it out myself," Jimin runs his hand through his hair in agitation. "Jisoo isn't the type to be unjust, he plays fair," 


"Could you drop by my office on the way home and then we can discuss this properly? I want to see these reports."


"Sure, I'll be there in five minutes," Jimin makes his way to Namjoon's office, and he's waiting for him when he gets there. He looks like he hasn't left this place in days, his clothes are dishevelled, there a dark bags under his eyes and he can see the worrying number of coffee cups on his desk. 


"Hey Joonie hyung, I bought food just in case, looks like it's a good job I did," 


"Thanks angel fairy Jimin," Jimin startles at his choice of words, blames it on the lack of sleep Namjoon has had. He waits till Namjoon is digging in before he brings the reports out, his eyes scanning it over repeatedly. 


"These look forged," he says after moments of contemplation. 


"What do you mean?" 


"I know every incident in which Jeongguk was involved in, and none of them were because of him, he was always just caught in the middle of them but this report says he was the cause of the incidents and that's not correct. It doesn't correspond to the reports that I have," Namjoon sighs and puts his chopsticks down. "Look at this here," Namjoon shows Jimin where Jeongguk's name was written and the handwriting was a little shaky. "It looks like the name has been covered and Jeongguk's name is written on top of it in completely different writing to this Jisoo guy." it clicks in his mind and that's why Jeongguk's sentences have been increased by more than they should have been. These reports were someone else's and Jeongguk's name had been falsely plastered on to it. 


"Someone is setting him up," 


"Damn right they are and we need to find out who it is," 


"This still doesn't explain why they were found in Jisoo's desk, why would he hide them if he knew the reports were tampered with?" 


"That's the exact reason why he's hiding them, this officer knows something I'm sure of it," Namjoon sighs and he looks at his food with disgust this time. "Do you know who Kim Taehyung is? I don't even know why I'm asking, of course you do," Namjoon shakes his head, a laugh forcing its way out of his throat. 


"It's him?" Jimin is no longer surprised at the mention of his name. Of course he would have something to do with this. 

"No- I don't know, it's a possibility," Namjoon looks at him funny. "Stay away from him Jimin, he's bad news." 


"I know, hyung. Don't worry, I'm well aware of him," 

"He was the gang leader, you know the gang Jeongguk got involved with? I found out today that he was the leader of it," 

"You mean Jeongguk knew him before he went to prison?" 

"It's not certain, Jeongguk was just a minor compared to him it's unlikely they would have crossed paths," 


"Why is he so obsessed with Jeongguk?" 


"Jeongguk was good at what he did, they want him but they know he won't comply with them anymore," Namjoon lets it settle before he speaks again. "I have a theory." 


"I don't think they've met before prison but Minho, Jeongguk's boss at the time, had told Taehyung about Jeongguk and how good he was and now he wants him. He wants him locked down and in place where he can keep his eyes on him and he's keeping him there until he seals a deal with Jeongguk to continue to stay in the gang," 


"Hyung, you need to speak to Jeongguk about this," 

"Jeongguk will be no help to me, he's stubborn and he won't tell me a word exchanged between the two of them for my own protection. He doesn't want me to know he's struggling in there, he doesn't want me to worry about him. If only the idiot knew that I'm going crazy worrying about him in there every night," 


"Namjoon they have some sort of agreement. Him and Taehyung and I don't know what the agreement is but Jeongguk has to do vile and disgusting things to him it can't carry on like this, we need to stop it" 

"I fucking knew it," Namjoon slams his fist down on the table in anger. "That fucking prick, he's following me around and using Jeongguk like that, I'm going to kill him," 


"What do you mean following you around?" 

"Don't tell Yoongi hyung," 

"Hyung, why didn't you say something?" 

"They've just been keeping watch of me, everytime I go home someone's there watching me, I hate going home." 

"Is that why you don't let Yoongi come to yours?" 


"He's upset about that, isn't he?" 

"He is but he doesn't know, he would understand if he did." 

"I can't let them take someone else I love away from me, I don't want them to know about him, not at all. I wouldn't be able to handle it," 


"Hyung, I'm so sorry." 

"Jiminie, listen to me when I say this, don't provoke Taehyung. For yours and Jeongguk's safety don't do anything to him just yet, and please don't let him find out about yours and Jeongguk's relationship either. It won't go down well," 

"You know?" Jimin's breath catches in his throat, he didn't think Yoongi had told him yet and his heart beats faster. 


"I know and it's okay. Jimin, I've never seen Jeongguk's eyes light up the way they do when he talks about you. He might try to hide his feelings from me but when he talks about you his face is full of expression and I can read him so easily, I can tell when he's hurting and when he's happy. You make him happy, Jimin." Jimin's heart aches at the connotations because just a while ago Jimin was pushing Jeongguk away from him, he had hurt him. Jimin is speechless, he doesn't know what to say to Namjoon. "I'm indebted to you with how many favours you're doing for me but can I ask for one more?" 

"Anything Joonie," 


"Please look after him in there, he's only small and I worry about him so much. I miss him, Jimin and I need him to be safe," 

"I promise that I'll try my best for him, I'll protect him." Jimin promises with a ferocity that relieves Namjoon.   


"I know that you will thank you." Namjoon grabs his hand in gratitude. 

"What do you want me to do about these reports?" 

"Confront Jisoo. I want to know what he says and you might find out some valuable information from him but make sure to remind him that his job is on the line for this, that'll get you to the truth of things." Jimin nods his head willingly at Namjoon, with a plan setting in place Jimin will get to the bottom of this. 

"I've accepted that position, hyung." his voice is quiet, he still can't believe he had accepted the job role. 


"You have? That's great Jimin, you have the authority to get to a lot of things for me that'll help," 

"We'll get Jeongguk out of there, we'll do this." 


"With you on board, it's going to be quicker than I thought it would be," 

"I hope so." 




The next day, Jimin has determination set into his mind, as soon as he sees Jisoo alone he will confront him about these damn reports. There were many possibilities running through his mind as to why and who was setting Jeongguk up, but Jimin knew there was only one person it could be. He just wanted clear confirmation.


When he finishes his inspection rounds for the morning, he takes a quick smoke break outside. Just before he lights his cigarette he hears a sneeze from behind the shed and finds Jeongguk leaning against it, drawing something on a bit of scrap paper. Jimin doesn't makes his presence known just yet, he just watches him for a minute whilst he concentrates, his tongue stuck out of his mouth a little and his eyes wide. Jimin clears his throat and remembers what Namjoon asked of him. 

"Hey," he says, his voice automatically going into the soft tone he always uses with Jeongguk. When Jeongguk looks up, his expression immediately hardens and he doesn't respond. "What are you doing out here?"    

"Fuck you, Jimin." he spits. Then he stands up, brushes his knees off and stares at Jimin. 


"You can't be out here," Jimin stays calm, he knows what Jeongguk is doing. He's trying to rile him up because he's scared and hurt. 


"Why? I can only be out here when I'm sucking your dick?" 


"You never sucke- do you know what? Never mind, stay there for all I fucking care," 


"You didn't care." Jimin ignores that and turns to go back to the other side so he can smoke in peace. Jeongguk grabs him around the collar before he can move any further and his lips are pressed against his roughly in a second. Jeongguk kisses him filthy and wet, trying to take in Jimin as much as he can.  "You don't care and I fucking miss you, like the stupid idiot that I am," he pushes Jimin back against the shed and walks, no stomps off, leaving Jimin dazed and confused at what the fuck just happened. Jeongguk has every right to be angry, he just didn't think that was the way he would express his anger. Jeongguk was sad and it was all Jimin's fault. 

"Just a little longer Guk," he whispers to himself. Just a little while left before they can be together again, with no watchful eyes. He completely misses Taehyung watching from the window inside, he had seen everything. Jimin continues like nothing had happened and smokes his cigarette. 



It's only lunchtime when he finally gets a chance alone with Jisoo, but he still hesitates because Jisoo is a good officer and he doesn't want to believe that he has any involvement in this. 


"Hey, can I talk to you for a second?" Jimin packs away his lunch that he had just finished and digs around in his bag for the photocopies of the reports. He had left the originals with Namjoon for further inspection and evidence.  


"Jimin! I was just going to ask you the same. We've sorted out all the paperwork, you just need to sign them and then you'll be in your new position from tomorrow." he starts to look for the contract on his desk for Jimin to sign, but he couldn't care less about that right now. 


"That's great. I actually wanted to talk to you about something else," 


"Yeah go ahead," he stops what he's doing and turns his attention back to Jimin. 


"Just please be honest with me, okay?" Jimin is scared at what he will find out, he's hesitant and he doesn't want to believe that Jisoo could potentially be the bad guy in this situation. 


"What is it?" his eyebrows furrow at Jimin's seriousness and he's all ears. 


"I was sorting through some of your paperwork and I found these reports in your desk, why were they in there?" Jisoo's eyes bulge when he looks at what they are and he quickly looks around to see if anyone was watching them and then he grabs the papers out of his hands. 


"What the fuck? Where did you find these?" his voice is panicked and Jimin's heart sinks, he wanted to believe that Jisoo was a fair officer just like himself.  


"They were in your desk. Why?" Jimin takes to a cold tone now to ensure he gets the truth from him. He almost moves into interrogation mode and it feels weird to be using it with a fellow officer. 


"Fuck Jimin, no one is supposed to find these." 


"But I did, now tell me." 


"Why were you going through my shit?" Jisoo looks annoyed, but of course he would be because he had just been caught out. 


"Answer my question." 


"I can't fucking tell you, Jimin." he sits down in his chair, frustrated as hell as Jimin watches his shoulders slump. 


"Fine. Chief will have a field day with the real reports, those are photocopies I've got the real ones with me." he points to the papers in Jisoo's hands. 


"Fuck you." he spits, and scrunches the papers in his hand and throws them at nothing in particular. It wasn't the first time someone told him that today. Jimin's thoughts go back to Jeongguk just for a second, he's doing all of this for him.  


"You wouldn't do something like that, so why were they in your desk?" Jimin starts to say, he doesn't know how to approach this situation. He doesn't know what he can say to make Jisoo confess the truth.  


"Just because we've trusted you with this new job role, you think you can call me out like that?" Jisoo turns on him in anger and he needs to stay calm. 


"That's not what I'm doing, I just need to know. Who told you to do this?" 


"You really fucking do have some sort of soft spot for this guy, don't you?" Jimin won't let any of these words affect the initial outcome, he needs to get to the bottom of this and as soon as possible. He doesn't have time to lose, and he can't let this go on for days. Jimin needs to know now.  


"Jisoo, just tell me." 


"I fucking can't. He'll- fuck just drop it, please." Jimin senses that he's getting closer to the truth. He just needs to prod a little more.  


"If you don't give me an explanation then I'm going to have to go to Chief, I don't have any other choice" 


"He'll kill my family and then he'll torture me." his voice trembles and Jimin sympathises. Nothing is worse than someone threatening to hurt your family. 


"Who will?" 


"You fucking know who." and Jimin does. He didn't expect it to be anyone else. 


"Why did he tell you to do that?" Jisoo sighs and he collapses back into his chair. He looks just as tired as everyone else around Jimin.  


"He has some sort of control over Jeongguk, I just had to do it, please you can't say anything about this. He'll kill all of them and I can't-" 


"Hey, it's fine. I'm not going to tell anyone." Jimin says, his heart softening. He knew Jisoo wouldn't do this out of his own will, there was something more to all of this. If he were in the same position, he would do the same thing. Jisoo was just trying to protect his family but this made it so much harder for Jimin to do anything about the false reports. He couldn't prove Jeongguk's innocence when there were so many lives at risk here, including himself. "I just needed to know." he puts his hand on his shoulder to comfort him, he didn't know that it would be this bad. Kim Taehyung had every single person wrapped around his finger, even those he hadn't even met. A shiver rattles his body as he thinks of the consequences of that, what if it's his family next?  


"He's a bastard." 


"Oh trust me, I know." 


Fuck Kim Taehyung. 




When he tells Namjoon that night, their conversation comes to a dead end. They couldn't frame Jisoo for it because his family were at risk, just like Namjoon was. Jimin was sure that Jisoo and his family were being watched too and that's why he had been so fearful. 


"Hyung? Why am I not being watched?" 


"What do you mean?" 


"Not that I want to be watched, but Taehyung hates my guts and I've been a dick to him this whole time, ever since I started working there. Isn't it weird that there's no one watching me?" 


"Maybe you're just not that important to him," Namjoon chuckles.  


"Yeah, I guess not." It should reassure Jimin but only makes him more anxious. He has had his eyes peeled for anyone watching him or his house and there has been no one suspicious. Maybe Taehyung did have a weakness?


"Actually, what I don't understand is why you're being watched. If Taehyung has Jeongguk under his watchful eye then why does he need to keep an eye on you?" 


"It's just another threat to Jeongguk just in case he slips up, I don't really know. Jeongguk doesn't even know they're watching me, he'd do something stupid if he knew." 


"You both just need to talk to each other, things will get a lot easier that way." they contemplate in silence for a while, Namjoon thinking about revealing things to Jeongguk and Jimin thinking about how his life could get this messy.  


"Hey, Jimin? I think I have a plan." Namjoon says after a while and Jimin is enlightened with a plan that could sort this whole mess out for them. They just had to be patient and clever. Clever enough to outdo Kim Taehyung.   




"He just got to me, I let him get to me Jimin." 


"We can protect you and your family," they talk in hushed whispers at lunch so that no one else hears them. 


"He'll know, he knows everything and he'll make me suffer. He won't kill me, he'll make sure I suffer. You don't know how bad he can get" 


"I think I have an idea. What sort of control does he have over Jeongguk?" 


"Jeongguk knows things and he can't let Jeongguk run his mouth, so he's got eyes on his friend or something. Taehyung threatens him, if he doesn't do certain things then he'll torture his friend," 


"Do you know about the sexual abuse?" 


"I know but I can't do anything about it Jimin, he runs this place, nothing would happen to him anyway even if I did." he tries to justify himself but Jimin knows what it's like. To be in that position where you know it's happening, when it was happening right in front of your eyes but you could do nothing but watch it happen. It's the only thing you can do to prevent it from getting worse, Jimin understood exactly what Jisoo meant. That didn't stop or reduce the guilt, however, not even by an ounce.  


"How can one person run this place like that, I don't understand" 


"I respect your bravery, Jimin I really do. But you really have to be fucking careful, you can't let him get to you. Taehyung is manipulative, he gets into your head and messes with you" 


"I can handle it." Jimin tells him, but he's not so sure of it himself. 


"What's between you and Jeongguk?" 


"What do you mean?" Jimin always gets defensive when asked about Jeongguk but he needs to learn to not get so worked up. 


"Why are you helping him so much?" Jimin contemplates his answer, he trusts Jisoo. But still not enough to tell him about him and Jeongguk. 


"His friend, the one they're keeping an eye on? He's my friend and I told him I would help prove his innocence, Jeongguk is innocent."


"He's innocent but that doesn't make him stupid, Jeongguk knows exactly what he's doing, he knows Taehyung's mind. I don't think you need to worry about him." 


Just then, the hallways break out into a commotion and he can hear loud cheers and shouting, they both leave their lunches abandoned and run out to see what was going on. Jimin claws his way through the crowds to get to the cause of the commotion. Jimin clearly was not ready for what he was about to see. Jeongguk was on the floor taking hits from a big, burly guy who had straddled his waist and delivering punch after punch to his face. Jimin only saw red, from the blood that was everywhere and the anger burning in his veins. The sound from everything happening around him was blocked out as he grabbed the guy off Jeongguk, he had managed to snap his hands backward, his wrists going limp from the damage so he couldn't hit Jimin and Jimin did the exact same thing he was doing to Jeongguk. He straddled the man's waist and repeatedly threw punches to his face, making sure he left his mark, making sure he was getting just as damaged as he had done to his Jeongguk. He punched and punched at his face until his hands were bloody and the punches were getting wetter, slipping from his face as he screamed in agony. Jimin couldn't hear a thing just saw his mouth moving trying to stop Jimin. He was finally pulled away by Jisoo, his senses finally coming back. 


"Stop, Jimin! You're going to kill him!" and Jimin stops, the word 'kill' playing on his mind repeatedly. Jisoo pulls him off the guy and he stares at the limp body on the floor. He couldn't believe he had just done that. He looks up to everyone staring at him, awestruck faces blinking at him or maybe they were looking at him in fear. Then he meets eyes with Kim Taehyung, who only smirks at him disturbingly. He did this. Jimin was sure of it, he was behind all of this. Jimin sees another officer trying to help Jeongguk up and his mind finally starts to process things again. He replaces the other officer with himself and he lifts Jeongguk up in his arms, the other officer holding his legs as they move towards where the prison doctor resides. Jimin brushes the other officer away and uses all his strength to carry Jeongguk across the two hallways. 


"Jeongguk, stay awake with me okay?" Jeongguk's bloody face is something that won't leave his mind for a long while and his eyes flutter, a garbled mess trying to leave his mouth. "Hey, look at me, keep your eyes open for me." they keep fluttering open and shut and Jimin knows he's on the verge of unconsciousness.  


"My r-ribs." Jeongguk chokes on a sob and Jimin's heart bleeds. 


"I'm sorry baby, just stay awake please." Jimin pleads and is more careful with jostling Jeongguk about, his ribs were probably broken. As soon as he's in the room, the prison doctor jumps to his feet, it's not every day that they need him so he gets to work immediately as he lays Jeongguk down on the vacant bed. "Jeongguk stay awake, please just stay awake, why are his eyes closing like that?" his eyes roll back slightly and Jimin is scared, he can't lose Jeongguk. He doesn't know what to do with himself.   

"He's losing a lot of blood, it's making him delirious," the doctor checks his vitals and confirms the broken ribs. "He's going to be bleeding internally, I need to check that his ribs haven’t punctured any of his organs." 


"Fuck," he growls out, his hands run through his hair and he wants to cry. Why the hell would that guy hurt Jeongguk this much, was he trying to kill him?


"I'll need to put him under, he won't be able to tolerate the pain." 


"Let me just speak to him quickly," Jimin pleads, he needs to tell him to stay strong and hold out a little longer for him. He needs to tell him. 


"I'll go tend to the other inmate, you have ten minutes." the doctor nods, he probably thought it was going to be some sort of interrogation. 


"Baby, can you hear me?" Jimin holds his hand, urging him to respond. His eyes barely flutter open. 


"I miss you Jiminie," he rasps out, and Jimin sags in relief. He's conscious enough to remember things and that's a good thing.  


"I miss you so much, please don't leave me." Jimin tries to stop the tears when he tells him because Jeongguk is the one hurting right now. 


"You left me," he chokes out and Jimin feels remorseful, he never wanted Jeongguk to think of it like that.  


"I won't ever leave you again, I promise." he cups his face with blood everywhere and he looks at him like he's the only person in the world, like he holds all the stars in his eyes. 


"My ribs hurt too much," he winces in pain, but still lifts his hand, his fingers clasped around Jimin’s wrist to keep his hands on his face. 


"You gotta be strong for me, okay? You can do that for me, can't you?" he nods his head with a wince and Jisoo comes in to assess the situation. 


"Stay with me? Please?" Jeongguk manages to get out and Jimin looks at Jisoo in question and he nods in understanding. He'll stay with him until he's under anaesthetic and then he will talk to Jisoo. 

"I'm right here baby," he presses his lips against the side of Jeongguk's forehead and his fingers stay in place of his pulse, making sure his heart is still beating. No matter what, he won't lose Jeongguk. When the doctor comes in again, he watches him inject Jeongguk with the pain killer and Jeongguk keeps eye contact until his eyes are forced shut. Jimin keeps his promise and stays with him until the doctor ushers him out. "Take care of him, I'll be back later." the doctor looks at him funny, but continues to clean his cuts on his hands and bandages them up for him. 


He finds Jisoo back at the office with his head in his hands. 


"That was fucking insane, you know that was Kim right?" Jimin starts, anger bubbles up inside of him and he has no way to diminish it. He wants to kill him.  

"He wanted a reaction and you gave it to him," Jisoo says, his tone and body language was tiresome. 


"You almost killed that inmate, Jimin. He wanted to see how far he could push you, he knows you're protective over Jeongguk. You know you're getting into trouble for this right?" 

"Fuck, that fucking piece of shit," he was ready to punch the wall, but when he clenched his fist the pain shot up his arm and he cried out, cradling his hand. The bandage was getting soaked from the blood seeping through. He couldn't believe he had played right into Taehyung's trap.   


"I'm pretty sure he wanted to just see your reaction, the other guy was set up to beat Jeongguk up," 

"Jeongguk could have died, if any of his organs are damaged then he will die," Jimin argues, was he just supposed to stand there and watch Jeongguk get thrashed?

"I know, but Taehyung's intention wasn't to kill him. Do you really think all this would be worth it if he killed him? It was to injure him enough to get a reaction from you, he was watching you the whole fucking time. I told you not to let him get to you." 


"Fuck, this is all such a mess." 

"You're very protective over Jeongguk," Jisoo starts but then his words die out as he grasps the reasoning behind it. Jimin just nods solemnly at him, Jisoo must know by now that there's something more there than just proving his innocence, he had just seen them together. "Taehyung knows, you know that right?" 

"I know, but I don't know what the fuck to do." 

"You gotta lay low, don't get in his way and for god's sake don't pull anything like earlier, you're only setting yourself up for your own death." 

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again." Jimin looks up at him sheepishly, he could have handled the situation a lot better now that he thought about it. Now that his temper had simmered.  


"Use your brain as much as he uses his, for some reason I feel like you can handle Kim, the only one who has ever tried anyway," Jimin nods his head, he will try his hardest to get justice for Jeongguk anyway. 


"I don't have a good feeling about all of this." 

"Jimin you gotta do your cell checks and then you can go. Go to Jeongguk, just make sure Taehyung doesn't find out." 

"Thanks, Jisoo." he embraces him briefly, needing the comfort and he was grateful for the understanding. Everyone was being too understanding and it prickled his skin with apprehension. But if it meant he would get to be with Jeongguk in peace then he wasn't complaining. Not at all. 

The cell checks meant he had to have some sort of contact with Taehyung, and he didn't know if he could handle it so soon after Jeongguk had been attacked. He didn't want to blow his insides out just yet.


"Your hands okay Jimmy?" Jimin ignores him, continues with the check around his room. "They look so bloody, too bad Jeongguk's on his deathbed and he can't kiss it better for you."


Jimin just needs to spend a few seconds longer and then he can lose control, maybe try punching a wall again, that'll get the frustration out. 


"Funny how you almost killed one of my friends for messing with Jeongguk." Jimin's lips stay sealed and he could tell it was aggravating him. "Listen." he grabs Jimin's face  and turns him so that they're eye to eye. Jimin quells his temper this time and lets it happen. He wants a reaction and Jimin isn't going to give it to him this time. "I told you what would happen if you mess with things that belong to me, you're about to find out." 

"Bring it on Kim. You think you can get a reaction out of me? You better think longer and harder."  


"I know I can get a reaction out of you, you proved it yourself today Park. You wanna make sure you keep a close eye on me 'cause you wouldn't want to ruin your pretty little face too, right?" his finger drags along Jimin's cheek, and he squeezes Jimin's injured hand which makes him hiss out in pain.  

"Don't think you should be touching things that you aren't worthy of touching, Kim." 

"You think too much of yourself, you only have a good ass, that's all you're good for." his hand begins to move towards Jimin's ass and he needs to think fast. 

"That's why you're so obsessed with me, right?" 


"Fuck you." 

"It's a shame you can't," and this time it's Taehyung pushing Jimin away from him. Jimin leaves with a satisfied smirk playing on his lips. Jimin wishes he could get to Taehyung as much as he did for him but that was impossible, Jimin wasn't as sadistic as Taehyung. The only way he could be horrible to him was because he was messing with Jeongguk and his friends. People that were close to his heart. 


When he finally gets out of there he calls Hyuna to let her know he won't be home today and he makes his way back to the room that Jeongguk was in. He wasn't leaving Jeongguk's side today, he needed him the most and he needed to know if Jeongguk was okay. It annoyed him that the other inmate was just in the room next door, it was too close for Jimin's peace of mind but there was nothing he could do about it. 

"Is he okay?" Jeongguk looks better, his face cleaned up of all the blood leaving the scratches and wounds vividly bright against his pale skin. 


"He's stable at the moment, thankfully there were no severe fractures or punctures. He's lucky there weren't any, it wouldn't have been something that I could treat here and he would have been taken out to an external hospital." 


"Thank god, anything else broken?" 

"Three rib bones, his nose and his right arm is fractured. It didn't seem like he was fighting back, if he did he could have prevented some of the injuries, especially the ones to his ribs."  


"Thank you for taking care of him," Jimin bows his head at the doctor. 

"That's fine, it's my job. Are you going to stay to investigate some more? He should be awake soon." 


"Yeah, I'll wait." Jimin had momentarily forgotten that he was a ward officer. More investigations sounded believable enough. 

"So I'm guessing you took out the other guy?" the doctor gestures to his hands. 

"Did I make it too obvious?" 


"Not really," he smirks. "You didn't do as much damage to him don't worry. Just a broken nose and you punched some of his teeth out. Oh and his wrists are completely gone." 

"Nice, that's what I was aiming for." Jimin sighs, and deflates into the chair next to Jeongguk's bed. The doctor chuckles at him as he packs his things away to leave the room. 

"I'll leave you to it." when he leaves, he shuts the door behind him. Jimin sits back in the chair, the day’s events catching up to him slightly as he snoozes to get the tiniest bit of rest. Jimin's hand finds Jeongguk's and it soothes him enough to get into a light sleep. He startles awake when Jeongguk's thumb runs gently across his hand. 

"Hey, how you feeling?" 

"Hurts." he croaks out and Jimin gets some water for him, helps him up so he can sip it. 

"This happened to you because of me and I'm so fucking sorry." Jimin chokes on his words now that he's left alone with Jeongguk, he isn't afraid to show his emotions now that they're together like this. 

"What do you mean?" 

"Taehyung planned to do this to you, because of me." Jimin takes his seat again but doesn't let go of Jeongguk's hand. He will never let Jeongguk go again unless he's forced to.  

"You know?" 


"Well yeah, of course I do. Who else would do something so immoral? And to you of all people?" Jimin registers the surprise in Jeongguk's eyes. Why would he be surprised that Jimin knew it was him?

"Hyung, don't do anything stupid. Please." Jeongguk begs, his hand holding on tighter to Jimins's, making him wince.  

"I'm trying not to but he's making it fucking hard for me. He hurt you for god's sake."

"Your hands, oh my god you- the other guy?" 


"You couldn't expect me to just watch you get attacked." he says softly, bringing his other hand to rest on top of Jeongguk's resting knee. 

"God you're so stupid, why would you do that for me?" 


"Because I- I care about you, Jeongguk. So much." he brings Jeongguk's hand to his lips, presses gentle kisses along it. He's not stopping the words from escaping his mouth this time, he wants Jeongguk to know exactly how he feels.  

"I let him hit me, Jiminie, I thought you-" Jeongguk stops himself and Jimin is scared about what is going to come out of his mouth next. 

"You thought I what?" 


"It's stupid." 


"Tell me." 


"I thought you didn't care," he whispers. 


"You're right. That is stupid, how can you ever think that?" Jimin is frustrated, but he doesn't want to be frustrated at him right now. He's injured and vulnerable and just needs some tender care. "You mean so much to me, Jeonggukie." Jeongguk smiles in retaliation and then recoils in pain from his split lip. "Careful." he scolds and Jeongguk slips his tongue out to collect the blood from his lip. 


"This is such a mess," he sighs and droops against his pillow. Jimin is endeared at the sight. 


"Taehyung isn't getting away with this Jeongguk."  

"I don't want to talk about him, can you please stay with me?" Jeongguk shuts down that conversation instantly and Jimin can't help but feel a little skeptical. 


"I'm right here Jeonggukie." 


"Get inside with me." Jeongguk pleads and Jimin looks at the single bed with his eyebrows raised. There's no way they're both going to fit in there, and with Jeongguk's ribs broken he couldn't risk Jeongguk hurting anymore. 

"It's too small. I promise I'm going to be right here." Jimin takes Jeongguk's hand again as a promise. 


"Please, we can fit." he opens the blanket up for Jimin. "It's the only chance we'll have."

"Baby, no." he whisper softly, brushes his hair out of his face and Jeongguk settles again. 

"Don't leave me again, I need you." 


"I'm not leaving, sleep. You need to sleep." 


"Okay can you at least kiss me?" 


"You have a split lip." 



"Fine." he rolls his eyes then leans towards him, makes sure Jeongguk can read his eyes, then brushes their lips softly together, making sure Jeongguk's hands are attached to the bed so he can't reach for Jimin to pull him down. 

"Y-you, you're so-" he splutters as he tries to maintain eye contact with Jimin. Jimin doesn't understand what words he was trying to get out but he was just frustrating himself.  

"Shh, sleep." and Jeongguk does, his eyes flutter shut and Jimin watches his breathing slow down to a steady pace and he's in a deep sleep again. He presses one last kiss against his lips. "I'm getting you out of here, I promise." he whispers into his hair and then settles back into his chair. He lays his head down next to Jeongguk's body on the bed and they fall asleep, he doesn't worry about who will come in because he knows Jisoo will cover for him.     

Chapter Text

There's fingers running through his hair, blunt nails gently scraping his scalp now and again which wants to make him moan in contentment it felt so good. He doesn't want to make it known that he's awake just yet, he wants to bask in the pleasure just a little while longer. Jeongguk always gets shy when Jimin is awake, withdraws his hand as if he wasn't doing anything. It's been three days, and Jimin had kept his promise of not being too far away from Jeongguk, when his shifts had ended he would stay by Jeongguk's side and kept him company whilst he recovered. Jimin had been home only to shower and cuddle his children for a few minutes before he made his way back to the prison, back to Jeongguk. Hyuna had asked no questions but he hadn't said anything either, a silent agreement that whatever he was doing, he had to do. 


Jimin turned his face under Jeongguk's warm hand so that he could look at him, one of their hands already entwined tightly just as he had before he fell asleep. As expected, Jeongguk moves his hand away and his cheeks blush as he smiles at Jimin.


"Good morning." he says when Jimin sits up. 


"It's dark outside, it's evening." 


"You don't get my sense of humour and it's starting to offend me a little bit," he huffs, and tries pulling his hand from Jimin's. Jimin holds on tighter, and pulls him closer as he stands. 


"I love teasing you," he whispers against his lips, before pressing them together. His pout against Jimin's smile. 


"Hate you." he shoves Jimin in the chest to push him back. Jimin laughs at him. "You should go home, hyung." 


"Why? You're sick of me already?" Jeongguk rolls his eyes at that. 


"No but you've been here this whole time for me. Go home and rest properly, I'm fine now." 




"Please. I feel so bad, and you look so tired ba-" 


"You don't need to feel bad about anything- wait what were you going to say?" Jimin smirks at him, sits down on the bed next to his body to feel the warmth and slides his hand across his waist, gently rubbing his hands across his body. He curses at himself for cutting Jeongguk off. 


"N-nothing," he turns his face away so he doesn't have to look at Jimin. 


"Baby, what were you going to say?" 




"Baby," Jimin leans down and presses his nose against his cheek as he laughs, Jeongguk pokes him in the ribs with another 'hate you' but laughs along with him anyway. 


"My baby chick." Jeongguk grins and pulls him down further, careful with his ribs. Jimin scrunches his face at that and Jeongguk still looks up at him adoringly.  Jimin's hands are against the bed, making sure he doesn't lean all of his weight on to Jeongguk because he's still pulling him closer and closer. He winces when his arm catches itself under Jimin's hip and he jerks back.


"Careful." he warns, pulling his arm out so that it's wrapped around his neck instead. 




"Yeah," he breathes, his face so close to Jeongguk's and he knows what the feeling is and he's terrified. Terrified because Jeongguk looks at him in the same way. 


"Touch me." 


"I am touching you." 


"Kiss me?" his voice comes out in one breath and Jimin doesn't hesitate to give in to him, kisses him real slow and good just how he likes it.

"Cuddle me." Jeongguk demands, holds on to him tight as if Jimin will pull away any second. 


"Jeongguk, you're still hurt." he caresses his face gently, almost as a form of an apology. He wants nothing more than to cuddle Jeongguk, feel his body tucked into his, but Jeongguk's ribs are severely damaged and it would be a huge risk. 


"It doesn't hurt anymore, come on Jiminie,"

"It'll get worse, and then you won't be able to come out of here." 

"I don't want to come out of here, not if it means I won't be able to get to spend time like this with you." 

"You're crazy."


"Come on baby," he smirks at him, tugs at his arm. "Isn't that what you wanted to hear?" 


"You're going to be the death of me." he shakes his head at him but shuffles him gently to the side so Jimin can lay down. Jimin is cautious, very cautious. One slip up could mean pain and agony for Jeongguk and he never wants him to go through any of that. Jeongguk presses his back into Jimin's front with a satisifed grunt. 

"Cuddle me properly, you shitty cuddler." Jeongguk grabs Jimin's arms and wraps them tighter around his waist. 


"So bratty." Jimin chastises and nuzzles into his neck to breathe in his sweet scent. The scent that instantly calms everything in his wild soul. 


"Why are you allowed to stay here with me?" he takes a hold of Jimin's hand on his waist and interlocks their fingers together as he snuggles in a little bit more.  


"What do you mean?" 

"I know you're still working but how come you get to spend more time with me in here? Doesn't officer Jisoo say anything?" 


"It's classed as supervision and I manage myself for now, the chief is on holiday so I have no one to answer to." 

"Since when?" 

"Since a few days ago, I just got the job." 


"That's so great, hyung." Jimin can sense his smile and he gives him a soft peck in retaliation. "So about this supervision? You're not doing a very good job." 


"You're not even kissing me." he huffs, Jeongguk is so cute when he's injured. The drowsiness from the pankillers is making him way too honest and Jimin enjoys it so much. 


"'m sorry baby." Jimin muffles into his neck, then litters kisses all over. 


"Like when you call me that." Jeongguk says when his ear lobe is being toyed with, Jimin's tongue running along the inside making Jeongguk shudder. 

"Makes you feel good?" Jimin nips at his neck, small bites that make Jeongguk arch his neck into. 

"Mmm. Do it properly." Jeongguk grips Jimin's hand harder, letting him know how much he's enjoying this.  

"You mean-" 

"Yeah, mark me up good. It'll just come off as one of my injuries." 


Jimin smacks his ass once as punishment for being bratty and Jeongguk lets out a guttural moan which surprises Jimin. But he leaves that conversation for another time, when they can do something about it. Jimin blows cool air onto Jeongguk's neck before clasping his skin into his mouth because when does Jimin deny Jeongguk of anything? He sucks long and hard at spots he knows Jeongguk finds sensitive. Behind his ear, the column of his neck and at the base of his neck towards his collarbones. It makes Jeongguk so vocal like he is unable to contain his moans. "Shh, you want people to hear you?" Jimin says when he lets out a particularly loud groan. 

"Yes, want them to hear how good you make me feel." 

"Jeonggukie, shut your mouth." Jimin laughs at Jeongguk's cheekiness. 

"Touch me, please touch me." 


"No, go to sleep." 


"Hyung." he whines, but Jimin won't give in to him this time. "I'm so hard, here, feel." Jeongguk grabs Jimin's hand and presses against his crotch. "Want you to make me feel good."  

"That's nice but I'm still blueballing you. Sleep." Jimin orders, he can tell Jeongguk is tired from the way he speaks, his voice a little bit slurred.  

"I really hate you." 

"I know you do." Jimin presses another open-mouthed kiss on his neck.

"Hyung, please go home tonight." 

"I'm scared." he whispers into his neck, he didn't really want Jeongguk to hear it. Not really. 


"Nothing will happen to me, I'll be right here tomorrow morning."     


"I promise. It's not like I can go very far with broken ribs." 

"Mmm that's true. I'll wait until you sleep then I'll go." 


"Okay, thank you." Jeongguk turns his head, his lips puckered waiting for a kiss. 


"You're so cute, I hate my life." he kisses Jeongguk goodnight, kisses him until he stops kissing Jimin back, until his mouth falls slack against Jimin's and he has fallen into a deep slumber. Jimin is so lucky to experience this, even then, amongst the confinements of the prison. To be able to hold Jeongguk whilst he sleeps was never something he thought would happen this quickly, he had expected it to happen a long, long time from now. If they would have wanted each other after prison that is. If Jeongguk had got out of prison and still wanted Jimin, for that to happen would have been miraculous for Jimin. Of course, he has thoughts that aren't always positive when it comes to their complicated relationship but Jimin can't help but question what would happen when Jeongguk does leave prison. Surely he wouldn't want to be with Jimin when he could be as free as he could be. Jimin was sure of it. With one last kiss against his closed mouth, Jimin removes himself from the bed and makes sure Jeongguk is in a comfortable position again before he hesitantly leaves. 

When Jimin gets home, the door is surprisingly unlocked already and he knows Hyuna would never leave it unlocked at this time of night. Maybe she had gotten busy and just forgotten. He makes his presence known and locks the door from inside again, he hasn't received a response and that was weird. No matter what time of the day, Hyuna would always wait up for him and greet him when he got home. She was nowhere to  be seen. He checked the living room and the kitchen, the lights were all on and dinner was also on the stove so he had imagined she had been tired and already gone to sleep, it was still a little weird and eerily quiet. He picked anxiously through the fridge as he worried about Jeongguk, the inmate that had attacked him was only in the room next door and Jimin didn't want a repeat of events. If anything happened to Jeongguk, he would blame himself entirely this time even if Jeongguk had forced him to go home. 

It was when he was making his way upstairs that he really started to panic, the vase in the hallway at the top of the stairs had been pushed over and as he walked up the stairs, Hyuna's slippers were strewn across the floor. Jimin's hand went to his gun that was still attached to his trousers and pressed his back against the wall as he looked down the hall. It was too quiet but he knew there was someone in here, he could sense it. If anything had happened to his kids, if anything happened to Hyuna he would never be able to forgive himself. He lightly steps towards his bedroom, from what he could see that was the only door wide open and Jimin knew someone was in there. His foot made the floorboard creak and Jimin halted in his movement, trying to figure out if whoever was in his house had heard him. It was still quiet. Jimin attempted to move again, avoiding the creak in the floorboard because he needed to surprise the intruder and then get them in one go. 


"No point in trying to be quiet, Park. I've got your family where I want them so if you want them alive, I suggest you get your ass in here." Jimin's heart lurches and he crashes into the room but he's pinned down immediately. They've got his family and Jimin panics.

"Get the fuck off of me! If anything happens to any of them I'll kill you!" 


"Funny choice of words since I'm the one who has you pinned down." the person snickers and then he is wrenched backward so he can see the face of the man. Disgusted was an understatement. 


"Jesus fucking christ," he mutters. "Tae was right, you have too much of a pretty face for me to ruin." the man comes closer towards him, presses his nose into Jimin's neck and inhales. Jimin wants to hurl out the contents of his stomach. 


"I'm not fucking telling you again, get the fuck off me." he uses all his strength to push the guy off so that he stumbles across the floor. 

"Easy now, you want to treat me with respect, people's lives are on the line here pretty boy." 

"Where are they?" Jimin is frantic, he needs his family to be okay. Please let them be okay. 


"That would be too easy don't you think?" 


"You fucking tell me right the fuck now where they are or I'll fucking torture you so bad you'll wish you never stepped foot in here." Jimin intimidates the man and walks towards him and grabs him by the neck. 


"You don't want to mess with Gunho, he can snap your little body in half." he feels something cold press against his temple and he had forgotten about his gun when he had broken through the door. He curses internally at letting his resolve disperse at the talk of his family. He should've known there would be more than one person in here. "Thought it was about time you and I met, what do you think?" 


"I don't know who the fuck you are but if you don't tell me where my family is-" 


"You don't know who I am? I'm offended, I'm pretty sure Taehyung must have mentioned it or actually not even Jeongguk?" 


"Shut the fuck up." whenever Jeongguk's name is uttered, it makes Jimin panic and he can't help the defences that slip out of his mouth. He had a duty of care and he wanted to protect Jeongguk. 


"Nice of you to ask but I'm Minho, I wanted to come here personally to meet you," Minho grabs him by the collar to turn him around to face him and Jimin growls at him. He tries to get out of his grip but with the gun pressed against his head, he doesn't want to make the wrong move. He knows he won't get killed, he knows all too well what kind of games Kim Taehyung likes playing. The name Minho rings a bell in his head and suddenly it clicks. He was the one Namjoon had mentioned to him, who Jeongguk was involved with before he went into prison. He was the reason Jeongguk was in prison in the first place.


"I don't give a shit who you are, where the fuck are my family?" 


"Now now, come on, don't be like that. How about we get to know each other a little bit? Hm?" the gun is no longer pointed at his head, he drops it and walks around the room. "Your kids are pretty cute, the little girl especially." 


"Fuck you!" Jimin goes for him but Gunho is on to him quick, he's held up against the wall by his neck. 


"Come on Jimin, I'm just winding you up. Don't worry your family is safe, they'll be safe with me." 

"I know you won't kill me, that's not what you're here for. You've scared me now, so just tell me where they are and I'm done." 

"You're done?" 

"Yeah, fuck everything I've had enough, I'm done." 

"Oh Jimin, if only it were that easy. Once you mess with Kim Taehyung, you're never done." 


"What else do you want from me?" his digs his fingernails into the hand that's around his throat that was getting steadily tighter and tighter. Gunho just smirks at him in response and he's never had the desire to kill as much as he does now.  


"I need you to stop meddling, I see you meeting up with Namjoon and I know what you're planning. Tae won't let it happen, I hope you know that. Jeongguk is never going to leave his sight, Taehyung owns him." 


"You're all fucking crazy, do you realise that?" 


"Of course, but you do realise that makes you ten times crazier for messing with any of us." he sits on Jimin's bed like he owns it and it made Jimin bitter that he was so nonchalant about this whole thing. 


"Are you done?" 


"Not really, but we want you to know we've got your family now. You do anything out of line, and they die. All of them." Gunho releases him and his hand immediately goes around his neck to massage it to bring back the circulation. 


"You can't do that, I won't let you." Jimin chokes on his words, the hand on his throat had done more damage than he thought. 


"No it just means you'll have to behave now, won't you?" 


"Fuck!" Jimin goes for Minho for the second time that night but is pulled back immediately by Gunho. He just wanted his family back, that was all he wanted. 


"We're gonna torture you with this until you wish you were never born, pretty boy. Get ready for it, you and everyone who you care about are never leaving our sights." Minho whispers in his face and Jimin writhes under the hold of the strong man, his frustration and anger bubbling over. How dare he mess with Jimin's family? How dare Kim Taehyung thinks he can get away with this? 

"You're going to regret ever wanting to meet me, Minho. Let me assure you of that." 


"You underestimate me, Park Jimin." 


"You're underestimating me. Just wait and see," Jimin gets a fist for that, his nose seeping out blood almost instantly. Jimin laughs at him, he shouldn't because he knows it will provoke him but he still does it. It earns him another punch to his stomach this time. 


"Don't speak to me like that you piece of shit. Gunho, finish him off for me will you?" Gunho gets in a good few hits, Jimin avoiding most of them by curling into a ball so that he doesn't get anything damaged internally. When Gunho is pressing his foot down on his neck, cutting off his breath supply Minho tells him to stop. 


"Remember our eyes, Jimin. We're always watching you." he leaves the room with a sinister smirk on his face and Jimin lays there on the floor in a pool of his own blood until he hears the engine fade away in to the distance. He had taken his family and he needed to get to them right now. He fumbles around for his phone, he needed help and fast. 


"Yoongi hyung? They've t-taken them, they've g-gone and I don't know what to do." 

"Jiminah? What are you talking about? Who's taken them?" 


"Hyuna, Min and Jiwoo they've gone and fuck- I don't know what to do! How do I find them? I need your help, I need to find them!"


"Okay maybe Hyuna forgot to tell you but they haven't gone anywhere, they're right here." 




"Wait, let me put her on the phone." he hears a little bit of shuffling before the relief slams into him like a truck. 

"Hello? Jiminie?" 

"Hyuna, thank fuck. Where are the kids? Are they okay?" 


"Yeah, they're fine! They're asleep, I was just at the studio recording with Yoongi hyung and I didn't know when you'd be back so I just took them with me. Sorry, I should have let you know." Jimin cries at the relief singing in his veins, thank god they were okay. They were alive and they were okay and breathing and it was going to be fine. Those bastards had lied to him, they had made him think they had got to his family. They fucking knew it was the only way it would throw Jimin off, and they had succeeded. That's why Jimin was in the state that he was because he was too worried about what would happen to his family instead of thinking logically of the situation. He knows he could've avoided getting hurt, he could have avoided the whole situation altogether if it wasn't for his undying love for his wife and children.


"Fuck, just stay there. Don't move from there." 


"Why? Jimin, what's wrong?" 

"I'll be there soon and I'll explain but please just stay where you are." Hyuna complies and Jimin attempts to get on his feet again. Every bone in his body hurts and he can feel the blood on his face drying but he couldn't give a shit about that, he needed his family right now. With shaking hands, he drives to the studio but his eyes dart everywhere around him to see if anyone was following him, if anyone was watching him. He makes his way quickly into the building and the both of them have shock written all over their faces when they come into view, like they had been waiting for him. 


"Fuck you're okay." Jimin gathers Hyuna in his arms and holds on to her tight, the thought of losing her or her being hurt had made Jimin go crazy. 


"Jimin what happened? You're so badly injured." 


"Come here Jimin, let's clean that up for you first." Yoongi assesses his face with a frown. 


"I want to see my kids first, I need to see if they're okay." Jimin walks into the back room where they're both sleeping peacefully but he gathers them both in his hands anyway. 




"Shh, go to sleep. I'm sorry, so sorry." he rocks the both of them gently and he sobs at the relief he feels at having them in his arms. He would never ever take it for granted, and now he had to protect them so that they were untouchable. They couldn't go back to their house because those bastards knew where he lived and where his family was and he wouldn't risk something like that ever again. 


"Yoongi hyung, this is bad it's so bad, hyung." 


"Is it to do with Jeongguk?" 


"No, well not really." 


"Tell me." 


"It's Taehyung he's got people watching us. They were in my home, hyung and if the kids were in there..."


"Hey, the main thing is that you're all alive and okay" he winces when the alcohol gets into his cuts on his face. "Stay still." Yoongi warns, with a firm grip to his face.

"This is all my fault, if I had just done my job properly none of this would ever have happened." 


"Stop that, you blame yourself for everything. Even for Jeongguk getting beaten up, you did the same thing. It's not your fault and you will get out of this Jiminie. I've taken a step back for long enough but I'm going to help you through this now. You haven't given me a choice." 




"I'm not taking no for an answer, I will be involved in this because I want you to be alive Jiminie. What do you think I'd do with myself if I wake up one morning and you're not here?" 

"Don't speak like that, I would't let it happen." 

"It has something to do with Jeongguk doesn't it?" 

"When he got beat up I didn't react very well to it and I have a feeling it's to do with that so yes, Jeongguk is involved in it." 


"You have to be careful with what you're doing and you can't tell Namjoon about this either." 


"I can't just yet, he would kill me for allowing it to happen in the first place and for the way I reacted. He'll find out soon but I don't want to tell him just yet," 


"Why do I have a feeling you're doing this all yourself?" Yoongi says after a few moments of contemplation. 

"Doing what myself?" 


"Getting Jeongguk out of there, you're doing something stupid and I can sense it." 


"I'm not hyung, I wouldn't be able to take on Kim Taehyung and his gang all by myself." 

"I'm here for you, fucking use me." Jimin snickers at him, his angry frown and his protectiveness made Jimin's heart hurt. 


"Let me bandage up the cuts on your hands." Hyuna enters the room with a concerned grimace but nothing compared to the pain of losing his family. Nothing would even come close. "What happened Chim?" 


"It's just things to do with the prison, got on the wrong side of a gang member so they sent people to sort me out. It's nothing." he looks at Yoongi and he receives a sympathetic look. 

"They got you good, you're bruised everywhere." 


"Ow- at least they didn't do any permanent damage, and no broken bones- that's always a plus." he smiles at her and grabs her hand. "I'm sorry." 


"You didn't-" 


"There's people watching our house and I won't allow you to go back there, I'm sorry. But I'm going to sort this mess out, I promise you that." 


"Where are we supposed to go Jimin?" he looks at his hyung, knows that he will oblige no matter what.


"Hyung, I want them to stay with you just for a little while, whilst I can sort some things out." he asks Yoongi politely, there's no reason for him to say no and he will feel safe knowing that his family is with Yoongi. He will protect them with everything he has and there was no doubt about it. 


"Jimin, you know that I would do anything for you and it would be the best thing to do but I just don't think it would be safe for them here at all." 

"I know you will take care of them, I can only trust you." 


"I know that and I would be happy to, I just don't think it's safe enough. Wouldn't it be better sending them to your parents or even Hyuna's parents just for the time being?" Yoongi said, a slight shake in his voice that Jimin had found strange. 


"Our parents are too far and I want them to be within my distance range so I can protect them if needs be, please hyung?" Yoongi looks torn and he has no idea why, the best place for them to be is right here where they're safe and also where he can be if he needs to. Jimin didn't understand the hesitation. 


"Yoongi's right, Jimin. I don't want to risk being here, especially with the kids. I want to be as far away as possible whilst you do whatever it is that you need to so that they don't harm any of us. I don't want my kids hurt Jimin." Hyuna shares a look with Yoongi that he doesn't miss. 

"Our kids." Jimin corrects.  


"I'll call my mother, we'll leave tonight on the train." she ignores his comment and goes to her bag to pack her things away. Jimin didn't like the idea of not seeing his children for a while, he felt uneasy and wasn't sure if he still would let them go. But at least  there was the security of knowing they were safer the further away they were from here. Jimin couldn't trust his instincts and he had a bad feeling about this but he was running out of options, there was nothing else he could do.  


"I'm sorry this is all so messy, Hyuna." he follows after her with tears in his eyes. He never wanted it to get to this, he never wanted his family to be involved with anything that was going on in the prison.

"Stop Jimin, just promise you'll sort this out and promise they won't find us." 

"I promise, I'm going to protect you with my life." 


"And promise me one other thing?" 




"I haven't said anything up till now about what's been happening with you, and I still won't." she closes her eyes and then sighs, cups Jimin's face in her delicate hands. It was true, she had left Jimin without a word about his behaviour or about what had been happening in the prison, it would be easier if he could just tell her. But he was a weak man and he couldn't afford to let her hurt in that way. He had hurt her so much already and the guilt would consume him if he had to be the one to tell her about everything going on. She had been patient and collected and had been the best form of support for Jimin, he had no way of repaying her. He was in love with her and he would do anything to keep her safe, he knew that much.  "Stay alive for me and for our children, that's all I ask." he pulls her into a hug, a form of gratitude when words were sparse in the depths of his brain. 


"I'm going to be right here when you come back, no one will think of ever messing with me or my family ever again." 


"Good, I have faith in you." she smiles, and it loosens the knots in Jimin's chest. "Be happy, Jimin. That's all I ever wanted for you."


"It's what I want for you too." he presses their heads together and blinks the tears away from his eyes. It may not seem like it now, but he knows everything will be better for them one day. Hyuna will be happy.  



Jimin had slept over with Yoongi the night they had left, it was too scary going back to his house knowing that people were watching his every move. It was the hardest thing he ever had to do, letting his family go like that but he knew that it was what they all needed. Jimin had to focus on the plan in place and he was determined now more than ever to get to the end of this whole thing that Jimin had found himself being the centre of. He needed to work fast and efficiently to get everything running smoothly with the right timings. When he rolls off of the sofa, Namjoon is sat at the breakfast bar his head over a cup of coffee. 




"What are you doing here?"


"I went to your house yesterday night, but you weren't there. Then I rang Yoongi hyung and he said you were here. I wanted to talk to you last night but he wouldn't let me." 

"Why? What's going on?" 

"I'll tell you what's fucking going on." his voice raises and Jimin thinks it's too early for him to be shouting. "Jeongguk in that fucking brawl with you and someone else."

"Hyung, let me explain." 

"Oh please do, Jimin. Because you know what comes next after this, the fucking sentence extension and look who has signed it this time!" Namjoon chucks the papers into Jimin's face and he's confused as hell. He has no idea what's going on.

"I don't know what you're talking about.." Jimin looks at the fallen papers on the floor and scrambles to gather them in his hands to see who had signed them. There, clear as a day, was Jimin's name and signature. "No, no this wasn't me hyung." 

"It has your name there on it, I thought you were on our fucking side Jimin. What happened? Did Taehyung threaten to kill your family too, that's what it was right? They came to your house yesterday to threaten you." 


"No Joonie hyung you've got this all wrong!" 


"Don't fucking tell me that, Jeongguk's lying in there hurting because of you, his ribs are broken and you didn't even think to tell me?" 


"I want you out of this, you're not helping me with this anymore. You're done." 

"No you can't do that, we're so close!"


"No I was so close and you fucking ruined everything. I thought that you would protect Jeongguk, I thought it would be a good idea to have you on board but I don't know how I let myself get so into it, how I could have let you ruin everything like this. Five more fucking years that I've got to try and get him out of and I can't-" Namjoon chokes out a sob. 


"Hyung, please." Jimin walks towards him, wants to comfort him and tell him that he has a plan and that they'll get Jeongguk out of there. 

"Don't you dare come near me, Jimin. This is all your fucking fault, if it wasn't for you I'd have Jeongguk out of there by now. You ruined all of my chances." 

"Get out of my house." Yoongi said from behind Jimin. Jimin wasn't sure if he was talking to him or Namjoon. 


"Hyung, he ruined everything." Namjoon stutters through his words and rightly so. Yoongi was lethal when he was annoyed or angry but it was on rare occasion. That added to how scary it was when he was like this.    


"Get out." They have a staredown for a few seconds before Namjoon shakes his head and walks out, slamming the door on his way out. 


"Hyung, go after him! It's not his fault." 

"Like fuck I am. No one speaks to you that way, not when all you were trying to do this whole time was help him." he walks into the kitchen and carries on like he hadn't just thrown his Namjoon out of his apartment. 


"But he was right, this is all my fault. The reason why Hyuna had to leave, it was all me. Everything-" Jimin starts, following him in. 


"Jimin. Stop this, you just need to focus on the plan." 

"But Namjoon hyun-"

"I don't give a shit what he said, you still stick to the plan." 



"No buts. Now get to work." he stands there in front of the coffee machine, waiting for it to finish brewing. 






"I love you but go speak to Namjoon hyung, I don't want to get in between the two of you. He's the only one who makes you genuinely happy. Don't let me be the one to ruin it." Jimin wraps his arms around Yoongi from behind him, his head leaning against his shoulder blade. Jimin finds the comfort he craves and needs from his best friend, he needs it to get through the next couple of days. Yoongi doesn't say anything but Jimin knows to take that as a positive, he will speak to Namjoon at some point. 


"Have this." Yoongi gives him the cup of coffee and starts on his own. 


"Thanks, hyung." he says but they both know it’s for much, much more than just the coffee. 


Even with his aching, beaten body, Jimin still plucks up the strength to get his uniform on and get going to work. He had many things to do today and he had to do them all with knowing that he was no longer working with Namjoon on this. It made the purpose a little different but he was motivated now more than ever to make sure he put this all right. He contemplated not going to see Jeongguk today with his face bruised up, but he diminished the thought quickly because of what had happened the last time he had done that. He didn't want Jeongguk to worry so he was torn. Jimin had promised himself he would go after he had finished his duties. There were a few visits he needed to make anyway. 

"I know it was you." 


"What was me?" 


"You forged my name and signature on those reports. Even when you're no longer able to sign them off he's still getting to you." 


"Jimin, you don't underst-" 


"Don't tell me that I don't understand. They were waiting for me at home yesterday, I thought they had my family and I lost my mind because of it. So don't fucking sit there and tell me I don't know what it feels like. The only difference is that I'm not a coward!" 

"I don't know what you want from me?" Jimin can sense the frustration in Jisoo's voice and his eyes. 

"I just want you to do the right thing for once, Jisoo. You're a good person, I know you are." his voice softens just a little bit, not everyone could be as courageous and he really tries to be considerate towards him but time was running out for everyone. 


"I can't do it, Jimin. I'm sorry." 


"Fine, but I'm going to do the right thing. I'm not letting an innocent person rot in prison." 


"It's only because you're together that you're so bothered in the first place." the words come out sharp and defensive but that doesn't phase Jimin. He knows exactly why he was doing this, he was human and he had compassion. 


Jeongguk was young and vulnerable and was exposed to things such as sexual harassment and countless instances of violence that he didn't deserve. Jimin wanted to make that right and protect him from it all, he was a good person and he didn't deserve any of it. Yet in no way was Jeongguk weak or thin-skinned, he held his own and was strong headed and had protected himself for a long time on his own. He knew what he was doing and he was strong, intelligent and self-assertive in ways that Jimin admired inimitably. There was no doubt that Jeongguk was an exceptional treasure that Jimin had the pleasure of knowing but that had made Jimin want to help Jeongguk that much more because there was so much potential and power that Jeongguk could have out in the real world. Jimin wanted that for him, and would want that for any other innocent person who deserved to be free of the repression that prisons held.     


"I would do the same for any other person who I knew was innocent in here, I would do everything I could to prove their innocence." Jimin retaliates with confidence. 

"I know you would." Jisoo sighs and chucks his pen across his desk before he leans back into his chair. "Fuck I know you would and that's what makes me feel like shit." 


"Please help me?" Jimin pleads, he needs as much help as he can get.  


"I'm sorry, Jimin." he closes his eyes and Jimin sees the defeated look on his face. Jimin had no other choice now, he was in this alone but he would do this. He wasn't scared of Kim Taehyung, he wasn't scared of anyone and he would get Jeongguk out of there. 


Jimin doesn't stay to speak another word, he gets back to his duties and continues with his breakfast duty that they were supposed to be doing together. He can feel the anguish and discomfort rolling off Jisoo in waves when they stand together but he has no words to comfort someone who has a choice in the matter, he doesn't know what to say to alleviate the guilt because he still wants Jisoo on board with him. But it has to be on his own accord, he has to make the choice for himself and Jimin doesn't want to deter him from doing the right thing by telling him that it was okay. Jimin understands his predicament, he really does but he can't take on Kim Taehyung on by himself, he needs the help of many others in getting this right. Speaking of Taehyung, he walks in at that exact moment and is instantly leering at Jimin. Jimin ignores him for now and pushes down his rage for later when he can get him alone. He is almost bursting at the seams by the end of it. 


"Kim. I need to speak to you." 


"Go ahead, officer." he sits back in his chair and puts his hands behind his hand, the cocky grin never leaving his face. 


"I've set up the interrogation room, so when you're ready." 


"So this is a private conversation? Just you and me?" he gestures between the two of them and starts to get up off his seat. The fact that they were going to be alone had interested Taehyung but had Jimin's nerves spiralling out of control. 


"Stop fooling around. Now." 


"Ah love when you push me around." he says when Jimin pushes him to walk forward, in front of him so can see exactly what Taehyung is doing. He just needs this bit over and done with so he can go and see Jeongguk. They settle into the interrogation room and Jimin sifts through his file briefly, he has already looked at it ten times over. 

"So, interrogating me today? It's not your usual way of speaking to inmates about a personal matter," Jimin smirks at him, because he's got Taehyung saying all the right words he needs. Taehyung is clever, very fucking clever and Jimin hasn't underestimated him in the slightest. 


"As you already know, there are cameras on you and your voice is recording right now. So I'd like you to stick to the questions I ask please." 

"Nasty bruises you got there Officer Park, how'd you get 'em?" 


"I thought we weren't going to talk about personal matters, Kim." 


"True. So, these questions? What have I done wrong?" 


"It's about the fight that broke out a few days ago - people involved were Jeon Jeongguk and Jung Dongwoo. Where were you at this time when that fight broke out?" 


"What are you trying to do, Park?" Taehyung narrows his eyes at Jimin but he doesn't let that phase him. He knows this throws Taehyung out of his game, but that's what he wanted. He wanted to see just how clever he really was. 


"Answer my questions." 


"I was right there, in front of your very eyes." Taehyung plays into it. 


"And what were you doing when they were fighting? If I remember recalling correctly and I quote from another trustworthy witness 'kill him Dongwoo' was repeatedly coming out of your mouth."         


"Bullshit. I didn't say anything." 


"Did you, perhaps, set this all up for Jeon Jeongguk to get killed?" 


"That would just be atrocious. Me? Trying to get another inmate killed?" 


"It wouldn't be the first time, would it?" 


"You love him." Jimin doesn't expect it and he tries to hide the surprise from his face. It throws him off his plan but he continues on. 


"Why were you trying to kill him, Kim?" 


"Oh god, this is so good. You're actually in love with him?" 


"Answer the question, you're still being recorded." 


"Jeongguk leaves those kinds of impressions, huh? You think that he loves you back, gets real close with you and makes you feel like you're special but it won't last. He'll find someone else to be infatuated with and then where does that leave you?" Taehyung stares at him, trying to undress his mind with those eyes. "It'll leave you with no one, Park." Jimin digs his nails into his thigh, he was just winding Jimin up. Jimin knew this, knew Jeongguk so why was he still getting so damn affected by the words coming out of his mouth. 

"The question please, inmate." 


"He's done it before, you know that right? I can give you the name if you'd like, go and ask and see for yourself." 


"Kim. You're so close to being put into isolation so I suggest you comply with me." 


"I didn't want him killed and I have no idea why the fight happened. You've got the wrong person." Taehyung's grin doesn't leave his face and Jimin really just wants to wipe it right off his face.  


"Right. Thank you for your time, but this isn't the end of it. Expect to be questioned some more soon because there are a lot of investigations into this, inmate." 


"I can't wait." Jimin switches the recorder off with a sigh, he remembers who is still watching and who is still listening. "You won't get away with this, Park. I don't even know why you're trying to outdo me at my own game, everyone in here works for me. Remember that I'm only in here because I want to be." 


"You're something else, Kim." 


"You are too," he laughs, snickers. "You're not just a pretty face, looks like you have a brain too. It's just not as good as mine." 


"Why did you do it?" 


"You didn't tell me you had kids, I love kids." 


"Why?!" Jimin slams his hand down on to the table. 


"That's not a question I need to answer because you already know, you take something away from me and that's what you deserve." 


"Jeongguk isn't an object and he isn't yours, he doesn't belong to anyone." 

"He. Belongs. To. Me." Taehyung snarls at him but Jimin plays it cool. Well, as cool as he can play. 


"Your little gang's time is coming to an end, I hope you can get a grasp of that." Jimin stands to leave and escort Taehyung out of the room. 


"My gang will never end." Taehyung doesn't smile like he usually does and Jimin wants to think he's accomplished something out of this. "Oh, and sending your family to Busan isn't going to stop me sweet cheeks. We still got them." he winks at Jimin before walking towards the door. Jimin stays calm, doesn't give him the reaction he knows Taehyung wants this time and escorts him out of there. Whoever was keeping an eye on them wouldn't know exactly where they were. He was sure of it. 


Jimin runs his hands through his hair in irritation when Taehyung is out of his sight. The whole plan is already taking a toll on him even though he had just started with the investigations and now he had to face Jeongguk and explain what had happened. Taehyung's words still ring in his ears, 'he's done it before' and he's dubious even though he shouldn't be. He trusts Jeongguk to be honest with him but then again, he doesn't know Jeongguk entirely and what if something did happen that he wasn't aware of?




"What the fuck happened to you?" Jeongguks admonishes as soon as he lays his eyes on Jimin. 




"Come here, come here right now." when Jimin gets close enough Jeongguk grabs his face and assesses the damage. "Jimin?" he whispers, the distress obvious in his expression.  


"It's nothing." he moves away from Jeongguk's hands and takes his usual seat next to him. 

"What do you mean nothing? Look at you! Who did this?" Jeongguk is sitting upright and looking at him with turbulent eyes. Jimin wishes he didn't find the frown on his face so adorable. "Is this why you haven't come yet? You didn't want to come like this?" Jimin nods his head solemnly at him. "Tell me." he reaches out for Jimin's hand and Jimin doesn't hesitate to hold it in his. 


"It was Taehyung, they broke into my house yesterday." the look Jeongguk gives him was deathly.      


"What about your family?"


"They weren't home, thankfully. But they're still watching them," 


"Who was it?" 


"Two guys names Minho and Gunho, I don't know who they were." Jimin lies to Jeongguk, he wants to see his reaction.  


"I'll fucking kill those bastards." he sees the gears turning in his head, and Jimin knows that Jeongguk knows exactly who he's talking about. 


"Okay, I'd like to see you try from in here." Jimin snickers. 


"Shut the fuck up, Jimin. I'll get Namjoon hyung to get them, they'll pay-" 


"Do you understand how I felt now? You told me off for defending you and getting my knuckles split but you would do the same for me." 


"Jimin, they came into your home and beat you that's nothing like this." 


"It's exactly the same, you got beat and I was just trying to protect you."


"No it isn't-" 

"Stop, Jeonggukie. It's fine, I'm fine." 

"You're not, look at these bruises." he brushes his fingers gently along the side of Jimin's face. Jimin wraps his fingers around Jeongguk's wrist and presses a kiss into his palm. "Why would they do this?" 


"I've got it under control, stop worrying." they bask in the grouchy silence for a few moments, Jeongguk still sitting there with a frown on his face and Jimin can't help but be captivated by all of Jeongguk. He felt things so deeply and expressed how he felt so endearingly that it was inevitable that Jimin would be entirely consumed by Jeongguk's existence. 


"I'm gonna kick Taehyung's ass." Jeongguk eventually says petulantly and it makes Jimin smile. 


"Okay baby," he whispers, brushes Jeongguk's hair away from his face and he relaxes marginally from the small action.

"What are we going to do, Jimin?" 


"I have everything under control, don't worry about it." Jimin's hand drops to his shoulder and he massages it lightly, coaxing him to relax and sit back. 

"I was scared you weren't going to come today." 


"I'm sorry, I had to get straight to work today. I'm not going to leave you again."

"I know you won't." 

"Good," Jimin smiles at him, then leans in for a small kiss. "Hey, can I ask you a question?" 

"Of course, Jiminie." 


"What do you want to do after you leave here?" 


"God, so many things hyung. Too many things to even list." 


"What's the first thing you're going to do?" 


"I'm going to go get fried chicken and a banana milkshake." 




"Yeah and then I want to watch the sunset or sunrise from Inwangsan, depending on what time I get out. Those are the first things on my list." 


"That sounds nice." 


"You'll take me, right?" Jeongguk's eyes are hopeful, like he would be crushed if Jimin had even thought about refusing him.  


"I- of course, I'd love to take you." Jimin chokes on his own words because he didn't expect that. He thought that Jeongguk's plans after prison wouldn't involve him at all and he had no idea how relieved he felt knowing there was a place for him in Jeongguk's future. 


"Namjoon hyung will be a little mad, but he'll get over it." Jeongguk smiles. "I want you to take me to a lot of places, hyung." 

"I'll take you wherever you want to go." Jimin promises, their pinkies entwined to confirm it. Jeongguk's returning smile looks brighter than the sun, moon and stars put together and Jimin doesn't know what to do with himself, he can't breathe right.  

"I can't wait to be with you. Be happy with you." Jeongguk strokes along his neck before grabbing his collar and pulling him closer towards him. The smile Jimin gives him couldn't be any wider, any doubt that he had about what Taehyung had said, about what Jeongguk would do when he got out of there flew out of the window when Jeongguk looks at him. He looks at him with those big, intense eyes before closing the distance and kissing Jimin languidly, his hands drooping over his shoulders. "Come here." Jeongguk pulls at Jimin to try and get him onto the bed. Jimin complies with him because he needs the affection Jeongguk is so readily giving him, it was a rare occurrence for Jeongguk to initiate this sort of tenderness. Jimin wasn't going to miss the chance to cherish and savour it. He lays himself down next to him gently, making sure he doesn't come into contact with Jeongguk's body to hurt him. Jeongguk doesn't have any of it, he presses up against Jimin's body and his face presses into Jimin's neck. 

"You always smell so nice," he inhales Jimin and he can feel a shiver take over his whole body. Jeongguk does it again then starts to press kisses into his neck, soft bruising kisses that leave his skin tingling red. Somehow, Jeongguk ends up with Jimin's thigh in between his legs rutting against it, desperate and whining for Jimin to do something. Jimin knows how hard he is, but lets him be like that. He continues to kiss into Jeongguk's mouth, not letting him speak or beg for Jimin to 'please touch me, hyung'


"Soft lips." Jimin doesn't know why he whispers that to him, but presses a finger to Jeongguk's lips to touch them. They were so pink and Jimin loved them, loves kissing them until they were swollen and full. He puckers them and then opens his mouth to bite on the pad and then takes it into his mouth with a cheeky glint to his eyes.  

"I could put them to better use, right?" he says when Jimin pulls it out of his mouth. Jimin frowns at the choice of words he uses and can't help but feel heavyhearted.  


"No. I like them just where they are." Jimin says against his lips. He kisses Jeongguk again, hot and wet as he makes Jeongguk's breath stutter between them. 

"Let me put my mouth on you." 


"You said that I haven't-" 


"Jeongguk, no. That's not what I meant," Jimin turns his face so that he's staring at the ceiling. 


"Why don't you let me?" Jeongguk pulls his face towards him again so that he can look into his eyes. 


"You told me once that you hated it, that it made you feel used and disgusting when Taehyung made you do it. When the others made you do it and I don't want you to think of me in that way.." 


"Hyung, not when it's with you. I enjoy everything we do together." he strokes Jimin's cheek gently, reassuringly. 


"I don't want to use you like that, I don't want to be like them." 

"You will never be like them, Jiminie. You're mine." the last words were whispered so quietly Jimin could have missed them if he wasn't looking directly into Jeongguk's glassy eyes.  



"All mine." he ducks his head and then buries it into Jimin's chest in embarrassment and he's elated at the words. "Even though I don't deserve you. You're too good for me." 


"I'm not-" 


"You are." Jeongguk holds on to him tighter and then brings his head up again to kiss him fiercely, to prove his words. The kiss turns into something more and Jeongguk is back to rutting against his thigh for some relief on his still hard cock. He must be aching. 

"Jeongguk stop, let me-" 

"I'm fine, I'm so fine and nothing hurts please you can't stop now." Jeongguk babbles and Jimin finds it so cute.  


"I'm not stopping I just want to get my hand inside your trousers babe." Jimin laughs. Jeongguk shuffles a little bit back so that Jimin can get his hand in and Jeongguk kisses his nose as thanks. 

"You always make me feel so good, hyung. Don't ever doubt that." Jeongguk wraps his hands around Jimin's neck to ground him when he starts to stroke his length, slow and leisurely like they have all the time in the world. 

"Only I can make you this hard?" he twists his hand and Jeongguk lets out a low moan. 


"Only you, Jiminie, f-fuck." Jeongguk stops Jimin's hand by grabbing on to his wrist because he was too close to coming and Jimin had barely just touched him, Jimin could feel it in the way it had pulsed in his hand. He continues after a few seconds, making sure to make Jeongguk feel good. Jimin kissed up his neck, licking a stripe all the way up and then biting and nibbling on his earlobe. Jimin presses open mouthed kisses down his jaw before claiming his mouth again, his mouth hot against Jeongguk's. Jeongguk opens up to him immediately, letting their tongues tangle together all whilst Jimin's hand moves lazily up and down his throbbing cock. 

"Faster." Jeongguk breathes into his mouth, before closing the distance between them again. Jimin doesn't think he would ever get tired of kissing Jeongguk. He does it over and over and it feels just as good every time. Jeongguk makes it feel good. He listens to Jeongguk this time and moves faster, twisting his hand on the way up and Jeongguk shows his gratification through his words. He gushes over how good Jimin is, how his hands feel so good and his mouth feels amazing on his neck when he bites down on his sensitive spots. Jimin just wants to shut him up with his mouth because the walls aren't exactly soundproofed and if someone heard it wouldn't go down too well. 

"Look at me. I want you to watch me when I come." Jeongguk whispers this time and Jimin's cock jumps hard in his trousers at the words. 

"Fuck baby." he hisses before moving a pace faster trying to get Jeongguk off. "Such a pretty, pretty baby. Look at you." his eyes don't leave from Jeongguk's face now and Jeongguk tries hard to not close his eyes at the pleasure coursing through him. 

"Keep talking like that to me." 

"Yeah? You like it when I tell you how pretty and beautiful you are, how good you are for me?" 

"Love it so much, I'm nearly-" 

"You close baby? Keep your eyes on me, okay?" Jimin's voice is husky and he can feel Jeongguk, how close he is. "My pretty Jeonggukie, come for me. Let me watch you." and he's so good that he does, he comes all over Jimin's hand with a whine that makes Jimin feel hazy. "Good boy." he mutters to him. Watching Jeongguk's face scrunch up in pleasure was breath-taking. His eyes pressed tightly together and his mouth hanging open in pleasure, Jimin was in real awe of the beauty that Jeongguk displayed. Jimin brings his hand up to his mouth and makes sure Jeongguk watches as he puts his fingers into his mouth, tasting Jeongguk. Jeongguk's grip gets tighter on him and he pulls his fingers out of his mouth and replaces it with his mouth instead. Jeongguk is desperate when he kisses into his mouth to taste himself and it does nothing for Jimin's rapid heartbeat.

"Hyung, you're so- I- you j-just-" 

"Hey, it's okay. What's wrong?" Jimin smooths a hand down his back. 

"You're amazing." Jeongguk lets out but Jimin has a feeling that it wasn't what he wanted to say. 

"You're beautiful." Jeongguk blushes at the compliment and then turns around so he doesn't have to look at Jimin. 

"Hey, you brat. Turn around." Jimin pokes him in the back, then pokes his ass.  


"No 'm tired now." Jeongguk swats his hands away but Jimin just pulls him back so that their bodies were pressed against each other. "You're so hard." he whispers, as Jimin's crotch comes into contact with his ass. 

"Not my fault you have a great ass." 

"It'll be even greater when you fuck it." Jimin chokes on air at that and hits him to shut him up when he laughs. He grinds against his ass once and Jeongguk lets out a sound of surprise. "Don't, I'll just get hard again." he whimpers and Jimin kisses away his pout. 

"Sorry, sleep now baby." 



"I have to be out of here tomorrow." He takes a deep breath. "I'm scared." 

"You don't have to be scared, I've got you." Jimin squeezes his hip in empathy. Jeongguk had every right to be scared, what had happened wasn't something you could recover from in as little as a couple of days. But Jimin was going to be right here with him and he was going to protect Jeongguk no matter what. The guy he had been involved with was to be sent straight to isolation but that wasn't the point, Taehyung could easily persuade someone else to beat Jeongguk up this time. It was fear that Jimin had felt too, almost losing Jeongguk to the incident was distressing to Jimin and he wouldn't let it happen again. 

"We can't do this anymore." he pats Jimin's hand that was around his waist.  

"We always find a way to be together, Guk." 


"Yeah," his words drift off and he seems to be mulling over things in his head. Jimin leaves him to his thoughts because he gets caught up in his own. Jeongguk doesn't know that Jimin is so close to proving his innocence and he can't wait to see the smile on Jeongguk's face when he gets there. It could be a matter of days, at most a matter of weeks and he's anticipating that it goes well for Jeongguk and for him. He hopes that what he had planned will work in favour for him and Jeongguk. 

"Sleep." he presses a kiss against the side of his head. "I need to go but I'll be back, okay?" 

"Okay hyung, I'll see you later." he doesn't let Jimin's hand go when he stands and looks up at him with a small smile that hits Jimin right in the centre of his heart. 

"Baby, let go." he tugs at his hand but Jeongguk's grip gets tighter and then he's pulling Jimin down to press their lips together. 


"See you later." he smiles against Jimin's mouth. Jimin grins back at him stupidly before he makes his way out of the room. He has to steady his heartbeat before he moves any further because Jeongguk makes him feel breathless and weightless and suddenly he has no legs and he feels like he's floating. He was in way too deep and he didn't know whether it was a good or bad thing. 

Jimin eventually gets back to work but he can't think, his mind was occupied with Jeongguk. His face when he smiles, the way he touches Jimin and the way they kiss. He couldn't stop thinking about it. 


"Go." Jisoo calls from his desk from where he's filling out paperwork.  




"Oh sorry, I forgot I can't tell you what to do anymore. You can go home, I've got things covered in here for the rest of the afternoon." 


"No it's fine." 


"Jimin, you're obviously preoccupied. I've got it." 


"Are you sure?" Jimin could do with the afternoon off, he had the evidence that Namjoon needed and he couldn't really wait any longer to put it off. He wanted to make sure Yoongi had spoken to Namjoon too. 

"I'll ring you if I need you." 

"Thanks, Jisoo." 



"Yoongi hyung?" 

"Don't talk to me, I'm only here because Jimin sent me here. I don't want to speak to you." Yoongi walks towards him, his co-workers gawking at him speaking to Namjoon like that. It wasn't just how he had spoken to Jimin that had annoyed him, he knew that Namjoon was hiding things from him and Yoongi didn't like it one bit. He hadn't said anything to Namjoon explicitly but Namjoon was clever enough to know that Yoongi wasn't happy. He throws the reports containing all the files on his desk with a stony glare.

"Please. Just listen to me for one minute." Namjoon is desperate when he grabs his hand and Yoongi scowls at him. 


"You have thirty seconds." Yoongi looks at everyone staring at them and they all rush to get back in their booths and back to work. Namjoon stands and pushes him into the vacant seat before kneeling before him. 


"Hyung, I'm sorry for everything but please just understand what I'm trying to do." he keeps his voice steady and to a low volume.  


"Do you even know what Jimin is going through right now? Do you know how it feels to think that the people you love have been taken from you? And then you have the audacity to come into my home to speak to my little brother like that. And then you hide things from me and don't talk to me about things. So, don't sit there and tell me what I did or said wasn't justified." Yoongi's voice stays level and calm and he's thankful because it just makes Namjoon warier of him and what he had done. 


"You were completely justified and I'm the biggest idiot, in that moment I was just so angry and I need to work on learning to control my anger. I'm so sorry and I want you to forgive me." Namjoon says and grabs his hand. Yoongi doesn't pull away and he hopes that Namjoon knows he's thawing somewhat. "But Jimin extended Jeongguk's sentence, he signed it off and I don't know what to think anymore. I'm so confused, hyung." 


"Jimin has got all the evidence you need." he gestures to the large envelope with his free hand and Namjoon let's go of his hand in order to open it up. A USB drive slips out along with countless reports. Namjoon sifts through them with wide eyes and he plugs the USB in to listen to the recording that Jimin had sent in. He looks up at Yoongi with astonishment marring his expression. 

"Hyung, this wasn't what I asked for?"

"I know." 


"Hyung, this isn't just going to get Jeongguk out of there." 


"I know." 

"This is going to end Kim Taehyung." Yoongi looks at him dead on. Yoongi was proud of Jimin and he didn't hesitate to make sure Namjoon knew that. Jimin was extraordinary and the world was about to see it.  


Chapter Text

Yoongi had left Namjoon with a promise that he can come by soon, nothing was okay between the two just yet. They still had a lot to talk about but it was better, the strange niggle in Namjoon’s heart had loosened from purely just his presence and he was thankful that Jimin had sent him instead. With the evidence he had, Jeongguk could be out of there in a matter of days, provided he did everything right with it.

Namjoon replays the videos over and over. He didn’t understand how Jimin had got all of this within the space of a few weeks when this was what he had been looking for, for almost two years. It wasn’t impossible but it would have been pretty difficult to get all of this information and Namjoon feels guilt clouding his mind and he is unable to hear himself think. He had accused Jimin of falsifying those reports and signing them off but all Jimin had wanted was the same thing Namjoon did. He wanted Jeongguk free and Kim Taehyung gone. He had doubted Jimin’s true feelings for Jeongguk, like an older brother would, but Jimin had gone above and beyond for Jeongguk. Namjoon wanted to speak to Jimin, to apologise profusely to him for underestimating his capabilities but Yoongi had advised against it for now. He suggested speaking to Jimin after the whole plan had been carried out and things had settled. Namjoon couldn’t refuse that, they would have more time to speak about things thoroughly.

There was no doubt that Jimin loved Jeongguk, he had wanted him out of there and had collected the evidence in a tight timeframe and where he would be at risk of losing his job for meddling into police matters. Jimin was just a ward officer, he didn’t have the rights to be playing detective or proving someone’s innocence. Namjoon felt remorseful and to make things even more distressing, he didn’t know what to do with all the evidence, he didn’t know where to start.


The video that had started playing was shocking and it had bought tears to Namjoon’s eyes. To see Taehyung treat Jeongguk in that way, to use him like that and abuse him mentally and physically was something Namjoon couldn’t bear to see and it pained him deeply. He could understand why Jimin had worked so hard and fast to get all of this for him, it was because Jeongguk was being tortured in there.

That was his baby brother and he couldn’t protect him from any of this shit that he didn’t deserve. Jeongguk had needlessly been strong-headed and put on a façade in front of Namjoon that he was okay, he showed him no amount of struggle or pain and Namjoon hated himself for not noticing it any earlier. He was in awe of Jeongguk, the amount of power and loyalty he had shown was incomparable to anything else Namjoon had ever seen. He could see why both Jimin and Jeongguk were so captivated by each other, they were similar in many ways yet so different but they worked together well. Namjoon was contrite and he had a long night ahead of him to make sense of it all and go about it in the best way possible.




“You should have seen his eyes, Jimin. I’ve never seen them that big, how did you get all of that?”


“It was easy, a few cameras here and there, I took my voice recorder with me everywhere. As for how I know what their tactics were, Taehyung didn’t have a very good hiding spot for his undercover phone and it was easy to hack into too. It was almost too easy for me,”

“That’s insane, you did well.” Yoongi pats him on the back as they have dinner together in Jimin’s kitchen. “They don’t know where Hyuna and the kids are, only that they’re in Busan but I’ve still got to be careful.”

“Don’t underestimate him still, and don’t get too cocky about it. You still don’t know what he could pull out of his sleeve.”

“I think I have him figured out pretty good.”


“So what now?”

“Namjoon hyung is going to submit all the evidence to his case and they’ll get Jeongguk out of there, depending on how fast he can work on the case.”

“I know Namjoon, he’ll have it done by tomorrow.” Yoongi says, with a certainty that made Jimin smile wistfully. “When Jeongguk gets out, won’t Taehyung just employ someone else to watch him and then the whole cycle will just repeat itself.”


“With the evidence that I have, Kim Taehyung won’t be staying in just any prison,”

“He’ll be sent away?”


“From what I’ve discussed with the chief, he’ll be sent to Kaechon Re-education Camp to complete his life sentence. He’s coming nowhere near us or Jeongguk ever again.”


“Fuck.” Yoongi whistles. “What will happen to the rest of them?”  


“Taemin hyung and Sungwoon have got eyes on Minho and the rest of them downtown, we’ve found out where the whole gang is residing so when the times right, they sweep the place and get them all locked up in different prisons around the country. No one is getting away this time.” It was a good job that Jimin was good friends with the guys that worked in the police force because it meant he could tip them off about all their whereabouts and it meant that he could potentially get rid of all of them for good. There wasn’t going to be a gang anymore and he couldn’t wait to not fear for his life every time he stepped out the door. He couldn’t wait to stop worrying about his family and about what would happen to Jeongguk when he gets out of there. Jimin had promised himself he would get Jeongguk out of there and it was really going to happen.   


“It’s a pretty big project, do you think it’ll pull through?”


“It’s high risk and we need the timings down to a T, but it’s doable.” Jimin runs his hand through his hair. It was extremely high risk and it would be a miracle if things went smoothly without any hiccups but Jimin was prepared for whatever outcome, his determination was going to make this work.  


“How many people are we talking?”


“Sungwoon said it was well into the hundreds,”


“He has that many people working for him?”


“The power Kim Taehyung holds is indestructible hyung, it’s almost like I’m digging my own grave.”


“All this for your boy lover.” Yoongi says with a suggestive look that makes Jimin’s cheeks flush pink.  




“It’s fine, I understand. I would do the same for Joonie.”


“I don’t know how to do this, hyung.”


“What do you mean?”


“When Jeongguk gets out, I can’t carry on like this.” It was inevitable as soon as he had become close with Jeongguk that he would be giving up everything for him. Jeongguk had that impact on him, he fell in love hard and fast with him and because of this he had realised that he was living his whole life as a lie. Jeongguk had been that much of an enlightenment that he had made Jimin realise he was truly missing out on a happy life, Jeongguk showed him what it was like to love and to be truly happy. To make the best out of difficult situations and he would be indebted to him because Jimin didn’t want to live his life caught up in lies. He wanted to be happy, he wanted his family to be happy and that couldn’t happen if Jimin didn’t change it for himself. For the better. Jimin was in love with Jeongguk and he wanted to spend his time with Jeongguk, even if they weren’t together after prison, even if Jeongguk decides he doesn’t want Jimin. Jimin needed to live for himself and be happy and most importantly make his kids happy. Jeongguk had shown him that, he learnt that from Jeongguk.


But he wanted to be with Jeongguk so bad. It was so strange because Jeongguk had made him feel so many things that he had thoughts of spending the rest of his life with him if that’s something Jeongguk would want.  


“You have to do what’s right for you.”


“I know what’s right but I’m not sure I want to do it, I’m going to hurt too many people.”


“Your happiness is the most important thing in this whole thing, I’m the one telling you this. You need to be

happy now, and I’m not accepting you doing anything less, understand?”


“My kids, hyung.”


“You’ll still have them, they’ll still be there. So will Hyuna, you think too little of her. She would never do anything to hurt you or separate you from your children.”


“I know she wouldn’t but it’s still scary going into this. What will I tell my parents and her parents? What will I tell people?”


“You’ve spent your whole life thinking of others, anyone and everyone but yourself. It’s time to put yourself first, be selfish for once in your life.” Yoongi says with a brutality that makes Jimin shiver. “Do you really want Jeongguk?”


“Of course I do, I want everything with him.” Jimin avoids eye contact because Yoongi will give him one look and it will already be decided what he has to do.


“Then let it happen. You can’t push him away now, it would break his heart. Be honest to Hyuna, be honest to yourself and everything will fall into place.”


“Why do I let myself get into situations like this?” Jimin presses his fingers against his temple, he has had this dreaded feeling that things are just going to go horribly wrong. He has already driven his family away because of Kim Taehyung but he can’t help but feel wary about more going wrong. It was going to happen, he could sense it.   


“Quit it, you’re going to be fine but if you’re not then at least you still have me.”


“Thank you, hyung. I know you don’t like hearing it but you’ve done more for me than you can ever even imagine.”


“I’d do it all again in a heartbeat, we just want you to be happy for once.”


“I love you.” Jimin drapes his arms over his shoulder from behind him, he knows Yoongi hates affection of any sort or saying those kinds of words.


“Shutup, get off me.” Yoongi elbows him to get him off. “You know what you’re doing?”


“I’m terrified, but I think I do.” Jimin deflates and Yoongi looks at him with a knowing smile. “I think I want to move away.” He says after they bask in a comfortable silence for a while.


“Move away? Where?”


“I don’t know, I don’t think I want to live in the city anymore. I need peace.”


“I hear you, it doesn’t do too well with your mind. The noise, the people.”


“I want to be by the beach.”




“Maybe, who knows? Once this is all over hyung, I’m leaving everything. I’m never going back to that prison ever again.” Jimin had made the decision within a few weeks of working at the prison. He couldn’t leave it in the state that it was and he couldn’t stop himself with getting involved with Jeongguk but he had made the decision that after it was all over, he was never going to work in a prison ever again.


“I’ll miss you.”


“You’re the only one I would stay for, hyung.”


“I don’t want you to stay, I want you to be happy. Does that mean Jeongguk would move too?”


“I don’t know, he hasn’t thought that far ahead I guess. If he wants to move with me then I would take him with me for sure, but I won’t force him. All I know is that I need to get out of here. Not too far so we can still visit.”


“I agree with you for once, this place is too toxic for people like you.” He ignores the intentional dig at himself.


“People like me?”


“What I mean is that you’re too nice to everyone in this foolish city and they take it for granted, not everyone deserves you Jiminie.”


“Stop that, I am nothing.” Yoongi laughs at him but he knows that Jimin is a rarity. You don’t get people like him at all, the person he was, was beyond compare to anyone and he really hoped that Jeongguk would take good care of him. He needed all the love and tender care he could get because he had spent too much of his life not caring about himself when all he wanted was someone to love him so deep it hurts.


“The plan will work, right?”


“I’ll make sure it does, hyung.”


“Please be careful with this. I need you to be.”


“Don’t worry hyung, I’ve got it all under control.” Jimin said with vulgar confidence, but Yoongi knows better. Yoongi didn’t want to be involved in this, Namjoon had warned him plenty, but there was no matter in the choice anymore. Jimin needed to be happy and free and Yoongi was going to make sure he was.




Jimin can no longer go to the room Jeongguk had resided in and it was almost killing him to not be able to see him every day in the way he wanted. He wanted to touch him and console him and make sure he was alright, press kisses on every inch of his face like he had done before but couldn’t do anymore. The days passed by and Jimin was getting more and more impatient and it seemed like Jeongguk was getting steadily more distant. It had been a week since they’d had any physical contact. The forlorn looks Jeongguk would give him across the canteen or when he was in the workshop working despite being reprimanded for not resting his ribs, would make Jimin’s heart ache in longing.


“Inmate!” Jimin called him from across the courtyard where he was shooting hoops with another inmate.


“Yes sir?” Jeongguk runs towards him and Jimin cringes. His ribs hadn’t fully healed, and he was doing high impact activities that could damage them further and prevent them from healing.


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Jimin spits at him, grabbing his wrist instinctively. 


“I- what?” Jeongguk looks lost, like he couldn’t possibly imagine what his behaviour was doing to Jimin.


“You’re not supposed to be out here, especially not playing games like that.” Jimin hates feeling like he was telling him off, but he had no idea what Jeongguk was playing at.


“Don’t tell me what to do, Jimin.” He yanks his hand out of Jimin’s grip and almost stumbles back over his feet. Jimin was taken aback but not due to his stubbornness, Jimin was used to that. It was because he hadn’t properly spoken to Jeongguk in days and why wasn’t he as concerned about it as Jimin was? It seemed like he didn’t care at all that they hadn’t spent any time with each other when they had spent every day together just days prior. Jimin couldn’t help but think that maybe Jeongguk had gotten sick of him, maybe he didn’t want Jimin anymore?  


“You’re going to get hurt.” Jimin softens his tone, he hadn’t been exactly cordial in the way he had spoken to him but it was just because he was frustrated that they couldn’t be together like they had.  


“Then fucking let me.” He walks backwards, his eyes locked onto Jimin’s with an annoyed look before turning around and running back to where he was. Jimin runs his hand through his hair in frustration. Why had Jeongguk behaved like that with him? Just when Jimin was guaranteed they were so undeniably close to Jeongguk’s freedom. Had he done something to upset him, maybe? Jimin couldn’t recall anything especially because he hadn’t spoken to him a lot. He would have to speak to him soon, or maybe when he was finally released from here. The days to his release were minimal.


Jimin left the courtyard blaming himself, maybe he was just too harsh with him and had too much expectation to be together when they were back to their usual routine. Of course it was going to be hard to be together at the same level as before, but time was ticking and he didn’t have to wait much longer to have Jeongguk all the time, whenever he wanted. Jimin just had to hold out a menial while longer.


“Long day?” Jisoo asks when they settle in for the late shift, just before dinner time. Jimin really didn’t want to be working the night shift today, he just wanted to go home to sleep even though he was aware of who was watching him. They were always watching.   


“Isn’t it always?” Jisoo hums in response.


“Hey, I just wanted to apologise,” Jisoo fidgets, doesn’t know what to do with his hands.




“I know I haven’t been the best to be around recently, this whole thing has been taxing. I know it has been

moreso for you but I’m sorry. And I’m sorry I couldn’t help you,”


“Jisoo, it’s fine. I know how it feels to be put in such a difficult predicament. Don’t beat yourself up about it.” He clasps a hand around his shoulder. Jimin knew he had things somewhat in control now but he still had the uncertainty of when things go wrong. He didn’t have anyone else in here supporting him if things got out of hand with Taehyung. The big dogs wouldn’t do jack shit when it could cost them their own lives.   


“I still feel bad,” Jisoo looks despondent and Jimin feels sorry for him.


“Actually, there’s one thing you could do for me. I think it might bring you great satisfaction, actually.” Jimin grins, his mind going into overdrive at the possibility of Jisoo being involved in the plan even though it’s almost too late.




Jeongguk gives him a cold stare from across the room at dinner, and he really doesn’t know what he’s done wrong. He pays no mind to it, he’ll be out of there soon and then he can make it up to him all he wants. He’ll set everything right and they’ll be okay because then at least they’ll be together.


When Jeongguk leaves the canteen, he comes close to slip something into Jimin’s pocket. He looks at Jimin with a whirlwind of expression and for once, Jimin can’t read him. He doesn’t know why Jeongguk looks at him that way and it scares him. He doesn’t know if it’s pain or hatred but the usual sparkle in his eyes is dulled down and he can’t understand it. Jeongguk says nothing but continues and makes his way out. Jimin waits until he’s in the office before he looks at the note.


‘Our usual place. Ten minutes.’


He really knew something was wrong because Jeongguk would never leave a note like this for him, it was usually filled with drawings or it would say something like ‘can’t wait to see you in ten minutes’. It would never be something so direct and formal. With his nerves standing on end, Jimin tells Jisoo he’ll be back in a few minutes and to start the checks without him. Confused, Jimin makes his way to the store room they usually meet up in and slips in quietly. When he sees Jeongguk leaning against the back wall, he says nothing. They both say nothing for what seems like a long time.  

“Jeongguk, what’s wrong?” Jimin finally breaks because Jeongguk’s eyes are shining and he doesn’t know what it means. He tentatively walks closer and closer and he doesn’t tell Jimin to stop. Jeongguk looks away to the side, refusing to make eye contact. “Hey?” Jimin puts his hand on his chin to force him to look at him and a tear is forced to roll down his face. “Tell me what it is?” Jimin whispers, soft as to not startle him or push him away. He catches the tear on his finger and then Jeongguk’s face crumples as he pushes Jimin away.


“Stop.” A whisper so quiet that Jimin wouldn’t have heard it if he didn’t feel for Jeongguk so deeply.  


“Tell me what I did wrong so that I can make it right.” Jimin pleads. He pulls Jeongguk into his arms and is only met with a little bit of resistance before he moulds into Jimin. Jimin presses his face into Jeongguk's neck and he can feel how rapid his pulse is. He presses his lips against his pulse, willing it to slow down but it doesn’t and Jeongguk doesn’t say anything. Jimin lifts his head to look at him again and his heart aches for him, why was he so sad? Why was he in so much pain? Jimin takes his face in his hands and kisses his tears away, if only he knew how close he was to leaving this place. Jimin presses his lips against Jeongguk's, just a gentle press. 


"Your lips are so soft when you cry," he mutters before touching them with his fingers. Jeongguk stays mute and frozen, the anguish gone from his eyes when he stares at nothing in particular, he isn't even looking at Jimin. "Baby?" Jimin wills him to look at him and when their eyes meet, Jimin's breath rushes out of him. 

"Jimin." his voice is lower than usual and he's right there but he sounds so far away from Jimin. He was shaking. Jeongguk looks down to his lips, then grabs his neck kissing into Jimin's mouth desperately as it if it was the last time they would do this. Jimin can't breathe, Jeongguk doesn't let him. When he finally breaks away, needing air himself, he presses his forehead against Jimin's and breathes the same air that Jimin lets out. "I'm so sorry." he chokes on his words and Jimin is perplexed. He thought he had done something wrong, not the other way around.


“Sorry for what?” Jeongguk doesn’t reply, he just kisses him again but softer this time savouring the taste of Jimin in his mouth and caressing his body so gently with shaking hands. “Sorry for what, Jeongguk?” Jimin repeats when Jeongguk avoids eye contact again. Jeongguk looks behind him and Jimin turns to follow his gaze and he freezes.


“Perfect Jeonggukie.” Kim Taehyung has his hands in his pockets and is leaning against the closed door. Jimin was completely unaware that he had been here, had he been here all this time? Had Jeongguk known he was in here? He begins to clap his hands and it sounds too loud in the quiet room.


“That was perfect acting.” Acting? Why would Jeongguk be acting? Jimin feels a rush of dread fill his limbs. What was this? Jimin steps away from Jeongguk, no longer breathing the same air and he feels cold, colder than he had been for weeks because Jeongguk doesn’t look at him, he looks at Taehyung instead with a sly smile that he had never seen Jeongguk sport before.


“Jeongguk?” he speaks but it sounds weird coming out of his mouth.


“Tell him, Jeonggukie.” Taehyung is walking towards them, grabs Jeongguk by his hand and spins him around so that his back is pressed against Taehyung’s front. Taehyung drops kisses onto his neck and Jeongguk has his eyes closed tight. No. Please god no.


“Tell me what?” Jimin’s voice trembles as he looks at the two of them together. Jeongguk refuses to look at Jimin and he needs to know what this was all about.


“Go on, sweetheart. You can do it.” Taehyung presses one more kiss on the side of his neck before pulling back to watch them. When Jeongguk’s eyes open again, they are dark and furious.


“This was all a lie. I made you think that I liked you, that I wanted you but it was all fake. It was all just to get you here right now, for Tae.” Jeongguk’s voice is strong and steady, void of any emotion at all.


“Baby no.” Jimin chokes and takes a step towards him and reaches out for him, tears springing into his eyes. Was he lying? Was this all some kind of sick joke that Jeongguk wanted to pull on him? He knew. Jimin knew this was all a lie, that what Jeongguk was saying was all a lie. He believed Jeongguk liked him, loved him even. He was so sure of it, the looks in his eyes and the way he would speak and treat Jimin. It was all real, there was nothing fake about it.


When Jeongguk steps back into Taehyung, Jimin halts.


“What? You think I’m lying?” Jeongguk laughs, it sounds forced. But he couldn’t tell what was real or what was fake anymore.


“You are lying, there’s no way-“ Jimin’s tone raises.


“Believe it Jimin, he did all this for me. Because he’s mine, and he would do anything for me, right?” Taehyung says, his hand on Jeongguk’s waist which leaves a bitter taste in Jimin’s mouth. Jeongguk nods his head at that with a shy smile thrown to Taehyung. Jeongguk was lying, Jimin was sure of it. Jeongguk wouldn’t do this to him, to them. They had so much planned to do together after prison and that wouldn’t have been fake, that was all real. Jeongguk was lying to him because Taehyung was here and he wanted to protect himself. That was it. “What did I promise you in return?”


“That I could stay and watch.” Jimin’s knees give out when he says that and they hit the floor with a loud thud. The pain doesn’t even register in his head because nothing compares to the pain of a shattered heart. Those words coming from Jeongguk completely broke his trust and hope in Jeongguk lying to him. Jeongguk would never say something as crude as that if his feelings were even slightly real.


“Did you tell him about the other officer? The one who liked you too? The one who tried to take you away from me?” Jeongguk shakes his head at that and Taehyung grins at Jimin from over Jeongguk’s shoulder. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you about it.” Jimin can’t respond, he can’t speak. The betrayal registers in his head and he is in so much pain. Taehyung had warned him. Taehyung had said there was someone else.


“Where is he now, Jimin?” Taehyung says, and then answers his own question. “Buried six feet under, that’s where. You’re lucky you’re still living, but it’s only because I like you.” Jimin’s heart stops, if he comes out of here alive he’ll never get involved in something like this again. Never get involved with someone like Jeongguk. For the first time since he’s met Taehyung, he is afraid.


“What did I tell you, Jimin? About taking things that belong to me?” Taehyung lets go of Jeongguk before walking towards Jimin. “How many fucking times did I warn you?” Taehyung grabs his chin to force his face to look at Taehyung.


Jimin doesn’t cry, he is too numb to do so. All he could think about was the words him and Jeongguk had shared, the moments between them that had been so sweet for Jimin but meant absolutely nothing at all to Jeongguk. He had sacrificed his whole life, his job for Jeongguk and this is what he had got in return, a slap on the face. Jimin was utterly heartbroken, his hand to his chest wasn’t helping the pain cease. Looking at Jeongguk’s face made the pain inflate further in his chest because he looked so nonchalant, like this wasn’t affecting him in the slightest and it hurt. It hurt so much.


His Jeongguk was never his and he was gone, his life completely ruined at the concept of Jeongguk lying to him all this time. He didn’t expect the blow to his head but he didn’t react to it either because he couldn’t feel it, he was numb all over.


“Jesus, you really do fucking love him, don’t you?” Jimin starts to get up again, he needs to get out of here but Taehyung pushes him back on to his knees again. “Stay just like that, sweet cheeks. I need you like this for later.” He caresses his cheek softly and Jimin doesn’t even have the energy to push him off. He can’t think straight and there’s a ringing inside of his head from what has just been revealed to him. Jeongguk has been lying to him.


“I loved you, Jeongguk.” He says, he has nothing to lose anymore. He doesn’t care if he makes himself look stupid because he would never see Jeongguk ever again. Jeongguk’s smile fades from his face when he looks at Jimin and he is looking at Jimin like he used to. Like his Jeongguk used to.


“Didn’t I tell you he did? Such a sweet boy my Jeonggukie is, gets anyone to their knees.” Taehyung laughs,

looking down at Jimin and brushing his fingers through his locks. “Even got one of the most stubborn guys to comply with him. See, this is why you work for me, Guk, always aiming for perfection, aren’t you?” Jimin startles. Jeongguk was working for Taehyung this whole time. The whole time Jimin had spent trying to get Jeongguk away from the holds of Taehyung and he had been working with him all along. Suddenly, a lot of things had been made clear to Jimin. When Jeongguk had warned him to stay away from him, when he was surprised by Jimin knowing that Taehyung had been behind the whole attack. The attack. Jeongguk had known about it and still had let Jimin take care of him and nurse him back to health. Jimin felt used and disgusted.


“Always.” The quiver in his voice should give Jimin some sort of satisfaction but it doesn’t, it just hurts him more. The pain in his chest gets increasingly heavier and more painful the longer he stays in this room.


"What else do you want from me?" Jimin wills himself not to cry, not to cry for someone who would do this to him. He needs to leave, he wants to get up and run out of the room so they don't have to look at his heart breaking right in front of their eyes but his legs betray him. He doesn't want either of them to get the satisfaction of seeing him so distraught.  


"There's a lot that I want from you, Park. Just depends whether you're going to give it to me or not." 


"I'll give you anything so I can get out of here," Jimin finally breaks eye contact with Jeongguk and looks up at Taehyung instead. He has this strange urge inside, to hurt Jeongguk as much as he's hurting too. To make him feel the indescribable fear and torment he's feeling. He wants to hurt Jeongguk until there are tears in his eyes so he can see his true emotions, so he's not standing there and acting like he doesn't care about Jimin and what happens to him. But Jimin can't. He loves Jeongguk so much to the point he still couldn't do anything remotely horrible to hurt him, he was just exhausted. He had fought so hard for Jeongguk's freedom, worked so hard and it had taken its toll on him, he knew that. But the fact that it seemed so pointless now if he wanted to stay in here with Taehyung made him void of any sort of vigour or determination. He was helpless and defeated.


He still believed Jeongguk was innocent from the evidence that he had uncovered and from what Namjoon had said of him, but he had been brainwashed into working for Taehyung and this was no longer something he wanted to snap Jeongguk out of. He was exhausted and he would do anything to just go home and never come back here ever again. He didn't care anymore. Jeongguk would have to live without him or Taehyung but at least he would have Namjoon when he got out. He was no longer Jimin's concern, Jeongguk had made damn sure that Jimin never got involved with him ever again.


“You’re making this too easy, at least resist a little to make this fun for me.” Taehyung sneers at him, his large hands grabbing his face to make sure they made eye contact. “I hope you enjoyed your time with my Jeongguk.”


Jimin doesn’t give him the satisfaction of a response. He could easily disrupt Taehyung’s thoughts with his words, he could make him second guess and question himself. He knew he could do that. But what was the point of it all anymore? He had nothing left to fight for, Jeongguk was fighting for himself.


“Take what you want from me, you’ve been waiting a long time haven’t you?”


“You know, you surprise me Park Jimin.” He ponders with his chin in his hand, stroking absentmindedly. “You pegged me to be the type that was loyal, professional. I never expected you to be here right now, but I love a challenge. And I succeeded with the help of Jeongguk.”


“Please.” Jimin chokes as he begs Taehyung to shutup, he didn’t want to stay here a minute longer.


“You cheated on your wife for him, what a fucking slut. What would she do if she found out, hm? A good-looking woman like that, she’d leave you in a heartbeat. Has left you, hasn’t she?”




“She’s gone Jimin, along with your kids. I didn't want to kill them because I know it would have hurt you more knowing she left on her own accord. Now who do you have left? Yoongi? He won’t stick around for you, he has his own life to get on with, with Namjoon.” He can sense Jeongguk shift from where he stands, fidgets. Because he does that when he’s nervous. Jimin’s anger boils up because he doesn't know what Taehyung is talking about, but he presses it down and it’s surprisingly easy this time.


Taehyung is trying to get a reaction out of him and as he has learnt many times, he won’t give in, he doesn’t have the energy anyway. Jimin is just surprised Taehyung knows so much, but he now understands that Jeongguk had been the one telling him all this. All the times Jeongguk had pried into his life, asked him about life outside the prison he thought it was because he was genuinely curious about him. He knows now that it was so that he could give the information to Taehyung and he is distraught about that fact. He couldn’t believe he had trusted someone so much, enough to bare himself out in front of him with all his flaws laid out on the table. The vulnerability of what he had done was catching up to him, he was so fucking annoyed with himself.


“I know that, they were too good for me.”


“Oh look. Pity party for Jimin, is that what you think you’re going to get from me? After the way you’ve treated me?” Taehyung grabs his shoulders to hold him in place, keeps their eyes locked. He can’t even bear to look at Jeongguk anymore, his face making him feel sick to the stomach. “Being patient is my forte and you’re finally about to pay for it. I’ve been waiting for this day for months.”


“Get on with it, Kim.” Jimin conveys how fed up he is through his voice. Taehyung kneels in front of him so that they're eye-level and brushes Jimin's hair out of his face, almost endearingly and Jimin flinches away from the touch. 


"Guk, come here." he calls for Jeongguk but Jimin doesn't want Jeongguk anywhere near him. Jeongguk obeys, of course he does. "Kiss him. I want to watch it." 


"No." Jimin breathes with his wide eyes, pleading with Taehyung, he wouldn't be able to handle it. It was fine a few moments before, nice even. But now, for that to happen would completely ruin Jimin, it would tear him apart. "Don't you dare touch me." he whispers it but it sounds so loud in the room, the sound echoing as he turns Jeongguk down. He couldn't even bear to look at his face, knowing it would continue to pound at his heart. 


"There was no problem with it all this time, do it Jeon." Taehyung says with a sly glint in his eyes, he really was fucking messed up in the head. 


"Tae. I've finished with him, I don't want to anymore." The words shoot through Jimin’s heart, making the pain unbearable. How could his sweet Jeongguk do this to him? Make him hurt so bad to the point he wanted to empty the content of his stomach out and his head blowing up in excruciating pain.   


"Not as good as me?" Jimin doesn't wait for a response from Jeongguk, he scrambles up trying to get up off the floor with shaking legs but Taehyung pushes him back down and he groans in frustration. "I want your lips Jimin." he presses his fingers against his lips and brushes them softly. "I've been dreaming about these ever since you started here."


Jimin wished he had never started at this godawful prison in the first place. Taehyung grins at him in a disgusting way that makes his bones shiver, he knows he's about to be tortured. He doesn't have the heart to stand up for himself, he deserves this. He deserves it all.


"What they'd look like wrapped around my dick," he licks his lips and his breath fans out against the side of his face. Jimin hears Jeongguk whimper and he steels himself, none of this was right. "Make sure you're watching Guk." he calls back, and Jimin risks a glance up at Jeongguk and his breath is taken away. He has his eyes scrunched tight and he looks like he's pain. Jimin should take some victory in it but all he feels is regret, why does he feel so much regret when he hadn't done anything to cause his pain. Taehyung takes Jimin's bottom lip into his mouth and bites down hard which makes him yelp but he doesn't kiss him and Jimin is thankful.


"Get here." Taehyung stands and reaches out for Jeongguk, grabbing him from the back of his neck to secure him in place. Jeongguk lets out what sounds like a forced laugh (it didn't sound anything like when Jimin had made him laugh) and puts his arm around Taehyung's waist, moving down to his trousers to undo them. "Good boy." he praises right into Jeongguk's ear but Jimin hears it. Jimin looks up at Jeongguk to see if he can see anything, anything at all with his last bit of hope and with his heart on his sleeve but Jeongguk stares blankly back at him and shoves Taehyung's trousers down to his knees. Taehyung rewards him with a bite to his ear lobe and then turns his attention back to Jimin looking at down at him with a predatory gaze. 


"You ready, sweetcheeks?" he looks away to meet Jeongguk's eyes one last time, a plead in his eyes. He didn't want this but he was too weak to fight for himself, to not let this happen. He was too overwhelmed with Jeongguk’s betrayal clouding his mind that he wasn’t thinking at all. Taehyung backs him up until his head is pressed against the wall, Jimin tries to turn his face away but Taehyung grabs him and keeps him in place. “This is for all the times you tried to fuck with me, I’m a patient man and I always get what I want.” He slides his cock against Jimin’s lips and groans in satisfaction and arousal. Jimin feels his heart pounding in his ears and he can’t breathe from the grip Taehyung has on him. What happens next takes all of them by surprise.  


"Kim Taehyung. Stop right there." Jisoo is walking in like a bull and grabs Taehyung by his arms, twisting his arms behind his back. Jeongguk's eyes are blown wide, as are Jimin's. It was a complete coincidence that Jisoo had gotten the go ahead from the chief to arrest Taehyung at the same time he was stuck in here with him, unable to escape the grips he had on him for once. Jimin had gotten away lucky, he didn’t have the willpower to stop anything from happening and he would have been used and abused.


Jimin had initially wanted to carry out the arrest himself but he had thought that it would grant Jisoo great satisfaction so he had handed over the task, and he was so thankful he did. So thankful that it had stopped whatever was about to happen.   


"What the fuck?” Taehyung spits at him as he elbows Jisoo in the ribs. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he says as he struggles under Jisoo’s hold.


“You’re under arrest for violating prison rules, for countless counts of sexual abuse and rape and for the deaths of Park Seojun and Do Kyungsoo and for the possession of violent and harmful items and substances in the prison environment.” Jisoo lists off the violences with ease, Jimin had heard him practicing before he had left.


“Have you fucking forgotten what could happen to you? Have you forgotten who is watching you?”  


"I remember every single time I wake up, you made sure of it. Now you're done thanks to Jimin, you're getting deported and I couldn't give a flying fuck anymore." Jisoo gives Jimin a smile of satisfaction but Jimin can't bring himself to smile back, his attention fixed towards the floor as he tries to regulate his breathing again back to a normal pace. "Let's go, Kim." Jisoo shoves him forward.


Jimin finally gets the courage to stand again, albeit on trembling knees and he follows them out as fast as his legs can take them. He feels dizzy and he is on the cusp of passing out.  


"No Jimin, wait!" Jeongguk is following him he can feel him but Jimin walks faster away from him and doesn't dare to look behind at him as he struggles to keep his tears at bay, getting a hold of a struggling Taehyung from the other side of Jisoo. "Jimin, please no!" he hears Jeongguk sob and his heart aches. But he will not listen to the man who had gorged his heart out and trampled on it. He wouldn't let himself be degraded to that level anymore, he was done with people walking all over him and his soft heart. When the door shuts behind them to his office he hears a thump and Jeongguk is banging on the door, begging for Jimin to let him in and Jimin pays no heed to it. The men from the isolated prison are waiting to escort Taehyung into a van waiting outside and he feels like he can breathe, it's where Taehyung belongs. 


"Jisoo, take Jeongguk back to the cells. Make sure he's okay, yeah?" Jimin still cared and he hated himself for it but he would get over it. He would get over Jeongguk. "I want to speak to him one last time." he says, twisting Taehyung's hand tighter around his back which makes him grunt out in pain. 


"You think you're getting away with this." 


"No, Kim. I am getting away with this. You're finished and so is your gang, they're all gone. I took down your whole empire, it was all me." Jimin spits in his ear. He doesn't have the ardour to be as intimidating as he wants to be, the events of this whole tirade had done him over. "So who's the one you shouldn't be messing with?" 


"No one can outdo me, Park." 


"I did, and I did it well." 


"Did you? You lost everything in the process of doing it and that's great enough satisfaction for me, it'll be enough to keep me happy for the rest of my life." That hits Jimin like a punch in the gut. It was true, Taehyung had said out loud the shocking truth of it all, something that Jimin had been suppressing for a long time. Whilst he had taken on the role of exposing Kim Taehyung, he had lost his family, Namjoon and now Jeongguk too.  


"Fuck you, I'm not going to be the one rotting away in a high-risk prison Kim." Jimin spits at him because he has nothing else to say to him.


"You're all alone now, and I'm happy. That was my aim and I did it well, live a good, lonely life Park." he still has the nerve to smirk at him before the other men grab hold of him and shove him forward and away from Jimin and out of the building. That was the last he would ever see of Kim Taehyung and there is no relief, no happiness and ecstasy that he thought he would feel. Seokjin comes into view from around the reception desk with a smile and one look at his friend and he breaks down, completely broken inside and out. Seokjin rushes towards him.


"Hey? You're okay, Jimin. It's okay, you're going to be okay." Seokjin soothes when he gathers Jimin into his arms. He rubs his hand soothingly down his back. 


"I'm a fucking idiot." Jimin cries, making a mess of Seokjin's shirt with his tears. 


"How could you say that? You just single-handedly took down one of the most powerful men in this city and you're calling yourself an idiot? Get a grip of yourself, Jiminie." Seokjin almost shakes him. Jimin would laugh at him but he didn't have the power to, he wanted his kids and he wanted to go home. He needed Yoongi and a good night’s sleep.


"Jimin! Your phone is ringing off the hook, here." Jisoo comes out with his phone and his work bag in hand. "Go home, you deserve it." he says with a pat on the back.  


"Jeongguk?" Jimin still asks, almost as instinct. Internally he curses at himself.


"He'll be alright for one day, Jimin. Chief says he gets out tomorrow at some point, they've already contacted his point of contact." Jisoo sighs and Jimin puts his phone into his bag, not taking a glance at it. It could wait. "What the hell was going on in there?" Jisoo asks with concern etched on to his face.


"You don't want to know, Jisoo but you came at the right time before anything stupid happened." Jimin shakes his head.


“Are you okay?” Jisoo asks.


“I’m fine, nothing happened.”


"You could have got him, why didn't you? You should have stopped him, hit him or just- done something." 


"I didn’t want to mess up on the plan, it would have thrown him off and my mind was elsewhere I had no idea what was happening in there, I wasn't thinking straight." 


"It's okay, he's gone now and that's all that matters. Jeongguk is free," Jisoo puts a reassuring hand on Jimin's shoulder.  


"Yeah," Jeongguk is free and that’s all that this was about. All Jimin’s efforts weren’t wasted, it was what he wanted for Jeongguk ever since he knew that he was innocent. He just hopes Namjoon can make sense of him and guide him on the right path. It would have been wasted if he wanted to be with Taehyung, if he still wanted to work with Taehyung. That’s why Jeongguk had come after Jimin, to beg him not to take Taehyung away from him and it settles indignantly in his chest. He couldn’t believe how stupid he had been, how could he have believed in everything Jeongguk had told him, promised him.     


"You should be happy! Why aren't you happy?" Seokjin has his arms around him and brings him back into the reception area to seat him down.  


"Guys, I'm not coming back here again. This is it. I'm done," the look of surprise on both of their faces makes Jimin's heart miss a beat and he didn't ever want to cause his friends to be disappointed or sad. 


"What do you mean, Jimin? You can't- we need you. I need you." Jisoo is in front of him in a second.  


"I did what I could for this prison but now it's time for me to go. You and your family are safe now and Taehyung is gone, the inmates will be much easier to handle," 


"What about Jeongguk?" 


"I underestimated him, he was with Kim all along and I was stupid in love, enough to not realise a single thing. He set me up," Jimin's fist clenches and then unclenches. He was angry but his love for Jeongguk overshadowed it, he was hurt more than anything.  


"Shit, Jimin I'm so sorry." Jisoo embraces him in a hug.


"He was in on Taehyung’s plan?" Seokjin seats himself next to Jimin to make sense of it all.  


"He knew everything, hyung. He didn't tell me anything, he betrayed me and now I don't know what to do with myself." 


"That fucking idiot!" Seokjin curses and brushes his hand through his hair in frustration and looks on the verge of bursting, the vein on his head protruding prominently.


"It's fine hyung, I shouldn't be surprised but I still am. It was too good to be true," 


"Jiminie, no." 


"It's fine, I'm fine. I just need to go home. I'll be back in the morning to get my stuff, please make sure you don’t let him go before I come, I won’t be able to handle seeing him again." Jimin stands without feeling dizzy anymore. He needs to focus so he can get out of here and get back to his kids. He needs to make sure Taemin and Sungwoon had got everyone done for. There were bound to be a few deaths. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” He leaves them both with a firm hug and thanks them for their help with everything. He will leave them tomorrow with a nice message and some gifts and then he can be on his way to his kids again. When he takes his phone out of his bag, he has 27 missed calls from Sungwoon.


“Hey what’s going on?”


“Jimin where were you?” Sungwoon is in a panic and it puts Jimin on edge again.


“We just got Kim, he’s being deported right now in the van,”


“Listen, someone got wind of things. We didn’t get all of them and they’re going to attack the van he’s in, we need you to follow it, we have a tracker I can guide you, we’re on our way but we’re too far away from them. You’re the closest to them right now.”


“Fuck no.” Jimin hisses as he puts it on speaker and starts his car in a hurry. “We’ve worked too hard to let this happen.”


“Stay on the phone with me and drive fast.” Sungwoon orders. “Be careful, we could get in a lot of trouble for this if you’re hurt but we don’t have any other way, Jimin.”


“It’s fine, I can do this.” Jimin’s determination comes back with a vengeance. The matter no longer revolves solely around Jeongguk, it’s his family and his friends that are going to be in danger if he ever escapes and Jimin could never forgive himself if it comes to that. No matter what, he won’t let Taehyung get out of there and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure of it.


“Jimin I didn’t want to tell you this but Taemin is making me say it.”


“Say what?”


“Just stay calm okay? As long as you’re following that van, everything will be alright until we catch up. Everyone will be fine.”


“Sungwoon? Who is it?” Jimin’s knows something isn’t right and his throat starts to close up in a panic.


“Yoongi.” Sungwoon sighs and Jimin’s heart breaks for the second time that night. “They’ve got Yoongi.”

Chapter Text

"Stop struggling, you'll see Jimin tomorrow, let him just sort this out." Jisoo snaps his arms back but is still careful of his ribs, he knows how it hurts him. 


"No! I need to see him now, I need to- please!" Jeongguk still struggles against Jisoo's hold. He needs to see Jimin now, he had so many questions and he had no idea what was happening. The tears pouring out of his eyes were making his head pound along with his heartbeat from the guilt and hurt taking over the blood in his veins. He knew all along that this was a bad idea but no matter how many times he tried to talk to himself out of it, he couldn't do it. He knew what he had done to Jimin was unforgivable but he wanted one more chance to see him, one chance to just explain himself now that Taehyung is no longer watching his every move. It would have been a better udea to just tell Jimin of the threats Taehyung had scared him with so that they could have worked through it together but it was too late now. Jimin thought Jeongguk didn't like him, love him.  


"Jeongguk, listen to me." Jisoo said, his hands on his shoulders to stop him from panicking and moving. "He did this for you, you're getting out tomorrow." Jeongguk stops, his eyes red and wide, staring at Jisoo in shock. 




"Jimin has been fighting for you all this time and he finally did it. Kim's getting deported and you'll be free by the end of tomorrow." 


"No! No, he can't have, it's impossible I-" 


"I thought it was impossible too, believe me but Jimin really has outdone Taehyung this time. He'll explain it to you tomorrow, I need to go and help him so please just get inside your cell for the last time." Jisoo pushes Jeongguk in and he stands there in the middle of his cell for what feels like hours trying to get everything that had happened process in his head. Jimin got rid of Taehyung. Jimin had fought for him to get out of prison and he was getting out tomorrow. It was all too good to be true and he didn't know what to do with himself. 


What Jeongguk had done was no easy feat but he had regret the decision as soon as he had seen the hurt on Jimin's face. He couldn't get it out of his mind because he had caused that, he had been the one to put the frown on his beautiful face, he had made Jimin's captivating eyes tear up and his soft lips tremble. Jeongguk had ruined him in just a few moments and it had scared Jeongguk as to what that kind of power could mean. Jimin was in love with Jeongguk. For Jimin to say that to Jeongguk whilst he was tearing his heart out made things harder for Jeongguk. He almost messed up the plan but it didn't matter anyway because Taehyung was gone, he was gone for good and if only Jeongguk had known that then he wouldn't have been roped into Taehyung's plan of ruining Jimin. 


Taehyung had threatened the life of everyone Jimin and Jeongguk knew, there was no way he was going to let anyone get killed so he had no choice but to comply with every demand that left his mouth. At first, it had been just that, all part of the plan to get Jimin comfortable enough with Jeongguk that he would do anything for Jeongguk and he had achieved that. But Jeongguk had fallen in love with Jimin in the process and it was too deep of a love to not ruin, Jimin was too good for him. He was an exceptional person and Jeongguk was dragging him down, he knew that he was damaged goods and he would've always felt as though he didn't deserve Jimin. And Jimin had a family, he wasn't going to leave that just for Jeongguk which he understood and that's why it had been easier for Jeongguk to behave in that manner. He just didn't know how anything would work out between them when Jimin had kids to look after, and from what Jimin had told him he loved his wife dearly. There was no place for Jeongguk in his life and it had been painful but Jeongguk accepted that. 


If Jimin had really went through all the trouble of deporting Taehyung and getting Jeongguk out of prison, then he had underestimated how much Jimin loved him. He had underestimated him immensely because Jimin had risked not only his life but his family and friend's life for him. He was awestruck and couldn't comprehend that kind of love because no one had loved him like that, so fiercely and passionately. He needed the comfort of Jimin's arms around him, grounding him and he wanted to feel the press of Jimin's lips against his to find the peace he so badly needed in his soul. Jeongguk felt relieved that Taehyung was getting deported even though it sounded unbelievable, Taehyung was too dangerous to be completely gone. But he was relieved for the time being. He just badly needed to speak to Jimin and tell him about everything, explain that it was all a lie and that he loved him and wanted to be with him. He really fucking loved him and when the realisation of everything comes crashing down a sob tears through his body and he's shaking when he sinks down on to his bunk. He can't lose Jimin, he needs him but Jeongguk had ruined him. He had made his life a misery and he didn't know what to do. He spends the night shaking and trembling, panic attack after panic attack hitting him and taking over his body that when morning comes he is beat and has no tears left to cry anymore. His eyes are rimmed red, almost so that you can no longer see the white of his eye and his head pounds brutally. Jeongguk is a mess without Jimin and for some reason he has a feeling. 


A feeling that he will never see Jimin again.  




"How did they get him?" 


"He was there, Jimin. I don't know how or why, but he was with them already." 


"Fuck. Why would he be there when he knew everything was happening today." 


"If I didn't already know the source of who told them then I would have had to arrest him." 


"He would never do that!" Jimin curses at him. He knows what Yoongi was doing, he was trying to protect Jimin by sacrificing himself, it's the only way they could have taken down that many members in one go. 


Jimin's knuckles are white against the steering wheel as he strains to hold himself back. If anything happened to Yoongi he would never ever forgive himself. Namjoon would never forgive him either. He steps on the pedal harder but he's already well over the speed limit, they couldn't have gone too far and by now he knew he was close. 


"You're close, Jimin. Make sure they don't see you, the gang members and Yoongi are in the two blackout cars so look out for them, they're trying to find a way to attack the van. We're not too far away now."


"What do I do?" 


"Don't do anything until we get there but if they attack then try and get into the van to secure Kim. He's the most important one, you just need to get him, don't worry about Yoongi, he'll be fine." Jimin knew that was impossible to ask of Jimin. 


Jimin sees the cars come into view and they're swerving, he knows the people in the van are aware they are being followed because the van speeds up and then slows down to a snails pace repeatedly, trying to put them off. Jimin is stuck and has nowhere to go, they're out in the country roads heading north and there's nowhere to run. Yoongi is in one of those cars and it takes everything Jimin has got to hold himself back and be wise in this situation but the way they're driving puts Jimin on edge. 


"They're driving dangerously, I need to do something." 


"Jimin don't you dare do anything until we get there, these guys are so dangerous-" 


"Yoongi is in there, they'll kill him!" 


"We're half an hour away just wait a little longer, he'll be fine." Sungwoon says calmly but Jimin was hysterical. He needed to get Yoongi out of there, none of his thoughts were rational enough to do this right now. 


"I'm getting off the phone, I need to ring the officers in the van." 


"They already know, we called them! Jimin don't-" Jimin cuts the phone off and calls Seokjin, he knew he would still be in there. 


"Jin Hyung, could you put me through to the officers that were just there? I need to speak to them." 


"Of course I can, is everything okay?" 


"No but I'll explain everything to you soon okay?" Seokjin doesn't waste anymore time trying to talk to Jimin and gets him through immediately. 




"Sir, I'm Park Jimin, ward officer calling from the prison, we met a few moments ago," 


"Sorry Officer Park, we're in the middle of something at the minute so if you could call back-" 


"Sir I'm in the car behind you, I know you're being followed by two other cars and I am behind them too and I can see everything from here. Can you allow me to help?" 


"I'll do anything to get them off our back," 


"The only problem is that my best friend is being held hostage in one of the cars and I don't know which one so I have to be careful." 


"Fuck." he curses and Jimin doesn't expect it. "They just don't give it up. I'm sorry about your friend but we have to do something." 


"I am very aware, I think I have a plan but I'll need you to speed up." he hears the officer communicate this to the driver and sees them take action which makes Jimin speed up so that he's in between the two cars. He needs Yoongi safe first. "I need you to make sure Kim Taehyung stays in there. Please." Jimin wasn't torn about the decision of whether Taehyung should be kept in the van or Yoongi's life. Yoongi's life was more important than anything, more important than his own life and he was going to save him first. The officer responds and Jimin turns his head to look inside the car on his right. He is met with a smirk from Minho in the front seat and Jimin feels panic rising to his throat. He averts his gaze again and keeps his eyes forward trying to predict their next move. The windows are all blacked out so he can't see which vehicle Yoongi is in and Jimin hopes to god he doesn't have to take a guess in a horrible turn of events. The car Minho is in suddenly swerves towards him and his reflex waivers because he's too late, the car collides with his briefly before it moves back in to lane again and Jimin curses. He looks at Minho laughing and he really is amazed at how crazy these guys can be. Jimin makes the split decision of moving into the next lane to chip at their tyres to see if it would slow them down but both cars are relentless and try to avoid of all Jimin's advances. 


"We're heading up a corner where the lanes merge, we need to slow down." 


"Okay do it." Jimin says but he panics. He doesn't know how they'll get past this without one of them slowing down but neither make the move to. If Jimin slows down at the last minute they could get through it, he'll still be right behind them. But he can't be behind them, he needs to be in front of them. There's no way he can move any faster, his foot is on the floor with the pedal and he's about to lose control. The car to his left slows down and Jimin risks a glance and he sees Gunho with a gun aimed at Minho's car. His aim is on point and it's just one bullet to a wheel to take at least one of them down. Jimin slows down so they are slightly in front of him so he isn't affected by the bullet but Gunho takes aim to the front tyre of Minho's car and shoots it on target. The tyre punctures and it does what Jimin expects it to as it swerves out of control so he moves behind Gunho's car. What he doesn't expect to see in his rear-view mirror is the car swerving into the field which makes the car topple and then it rolls three times before it's left upside down. He slams down on the breaks. If Yoongi was in that car... 


He gets out of the car and runs towards it. No, no, no! 


"Park Jimin!" he hears from behind him as he watches it make a noise and then it explodes in front of his eyes. Fuck no. This can't be happening right now, he needs Yoongi he can't- "You're going to pay for this." he hears whispered in his ear. He turns and pushes down whoever the person was, he takes out his own anger on whoever it was. "Yoongi was in there, you do know that right?" It was Gunho, Minho's idiot of a sidekick. 


"Fuck you! This is all your fault!" Jimin screams and lands a punch against his face. He was raging, he wasn't just angry at himself he was angry at them for putting him in this kind of situation. Yoongi couldn't be dead, he couldn't. Jimin turns to go back to the car on fire but is pulled back by Gunho again. 


"You aren't going anywhere, Taehyung is going to escape from that van and I know he'll want you alive." Gunho grabs him by the neck and keeps his hold on him tight. His Yoongi hyung, he needs him. He might as well die, it'll be easier for him than the pain of knowing he was what caused Yoongi to die. The pain of it was indescribable.


"You're lying, he's not in there!" Jimin screams and then elbows him hard in the ribs to hurt him. He stumbles back in pain and Jimin runs to Guho's car in a desperate attempt to see who was in there. Empty. It was empty. In his peripheral vision he sees that the van has stopped further up the road but he couldn't care less about that, Yoongi - he needed Yoongi. Jimin was manically running towards the flames, towards the other car that Yoongi was in, he needed to get him out of there it wasn't too late. Jimin could still save him. Another explosion from the car blew Jimin a couple of feet backwards again and he hadn't realised the tears running down his face as he got back up and ran towards the car again. It really wasn't too late. He needed Yoongi. He could save him. The car is up in flames and he'll burn if he gets into that but he needs to save Yoongi. He'll do anything at this point. He shields his eyes from the burn as he tries to open the damaged car door, the smoke filling his lungs and suffocating him. Yoongi, he needed him to be alive. 


"Jimin-" he hears from the crackling of the fire, Jimin couldn't get the door open it was stuck closed.  

"Hyung! Yoongi-hyung! I'm going to get you out of there!" Jimin shouts as he tries with all his strength and with the fire burning his hands, to break the door open. 

"I'm here, right here." Jimin turns and sees no one, sees nothing. He steps away from the car with his eyes shielded because the smoke was too much for his poor eyes to handle. When Jimin looks at his hands they're blistered with burns from the fire and his lungs are full of smoke and he coughs his lungs out.  

"Hyung? Tell me how I can help you out of there! What should I do?" Jimin asks like he has asked his whole life. Yoongi has helped him his whole life, advised him and made him make the right decisions. The only opinion that was of any value to Jimin was Yoongi's. He hears no one else's voice from inside the car so why had only Yoongi be speaking to him. Jimin stumbles back, away from the car to assess the situation, he needed to get Yoongi out of there faster because he was running out of time. 


"Jimin?" a voice croaks out from behind the car and he runs when he sees Yoongi's limp body lying there, metres away from the car. 

"Hyung!" All he sees is blood everywhere and Jimin gently scoops his head into his lap as he kneels on the ground. He can't help but break down in tears because Yoongi is alive, he's still here. "Hyung how did- you- oh my god-" Jimin blubbers, he throws his head back and looks towards the sky to thank his lucky stars. Yoongi was alive. 


"I'm genius Min Suga, 'm not going to die anytime soon." Yoongi smirks and it should be funny but the blood in his teeth makes Jimin cry harder for him, his forehead meets Yoongi's as he cradles him. "my leg, I hurt it when I threw the door open when the car was rolling." he whines and Jimin's eyes shoot towards his leg. Jimin can already tell it's broken.


"You mean to tell me that you threw yourself out of a rolling car and made it out alive?"

"I wasn't restrained and was between two buff guys so it was easy to get out but I landed on my goddamn leg. The others in there are dead for sure," Yoongi says with a frown and the sound of the car on fire gets louder and the smell gets increasingly more suffocating.  

"Yoongi hyung, I'm getting you out of here, come on." he says as the sound of the fire roars in Jimin's ears. 


"Don't be stupid, pretend I'm dead and go fuck those guys up, I'll be okay for a while just here," 


"I'm not letting you out of my sight, if you think-" 

"Jimin. Go." he demands.

"No hyung, I can't-" 

"After all this, do you want Taehyung to escape? Do you want him to hurt Jeongguk? Because then they'll both be free, and you'll spend the rest of your life watching your back so go. Now." Jimin doesn't say that it's probably what Jeongguk wants, to be together with Taehyung but he's right. "I'm going to play dead and pretend like I'm a big part of this plan like I've always wanted to and you're going to go kick some ass." Jimin looks at him in fondness because he knows he's right, his hyung is always right. "What? It's not like I'm going to be crap at playing dead, it's practically what I do most of the time anyway." he shoves Jimin away from him and waves him off. Jimin stands  again with a profound determination to end this once and for all. Like Yoongi had told him to. When Jimin gets back around the car, he charges towards where Gunho is helping Taehyung into the car. 


"Stop! Stop right there, Kim!" he shouts.  


"Give it up, Park. You've lost this fucking game." 


"Hear me out for the last time." Jimin stands away from the car, he doesn't want to get in the way if they're both armed. Gunho had single handedly taken down all three officers in the van with Taehyung and he wasn't stupid enough to not take their weapons from them. Jimin could easily get killed and he was alone. Gunho stands in front of Taehyung and then aims the gun at Jimin. 

"One more foot, Park. Come on," Gunho beckons at him. 


"Gun down, Gunho. He's going to suffer living a shit, lonely life and that's exactly what I want." Taehyung sneers before pushing Gunho away and walking towards Jimin. Jimin can't help himself when his fist comes into contact with Taehyung's face, when he's doubled over Jimin grabs the gun hanging out the side of his pocket and then shoots Gunho in the leg so he's down on the floor. "You son of a bitch!" Taehyung spits, Jimin can see Gunho grappling for his gun on the floor and before he can make a grab for it, Jimin is quick to kick it out of the way and under the car so no one can get to it now.


"I just want to talk, that's all." Jimin says, and he's surprised at how levelheaded he sounded. 


"Talk about what? How your friend got killed? Gunho made sure he died, made sure all of those fuckers died." 


"What is wrong with you?" Jimin's voice turns gentle but curious. He wants to know what goes through a crazy head like that, wants to know why Taehyung is such a psychopath. He knows it throws Taehyung off because he just stares at him, blinking at him and Jimin has never seen Taehyung like that. Speechless. He always had something to say but he didn't right now. "Why do you do this to people?" Jimin says, stepping closer towards him and Taehyung takes a step back to distance himself again. "Tell me?" Jimin steps closer to him again and he doesn't move back this time. 

"Fuck you, Jimin." he whispers, his eyes wide and wild. Jimin knows he's hit a nerve with this kind of approach so he takes that as his cue to continue. 

"Tell me who hurt you Tae," 


"No- you don't get to do this to me because you have no one!" he shouts and his arm flings out to push Jimin away. Jimin grabs his arm and presses it to his body so he can't move them.  


"I'll be fine without anyone Taehyung because I'll be free, but you won't. Not when you're in that isolation centre by yourself." Jimin says and pleads with his eyes. He knows that his eyes can make anyone do anything when he gives them that look. The vulnerability of Taehyung's actions makes him continue, he's finally cracked him. It doesn't matter if it's out in the middle of nowhere where the wind whips at their faces harshly or the fact that there's a car on fire in the middle of the field or there's three officers down just metres away. It was now or never. "Why do you do this to people Taehyung?" 


"So I have control, so that no one can do me over," his voice trembles and Jimin knows he's scared from the way his hands shake. 


"Someone did you over, is that what you're bitter about? That's why you want to hurt other people?" Jimin tries to make eye contact with him again and then he sits down, right there on the middle of the tarmac with his legs crossed. Taehyung gets the idea and then settles down across from Jimin so that they're facing each other. 


"What is this? A therapy session?" Gunho speaks up and he sounds like he's in agony from where he's lying on the ground watching them as blood pours out of his leg. The sight of it satisfies Jimin. 


"Gunho shut the fuck up before I shoot your other leg." he says without breaking eye contact with Jimin. He looks so small like this, so young and fragile and Jimin hates himself for it but he feels sorry for him. He really does feel bad for Taehyung. "I started doing it to make me feel better and then it became my life and I got off on other people's misery because it wasn't happening to me. I wanted to hurt people because they hurt me." Jimin is taken aback by his confession because Taehyung was traumatised and it hadn't been handled properly. If it had been acknowledged at the time it had happened, then Taehyung could have got the help he so desparately needed and none of this would have happened. Taehyung wouldn't have been a psycopath and Jimin wouldn't have to go through these past few, tormenting months.


"Did it really make you feel any better?" Jimin questions even though he knows the answer. Taehyung shakes his head slowly and then turns so he doesn't have to look at Jimin. "We can get help for you, there's people that you can talk to so you don't have to be like this anymore. You can still be a good person, Taehyung." Jimin doesn't know if it's okay to hold his hand so he doesn't but he fidgets. He wants Taehyung to not be the bad guy, he wants this side of Taehyung to be a permanent fixture. He wants that for him and Jimin doesn't forget every bad thing he has done to Jeongguk and himself but he can forgive and he finds it easier when talking to Taehyung like this. Taehyung bursts out in to laughter, his head thrown back as he laughs his heart out. Jimin doesn't know whether to laugh with him or be scared. 

"You're really something, Jimin." Taehyung shakes his head and then looks at Jimin again, with glassy eyes. "After everything I did, you still want to help me, you're still-" 

"Taehyung, it doesn't matter what you did because you can leave it in the past. Make it history and build your future on good intentions, you'll feel better than when you're hurting someone," 


"Why are you helping me? I ruined your life and your friend is dead." Jimin knows he wouldn't be behaving like this if Yoongi were dead, but he knows he's very much safe and alive so it makes it easier. 


"Everyone could use a little help sometimes, I don't forgive you for what you've done to me just yet it's still too fresh in my mind. But I hope that I can one day and I hope that you can learn to forgive yourself. Change for the better Taehyung, I have faith in you." Jimin places his hand on Taehyung's knee as a form of comfort.  

"You're the first person in my life to ever tell me that." Taehyung's eyes water and he hopes to god that he doesn't cry because Jimin doesn't like making anyone cry.  


"I mean it too. Go and do your time for your crimes, read books and educate yourself about this world and become a good person, it's never too late." Taehyung gives him a watery smile and it looks like he deflates into his body, his body no longer tense or rigid. Jimin internally jumps up in victory when he smiles back at Taehyung.  

"You know, I liked you Park Jimin. I thought you were pretty, yes. But I also knew what kind of person you were, the lovely, caring type and that's why you aren't dead yet. I liked you more than I realised." he looks at Jimin in wonder.  

"T-that's good to know, Taehyung." Jimin still gulps because Taehyung still scares him and he's still wary, he could snap at any minute. But Jimin knew all Taehyung needed was someone to care for him and ask him if he was okay. 

"Jeongguk is lucky." he mutters but the mention of Jeongguk's name has Jimin freezing. Taehyung gets up and dusts his trousers off like he hadn't just brought Jimin's world crashing down. He had momentarily forgotten about the whole ordeal with Jeongguk. Taehyung looks questioningly down at Jimin. "What? He's getting out now that I've gone, right?" Jimin nods his head and then follows Taehyung's lead. "So you can be together, he never told me because he feared for his life but I know he likes you a lot." 

"He doesn't." Jimin doesn't mean to sound bitter but it comes out like that. Taehyung chuckles at him.

"He did that because I threatened the life of your hyung and your family. I told him I would kill them if he didn't do what I told him, none of what happened today was how he really felt." 

"I-" Jimin turns just as he hears cars approaching, guns aimed at the both of them. Jimin stands in front of Taehyung, almost in a protective stance and Jimin never expected this to happen by the end of the day. Sungwoon is out of the car, armed when he walks towards them. 

"Put it down, Sungwoon. He's going to come willingly, I promise." Sungwoon looks confused but lowers his gun anyways.

"Time to go, Kim." Sungwoon says, presenting a pair of handcuffs. Jimin steps aside so that he can be handcuffed and restrained and then sent away in the other van that’s waiting for him with much more security. 

"I'm going to send someone that you can talk to, okay?" Jimin says even though Sungwoon looks at him funny. "And I'll make sure to check up with him on your progress, you can do this." Jimin is running out of words to say but he hopes that he can convey his message to Taehyung, hope it gets through to him that he can be better than this. 


"I know I'm being selfish because I don't deserve anything from you, especially not your kindness. But just once, when I'm better and have had time, will you come to see me?" Jimin doesn't know what to say because the torment that Taehyung had brought upon him still raids his mind but nevertheless he nods his head at him, because he is Park Jimin. "Promise?" he whispers, the vulnerability makes Jimin's heart pull and he wants to knows what Taehyung had gone through for him to be like this. 


"I promise." he says because everyone deserves a chance. Taehyung will be serving his sentence in a prison far away from him and that brings comfort to him. For the first time that night, Jimin feels relieved and he knows it's because him and Taehyung had left things on a positive note. Jimin feels content and he feels like he can finally breathe. Taehyung smiles at him and Jimin feels light, almost like he'd float away any moment. It was more than he could ever ask for, for Taehyung to want to better himself at the end of all this. "Oh! Yoongi isn't dead!" he shouts to him from where he's sat inside and he laughs at Jimin. Jimin just didn't want him to have that in is conscience now that he wanted to better himself.  

"I know!" he shouts back and he turns and Yoongi is limping towards them, his face covered in blood and black smoke. Jimin runs to him to help him and berates him from getting up. 

"You were taking too fucking long, I thought you were dead this time." he says as he leans all of his weight on to Jimin. An ambulance had arrived along with Sungwoon and Taemin and he's thankful for it.  

"Hyung, it's too early for jokes." Jimin doesn't smile or crack a laugh. All he feels now is relief and exhaustion, down to the depths of his bones and he wants to sink down on the floor right now and sleep. Taemin and Sungwoon thank him for what he had done but it didn't mean anything now that Yoongi was alive and breathing. That's all he cared about, keeping him alive.  

"Hey? You okay?" Yoongi nudges his foot with his.  

"Yeah hyung, I think I am." he smiles up at Yoongi as he gets his wounds cleaned up at the back of the ambulance and Yoongi smiles back at him. He's going to be okay. 



Jeongguk is numb. When Jisoo comes for him he is disappointed because he wanted Jimin. He would always want Jimin. Jisoo doesn't look at him when he unlocks his cell and doesn't look at him when he waits outside it for Jeongguk to step out. He knows Jisoo knows from the way he was behaving, Jimin had told him. 


"Where's Jimin hyung?" he croaks out, his throat raw and parched from all the crying he had done all night. 


"Gone. You made sure of it." Jisoo still doesn't look at him and he commends him for his loyalty to his friend. 


"What do you mean?" Jimin couldn't have gone, there's no way. Jeongguk needed Jimin. 


"Don't worry, you'll never see him again. Get going, Jeon." and he follows as Jeongguk makes his way out. He gets a few goodbyes from people that he had known in here but he doesn't have the heart to respond to them. A small bit of him still hopes that Jimin will be the one to pick him up like they had planned but he already knows that it would be a miracle for that to happen but his heart can't stop itself from yearning for it. Yearning for Jimin. When he has changed into normal clothes and signs out from the reception, the receptionist stamps his form in anger and doesn't speak to him. He remembers the guy from when he had been welcomed as warmly as you can to a prison when he first got here. Then the realisation hits that he would have been Jimin's friend too, did everyone know about them? Had Jimin told everyone about them? 


"I'm sorry." he whispers, when the receptionist has to look through a large pile of paperwork for his release form with frustration evident in his actions. 


"Well maybe you should be sorry about being a back-stabbing, little fucker!" definitely a friend of Jimin's. 


"Seokjin!" Jisoo admonishes and Jeongguk cowers because he feels so small with them looking at him like he was the worst person in the world but maybe he was. He didn't mean to upset anyone but the one person that mattered the most was Jimin and Jeongguk was going to make this right, he was. When the formalities are all complete, he is released and Namjoon is waiting for him outside. 


"Hyung!" he cries and runs into his open arms. He sobs and cries to his heart's content because he has Namjoon, after everything he's still waiting here for him.


"It's okay, baby. I've got you now, you never have to go in there ever again." Namjoon whispers into his hair and Jeongguk should be happy and he should feel free but he doesn't and that makes him so sad.


"I'm so stupid, I'm so sorry." 


"Hey, none of that." Namjoon urges him to stop crying and he can only stop until he hiccups with the force of his crying. "Come on, let's get you out of here okay? We can go wherever you want to go." Namjoon wipes his tears away for him and then gets him a tissue from his pocket and tries to wipe at his nose.  


"I want Jimin, I need to see him." Namjoon's face scrunches but his arm still moves around the back of Jeongguk guiding him into the passenger seat. 


"Let's wait till tomorrow okay? If you still want to see him, I'll take you to him." 


"No hyung you don't understand, I need to see him now!" Jeongguk refuses to get into the seat and glares at Namjoon. "You said wherever I want to go hyung, please? Take me to him?" 


"You need to give him space right now, okay? I can take you to Yoongi hyung, that's all I can do for you right now." 


"Why can't you take me to see Jimin? Is he okay?" 


"He's fine, he's just not here. We don't know where he is." 




"Yoongi can probably explain a bit better than I can, let's go speak to him." Namjoon presses a kiss against his forehead and Jeongguk obeys this time. He buckles himself up in the front seat with wide, scared eyes. This is the first time he is going to be in a car in the past few years and it scares him. "We have to go to the hospital anyway to pick him up, he's probably already grumbling about me being late." 


"Why is he in the hospital?"     


"A lot went down yesterday, Jeonggukie. Yoongi hyung got hurt, a few people died, a car was on fire." 


"What? How?" 


"When Taehyung got deported, the rest of them caught wind of it. Minho and a few others, so they were following the van to take them out and get Taehyung free-" 


"He's out, that's why I've been feeling so uneasy. I knew it was too good to be true, fuck-" 


"Let me finish! Jimin went after them and-" 


"Jimin?! Is he okay, please tell me he's okay hyung," 


"Jimin is fine, he saved everyone again, like he always does. Minho died in the car accident, Yoongi hyung was in the same car but he came out with only a couple of injuries and Taehyung has most certainly been deported. Thanks to Jimin." Jeongguk feels so proud to have known Jimin at all. He was something else.


"Jimin hyung did all that yesterday?" 


"He did it for you, for your freedom. God, he really is amazing." Namjoon shakes his head and then Jeongguk can tell from his face that he's holding something back. 


"Hyung do you know what happened yesterday?" 


"Yoongi told me in bits, you didn't mean any of it right?" 


"Definitely not but I need to tell him, I need to explain myself." 


"I don't think it will be a good idea for a while, bun. Jimin just needs time, let him come to you." 


"No!" Jeongguk's eyes tear up again and he can't do it, it hurts too much to be without him. "He'll never come to me, not when I did what I did." Namjoon doesn't say anymore and he lets Jeongguk cry quietly in his seat until they get to the hospital. Jeongguk hates hospitals, the clinical smell makes him nauseous and lightheaded. But he thinks maybe it's from all the crying and lack of sleep. 


"Yoongi hyung is... different?" Namjoon warns as they walk to his room. 


"Horrible? I wouldn't blame him." Jeongguk shrinks himself more into his big coat. 


"He's not horrible, he's just straightforward and I wouldn't get too offended by what he says. Just, be nice okay? He is my boyfriend after all." Namjoon says with a smile. Jeongguk smiles back at him and nods his head. 


"You're Jeongguk?" he asks as soon as they walk in and runs his eyes up and down Jeongguk. Jeongguk's eyes are wide and wary as he nods his head at him, scared to say anything. "Hm, definitely cute." he says before swinging his legs out of bed and Namjoon rushes to his side to help him. "Jimin's cuter." he doesn't look at Jeongguk when he speaks this time and he can see Namjoon give him a warning look from where he stands awkwardly by the door. 


"He's a lot cuter." Jeongguk agrees, and he thinks of all the times Jimin had smiled at him in that special way of his. When his cheeks were all bunched up with a rosy tint and his eyes turned into little slits that he couldn't see through them. And he would tell Jeongguk to stop making him smile so much because then he couldn't see Jeongguk smiling. Jeongguk's heart aches. 


"Get me out of here, Joonie." he says and Jeongguk has to hold back his laugh at the cute nickname. 


"Stop it." he warns Jeongguk from where he hoists Yoongi up so that most of his weight is on Namjoon but he's too tall. 


"Wouldn't it be better for me to do it, hyung? You're too much of a giant." Jeongguk surges forward to help because Yoongi is small, maybe even smaller than Jimin. Yoongi looks at him with a straight face before he nods his head. 


"I just need to get out of here." Yoongi latches himself on to Jeongguk instead and that makes it a lot easier for him as Namjoon leads the way to his car. They drive all the way to Yoongi's home in silence, tension crackling in the air because just from looking at Yoongi he knows he's holding back. He probably wanted to kill Jeongguk and he wouldn't stop him even if he did. Jeongguk deserved to be scolded and told he was a bad person for what he had done.


"We're staying at Yoongi's tonight, I've bought some clothes for you. I'm not leaving either of you by yourself tonight." Namjoon says when they get to his house and Jeongguk doesn't care. As long as he was with people and not by himself, he wouldn't be able to handle it if he was left alone with his thoughts. 


"I'm not a baby, I don't need to be looked after. You can stay at your house with Jungo or whatever his name is." Jeongguk smiles a little at that, knows that he had said it like that on purpose. 


"Hyung, I don't want to go to my house yet, I'm still scared." Namjoon says quietly, Jeongguk knows it's because he was being watched all the time. 


"Fine." he huffs and starts to scramble out the car. Jeongguk gets to his side in an instant to help him out again. "Thanks kid." he sighs, and it was so quiet like he didn't really want Jeongguk to hear it. Jeongguk likes him already and they had only shared a grand total of two words. Yoongi lets them into his apartment and he’s hit with the smell of home, the smell of orange blossom that could only belong to one person. He searches the room frantically with his eyes but there's only a pair of folded up clothes with a note that Yoongi takes. 


"Ah, Jimin stayed here last night." Yoongi takes the paper and scrunches it up in his hand, then he waits a moment before opening it back up again and smoothing it out.  


"Is he coming here again?" Jeongguk dares to ask him. 


"Not any time soon." he sighs, and then sits back down with defeat or sadness written all over his face, Jeongguk couldn't tell. Namjoon puts an arm around him and presses a kiss against his cheek. "Joon, get the boy some damn food, he looks like he's about to collapse." Yoongi says brushing him away. Jeongguk stands idly where he is because he doesn't know if it's okay to sit even though he does feel dizzy with Jimin's scent surrounding the room and enveloping him. It almost felt like he was here, his arms around Jeongguk comforting him. But he wasn't. Jimin wasn't here. 


"Jeongguk we'll get whatever you want to eat today. What shall we get?" 

"I'm not that hungry hyung, but I'm a little tired." Jeongguk says and Namjoon ushers him onto the couch, the opposite end to Yoongi. 


"Jimin said he wanted fried chicken, go get some of that." Jeongguk turns to Yoongi in shock, Jimin remembered. He knew what Jeongguk wanted so why wasn't he here? 


"I won't forget your banana milkshake either." Namjoon laughed before he ruffled Jeongguk's hair and made his way out, leaving him and Yoongi alone in the room in silence.  

"Take your coat off, I'm not going to bite." Yoongi says, his head leant back and his eyes closed with a small smile on his face. "Do you want some comfy clothes? I don't think mine will fit but Joon has brought some things for you. I just don't know where he put it." Yoongi says looking around the room to see if he can see a bag of clothes. Jeongguk's eye catches on to the folded up clothes on the arm of the couch with a blanket.


"Can I wear that?" Jeongguk's voice shakes when he asks. "Please?" 

"Go ahead," Yoongi passes him the loose shorts and oversized shirt, he presses his face against it and inhales and the tears were back in full force. "Jeongguk?" 

"'m sorry, I miss him." Jeongguk says, his voice muffled.

"Hey kid, stop that." 

"I'm never going to see him again." Jeongguk whines when he looks up at Yoongi, his cheeks red and his eyes swollen.  

"He loves you too much for that to happen, you'll see him. He just needs some time to sort himself out okay?"

"Promise me I'll get to see him." Jeongguk moves closer to him so he's right next to him.  

"I promise, I'll be the one to take you to him when the time is right. For now, you need to focus on yourself and show Jimin that you're not using him for the comfort he so readily gives out to everyone. I won't let Jiminie be used anymore, he needs to find his happiness for himself." 

"He's gone, isn't he? I'm the one who drove him away," 

"I won't lie to you and say that you weren't part of it but he's wanted to for a long time. There's a lot more going on than you know about but I don't blame you. You were put in a difficult position and from what I can see and know so far, you love him too." Jeongguk knows that he still won't get Jimin to himself, even though they love each other. Jimin still had his kids and his wife at the moment but all he wanted right now was to have him even if it was for one night. 

"I do, I love him so much. He makes me so happy." his head comes into contact with Yoongi's chest when he starts to cry again and he just wanted someone to tell him that everything was going to be okay and that he would see Jimin, he just didn't think it would be Yoongi. It was very unlike Jeongguk to seek out comfort, but Jimin had taught him how to ask for things and that it was okay to want to be comforted or to want an embrace sometimes. He so badly wishes it was Jimin instead. 

"If he didn't love you too then you wouldn't be here right now," Yoongi's arm comes around his back and he snuggles further into him. They stay like that until Namjoon is home again, Jeongguk still sniffling. 

"What the fuck?" 


"Namjoon get him off me." Yoongi says and then Jeongguk is laughing into his chest. 


Jeongguk showers and gets changed into Jimin's clothes and he feels better almost instantly, the calming effects of his scent making Jeongguk feel warm and safe. Now he had just wanted to sleep, the exhaustion catching up to him. Just before he goes out to the living room he hears Yoongi and Namjoon whispering quietly to each other and Jeongguk strains himself trying to listen. 


"I don't know if he will be able to handle it, I've never seen him like that before." Namjoon whispers where he sits next to Yoongi, his feet in his lap as he presses them. 

"He's strong, he can do it. Jimin has done a lot for Jeongguk, the least he could do for him is wait for him. I don't want him to give in just because Jeongguk is upset and you know he would do that, he'll leave everything and come back and I won't let it happen anymore Namjoon." Yoongi traces the outline of Namjoon's ear endearingly. That makes Jeongguk realise that he really does need to give Jimin time, time to come to him when he’s ready. But for now, Jeongguk would be waiting in anticipation and with open arms for when the time did come.   

"You're right, Jimin deserves to have time to himself to figure himself out. Jeongguk will understand." Namjoon nods. "I miss him." 


"Me too, Joonie. He lights up the whole place, it's going to be weird not having him here anymore." 


"I didn't even get a chance to speak to him, he still thinks I hate him." Namjoon frowns. 


"You know he doesn't, he just needs this at the minute."


"I know, I just want to talk to him. I miss his kids." 

"I don't know how he'll handle everything with Hyuna when he gets there." Jeongguk thinks he's heard enough so he steps out in to the room again, settling down in front of the table so that they could start eating. The TV plays softly in the background and he looks fascinated by it and the food, he avoids eye contact with either of them. 


"Guk, I bought seaweed rolls too." 

"Thank you, hyung." he accepts them readily, he hadn't had these in so long. Even though he wasn't that hungry before, he ravished the food and most of Namjoon and Yoongi's too in record time. Namjoon stays where he is and once Jeongguk cleans up the mess, he settles himself down next to him. It feels weird to be here, with Namjoon running his fingers through his hair as they watch the news. If he was still in prison he would still be eating his sloppy dinner. 

"Okay?" Namjoon asks and then settles his hand against the back of his neck. He misses Jimin but he doesn't say it, he could be strong. He had been all this time so he could do this one thing for Jimin.  

"It just feels weird to be here, out of there and with you next to me." Jeongguk drops his head onto Namjoon's shoulder, his body was tired. So, so tired.

"It'll be weird for a little while, you'll get used to it. You know, they've proven you innocent now and you have so much money in your bank account because you were wrongly imprisoned, and due to all of your prison extensions. You're practically a rich man." 


"They?" Yoongi says. "Not they, Namjoon. You. He still doesn't know does he?" Yoongi looks at him incredulously. 

"What are you talking about?" Jeongguk looks at both of them. 

"Hyung, don't," Namjoon starts. 

"Joon has been studying to become a lawyer all these years to prove your innocence, he managed to do it with the help of Jimin. Jimin provided all of the evidence and then Namjoon brought forward the case. Collectively, they got you what you deserved. Freedom and a clean slate." Yoongi leans back into the couch with a smug face as he watches Jeongguk's eyes widen. 

"Hyung? You did that for me?" 

"Of course I did Jeonggukie. You're my baby brother and it wasn't your fault," Namjoon is crushed against him in a second and he doesn't think he'll let go again. "Please don't cry again, I don't know how many tears you have left inside of you at this rate," Namjoon chuckles as he smooths a hand down his back in reassurance. He hears some shuffling and then he sees Yoongi moving towards his bedroom, leaving them both alone in their moment. 

"I don't know how to thank you for what you've done for me, Namjoon," Jeongguk takes a deep breath, "I owe you my life, you're incredible and I promise I'm going to make you proud and never get involved with something like that ever again. I promise, hyung." 

"Hey, it's okay. I believe you, there's not a doubt that you'll make me proud. You already have by some of the things you had to go through in that place. It's what I'm here for Jeongguk, I'll always be here for you," 


"Hyung," he whines and then presses his face into Namjoon's neck again as he whimpers. He was so lucky he had someone who cared so much for him, and he could only imagine Jimin had helped in the matter out of the love he had for him. Jeongguk was luckier than he could ever have imagined. 


"Okay, let's get you settled in now." 

"Does Yoongi hyung hate me?" he asks when he's laid out on the couch. It was uncomfortable but felt like heaven compared to the prison beds.  

"The total opposite actually, he adores you. He thinks you're cute. He wouldn't have let you hug him like that if he did." Namjoon pinches his cheek with a dimpled smile and then lays out the blanket over the top of him. 

"I was scared he was going to hate me for what I did to Jimin." 

"I told him everything, he understands bun." Namjoon brushes his hair out with his fingers. "I missed you, Jeonggukie." 


"I missed you too, hyung. Thank you for being there for me." 

"Anytime. Sleep, you look shattered." Namjoon leaves him with another ruffle to his hair and so he tries to sleep. He really does. But everything sounds so loud. The hum of the fridge and the cars passing by outside, the sound of the clock as time passes by. It all sounds too loud and he's just waiting for the prison buzzer to go off at any second. It's too quiet but it's too loud, a feeling so unexplainable and contradicting and it doesn't help Jeongguk in any way. His eyes sting from the lack of sleep but he just can't seem to relax himself enough to go under and it frustrates him. He was scared to close his eyes. At the prison he had the comfort of knowing he was locked away in a cell and no one could get to him but right now, laying here in the living room didn't give him as much comfort as he hoped it would. His thoughts move to more dangerous territories and so he lets his mind wander to Jimin. If Jimin were here, he would touch Jeongguk and make him relaxed with his hands. He would massage down his back until the tension dissipates into thin air, his soft kisses drowning Jeongguk into a state of relaxation so deep that he would have no problem with sleeping at all. Before he knows it, he is choking on his own tears, curling into himself to try and stop the pain that blooms so deeply in his heart. The absence of Jimin with him when it was all that he wanted was painful in ways that Jeongguk had never imagined it to be and he hated it. He wanted to give Jimin time and space so he would have to get his courage up again and sacrifice his happiness this once so that Jimin could be happy. He lays there for what feels like hours before he can't do it anymore. 

"Hyung?" he knocks on their door and it's 3am but he can't do this by himself. He has had to all this time, but this time he really can't. He hears some sort of answer so he pushes their door open and they're both sitting up sleep still lingering in their eyes. Yoongi turns to switch the bedside light on.  

"What's wrong Guk?" Namjoon rubs his eye to get the sleep out.


"I'm sorry for waking you but I can't do this," he sobs, his hand moves to his mouth to suppress the sound of his crying. 


"Hey don't worry, you're okay. You're safe here with us." Namjoon throws the covers off before making his way to Jeongguk and enveloping him in his arms. 

"I want Jimin." he says into his chest and he couldn't stop the words from coming out of his mouth. Jimin was clouding his mind and suffocating him till he couldn't think of anything else. He didn't want to admit to how much he was struggling but sleeping on the couch alone had made him feel so isolated and empty and he doesn't know what to do with himself anymore. He needed someone to ground him so he wouldn't go crazy with everything running around his mind.   


"Hyung?" Namjoon looks at Yoongi then and he raises his eyebrows at him.


"What? Now he wants to take my bed too? Hell no, Joonie," 


"You're small, all three of us can fit-" Namjoon starts before Jeongguk cuts him off again. 


"No I-I'll be fine," Jeongguk hiccups and moves towards the door again, he'll be fine. He can get through one night by himself. 


"Fuck, come here Jeongguk." Yoongi says and hobbles with his broken leg to open up the covers for him. "Get in." 


"I'm sorry," he apologises with tears in his eyes and Yoongi shakes his head at him so he knows it's okay.


"Come here," Namjoon climbs back into the bed and pulls Jeongguk into his chest to cradle him and Yoongi makes his way out of his room and Jeongguk feels bad.  


"I'm sorry." he tells Namjoon again but he needs this. He just needs to be with someone right now. 


"Don't be, you're okay Jeongguk. I've got you now. I'm going to take care of you, you don't have to be scared of anything anymore." Namjoon reassures him and finally, Jeongguk feels the comfort in his words and gentle voice and hangs on to every word. And finally, he succumbs to the sleep that he has been waiting for, for a long time.




When Jimin gets to Hyuna's parents’ house after the long car journey, the excitement at seeing his children bubbles inside of him and he can't wait to find the comfort he needs from them. Hyuna's father opens the door. 


"Ah, Jimin-ssi. I've been waiting for you." he says with a stern look, he had only ever talked to Jimin if he had to but Jimin had never minded that.  


"Hello sir, I've come to see Hyuna and the kids." he bows at him in respect. 

"They're not here anymore but Hyuna told me to give you this when you came." he doesn't open the door any further as he continues to speak to Jimin at the front door. He thrusts a letter into his hands when Jimin looks at him in confusion. 


"What do you mean they're not here? Where are they?" 

"I'm sure the letter will explain everything." he gestures to the letter before he closes the door on him, which he wasn't surprised at. Jimin goes back to his car before he rips open the letter. 



My dearest Jiminie,

I want to start off by apologising that things had to come to this, I'm sorry for the way I went about things but I had no choice. This is the only way you would let me go. I'm far away from you now, me and Jiwoo. Minwoo would never be able to be without you because you're his favourite person so he's staying with your parents for now, go and get him! I'm going to fulfil my dreams and do my dream job like I had always wanted to and I know that you will be proud of me and I hope you don't think I'm being selfish. From the both of us, I always knew it would be me that would have to make the decision to leave and I wanted to let you know that it hasn't been easy for me to make this decision on my own, but you would have never have left me because you were always too good to me. You're too good to everyone. I know that you have found your love, I could always see it in your eyes when you would come home from work and I wish all the best for you and him. Jeongguk, Yoongi tells me, I hope he makes you happy. I wish that you would have told me and confided in me, I would never have been mad at you. It doesn't matter now, but he does. Keep hold of him, love him and cherish him like you've always wanted and I hope to god he does that for you because you deserve it more than anyone else in this world. You deserve to be happy. If there's anything that I want out of this, it's for you to find your happiness. Be brave, Jimin. Move away like you've always wanted to and start fresh, do something that you enjoy and love doing. But most importantly, live a happy life with Jeongguk and Min-min. And not forgetting Yoongi and Namjoon too. I have included the divorce papers with this letter which I have already signed. Sign them and send them off for me please. I will miss you both with every fibre of my being, I just had no idea how else I could have done this. Jiwoo misses you already and I will not deprive her of your presence in her life. I will come to visit you at some point, I don't think I could ever live without you or Minwoo. I hope that the next time I see you that your smile is as wide as I know it can be and that your eyes shine with happiness. I look forward to seeing that.

I will love you always Jimin. Please take care of yourself for me.

Yours always,

Hyuna & Jiwoo.



The tears drop steadily on to the letter, blurring his vision as the words mingle on the paper. Jimin had never felt so heartbroken in all his life. 

Chapter Text

Jimin struggles. He does, but he doesn't like to admit it. He has lost too many people in a short timeframe and he doesn't know how to handle it but he thinks he does okay considering the situation. He powers himself up and continues to soldier through it all and he feels better than he ever has. He feels free. When he thinks of freedom, he hopes that Jeongguk feels as free as he does. He hopes and wishes that he is enjoying his freedom even if he's not part of it like they had planned. He wonders if Jeongguk had still wanted him to be a part of his life after prison, for some reason he believes that he did. That was something that Jeongguk couldn’t fake, the look in his eyes and the way he had said it, speaking from his heart.  


Jimin forces himself not to think of Jeongguk or how he is, in fact he doesn't ask Yoongi how he is either in the rare times they have a chance to call even though he knows Jeongguk is staying with them. Jimin instead focuses on getting his and Minwoo's life together again whilst he stays with his parents. 


"You should have said something," Jimin's dad says one day where he helps him in the garden. It's the first time they've spoken of the situation, they took to just ignoring the whole thing and being excited around Minwoo. Jimin has been tense this whole time whilst he's been here and the atmosphere hasn't been very accommodating for either of them. He didn't want to bring anything up and neither did his parents, yet his mother had been pressing comforting words into his hair any time she would pass him by. It still wasn't acknowledging the situation but Jimin had let it comfort him because it was what he needed to keep himself sane. 

"Said something?" Jimin plays dumb, he knows this will be a conversation with his father that they will only have once and they will never speak of it again. Jimin is scared of the outcome. 

"About Hyuna, she told us everything. If you didn't want to marry her why couldn't you just tell us all those years ago?" Jimin stands up from where he was digging the soil to plant a small tree. Minwoo had told his grandfather how much he loved apples and the next day he was up early in the morning to drive to the farmers market to buy an apple tree just for him. 

"Appa, it wasn't that easy to just tell you." he sighs, takes the tree from his father’s hands and drops it into hole. "I didn't want to disappoint you." he says quietly, focusing at the task in hand. 

"I am disappointed in you." Jimin's heart sinks and tears well up in his eyes when he looks up at his father. 

"I'm sorry." his voice trembles and his father has the same effect on him as he always does when he scolds him. 

"I'm disappointed in you because you think that I would want anything but your happiness, Jimin." Jimin stares back at his father with wide eyes, his mouth hanging open a little. "Do you think that lowly of us?" 

"No, appa. I would never, I just wanted to do right by you and listen to you. I wanted to make you proud of me and happy that I was your son." 


"I am happy that you're my son, but your happiness comes above anything. I wish you had said something, I told your mother that I was sure that it was what you wanted you spent so much time with each other and I thought you were in love. I made assumptions and ruined your life." 


"No y-you didn't." Jimin stands and the words were so overwhelming for Jimin to hear that he collapses into his father's chest. It was everything he wanted to hear for years and he couldn't take it. 


"God, I'm so proud of you, Jimin. Your mother has raised you so well." he encircles Jimin in his arms as Jimin quietly cries into his chest. "Hyuna told us everything, how you saved that boy in the prison. The lady across the street when you'd offer to do her shopping for her and when you'd take Minwoo with you to the dog shelter to see if they needed help with walking the dogs. You're everything that I wished for in a son and I am the proudest father in the world, Jimin. Please forgive me for not being a dutiful father." 

"Appa, no, I love you so much. This is everything that I've wanted to hear for years, thank you." he takes his father's hands in his and brings them to his lips. "I'm sorry for not saying anything, I didn't want to ruin our relationship or allow it to get in between us. I'll live happily from now on, I promise." Jimin promises and his father smiles widely before hugging him again. They continue with planting the tree and Jimin feels at ease, his heart feels so much lighter and he can already see the beginnings of his happiness shining through the darkness he has been shrouded in since he left for Busan.    


"I'd like to meet him one day." his father says from where he's patting the soil in and Jimin brushes him away, getting down on his knees and doing it himself. Jimin already knows who he's talking about and his face burns red. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. "I want to see what you really look like when you're in love." he mumbles and Jimin has to stop himself from laughing. 


"What's that supposed to mean?" 


"I knew how I looked at your mother, it was similar to how you look when you look at Hyuna but now I realise that you look at us in the same way, and your kids the same way and Yoongi the same way. You love so passionately, Jimin. I don't think I'll be able to take it when I see you with him, Jungwoo, is it?" 


"Jeongguk," Jimin corrects. "I think that you'll like him if you ever get to meet him." Jimin feels weird saying his name out loud and then he smiles to himself. He doesn't know what Jeongguk wants, he doesn't even believe that Jeongguk would be thinking of him now that he's out of prison but he still hopes that his parents will get to meet the man he loves at some point. 


"I hope so." Jimin's father smiles back at him. When Minwoo awakens he is ecstatic as his grandfather explains what the tree is and he doesn't think he learnt how to love just from his mother. He thinks that his father had a very big, important role to play in the way he loves so deeply.




The smell of the freshly brewed coffee wafts into Jimin's nose in the morning sunrise. He cracks open the window to let the crisp, autumn morning air into the kitchen and he takes a deep breath as the peace and tranquillity serenades him into a pool of contentment. 




"Good morning buddy, sleep okay?" Jimin asks him as he extends his arms so Jimin can pick him up. It was around the fifth night in their new house overlooking Busan beach in the distance. He had unpacked religiously the first and second night so that everything was all done by the end of the third day. It was their home. It was far away enough so that he was away from the bustle of Busan, almost on the outskirts so it was amicable. It was his favourite view and what had made him buy this house after looking around for weeks and weeks whilst he stayed with his parents. It was a relief that his parents weren't too far away from him either so Minwoo could visit them anytime he wanted. Minwoo grumbles into his neck some sort of reply. "You ready for your first day at school?" 


"Yeah." he sighs and Jimin chuckles at him fondly. Sometimes, he sounded older than he was. He didn't sound too excited about going to school but when was anyone ever excited to be away from home. Jimin is glad that they had moved just before it was time for Minwoo to start school, he would have hated to up and leave when he had settled into school in the city. The school here was much quieter and mellow and he had already missed the first few days of the school year so he was starting on a Friday. Jimin thinks it’s a good idea so that he can ease into it.   


"I've got a surprise for you after school, you're going to love it." Jimin tries to encourage him and gets him his favourite cereal down to put into a bowl for him. 


"A surprise?! What is it?" Minwoo perks up at that and settles himself into a chair at the dining table. 


"You'll find out soon enough, shall we talk to Mama and Jiwoo quickly before they sleep?" Hyuna was currently in Italy where she was gaining experience at an office and they would Facetime regularly when Jimin had finally gained the courage to call her again. When the absence of Jiwoo was painful in his chest. They had found something that worked for them but Jimin still felt hollow sometimes. The absence of them and a certain someone had opened up a hole in his chest. He was still happier than he had been in a long time and he was so grateful for the peace he so badly craved. Finally. 


"Hey Hyuna, where's Jiwoo?" 


"Right here! Where's my Min-min? Is he ready for his big day today?" 


"'m here Mama!" he says, his mouth full of cereal. They talk for a little while, catching up with each other and letting the siblings babble to each other on the phone before it's time for Minwoo to get ready for school. Jimin dresses him in a cute, little one-piece outfit that Minwoo loves and it makes him happy on the way to school. 


"Jimin? Oh god, is that you?" he recognises her face, she was Hyuna's bestfriend from school and he knows her name but he just needs to remember it. "It's Hwasa, you remember me, right?" 


"Hwasa! You're Hyuna's bestfriend, I remember." she embraces him gently and then kneels down to Minwoo. 


"And who's this little cutie?" 


"I'm Minwoo." he answers, his face flushed and shy resembling Jimin so much. Jimin wants to cry at how cute his baby was.


"Well Minwoo, we're going to have a lot of fun in school today. Are you going to join in?" Minwoo nods his head at her and walks in without a backward glance to Jimin. His kid was growing up so fast and he didn't even say goodbye to him. Hwasa notices the look on Jimin's face and calls for Minwoo again. "You not going to say goodbye to papa?" 

"Papa isn't staying?" he asks, confused and stands in front of Jimin again, Jimin kneels on the floor and holds his small hands in his.  


"No papa isn't staying but I'll be back to pick you up as soon as school finishes okay? Remember your surprise." he whispers into his hair and squeezes him. Minwoo leaves a sloppy kiss on his cheek before waving at him. Jimin realises that his child wasn’t one to be that clingy and he doesn’t know whether he’s relieved or upset about it.  


"I'll take care of him, don't worry Jimin." 


"I know he's in safe hands, thank you Hwasa." 

"Is Hyuna okay?" she starts up another conversation but Jimin is antsy to get back home. 


"Ah, actually we're not together anymore but we still talk, she's doing great! She's working in Italy at the moment." 

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that, I haven't spoken to her in a long time. Just the one child?" 


"No we've got a daughter but she's with Hyuna, I moved back here with Minwoo." 

"You're still in the police force?" 


"No not anymore, I don't have a job at the moment but it's not something that I could do again. I need to find something else." Jimin scratches the back of his neck nervously, he always gets looks of pity when he tells someone he's unemployed. Her eyes light up though and you can almost see excitement rolling off her. 


"Have you ever thought about being a teacher?" 


"Not really-" 

"The old dance teacher has just retired and we really need a dance teacher urgently for the older kids, you should apply for it Jimin! I remember your dancing in school, you were so good! And you would be close to Minwoo working at the same school." she was almost bouncing off the walls at this point and Jimin hadn't thought about his dancing in a long time.   


"I don't think I'm qualified enough for that-"

"I can put in a good word for you, just think about it for me okay? We're desperate." she clutches both of Jimin's hands in hers and Jimin nods his head at her before she walks away back into the class with one last wave to Jimin. Minwoo is running back to him then and he thinks he's about to refuse to stay and start crying but he hugs Jimin's legs with a small 'love you' before running back into the classroom again. Jimin doesn't stop his tears this time and let's himself cry.


When he gets home he occupies himself in starting lunch for his guests and he plays some soft music to help him through it. 

"Hyung!" Jimin crushes him against his chest even before the door is fully open, his excitement getting the better of him at seeing Yoongi for the first time in so long. 


"Jiminie, you look so good." Yoongi steps back to look at him and Jimin can't stop smiling. His hyung was really here in front of him and he had been waiting in anticipation for this day. Minwoo was going to be so happy that Yoongi was here. "I brought someone with me." Jimin looks behind him and Namjoon stands there sheepishly, almost like he was hiding behind Yoongi even though it was impossible with his freakishly long body. 

"Hi Namjoonie hyung." Jimin says and then pulls him into a tight embrace. 

"Missed you Jimin."

"I missed you too hyung, I'm sorry." he shuffles so that he's pulling him inside the house but is still wrapped around him like a vice. Yoongi follows them in with a shake of his head and closes the door behind him. 


"Don't apologise, I should be the one who should be apologising Jimin." 

"Let's both not apologise and forget about it and enjoy this?" Jimin suggests when he pushes them both into the kitchen.

"You know I can't do that Jiminie." Namjoon seats himself on to the island bar seat and Yoongi follows suit. 

"Do you want me to leave so you can talk first?" Namjoon is quick to grab his hand and keep him seated in his chair. "I'll take that as a no." Yoongi sighs and sinks into his chair, Jimin smirks at him in that way of his almost as if to say, 'look how whipped you are'. 


"Joonie hyung, there's a lot of things I'm sorry about but I'm most sorry about letting it all come between you and Yoongi hyung, that was wrong of me." Jimin starts as he boils water for the citron tea that he knows Namjoon likes. Namjoon frowns at him, his lips turning downwards. 

"Jimin, this is my chance to speak. Please let me?" Jimin nods his head at him when he passes them their steaming, hot tea. He stands opposite to Namjoon as he blows in his tea. 


"That day when things went to shit, I'm sorry for what I said. I never meant any of what I said, you were the only reason Jeongguk is out of that place and there's no way me or Jeongguk can ever repay you. I am so grateful for everything that you did, risking not only your life but everyone's life around you and managing to save them from the most dangerous person is so commendable and I don't think you realise just how incredible you are." 


"I haven't finished. I know that you will find it in your heart to forgive me but that makes me the selfish one for assuming that of you so will you please forgive me? I am truly sorry and I will never allow myself to say anything of the sort to you ever again. Please Jimin? I miss you so much and so does Jeongguk-" 


"Stop that, of course I forgive you but only if you forgive me too." Jimin puts both his arms around his shoulder with his chin on his shoulder. 

"I don't need to forgive you for anything, you didn't do anything wrong." 

"Okay so now that's over I'd like to remind you both that I am still here." 


"Sorry hyung, I'm so glad you're both here with me, I missed you so much." Jimin grabs Yoongi around his shoulders too and hangs off them both as well as he can and he is so happy with their presence. 

"You look so good, I can't get over how much your eyes are sparkling." Yoongi whispers and grabs his hand and interlocks them and it was so weird for Yoongi to be saying something like this to him that it made his heart expand and he was happier than ever at the words.  


"I'm so happy, Minwoo and me we love it out here, I just hope he makes some friends soon at school." 


"How was he settling in to his first day?" 


"He forgot about me as soon as he went inside the room, hyung. I cried as soon as he left me." 


"He's such a great kid." Namjoon says, fondly. 

"Any jobs come up yet?" 

"Actually, I met Hyuna's old bestfriend. She's a teacher at Minwoo's school, her name is Hwasa, do you remember her?" 


"Vaguely I think, she's a teacher?" 


"Yeah, they need a dance teacher at the school and it will be close to Minwoo if he ever needs me there and not too far from home." Jimin gets a fluttering feeling in his chest when he calls it home. 


"You were always good at dance, that could work for you." 

"I don't know, I told her I'd think about it." 

"You should go for it Jiminie, it sounds like a good opportunity, no more dealing with criminals." Namjoon laughs but he hits it spot on. He was never going to deal with criminals again, he would never have to use his emotional strength and willpower in a job ever again, he won’t allow it to happen.

"Yeah, thank god for that." Jimin deflates and he's itching to ask the one question he has been waiting to ask them. 

"There is one criminal that I know you'd still want to be involved with," Yoongi raises his eyebrows at him. 


"How is he?" Jimin doesn't make eye contact with either of them. 

"Jeongguk? Not good." Namjoon sighs and sips slowly at his tea. 


"Not good?" Jimin panics, a panic that he hadn't felt for a long while. Or maybe he just hadn’t let himself feel it. He has always worried about Jeongguk. 

"He just misses you, is all. He's been okay, still getting used to life outside prison. He thinks you hate him." 


"I could never hate him, I just wanted him to know himself what he truly wanted. Now that he's had a taste of freedom, I'll know if he wants to be with me for real." 


"He loves you Jimin, I promise you he does." Yoongi sighs and puts a hand on top of Jimin's.  


"I don't know hyung-" 


"It was all a lie, whatever he said to you in front of Taehyung he didn't mean any of it. He was just protecting you and us." Namjoon reassure, and he would know best. He knows Jeongguk the best and he wouldn’t lie to Jimin.  

"He loves you, Jimin." Yoongi repeats again. "You shouldn't be hearing it from us, you need to hear it from Jeongguk but we were scared he would just completely break down at the sight of you so we had to speak to you before he did. He's emotionally unstable and he's so fragile." 

"I did that?" Jimin's eyebrows furrow. He wouldn't be able to deal with it if he had caused Jeongguk to be like that, that wasn't what he intended at all. He just wanted to sort himself out first before he confronted him. Before he let Jeongguk into his life outside of the prison.  

"No, god no. This isn't any of your fault, Jimin. Please don't think that, it's just everything from the prison catching up to him but he's better than he was. I think you're both ready to talk to each other now." Namjoon looks at Yoongi in reassurance and then they both look to Jimin.  

"I want to see him, hyung."


With Jeongguk's last words to him repeatedly going through his mind this whole time, there was no urgency to see him. He didn't want to see him because he couldn't bear to see the look Jeongguk had given him in that room, and that's part of the reason why he had taken so long to reach out to Yoongi again. He would force himself not to think about Jeongguk in order to focus on himself and to build his life up again with Minwoo. He had only slipped up a couple of times where he would cry himself to sleep with thoughts of Jeongguk running through his mind. But right now, he was yearning for Jeongguk because he was ready, he was ready to see him and they were ready speak to each other to see where they could take things. He needed Jeongguk.

"Do you like him hyung?" Jimin asks curiously. Yoongi had spent a lot of time with him since they were living together.   


"The time I've spent with him has made me love him, he's the sweetest person I've ever met." 


"Hey!" Namjoon and Jimin say in unison. 


"He is! You chose good with him Jiminie."


"Yoongi hyung loves him more than me, you should've seen the other day when I got back from work. He let Jeongguk sleep on him!" he sees Yoongi sneakily grab hold of Namjoon’s thigh and he yelps out in pain.


"Hyung you never let me sleep on you!" Jimin grabs him by the collar. 


"I can never say no to him, Jeonggukie is so cute." 

"He really is, huh?" Jimin sits back again and he really misses his face, really misses all of him.  

"He's waiting for you down at the beach when you're ready, that's where I thought you would have wanted to see him." Yoongi nudges him.


"Let's eat first?" Jimin hides his tears by busying himself with getting the food ready. 

"We can pick Minwoo up together and then we're stealing him for the weekend." 


"What?" Jimin stops taking the food out. 


"I figured you would need the whole weekend with Jeongguk, we'll bring Minwoo back in one piece on Sunday evening and pick our other baby up." Namjoon snickers. 

"You can trust us, we're not going to hurt him. We'll look after him Jiminie." 

"I know that you will, hyung, that's not it I'm just scared."  


"Jeongguk won't hurt you," Yoongi reassures. 

"I'm scared of what he wants, what I want." 

"You've sacrificed so much for this Jiminie, please let yourself be happy now. With him." Yoongi urges. 


"Well, that went well?" Namjoon asks Yoongi as more of a question than a statement. 


"I really wanted to see them reuniting," 


"Me too but I think it would be more intimate if it's just them two, they need it. Jimin doesn't realise the extent of how much Jeongguk cares about him." 

"I think he does, he's just scared to admit it. He's going to be scared, Namjoonie, he's been hurt too much." 


"Namjoonie." Minwoo pipes up from his child seat in the back and then he giggles. Yoongi looks back with an endearing smile at him, shaking his head. 


"Cheeky shit, just like his dad." 


"Shit." Minwoo repeats and then snickers again at himself. Namjoon chokes and Yoongi's eyes widen.


"Hyung! If Jimin finds out he'll kill you." Namjoon smacks his thigh. 


"Min-min, don't say that. Let's say Namjoonie again." 


"Namjoonie Namjoonie!" he giggles and then he is fascinated by his toys again and Yoongi is so glad to be reunited with him, he had missed them a lot. He wanted to spend time with Jimin and see them both happy together but he knew that they needed this time together to reunite and become one, he knew it would happen. He was sure of it. 


"You think he'll like Jeongguk?" Yoongi wonders and he doesn't realise he has said it out loud until Namjoon replies. 


"Everyone likes Jeongguk, you like Jeongguk and you don't like anyone." 


"I like you." Yoongi presses his fingers into the side of his neck and then moves them slowly to massage him. 


"Barely." Namjoon mutters. 


"Namjoonie, I love you." his hand drops and he looks almost offended. He didn't ever want Namjoon to think that he was anything less than the most important person in his life.  


"I know, just wanted to hear you say it." Namjoon smiles with his stupid, fucking dimples that make Yoongi's heart feel too big for his chest. Yoongi rolls his eyes at him on the outside. 


"You're right." Yoongi sighs. "He'll love him."


"Stop worrying. I know you are, they're all going to be fine." 


"I know they will, everything just seems too good to be true," 


"Hey? They've been through a lot, the universe is finally being kind to them." Namjoon reaches over to hold Yoongi's hand in his. Yoongi brings his hand to leave a kiss against his palm. 




"Kiss?" Minwoo reaches out his hand with a frown on his face. Something registers in his head before he smothers Minwoo's small hand with multiple kisses which elicits loud squeals and giggles. 


"You're a miracle, Min-min." he says when he settles down again, their hands still linked behind his seat. "You're just like your Papa." 


"I miss Papa, we have fun." 


"Yeah? Is Papa happy?"


"Papa is always happy." Minwoo sits back on his seat again so that their hands fall away. "He always makes me happy." 


"That's good, Min." Yoongi blindly pats his knee from behind him. "We're going to have fun this weekend, okay? We can do whatever you want to do!" Minwoo cheers at that and he goes back to fascinate himself with his toys. 


"Jimin has a hell of a lot on his plate." 




"He's going to have two jealous boys to live with, it's not going to end well." and for the first time that day, Yoongi relaxes into his seat.  


"Why do I have a feeling Minwoo will win everytime?" 


"Nah, Jeongguk won't let him." Yoongi shakes with his laughter.   



They go to pick Minwoo up from school when it ends and Minwoo is ecstatic at seeing both Yoongi and Namjoon and claims it was the best surprise in the world. When Jimin finally makes it down to the beach after endless hugs with Minwoo because he was leaving him (Minwoo couldn't wait to get away from him), Jimin knows that Jeongguk would not be where it is crowded, he'd rather be in the more secluded areas so Jimin walks. He takes his time walking around the beach until he sees a figure that he knows is Jeongguk and his heart stops. It was weird to see him outside of the prison, it was almost surreal to him.  


He was sitting on some rocks and looking out towards the sea, fiddling with stones in his hands. Jimin stares for a while, trying to memorise his face in his mind again. His cheeks look fuller but his eyes are still sunken in and they don't sparkle like he knows they can. He has a straight, blank face and he looks empty. He still looks cute bundled up in his long coat and warm scarf and Jimin wants to scoop him into his arms like he had always wanted to, but they needed to talk first.


He has to be determined enough to walk up to him after so long and Jimin was hopeful that he could make Jeongguk smile again. He wanted to make Jeongguk happy. Jimin didn't realise he had started crying, the tears cooling and drying on his face because he loves Jeongguk so much and all his feelings that he had suppressed were all washing over him again at the sight of him. Jimin settles himself just behind Jeongguk careful of not making any noise and he appreciates the view in front of him for a few moments. 


"It's pretty." he finally mumbles whilst looking at the back of Jeongguk's head. Jeongguk's head snaps towards him as he looks at Jimin with wide, panicked eyes.


"Jimin?" he manages to whisper out and Jimin can tell he's holding back, like he doesn't know if it's okay to talk, to do anything. 


"Hi Jeonggukie." Jimin gives him a soft, watery smile and that's enough for Jeongguk to scramble up to Jimin and into his lap with forceful sobs. "Hey, shh, it's okay." Jimin circles his arms around his waist to pull him in further. 


"I'm so sorry, I'm so fucking sorry." he cries into Jimin's shoulder before he tucks his face into his neck and Jimin feels the tears on his neck. 


"Calm down, I've got you." Jimin tries to calm him down so that the force of his sobs subsides and calms him with his touch. A hand down his back, fingers running through his hair then his hand entwining with his like the perfect fit that it is. Jimin knew that Jeongguk craved touch more than anyone, he had been so deprived of it previously that it was the only thing now that would calm him. It takes a while but Jeongguk finally stops crying but when Jimin tries to pull his face from his neck he grumbles and shoves it in deeper and makes sure his lips are pressed tight against Jimin's collarbones. 


"Come on, Jeongguk. Let me see you." when he does, Jimin is taken aback by his beauty like he always is. His cheeks flushed pink from his crying and his eyes still water when he stares into them. "Beautiful." he whispers and the sound of it mixes in with the whistle of the wind and Jimin can't look away from him. Jimin cups his face and wipes away the stray tear that escapes his eye, he can't tell if it's from the wind or not. 


"Jimin, I'm sorry. Please don't hate me-" 


"Turn around."


"No, please." Jeongguk presses himself closer to Jimin. 


"I'm going to be right here, just-" Jimin urges him to turn so his back is pressed tightly against Jimin's chest and his legs stretch out so that Jeongguk can sit comfortably in between them. Jeongguk scoots down a little so that Jimin can rest his chin comfortably on his shoulder with his arms around his waist tightly over his coat. "I don't hate you, I can never hate you." and he can't help himself when he presses a kiss to the side of his head. Jeongguk grabs his hands and then puts them in his pockets to keep them warm and Jimin smiles in endearment at how cute he is. 

"What I did was bad, but I couldn't tell you because he would have taken you away from me and I couldn't take that. I wanted you to be safe, I wanted everyone to be safe. That's all I wanted." 


"I know, but that night when it all happened. I believed it all because you wouldn't look at me and I thought you used me to help yourself. I felt so shit and useless and I love you so much so it hurt me more than you can imagine, I was shattered." he whispers the last words, it was too loud ringing in their ears as all their emotions pour out. 

"I'm sorry I did that to you, you don't understand Jiminie I felt so bad because I didn't mean any of it at all. The time that I had to go without you thinking that you hated me was the worst time of my life. It was harder than my time in prison, hyung and I'm so sorry. I missed you so much." Jeongguk squeezes his hands and turns his face into Jimin's neck again. "Please forgive me?" Jimin feels the tears before he sees them. 


"I forgive you." Jimin presses the words into his hair. 


"I don't deserve you but I still want you," Jeongguk chokes out. "Do you still want me?" 


"I will want you always, Jeongguk. I want you forever." 


"Please kiss me?" Jeongguk turns his face towards Jimin with a pained look and all he wants to do is make him happy. Jimin presses his lips against his gently, just small soft kisses to ground him and make him feel safe and warm inside. He doesn't let it get to more than that.  


"Hey, look." Jimin points to where the sun starts to set by the ocean. "It's a little bit late, but it's what you wanted to do when you got out."

"I wanted to watch it with you, it's not the same when watching it from Yoongi hyung's apartment." Jimin doesn't stop pressing small kisses into Jeongguk's neck, showering him with all the love he needs. "Hyung, stop." he giggles and the sound of it makes Jimin elated. Jeongguk settles back comfortably into the embrace and they sit there in the presence of each other in silence as they watch the sky blow up in beautiful shades of purples, pinks and oranges. "You make me so happy." Jeongguk whispers but Jimin hears it as he leans back on Jimin with his eyes closed and blissed out expression. Jimin can't help the kiss he places on his soft cheek.  


"Missed you." Jimin says then nuzzles his cheek. "You okay?" 


"'m okay, thank you for seeing me." Jeongguk takes a deep breath. "Can I see you again sometime?" Jimin is confused before he realises that Namjoon or Yoongi wouldn't have told him that he was staying with Jimin for the weekend. They had dropped his night bag off at Jimin's house already. 


"Of course, let's have dinner together at least? I owe you fried chicken and a banana milkshake." Jimin smiles into his neck, the sun has set into the horizon and the darkness had made it a lot colder now. 

"What about Minwoo?" 


"Don't worry, he's sorted." Jimin smiles when Jeongguk gets back up again. Jeongguk catches him in another embrace when he stands and squeezes the life out of him and then he doesn't let go. He slots himself into Jimin's side and they walk away from the beach like that together.  


"I'm sorry about your divorce, Yoongi hyung told me about it." he says when they finally settle down to eat in the busy food chain, their legs tangled together under the table. 

"No you're not." Jimin snickers. 

"I am, I'm sorry she left you and Minwoo." 

"We're doing okay, it's not too bad. I miss them." Jeongguk shoves a whole chicken leg into his mouth so he doesn't have to speak anymore.  

"Can I meet him? Yoongi hyung used to stare at pictures of you both when he missed you." he says when he finishes his mouthful. 


"Minwoo? Yeah I want you to introduce you to him if he's going to be seeing you around." that lights up Jeongguk's face and it settles nicely in Jimin's heart. He really wants to keep Jeongguk with him now but they still had a lot to talk about. A lot to discuss. 


Jeongguk dives into telling him about what he had done after prison, how Yoongi has been teaching him tricks in the studio and letting him sing on his tracks. Jimin couldn't be more proud of him even if he tried. He was glad that Jeongguk had Yoongi and Namjoon to keep him grounded so that his life outside prison would be more fulfilling and peaceful. He reminds himself to thank them for it when he sees them again. They walk back to the car hand in hand and Jimin drives back home with Jeongguk unable to keep his hands away from Jimin. Jeongguk's face has considerably brightened and that makes Jimin happy, the hole in his chest now being filled slowly with the presence of Jeongguk. Jeongguk has his hand on the inside of Jimin's thigh whilst he drives and it burns hot through his jeans. He can sense Jeongguk staring at him in his peripheral vision, a habit that he's yet to get rid of. 


"Stop staring." 


"Sorry." he looks away and then his hand moves along with his eyes. 

"Hey, I didn't mean it like that." Jimin grabs his hand and holds it in his this time. 

"I just can't believe I'm with you right now, I've been waiting for so long." he sniffles and Jimin runs his thumb along the back of his hand. 

"I'm sorry for making you wait." he turns to Jeongguk once he's in the drive. "Let's go inside." 

"Jimin?" he pulls Jimin over the console and then their lips meet. Jimin lets Jeongguk take his time this time, let's him kiss him until his mouth opens up to him to taste him and savour all of him. Jeongguk's hands are on Jimin's neck pulling him in closer and Jimin grabs his waist just to hold on to him. Jimin lets out a deep moan when Jeongguk bites down hard into his bottom lip. "Missed you." he whispers against Jimin's slick lips and then he's climbing up trying to get onto Jimin's lap inside the car. 


"Inside Jeongguk, let's go inside." Jimin urges.


"But hyung-" 


"No one's inside, they've taken Minwoo away for the weekend. We have all weekend together. Just me and you." and then he is fumbling out the door and Jimin unlocks his front door in a hurry before Jeongguk is on him again, pressing him up against the door and attacking him with open mouthed kisses. "Do you not want to see my home?" Jimin breathes from where he is stuck to the back of the door, Jeongguk's lips attached to his collarbones. Jeongguk stops at that and turns to look around at his home and it feels so weird to have him in Jimin's space, it was something he had thought about countless times but nothing had prepared him for how he was feeling now. He looks out at the dark, smoky view from the kitchen, like Jimin had this morning and he thinks that Jeongguk would love to watch the sunrise in the mornings from here. Jimin felt relieved and warm and happy with Jeongguk walking around his space, like he was meant to be there. 


"It's beautiful Jiminie, it feels like a home." he runs his hand across the back of the sofa. 

"It works for me and Min." Jimin comes up behind him and takes his coat from his shoulders and then his scarf so that he can hang them up by the door. He goes back to Jeongguk and presses a kiss into his shoulder, and then another before Jeongguk turns to face him again. 


"You're my home." Jeongguk whispers to him in their embrace against his cheek, he seals the statement with a press of his lips. "I want you, Jimin." he says straight into his ear before taking the lobe into his mouth. Jimin walks him towards the stairs absentmindedly whilst they kiss and then lifts him so that his legs can wrap around Jimin's waist as they stumble upstairs, almost falling more than once but he couldn't care. Not when he has Jeongguk's mouth on him. Halfway up the stairs Jeongguk laughs and unwraps his legs from around Jimin and climbs onto his back instead. When they get to Jimin’s room, Jeongguk is urgent in the way he moves, trying to get rid of Jimin's sweater and his jeans. 


"Jeonggukie stop." he freezes from where he's fumbling to undo Jimin's button. "We have all the time in the world, we don't have to rush anymore babe." Jimin presses a kiss to his mouth and brushes the hair out of his face. "Let me enjoy this, enjoy you." he runs a hand down his chest all the way down to his stomach. He shuffles down from where Jeongguk is laid out on his bed so that his face is level with his stomach before pushing his top up to his chest. "Gorgeous boy." he mutters to Jeongguk's blissed out face before he leans down to mouth at his abs. "You've been going to the gym?" he says then bites into the skin covering his hipbone which makes Jeongguk lift his hips up with a strangled moan.


"Y-yeah, I needed something to do." 


"You look incredible." Jimin praises him. 


"I want to kiss you." Jeongguk put his hand through Jimin's hair to guide him up to his mouth again. "I missed you," he breathes when he gets a break from Jimin's bruising kisses on his mouth. "Missed you so much." and then Jimin can take taste salty tears when he kisses Jeongguk again. 


"Jeonggukie, hey, stop that." Jimin looks into Jeongguk's shining eyes and wishes he would stop feeling like this. He nuzzles his nose against Jeongguk's to comfort him.  


"I missed you so much hyung." Jeongguk repeats and runs his hands down Jimin's back and he shudders at the contact. 


"I missed you too baby." Jimin kisses his red nose. "Enough crying okay? We're going to be okay but we can't move forward if you're hung up on everything that's already happened. I'm going to make this work for us but I need your help." 


"You really want me?" 


"I can't be without you, Jeongguk. I love you too much to let go of you."

"I love you," he whispers for the first time and Jimin surges forward to meet him in a searing kiss, taking his breath away. "Make love to me, I need it. I need you." and Jimin can never say no to his pretty eyes. He takes his time with Jeongguk, stripping his clothes off of him slowly and pressing kisses into every inch of his skin that he can see like he had always wanted to. "Hyung, please." Jeongguk grabs at his trousers to make him take them off and Jimin does eventually. He moves languidly from one nipple to the other, littering small bites across his chest and sensitive skin. By the time Jimin is done with him, Jeongguk is rock hard and a whining, panting mess. 


"Are you sure about this?" Jimin asks one last time, the lube already in his hand waiting for Jeongguk's permission.

"Please, please hyung don't stop." Jimin peels both their boxers off and runs his hands down the smooth skin of Jeongguk's meaty thighs. 


"Leg's up, I want to see you." Jimin pushes his legs up so that they're pressed against his chest and he drools at the sight that Jeongguk is. "Look at you, your pretty hole. Jesus fuck." Jimin can't help himself when he bites into the curve of Jeongguk's thigh, just where his ass and thigh meets and Jeongguk cries out in pleasure from the bruising bite that he leaves there. Jimin wants to show him how much he loves him, how good he can be to him. Jimin can't resist letting his tongue travel all the way down to his tight hole and he presses it flat against it and Jeongguk doesn't expect it. 

"Ah! Hyung!"Jimin sees his hand tighten against the back of his thighs where he's holding them up, his fingernails pressing into the unmarked skin but he continues tonguing around his hole before he presses it deep inside him, as far as it can go so he can suck at the rim to loosen him up. "Fuck! Fuck Jiminie, it feels so good." and he has to let his legs down over Jimin’s shoulders, his hands doing too much damage to the skin on his thighs and he grabs Jimin's hair instead. Jimin moans at that and it vibrates inside Jeongguk and his asshole clenches and then he’s sitting up and pushing Jimin away because he’s just too sensitive. "Gonna come. Your fingers, I want your fingers." Jeongguk takes two of Jimin’s fingers in his mouth and he sucks on them, coating them both with his saliva before pulling them out with a lewd pop. 


“Jeongguk.” Jimin says just to hear the words, just to say them so that he can feel Jeongguk tremble under his fingers. Jeongguk’s breaths stutter so he coats two of his fingers in lube just so that they’re slick enough and then he presses them to Jeongguk’s hole slowly so he can adjust. “My baby, look how pretty you are." Jimin presses the words into his ear, small praises to distract him from the burn of the stretch as he slides them in and out to loosen him. 


"Jimin, ah, I'm-" Jimin continues moving his fingers and latches his mouth on to one of his nipples and Jeongguk chokes on air, arching his chest into Jimin's mouth. It's not long before Jimin's third finger slides in next to his and it makes Jeongguk crazy. When Jimin presses something in him that makes him keen Jeongguk has enough and grabs on to his wrist to stop his fingers from moving. "Just g-give me a minute," 

"You're already ready to come? I haven't even started yet love." Jimin runs his other hand down Jeongguk's sides and he shivers. He wriggles his fingers again and then Jeongguk lets out a moan so loud. 

"There, hyung. Do it again." Jimin presses his fingers into the bundle of nerves again and continues to abuse his prostate, massaging into it ruthlessly. 

"You feel good there baby?" 


"Hhngh, yes- please." and Jimin reattaches his lips to his nipple, continuing to abuse them so they're both pink and puffy. "Wanna come with you inside me, please, I'm ready." Jimin deems him ready enough and then he slicks himself up. "I want to make you feel good, I want this for you." Jeongguk says and then he pushes Jimin back into the bed and straddles his waist. 

"Go slow baby, I don't want you to hurt yourself." Jimin hands come to rest on his hips as he stares up at Jeongguk and he receives a shy smile in return and suddenly he looks so embarrassed. 

"I'm not experienced enough and I want you to feel good." Jeongguk plays with Jimin's fingers around his hips and he drools at the precome on the tip of Jeongguk's cock.  

"I always feel good with you babe, don't doubt yourself. You're amazing." Jimin reaches up for his face and kisses him slow and meaningful to placate him. "Ride me, I want to feel you." and with one last kiss Jimin settles back into the pillows as he watches Jeongguk take hold of Jimin's cock and presses it to his hole, sinking in slowly until he's buried right to the hilt. "Fuck, baby." his fingernails dig into Jeongguk's hips as the warmth of Jeongguk envelopes him. He massages up Jeongguk's waist to make him feel more comfortable, the furrow of his brow slowly dissipating with every soft touch that Jimin gives him. "Relax, you're doing so well." Jimin encourages and Jeongguk tests the waters when he lifts his hips a little and sinks back down, little whimpers coming from his mouth and then he gets comfortable enough and moves a little bit faster, the roll of his sinful hips making Jimin's breath catch in his throat. "Just like that, you're so good." Jimin's voice is strained and with Jeongguk moving his hips like that he know he won't last very long.

"You feel so good- oh- inside me Jimin, it's so nice. Your dick feels so nice." Jeongguk mumbles as he loses his mind on Jimin's dick, alternating between rolling his hips and bouncing sensually on his cock. "Oh my god," Jeongguk chokes out when Jimin starts to meet his thrusts as their pace increases, he thrusts upwards with his feet planted on the bed as Jeongguk sinks down and Jeongguk loses control of what he's doing altogether but it's okay because Jimin's got him. Jimin will take care of him. He slips out of him and then turns Jeongguk around so he can thrust back into Jeongguk again and so that he can watch his face beneath him. "Ah- ah, Jimin." 

"Tell me what you want baby?" Jimin breathes against his lips as he thrusts hard and deep into him, setting a slow, sensual place that makes Jeongguk arch off the bed.  

"Make me come, please make me come."

"You can come whenever you're ready." And Jimin gets so deep, and rolls his hips as he presses against his prostate and fucks him till he comes with a loud cry, tears collecting in his eyes. Jimin is so good to him, making him come so much all over both of their chests and stomach. It's always a delight to watch Jeongguk's face when he comes and he locks the image away for later. 


"Come inside me please, I want to feel it." Jeongguk says and Jimin continues to move in and out of Jeongguk even though he's over sensitive. 

"Kiss me, I'm gonna come-" Jeongguk greedily presses his lips against Jimin's at his request and then Jimin is coming with a hard shudder inside of Jeongguk, filling him up just like he had asked, feeding the moans into Jeongguk's mouth. Jimin collapses onto Jeongguk, breathing hard and heavy into his shoulder and Jeongguk wraps his legs around his waist holding him in place. "I love you." he brushes Jeongguk's hair away from his forehead and presses a kiss on his nose. 

"I love you, Jimin." Jeongguk chases his lips and ends up kissing his chin before laughing and then pressing their lips together in a sweet kiss. 

"Okay baby, let go, let's shower." Jimin taps him on his thigh to urge him to loosen his hold but Jeongguk just wraps his legs tighter around him. 

"No. Cuddle me for longer." Jeongguk demands. Jimin's cock softens inside him and he presses slow kisses into Jeongguk's mouth before pulling out and pulling him up, he doesn't take any notice of his whining. They shower together, cleaning each other up and whispering sweet words to each other when they take turns to soap each other down. Jeongguk basks in the sweet smell of Jimin's shower gel and he smiles at him blissfully when he steps out of the shower and into the warm towel Jimin holds out for him. Jeongguk changes into a pair of Jimin's boxers only and then gets into Jimin's fluffy duvet, his hair sprawling out against the pillow and his cheeks flushed and glowing. "Come on, hyung." the sound of his voice is muffled into the covers but he sounds content and satiated. 


"Coming." Jimin smiles, he cracks open the window just enough to let some fresh air into the room and then lights the candles around the room to get rid of the stench of sex and sweat. He quickly pads his way downstairs to grab a glass of water for Jeongguk and some of Minwoo's choco balls for him to eat before they sleep. Jimin thinks he must have fallen asleep by now but Jeongguk lies there wide awake staring up at Jimin. "Jeonggukie, sit up for a minute." Jeongguk does and he tips the glass into his mouth so he can hydrate himself before he opens the choco balls and he snacks on them in bed whilst Jimin crawls into the other side of the bed to slip in next to him, his arm thrown over his waist where he sits against the headboard. Jeongguk feeds Jimin a few of them before he shakes his head at him to tell him he's had enough and Jeongguk finishes the rest of them off. Jimin is tired, the exhaustion of the day catching up to him. 




"Hmm?" Jimin's eyes stay closed as he feels Jeongguk slip further into bed and curling into his chest. Jimin's arms instinctively move to wrap around him. 


"You're so lovely." Jeongguk nudges Jimin's chin so he can slot his face into Jimin's neck and breathe him in. "You make me feel safe." 


"You're safe with me now, I won't let anyone touch you ever again." 


"I don't want anyone to ever touch me again." Jeongguk's voice falters and then Jimin is pulling his face towards him. 


"Baby, no, stop- no one is going to touch you. You have me, I'm going to protect you I promise." 


"I hated it, I hate when they would do that to me, use me like that." 


"Jeongguk no, stop that. I've got you now, you never have to go back there ever again." suddenly the hatred for Taehyung comes back in full force, how could he ruin a person to the extent of this. "Look at me." Jeongguk's scared eyes meet Jimin's and his heart hurts for him. "No one will ever do that to you ever again, okay? You have people who love and care for you and you'll never have to go through it ever again. Not as long as I'm alive, I promise you that Jeongguk. Come here, don't cry baby," Jimin pulls him into his chest to let him get over the initial panic of it all and comforts him till his breathing slows down and his heart rate steadies.


"I never got to thank you, for getting me out of there. You and Namjoon hyung worked together to get me the best possible outcome and I couldn't be more grateful than I am," 


"I just wanted you to be happy." 


"You went above and beyond for my happiness, went through so much trouble when all it took was you to make me the happiest. I only wanted you." Jeongguk tangles their legs together and slips his hands under Jimin's pyjama shirt. 


"You didn't deserve to be in there, it wasn't your fault. But if you weren't inside there Jeongguk, I wouldn't have met you and we wouldn't have gone through what we did to make us what we are today. So I don't regret that it all happened, I just don't think it should have been you on the receiving end of all that pain." 


"You went through pain too, hyung." 


"We both did, but we can only learn from it and move forward. I won't ever hurt you, Jeongguk I hope you know that." 


"I know you won't. I won't even dare to think of hurting you again Jimin, I promise. I'll never do that to you again, I want to be with you for a long time, it's hard being without you." 


"You can be with me for as long as you need, baby." Jimin secures the statement with a press of his lips. "Sleep now, you look so tired and Namjoon hyung tells me that you haven't been sleeping." 

"I'm going to try tonight, I love you. Please don't leave me." 


"I won't even think about it." Jimin smiles at him one last time before he shuts his eyes and then they both slumber, arms wrapped lazily around each other. 


Jeongguk moves in his sleep, tossing and turning and Jimin is awoken by him everytime he manages to fall into a light sleep. He grabs Jimin's hand entwines them and then let's go and moves away from Jimin all the way to the other side of the bed. Jimin understands if he doesn't like to be clingy when he sleeps because Jimin is warm and it can get stuffy. But then he awakens Jimin again by coming back and clinging onto his arm and throwing his leg over his waist and pressing kisses onto his closed lids. Then he untangles himself again and Jimin blinks his eyes open to see Jeongguk's face in the moonlight wide awake staring up at the ceiling.


"Babe, what's wrong?" Jeongguk jumps at Jimin's voice and then Jimin is moving towards him and englufing him in his arms again. 


"I'm sorry." he sighs and Jimin massages his shoulder with one hand. "I'm keeping you awake, aren't I? I can go sleep downstairs." He starts to get up but Jimin doesn't let him. 


"No, I want you to sleep with me. Tell me what it is that's keeping you up?"

"I'm scared," his voice quiet so that it's shared in the space between the two. 


"Of what?" Jimin waits a second. "Of who?" 

"I'm scared I'm going to wake up in the prison again, I'm scared that every time I close my eyes someone is going to hurt me, that Taehyung is going to come for me. I'm scared if I let myself sleep now that you'll be gone and it'll all be a dream." Jeongguk's voice rushes out, Jimin can feel his pulse quicken under his cheek where it's pressed against his neck. 


"Do you take my promises seriously?" 


"Of course." 


"Then I promise that when you wake up, I'm going to be right here and you're not going to be in prison and Taehyung is still going to be as far away from you as possible. You feel safe with me, right?" Jeongguk nods his head. "Then trust me when I say that I'm going to keep you safe, look how tight I'm holding you. No one is going to touch you, no one can take you away from me now." Jimin can feel Jeongguk smiling. "It's not healthy for you to not sleep for that long, Guk. I'm worried about you." Jimin reaches up to stroke along his face.


Then he reaches up to kiss Jeongguk, their lips sliding against each other gently, the caress of Jimin's hands on Jeongguk's body soothes him and sends him into a sense of relaxation so that he's putty in Jimin's hands. Jimin can physically feel the tension leave Jeongguk's body as they continue to kiss, his hands pressing into his shoulders, his arms, his back, his thighs anywhere he can get his hands and then Jeongguk's kisses slow down until Jimin presses kisses into his mouth and they stay still, not kissing him back. Jeongguk finally goes under and Jimin smiles to himself when he sees Jeongguk pout in his sleep, Jimin thinks that he was chasing his lips and that makes his heart flutter. Jimin leaves one last kiss on his soft lips and makes sure he's comfortable enough before holding his hand and snuggling into his arm. Jimin has never felt happier in his life.   

Chapter Text

Jeongguk only awakens when the need for the bathroom is too strong, a pressing need in his belly that makes it ache. Or maybe the ache was because of something else. He is disorientated for a few minutes before he feels small fingers along his arm and he remembers where he is, the touch gentle and soft, but now that he's aware of it goosebumps raise on his skin and he can't help but burrow further into the safe haven that he has found. 


"Baby?" Jimin's fingers run all the way down to his hand and he holds it in his softly. 


"Need the toilet." he mutters into the warm skin of his neck. 


"I was wondering when that would wake you." he chuckles. 


"What time is it?" when his head finally makes it's way out of Jimin's neck, he can see the sun shining behind the curtains but Jimin had made sure to keep the curtains closed so they were still shrouded in darkness. 


"Almost 3pm in the afternoon. I've already had breakfast, I was about to have lunch." Jimin runs his fingers through his bed hair. 


"What? Hyung, why didn't you wake me? We lost so much time, we could have-" 


"Calm down Jeonggukie," Jimin laughs, his eyes doing that thing they do when he's happy. "You needed the sleep, thank you for listening to me. We have a lot of time, go freshen up." Jimin ushers him off the bed but stays where he was watching Jeongguk stumble to the bathroom. 


"Are you staying there?" Jeongguk questions when he finds Jimin with the blankets still wrapped around himself when he's finished.


"I've declared today a pyjama day, we're staying in bed all day." Jimin reaches out for him and pulls him back into the warmth of the bed. Jeongguk is so happy. 


"That sounds perfect." he settles in and his arms wind around Jimin's waist and pull him in closer so that he can bury his face in the soft material of Jimin's shirt into his chest.


"You look so cute when you're asleep." 


"Did you just watch me sleep this whole time?" 


"Not the whole time, but I wanted to be here when you woke up. I promised." 


"Thanks, Jimin." Jeongguk kisses his chin, just below his lips then a soft kiss right on his lips. They stare into each other's eyes and Jeongguk doesn't think he'd ever get used to it. He is the luckiest man to have Jimin and he wants to keep him forever, wants to stay with him forever but forever is a long time. Jimin tackles him so that he's laying with his back against the pillows with one thick thigh pressed in the middle of his legs and kisses him deep and thorough, making sure to draw out pretty moans from deep inside him, so that he can't help but grind up into his thigh. 


"Hyung, what are y-" 


"Shh," Jimin interrupts him from where he is pressing open mouthed kisses down his body, going lower and lower. Jimin doesn't even look surprised that Jeongguk is already getting hard in the tightness of Jimin's boxers that he had thrown on last night. Jeongguk shivers under Jimin's fingers with his irregular breaths, panting. Jimin gets him fully hard by mouthing on top of his boxers and pressing his palm into his erection. "Want my mouth?" Jimin asks like it's a question to even ask. 


"Please." Jeongguk begs and grapples for purchase on his hand until he finds it and interlocks their fingers. His cock is freed from its confinement and Jimin laps at the precum already slipping out. 


"Missed how you taste," he whispers before he goes back down on Jeongguk, sucking and licking and grazing his teeth against his cock whilst Jeongguk lets out the most sinful sounds. Those words make Jeongguk so hard and sensitive, for Jimin to just say something like that was outright obscene but he wasn't going to complain not when he felt so pleased with the words. "You good?" Jimin pulls off to ask, when Jeongguk's hand gets painfully tight in his hair and he stops telling Jimin how good it feels. He keeps his lips close, gliding the tip of it across his lips back and forth just so he can watch Jeongguk squirm and Jeongguk wants nothing more to just come already.  


"Your mouth is so g-good, I feel so good hyung. Want to come in your mouth." 


"I want to taste you, you taste so good." Jimin mumbles before turning all of his attention, or all of his mouth, on to Jeongguk's throbbing, red cock again. Jimin continues to make Jeongguk feel good, better than he ever has considering how loud and vocal he is being and it makes Jeongguk's stomach and heart clench in passion and love. 


"I love you, I love you so much." he chokes out before he is coming with a loud cry, his legs pressing against the sides of Jimin's face hard to stop him moving as he continues to suck him off, milking him till he has to pull Jimin off of him. Jimin continues to kiss up his body before he's in front of a spent and satiated Jeongguk. 


"Love you." he whispers before they're kissing vigorously, Jeongguk showing him how much he loves him when he presses his tongue into his mouth and when he bites on Jimin's fat bottom lip and when he chases Jimin's lips when he tries to pull away. "Come on, let's go eat something." Jimin pats the side of his leg before he pulls away.  


"I'm starved." 


"Thought so. I have pizza waiting in the oven." Jeongguk follows him down the stairs to the kitchen, wrapped in Jimin's blanket to keep the warmth trapped in. Jimin busies himself in getting lunch ready and Jeongguk waits patiently at the island bar in his blanket. When he sets everything out, Jeongguk manages to grab his body around the waist to pull him in for kisses. Jimin's arms automatically find purchase around his neck.  


"I want to kiss you all the time." he mumbles against his lips and then when his hands start to roam lower down Jimin stops him.   


"Me too but I think I can make time for food too." Jimin laughs and turns him in his chair to face the food again with a soft press of his lips to the back of his neck. "I'm so glad you're here." Jimin's voice is quiet, almost as if it would shatter the soft ambience they've built for themselves this morning (afternoon) if he were any louder. 


"I'm happy to be here, I'm always happy when I'm with you." Jeongguk runs his hand down all of Jimin's back and he feels so content in his heart. He receives a blinding smile in return and he thinks he'd be happy if he were to die right at this moment. 


"So, what do you have planned now that you're free?" 


"Mmm, I'm not too sure I didn't think it would be so soon but I don't really have anything planned. Namjoon hyung has made me think a lot about going back to school, I want to graduate and then see where it takes me." 


"Yeah? That would be good, what would you want to study?" 


"Some sort of art I think, music or photography or even graphic design! I have to research more into it but I think that's what I want to do. I'll have enough money to support myself so I don't need to worry about that. I just need to decide on what subject."


"That's so great, Jeongguk. I'm proud of you and will support you in whatever you choose." Jimin strokes his cheek fondly with his greasy hands and Jeongguk scrunches his nose in retaliation.  


"I also need to pick what school, where I want to study..." 


"There's a lot of good schools in Seoul, make sure it's close to Yoongi and Namjoon hyung so they're there if you need them." Jimin had assumed that it's where Jeongguk wanted to study because that's where all the good programmes are, but that isn't something Jeongguk wanted. 


"Hyung, I don't want to live in Seoul anymore." 


"What do you mean?" 


"I've always told Namjoon hyung that me and him were going to move away to the countryside, where we can live in peace and not worry about gangs or the bustle of the city. I've always wanted that but that was before Yoongi hyung and it was before you." 

"You mean-" 

"I want to." 



"I want to be close to you, Jimin." 

"You have to think about this a little more, baby. Think logically about it all, Seoul has all the best colleges and-" Jimin frowns at him when he puts the slice of pizza in his hand down. 

"I have thought about it," he mumbles and he doesn't even try to hide his disappointment at Jimin's reaction and stuffs a big bite of pizza in his mouth and avoiding his eyes. Jimin doesn't say anything more and also avoids Jeongguk's eyes, he forces himself not to cry but the tears burn at the back of his eyes at the unnerving silence settling between them. When they've finished eating, Jimin cleans up and brushes Jeongguk's attempts at helping away and banishes him to the couch in front of the TV where he sits looking at the movie playing but he's not really watching. Jimin's words swim in his head and he thought that maybe Jimin didn't want him as much as he thought. He rids himself of these thoughts because he didn't want to get into a self-depreciating cycle anymore when Namjoon had tried so hard to help him not think in that way. He'll be fine without Jimin because he's his own person and he can be independent and he can always visit when he has time to like in his summer breaks. He can spend his long, summer breaks with Jimin and maybe with Minwoo if he likes him enough. And maybe Jimin is right, the colleges in Seoul will be better for him, they'll be better equipped and more up to date with all the technology. 

When Jimin comes into the room, his newfound resolve dissolves a little when he sees his face. He wants to see Jimin everyday and just be with him, he wants to keep him to himself and be allowed to love and cherish him within an arm's distance. Jimin sits at the other end of the couch and Jeongguk's heart sinks, he didn't want to upset Jimin but maybe he'd give him some space to process what he had suggested. He may change his mind about it if he thinks about it more. 


"Hey Jeonggukie?" he whispers, just when Jeongguk had gotten engrossed into the film that was on. 


"Hm?" Jimin turns to face him, his full attention on him and Jeongguk looks back at him, a little confused.    


"Jeongguk, I would love if you could move here, do you really think I wouldn't?" Jeongguk shrugs at that and Jimin moves closer so that he can hold his hand. "But just think of the technicalities of it, I just want what's best for you. You deserve the best." 


"It's not like I would move in with you, I can get my own place but at least you'll be here. I don't want to move because of you but I want to move here because of you. If it wasn't here then it would be somewhere else I just can't stay in Seoul anymore, it holds too many bad memories for me and I don't want to be stuck there." Jimin looks at him like he's torn, like he's contemplating and stuck in his inner turmoil.

"If you moved here, I wouldn't let you stay anywhere else." Jimin says, his voice quiet and he's already pulling Jeongguk closer to him. Jeongguk's eyes light up and he bounces in his lap when he straddles him to hug him close, his shirt bunched up into his hands.


"You really want me to stay? Here? With you?" 

"Of course I do, I'll go crazy without you. Just as long you're sure about it all." 


"I am, I really am. I spoke to Namjoon and Yoongi hyung about it too, they thought it was a good idea but they said it was up to you. Whatever you want Jimin, just as long as you're happy." 


"I'm so happy right now." Jimin presses the words into his mouth and Jeongguk is ecstatic at Jimin's words. He just wanted Jimin to be happy.


Later on that evening, Jeongguk finally gets his mouth on Jimin like he had always wanted to and it's safe to say Jimin thoroughly enjoys it when he's screaming his name as soon as he comes. They can't seem to get enough of each other and it's good, it's so good. After Jimin comes he is pulling Jeongguk up and into his arms. 


"You don't have to swallow." Jimin tells him with his hands on his face searching his face for any sign of discomfort. Jeongguk sticks his tongue out and shows Jimin what  a good boy he has been and then he preens at the praises Jimin drops low into his ear. 


"Hyung," Jeongguk whines when his kisses become insistent and desperate against his neck. 


"Was that okay for you?" 

"Of course, I wanted all of it. I want all of you." 


"Baby you have to tell me when you're uncomfortable with something, don't just do things if you think they're going to please me." 


"You didn't enjoy it?" Jeongguk says with a pout, leaning his forearms on Jimin's chest and looks up at him like that. 


"Of course I did, it was my wildest dreams coming true. But I don't want you to think that-" 


"I loved it, Jiminie." 


"I'm sorry they did that to you." Jimin whispers, soft as he pushes Jeongguk's messy hair away from his face. "I wish I could have stopped it." 


"Don't apologise for them, I never have to see them again." a light flicker of a warning triggers in Jimin's mind but he brushes it away as fast as it had come. Not now, not yet at least.  


"I'll never let it happen ever again." 


"I know," Jeongguk smiles, his teeth making Jimin's heart erupt in love and god, he's so in love with Jeongguk. 


"Hey, you know we can't do this all the time when you move in." 


"We'll find a way, if we did it in prison we can do it here." Jeongguk turns his face so he can nip at Jimin's jawline. He knows he's being cheeky.


"Minwoo's going to love you." he sighs. This was something Jeongguk worried about a lot. He had never had any experience with kids and he didn't know how to behave, especially since this was Jimin's child.   


"You think so?"


"Yeah, I promise he will. He loves easily." 


"Sounds like someone else I know." Jimin rolls his eyes at that. 

"I know you're worried about it, I can tell. But there isn't anything to worry about, if I was worried about Minwoo not liking you then I wouldn't have offered for you to move in. He's a big part of all of this and I want him to be just as happy with all the change." 


"That's good, hyung. I want what's best for him and before we move too fast I want him to get used to me first before I move in, there's no point in rushing things. We have time, right?" 


"We have all the time in the world." Jimin agrees. "Oh, stay here. I have something for you!" Jimin rushes upstairs and Jeongguk is left downstairs confused at what he had been rushing upstairs for. He feels something cold settle against his skin and when he looks down, it was the pendant necklace that he had given to Jimin a long time ago to keep it safe. 


"You kept it safe for me!" Jeongguk's eyes well up and he's so glad he told Jimin to look after it for him. 


"Of course I did, I keep my promises." 


"Thank you, hyung. It means so much to me." he sniffles and then is tucking his head into Jimin's neck as they cuddle. 


"I know." Jimin smiles. He knows Jeongguk and he will get to know Jeongguk. There is still a lot to learn about him but Jimin thinks that they can work up to it slowly because they have forever.  




Jeongguk meets Minwoo with shaking hands and his nerves set on fire. 


"Hello?" Minwoo says, his head tilted to one side and he's adorable. He was a spitting image of Jimin. 


"H-Hi, I'm Jeongguk." Jeongguk kneels down so that they're level. 


"Jeonggukie?" Jeongguk's face cracks as his nerves dissipate and he laughs at how cute he sounded. 

"Minwoo, that's not-" Jimin is laughing too and Jeongguk doesn't know what to say.  


"Namjoonie said to call him Jeonggukie." he frowns and runs into Jimin's arms.


"Okay, go say hi properly." Jimin says after leaving a kiss on his cheek. 


"Hello I'm Minwoo," he gives Jeongguk his hand and he shakes it like the little cutie he is. 


"Nice to meet you, Min-min." 


"Uncle Yoongi and Namjoonie said you like to play! Do you want to play with me? Papa and mama bring me lots of toys!" He's already holding Jeongguk's hand and tugging him into the living room to find his toys and Jimin smiles at them both fondly from where he stands. 

"Everything okay?" Yoongi nudges his side. 


"Perfect hyung, everything is perfect."

Later that night, they have dinner together all five of them and Jimin can't help but be grateful that he has his whole family with him. That they can finally see him happy and get to enjoy life in the peacefulness of his home. 


"Papa?" Jimin is cuddled into Minwoo's bed to make sure he gets to sleep. It's early but that's only because he has school tomorrow.  




"Can Jeonggukie be my bestfriend? He likes playing with me." 


"Of course he can, he'd love that." Jimin smiles at Jeongguk who's waiting for him behind the partly closed door for Jimin to come out. His head peeks in at his name and he raises his eyebrows but he stays silent. 


"Do you think he'd want me to be his bestfriend?" 


"I think that he'd be the happiest when we ask him. You can call him tomorrow, okay?"


"Okay. He must be tired now, I'm tired too so that must mean we're bestfriends."


"Definitely." Jimin chuckles at him.


"He makes you laugh a lot papa." 

"Yeah I guess he does, Jeonggukie is special." Jimin is smiling and Minwoo is smiling and it's all he has ever wanted. "Sleep now, Min." and then he's asleep in five seconds flat. Yoongi and Namjoon had really tired him out this weekend it seems. 


"Told you." Jimin walks past him with a smirk to get back downstairs to Yoongi and Namjoon but Jeongguk grabs his arm before he can get too far. 


"He really likes me that much?" 


"He's never asked me about a bestfriend, I didn't even know he knew what bestfriend meant!"


"Really?" Jimin's arms slip around his waist. 


"Baby, stop stressing about it. He loves you." Jimin kisses his nose in reassurance.  


"This is just really important for me," 


"I know it is, thank you for being so perfect and understanding. You really made an effort with him and I appreciate that so much, you have no idea."


"Thank you for including me into your family, it makes me so happy." Jeongguk burrows his face into Jimin's neck with a sniffle and Jimin laughs at him. Endearingly however, not in amusement. 


"You'll be back, right?" 


"Of course, I'll visit on the weekends or maybe you can visit me sometime too?" 


"We'll work it out, I'm going to miss you. It was nice having you here with me, I didn't feel as lonely as I did." 


"You've always got me, I'll always come back to you." Jeongguk presses his lips to Jimin's in a soft kiss and they're happy and their future looks bright. Jimin can finally be at peace with himself knowing he has Jeongguk to fall back on if he ever does fall. 



The thing is, Jeongguk leaves and Jimin leaves so many times. It happens so many times over the next few months but neither of them bring up the fact that they're ready and Jimin doesn't know if he's doing something wrong because why doesn't Jeongguk say anything? Or has he been waiting for Jimin to say something? But Jimin does not want to make a fool out of himself, even though he has done so in front of Jeongguk a million times. Neither of them point it out or confront each other about it, in fact it's not someone who had been in both of their presences for very long. Someone who had been with them for two minutes is what it takes for Jimin to realise how stupid he was being... 

Jimin gets the teaching job and has been working at the school teaching his good pupils for the last few months, he makes new friends and reunites with old friends and he settles in well as does Minwoo and he is grateful that everything falls into place for them. Jeongguk visits often and Minwoo gets more and more excited the more he comes and the feeling of seeing them together is unexplainable but he thinks its his most favourite feeling in the world. 


"Min, stay back okay?" Minwoo turns to Jimin with a thumbs up and stays behind the yellow line at the train station bouncing on his heels as they see the train rolling in. The train doesn't usually have a lot of people on it so it's easy to spot Jeongguk. It has been two weeks since they last saw each other and it doesn't seem that long but every day is a struggle for Jimin without Jeongguk.


"Jeonggukie Jeonggukie!" Minwoo waves wildly and drops the box of chocolates he wanted to get for Jeongguk on the floor when they see him on the train and Jimin stands from the bench so he can see them reunite. Jeongguk's returning smile at seeing them makes his knees weaken and he didn't think he could be any more in love than he already was. When Jeongguk steps out of the train, Minwoo runs into his open arms and he is lifted up by Jeongguk's strong hands whilst still juggling his bags. Jimin picks the box of chocolates up and walks towards them to rid Jeongguk of some of his bags for his weekend stay because Jimin knows Minwoo will demand Jeongguk hold him all the way back home. He loved Jeongguk as much as Jimin did and it was the best feeling that the two most important people in his life loved each other too. Jeongguk grabs his hand when he tries to take his bags. 

"Hey." Jeongguk whispers, pulling him closer by the waist. 


"Hey baby." Jimin cups one cheek in his hand and strokes it gently. They try not to kiss in front of Minwoo but Jeongguk is pulling him closer and meeting his lips in a quick peck and Minwoo gasps. 


"Don't kiss papa, kiss me!" His small arms wrap around Jeongguk's neck and he laughs before placing a loud kiss on his cheek that makes Minwoo giggle. 


"Sorry Min, I'll only kiss you." Jeongguk says and then Jimin is elbowing him in his side. They make their way back home happily and Jimin gets back to dinner for them whilst Jeongguk occupies Minwoo. He doesn't expect arms around his waist so fast. 


"Missed you." Jeongguk mumbles the words into his neck before peppering small kisses all down his neck. 


"Miss you always." Jimin turns and just as they're about to kiss Minwoo is in the kitchen demanding food, Jeongguk sighs and rests his forehead on Jimin's chest in frustration. Jimin chuckles and pushes him away to get back to dinner. They have dinner with loud chatter around the table, they catch up with what they have been doing for the past two weeks. Jeongguk shows him some art that he had created and painted to sell to suppliers whilst he continued to stay at Yoongi's and Jimin was very proud of him, the fact that he was utilising his time well and being successful at it. But then again, Jeongguk is successful at anything he does.

"Time for bed Min." Jimin finally says when his eyes droop in front of his food, he had a long day today at school since it was sports day and Jimin had watched him win every single activity with ease. He always tried his hardest in everything just like Jimin did, and also how Jeongguk did.  


"I'll take him." Jeongguk offers and he says goodnight to Jimin and then takes a hold of Jeongguk's hand sleepily before they make their way up the stairs again. Jimin would finally get to be with Jeongguk. When Jeongguk gets back, Jimin is all over him as they kiss urgently and passionately, the absence of each other making them both imperative and desperate, like they have been starved of time. Jimin's lips are attached to his neck, Jeongguk's hands running through his hair and pressing his face harder into his neck to keep his mouth there. 


"Hyung, I missed you. I miss you so much why can't I ju-" 

"Papa?" Minwoo's small voice interrupts and Jimin freezes. He is standing at the end of the couch with a small pout. "Cuddle me too?" he walks closer and tugs at Jimin's arm and Jeongguk lets out a loud groan of frustration that sounded something like 'why me?' and Jimin laughs at him before smacking his chest. "You always cuddle Jeonggukie but what about me?" 

"Let's forget about Jeonggukie and cuddle in your bed okay?" He pries Jeongguk's strong grip on his hips away reluctantly and carries Minwoo back to his bed. Jimin cuddles with him with a gentle song to lull him into a deep sleep and it has been a while before he manages to get back downstairs. It's not a surprise to see Jeongguk asleep already, small breaths escaping his parted lips with his oversized hoodie pulled over his head. Jimin kisses his parted lips softly because he had missed Jeongguk's lips and then tries to get him up. He stumbles upstairs with Jeongguk and he flops onto the bed with a sigh and pulls Jimin down with him. 


"Missed you." he mumbles in his sleepy haze and pulls Jimin closer to him so he can press his face into his chest and Jimin presses a kiss to his forehead before they fall asleep like that, wrapped in each other.


The smell of pancakes wakes Jimin up to an empty bed and he can hear laughing from downstairs and it makes him smile in the mist of the morning. This is everything he had wanted in life and more and he couldn't believe how happy he was like this. How content he was living this life, a stark contrast to what his life was like a mere couple of months ago. He washes up and makes his way downstairs to both of their cheeks full of pancakes and strawberries and tonnes of syrup. He sees the jar of nutella discarded to the side like Jeongguk was trying to hide it at the last minute. They were both going to be off the rails today with the amount of sugar they had consumed just for breakfast. 


"Can't believe you started without me." Jimin grumbles and Jeongguk grabs him around the waist to give him a sticky, syrupy kiss.


"It's family day, we're allowed." Jeongguk pouts when he notices Jimin's frown and then Minwoo is tugging at his hand to put cartoons on for him in the living room. Jimin knows he will be occupied for the rest of the morning until he needs to let his energy out again. When he gets back into the kitchen Jeongguk lifts him onto the counter and commands him to stay there. He is passed a tower of pancakes and a cup of tea with a sweet kiss. 

"Thank you, you're so perfect." Jimin runs his hand through his hair and pulls Jeongguk to him instead so he settles in between Jimin's legs. A morning makeout session never hurt anyone and they hadn't had much time yesterday so Jimin was willing to make up for it today. The doorbell interrupts them at that point though and it elicits another frustrated groan from Jeongguk. 


"Why does the world hate me?" 


"Stop being dramatic." Jimin shoves him off for what seems like the hundredth time with a soft chuckle. "I wasn't expecting anyone, let me see who it is." 


When Jimin opens the door, he doesn't expect the person he sees or two people he sees. 


"Hyuna?" he whispers, shock taking over his whole body with his eyes wide and mouth hanging open. She looked great, amazing even with the brightness in her face that he hadn't seen in a very long time.  

"Jiminie!" Hyuna grabs him in a tight hold around his neck with Jiwoo in her arms and leaves a kiss on his cheek. Jiwoo is passed to him and he squeezes her tight and then Minwoo is running to the door and into Hyuna's arms. He was so excited to see his mother and Jimin was so thankful he was reunited with his beautiful baby daughter that he couldn't help the tears that run down his face. He gathers Hyuna into his arms too so that all four of them are in his embrace and he is so happy that both of them are here after not seeing them for months. Hyuna's gaze fixates behind Jimin and that's when he remembers Jeongguk is here too. 


Jeongguk is not jealous, he has no reason to be jealous of Jimin's ex wife and how cuddly they all looked and how she had kissed Jimin on the cheek. There was absolutely no way he was jealous. At all. His wife's eyes fixate on him staring and he shuffles his feet. It was an intimate moment and he felt like he was intruding. 


"Hyuna, this is Jeongguk," Jimin looks as though he had just realised as they break embrace and Hyuna walks towards him with Minwoo in her arms. 


"Mama, this is my Jeonggukie." Hyuna outstretches her hand and he takes it in his and bows a little. He was endeared by Minwoo's introduction of him and couldn't help but compare it to Jimin's. Minwoo doesn't seem to want to stay in her arms and reaches out for Jeongguk instead and she hands him to her without a problem.  

"Nice to meet you Minwoo's Jeonggukie." she smirks and Jeongguk thinks she is so pretty. So so pretty and Jeongguk felt a little intimidated. "Looks like you're stealing my man and my child." she laughs and it seemed like she was teasing but Jeongguk didn't know any better.   


"I- I'm sorry." he can feel his face turn red and he looks to Jimin for help but he just frowns at Jeongguk's reaction. 


"Hyuna," Jimin sighs and she turns to look at Jimin and they communicate with their eyes before her gaze turns back to Jeongguk. 


"I'm only teasing, Jeongguk. It's fine, hey, I'm sorry." she soothes with a hand on his arm and a worried expression on her face and suddenly Jeongguk felt stupid for taking it so seriously in the first place. He should have just laughed it off. Jeongguk smiles, albeit not a real smile, at her reassuringly and puts Minwoo down again with a small kiss on his head. Jeongguk finds that their plans for the weekend were all ruined and he felt as though he was intruding which was something he didn't want to do.    


"It's fine, we made pancakes." Jeongguk says in his shy voice, the one reserved for outsiders. The one he rarely used with Jimin or Minwoo. 

"Cute." she smiles before turning to Jimin and it looks like she winked at him because then Jimin is laughing and forcing them all into the kitchen.

Jeongguk tries and tries not to get jealous but he couldn't help it. He understands that Jimin had not seen Hyuna for months but was this really what happens when your ex wife comes back. They treated each other like more than friends, like they had been married for a long time and were still married. Jeongguk tries not to be bratty about it but he doesn't get any attention from Jimin the whole time and he tries to understand it, he really does but he doesn't want to wait around to talk to Jimin about it. They can talk another time, and there's always next weekend or the weekend after that he could visit again when Hyuna wasn't here. And he definitely still was not annoyed at Jimin for not asking him to move into his house permanently. He was fine, Jeongguk was okay. Jiwoo gurgled at him in his hands in agreement. 

"I'll be fine, we'll all be fine." he whispers to her and then blows raspberries on her stomach to make her giggle. It looked like all of the family were in love with Jeongguk, as well as Hyuna who couldn't keep her eyes off him. It made him uncomfortable but he didn't know why she was looking at him that way. She grabs his attention for long enough to motion him to follow her out to the garden and he follows even though his heart is beating out of his chest. He leaves Jiwoo with Jimin who makes the most of seeing his daughter. 


"I wanted to apologise, for the comment earlier, it was uncalled for but I'm fine with it. I'm more than fine with it, it's what I wanted. And I'm sorry for turning up unannounced, I wanted to surprise Jimin. You must have had plans for the weekend." he can tell she's nervous from the way her voice shakes and her hands tremble. Jeongguk doesn't know what to say but there isn't much he can say. "You're very quiet." she murmurs and Jeongguk hums in response, it was a little awkward. He doesn't know what to say to the ex wife of his boyfriend. "You make him happy." she whispers into the strong breeze after a long silence and she grips onto Jeongguk's elbow to stabilise herself from the strong winds but she doesn't let go. She links her arm through Jeongguk's and leans her head onto his arm. "Thank you for making him happy." 


"He's happy with you too." Jeongguk retaliates and he wishes he could've made it sound less bitter. 


"He was never happy with me, he pretended to be for the kids. We were never happy together." 


"I'm sorry." she shakes her head at him to brush off his apology. 


"You're so cute, I want to squeeze you." she squeezes his arm instead and smushes her face against his arm and Jeongguk finally allows himself to laugh. She was funny. Her face was scrunched up and she was hanging on to every one of Jeongguk's words.   


"I'm sorry, I don't know how to behave with you I'm not trying to purposefully be cold." 


"It's okay, I understand. Tell me what's on your mind, it looks like something is?" Jeongguk starts to thaw with her words, with her arms that are still wrapped around his. 

"Mmm, it's stupid." 


"Tell me?" 


"You guys just fit so well together. Jimin is part of the puzzle - the main part and I feel like an outsider, a stray part that shouldn't be there at all." 

"I'm sorry that we made you feel like that but you're Jimin's person you know that? I can see it in the way he looks at you, he loves you so much and he would never do anything to jeopardise that. He would do anything to make you happy, believe me."


"I believe you." he sighs. He never once doubted Jimin's love for him he just needed reassurance and attention. "I'm going to go home though, I'll give him some time with you both." 


"You don't live here?" 


"Uh no, I live with Yoongi and Namjoon hyung." 


"I'm sorry I assumed you did, anything that I've picked up Jimin says 'oh that's Jeongguk's' so I thought you did, your stuff is all over the place." 


"I guess it is, I come around often." 

"He hasn't asked you yet?" she asks quietly and Jeongguk doesn't know why his eyes fill up with unshed tears. He can't cry now, he shouldn't. He shakes his head gently and she frowns. "He's scared." 


"Of me?" 


"No he's scared to ask you because it means change, he thinks it will change things and he hates change. If he knows that you're happy now he'll do everything he can to keep you happy. But it doesn't register in his head that you moving in with him would make you so much happier, he's scared that it might not. He's scared you might not be happy, that you have too many expectations of him." 


"How do you know that?" 


"I've known Jimin for a long time, I know his thought process and with time you'll learn too. You have to be straightforward with him, tell him exactly what you want okay? Don't be afraid." her words wrap around Jeongguk like a warm blanket and he is glad that he had the chance to speak to her. "If you ever need any advice about how to handle Jimin, come to me. I'm going to stick around for a while, we can tease Jimin together." she nudges him in his side and laughs and it makes Jeongguk laugh too. He had never thought that he would be having a conversation like this with her but he finds that he likes her, she's easy to get along with and she was a lovely person. "If you still want to go then I won't stop you but I'd love for you to stay like you had planned to." 

"I think I want to go today but I'll be back again I'm sure." 


"Minwoo's going to be very upset, you're his Jeonggukie." she squeezes his arm once before she lets go. 


"He's a good kid, I love him." 

"He loves you, everyone loves you, Jeongguk. I wish I could hate you even a little bit, but you're so sweet and innocent that it's impossible to. Jimin is so lucky but don't ever doubt his love for you, he loves you a lot. Take it from me, okay?" 


"Okay." Jeongguk nods and smiles and they go back inside to the warmth. Jimin looks at them suspiciously before turning his attention back towards Jiwoo. "I'm going to get my stuff, it was nice meeting you." 


"I want to see you again." he nods his head at that and Hyuna holds both his hands in hers and squeezes them before letting him go. He packs his stuff away in his bag and then hands are coming up behind him. 

"Where are you going?" 


"Home, hyung, I'm sorry. I can't be here," 


"I didn't know they were coming, I'm sorry our plans were ruined." 


"It's okay, we have next weekend or the weekend after if you're free." 


"You don't have to go. I don't want you to go." 


"You'll see me again soon, I promise." 


"Baby please?" Jimin grabs his hand as his last plea and turns him to face him. His eyes don't give anything away but he's not happy, Jimin can tell.  


"I'll call you when I get home, well to Yoongi hyung's home." Jimin can sense the underlying message to the response. Jeongguk doesn't kiss him and his hand slips out of his easily. Too easily. Jimin's grip wasn't strong enough to hold him close to him because Jimin knew he had done something wrong, something to upset Jeongguk and he didn't know what to do. He couldn't bear the fact that he had made Jeongguk sad. He hears Jeongguk say goodbye to Minwoo with a promise that he'll be back but Minwoo still cries in Hyuna's arms then he says goodbye to Hyuna and then he leaves. Jimin watches him go from his seat at the top of the stairs with his massive backpack that he had filled with snacks and toys for Minwoo and him to eat and play with this weekend and his heart sinks further. He descends the stairs with a heavy heart and Jeongguk is long gone. 


"Tell me what I did?" he asks Hyuna with a sigh. She is already staring at him condescendingly. 


"I can't tell you what you did, you have to figure it out but he tells me he's not living here, why?" 



"Scared, I know. But do you really want to lose him? He won't put up with your shit for long, Jimin. He's very hard headed." 


"I know that." he's annoyed with Hyuna's words but he knows she's right. Jimin had never done this love thing before so he didn't know what was right and what was wrong.


"He felt uncomfortable and unwanted with all of us in one room, you can't blame him."


"He did? I didn't want him to feel like that."  


"I'm not going to say anything else but we're going to have dinner at your parents and then you're going to take your car and drive up to Seoul and you're going to bring him back. For good. The children are mine for the rest of the week." Jimin smiles. Not at her words, but at the way she was. This was what she had been like before they got married, and she had found herself again. He was so happy for her.  




"No arguments. Now do as I say or else I'll set Jiwoo on you." she laughs and tickles Jiwoo's stomach. "I really like him, he makes you so happy. As soon as I saw you I knew that you had find your happiness." 


"I love him so much." 


"I know you do, so you need to make sure you don't lose him." Hyuna smiles at him knowingly.


He feels like it's the longest drive to Seoul, it would have been faster to take the train but he wanted to take all of Jeongguk's stuff back with him this time. He wasn't going to leave without him. He runs up to Yoongi's apartment and he pounds on the door. 




"Jiminie hyung? What are you-" Jimin surges forward and grabs him by his neck and crashes their lips together. He didn't want to waste another minute. 

"Nice to see you too Jimin?" he hears Yoongi's voice from behind Jeongguk. 


"Yoongi hyung, you need to get out right now." Jimin urges, reluctantly detaching his lips from Jeongguk's and he still has hands on Jeongguk. Jeongguk looks up at him with wide, confused eyes. 


"This is my house I don't-" 


"I'm about to fuck Jeongguk in front of your eyes!" 


"Okay shutup shutup shutup." he covers his ears, grabs his keys and walks out. "I'm with Namjoonie! Don't use my bed or my couch or else you're both dead, use Jeongguk's shitty pull out bed." he shouts from the other side of the door. 

"We're using the dining table!" he shouts back but he doesn't receive a response. Jimin laughs at him then turns his attention to Jeongguk.  


"Hi." Jimin smiles down at Jeongguk where he has his face in his arms, his head slighlty tilted back.  

"Uhh, hi? What are you doing here?"


"I came to get you." 


"You're coming back with me, I'm not letting you leave me ever again." 


"I'm sorry. I'm sorry that she came back and you thought that I forgot about you or if you felt unwanted. That wasn't my intention, I love you so much Jeongguk. I just want to make you happy." 

"You do make me happy!" Jeongguk argues. 

“Then move in with me, stay with me forever?" Jimin fiddles with the necklace that is now a permanent fixture around Jeongguk's neck.




"I've wanted this for a long time, I was just too much of a coward to ask. I know you want it too," 

"I do, Jimin. I want it so much, I want to be with you." 


"Good now kiss me. I'm not letting anyone stop us this time." he lets out a small giggle and then meets Jimin's lips in a kiss. They kiss and fall back into the couch with Jeongguk laid out beneath him, even though Yoongi had told them not to use the couch but Jimin just couldn't help himself. He was desperate and he needed Jeongguk. Their hips rut against each other carelessly but Jimin refuses to move away from his insistent mouth and Jeongguk has the same idea with his grip never loosening around Jimin's neck. He eventually starts to mouth down his neck and Jeongguk can't keep his mouth shut. 


"Always so loud, baby." Jimin caresses his collarbones with his mouth, his tongue, his teeth. 

"Bite me harder, I want to feel it for days. Want to think of you everytime it hurts." 

"Why? When I can just do it again tomorrow, and the day after and the day after that." Jimin murmurs the words into his sweaty neck, before licking it all up, his tongue dragging up his neck.


"Can't wait to do this everyday." Jeongguk's hand runs down his back to Jimin's ass and he presses their hips closer together so he can rut upwards harder against him. 


"Can't wait to fuck you in our home." 


"Ours." Jeongguk's head falls back against the arm of the couch in bliss, like he absolutely loves the sound of it. 


"Ours baby." Jimin scoots back so he can undo Jeongguk's trousers, pulling both his underwear and trousers off in a haste to get his mouth on his cock. Jeongguk always gets so so hard and Jimin loves every bit of making his baby feel that good. 


"O-oh hyung, ahh," Jeongguk lets out when Jimin gets him deep into his throat. "Fuck me, p-please, I want to come with you inside me." 


"Yeah? Love when I pound into your asshole huh?" Jimin's mouth leaves his cock and he goes back to Jeongguk's awaiting mouth and pushes his tongue in so he can taste himself in Jimin's mouth.  


"Please, Jiminie." He whines high in his throat.


"You like it when I fuck you hard, don't you baby? That's when you come the hardest." 


"F-fuck me." Jeongguk grabs Jimin's hips with a desperate moan. "I need it."

"Kay babe, where's the lube?" 


"Yoongi's room, I've ran out." 


"Cheeky shit." he smacks the side of Jeongguk's thigh and he groans and leans into the touch more. He leans down enough so that he can whisper right into Jeongguk's ear. "One day I'm gonna spank you, make you cry your pretty little eyes out for me. You'd like that wouldn't you?" Jeongguk's eyes flutter shut and he grips onto Jimin's shoulders so that his nails are digging into his skin. "Answer me." 


"Yes. I'd love that." he says through gritted teeth and he knows how much it takes for Jeongguk to speak his mind. 

"Good boy. I'm gonna fuck you hard and fast today though." he mutters the words into his mouth and pecks his lips before he gets up again to get the lube. He settles back in between Jeongguk's legs and he gives him his cute, bunny smile that he reserves for Jimin. "God, I love you." he can't help but kiss his smile and he kisses him until Jeongguk kisses back properly so that their mouths move together in sync. 


"Come on, Jimin." he urges and Jimin can never refuse. He lubricates his fingers to open Jeongguk up, he presses soft words 'you're so good, so pretty, you're doing so well' into Jeongguk's skin to make him relax so he can get accustomed to his fingers before Jimin can press his cock inside him. He goes slow at first, teasing Jeongguk and making him whine and beg for Jimin to 'go harder hyung, please harder' and purposefully avoids his prostate. He gets faster eventually when he can no longer control himself. 

"Look at you, looking this good for me." Jimin gazes down at his naked body, his muscles contracting with every single movement and the light sheen of sweat make his body look fucking angelic. He pistons his hips so that the back of Jeongguk's thighs meet his hipbones with Jeongguk's legs thrown over his shoulder and he feels so good. 


"Hyung, please, oh god." 


"You can take it baby, I know you love when it hurts." Jimin's pace increases further and all he can hear is the slapping of their skin and Jeongguk's whiny moans to beg him not to stop. Jeongguk starts saying incoherent phrases and Jimin knows by now that he is so close. "Are you going to come?" 


"I'm gonna come, ah, Jimin." his asshole clenches and then he is coming in the space between them, chanting Jimin's name as his lower back arches in pleasure. Jimin stops just for a minute so that Jeongguk can get his head together again.


"Where do you want it?" 


"In me, please in me. I want to feel it." 

"Okay baby." Jimin smiles at him and kisses his nose fondly before he starts to thrust his hips again and Jeongguk's hands press into the skin of his back to have some sort of grip on him. Jeongguk toys with his pierced ear lobe in his mouth, biting into it and that's all it takes for Jimin to release into Jeongguk's warmth with a loud moan, his walls enveloping him as he clenches again just to tease Jimin. Jimin's head lowers on to Jeongguk's chest and he peppers kisses all over his chest. 


"Jimin hyung, I love you." Jimin doesn't reply but kisses him in response with a big smile that no one could wipe off his face. 

Chapter Text

So Jeongguk moves in and of course, like with anything, it's a struggle at the start but they both settle in with each other and with their lives. Minwoo and Jiwoo live partly with them and partly with Hyuna since she had moved back to be close to them and he seems happy with that but he had told Jimin secretly that he prefers it here with them. Their lives slot together easily and Jimin had worried about nothing when he thought that the change would make Jeongguk unhappy. He had never seen Jeongguk happier and he was finally at peace with himself and with their relationship. He loves his job and his life, and there is nothing that could ruin his life anymore and he was content. Jeongguk had started college at a good school and together they had converted Jimin's box room into a small studio to keep all his art supplies and large canvases. They had more time with each other now that they were living together and they were discovering things about each other, exploring their limits and needs. 

Jeongguk is on his hands and knees after a long day at college, his neck arched in pleasure as Jimin circles his rim with his tongue and then pushing his face in between his cheeks, his tongue doing dangerous and wondrous things by delving into his asshole.

"You're going to count with me, baby. How many do you want?" Jimin says in his deep voice when he pulls away because Jeongguk's legs start to tremble. The voice he uses when they're like this, when Jeongguk is submitting to him and only him. 


"I d-don't know." 


"Is ten okay?" Jimin caresses his behind with his smooth palm and Jeongguk knows what's coming soon, he nods his head yes. "What's the safe word?" 


"Choco balls." 


"That's right, you ready?"


"Please hyung." Jeongguk's whines are high-pitched and that pleases Jimin. His first smack against the smooth pale skin of Jeongguk's ass cheek resounds in the room and Jeongguk moans sinfully at it, he enjoys it and Jimin loves that. His right cheek instantly blooms to a pretty pink colour and he can't wait for it to be red and tingling, when everytime Jeongguk sits he'll think of Jimin. 


"You're beautiful Jeongguk. That's one." Jimin whispers in his ear before trailing kisses down the length of his back and he answers Jimin with the number, the next slap comes quick and he has the same reaction but Jimin can't help but press kisses against his cheeks, a stark contrast to the smacks he has given them but he just couldn't help himself. "So pretty. Two." he mutters and Jeongguk repeats like the good boy he is before he lands the next slap, harsh and quick. Jimin quickly feels around for Jeongguk's cock, just to check how hard he was and he couldn't be surprised a little at how hard and full it was. Jeongguk stops his hand by his hand around his wrist after a few strokes, he has mercy so he continues his hits. When he's more than halfway through, Jeongguk's posture starts to waiver and he falls to his elbows but Jimin is there to pick him back up. Jimin's hand moves to his neck to hold him there, slipping around so his fingers wrap around his throat. 

"This okay?" Jimin murmurs into his skin before placing a bruising kiss into his shoulder. Jeongguk moans deep and louder and that urges Jimin to tighten his fingers slightly around his neck. 

"Hyung, no." he chokes out and Jimin doesn't hear properly. Jeongguk feels suffocated with hands around his neck and he was already struggling to breathe. 

"What was that baby?" Jimin brings him forward by his neck so that Jimin's chest is pressed against Jeongguk's back.  

"Choco balls." as soon as the words are out of his mouth, Jimin is releasing his hold on him. Jeongguk falls forward on the bed and his hands move to where Jimin's hands had been before, almost as if Jimin's fingers had burned him.  


"No, no, no baby no." Jimin mutters, he turns Jeongguk around and pulls him into his lap. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Jeongguk." he whispers right in his ear and he can feel the tears on his shoulder where Jeongguk rests his head. 


"I'm sorry." Jeongguk sniffles into Jimin's shoulder and his hands move to wrap around his back and he moves closer so he fits into Jimin's body like he is seeking for Jimin's comfort, their skin touching wherever it can. 

"No baby I went too far, I'm sorry I should've asked if that was okay, please forgive me. Don't hate me." Jimin whispers and he can feel the stinging in his nose when he's about to cry. He had never meant for Jeongguk to feel uncomfortable at all and he had spent months trying to get Jeongguk to be confident enough to tell him what he had wanted sexually. And it had been great and they established a safeword just in case but Jimin had never expected Jeongguk to ever use it and that broke his heart, the fact that he had felt uncomfortable or traumatised enough to use it made Jimin distressed. His hand is rhythmic against Jeongguk's spine as he gets him to calm down and make him feel loved and safe again. "It's just me, I'm right here and I won't hurt you." he feeds the words gently into his ear to appease him.

"I love you, hyung." Jeongguk eventually looks at Jimin. His eyes are red and Jimin can't help but surge forward to kiss his tears away, Jimin couldn't tell whether it was from the spanks or because he had felt uncomfortable but Jimin kisses them away regardless. 

"I know, please talk to me?" Jimin tucks his hair behind his ear, it had gotten long and shabby and Jeongguk had refused to get it cut when Jimin said he liked running his fingers through it. 

"I just-" Jeongguk sighs and collapses into Jimin's embrace again, his face hidden away from Jimin. 

"Hey, look at me?" Jimin tilts his chin upwards again so that they can look at each other again and Jeongguk frowns, the furrow in his eyebrows make Jimin sad and he wants nothing more to smooth it out and make him happy again. He wants to see Jeongguk smile his wide smile that makes Jimin's heart flutter everytime he sees it. 

"It took me back to the prison, Taehyung used to choke me every single time and I hated it. I know you would never do it out of spite, I know you would only do it for my pleasure but I just panicked and I-" 

"Baby, calm down. It's okay, it's okay to feel like that and I'm so relieved that you were sensible enough to use the safe word, that means you trust me enough to tell me when things get too much. That's why we have a safe word in place, so that you feel safe okay? I'm sorry it won't happen again but it's okay to feel like that, don't ever disregard your feelings like that, they are valid and I respect your feelings more than my own." 

"I hate Taehyung." 

"I know baby, I'm sorry he did that to you." 

"I do want it. I want it to happen again."

"When you're ready we can try it again but maybe not for a while okay? Not when it still haunts you." 

"I'm sorry Jiminie, I panicked." and Jeongguk looks like he's about to start crying again so Jimin plants his lips against his. "It was never you, it can never be you."

"I love you," Jimin mumbles against Jeongguk's lips. "I love you so much." he presses kisses all over Jeongguk's face and finally cracks a shy smile out of him, his cheeks burning red in embarrassment from Jimin's kisses.


"I want to sit on you." Jeongguk is scrambling up on his knees so that his legs are on either side of Jimin, his hands on Jimin's shoulder for support.  


"You are sitti- oh, Jeong- fuck." Jeongguk presses Jimin's dick against his clenching asshole and sits down slowly until he is fully seated on Jimin's lap again. 

"I just want to sit like this, please." Jeongguk follows up his statement with butterfly kisses dropped on his shoulder.  

"Okay baby, whatever you want." Jimin sits back a little more so he can take in the view of Jeongguk in his lap. "You love the feeling of being filled, don't you?" 

"Only filled by you." 

"It'll only ever be me." Jimin stokes his cheek fondly. "You are so beautiful." Jimin absentmindedly says the words out loud when he sees Jeongguk looking down at him with his sparkly doe eyes all lit up and happy. He makes sure to keep his hands on Jeongguk wherever they can be, memorising the feeling of touching his smooth skin and the weight of him under his palms. 

"Don't blame yourself baby chick." Jeongguk says quietly, the endearment only slipping out when he's sorry. He wraps a hand around Jimin's bicep and the other moves to stroke the back of his neck. "I know you're blaming yourself." 

"I should have asked, we should have spoken about it beforehand." 


"I enjoy it, I enjoy everything we do together. It was just a moment of weakness and I couldn't see your face, that's why I panicked. It's not your fault, it'll hurt me if you blame yourself." 


"I'm sorry." Jeongguk doesn't answer him, he just presses their foreheads together so that they are breathing the same air, so that they can hear each other's heartbeats. 


"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." Jeongguk whispers between them and then his lips are on Jimin's, insisting and desperate and he eventually starts to rock his hips down on Jimin, he rides him with their lips still pressed tightly together. 


"Jeongguk we don't have to." Jimin stops the rhythm of his hips with one hand to his waist, the other caressing the side of his face. 


"I want to, I need to. Help me, hyung." Jeongguk continues breathlessly and Jimin allows him to lose his mind on Jimin's cock. Jimin sets the pace with his hands on Jeongguk's hips, guiding him to take it slow and deep whilst they look at each other, entirely consumed by one another. "I love it when you watch me like this." Jeongguk sighs, rolling his head back once before resuming his gaze upon Jimin before he pushes Jimin down so he's laid out on the bed. "It makes me feel beautiful and pretty." 


"You are, you're all of those things and more. Inside and out." Jimin's fingers brush down his pecs and Jeongguk shivers. He reaches out for Jimin's hands and interlocks them as he rocks down onto Jimin again, setting his own pace to get himself off. 


"Touch me, Jimin." Jeongguk brings one of Jimin's hand to wrap around his length and he groans out in pleasure. "You make me feel so good, always." 


"Go on baby, let me watch you." Jeongguk doesn't increase the pace, he chooses to savour the moment and Jimin appreciates that. He rolls his hips down again and again, the pressure gradually building inside of him whilst Jimin's hand works on his cock. The pressure of Jimin's cock abusing his prostate and his thick fingers on him makes Jeongguk feel amazing as he chases his release. "Come, I know you want to." Jimin's words are deep and hit Jeongguk right in the stomach in that little ball of pleasure that is threatening to erupt, making him whine out in pure bliss and pleasure and he hasn't ever felt this good before. 


"I want to- I want to come, please." Jeongguk sobs, as he desperately grinds down on Jimin making sure he hits his prostate dead on every time. Jeongguk stills feels the sting on his ass cheeks from when Jimin had spanked him and he loves the feeling of the soreness.


"Come for me, please come for me." Jimin begs, his hand sliding along his length as it pulses in Jimin's hand. And Jeongguk does, beautifully so. He throws his head back and his hold on Jimin's hand gets so tight that the indent of his fingernails are left on his hand, he screams Jimin's name as he spills out on to Jimin's stomach. Jeongguk doesn't think he had ever come that hard in his life. Jimin tries to get Jeongguk to stop his hips from moving now that he's come but Jeongguk brushes him away even though he's on the edge of collapsing. 


"Come hyung, let me see you do it." Jeongguk continues with his hips, rolling and grinding and Jimin had no idea how close he was until now. He looks at Jeongguk all sweaty and in his post-orgasm glow and he's so in love. 


"I'm in love with you." Jimin says before he is releasing into Jeongguk's warmth, his hips lifting off of the bed momentarily as it washes over him in waves. Jeongguk collapses onto Jimin, and he clings on to him like a koala suffocating him in love and kisses. "Okay?" Jimin asks, brushing his hair back again from his face where he rests his head on Jimin's chest. 

"I'm so happy." Jeongguk presses a gentle kiss onto his chin and Jimin smiles in retaliation.


He had no idea how he got so lucky but he was definitely not about to complain. Jimin wraps his arm around Jeongguk's back and strokes the soft skin along his back and presses kisses into his hair every now and again. They are disturbed from their small cocoon of blissful peace when Jimin's phone starts to buzz and Jeongguk grapples at Jimin to not leave their cuddled-up state. 

"Jiminie no." Jeongguk's thigh is holding him down and Jeongguk pulls Jimin's arm back when he reaches out for his phone. 

"Baby, it might be important." Jimin continues to stroke his back and he lifts his head for a kiss, a small peck on his lips and Jimin gets his boxers on before he gets to his phone. The name on his phone makes Jimin's brow furrow and he can't take the call with Jeongguk in the room. He puts some bottoms on and Jeongguk's stupidly oversized hoodie. "I'll be right back." Jimin leans down on the bed to press a kiss against his naked shoulder and Jeongguk looks at him with his eyebrows raised before he nods his head. His head flops back on the pillow and he pulls the blanket over him and his eyes close again and then Jimin steps outside to answer the insistent ringing. 

"Hello Doctor Kim." 

"Jimin! It's nice to speak to you again. How are you?" 

"I'm very well, I hope you are too. How is Taehyung doing?" Jimin makes sure to keep his voice down in case Jeongguk decided to get up. Jeongguk couldn't know, he would never be able to tell him. Maybe one day, but not yet.  

"I called you for our usual update on his wellbeing, he's doing exceptionally well. He has his days but he's recovering, he's reading a lot at the minute." 

"That's good, has he said anything yet about his past?" 

"Not yet, he doesn't want to say anything just yet and I won't force him. We have to give him time, actually I wanted to talk to you about something he mentioned to me today." 

"Oh yeah?" 

"He said you promised him, that you would go to see him." 


"I remember, I did. But only when he was ready." Jimin remembers the promise, he couldn't ever forget it if he tried. But to see the way he had affected Jeongguk had made him bitter, Jeongguk struggled mentally because of him and he can't ever forgive Taehyung for that. It had been months since Taehyung had been in that prison, almost a year now and Jimin doesn't know if he's ready to reopen all the old wounds he had spent a long time to heal. 

"He told me that he is ready for it. He wants to see you, Jimin." Jimin does not know how to respond. Jimin doesn't know if he is ready for it, not when Jeongguk had used the safeword with him just minutes ago when he had a flashback from when Taehyung had traumatised him. Jimin can't get rid of the image of anguish and pain that swims in Jeongguk's beautiful doe eyes. It had taken Taehyung quicker than he thought to be ready to meet Jimin again but he does not know why he feels so uncomfortable about it all. 

"I-I don't think I'm ready for it, Doctor." 

"Jimin, this is an important part of his recovery. He told me that it was one of the most important things, it's what he thinks the most about. Please think about it, I know what he did was extremely traumatising but he just needs this to move further in his road to recovery. It will be the only meeting, you will never have to see him again after that." 

"Can you give me some time to think about it? I want to talk to someone about it first."

"Of course, take your time. Let me know when you have made your decision so that I can arrange the meeting. What you have done for him is incredible, Jimin. The change that he has made from the day I first met him to now is something you have to see for yourself. He's extremely lucky to have had you care about him."

"I'll think about it, thank you for all your help. I appreciate you seeing him." Jimin gets off the phone and immediately transfers money to Doctor Park for the session. Jimin has been paying for his sessions from his own pocket because he had wanted Taehyung to get better, he wanted to give him a second chance to be a good person and from Doctor Park's words they have been helpful for him but Jimin had to see for himself. He doesn't talk to Jeongguk about it, of course he doesn't even though he would like to know his opinion. Jimin knows it would break his heart if Jimin had went behind his back to see the man who had traumatised and hurt him so deeply but Jimin didn't know what to do. It would hurt him even more knowing that Jimin had been helping him all this time. He was confused and he didn't know who to tell. So he internalises it for the time being and lets it simmer in his heart and his mind with the hope that it doesn't bubble over. 


"Sorry Jeonggukie, what was that?" Jimin shakes his head to rid himself of his thoughts when they are sat down for dinner with Minwoo on a Friday night. 

"Are you okay?" Jeongguk's brow furrows and he looks at Jimin curiously. He shuffles closer to him so he can look at Jimin, really look at him.  

"I'm fine, why?" Jimin grabs his hand before it reaches his face and kisses it briefly. 

"You're here but you're not here."

"Sometimes you make no sense." Jimin laughs at him and brushes him off, he gets up to do the dishes even though his plate is still half full. Jeongguk notices but he doesn't say anything. "Want to stay here this weekend Minwoo?" 

"Yes please. Jeonggukie promised our movie night." 

"I did, I even bought that toffee popcorn that you like on my way home today." Jeongguk tells Minwoo whilst wiping away the smear of ketchup on his cheek. Minwoo grins up at him and kisses Jeongguk's finger closest to his mouth which elicits a wide smile from Jeongguk at the small act of love and the sight endears Jimin so much that tears burn in his eyes. Jimin does the dishes tonight so he can get his thoughts to process in an orderly manner since they have been all over the place in the last few days. A hand is turning his face to the side and Jimin is met with Jeongguk's lips, he melts into the touch and kisses back until Jeongguk slots himself in between Jimin and the sink, his wet hands grasping on to Jeongguk's hips. "I love you." Jeongguk whispers and he presses a finger into Jimin's lips. He searches Jimin's eyes for a minute and Jimin hopes that he gives nothing away. 

"I love you baby." Jimin replies and kisses his nose and pushes him away so that he can go back to the dishes. Jeongguk doesn't know what he expects but he feels disappointed and he doesn't understand why. There was clearly something eating away at Jimin since he had used the safeword the other day and Jeongguk does not want to be the cause of Jimin's sadness. Jeongguk was bad at feelings and didn't know how else to ask him if everything was okay. "I need to just head out for a while, will you be okay with Min?" Jeongguk looks up from where he is buried underneath the blankets with Minwoo cuddled into his chest. 

"Where are you going?" 

"I'll be back in a while." Jimin doesn't answer his question and leaves a kiss on Jeongguk's forehead before he heads out into the cloudy night. He doesn't miss the look of disappointment on Jeongguk's face. He needed to speak to someone, he needed advice and he didn't know what else to do. He thought countless times about telling Yoongi because he would know what to do but he knew that Yoongi would call him a fool for caring about someone that didn't deserve Jimin's attention or care. Yoongi would scold him for sure and that's not what he needed. 

"Hey Jimin. What are you doing here?" Hyuna opens the door with Jiwoo in her arms and she was ready for bed.  

"Hi can I come in?" Jiwoo reaches out for him as soon as she sees him and he is ushered into the warmth of Hyuna's home.

"Is everything okay? Is Minwoo okay, he wants to stay I'm guessing." Hyuna laughs and Jiwoo cuddles into his shoulder and he sits down so he can rock her to sleep. 

"He's fine, he's with Jeongguk they're probably already asleep on the couch." Jimin imagines the image in his head with a stupid smile on his face and he wanted to be back there with them. "I wanted to talk to you about something else. I wanted your advice." 

"Of course, you can tell me anything." Hyuna's back straightens and she brings a chair to sit right opposite Jimin.


"Just, hear me out okay?" Hyuna nods her head and listens raptly to every word Jimin says.


"Before Taehyung went into the high security prison, I had the chance to talk with him. I just wanted to know why, I needed to know why he had committed the crimes, why he enjoyed hurting people so much, why he had hurt Jeongguk. So I asked him, that's all I did. I didn't shout or scream, I treated him as an equal and wanted to know the reason behind his horrific ways. And eventually he sat there and told me he had been hurt before by people which is why he was the way he was. He was just a messed up kid who hadn't been treated right, that's what made him become like that." 

"Jimin-" a frown takes over her features and Jimin is scared of the words that are going to come out of her mouth so he continues. 

"He told me he wanted to change and I believed him, I believe him. He was hurt Hyuna, and I couldn't see him rot away in prison like that no matter what he did because he is still human. I don't care if he hurt me, the only thing that I can't forgive him for is hurting Jeongguk. I pay for his therapy sessions, he sees a doctor every so often to help him back on his feet and I promised him something before he went away willingly." Jimin is out of breath from rushing the words out and he has to stop for a second before he continues, the weight of the situation finally takes some mercy on his heart and he feels himself relaxing now that it is out there and he has told someone else about it. 

"What did you promise him, Jimin?" 

"I promised him that when he was ready I would go to see him." 

"Oh no, Jimin." she sighs and she leans forward into her hands, tears line her eyes and he gets ready for a slew of words about how stupid he is. "You and your stupidly big heart." she reaches forward to hold Jimin's hand and looks at him in sympathy. "Jeongguk doesn't know?" 


"He'll hate me." 

"You know that's impossible." she smiles at him and brushes her thumb against his hand and he is thankful for the small gesture. "I don't know what to say to you, Jimin. This won't end well, and you know it." 

"I know, I just don't know what to do. If I go to see him then I have to tell Jeongguk but I know he won't be happy about it. But if I don't go then I've broken my promise to him and I won't get to see him for myself, I want to see him be a better person and then I'll never have to see him again. I still need an explanation." 

"Jeongguk will be angry about it but I think you've already made up your mind, Jimin." 

"I'm scared I'll lose Jeongguk. Again. Because of him." 

"It won't be to that extent, he loves you too much but I won't sugarcoat anything - he will not be a happy bunny." Hyuna's hand slips out of his and she sits back in her chair. "Why do you want to fix everyone?" 

"I can't help it, he showed me a vulnerable side of him and I couldn't just abandon him like that." 

"After everything he did, you still-" Hyuna shakes her head in disbelief. "You really are one of a kind, Park Jimin." 

"Am I being stupid?" 

"Hell yeah." 


"It's not the best idea you've come up with, but everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe Taeyung does too, but I won't make that decision for you, for him rather." they bask in the undecided silence that lingers and Jimin knows he already has his mind made up but it had felt good to talk it out with Hyuna, her overall reaction surprising Jimin as he thought she would call him out for being pathetic and a pushover. "I can never put her to sleep the way you can." Hyuna smiles from where she sits and Jimin looks down at Jiwoo's sleeping face and he kisses her all over. He whispers a 'miss you' to her in her small ear.  

"I need to get back to my boys. Thank you for letting me get that out, it was driving me crazy." Jimin moves to the edge of the couch, ready to hand over Jiwoo to Hyuna.  

"Jimin, I, actually, uh-" she lets out a nervous laugh. 

"Is everything okay?" Jimin settles back down into the couch when he sees Hyuna fidget with her fingers. She wanted to tell Jimin something and he looks at her as she looks at her feet then at the clock and then back at Jimin before crossing her legs. "You're dating someone." Jimin says it for her. 

"No- I- what?" she splutters and Jimin grins at her. 


"You think I don't know you?"


"I hate you." Hyuna throws one of Jiwoo's toys at him in annoyance. "It's going to be a year since our divorce and I just thought it was time for me to find someone too." 


"Of course, you don't have to tell me. I'm happy for you Hyuna, you deserve to be happy with someone too." Jimin smiles reassuringly at her and pulls her into a hug with Jiwoo nestled between them.  


"I wanted to tell you because you're my bestfriend." she hits Jimin in his chest once with her fist. 


"Is he hotter than me?" he looks down at her where she's cuddling into him with his eyebrows raised. 


"Shutup." she whines and hides her blushing face in his chest.


When he gets back home, the living room has been cleared away and Jimin checks Minwoo's room to see that he has been put to sleep already. He hadn't realised how late it had gotten. Jeongguk is in bed when he gets into their room but he isn't asleep. 


"Where were you?" he asks, turning on his side to look at Jimin in the glow of the bedside lamp. Jimin tugs his t-shirt over his head and replaces his jeans with his pyjama bottoms. "I called you so many times." 


"I just had to see Hyuna for something." he says before he goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth.


"You could have messaged me so I didn't worry." Jeongguk says from the bedroom. When he goes back Jeongguk faces away from him now and Jimin crawls into bed, pressing himself against Jeongguk and nuzzling into the back of his neck with a 'sorry' as he tries to hold on to the comfort of having him in his arms. He doesn't think he'll have it for much longer depending on how things go. "You can talk to her but you can't talk to me." Jeongguk whispers.


"It isn't like that baby." Jeongguk tries to loosen Jimin's grip so he can turn to face him.  

"Why can't you tell me what's bothering you?"

"It doesn't concern you." Jimin regrets the words when he sees Jeongguk face twist in hurt but he doesn't know how else to stop Jeongguk from asking. He can't tell him, not yet.  

"Is it about me using the safe word? I'm sorry about that, I-" Jimin sees the tears well up in his eyes and he feels so guilty for not telling him the truth, but the truth will do more damage to him, he knows that for sure.  


"Baby of course it isn't, I told you that I was glad you used it. This is nothing about that." Jimin pulls him closer by the waist and pecks his lips to reassure him. 


"Then why are you pushing me away?" Jeongguk's voice is small, nothing but a whisper as he chokes on his breath. Jimin wants nothing more than to smooth out the frown on his face and to relieve the anguish in his eyes. 


"I promise it's nothing." Jimin shuts him down yet again and Jeongguk is hurt. He pries Jimin's hands away from him and turns away from him, scooting all the way to the edge of the bed. "Jeongguk?" Jimin reaches out for him again. 


"Don't touch me." Jeongguk mutters and Jimin retracts his hand. He hears Jeongguk sniffle and he doesn't know what to do. He just wanted to hold Jeongguk to calm the storm in his heart. He doesn't sleep. He lies there wide awake watching Jeongguk's back until his breath evens out and his heartbeat is steady and he thinks Jeongguk is sleeping.


But Jeongguk isn't sleeping, not when the love of his life was hurting. He wanted to share his pain, isn't that how a relationship works? He just wanted to make Jimin feel better but he couldn't do that if he didn't know why he was hurting in the first place. Thoughts run through his head when he tries to think of things he has done or said that might have offended Jimin but he can think of nothing else. He doesn't know what he has done but he can't help but blame himself for whatever it is. When the red number on his alarm clock creeps up to 3am, he feels fingers running down his back and he tries not to stiffen. 


"I love you, I'm sorry baby." the words are whispered in the distance between them and that breaks Jeongguk. What was so bad that he couldn't tell Jeongguk about it? Why did he have to hide it? Jeongguk shoves his hand in his mouth to stifle his sobs and tries to not make a sound since Jimin thinks he is asleep. He does fall asleep eventually but it's a fitful, broken sleep with tears drying on his face because he doesn't have Jimin's arms to comfort him into the peaceful sleep he has become accustomed to. 


They don't talk. Well they do but only if they have to tell each other where they will be not because they want to. They don't kiss. They don't touch each other. Jeongguk avoids any sort of conversation and physical touch that Jimin tries to give him and he feels bad but he won't give in until Jimin tells him what's wrong. They are both stubborn he knows that but it doesn't help in circumstances such as these. Jeongguk stays late at school to avoid Jimin and takes out his frustrations in the form of his art works, coming back home only when he knows Jimin will be asleep. There is always food left on the table for him with a note that he doesn't eat and it pains him every time to do it. Jimin spends a lot of time with Hyuna trying to devise a plan that can get him out of this mess and to find the best way to tell Jeongguk of his intentions. Jeongguk knows he spends time there and he is not happy about it. By the end of the third day of silence from Jeongguk, Jimin has had enough and it doesn't go down well. 


"Jeongguk, stop this." Jimin grabs his hand as he tries to walk out of the kitchen when he had seen Jimin in there.


"Are you going to tell me what happened?" 




"Then I won't stop." Jeongguk rips his hand out of Jimin's grasp.


"Fuck Jeongguk, listen to me. Look at me." Jimin stops him by his waist this time and grabs his jaw, pulling him to look at Jimin. Jeongguk hates himself for leaning into the touch but he had been deprived of and he wanted nothing more than to have Jimin's hands all over his body. 

"Why can't you just tell me?" Jeongguk whispers and grabs on to his t-shirt, fisting it in his hand to keep him at an arm's length because he knows what's coming. But Jeongguk is still weak to Jimin's advances because their lips are crashing together and Jeongguk moans sinfully at finally having Jimin's mouth on him again. "Just tell me." Jimin pushes Jeongguk back against the wall, his thigh pressed in between his legs as Jimin's mouth moves down to his neck. 


"I fucking miss you." Jimin's nails dig into the skin of his hips and he bites the soft skin of Jeongguk's neck hard enough to leave purple bruising marks on him. 


"Whose fucking fault is that?" Jeongguk pulls Jimin's mouth back to his so he can get his plump lips red and bruised by his teeth. Jeongguk has never fought with Jimin before but he thinks that if it ends like this then he would love to argue a lot more. Jimin is hasty when he tries to undo Jeongguk's jeans and he pushes them down to his knees before Jimin gets down on his knees for him. 


"Don't fight with me." Jimin follows up the statement with a hard nip to his hipbone, just where it makes Jeongguk crazy and he hates him for making him feel so good. Jeongguk's cock is enveloped in the warm wetness of Jimin's sinful mouth and he can do nothing but submit to the intense pleasure that runs through his body. Jimin takes him in deeper and deeper to draw out the whines and moans from Jeongguk that he has missed so much and get him so he's fully hard in his mouth. "This makes you feel good, right baby?" Jimin mumbles against his cock and Jeongguk pleas in response. Jeongguk's hand grabs hold of Jimin's hair and he pulls as Jimin takes him in his mouth again. It's messy and quick and Jeongguk is so vocal but he doesn't care, they both need this right now. Jimin continues to mouth along his cock before he takes him in fully all the way down his throat and back again, moving his head up and down to make Jeongguk feel so so good.


"Jimin, I'm going to c-come." Jeongguk warns him and Jimin looks up at him with tears in his eyes, giving him a barely noticeable nod and his fingers clench hard in Jimin's hair before he spills into his mouth. Jeongguk can't take it and he pulls Jimin back to him to taste himself on Jimin's tongue, licking and kissing and sucking lewdly on his mouth before he reaches into Jimin's sweatpants to take his full cock into his hand and pumps him till he can no longer keep up with Jeongguk's mouth. "Do you get off on making me worry? Is that it Jimin?" Jeongguk breathes the words right into his ear, where Jimin is leaning his head onto Jeongguk's shoulder as he pleasures him. He knows he's being a brat but Jeongguk is angry and upset at him and he won't let this go. "Are you cheating on me?" Jeongguk presses the words into his sweaty neck and Jimin jerks back to look Jeongguk in his eye with a panicked look. 


"No, Jeongguk. What the fuck?" Jimin tries to pull away but they swap positions so that Jimin is pressed back against the wall and he can keep his hand on Jimin's cock. He chokes when Jeongguk continues to stroke him even though he is surprised at the words coming out of his mouth. 


"It wouldn't be the fucking first time you've cheated." Jeongguk spits, and the look on Jimin's face almost makes him regret the words. Almost. 


"Stop, Jeongguk." Jimin grabs his hand to stop his hand but Jeongguk brushes him away and continues to get him off.  


"You spend more time with your ex-wife than me, she makes you happier than I do." Jeongguk sighs. "I don't make you happy anymore." Jeongguk's sob comes out unplanned and the insecurity of it all comes crashing down on him and before he knows it the tears pour out of his eyes. 


"Baby no, it isn't you please don't cry." Jimin's worried expression makes Jeongguk cry more and he pulls Jeongguk's face towards him to look at him. "Stop." Jimin tries to stop his hand from moving along his length again but Jeongguk doesn't give in.   


"Shutup, Jimin." Jeongguk is still crying but he will make Jimin come if it's the last thing he does. "Come and then we can talk." 


"What?" Jimin looks at him as if he's gone mad so he shuts him up with his mouth as he continues to stroke him till he comes in his pants. Jeongguk bites along his jaw before moving back to his lips and Jimin comes hard, his body jerking in pleasure as he does so. Jimin gathers Jeongguk in his arms after that with soft apologies pressed against his skin and Jeongguk allows himself to be held and allows himself to cry.


"I want to shower." Jeongguk mumbles. He had come back from art class with oil paints covering his hands and he was pretty sure it was covering bits of his face too. He just wanted a hot shower with Jimin to relax him from the week's turmoil and stress. 


"Baby?" Jimin grabs hold of his hand to pull him back towards him. 


"Shower first." Jeongguk pleads.

"Okay, whatever you want." Jimin nods and follows Jeongguk like a lost puppy into the shower. When they're inside, the hot water pelting down Jeongguk's back to ease the tightness of his muscles, Jimin's mouth claims Jeongguk's again and again and he embraces it because he doesn't know what the outcome will be once they do talk. If Jimin doesn't want him anymore then he will only have the memory of his lips kissing him so gently and softly like he's the most precious thing in the world. They continue to shower in silence and bask in the company of each other, they brush their teeth together and get changed into their night clothes together before cuddling into bed, their bodies pressed together tightly because they hadn't done this for days. 


"You don't want me anymore." Jeongguk doesn't ask because it will only hurt more if he has the hope and expectation that he's being stupid about all of this. 


"Where is all this coming from?" Jimin forces Jeongguk's head out of his neck so that they can look at each other. Jeongguk shrugs. "I'm sorry, this is all my fault. I've made you feel as though I don't want you and that pains me but that's not ever something that I want to make you feel. I want you Jeongguk, I want all of you forever if you'll have me and I've messed up somewhere along the way because you shouldn't feel like this, I'm sorry that I've made you feel this way." 


"Don't make me look stupid," Jeongguk murmurs, he clutches on to Jimin to feel him, to make himself feel grounded. Jimin's hands wrap around his naked waist and he forms into the touch. 


"But it's true. I love you so much Jeongguk, I can never leave you. The only way we'll be apart is if you leave me." 


"I wouldn't leave you." 


"What if I told you that whatever is going on with me right now would make you leave me?" 


"What is it that's so bad that it would make me leave?" Jeongguk doesn't think there's anything that could be that bad that it would make him want to leave Jimin. He needs Jimin and Jimin loves him. Jimin wouldn't hurt him to that extent. 


"I want you to just listen to me before you say anything, okay?" Jeongguk nods his head at him and cuddles more into Jimin. It can't be that bad. "The day Taehyung got deported to the other prison, he was about to escape. He was so close to escaping, Jeongguk but I stopped him, you never asked me how I stopped him escaping." 


"It didn't matter to me, as long as you were safe and he was gone. I don't care what happened to him, I don't care if you hurt him." 


"I didn't hurt him, I did the total opposite. I spoke to him, really spoke to him." 

"What do you mean?" 

"I spoke to him gently, I asked him what had happened to him to make him the way he was." Jeongguk doesn't say anything, he waits for Jimin to continue with his eyebrow knitted in concern. "He told me that people had hurt him before and that it was the only thing he knew. He had been hurt bad Jeongguk, that's why he wanted to inflict pain on others even if they didn't deserve it. That's why he hurt you so much, that's why he hurt us so much. He was mentally unstable and has been for a very long time, he didn't have anyone to pull him out of this cycle that he had been in. When he told me that, he said that no one had ever asked him before like that. No one had any interest in what he had to say." 

"Jimin no-" Jeongguk pulls away from him at this point but Jimin continues. 


"So I talked him into getting into the van and he told me he wanted to change for the better, I told him that I'd send someone who can help him professionally and I have been doing all these months and he made me promise him that when he was better, I would go to see him for the last time for an explanation. I promised him that, Jeongguk." Jimin hates the way Jeongguk is looking at him, his eyes are wide and panicked and tears water in his eyes. He wrestles himself from under the covers to stand up and he clenches his hands in his hair. "Jeongguk please." Jimin sits up in bed and watches Jeongguk. 

"Fuck you, Jimin." he whispers. "Fuck you." he says, louder this time and Jimin's heart breaks. Jimin cannot blame Jeongguk for being angry, he is entitled to be mad at Jimin but he doesn't regret telling him. He would find out sooner or later and with only a few days left before Jimin meets Taehyung, he had no other choice. "Why would you do something like that for the person who ruined my life? Who hurt us both so much!" Jeongguk angrily wipes at his tears and it hurts Jimin so much. 


"No one else would have helped him, he would have escaped and continued to ruin our lives. I couldn't let him do that. I had to stop him from getting to you again." 


"Stop fucking making this about me! This isn't about me, it's about you! You want to be the hero, you want to save everyone but you never learn when to take a step back and think about what you're actually doing. We're talking about the most dangerous person in the city, did you believe every single word coming out of his mouth?"


"If he wasn't telling the truth then he never would have got into that van, he wouldn't be making constant progress with the doctor if he was lying to me."


"Don't go to see him then, Jimin. I don't want you to see him." Jeongguk's eyes plead with Jimin but if Jimin had any sense he would listen to Jeongguk and respect his wishes. But Jimin doesn't break his promises. 


"You know I can't do that baby." Jimin whispers and he can feel the air crackle with tension when Jeongguk freezes and curls into himself.   

"I can't believe you." Jeongguk scoffs, he presses his palms to his eyes to stop himself crying. "You would have hurt me less if you had been cheating on me." Jeongguk starts to put clothes on, getting his backpack out of its place and starting to fill it. 


"Jeongguk, what are you doing?" Jimin tries to stop him but he shoves him off. 

"Don't. I really don't want to fucking see you right now." Jeongguk's words sting but he didn't expect anything less. Jimin deserved this. 

"Jeongguk, I'm sorry. Please. Don't go, where will you go?" 

"I don't want to be around you, I can't take it." Jeongguk presses his hand against his chest as if what Jimin had told him had sliced right through his heart. 

"I'm so sorry." Jimin pleads and he can't help it when the tears roll out of his eyes as he sinks down on the floor in front of him.


"I can't do this." Jeongguk whispers before leaving Jimin sitting there on the floor. When he hears the front door slam, the dam breaks and he curls into himself in pain and heartbreak. He had done this to them, he had driven Jeongguk away by his stupid decisions. Jeongguk wasn't at fault at all, it was Jimin’s fault that Jeongguk had left him. He didn't think it was possible for Jeongguk to ever leave him, he was so sure of the love that they shared but he didn't expect for Jeongguk to support him in his decision either. He understood, he just didn't want to believe that Jeongguk had left. Jeongguk can't leave him, he needs him more than he needs oxygen and water. As soon as his tears subside he scrambles for his phone because there's only one place he knows Jeongguk would go.






"I'm sorry, I know it's late I just- I don't know why I'm here but I-" Hyuna cuts him off by embracing him. She knows exactly why he's here. Jeongguk looks a mess, he knows that much. His eyes are still rimmed with tears from the walk here, and his hair is a mess from the strong winds of the night.  


"It's okay, Jeongguk. I know." her hands pet his hair and he is out of tears but he feels so warm and welcome in her embrace. They had grown close and Jeongguk liked her more than he ever thought he would, he didn't know why he had ever doubted Jimin because of her. She was a gentle, loving person, much like Jimin was and he thinks it's Jimin's effect on her because Jimin had that effect on anyone he came into contact with.


"He told you?" she moves back to look at him and she nods her head silently, ushering him inside the house. "I just can't be near him, I just want space. Can I stay here for the night? I'll be gone by tomorrow, I promise."


"Minwoo will be so excited to have you here, you can stay as long as you need." 

"Why did he do it, Hyuna?" she doesn't answer him straight away, she leads him to the couch to sit him down and then she takes his hand in hers when she sits next to him.  


"Because Jimin is crazy, he falls in love easily and too hard and hangs on to every word from people he thinks he can help."


"If he does that to everyone then what do I mean to him? I'm just another person who loves him just as much but he loves everyone like that." 


"Not you, Jeongguk. Don't ever compare yourself to everyone else, he loves you like the first breath of air in spring. Like the moon loves the stars on a clear night sky. Like the ocean loves the wind on a peaceful day. Do you want more analogies?" 


"No, stop." Jeongguk laughs and sits back into the couch with his eyes closed. 

"I've seen it with my own eyes, he loves you differently honey. It's the type of love he wants and will fight for, he would go to the ends of the earth for you." 


"I told him not to go to see him but he's still going." 


"That's not something you should test his love for you on, he's going because he loves you. He wants justice and an explanation. Believe it or not, this isn't about him. It's more about you than it is for him. He told me he can never forgive Taehyung for what he did to you and we both know that Jimin is the most forgiving person so that should be a sign of how strong and deep his love for you is. Don't see this as him forgiving Taehyung and forgetting about everything he did, see it as him showing Taehyung what it is like to be a good person. Jimin has that effect on people, they want to be a better person because of him."


"I don't deserve him." 

"Jeongguk no, stop that." she sighs and leans back into the couch next to him. "You both deserve each other, you're amazing Jeongguk. I mean look at how you adapted to his life so easily, adapted to his kids and me! I told my boyfriend about all of us the other day and he said that it was the weirdest thing he's ever heard of and that's down to you for being so willing and accepting. You're so full of love, Jeonggukie. Thank you for not hating me or my kids," she whispers the last words and puts an arm around Jeongguk.


"They're my kids now." Jeongguk smirks and then he is in a chokehold. 


"They might as well be your kids, they love you more than me." she pouts at him and he laughs in response. 


"I love him so much that I don't know what to do with myself sometimes so I ran. I ran away from him." 

"I promise he loves you just as much but we all have different ways of coping with situations, you can cope with it however you see fit as long as you go back to him in the end." she smiles at him, then pats his back. "Let's have a drink?" Jeongguk agrees, he needs it after the night he has had. 


"I want to stay with Namjoonie hyung and Yoongi hyung for a few days, I just need some space and some time to process it all." 

"I wouldn't advise it, even though it's his own decision he's scared Jeongguk. He just needs someone to be there as a form of comfort and I can't be the one to provide it, it's not the same. He needs you."


"When does he see him?" 


"On Saturday." 


"I'll be back before then." Jeongguk promises. 



Jimin's days without Jeongguk are long and hard and with the day he meets Taehyung nearing, Jimin is more anxious than he has ever been. He knows Jeongguk had gone back to Seoul because the day after he had received an extremely angry phone call from Yoongi asking him what the hell he was doing. 

"What the fuck are you thinking?" 


"Hyung, I'm sick of explaining it to people. I'm going to see him and that's the end of it." 


"Why do you let people take advantage of you, Jimin. I'm sick of that, you let people walk all over you and I've had enough, you won't go to see him." 

"He's doing better, hyung. He can be a good person, I know it."


"Like fuck he is, you would believe that about anyone. After everything he did do you really think that after a few words from you he's going to change his whole lifestyle?" 


"But he has, he's been doing well with the doctor. Hyung that's not even important, I'm going to see him for the last time because I promised and then I'm pulling all the help and I'm never going to see him ever again."


"Do you know how much you've hurt Jeongguk?" Yoongi changes tactics and Jimin is well aware of how much he has hurt Jeongguk but the reminder pricks at his heart painfully. "He came here in tears and he thinks it's his fault. That he isn't enough for you and that he doesn't deserve someone like you. What is all that about Jimin? He has spent this whole time with Namjoon trying to understand where he went wrong and Namjoon is making him understand that what you're doing will be good for the both of you." 

"I know, Yoongi hyung. I know I've hurt him but I didn't intend to. Please tell him that I love him so much and that I miss him and to answer my calls or message me if that's easier. He needs to know that I love him more than anything." Jimin chokes back a sob and he wants nothing more to have Jeongguk here with him again. But he would give him the space he needs and give him all the time in the world to come back to him. It was inevitable that he would come back, they could never be apart anymore. They were both too in love with each other to be without the other. 


"He knows that, idiot." Yoongi sighs down the phone and Jimin knows he's backing down but Jimin is still a mess. "You're too good for this world, Jiminie."


"Hyung, stop that." Jimin sniffles and presses his fingers against his temple. 


"You are, though. Just be safe, okay? Promise you'll be sensible and make the right choices when you go, don't let him get inside your head." 


"I'll be careful, I know how to handle him. I just need to do this, for the closure or for the fact that we went through all of that shit but there was a purpose and there's light at the end of it, I don't know. I just need to do this." 


"I know, I couldn't have stopped you even if I tried. Jeongguk is lucky to have you, you know? You're both so good for each other, I'm glad he makes you happy." 

"Thank you, he's all I've ever wanted." Jimin waits a minute before he speaks again. "Hyung can you tell him something for me?"


"Of course." 


"Tell him I love him and I'll be here waiting for him when he's ready to come back."


Jeongguk does go back eventually, the day before Jimin is due to see Taehyung, but with shaking hands and his heart on his sleeve. He had spent copious amounts of time with Namjoon trying to understand Jimin's thought process and why he would want to see Taehyung again and Jeongguk thinks he understands it a little better. Jimin was just a soft guy with a big heart that saw the good in everyone and he was enamoured with him. Jeongguk was so lucky. As soon as the front door opens, Jeongguk is rushing in and into his arms taking Jimin by surprise. 

"Baby." he whispers and his arms are moving to hold Jeongguk's waist. 

"I hate you." 

"I'm sorry, please, I'm so sorry." Jimin holds him tighter in his arms, as if he thinks Jeongguk will disappear.  

"Stop, don't cry. You'll make me feel bad." 


"I'm not crying." the tears shine in Jimin's eyes and he's such a liar. If Jeongguk were to ask him now if he was really crying he would burst out in tears. He buries his face into Jeongguk's neck and inhales deeply. He missed him and Jeongguk realises this now. "Please forgive me, I'm sorry. Don't leave me." 


"Jiminie, it's fine. We're going to be okay." Jeongguk reassures him with a kiss to his cheek. Jimin pulls his head out to meet him in a soft kiss, their lips moving against each other's in tandem and Jeongguk relaxes, he's finally home again. 


"Don't comfort me like that," Jimin pushes Jeongguk's hand away softly from where he was rubbing it gently along the length of his spine. 


"Like what?" Jeongguk frowns, then cuddles him from behind. 


"Like I haven't brought this upon myself, I wanted this Jeongguk."


"I know but I can understand how scary it can be, I wouldn't have the strength to face him again. I'm proud of you." Jeongguk had awaken early to see him off and was still in his loose shorts and big t-shirt and Jimin was dressed ready for a visit to a high-risk prison. He didn't know how to dress but he thought formally would be his best bet. So he had chosen a fitted shirt with some slacks and his dress shoes and a smart coat to complete the look. It would take him a while to get there since it was so far away and he knows he'll be leaving Jeongguk alone for the whole day, it'll be late by the time he gets back. Jimin turns his face so he can meet Jeongguk's lips in a quick peck and he smiles at him fondly, his puffy, tired eyes looking up at him. Jimin caresses his cheek softly before getting up and putting his tea cup in the sink. 

"I'm going to leave now." Jimin pulls him into his arms, his chin resting on Jeongguk's shoulder. He hopes that Jeongguk doesn't see his hands shake.  




"Yeah babe." Jimin says into his hair after a kiss.


"Don't fall in love with him." 



Jimin gets there in six hours, he knew he was close when the roads started to look a lot more rural because the prison was in the middle of nowhere so inmates couldn't escape.


"I'm here for the visitation booked for inmate Kim Taehyung." 

"Your name?" the officer doesn't even look at him and he thinks back to how Seokjin was at the prison in Seoul. He was extremely friendly with everyone who came into the prison but the contrast was not surprising to Jimin at all. 


"Park Jimin." the officer snickers at him and then the door buzzes to let him in. 


"You're pretty popular in here." He doesn't question what he meant by that or the smirk on his face, he doesn't question anything. He was in here to do one thing only so that he can get back home safely to the waiting boy who he was madly in love with. He goes through a series of hallways and into a visitation room where Taehyung was waiting for him. His heartbeat increases rapidly all of a sudden and the reality of it all crashes down on him suddenly. What he doesn't expect is Taehyung smiling at him, a real smile that he had never seen before in all the time had known Taehyung. Jimin had been used to the sadistic smirks and evil grins but this was a genuine smile, his eyes were soft and inviting and Jimin didn't know what to think of it.   


"You came." Taehyung stands and Jimin is still stood at the door, the officer looking ahead and guarding the door. 


"Taehyung." Jimin is surprised at how steady his voice sounds and he wills his frantic heart to calm down and he manages to force himself to walk towards him. It's a little awkward but then Taehyung is offering him his hand and Jimin takes it with a laugh and a shake of his head. 


"Kim Taehyung." 


"Park Jimin." 


"Nice to see you again Jimin, I didn't think you would ever come."

"I promised." Jimin settles in his chair across from Taehyung, his confidence increasing bit by bit.

"Ah, I have a lot to say. I don't know where to start. We don't have much time, am I right?" 

"We have time." Jimin nods and leans his elbows against the table to look at Taehyung. His hair was cut shorter than he had ever seen it and his face looked clear and void of any dullness or eye bags that he would usually sport back at the other prison. "Doctor Kim has been keeping me updated, you're doing well." at this point any nerves that Jimin had were completely gone and he felt comfortable to fall into conversation with him. 


"It's because of you, thank you Jimin. If you hadn't sent him I would not be in a good place, my recovery is all down to you." 


"He speaks well of your recovery, and I'm glad that he could be of assistance." 

"Do you still speak to Jeongguk? How is he?" Jimin freezes at the mention of his name, but forces himself to ease. Jeongguk was safe and he was far away from here, he was okay.


"He's okay. He's happy." 


"I wouldn't think otherwise, being with you." Jimin wants to disagree, he had spent the last few days without Jeongguk because he had made him sad. "I wrote him a letter, I want you to give it to him. Doctor Kim said that the first step to forgiving myself is to ask for forgiveness from those that I've hurt." 

"He's right, forgiveness is important to anyone. Even to the families of those that you've killed, Doctor Kim tells me you wrote letters to them too?" 


"Yeah, that was just as a first step but my words sounded stupid and unjust. It makes me look an idiot and I hated it. With Jeongguk's letter, I was more knowledgeable and more accepting of the feelings that I was overcome with. I don't expect you or him to forgive me, it was just a thought process for myself, to make myself better. Initially, I didn't want anyone to read them, they were for my own piece of mind but Doctor Kim convinced me to send them, so they knew how sorry I was and that I'm getting better day by day." 


"That's really great to here but I don't think it's a good idea to give it to Jeongguk, I'm not going to make the decision for him but I have a feeling he will not want to read it. You traumatised him to a point where there's no coming back." Jimin takes the letter addressed to Jeongguk and puts it into his coat to give to him later. 

"I understand that, I know that I've written it and that helps my state of mind regardless of whether he reads it or not." 

"What have you been doing here, it seems pretty isolated." Jimin couldn't hear a sound, the place was eerily quiet. 

"I've been reading a lot, educating myself on things. People. Things that never interested me before I met you." 


"What does Doctor Kim speak to you about?" Jimin changes the path of conversation, he wasn't here to talk about himself.


"I know you're waiting for an explanation. I've never said it to anyone, not even Doctor Kim explicitly. I wanted you to hear it first because you believed in me, you believed that I could be a good person." 


"I'm listening Taehyung." he looks at Jimin with gratefulness swimming in his eyes and Jimin doesn't know why he feels so bad for him.  

"Ah, I don't know where to start Jimin." Taehyung wrings his wrists and Jimin can tell he is very nervous.  

"Start from the beginning, when you were younger. Tell me what happened?" 

"I had a sister, she was the most important person in my life because she was the only light of my past. She was the only person who could make me happy, who allowed me to have a childhood. My father he- he killed my mother, he was an abusive person. That was when I was really young, when I could barely understand what was happening but I watched him do it. The years went on and no one knew he killed her, they thought it was an accidental death but he started abusing us because we were a burden, we would stop him from drinking and taking those drugs that ruined him. He started to hit us and I would always protect my sister to make sure he wouldn't hurt her so he used to beat me. Beat me until I was black and blue and bleeding all over the place and I used to take it like the champ I was." he chuckles but the situation wasn't funny at all. "After he hit me he would always apologise and act like he cared for me and loved me. He promised he wouldn't ever do it again but he continued to do it anyway, every night. One day he got to my sister, he hit her so brutally she died. She left me alone with him and that's when he decided to kill himself and they left me. They left me all alone." Taehyung breathes deep and Jimin can see the pain and trauma in his eyes. Jimin puts his hand on the table, palm side up so Taehyung can make the decision of whether he wants to embrace the comfort or not. He does. "My uncle took me in then, but he was no better. He was always so involved with gangs, crimes and drugs so it was the only way for me to go. At some point, I got so bitter that I wanted to hurt anyone and everyone because of all the pain I had endured for such a long time. I didn't know any better, Jimin, and I know that doesn't justify it. It doesn't justify any of my actions because that makes me the same as him. It makes me the same as my father and I don't want to be like him anymore. I don't want to be a monster." he whispers and Jimin's heart hurts for him. 

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that. No one deserves to endure that level of pain but the way you handled it was all wrong, that anger that you had inside of you, you could have turned it into something worthwhile." Jimin's mind wanders to Jeongguk briefly, when he was angry at Jimin he had turned that anger into beautiful works of art and he thinks how contrasting the two people were.

"I know that now Jimin and I would do anything to go back in time and change it but I can't." 


"You can't change the past, yes but it's never too late to change for the present and future and if I'm honest, I am astounded by your change. It's hard to believe that it was just from a few words from me that got to you." 


"You reminded me of my sister. When you spoke to me like that, only my sister ever did and I saw my sister in you. In your eyes, like she was directly speaking to me, that's why it affected me so much, that's why I hung on to your every word." Taehyung's grip on his hand turns tighter and Jimin understands now why he had been so pliant. "You affected me more than you know, Jimin. The whole time in that prison, I wished that you would look at me the way you looked at Jeongguk." Jimin think back to his words in the prison 'why don't you look at me like you look at Jeongguk?' and it suddenly all made sense. Taehyung had just wanted someone to care for him and show him some sort of affection but Jimin will not allow it to be himself. 

"I'm sorry about your past, I really am. But I can't allow myself to be sorry about anything else Taehyung, I won't allow myself to feel guilty for you." 


"That's not what I want either, I have caused you too much harm and hurt and I should be the one apologising. I'm sorry for everything that has happened but I want your forgiveness before I forgive myself. Your forgiveness is important to me, I'm not asking you to forget I just want your forgiveness." 


"I can only forgive you for what you have done to me, for everything you have done to me to cause me pain. I forgive you, Taehyung. But I can't forgive you for what you have done to Jeongguk, not when I have to see what he has to go through even now. He still wakes up in cold sweats some nights, scared that you'll come and get him again and that's not something I can forgive. Jeongguk may find it in his heart to forgive you if he reads the letter and I will only if he does. Please understand that." 


"I understand that, I ruined him beyond repair and I have acknowledged that fact. I don't expect you to forgive me for him, I was ruthless with him and I regret it so much Jimin but I hope that you will find it in your big heart to forgive me one day, I hope Jeongguk does too and I hope he's happy with you. I hope you're happy together that's all I wish for now."


"That's amazing, Taehyung. I can't tell you how good this change will be for you and how proud I am that you're making these decisions on your own. You're doing so well."


"Ten minutes." the officer speaks up and Jimin jumps in his seat which makes Taehyung laugh. He had forgotten there was another person in the room entirely, he was so consumed by Taehyung's words. 

"I'm going to be in here a long time and for some reason that doesn't faze me anymore." Taehyung continues and takes no notice of the officer. How was it that an hour had already passed? 


"You just have to do your time and keep to yourself, don't get involved with anyone and educate yourself. That's all that I will ask of you and it is only to benefit you." 


"I will do that for you, of course. For myself." he corrects. 


"When you do get out, I hope that you will build a happy life for yourself."


"I will, and it's because of you. I hope you know that, this is all because of you because you had faith in me. I won't let you down, Jimin." 


"I know you won't. Live well, Taehyungie. You deserve it after everything."


"Will I ever see you again?"

"I don't think so, Tae. I won't do that to myself or to Jeongguk. I wanted to help you and I feel like I have accomplished that. You don't need to see Doctor Kim anymore and I won't be coming to see you ever again. All I can do now is to wish you a fulfilled life."

"I understand that. I won't ask anything of you anymore, you have helped me more than anyone ever has and I am so grateful I had you to guide me along the way. Thank you, Jimin. I appreciate everything that you've ever done for me." Taehyung grasps Jimin's hand with both of his and he tilts his head forward so he can lean his head on to their hands. 

"Thank you for listening to me, live well and be happy. I wish all the best for you." 


"I hope you live a good life with your children and Jeongguk too, you deserve to be happy. You will always mean a lot to me Jimin." 

"I will always remember you Taehyung." 


"I don't want you to, I want you to forget I ever existed and be happy." 


"I can't do that but I'll always remember you with good memories now, I'll always know that you got better and that you overcame all of this shit. I'm so proud of you, Tae. You should be proud of yourself too." 

"I think I am, Jimin." Jimin stands and it isn't awkward when they embrace. "I've never felt that before." Taehyung says when Jimin pulls away and he pulls Jimin into him again. Jimin isn't scared of him anymore and he rubs his back to comfort him.


"You're going to be great, I know it." 


"Goodbye, Park Jimin." Jimin bows at him and Taehyung gives him a wide, boxy smile that endears Jimin then he is being escorted out of the room again. When he leaves the room the relief that slams into him makes him shake and he is on the edge of a breakdown from the meeting. 


"He talks about you all the time, you really left an impression on him." the officers says. 


"I just wanted him to get better." the officer nods his head at him. 


"He's the best guy in here." the officer replies and it's not hard to believe that with Taehyung's new attitude, he has charmed everyone into loving him already. Jimin knows he'll be just fine. 


The drive back makes Jimin a lot calmer even though he cries, he has the windows rolled down and has shirt unbuttoned halfway to allow himself to breathe and think about their interaction. It had gone a lot better than he had expected and the change Taehyung had shown had filled Jimin with a sense of contentment that was beyond what he had already been feeling. The feeling of closure he had from their meeting had left him feeling free and content and he couldn't wait to get back to his boyfriend to embrace the feeling even further. It is well into the evening when he finally gets home. 

"Baby?" he calls as soon as he enters. "I'm home." he doesn't get a response but when he walks into the living room, Jeongguk is curled up on the couch like he had been waiting for Jimin to come home. Jimin puts his stuff down and sits down to pull Jeongguk's head into his lap softly. He runs his hands through his soft, fluffy hair and embraces the comfort he provides Jimin with so easily. 


"Jiminie hyung?" he mumbles in his sleep haze. 


"Yeah, it's me." Jimin answers him and then Jeongguk is climbing into his lap and nuzzling his nose. 


"Missed you." 


"Missed you too." Jimin whispers and presses his lips against the side of his head. 


"Are you okay?" Jeongguk runs his hands down his arms, like he's checking if all of Jimin is there. 


"I'm okay, baby. Did you have a good day?" 


"I worried about you the whole day, was it okay?"


"I'm never seeing him ever again, he's gone from our lives I promise. We never have to think about him again." 

"That's all I wanted to hear." Jeongguk presses his lips against Jimin's collarbones. 


"He wanted me to give you something, it's a letter that he wrote. For you." Jimin pulls his coat towards him to retrieve the letter from his pocket and gives it to Jeongguk. Jeongguk doesn't look happy, as Jimin expected, when he takes it in his hand. 


"What does it say?" Jeongguk asks but the letter stays in his hand, he doesn't open it to read it. 


"I have no idea, he just wants your forgiveness." 


"Hyung I know you have forgiven him for things but I can't do it." 


"Hey, I'm not asking you to forgive him, I'm not asking you of anything. You can do what you want Jeongguk but I will always be here to support you whatever the case. You don't have to even read the letter, I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do." 

Jeongguk tears the letter in half and then half again and he gets up to discard it into the bin before crawling into Jimin's lap again. "You said he's gone from our lives now and that's all I'll ever want. I just want to be happy with you."




Jimin lays back on the beach, the sun on his skin and the gentle breeze making his body tingle pleasantly all over. He can hear his favourite people (trying to) play volleyball from where he lays and he is content with just listening to them having fun. Apparently, it doesn't work out that well with five grown men and a five and three-year-old. Someone was bound to get hurt in that mess and he only had to think it to become a reality when he hears Jiwoo's cry. He sits up and looks at her in Jeongguk's arms rubbing her head softly, he is already walking towards Jimin and Jimin forces himself to take notice of his daughter instead of Jeongguk's delicious looking abs and strong arms and those stupid v lines that adorn his hips. 


"What's wrong baby?" Jeongguk hands Jiwoo over to Jimin and she instantly wraps her arms around his neck. 


"It wasn't my fault, I didn't see her and the ball just hit her head." Jeongguk rambles and Jimin looks confused for a second before realising that he thought Jimin had been talking to him and it seems like Jeongguk realises at the same time and the tips of his ears go red. "Oh, sorry, I thought you-" 


"Come here baby." Jimin chuckles and pulls him closer by his arm to press a kiss against his lips, he tastes of the sea and his lips are so soft.


"I thought I was your only baby." Jeongguk mumbles before laying back and pulling Jimin and Jiwoo down with him. 


"Papa, is Jiwoo okay now? Can she still play? Jeonggukie is a naughty man." Jeongguk fake pouts and pretends to cry and Minwoo laughs at him before wrapping his arms around Jeongguk and apologising profusely with kisses. Jiwoo jumps in his arms and reaches out for Jeongguk too and Jimin is happy watching them together. He couldn't have asked for anything better in his life. 


"If you guys are done playing happy families, I'm going to teach Min how to swim. If he can do it in the sea then he can do it in a pool when the time comes." Seokjin says cheerily and his broad shoulders block out the sunlight for them. Jimin was so excited knowing his best friends were coming to visit for a long weekend, he would get to spend time with all of them together in one place and he was ecstatic about it, as was Minwoo and Jiwoo. Hyuna was happy with Jimin taking the children for the weekend because it meant she would get some alone time with her boyfriend. There was a lot of tension when Jeongguk had met Seokjin again and Jeongguk had told him that their last words before he left the prison weren't very friendly. But they talked and soon became accustomed to one another and that was partly because of Seokjin's lovely personality and Jeongguk's aim to please and to prove that he was a good person. In fact, on the way to the beach Jeongguk had rode Seokjin's back because he had lost a bet about something. Hoseok knew Jeongguk already and was very fond of him so it wasn't a surprise to see all of his friends get along so nicely. He knew that the group would be friends for a long time and that they would do this sort of thing regularly.  


"Hyung, don't let him drown." Jimin says before Minwoo is running up to Seokjin and asking to be put on his shoulders. He complies, like everyone does whenever Minwoo demands something.  


"Hoseokie is going to take care of Jiwoo, we'll play safe." Seokjin grins at them and Jiwoo wraps her small hand around two of his fingers. "Yoongi was thirsty so Namjoonie and him have gone to get drinks and ice cream." 


"How does he know what I want?" Jeongguk pouts.


"Namjoonie said he'd know what you want and Yoongi said he knew what Jimin would want." Seokjin shrugs and Jiwoo is tugging on his fingers to hurry him up. "Have fun with Jeonggukie." Seokjin winks at them and he rolls his eyes before his hand wraps around Jeongguk's shoulder and he pulls him down to lay there with him. 


"You're my number one baby." Jimin whispers and then he leans down to take Jeongguk's exposed nipple in his mouth. 


"Hy- ah-ung." Jimin toys with it softly in his mouth, leaving a small bite and then he lays back again. "Do you want me to get hard in public?" 


"Maybe." Jimin winks at him and settles down again. His friends would never let him live it down if they both got hard on a public beach. 


"I know we're kinky but exhibitionism is a little bit too much, even for me." Jeongguk mumbles as he basks in the sun, Jimin laughs at his statement and goes back to staring at Jeongguk's closed eyes and his peaceful face. He looks like the golden boy he is with his tan skin on show and Jimin wants him all to himself. 


"You work out too much." Jimin brushes his fingers softly against Jeongguk's abs and his toned pecs, he can see the goose bumps rising on his skin and Jimin is happy with the effect he has on him. 


"You don't like it?" Jeongguk frowns at him under the brightness of the sun beating down on their bodies. 


"You look delicious," Jimin mutters and then he is caging Jeongguk in with his arms as he climbs on top of him and he knows this is risky business. "I just want to eat you up." Jimin's mouth clamps down on the side of his neck and Jeongguk giggles and tries to push him off. 


"Go. Please just go." he hears Yoongi from behind him and scrambles off of Jeongguk. "Eat your goddamn ice creams and go, I can't bear this." 


"Hyung." Jimin whines and takes his ice cream from him and licks at it avoiding eye contact with both of them. He doesn't miss the affectionate ruffle of Jeongguk's hair that Namjoon gives him. 


"Jiminie, walk with me?" Yoongi smiles at him and helps him up with a hand. He smiles back at Jeongguk and he's already watching him, or his ass if he wants to be specific. Jimin walks away with a wink and Jeongguk clutches his chest and falls to the floor where he's sitting in a dramatic display of love and Jimin just laughs at him because of course Jeongguk is the funniest person he knows. 


"You're both disgustingly in love." he says once they're both a distance away and Jimin's arm goes around Yoongi's shoulder as the walk along the coast. From where they're walking he can see Seokjin and Hoseok splashing about with his children on their shoulders and the sight makes joy erupt in his chest. 


"I can't tell you how happy I am, hyung. This is all I've ever wanted. Jeongguk is all I've ever wanted." 


"It makes me so happy to see you like this, to see everyone like this after everything that has happened over the last few years. I hope it stays this way for us all." 


"Me too, we'll be okay hyung. Why are you worrying?" 


"I'm not worrying." 


"There's something." Jimin points out, there was a reason he had wanted to talk to Jimin alone. 


"I bought a ring." his voice is quiet and he almost doesn't hear it against the crashing of the waves against the rocks. 


"You what?" 


"Do you think it's too early?" 


"Hyung, what the fuck, no!" Jimin smothers him in a second and hugs him until he starts to complain. "Hyung that's so great, I'm so happy for you both!" 


"I haven't asked him yet, I'm scared." 


"This is Namjoonie hyung we're talking about, the one who bought baby shoes just the other day for when you both have kids and is using them for the time being as a souvenir in his studio! What do you mean too early? I can't believe you're scared, you have nothing to worry about. You knew his answer before you even decided to ask and don't even deny it!" 


"I know, I'm just nervous. He seems so much smarter than I am, so aware and intelligent and I feel like a burden just tagging along whilst he's making such a difference to this world with his music and clever lawyer job. He doesn't need someone like me dragging him down all the time." 


"Yoongi hyung, don't ever downgrade yourself like that. You're both amazing people and if you want me to start on all the things you have done for me alone then let's fucking go-"


"Shutup," Yoongi groans. 


"Seriously hyung, what you've done for me is only a fraction of who you are as a person. What you've done for my kids, for Jeongguk, for Hyuna even. You're the most intelligent person I know and I will always come to you for help and advice because you have so much wisdom in you. Sometimes, I forget that you're only a few years older than me because it feels like you've lived on this earth forever. I'm not saying you're cleverer than Namjoonie hyung but you both have different levels of intelligence but that makes you who you are. I see the way he looks at you and he's so in love with you, hyung. He is absolutely consumed by you and it looks as though he's the little puppy that follows behind you, hanging on to your every single word."




"I'm absolutely sure of it. I don't see how you don't realise, he's the most obvious person about how much he loves you and he's always staring at you, looking for your approval and looking to you for your attention. How could he not love this cute face of yours?" Jimin pinches his cheek and embraces him in a side hug as their gazes move across to where Namjoon is tripping over his own feet and getting tangled in the volleyball net on the sand, Jeongguk laughing at him to his heart's content. "Look at him, hyung. He's so endearing it's crazy." Jimin laughs at Namjoon trying to claw his way to freedom. Yoongi hides his face in his arm and Jimin can see how much love is pulsing through him for Namjoon. "You just wanted me to say all those nice things about you, didn't you?" 


"Maybe." Yoongi says cheekily. "I love him, I can't wait to marry him." he shuffles his hair out of the way and leans back onto his hands. 


"You need to ask him first." 


"I will. Soon." and the smile Jimin receives is enough for him to know that they'll both be the happiest people in their marriage. "I have something else to ask, I know this is usually asked after I propose but-" 


"I'll be your best man, I would kill you if you ever considered anyone else." 


"I was going to ask Jeongguk." 


"Hyung, don't offend me like that. Jeongguk would be Namjoonie hyung's best man." 


"Well then I was going to ask Minwoo." 


"Don't talk to me." Jimin gets up and runs back to their spot. Yoongi follows him slowly with a wide smile on his face that nothing could diminish. 




"Hyung, ah, stop, wait." Jimin has his hands down Jeongguk's pants as soon as they get through the door. They had been way too touchy with each other at the beach and Yoongi had exiled them to their home to sort themselves out. The rest of them would be home before the sun started to set with their kids but for now Jimin was going to enjoy every part of Jeongguk that he could. They were still both in their beach shorts and Jimin wanted to put his mouth everywhere on Jeongguk. "I want to do this properly, ah, just let me-" Jeongguk manages to tear Jimin's hands away and he runs upstairs. Jimin lets him wait as he places the bags he had down into the kitchen and grabs a glass of water, wiping the sweat off his forehead from when they had run all the way home. Jimin just couldn't keep his hands to himself. When Jimin makes his way upstairs he can already hear Jeongguk and his whiny moans. 


"What do you think you're doing?" Jeongguk is already three fingers deep, his hips rocking down on to his fingers as he opens himself up for Jimin. Jimin appreciates the view of Jeongguk pleasuring himself whilst he's on his knees on the bed, his naked, golden skin glistening with sweat as his muscles contract from where he's holding himself up. Jimin is so lucky to have Jeongguk at his mercy like this, he's so lucky he gets to have him like this. 


"You took t-too long." Jeongguk breathes out. Jimin grabs him by his hair to pull him closer so that he can mouth at his neck. Jimin doesn't hesitate to bite into the soft, supple skin and sucks hard so that it leaves beautiful marks on his tan skin.


"Did I say you could touch yourself?" Jimin licks up the side of his neck, his hot tongue against Jeongguk's pulse. "Hm?" Jimin blows cold air onto the wetness and he feels Jeongguk shudder. 


"I just want you in me, please.


"This impatience isn't going to get you anywhere my love." Jimin pushes him back and it forces Jeongguk's fingers to slip out of himself. He squirms under Jimin's hold and Jimin is quick to lube his fingers up and presses all three of his fingers back into his quivering hole. "My baby boy." Jimin praises him and Jeongguk always keens at Jimin's words. His fingers know Jeongguk and it's not hard to find his prostate and he rubs slow circles into the bundle of nerves which makes Jeongguk ache with need and pleasure. 


"Jimin, oh god, yes!" his fingernails dig into Jimin's back hard but it doesn't phase Jimin in the slightest. He likes to know how good he's doing. 




"You're so good, hyung. I love your fingers, you get so deep and, ah-hah, make me feel so good." Jimin basks in the praise and he rewards Jeongguk with his mouth to his nipples, abusing and tormenting them until their hard and perky. 


"God, baby you're so pretty like this. I'm so lucky to have you," the disbelief of having Jeongguk gets to Jimin a little bit and tears sting in his eyes and he hopes that Jeongguk doesn't realise. 


"Jiminie hyung." Jeongguk grabs his free hand whilst Jimin pleasures him and Jimin looks into his sparkly, wide eyes that are so full of love. Of course, he realises. "I love you so much." he whispers and then Jimin's mouth claims Jeongguk's again and again until he can't breathe. "I'm ready, come on." Jeongguk pants against his mouth and Jimin can't deny him of anything. Jimin rushes to get his shorts off and slicks himself up so that he can press into Jeongguk slowly. 


"Be as loud as you want, I want to hear you." Jimin mutters and continues to mouth along his neck as he sets a steady rhythm of his hips that makes Jeongguk whine lewdly.


"Kiss me." Jeongguk demands and he obliges, kissing Jeongguk's mouth again and again as he rocks into him sensually. He adjusts Jeongguk's hips only slightly but it's enough for him to throw his head back as Jimin hits that perfect spot inside him again making him absolutely lose his mind. "There, hyung, oh- please keep going like that." 


"You feel good there baby? Gonna come just like this, aren't you?" Jimin makes sure his mouth is put too good use and leaves open mouthed and wet kisses behind Jeongguk's ear. He doesn't even touch Jeongguk's cock, making sure he feels all of Jimin so that he loses himself just from the feeling of him pounding into Jeongguk. 


"Let me come, please, I'm gonna-" 


"You gonna come just from my cock in your asshole, hm? Go on baby, go for it. Come all over yourself, that's it." Jimin bites hard on his earlobe and then talks him through his intense orgasm and he never fails to leave Jimin in awe of how beautiful he is. Jimin doesn't stop rocking into his clenching heat and chases his release himself. "You can take this, right baby?" 


"Yeah hyung, I love it when you use me like this. I can take it." 


"That's my good boy," Jimin praises and Jeongguk's eyes flutter in pleasure and over sensitivity. It doesn't take much longer for Jimin to come hard inside of Jeongguk's warmth and he kisses Jeongguk when he does, feeding his moans into his mouth so that he could feel how good he felt. Jimin doesn't stop there, he moves to kiss all down Jeongguk's body and then he is cleaning Jeongguk up with his mouth, licking all the come up before pressing Jeongguk's cock into his mouth. Jeongguk could come again, Jimin knew it. 


"Hyung, what are you- Jesus fuck." Jeongguk's hand automatically reaches out for Jimin's hair to keep his mouth on him.  


"You can come again, I know you can baby." Jimin pulls off to say and returns to licking and sucking along Jeongguk's half hard length. He presses his fingers back into Jeongguk again because Jimin knows he loves being stuffed full and his other hand moves up his body to play with his nipples. 


"You're so- fuck ah, oh my god." Jimin hums low in his throat as he makes Jeongguk feel so so good and it makes him so happy that he still affects Jeongguk so greatly. "Your mouth is going to be the death of me, fuck me." he grabs hold of Jimin's hair in both of his hands and lifts his hips slightly to rock into his mouth gently and Jimin loves it. He thrusts his fingers in deeper and he plays with Jeongguk's nipples harder until Jeongguk is shaking and comes for the second time inside of Jimin's soft mouth with curses slipping loudly out of his mouth. 


"I love you baby." Jimin says when he swallows and moves back to kiss Jeongguk but he is so out of it that he doesn't kiss Jimin back. Jimin giggles at him and then lays next to him so they can enjoy their post orgasm haze together. 


"You're incredible." Jeongguk sighs when he finally gets his bearings together. 


"You only want me for the sex." Jimin slaps him on his chest a little too hard so he's quick to press his lips against his chest, against his beating heart as a form of apology. 


"I don't but the sex is great." Jeongguk winds his arm around Jimin's waist and throws his leg across Jimin's waist. Jimin presses his lips into Jeongguk's sweaty hair and basks in the satiated ambience, the window was cracked open and the breeze that blows in feels heavenly against their naked, tangled skin. 


"What are you thinking about?" Jimin asks after a few minutes of comfortable silence whilst caressing the skin of Jeongguk's waist softly. Sometimes, Jeongguk thinks too loud and Jimin can hear him do it. 


"Nothing." he starts and Jimin waits for him. "Everything." he says after a beat and then finally "how happy I am."


"You deserve to be, baby." 


"Minwoo called me his second papa today." 


"He did?" Jimin wants to look at Jeongguk so he scoots back so that he can see his face. They lay there staring into each other's eyes.  


"And then he told me he loved me, it made me cry." Jeongguk sniffles and scrunches his nose up when Jimin kisses it. 


"He loves you so much, they both do." Jimin pulls him closer by his waist so that they're nose to nose. "I do too." Jimin tilts his head a little and then they're softly kissing, Jimin pulls his bottom lip into his mouth by his teeth before sucking on it to make it red and beautiful. "Yoongi hyung is going to ask Namjoonie hyung to marry him soon." 


"Really? It's about time, I was almost about to convince Joonie hyung to ask him, they already act like a married couple. Did you see their matching crocs?" Jeongguk laughs goofily and Jimin smiles softly at his reaction and tangles their legs together so they could be even closer to one another. 


"It'll be us one day." Jimin whispers into the space between them and he rejoices at the look Jeongguk gives him. It is one of disbelief and joy and happiness.


"You mean that?" 


"Not now. When we’re ready. I want forever with you baby." Jimin mumbles against his lips and Jeongguk's eyes water.


"Don't. Don't start that because I won't be able to stop." Jimin reprimands him. If Jeongguk starts to cry he won't be able to take it, he hates it when his baby cries. 


"Kiss me." Jeongguk says before his tears get the best of him but he's already climbing on top of Jimin so that he can kiss him. "I love you the most Jimin." 


"I want to love you forever, Jeongguk."


“We have forever.” Jeongguk agrees and their mouths are on each other again.                                    

Chapter Text

It takes a grand total of two years for Yoongi and Namjoon to finally tie the knot. The first year Yoongi spent still contemplating whether to ask him or not because he didn’t know whether Namjoon was going to say yes or no. No amount of persuasion from Jimin and Jeongguk, even Hoseok and Seokjin contributed but he wanted none of it, he never believed them. Then one fateful night, when he had finally plucked up the courage and called out to Namjoon softly. 

“Namjoon-ah?” They had just finished a special dinner to celebrate nothing in particular, just because they could, and they were taking a stroll through the park in the warm breeze of the night. Namjoon turns to look at him with gentle eyes, a dimpled smile on his face. He always gets so flustered when Yoongi uses that tone with him. He pulls on their entwined hands to get him to stop walking and his eyes widen. 

“Hyung I swear, if you don’t propose to me right now I might just end my life.” Yoongi’s eyes widen at his words and then he remembers how to function and gets on to one knee. 

“Namjoon-ah, you’re the light of my life-“


“Shutup let me finish.” 


“I know you’ve been waiting for this, and so I wanted it to be something special but I can't stop myself anymore. I just need to do this." he takes a deep breath before continuing. "You're everything that I want, and I'll want you forever. You make my days brighter and my nights more mellow. When I wake up next to you in the mornings I wonder what I did to get so lucky to have someone like you. I know I don't compare but I want to be able to have your soul with me forever. Please, marry me?" 


"Yes. I'd marry you a thousand times." 


"Let's get married for the first time and then we'll think about it." Yoongi laughs and Namjoon scrambles to put his lips on Yoongi. He can taste the salty tears of both of theirs mixed together. "Are you crying?" Yoongi asks, a teasing lilt to his voice.  


"Hyung you're literally crying too, why are you asking me like that?"


"I waited so long to do this, Joonie." Yoongi caresses his cheek gently and looks into his eyes that held all the stars. 


"I can never say no to you hyung, I want to spend forever with you. How can you ever doubt that I wouldn't?"


"How did you know?" 


"I knew something was on your mind but you wouldn't tell me about it, Jeongguk may have let something slip." 


"That little shit-" 


"He didn't say anything explicitly, it was just a passing comment that made me think. Only I would have picked it up because I know you." 


"I had this whole thing planned but I just looked at you tonight and I couldn't help myself." 


"Was it going to be on our trip to Italy in a few weeks?"


"Yeah." Yoongi sighs and tucks himself into Namjoon's side as they continue to walk home. "Why do you know that?" Yoongi stops again, and Namjoon is flushed red. 


"You left my email on one of your payment websites for the private boat hire, with the bottle of champagne and lots of roses and dinner for two, oh and not to forget the master bedroom that was on board-" 


"In my defence, that was so we could have great engagement sex." 


"Well looks like we have to have that now since we're engaged." 


"Get home and get naked." Yoongi growls in his ear.  


"Yes sir."




"I'm so nervous, why am I so nervous? This is supposed to be the best day of my life." 


"Hyung, stop telling me you're nervous because if you're nervous then I should be nervous and I can't be nervous, why the fuck do I keep saying nervous?" 


"Jiminie you shouldn't be nervous! You'll be fine," Yoongi grabs his hand and soothes him so that he calms down. It was funny how it was his wedding day but here he was trying to keep Jimin calm.


"I'm the worst best man ever, I'm so sorry." 


"Yes you are, now move out the way Jiminie. Let me see my son," Yoongi's mother pinches Jimin's side to shove him out the way so that she could get to her son. "Beautiful. Perfect. You'll always me my little baby but oh god, how proud of you I am seeing you like this." she runs her small hands down Yoongi's chest, which was adorned by a crisp, white shirt.  


"Ma, don't start. Jiminie will be upset if I ruin my makeup." he embraces her gently and leaves a soft kiss on her forehead. She reaches out for Jimin too and pulls them both into an embrace. 


"Namjoon is so great, I'm so happy that you're getting married to him. And he is just as lucky to have you, baby." his mother wipes a tear from her face and then they embrace and if Yoongi's makeup isn't ruined then Jimin's is most definitely ruined. Yoongi walks in with his mother on his arm and Jiwoo is the flower girl that sprinkles confetti everywhere in front of them. Jimin smiles adoringly at her, her small, baby pink dress making her look the prettiest in the room and she was so delicate making sure her posture was straight as she focused on sprinkling the confetti evenly, a gentle smile on her face and Jimin was overcome with how proud and how in love he was with her. 


He looks across at Jeongguk who is standing across from him waiting for Namjoon but he was already looking at him and smiling. When Jimin had seen Jeongguk in his dapper suit and his styled hair he had almost combusted. His mouth hung wide open and drool dribbling down his chin as he watched Jeongguk move past him and wink over his shoulder. He knew he looked good but Jimin would get back at him for that later. He had never seen Jeongguk brush up so well, they never had anything to attend that required him to dress so smart so Jimin was completely blown away at how good Jeongguk looked. He looked more enticing than he ever had and it had made Jimin's heart skip a beat, or maybe a few beats. Jiwoo runs to Jeongguk first and he lifts her in his arms so that he can press a kiss into her blushed cheek. Jeongguk then puts her down and her arms are outstretched for Jimin to lift her up this time. 


"You did so good, babe. Thank you." Yoongi says to her when he stands next to Jimin, ready and waiting for Namjoon. She blushes at the praise and offers her cheek for Yoongi to kiss too. In some cases, she is a lot like Jimin when she gets praised. 


"Uncle Yoongi, you look handsome." she says and Yoongi coos at her and tells her she's the prettiest girl in the room. He glances to Hyuna who is sitting with her boyfriend and she flashes him a thumbs up because Jiwoo is distracting him from his nerves. She was a clever girl. He turns his attention to Jeongguk for a second and he winks at him again but Jimin laughs at him and shakes his head. The room is hushed down as Namjoon arrives by himself, Minwoo is walking in front of him this time and he has a wide smile on his face when he sees Jimin waiting for him at the end of the aisle and Jimin is so proud of him. Jiwoo fidgets in his arms before she's asking to be put down. 


"Papa, I want Min-min." 


"No cutie, let Minwoo have his turn okay?" she frowns at him and then runs off towards him anyway. Minwoo is completely unfazed by her presence and he automatically holds her hand so he can keep her beside him and they scatter rose petals this time together. The siblings had such a strong bond from such a young age, he was blessed in more ways than one by being given two children who were as good as them. They often did fight like siblings usually did but they made up even faster and they loved each other so much, rarely being without one another and that's all Jimin wanted for them. Namjoon greets Jeongguk when he gets there with a strong hug before Jeongguk is putting his hand into Yoongi's. Yoongi is already crying and then crying throughout all his vows. When they're done and Yoongi has kissed Namjoon shyly they walk back down the aisle to the marquee that has been set up for their reception. Jimin and Jeongguk walk hand in hand with their children in front of them and he feels so at peace. 


"Hyung, come with me for a second?" Jeongguk tightens his grip on Jimin's hand so he can manoeuvre them to go another way.  


"What? Why? I need to set up the-"


"Just for a second, I want to show you something." Jeongguk whispers and then he's calling out to Hyuna to keep an eye on the kids. She smirks at them from where she hovers over Jiwoo and Minwoo and Jimin is confused at what the hell is going on. Jimin still had a lot to do before the food came out and he needed to make sure it was perfect. "Why aren't you kissing me?" Jeongguk asks with faux anger when he shoves Jimin into a single stall in the bathroom. 


"Baby we can't have toilet sex, everyone will know." 


"I'm not asking for sex, I'm asking for a kiss." Jeongguk has one hand on his chest and another on the wall that Jimin is leaning against. "Do I not look good?" 


"You look fucking sensational." 


"Then kiss me. Why do I always have to ask?"


"Shut your mouth, you know I love it when you ask." Jimin wastes no time in grabbing his neck and pulling Jeongguk to his lips. They kiss and kiss until Jeongguk is draped all over Jimin, his body pressed up against his and he starts whining and rutting against Jimin's hips. Jimin is quick to stop his hips from moving with firm hands on his waist. Their lips are already swollen and pink enough that people would notice, and his parents were here. Jeongguk was so naughty.   


"I want you to put this in me, please." Jeongguk grabs something from his pocket and Jimin is shocked at what it is. A baby pink butt plug because Jeongguk hates the feeling of being empty, he always wants to be filled up whether it's Jimin's fingers, tongue or cock he just needs it to feel good. 


"Fuck, Jeongguk." he takes it out of his hand and looks at Jeongguk with a predatory gaze. "You can't stand being empty, can you? Always want something in that tight, little asshole of yours." Jimin whispers against his neck before nipping at it softly, careful not to leave a visible mark. 


"Yes, if I can't have your cock in me all the time then I want something else to tide me over." 


"Naughty, such a brat for bringing this with you. You know that it's going to drive me crazy knowing you have this in you whilst you're sitting there with our friends and family. Only I know that I've stuffed you up with this. You wanted to tease me, is that right?" 


"N-no hyung, I just want to feel good." 


"Liar." Jimin bites hard on to his earlobe which elicits a guttural moan from Jeongguk. "When we get to our room tonight, I'm going to absolutely ruin you. Teach you a lesson about teasing me again, you like the sound of that?" Jimin looks at the completely gone expression from his face and then pulls his bottom lip into his mouth to suck on. 


"Please, Jiminie." he mumbles with Jimin's lips still on him. 


"I'm going to put this in you now, it's going to hurt but you're going to take it like the little slut that you are. Undo your trousers and bend over." Jeongguk does as he's told but Jimin is not that mean. He looks at Jeongguk's perky little ass and licks his lips slowly, appreciating the view of Jeongguk bent over for him. "My pretty baby." he caresses a cheek in his hand so softly that goosebumps raise on his skin from the touch.


"I'm yours, always yours." Jeongguk mumbles with his head hung between his shoulders. 


"Yeah? Mine always?" Jimin knows how possessive he can be but Jeongguk is just as possessive of him if not more. "I've seen people staring at you today but do you know what gets me off? The fact that they'll never be able to have you, they'll never be able to have this." Jimin bites hard into the flesh of Jeongguk's cheek. "You're mine." Jimin growls and then Jeongguk is being attacked with another hard bite to the other cheek.  


"Ah, please," Jeongguk sighs. "I'm yours only, no one will ever have me. No one can even come close, not when I have you." 


"Good boy, spread your legs baby." Jeongguk does and Jimin doesn't hesitate to lick a strip from his asscrack down to his perineum and then presses a finger into the soft bit of skin to rub slow circles to make his legs shake. 


"Please, n-no I can't." 


"You can, you can take it." Jimin's mouth moves back to his hole. Jimin spreads his cheek so he can fit his mouth better right against his hole, he flicks his tongue in to his hole to loosen him up enough to take the butt plug and Jeongguk hates that he loves it. He loves how Jimin's warm tongue makes him feel so dirty. Jeongguk is always so loud and Jimin just needs to shut him up. Whilst his tongue is still doing wonders for Jeongguk, Jimin reaches forward and forces the butt plug into his mouth to stop his lewd sounds. He still moans sinfully around it so Jimin hurries up before he comes and messes his suit up. 


"There we go baby, now you're all ready for it." Jimin smoothes a hand down his back and then takes the butt plug out of his mouth, a string of saliva connecting his bottom lip and the tip of the plug. Jimin puts it into his mouth to make sure it's wet enough for him before he presses it into Jeongguk's hole. "Fuck, so pretty. Pink suits you so much." he leaves one last kiss on the small of Jeongguk's back before he's straightening up and tapping Jeongguk to put his trousers back on. Jimin tucks his shirt in for him again and Jeongguk is so hard that they wait until his boner dies down before they make their way out of the stall. Thankfully, it was only the two of them in there the whole time so no one had heard what dirty things they were doing in there. 


"Jiminie, where have you been? Some of the centre pieces have been ruined and need replacing." Yoongi says as soon as he enters the reception marquee where he's fretting about. He takes one look at Jeongguk behind him and then rolls his eyes. 


"Stop stressing, I've got it under control. I'll fix it." Jimin kisses his cheek and then Jeongguk follows the action but leaves his arms tight around Yoongi to pull him away towards where Namjoon is talking to Yoongi's family members. 


"Papa, can I help?" 


"Of course, baby. Can you sprinkle these things on the table?" Jimin passes him a pack of crystal decorations that sparkle under the lights of the marquee.  


"I'm not a baby." Minwoo pouts but starts to do what he's asked of. Minwoo is at the age where he wants to stop being babied and be treated like an adult and gets embarrassed of the slightest public displays of affection, claiming that his friends will think he's a baby. 


"Sorry big guy." Jimin pats his head and kisses the top of his hair that Jeongguk had styled earlier for him and he brushes Jimin off. They get the centre pieces sorted and then Jimin is off to go and check on the food with Minwoo. Minwoo only grabs his hand when they're out of the marquee and it makes Jimin laugh. "Remember what you've got to do later?" 


"Of course Papa, we practiced like ten times." Jimin can tell Minwoo fights the urge to rolls his eyes but he squeezes Jimin's hand instead. "It's going to be perfect." 


"You think it's a good idea?" 


"It's a great idea, we love Jeonggukie. Everyone loves Jeonggukie."


"Yeah, but you love him the most don't you?" 


"I do, he makes me happy because he makes you happy." 


"I love you Min, when did you grow up so much?" Jimin grabs him and lifts him up to cuddle him.


"Papa, you can't pick me up I am seven years old." he says but he's still laughing and still cuddles into Jimin. Even though he wants to resist, he can never deny Jimin's or Jeongguk's displays of affection for him. The chef tells them that the food is all ready and then they both go back to the marquee to sit everyone down. Jeongguk has Jimin's mother on his arm to guide her to her seat as he laughs along with his father and it is a sight to behold. Jimin's parents had fallen in love with Jeongguk just like he had, and he treated them as if they were his own which Jimin's mother was ecstatic about. He had them wrapped around his finger from the moment he had met them with his sweet personality and charming manners but Jimin didn't expect anything less. They got along more than he expected and at times he found that Jeongguk had visited them without Jimin, days when he would buy fresh fish from the market on his way home from college for Jimin's father or flowers for his mother from that cute local flower shop near their home. Jimin's father had told him that Jeongguk was his second son that he had always wished for and that made him happy beyond compare, enough to grasp hold of his father and cry into his chest and it made Jeongguk cry even harder when he had told him too. Jimin thought it was because Jeongguk didn't have his parents growing up, he only had Namjoon hyung and that was enough for him but nothing could compare to a parents love for their child. Jimin was grateful that his parents treated Jeongguk the way they did. He can't believe what his life was and now what his life is, the contrast always makes Jimin choke up and struggle to breathe. Jeongguk catches his eyes and smiles at him, the wide bunny smile that Jimin loves and then he's moving towards them but not before he grabs Jiwoo on the way from Hyuna.


"Hey, can you guys stand together for a picture?" the photographer takes a few natural pictures of Jimin and Jiwoo before he's asking Jimin to stand together with Jeongguk for a picture, Jiwoo still in his arms. Jeongguk begins to hesitate but Jimin pulls him towards him and calls for Minwoo where he's sat with his grandfather. They huddle together, Jimin's free arm around Jeongguk's waist and Jeongguk's hands on Minwoo's shoulders. 


"Perfect, you're a beautiful family." the photographer says and Jimin wants to thank him profusely for the smile that adorns Jeongguk's face. It was so bright and so happy that he couldn't help but pull him in for a soft kiss.


"I love you." Jimin whispers and Jeongguk blushes and looks away going back to something Minwoo was telling him. Jimin was about to do his best man's speech first, just before the starters were about to come out but before that Jiwoo was going to sing for them. It was going to be a surprise for Yoongi and Namjoon and he couldn't wait for her to be performing a special song in her sweet voice. She was only five but she had been practicing it for a while to make sure it was perfect and Jimin knew she was going to have a beautiful voice when she grew up, just like him and her mother. Her performance reduces everyone down to tears as she had performed a gentle song that Yoongi had written a while ago for another singer, he looked like he couldn't believe his eyes or his ears and tears were streaming down his face by the end of it. As soon as she bows at everyone cheering for her, Yoongi is up and picking her up spinning her around before bringing her to his chest for an embrace. Jimin could see he was mumbling words of praise to her in their embrace and they looked so happy. Jimin taps on his champagne class to get everyone's attention, and Yoongi takes a seat back next to him with Jiwoo still in his arms.


"Good evening, thank you to everyone for gracing us with your presence. If you don't know already, my name is Jimin and I am Yoongi's best man for today but best friend for life." Yoongi pinches his leg at the drop of honorifics and he corrects himself. "Yoongi hyung." he rolls his eyes and there's a light laughter in the room. "I didn't prepare anything because I wanted to speak completely from my heart so prepare for some rambling. When we were young, Yoongi hyung used to hate people. Well, not much has changed obviously." everyone laughs because of course they do, if anyone knows Yoongi well that they know he's a tough cookie to crack. "When we were only five years old, I used to pester him and bug him to play with me in school because he would sit by himself and he seemed happy, playing with that brown, fluffy teddy of his that I'm sure he still has but I wanted him to be my friend. I wanted him to be my friend because despite all his hard exterior, he seemed soft and gentle. He seemed like he would be a good friend and I know to trust my instincts, I was a police officer I know these things. It takes a while to crack him open but god, when you do it's like breaking into a chest of gold. I think that I've spent my whole life so far pestering him and I'm grateful that he puts up with me at all but mostly I think it's because the heart he has in that small body of his, is made of gold and I'm sure Namjoon will agree with that." Namjoon nods his head obediently but Jimin doesn't dare to look at Yoongi in fear that he'll start his waterworks. "Yoongi hyung has been there for me through everything, for all of my ups and downs in life for all of my pain and my happiness, he's been the cause of most of that happiness and he hasn't left yet so that must mean that he loves me just as much as I love him. He has been with me and helped me through my most significant moments in life like when I graduated, my first job and for the birth of my beautiful children, who love him deeply, to helping me be together with my other half, Jeongguk, who also loves him so passionately. You have been with me through it all and there's no one else who could ever do it like you, thank you for all that you've done for me, on behalf of Hyuna, Minwoo, Jiwoo and Jeongguk I thank you endlessly from the bottom of my heart. Your presence in our life is something that I thank my lucky stars for daily. Namjoonie hyung is so lucky to have your soul forever, and I hope that you both treat each other well in your marriage. I'm lucky you will have someone like Joonie hyung to take care of you and love you like you deserve to be, he adores you and it is evident in the way he behaves when he's with you, you both are a match formed by natures forces and you were made to be together, like the moon and sun. You both deserve the best, please live well. I love you, thank you." Jimin bows and cuts his speech short because he was about to choke from the lump in his throat, he couldn't say anymore because the dam would have been well and truly broken and he didn't know if he could handle crying in front of everyone.


"That was so heartfelt, hyung." Jeongguk says beside him and slips his hand into Jimin's for comfort. Jimin smiles at him because if he opens his mouth he'll cry but he kisses his forehead instead as thanks. 


"Jiminie." Yoongi is turning to him, his hand outstretched so Jimin can hold it in his and his eyes are red and puffy when he looks at him. "I love you." and then Jimin is burying his face in his shoulder and letting himself cry. "Stop, you big baby." Yoongi pats him on his back. 


"I'm so happy for you hyung." 


"I know, thank you. That was beautiful, my speech is going to be a pile of shit in comparison."


"Don't say that hyung, you're going to be great." Jimin whispers before they settle down into silence so they can hear Yoongi's speech. Jimin had asked if Jeongguk wanted to say anything but he told Jimin that he was too shy and would send them both a message later. Jimin understands and knows that Namjoon and Yoongi would appreciate it in whichever way he did it. 


"I wanted to start off by thanking everyone for coming out today, for celebrating this special day with us. I'm not very good with words, everyone who knows me well knows that I'd rather communicate by doing rather than talking so I'm going to keep it as short as I can. To Namjoon, my husband, god it's going to take a while to get used to that." he laughs and shakes his head and looks fondly towards him. "Namjoon, I knew when you set my microwave on fire by putting food wrapped in foil inside that I had met the love of my life." People howl in laughter, Jeongguk laughs so hard he hits the back of his head on the back of his chair and Jimin instinctively puts his hand out to caress the back of his head. "You think I'm joking but that was truly the time where I thought about how deeply in love with you I was, that no matter how clumsy you are, how a man with an IQ that high can be so dumb sometimes, no matter how many times you mess up or make mistakes that I will always love you. I will love all of you with everything in me for as long as you allow me to, all of your flaws and imperfections are things that I love so fondly because you wouldn't be you without them. What you are as a man is something admirable to many of us, you're an inspiration and someone to look up to and I know I'm saying that on behalf of many of us here. I see the way Jeonggukie talks to you, the way he treats you and respects with you so much awe. The way Jimin comes to you with things that I can't help him with, even the way Minwoo asks you for help when he's struggling with something. You're an integral part of so many people's lives but the most important person in mine. I want to thank you for allowing me to see the positivity of this life and I can't wait to spend the rest of it with you happily. I also wanted to thank you for giving me Jeonggukie, another part of my life that I couldn't imagine without, he is the light of our lives and makes us all so happy." Yoongi looks towards Jeongguk and smiles, Jeongguk blushes red and ducks his head. " Thank you Jeongguk, for being as sweet as you are to everyone around you, for being so generous and ambitious, it's a pleasure to see you better yourself and flourish to the wonderful person you are. Thank you for making my Jiminie so happy too. To Jimin, my bestfriend, thank you for being a constant throughout my life that I needed so badly. I know I don't always show how appreciative I am, but I can only think that some otherworldly being has graced us with you. Your compassion, kindness and loyalty is something that is rare and I am so grateful to have been blessed with you in the form of my bestfriend. To Hyuna, I know you don't like being embarrassed but I have to thank you for being a mediator between the two of us, between Jeongguk and Jimin as well as I have heard, thank you for listening to my rants when I'm annoyed and self-depreciating and for providing me with your intuition and incredible advice. I wouldn't be here without you. My parents and my hyung, thank you for always supporting me in everything that I do, but most importantly for supporting my decision to marry Namjoon. You're all as enamoured with him as I am and that makes me so happy, I wouldn't be here without you all so thank you. And lastly, Namjoonie thank you for agreeing to be the better part of my other half, everything I do is for you. I love you." The room erupts in a round of applause and Namjoon pulls Yoongi into his lap to kiss him silly.


“Amazing, you’re amazing hyung.” Jimin hears Namjoon whisper to him and he is so thankful that two of his bestfriends are happy like this.


The rest of the night is lovely, the food was amazing as it always is when Yoongi decides on it, the atmosphere is great, their first dance is a little emotional but then everyone is on the dancefloor and having fun. 


"It's almost time." Hyuna whispers in his ear when they're dancing and a shiver runs down his back of fear. Hyuna's hands are around his neck and Jimin's hands gently encircle her waist as they dance slowly fitting the mood of the slow, serene song. "Don't be nervous. You've got this." 


"I'm scared, I've never done this before." 


"Jiminie, what's the worst that could happen?" she asks and he shrugs his shoulders. She presses a soft kiss into his cheek and he hopes that Jeongguk didn't see only because he wants this night to go as smoothly as possible and not because he has anything to hide. Hyuna was his bestfriend, there was nothing to them anymore, not when he had Jeongguk. Hyuna spins him so he can lock eyes with Jeongguk and he looks at them intensely, almost as if to see if there was anything going on between them. Jimin was not unaware of Jeongguk's futile jealousy, he just chose to ignore it and tried not to make him jealous as much as he could. "He's doing that thing again, can I have some fun?" 


"Don't, don't play with him like that. I hate it when he's angry." 


"It might be my last chance to do this, please." Hyuna pouts and Jimin can never say no to that. She smirks at the slight tilt of Jimin's head and the way his eyes flutter shut. This could end badly. Hyuna's hands slip from around his neck to grab his ass and she throws a wink to what looks like Jeongguk's direction and then she's letting him go. "He's coming, I'm going, good luck!" she says as she runs away from him. 


"Hyung." he hears Jeongguk whine from behind him. 


"Baby, come and dance with me." Jimin ignores him and pulls him closer so he can press a kiss on his cheek, to the corner of his mouth and then the pout of his lips. "I missed you." 


"I've been right here." Jeongguk is still annoyed as they sway gently.  


"I know, but with the wedding planning and with how busy I've been all week, all day today I feel like I haven't spent time with you." Yoongi picks that exact moment to interrupt them and demands he wants a dance with Jeongguk. 


"I need some alone time with my Jeonggukie." he insists, prying Jimin's hands away from Jeongguk. Jimin knows why he's doing this. 


"My Jeonggukie." Jimin frowns and unknowingly pouts and he turns away before he gets a reaction out of either of them and winks at Minwoo as a signal. Minwoo sits up in his seat like Jimin had just pulled him from almost dozing off and he winks back at him. His son has got this so Jimin leaves to prepare himself. 




Jeongguk looks rapidly around the room, just in case he had missed Jimin sitting with someone but he couldn't see him anywhere. Jimin's parents had gone too, so had Hyuna and her boyfriend along with Jiwoo and now he couldn't find either Namjoon or Yoongi thinking they must have left early to spend their wedding night together. Jeongguk wanted to leave early with his boyfriend too but why couldn't he find him?




"Hey Min-min, you okay?" Jeongguk crouches down so he could speak to him better, keeping a hand on his waist. 


"Why do you look so sad?" 


"I'm not sad babe, I'm just- annoyed, I think." Jeongguk says, trying to sort through his head and get his thoughts together and when he thinks about it, he fears he may cry because only Minwoo has asked if he was okay for a long time. And he never lied to Minwoo.  




"Have you seen Papa around? He doesn't pay attention to me anymore and I miss him, that's all it is." 


"You don't need Papa, not when you have me."


"You're so cute, you make me happy." Minwoo smiles at that and then quickly glances around the room. 


"Be quick!" Minwoo says pointing to his cheek, Jeongguk is confused only for a second before he realises. Jeongguk looks around the room too, just to be dramatic, and then pulls him in to kiss his cheek and cuddling him. "Okay, you can let go now before someone sees." 


"You're the best boy." 


"No, you are!" 


"No, it's definitely you." 


"No, I heard Papa call you the best boy one night in your bedroom-" 


"Oh my- okay let's not talk about that again." Oh Jesus. 


"I think I know where Papa is, let's go find him." He glances around the room again to check if anyone was looking and then grabs Jeongguk's hand to pull him along. Jeongguk stifles his laughter in his hand at how cute he was and how much he tried to hide the fact the he loved being coddled. 


"Minwoo, I don't think he'll be out here." Jeongguk says when they follow the path lit up by small fairy lights to the gardens in the breezy night. 


"I saw him here, with Mama." 


"Mama? What was he doing with Mama?" 


"You'll see in a minute, just come on." Minwoo tugs on his hand harder and pulls him into the garden and then he sees him. Jimin is standing right in the middle of the old carriage pavilion looking right at Jeongguk as he walks towards him with Minwoo with a gentle smile on his face. 


"What's going on?" Jeongguk asks, but he is met with silence. When they reach the entrance, Minwoo tugs him down. 


"I love you, Jeonggukie." he smiles and kisses Jeongguk's cheek before he runs off to the side and into the darkness. That was the most affection he had seen from Minwoo in a long while and it made him so happy. He turns his attention back to Jimin and smiles widely.


"Did you see that, hyung? He kissed me! By himself! No one told him to!" he blabbers and takes Jimin's outstretched hand. When he finally takes a look around, the pavilion had been decked out in pretty white flowers, warmly lit lanterns hanging inside to illuminate Jimin's face in the prettiest of colours, he was glowing. 




"And he told me he loved me, he never says that out loud anymore-" 




"What? What's going on? Why are we out here?" 


"Come on Papa!" he hears Minwoo cheer and when he turns around, he sees the people closest to him around the pavilion watching them. Yoongi and Namjoon were stood together holding each other, Yoongi was holding his camera in his hand and they were both sporting silly grins. Hyuna was stood next to them holding Jiwoo with big smiles on their faces and Jimin's parents were also there with Minwoo holding both of their hands, the joy on their faces was making Jeongguk anxious. When he turns back to Jimin, he is down on one knee and Jeongguk gasps. 


"Jimin, no-" 


"Jeongguk. I know how we met wasn't in the best of circumstances and I know we have been through some real tough shit. But there is no one else in this world that I'd rather spend the rest of my life with than you. I want to be able to love and cherish you like you deserve to be, I want to be the one to make you happy and I want you to be mine. I can't promise that it will always be easy but I can promise that I will try my hardest to make you the happiest man alive. Be mine, marry me?" Jeongguk cannot stop the tears streaming down his face, he cannot take in regular breaths and that is a problem, he can no longer feel his legs and that is not good but everyone is waiting for Jeongguk and he cannot speak and that is when it becomes disastrous. "You don't have to say yes, we can wait if that's what you want. I just want to make you happy, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you." Jeongguk screams 'YES I WANT TO MARRY YOU' in his head but the words don't make their way out of his mouth and he chokes and struggles but he can't do this. "Baby? Shit, Jeonggukie, what's wrong?" Jimin is up on his feet in a second, the ring that he had held out, small and dainty, slips to the floor and he holds Jeongguk. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry let's not get married, it's okay." Jimin soothes and his hand runs down the length of his back and Jeongguk finally sobs, sounds finally making their way out of his mouth and he just needs to breathe enough to speak again.  


"Yes." Jeongguk croaks out. "Yes, yes, yes." Jeongguk fists his hand in to Jimin's suit jacket and he presses his nose to Jimin's neck. Orange blossom and home, Jimin is home and he's safe and Jimin just asked him to marry him. Breathe.   


"What?" Jimin pulls his head back enough to see Jeongguk's eyelashes fluttering. 


"Yes." mumbles into his neck, he hiccups and his breath catches in his throat before they become more regular.  


"Yes as in? Let's not get married? Or let's get married?"


"I want to marry you." Jeongguk finally gets out and he is crushed back tight into Jimin's chest. 


"Fuck, don't scare me like that." Jimin says, his voice watery and Jeongguk already knows he's crying. He bends quickly to get the ring and slips the pretty ring on to his finger and it looks as though it was made to be there. It sparkles silver in the ambient lighting and he knows he won't stop looking at it for a long while, for the rest of his life maybe. "Are you happy?" 


"So happy, I didn't expect it at all, I'm sorry. You caught me off guard and I couldn't get my words out." 


"That's kind of the whole point my love." Jimin grabs the back of his neck to leave a soft kiss on his forehead. He never in a million years thought he would be lucky enough to experience this kind of love, a love that was so pure and real and so grounding. Jeongguk felt so lucky but at the same time so undeserving of this life, so undeserving of Jimin. It was the worst time to feel it but he was feeling it and it was hitting him hard. "I love you." Jimin grabs his attention again and then his plush lips are on Jeongguk's tear stained ones, he presses and then presses harder getting Jeongguk to be pliant enough to kiss him back. Jeongguk is selfish and he kisses him back, savours the feel of his lips and caresses his warm, inviting mouth with his tongue. 


"Stop that, Minwoo is watching!" Hyuna slaps Jeongguk on his back and when he pulls away from Jimin he is enveloped in her arms. "Congratulations honey, you deserve it the most." she says quiet enough so that only he could hear. It was ironic that she had contradicted all of Jeongguk's thoughts but the feeling had wedged itself deep in Jeongguk's chest and he can't rid himself of it. "I can't touch the ass anymore, can I?" Jeongguk shakes his head no with a frown and he is still struggling to get his words out. They celebrate a little longer and Jeongguk stays awfully quiet, thanking all of them for being there respectfully but all he wanted was to get away, maybe sleep so he can escape the dark thoughts clouding his mind. He knows it doesn't go unnoticed.  


"You know, I haven't forgotten about this..." Jimin pulls his back against his chest and slips a finger in between his cheeks to get to the plug to push it in a little bit more and Jeongguk almost lets out a moan, he had forgotten about it himself but now that he was aware of it again, he could feel it digging into his asshole. Jimin leaves an open-mouthed kiss on his neck and then nips at it only gently to appease Jeongguk. 


"Hyung, I don't-" Jimin loosens his grip on Jeongguk and turns his attention to Hyuna who had interrupted them.  


"I'm taking the kids to sleep now, Jiwoo is already asleep. Enjoy your night." she winks at them and then cradles Jeongguk's cheek with a concerned gaze before she disappears with Minwoo and Jiwoo. Jimin's parents had packed in for the night and Namjoon and Yoongi had really gone to spend their wedding night together and it was only the two of them left. 


"Let's go." Jimin pulls Jeongguk along with him till they get back inside and Jimin punches the number into the elevator for their floor. Jimin is on him as soon as the elevator doors closed, not that it would've stopped his shamelessness anyway, Jeongguk groans when he bites hard into his neck. "Can't wait to get you naked for me, can't wait to put my mouth all over you." 


"Jiminie, please." Jeongguk presses his palms against Jimin's chest, tries to push him back because he doesn't feel right but Jeongguk is so weak for Jimin. Weak to the way Jimin gets when he's desperate. Jeongguk arches his neck so that Jimin can fit his mouth better on his pulse. It's always better when Jimin's mouth is on him, it's enough to press down that feeling of being unworthy down in his chest, makes him forget even if it's for a little while.   


"Tell me what you want baby." 


"Just you, always you." Jeongguk sighs, gives in, breathes, allows himself to be distracted because he doesn't want to ruin the moment. He knows that wasn't what Jimin was asking but he couldn't help when the words had already slipped out.    


"You have me," Jimin looks at him, really looks at him. The type of stare that makes Jeongguk think he can stare right through his soul. "What's wrong?" Jimin knows, of course he knows. But Jeongguk will not allow his invalid feelings ruin the night, he won't ruin anything for Jimin. 


"Nothing baby, kiss me?" Jeongguk breathes and Jimin presses his lips to Jeongguk's unsurely but they soon get into the rhythm of things. They stumble into their hotel room together, peeling each other’s clothes off as they get to the bed but Jimin is faster than him. By the time they make it to the bed, Jeongguk is fully naked and he is pushed down roughly on the bed and Jeongguk had only managed to get his jacket off of him. That in itself turns Jeongguk on more than anything when he stares up at him fully dressed. Jimin climbs slowly over him, predatory gaze in his eyes like he just wants to ravish Jeongguk. This is how it is every time and Jeongguk absolutely loves it. He loves Jimin so much.  


"On your hands and knees, let me see you." Jimin mutters in his ear before biting harshly on his lobe, it makes Jeongguk buck his hips to try and find something to grind up against but Jimin stands, still fully clothed. Jeongguk does as he's told and turns, his ass facing Jimin but he gets distracted when he stares down at his hand, the ring glinting beautifully in the dim light of the room and he can do nothing to stop the tears watering in his eyes. "You're going to be my husband soon, you're really going to be all mine." Jimin is gentle with his hands on Jeongguk's waist, down his hips and against the swell of his ass. "I want you so bad, all the time." Jimin mutters more to himself than Jeongguk. 


"Jimin, I want you." 


"You suffered all day with this inside of you, hm?" Jimin grabs the end of the buttplug and twists, a dull pain when he moves it, at the bottom of Jeongguk's spine. He has had it inside himself for way too long, almost so that he regrets asking Jimin to put it in. Jimin slips it out with a lewd pop and then he moves away from Jeongguk long enough to grab the lube. When Jimin walks past again, he drags the tips of his fingers along the whole length of Jeongguk's back which raises visible goosebumps all along his skin and then is pressing a soft kiss into the small of his back. Jimin doesn't waste any time and he gets two fingers deep straight away. Jeongguk can feel the thickness of Jimin's fingers inside of him, how they stretch him out so deliciously and he was already so sensitive from having the buttplug stuffed inside him for the majority of the night. The pleasure is intensified for him and he can't keep quiet when Jimin thrusts his fingers deep, twisting them and scissoring them to open him up, close but not close enough. 


"Hyung, ah, please- I'm so s-sensitive, gonna c-come." he says when Jimin finally finds his prostate and massages it with his fingers. It makes Jeongguk's stomach clench in anticipation. 


"You won't come until I say you can, hold it in." Jimin wraps his other hand around the base of his cock to stop him from coming so soon but he keeps his fingers moving, eventually slipping the third one in and keeps his mouth on Jeongguk. He kisses up the length of his back till the back of his neck, biting and sucking bruises along it that Jeongguk knows will hurt him tomorrow (his whole body will ache from the way Jimin is being tonight) but he can't wait to look at them in the mirror later to admire Jimin's artwork.


"I'm ready, give it to me, please." 


"Not yet baby, turn around for me." Jeongguk turns and thanks him silently because he was shaking too much to hold himself up. Jimin thrusts his fingers back into him and puts his mouth on Jeongguk to taste the precum gathered at the tip of his cock. Jimin laps at it, small kitten licks before he engulfs it into his mouth, making sure he holds the base of Jeongguk's cock tighter to make sure he doesn't come. 


"No, I- please, J-Jimin, I can't-" Jeongguk sobs, his fingernails dig into Jimin's wrist, the one he has around his cock to loosen his grip so he can come. He bucks his hips up when Jimin moves away from him, denied of his orgasm and he whines in frustration. "Please, Jiminie. I can't do this." Jeongguk pouts, his brows furrowed as the tears slip out of his eyes. He hates it and loves it at the same time, loves the way Jimin makes him feel. So wanted and beautiful, like he is on top of the world.  


"You look so pretty, so beautiful when I get you like this." Jimin grasps for his hand and interlocks their hands together and then he finally gets on to the bed with Jeongguk, pressing their lips together like they should be, fitting into each other like part of a puzzle. "I love you so much," Jimin mutters before taking Jeongguk's lip in his and sucking at it hard so that it's puffy and bruised. Jeongguk yelps at the pain but he loves it, loves when Jimin marks his territory. He follows up with matching bruises on his neck, his chest and his shoulders just to really get Jeongguk squirming again. 


"Fuck me hyung. I need it, I need you." Jeongguk pulls his face back towards him and kisses him breathless. He grips on to Jimin's biceps as if Jimin was going to slip out of his fingers. 


"I'm here, it's okay. I'm going to make love to you now, I promise." Jimin gets every single action Jeongguk makes, he always makes sure he knows Jeongguk's boundaries, knows what Jeongguk is trying to tell him just by his touches. That, too, brings Jeongguk to tears and his heart filled to the brim of so much love for the man. "You don't have to cry, I'm not teasing you anymore baby." Jimin smirks and brushes the lone tear with the tip of his finger and then he kisses the corner of his eyes. 


"I love you, Jimin." he chokes on his words but he hopes and prays that Jimin takes it as sign of pleasure instead of sadness. 


"Is something wrong, baby?" Jimin asks anyway, and Jeongguk curses at himself for letting him worry. For putting the concerned frown between his brows that he wants to smooth out with his lips. "Am I hurting you?" 


"No, of course not. I just want you to love me." Jeongguk cups his soft cheek in his hand and draws him in closer so that he can breathe over his lips.  


"I do love you, I love you the most. I'm marrying you, baby boy." and Jeongguk kisses him slow and meaningful, gently and he doesn't want to stop. He reaches his hand down to Jimin's ass so that his cock is lined up against his hole and he pushes in without breaking contact from his mouth. 


"Mm, Jimin-" 


"Shh, I've got you." Jimin rocks gently into him, making sure Jeongguk is grounded enough before he increases his pace. "Okay?" 


"Yeah, harder hyung." Jeongguk sighs, throws his head back as Jimin mouths at his neck. "Make it hurt."


"You love it when hurts, right?" Jimin says slamming right into Jeongguk making him groan out in pleasure, pounding right into his prostate. "Pretty bunny, you look so fucking good like this." Jimin's hands wrap around his neck so he can get better leverage and Jeongguk squeezes his eyes shut tight because it feels so good. Jimin is so good to him, making him feel so good when he puts light pressure down on his throat, just enough to feel lightheaded and he can feel the pleasure through his cock. 


"Ah- please." Jeongguk chokes through his words because he is unable to form any words well enough to tell Jimin how good he feels, how good Jimin makes him feel. 


"What is it, bun?" Jimin release the hold on his neck but continues to ram into Jeongguk and grabs hold of his thighs instead. "Talk to me." 


"I feel so good, hyung. I love you so much, you make me- ah fuck, fuck!" he shouts when Jimin gets a good angle, slowing down just a beat so he can feel all of Jimin pounding into him. "Just like that, keep going, you're going to m-make me come." 


"Yeah baby? I haven't even touched your cute cock yet and you're already ready to come." Jimin runs his hands down his sides and Jeongguk jolts in pleasure. "Look at you, all of this to myself, I must be the luckiest person alive." 


"J-Jimin." Jeongguk stutters and arches his back because he needs to hold it in and not come like Jimin told him not to until he gives permission. He also wants to disagree with what Jimin was saying, he's the one who is the luckiest. Jeongguk was so lucky that he had Jimin, Jimin treated him so well and spoiled him so much. He was definitely the lucky one. Jeongguk can't take it, he can't watch Jimin look at him like he's the only person in the world and he can’t let Jimin see him cry. "Take me from the back." Jeongguk starts to pull away, his hands to Jimin's chest so he can slip out of Jeongguk but Jimin urges forward so that Jeongguk is trapped, his hold tight on Jeongguk. 


"I want to watch you, watch your handsome face come apart." Jimin caresses his cheek and looks at him in concern because he knows something is wrong. Jeongguk forces himself to get a grip, he just wants to come and then sleep so he doesn't have to feel


"Can I c-come yet?" Jimin goes harder and deeper and it makes Jeongguk whine but he doesn't respond. Jimin's thick cock slams continuously into his prostate and Jeongguk loses his mind, his neck arched and his eyes squeezed shut because Jimin is making him feel amazing and he is right on the brink of coming. 


"Hey? Look at me." Jimin grabs Jeongguk's jaw to keep his eyes locked on his. "Come on baby, let me see you come." and they're all the words Jeongguk needs before the pleasure erupts in his belly and he is coming all over himself. "That's it baby, good boy." Jimin mutters against his cheek in praise, making Jeongguk come so much and so hard. Jimin moves slowly in and out so that Jeongguk doesn't get overstimulated. "Where do you want it?" 


"On me, my face." 


"Fuck, Jeongguk." Jimin curses and climbs over Jeongguk so he straddles his chest before he jerks himself off and Jeongguk watches all of it, watches the way his stomach muscles clench in pleasure, the way he grabs Jeongguk's hair hard in his hand, the way he looks down at Jeongguk in awe and love. Jeongguk is unworthy and he feels it deep in his chest, he doesn't deserve this. The thought repeats itself in his head and he can't get rid of it, he doesn't know what to do. 


"Please come." Jeongguk pleads and reaches around to grab handfuls of Jimin's ass and then he lets one hand go to tease his nipple and that makes Jimin come all over Jeongguk. He opens his mouth to get the last spurts of come in his mouth and Jimin curses at the sight Jeongguk is. 


"Fuck baby, you look so fucking good." Jimin scrambles down so that he can put his mouth on Jeongguk's so he can taste himself on Jeongguk's tongue, everything tastes better on Jeongguk. "You're so good baby, you look so pretty with my come all over you." Jimin bites Jeongguk's lip hard and he tastes the metallic taste of blood in his own mouth. Jeongguk hisses in pain and pleasure, his eyes scrunched shut before Jimin licks apologetically at it and then capturing his lips softly. Jimin knows exactly what Jeongguk needs, wants and he doesn't ever fail to provide him with everything that makes Jeongguk feel good and safe. Jeongguk is unworthy and he doesn't deserve Jimin. Jimin leaves him for a short while before he comes back with a warm towel to clean Jeongguk up. He uses his gentle hand to wipe at the come on Jeongguk's face, from his cheek and neck and his eyelashes, ever so gently. "I love you." Jimin whispers and Jeongguk flutters his eyes open, just enough to catch Jimin's soft lips kissing his big nose. Jeongguk is unworthy and he doesn't deserve Jimin. The tears are unwelcomed in his eyes, Jimin notices but he doesn't say anything when he continues to clean Jeongguk up. 


"Jeongguk?" Jimin calls out to him when he's back in the room again, slipping under the covers to hold Jeongguk.  


"Let's sleep, I'm tired." Jeongguk winds his arms tight around Jimin's waist and cuddles into him sleepily, his eyes shutting before he starts crying again. He ignores the concerned lilt to his voice and the way his eyes look sad knowing that Jeongguk is not happy. 


"We need to talk." Jimin pulls away slightly to look at him, but Jeongguk keeps his eyes shut and whines like a baby, his lips quiver and he knows if he opens his eyes now he'll blurt everything out like word vomit and he can't do that yet, he needs to think about how to tell Jimin without hurting him. "Jeongguk, please talk to me." 


"Tomorrow, let's talk tomorrow." Jeongguk scoots closer towards him again, clings on to Jimin like his lifeline. Jimin understands and starts to press kisses into Jeongguk's face that make tingles shoot through his spine.


"Gukkie?" Jimin is as persistent as ever but Jeongguk just needs time.  


"We have forever, right?" Jeongguk presses his face against the smooth column of his neck and inhales. 


"Of course." Jimin says and presses his lips softly against Jeongguk's hair. They'll talk tomorrow.




Tomorrow doesn't come. Jimin wakes from a gentle breeze blowing inside of the room and he reaches for Jeongguk but finds empty sheets, cold like he hadn't been there in a while. He sits up and rubs the sleep out of his eyes and he looks around the room, the curtains sway gently which means Jeongguk must be out there doing god knows what. He gets up and opens the curtains to find Jeongguk in a large hoodie staring out at the sky. It was that time of morning where it was at the cusp of sunrise but not quite light enough to see anything.   


"Hey?" Jimin opens up the sliding door a little bit wider and grabs a blanket to cover up his bare torso from the biting cold of dawn. Jeongguk jumps and turns to look at him for a second, before humming lightly. "What are you doing out here?" Jimin asks and stands before Jeongguk. 


"Go back to sleep, Jiminie. I'll be back in a minute." Jeongguk rests his head on the back of his chair and closes his eyes. Jimin grabs hold of his hand and its ice cold. 


"You've been out here for long, your hands are freezing." Jimin takes both of them in his and rubs it in his to bring back some warmth to them.


"I'm fine." Jeongguk slips his hands out of Jimin's and Jimin is not happy. 


"Can I cuddle with you?" Jimin asks and he doesn't know why he feels so shy, it's only Jeongguk. He wants Jeongguk to sit on his lap, a firm and grounding weight on him and he wants to cuddle with him. But Jeongguk shakes his head no and curls into himself and it makes Jimin's heart drop, almost tears burn in his eyes. Jimin pulls up a chair beside him instead and props his feet up on the chair, a little bit behind Jeongguk so he can see him watching the sky. Something is wrong and Jimin does not know what, he can only think of the proposal. Maybe he had got Jeongguk all wrong and he didn't want to get married. "You know, you can say no." Jimin whispers and he hopes the wind carries the words to Jeongguk's ears. It does, and his head snaps back towards him. 


"W-what?!" a look of fear and panic adorns his face and it makes Jimin restless.  


"You don't have to marry me, you didn't have to say yes." Jeongguk turns back and Jimin sees him play with the ring on his finger. Jimin could save it for when Jeongguk is ready. "It's okay, I just want you to feel comfortable. I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable about it all, making you feel like you had to say yes by doing it in front of everyone like that." Jimin's hand hovers over the back of his chair, wanting to reach out and just touch Jeongguk to soothe him and comfort him and stop him feeling like this but he doesn't know if it's okay. Jeongguk will only push him away again. Jeongguk doesn't respond so he goes back to watching the sky again, giving him time and space. Whatever Jeongguk needs. He hears a sniffle and Jimin hates it when he cries. "Baby, talk to me? Please?" Jimin pleads and a loud sob finds its way out of Jeongguk's throat from Jimin's words, he no longer holds back and Jimin sees him shaking. "No, I'm so sorry." Jimin stands in a minute, the sound of it was so painful and he just wanted to make it better. He would do anything. Jeongguk pulls Jimin down so that he is sat in his lap and Jimin doesn't care, he wraps his arms around Jeongguk's head and cradles him in his arms. "I'm sorry baby, don't cry, you're okay." Jimin keeps his voice soft and gentle, consoling Jeongguk into a state of peace even though Jimin's voice is shaking and his hands are trembling at the thought of Jeongguk being sad being with him. 


"I'm a bad person." Jeongguk cries, his voice muffled into Jimin's bare chest. 


"No, you're not, Jeongguk. This doesn't make you a bad person, you're entitled to your own decision and to your own comfort. Please don't ever say that, you're the best person I know." Jimin is absolutely heartbroken that Jeongguk doesn't want to marry him but Jeongguk's happiness comes before anything, before himself. He already promised Jeongguk that.  


"You really don't think I want to marry you?" Jeongguk asks, almost angry as he looks up at Jimin. "Do you not have any faith in me at all?" 


"I-I don't know what you mean." Jimin is confused, thoroughly so because he doesn't understand what Jeongguk is trying to tell him. 


"I want to marry you, hyung. I love you so much, of course I do. How can you ever doubt me like that? I just-" Jeongguk closes his eyes and leans his forehead onto Jimin's chest. 


"Tell me." Jimin urges, pulling Jeongguk's face up again so he can look at him. 


"I don't deserve this, I don't deserve you. You don't deserve someone like me because you can find someone so much better than me, hyung."


"Jeongguk I don't want anyone else except you, please understand that. You're my everything and there is no one that can replace you. I am nothing without you." 


"You don't understand me, you don't know what I did." 


"If it's in the past then let's leave it there. What's important now is that you love me, and I love you and we're going to be happy together." Jimin grabs Jeongguk's face to implement the statement, to make him understand that his life then and his life now are completely autonomous. Jeongguk had never given him any sort of indication that the life he used to live in prison and before that had any sort of impact on the life he had wanted to create for himself in the present, with Jimin by his side.  


"Jiminie hyung, I practically killed someone." 




"Let me tell you about it, please. I can't have it eating me up inside." Jimin nods his head and Jeongguk pulls the blanket tighter around the both of them and snuggles into him further. The sunlight is just waiting to break through the horizon and Jimin doesn't know if he is ready, this was something he didn’t expect at 5am in the morning. "I'm scared you won't want me after I tell you." Jeongguk's voice is small and he presses a small kiss into Jimin's collarbone. 


"I'll always want you." Jimin reassures and he runs his hands through his fluffy hair and cups his hand to fit Jeongguk's head. He is there and he wants to listen, he wants Jeongguk to know that. A relationship isn't something that makes you feel happy all the time, you get hurt and you feel pain and it isn't always what you want but you make the decision to work through it all with your partner and find a way to be happy no matter the circumstances. Jimin knew that him and Jeongguk could work through anything. If they could find their dark paradise inside a place as dark as that prison then they could find their happiness being together in whichever environment they found themselves in, they were strong enough to get through anything. Jimin believed in that, he believed he would be with Jeongguk forever because they had been blessed with that dynamic to stay strong and to get through whatever was thrown at them. "Look at me." Jeongguk looks up at him with despair and he can't help but press his lips softly against his in a close-mouthed precious kiss. 


"I'm a bad person, hyung." 


"Were. It's past tense, it doesn't even matter-" 


"When Taehyung told you about the other officer, he told you the safe version, he didn't tell you everything, what I did to him," Jeongguk's voice trembles and Jimin hates this, he doesn't want to know if it makes Jeongguk like this. "I lured him in to my advances, made him fall in love with me knowing all along that I was doing it to keep myself alive. I played him, betrayed him and made him think I loved him too because it was what Taehyung wanted. Taehyung just wanted to ruin his life for putting him in isolation this one time and I had no idea it would lead to his death. I found out somewhere along the way but I continued, I kept telling him that we would be together after prison and that he had to get me out somehow but Taehyung killed him anyway. When Taehyung told me he killed him because he fell in love with me I couldn't speak to anyone for s-so many days," Jeongguk breaks down in tears at that and buries his face into Jimin's neck. 


"Oh baby." Jimin croons, brushes his fingers through his hair in order to provide some sort of grounding. Tears line Jimin's eyes for Jeongguk, for everything that he had to go through during those times but he will not let it affect what they have anymore, Jimin has worked too hard to engrave it into Jeongguk's mind that he is well-cared for and loved with him. Jimin is stubborn and nothing will change his mind about that. 


"Hyung, this is why I'm a bad person. You deserve so much better than me, I'm a murderer, I killed him." 


"You did not kill him, Jeongguk. Listen to me, Taehyung did, he's the one who got him murdered you need to get rid of the guilt and stop blaming yourself. It wasn't you." 


"It was me, Jimin. I had the capacity to stop him from getting killed if I had just said no!" 


"But you couldn't have said no, he would have killed you instead." 


"It could have been you." Jeongguk whispers, and Jimin understands now that this was the core of the problem. The fact that Jeongguk feared losing Jimin was what was riling him up the most about the situation. The reality also hits Jimin just as hard, that it could have easily been him, he could have just been another target but Jimin knows, deep down that Jeongguk wouldn't have let it happen to him. Jeongguk would have risked it all for Jimin, like he had the day in the prison with Taehyung. He had saved all of those people's lives and put his own life at risk in order to save Jimin. If things had gone wrong, Jimin wouldn't have got killed but Jeongguk could have and only Jimin knew that because he knew of Taehyung's intentions.


"Taehyung wouldn't have killed me, he told me that." 


"It doesn't matter, I put you at risk anyway. Your family, Yoongi hyung and Namjoon hyung, I could have killed them all with one wrong move and then there wouldn't be any point in me being alive anyway." 


"Hey, hey stop that. Don't say that." Jimin wrapped his arms around Jeongguk's head again and breathed in the scent of his hair. "Don't ever say things like that, babe." 


"I'm sorry, I didn't do enough and I couldn't protect you as much as I wanted to." 


"You did what you could and that's all that matters, Jeongguk. You saved me in the end." 


"No, you saved me. It was you, you saved everyone." 


"You saved me, if it wasn't for you and the person you are, if it wasn't for that fact that I am so insanely in love with you then none of that would have happened. Do you understand?" 


"You deserve better." 


"I don't deserve you, but I still want you Jeongguk and I'm going to make sure I show you and make you understand how much I love you and how much you deserve to be happy. You're too good for this world, the best boy." Jeongguk snickers at that, his giggle muffled into Jimin's neck amongst the tears he is still shedding. "What's so funny?" 


"Hyung, never say that in front of Minwoo okay?" 


"Why not?"


"Just please don't." Jimin doesn't question anymore and they quieten down for a few minutes, letting the words sink in. He lets Jeongguk simmer in the words of comfort and acknowledgement and hopes that he understands that he deserves to live a happy and fulfilled life with Jimin.  


"Did you love him?" Jimin refers back to the other officer after he deemed it long enough, something that had been bothering him since Jeongguk had told him.    


"He was a good person hyung, he was my friend and I didn't love him in that way, no, but I loved him as my friend." 


"I'm sorry Jeongguk, that things went the way they did and that you lost a friend but I won't let you sit there and tell me what I do and don't deserve. I want to make that decision for myself." 


"Jimin, you don't want me, you should leave me." 


"I will not when you have agreed to marry me, I love you Jeongguk. And I want you, I would never leave you unless I know that it will be what's best for you. But I know that you want me too, admit it please." Jimin doesn't hesitate to press his lips to Jeongguk's to silence him, he needs him to just shutup and show him he needs him. "I can't live without you." Jimin feeds the words into his mouth before he kisses him again, soft and gentle. 


"I want you, Jimin." Jeongguk whispers, the sun has risen and the warm haze washes over Jeongguk's features making him look golden and unattainable. He was the most beautiful man Jimin had ever seen and he doesn't understand why he would be so self-depreciating of himself when he was made of gold, inside and out. His nickname of golden boy really rung true and Jimin didn't know what to do with himself. 


"I love you, Guk." 


"I love you baby." Jeongguk responds a small smile that Jimin wants to deepen and widen and plaster on his face forever. He strokes Jimin's cheek softly before pulling him in and pressing a sweet kiss against his lips. "Hyung?" 




"I think I've forgiven him." 




"Yeah, I can't forget. I will never forget, but I forgive him." 


"How does it feel?" 


"Like I'm free, like I can do anything I want. Like I could marry you and be with you forever." Jimin smiles at Jeongguk's response and embraces him tightly, his face squished into Jimin's chest.


"I can't wait to marry you." Jimin mutters, before pulling Jeongguk up and showing him how much he loves him again and again, for the rest of their lives. They both show each other the insanely deep love that they have for each other and Jimin knows he can convince Jeongguk that they’ll be good for each other. Jimin knows, will make sure, that they will live happily together and that their family will be there to support them in their happiness and it’s all him and Jeongguk have ever wanted.  


Taehyung doesn't do too bad for himself when he leaves prison years and years later, he goes back to Seoul and makes new friends, finds a job and gets a therapist just so he has someone to talk to and keep him sane. So that he's not alone. He never does well alone. It takes a while for him to get used to the life he has dreamed of, he uses the after-prison care and system for support to get him going. He gets a job at a local community centre helping the elderly and cleaning the place but he is grateful for it, it's what he deserves and he enjoys it to some extent and it gets him out and around people. The initial stage of leaving prison was filled with anxiety and fear but he gets better at it and finds a routine that works well for him. He makes good, kind friends - friends that he wants to be like and good company is always what will help him to continue to live a good life. Just like he had promised Jimin. It's at the same time that Jeongguk and Jimin are sending their son Minwoo off to college in Seoul when Taehyung decides to grab dinner with his friend, Bogum. Taehyung halts in his steps when he sees the two of them sitting close together, Jimin's arm around Jeongguk's waist sitting opposite a young boy and girl. 


"Papa, you need to stop stressing, I'll be absolutely fine. You worry too much, the both of you." Minwoo grabs both their hands to reassure them. 


"You're still our little baby." Jeongguk mutters under his breath and drops his head onto a laughing Jimin's shoulder. 


"Jeonggukie stoppp. I'm an adult, I never thought you'd be clingier than Jimin-ssi." Minwoo smirks. 


"Baby, stop calling your Papa that, only I'm allowed to call him that." 


"Jimin-ssi can we order some more chicken please." Jiwoo pipes up and Minwoo wraps an arm around her neck and they all laugh around the table at the cheek of the two of them. Jimin looks at Jeongguk with a loving smile before pressing a kiss to the side of his head and Jeongguk grins back at him adoringly, pink dusting his cheeks. They have aged well and the happiness is evident in both of them. Taehyung never thought a sight would make him happier, there was a certain tranquillity that fills his heart at the sight and he smiles stupidly to himself. This was something he hoped for, for the two of them to be happy no matter what the circumstance, it was all he wanted for them and he was so happy that he could witness it with his own eyes years later.   


"Shall we go sit?" Bogum asks, snapping him out of the trance and Taehyung takes a step back. 


"Can we go somewhere else? I feel like black bean noodles." Taehyung says, already pulling Bogum with him out of the restaurant. 


"You're so indecisive," Bogum shakes his head and laughs as they make their way out again with linked hands. Taehyung thinks that he was supposed to see them like that, living happily and contently because he believes they have both forgiven him and that is enough to fully forgive himself. He feels free and wishes nothing but the best for the two of them in the rest of their life together.