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“Get back here you damn brat!” A guy shouted from behind a laughing golden haired boy.


“Catch me if you can!” The boy shouted as he continued running from the angry chunin who was a fluorescent pink with rainbow glitter covering him.


The young boy who had bright blue eyes and three whisker marks on his face looked around before he grinned as he slid underneath a woman's legs causing her to shriek. Then the young whiskered boy, who’s name was Naruto, turned a corner and using the few precious seconds he had fell to the ground and rolled underneath the dumpster. The chunin turned into the ally and ran straight past Naruto’s hiding spot.


As the blonde haired boy escaped his hiding spot snickering he heard someone growling behind him. Without turning to see who it was he booked it. The boy continued running and dodging, though every time he thought he had lost his pursuer they had found him again.


The blonde haired boy started making his way to the place he had just recently found this past week or so, it had lots of rooms and stuff so he should be able to find somewhere to hide until the pursuers gave up.


Naruto pushed himself to go faster as he heard the multiple shouts behind him, he may have used a few premade traps as distractions and made even more people chase him.




He ran up the stairs as quickly as he could and purst into the hokage monument, which was primarily an evacuation point for civilians in case of and attack on the village, but it also had a ton of rooms in which had lots of cool stuff. Making his way through the mess of corridors he picked a room at random and opened the door and closed it as quietly as he could.


Raising a hand up he wiped off the sweat on his brow. His breaths were labored as he finally looked up to see what room he found himself in. Distantaly his ears picked up the sound of shouting, which unfortunately was getting louder.


His eyes widened as he saw someone in the same room as him. The man had long black hair, and skin as white as the snow, then there were his eyes yellow and cat-like, or snake like. The man was putting something in his pocket.


Glancing quickly to the object next to the man he saw that they were coffins. “This way! I can sense the brats chakra!” A voice shouted sounding distressingly close to where Naruto was hiding. Deciding that since the pale man wasn’t doing anything at the moment to ignore him he looked for a spot to hide.


The pale man’s eyes narrowed at him before one of the corners of the man's lip twitched up. Before Naruto knew what was happening his mouth was covered and he found himself being melted into the wall right as the door slammed open. The young boy could feel himself being moved through the ground though the man didn’t release him. Finally they went above ground and the pale man removed his hand.


Coughing he blinked as he realized that the strange pale man had saved him from the mob. Next time Naruto would have to figure out how to avoid a sensor ninja.


Naruto beamed at the strange man though, “Thanks!” He said happily.


The strange man just eyed him for a moment before he spoke, “Kukuku, don’t mention me to anyone, and we’ll call it even.” his voice had a bit of a hissing quality to it. Making Naruto think of snake’s and with the strange man's snake like eyes he definitely seemed like a snake.


Naruto nodded and looked around trying to find something he recognized so he could make his way back home. After all the sun was starting to go down. Not recognizing where he was at or where to go to get back home the young blonde shrugged and trotted off after the strange snake man. “What’s your name mistah? I’m Naruto.”


The yellow eyes flickered over to him and twitched up into a small amused smirk, “You will just have to find out, won’t you?”


Naruto pouted after another couple of steps he asked, “What was that awesome jutsu you did?”


“It is a jutsu I have modified from the original, it lets me travel through any material, so long as I have the material for it that is.”


“Cool!” Naruto said his eyes wide, then he blinked as something clicked in his mind, “Wait? Doesn't that mean you’re a ninja if you can do jutsu’s?”


The man just seemed amused, though he didn’t reply. Naruto pouted for a moment again before asking another question, “So mistah, where ya going?”


The snake like man raised an eyebrow at him an amused expression on his face, Naruto almost thought the man wasn’t going to answer before he said, “To my lab.”


“A lab? Does that mean your a scientist? What kinda science do you do? I heard from jiji that there were many kinds of scientists. Or are you a doctor? Doctors have labs as well don’t they?”


The snake man gave a creepy chuckle, “You sure are inquisitive aren’t you Naruto-kun? I like to classify myself as both a scientist and a doctor.”


“Inquisitive?” Naruto repeated slowly trying to repeat the word.


“It means you are very curious and ask a lot of questions.”


“Ah!” Naruto said in realization nodding his agreement, looking around once more he asked yet another question, “Say mistah where we at?”


The man glanced at him again, “We are at the clan grounds, most of the more minor clans live in this area, though the Uchiha clan also live near here. The Hyuga are on the opposite end of this section of Konoha. While the Aburame live in between the two.”


Naruto blinked processing all of that information and trying to memorize it. He never knew this was where they lived, he had wondered so he could prank them. The odd duo continued to walk.


The young boy continued looking around though he didn’t see anyone else out on the streets here. “Where is everybody?” Naruto asked out loud.


“I assume something has distracted them” The snake man said in an amused tone. A few minutes later The pale man paused, “Follow that path, it will lead you to the market district, take care to not be spotted on the clan grounds, they tend to not like strangers.”


Naruto beamed at the man, “Thanks Snake-san!” he said as he took off down the path as silently as he could while still running. A few minutes of running later he found himself entering into the market district, but it wasn’t any are he recognized.


Slowing down to a walk he cautiously looked around. The sky was dark now night having fallen fully about ten minutes ago. The young boy shivered in the cool breeze brought in by the night. Despite this place being filled with noise, people chattering, music blaring and all that this place seemed to be way more creepy than the clan grounds.


A bottle smashed nearby causing the boy to startle. The smell of alcohol made him wrinkle his nose. He saw a couple a men enter into a building with a red light on it and the sounds of laughter. Shuddering he increased his pace trying to find out of this weird market distract.


Suddenly he felt as if he was being stared at. Increasing his pace even more he was almost about ready to run, when he was shoved him into a nearby ally causing the boy to stumble and fall, landing painfully on his butt. “Ehh who are you?” The man said blinking his slightly foggy eyes slowly as he stumbled a bit, “Been drinking to much I guess, thought you were a couple feet more to the left sor-” the man cut off as he blinked a couple more times, before his friendly, if awkward smile vanished, “You! Looks like tonight's my lucky night. I found a demon brat by itself!” the main said his eyes getting a glint in them. The man stumbled closer to him as Naruto got up.


The man shoved the boy into the alley wall leaning in close. The blue eyed boy scrunched his nose as the man's breath reeked of alcohol. “Can you please let me go stranger-san?” Naruto asked politely his voice wavering in fear.


The man either didn’t hear him or ignored him, and since the man was right up in his face staring him straight into his eyes the golden haired boy doubted it was the latter. Naruto was forced to stare into the man's dull green eyes. “You know what I hate most about you?” the man whispered with a growl.


“What?” Naruto whimpered out.


“Your fuckin’ eyes. Always filled with that stupid innocent look. As if you haven't done anything wrong. Your such a monstah!” The mans words slurred together before he shook his head and continued on, “You don’t even feel guilty for what you've done have you? For everyone you killed, including my son! He never got to have that innocent look, never got to see the sun, never got to enjoy life. And my wife! My beautiful wife, my radiant sunshine. She's gone as well cause of you! Her radiant sparkling eyes. I’ll never see them again…”


The man trailed off his eyes tearing up.


“I-I think you got the wrong person mistah, I haven’t killed anyone!” Naruto protested struggling a bit but he was unable to escape.


The man pulled him away from the wall a bit before slamming him back against it dazing the young boy, “Don’t lie to me…” he hissed.


The man grinned crazily as he pulled out a pocket knife, keeping naruto pinned to the wall with his remaining hand. “Those eye’s… I hate them!” he shouted bringing the knife dangerously close to Naruto’s face.


“STOP! PLEASE STOP MISTAH!” Naruto screamed fearfully. He started thrashing trying to break free as the man brought the blade closer to his left eye. His violent thrashing caused his head to jerk forward and the knife pierced his eye. The blonde screamed in agony. The pain was worse than anything he had ever felt.


The man laughed in a crazed manor, “Looks like you took care of one of your eyes for me.”

The man brought the small knife up to his other eye and Naruto focused on it frozen in fear. “LET ME GO! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! ANYONE PLEASE!” He cried out in pain and fear before the man drove the knife deep into his eye. Pain coursed through him, worse than anything he had ever felt.


Why was no one helping? “Who would want to help a monster like you?” the man whispered as he traced the knife down his face all the way to his heart. “You killed my family you demon, now im gonna kill you!” The young boy froze unable to move.


Naruto whimpered in agony as the pain coursed through him, he waited unable to do anything but cry in pain for the man to finish him off. Slowly the deranged man's grip on him loosened and fell off to him, the blonde heard a thud as something hit the floor. The young boy was frozen in fear.


“Who- whos there?” Naruto whimpered out scared and in pain as silence permeated the air. As no answer came he slowly tried to move his head trying to see anything, but he saw nothing. Pain crashed through him and he started to cry.


“Calm down Naruto-kun.” A voice spoke after another pause, it was the voice of the snake man, Naruto tried to look in the direction he thought the voice was coming from. His body protested at the movement.


“H-how can I calm down?” He sobbed, “I can’t see anything! How can I be a ninja if I’m blind?”


There was a moment of silence before the snake man spoke up again, “Hm, I might be able to help.” The snake man's voice had his normal silky qualities to it and the normal vague amusement to it the man seemed to have whenever he spoke.


Naruto figured that was the man's normal voice, but right now it annoyed him that the snake man still seemed amused even after naruto had his eyes stabbed. Setting that annoyance to the side for now he cautiously asked, “You- you can help?” He choked the question out as he tried to refrain from whimpering in pain.


“Perhaps,” the man stated slowly as if thoughtful if he could, “I might be able to replace your eyes.”


Naruto whimpered nodding his head, “Please… it's dark I don’t like it. It hurts...”


“I will help you Naruto-kun, but you will owe me a favor.”


The young boy nodded, “Okay.” he whispered quietly sniffling. It was after he agreed that he got the feeling he just made a deal with the devil.


“I’m going to pick you up now.” the man warned before he grabbed Naruto. The young boy sobbed quietly scared that he would never be able to see again. Though the pain seemed to be going away. Faintly he felt the wind rapidly brushing past them, as if they were moving very fast. He was gently placed down on top of a cold metal table. The pain had vanished, but it was still so dark.


Naruto heard various things being shifted and paper being rustled, and then he heard the snake man muttering, “Hmm yes, this is good. It seems I have everything I need…”


There was a pause and some more rustling. “Alright Naruto-kun, I’m going to give you a shot to make you sleepy, do not resist.”


Naruto gave a nod. A small prick on his arm caused him to wince. The boy laid down and waited for sleep to claim him. Minutes later he was asleep.