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Delightful Days

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“Yosuke...what on Earth are you wearing?” Souji asked, and all Yosuke could do was laugh.

“Hey, you said I couldn’t just wear my old werewolf costume again this year. I had to get creative,” Yosuke replied, with a smirk on his face.

“O...kay, but I was kind of thinking you’d pick...I don’t know, a normal costume?” Souji could feel a headache building.

“Yeah, but that wouldn’t have been any fun. Something about this one...called to me, you know? Like...I don’t know, maybe in a past life or something, I was-”

“You are not about to tell me that you really think you were a dinosaur in a past life,” Souji groaned in response, putting his face in his hands.

“I mean, I do have the kind of crazy urge to eat grass sometimes,” Yosuke replied, and Yosuke sighed into his hands.

“We are not going to the party like this,” Souji muttered, but it was a little muffled due to his face still being in his hands.

“Aww.” Was he seriously pouting ?!

“Don’t pout at me,” Souji replied. “You look ridiculous, and you know I love you but I don’t want to show up at the party with you dressed like that .”

“Hey, I think it looks cool,” Yosuke defended, and Souji sighed at him, exasperated.

“Do you? Really??” he asked.

“ I waited until way too late and there weren’t any other costumes that weren’t stupid or offensive,” Yosuke finally confessed. “It doesn’t look that bad, does it? I mean, there are those inflatable t-rex costumes! It’s the same thing, right?”

“It really isn’t,” Souji sighed. “Look, please just change out of that. Nearly anything would be better. We can cut holes in one of the sheets, or something.”

“Well...I mean I do still have the werewolf costume, but you said I shouldn’t wear that, so...” Yosuke trailed off, with a shrug. The plastic of the dinosaur costume rubbed together when he did, and it made a horrible noise.

“...okay, Yosuke, to be honest...the only reason I told you not to wear that is because you’re really, really attractive in it and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands to myself at the party,” Souji admitted, blushing and looking pointedly in the other direction, away from Yosuke.

“Wh-r-really?!” Yosuke yelped. Souji looked back over at him, embarrassed, and nodded. Yosuke’s hand flew to the zipper of the stupid black and white dinosaur costume at light speed. “Well, shit , why didn’t you say so sooner?! I’ll get changed right away!”

“B-but, what if I-” Souji stammered in protest, but Yosuke had already thrown the plastic monstrosity off of him, revealing that he’d been in a pair of shorts and a tank top shirt underneath.

“Nope, too late, getting changed. I guess you’ll just have to keep your libido in check, Partner, ” Yosuke replied, as he made a beeline for the closet. Souji watched him go, mouth wide open in shock. Finally, he managed to collect himself, clearing his throat.

“Make sure you remember the collar, Yosuke!”