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Time to heal

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"Are you sure you okay? You seem thiner. When was the last time you ate something consistent?"

"A few hours ago. With Naruto."

"Hm. You still look like a ghost though. You don't take care of yourself enough."

"Temari." Gaara's voice was inviting her to keep quiet.

"Fine, fine. You should go home early today. We already did the biggest project today. Enjoy your evening. Pick up Naruto at work, go to a restaurant and make sweet love to him all night long..."

"Temari. Why don't you go say these things to Sakura?" the voice was less patient now.

"You're so shy! That's why I adore making fun of you. It's so easy! Okay, okay, I'll leave you be. You don't scare me with this look, though." Temari chuckled before leaving her brother's office.

Gaara was relieved when Temari was finally gone. It was still the same non sense everyday. She would talk to him about embarrassing things, sticking her nose in his private life and teased him about his sex life. It annoyed him a lot. It wasn't easy to work with Temari and Kankuro everyday.

For years they didn't get along. It was more Temari and Kankuro who couldn't. Life with their father was a hell of a ride and things settled down after the death of that asshole. The three of them picked up the torch of the empire Rasa build and things were more and more easy between the three of them. Even though his older sister was a real pain.

She was right on one point though.

Everything he was supposed to do today was done. And the possibility of spending more time with Naruto was a very good idea.

I swear to God, one day I will kill one of those kids.

The text made Gaara smiled.

You know you can't. When do you finish work today?

In two hours, why?

I'll pick you up

Really? I can't wait... :) What about ramen right after?

Naruto, it will not be dinner time.

That's okay, I'm talking about Ramen time. It's not the same thing.

A tender expression crossed Gaara's face.

He and Naruto met when they were in college. Gaara was studying economics as he was to take up the reins of his father's company and Naruto was here to become a law teacher. His grand parents were famous in their branch and he didn't want to disappoint them. He admitted that he wanted to become the dean of the university to prove his value. A great dream for a great person.

They clicked right away. Gaara wasn't the most talkative guy in the universe but Naruto was able to talk for two. And it still was accurate. Gaara fell in love fast and hard. It never happened to him and it scared him at first. Relationships, in a romantic or family way, were a strange thing for him. At the time, he, Temari and Kankuro weren't as close as they were today. If he could say they were close now. So he kept him for himself. Being able to see and talk to the blond everyday was enough.

Naruto wasn't at ease with his sexuality. He told Gaara he was gay when one night, Gaara walked on him and some guy. They were naked, one topping the other, he didn't need more hint to understand. The blond was scared at first that Gaara was going to tell everyone. It hurt the red head a little that his friend didn't trust him enough to know he didn't care at all.

The incident got them closer. They were inseparable even after their graduation. They stayed in contact but for a few years they rarely saw each other. Finally, two years ago, after a terrible break up, the two young men kissed. Quickly after, they met again, kissed again and slept together. It was the first time Gaara was that intimate with someone and he didn't know how to react at first. Naruto was very patient with him and he had more confidence today.

I'm really happy we have the whole evening and night for us... <3

Gaara's heart skipped a beat.


"Aaaaah eating feels so good!"

"You still have a noodle on your cheek."

"Really? Thanks!" Naruto took the poor noodle and ate it right away with stars in his eyes.

"You're really not fit to be seen in public."

"That's a part of my charm."

To that, Gaara couldn't say no.

"So, I'll pay tonight!" Naruto smiled widely.

"No, you won't."

"Gaara, I can..."

Naruto couldn't finish his sentence, Gaara already gave his card to the waiter. With some anger, the blond got himself out of the restaurant.

"Are you mad at me?" Gaara asked once he was outside.

"No." Naruto answered and started walking without looking at him.



"So why are you so distant?"

"Why are you so talkative tonight? It's usually my job", Naruto responded with a hint of annoyance.

Gaara didn't say anything else and stared away. Night was falling fast now and it was already dark. The street lamp was bright and hurting his eyes and he glanced at Naruto. His lover was still pouting, hands in his pocket, half of his face buried in his scarf, looking everywhere but towards the red head.

"You're really cute when you're angry."

"Don't think you will have me with charming words. You always do that and I don't like it. You know that."

"What should I do to make amends?"

"You need to find it by yourself, don't think I'm going to make the job easier."

"I think about something but for that we need to go to my apartment."

Naruto blushed at the innuendo and was mute for awhile. It was not fair his lover could have him that easely. He stopped walking and stuttered incoherent things about the street not being a place of saying such things and what if somebody had heard what Gaara said and what if...

He was interrupted by the red head who pushed him in a small and poorly lit perpendicular alley and kissed him hard on the mouth. Naruto moaned loudly, forgetting where they were and wrapped his arms around Gaara, bringing their bodies closer.

"Hey, no! Not... Not here!" Naruto blushed, trying to see if anybody caught them.

"What about my place?"

"O-okay... Wait did you plan it since the beginning?"

"I'm not like that."

"You little..." Naruto smiled anyway, bringing them back in the main street and walked ahead.



"It's not the right direction." Gaara said.

"What didn't you say something earlier?!"


"Hng, Gaara..."

Naruto dug his nails into the pillow. Gaara's mouth felt so good on his dick. He was sucking him hard and fast and Naruto could feel his orgasm getting close.

He groaned when everything stopped, making him glare at his red head.

"Not now. I want to be inside you." Gaara whispered, his voice darkened by desire, in his ear and he shivered of anticipation.

The red head licked his ear lobe, making him gasp before pulling apart to get some lube.

Soon, a cold finger gently pushed into his body. The sensation was strange until it brushed a specific spot inside of him, making him moan and arch his back in pleasure. A second finger joined, scissoring him gently.

Gaara was delighted by what he was seeing. Naruto was so cute and desirable he could just come right away but he wanted to make his lover scream.

A third finger entered the blond which made him go crazy. He needed more.

"Gaara, please... Please just fuck me."

With a growled, Gaara withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his dick. He pushed gently inside, making sure he didn't hurt his lover.

"Fuck me hard. Now."

And Gaara obeyed without hesitation.

"God, yes..."

The red head's movements were deep and precise. He hit Naruto's prostate every time. He wanted to be gentle but he was never able to do it with the blond. He had always commend him like this. It was never soft and full of sweet emotions. It was rough, needy and orgasmic.

The tightness around his cock was too good and he knew he was reaching his limits. The movements were frantic. Naruto started to touch himself, in his own world. Gaara's nails dug deeper into Naruto's wrist who didn't seem to mind as he was just moaning more and more.

"Yes... Fuck, yes... Yes! Aaaaah"

Naruto came hard. It was so powerful that some tears dropped from Naruto's eyes.

"Naruto... Fuck... Naru... Hnnn"

Gaara emptied himself inside Naruto's ass, biting his lips hard. He collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily.

"God it was good..." Naruto smiled, his arms surrounding Gaara.

Gaara's straightened himself up a little to be able to reach Naruto's lips. He kissed him softly, caressing his hair. Sex with Naruto was more than good but he often wish they didn't just fuck. He wanted to make love to him but the blond was never in the mood for something gentler. He wanted it rough and mind blowing. Sometimes it made Gaara feel strangely sad but he never talked about it.

They took a shower together and they mostly just kissed, not able to keep their hands for themselves. Soon, their body began reacting again.

"What about a second round?" Gaara asked caressing Naruto's perfect backside.

"As if I'm going to say no when all I think about is how hard you are and how good it will feel to have you in me once again..." Naruto had such a dirty mouth when he came to sex and it pleased Gaara a lot.

"I can do it all night long with you."

It strangely reminded him of Temari.

"Something's wrong?" Naruto asked when he saw the weird look on his lover's face.

"No, just a weird thought. I'm fine."

It wasn't the right moment to think about his sister.


"I don't want to go... I want to stay here with you, under the blanket, naked all day..." Naruto winked at the red head, a mischievous expression on his face.

"But you can't."

"You're not funny Gaara", Naruto pouted wrapping himself in the blanket.

Gaara smiled and kissed his blond on the forehead. He didn't want him to go neither. He wanted to keep Naruto for himself the whole week-end and the weeks after that. But for the time being, his lover needed to get ready and see his family for the week end. To tell nothing about Gaara.

Naruto was still in the closet and he wasn't ready to tell the world. Gaara never showed him how much it affected him. He was in love with Naruto and he never told him. He wasn't sure the feelings were mutual and he didn't want to lose what they already had by scaring him away.

"I'm going to the shower. Wanna come with me?" Naruto tried once more.


"Okay, okay! Humph"

Gaara saw his lover closing the door of his bathroom and he took advantage of the opportunity to wrapped himself in the blanket and put himself in fetal position. He hadn't slept much last night and numerous nights before and he as just so sleepy...

Naruto's shower passed in the blink of an eye and he woke up when the blond started tickling him to wake him up.


"So get up, you lazy ass! I have to go and I want to kiss you goodbye!"

"Okay, but j-just stop it!"

The torture finally stopped and Gaara stared dangerously at his lover who didn't feel impressed at all, smiling widely, very proud of himself.

"So, I will be pretty busy this week, it's going to be hard to see each other before Friday night..."

Naruto was standing next to the door, a sad expression on his face and Gaara was still wrapped in his blanket, too lazy to dress up.

"I'm going to miss you..."

"It's just a week. I will not go anywhere. It's nothing", Gaara said with no expression, as if it didn't touch him.

"I know! It's not... You're such an ass when you're like that! Wait, are you making fun of me?" Naruto asked when a spark of amusement passed in Gaara's eyes.

"It's so easy."

"You're really are an ass... And your humor sucks."

Nonetheless, Naruto leaned for a quick kiss.

"So, text me, okay?"

"You know I will... What are you doing?" Gaara frowned his nonexistent eyebrows when he felt the blanket fell at his feet. He was now naked and very cold.

"Well, I will not see you like this at least for a whole week. I want to remember you like this", Naruto grinned.

"Your memory is that bad?"

"Yes. Maybe some photos will help me too during the week."

"Are you an horny teenager?"

"When I'm with you, yes. Completely."

He kissed his red head one more time, gave him one last appreciative look and he was gone.

Gaara picked up his blanket, grumbling and quickly went back to bed. He passed out in a second, exhausted.



He screamed. His lungs were hurting so much by the shout but he couldn't help it.

"Dad, please, stop!"

"You shut the fuck up"

He heard a high pitched scream but he wasn't his. It came from a girl, a terrified girl.

"It is all your fault. You should have died"

Gaara woke up screaming.

He was sweating, his body and mind were blurred. It took him several seconds to remind himself where he was and that he was alone. His heart was racing as if he had run a marathon and he was feeling sick.

He quickly ran into his bathroom and threw up.

He had more and more nightmares about his father lately. Since this bastard died three years ago, it was getting worse and worse. He never had a night of rest. The shadow of his father was still here. And he didn't know how to cope with it.

He flushed the toilet and sat still on the cold floor of his bathroom for a while. He then decided a shower would do him good and the warm water running on his body was heaven.

He got back to his room and lie back into his bed. He started feeling anxious, angry and frightened again ad he was alone. Naruto's presence was comforting but he will have to wait for days before having him back. He couldn't just go to Temari's house. She and Sakura loved spending times together, with nobody around. And his sister was so happy since she met the pink headed woman, he didn't want to disturbed them. Kankuro was most certainly with friends now or doing sports. Or something. His brother was always doing something. With a happiness that Gaara found unbearable.

He wasn't a child anymore, he could take care of himself.

Without thinking, one of his hands opened the drawer of his nightstand and he took off the false bottom. He looked at the little crystal inside the bag.

It was his dirty little secret. He didn't remember when he has started using some of this substance. He was sure it was in college. With some "friends" in parties he didn't like to go. It made it easier to be there and it made his mind so peaceful. It was recreational. It still was. He just was taking it a little more than usual since six month.

Of course, Naruto didn't know. His siblings neither. He was sure if he told them, they will fight and they would lectured him. He knew what he was doing and it was good for the company. Most of the time he was getting high with Kabuto, the vice president of one of the biggest company in the city. Thanks to it, a lot of big contract had been sign between his company and Orochimaru's. And everyone wanted to be in good terms with Orochimaru.

So far, he never took it on his own. But it was so tempting now. He knew he would feel better after that. No Rasa in his mind anymore, no sadness about Naruto being ashamed of him, no anger towards his sister and brother... The world will be bright and not so scary anymore...

He took a little crystal and went to his kitchen. He smashed till the crystal was a thin powder. He could have take it without doing it but he would have waited too long before it will get him high and he didn't wanted to be okay in one hour. He wanted to be fine now.

He then went to his living room and the powder became a thin line. He leaned his nose and inhale. He let out a little scream. It hurt real bad that way. But he knew it was worth the pain.

Gaara moaned softly when the euphoria exploded inside of him. Finally, everything bad was going away.