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Red Light/Green Light

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"?" Emerald eyes scan the room before focusing on the glowing monitor.


"Can you hear me?"


"..." Slowly lifting itself out of the capsule, the blue android blinks a couple of times to notice the image of an aged stout human speaking...


"I apologize. Drastic times come for drastic measures..."


"D..dok...k...ta...?" X struggles to speak, recognizing the creator's voice. Voice sounds cracked. Grating is the right term? X opts to remain silent, taking piecing the data fragments together. Start-up is too slow due to the processors being bombarded with new information.


"X. I will be sending you a list of coordinates." Melancholic blue meet blank green, the scientist continues. "You are to defeat the enemies in the area until your brother recovers."


"..." Checking the updated database, X reads the recent world news regarding the 'Reploid rebellion' instigated by an entity named Sigma. The most concerning bit of information is how Rock Light was betrayed by a supposed hunter named Vile. X sat up, rotating its shoulder joints. "Hn."


"When Rock is ready to go, I will bring you back here so you may continue your tests."


"Ok." The android knows there isn't much time left. Someone might notice Rockman's disappearance. A temporary replacement to stop the threat with minimal force and time allotted, X will need to pretend to be Rockman. Rockman is aware that defeat is not the same as terminate. Defeat means not to harm the IC of any android. X can do that.


"Do not push yourself to finish the area..."


"..." X finally stands up for the first time, looking at the creator's AI. GSS is working fine. However, it will need a bit of fine-tuning based on the listed terrains from Dr. Light. X then looks at the side to see the unconscious form of Rock Light on the metal table.


Left arm missing (no struggle) with right buster arm heavily damaged (over-usage or overcharge?), torso crushed inward (an encounter of a large machine) with a clean hole at lower abdomen (micro-fusion fuel tank damaged), scorched ends of both legs (presence of ash and other foreign substances), helmet destroyed with a sparse of brown synthetic hair burnt and a number of other minor scorch marks and cuts around the body.

Rock won't be able get up for half a day or longer, depending on the availability of materials.


"Are you ready?"


'I don't know everything...' X shifted his hand into a buster before looking up. 'but surely, the reason for this rebellion will come to me. I'm not in the wrong... right?'


"I'm ready." X announced and Dr. Light nodded.


"Good luck, X!"