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Blood and Coffee: Prologue

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Natsu's POV

It all started the day I met him, I'm not going to go all cliché and say it was love at first sight or some other such nonsense. I was running late to my cafe when I quite literally ran into him. I was sent falling backward onto my ass. I landed hard on the sidewalk. When I looked up, I caught sight of a man who didn't appear as if he belonged where and when we were.

He had maroon colored hair and slanted eyes, when he looked at me I could see the color of his irises were a deep purple color, something that struck me as odd. The way he was dressed made it appear as if he'd just stepped out of the Victorian era.

He wore a ruffled shirt in black, visually it appeared similar to those ruffled shirts vampires in those older movies wore. He also wore a pair of silk, or what appeared to be silk pants in a deep crimson color, I think he'd tried to modernize them by adding some crisscrossed belts below the knees. From what I could tell, his feet were clad in boots that had straps on them, but I couldn't see them fully.

After my shock wore off I would get up, I'd dust my pants and hands off before bowing to him politely. “I'm sorry sir, I was rushing to get to my cafe. I'm late opening, hopefully, we can see one another again sometime,” I said without knowing why, and I wouldn't learn why I said those words for some time.

It would be nearly a month before I would see the man again, this time he was dressed in more modern clothing. A t-shirt with some sort of Halloween splash on it, a knee-length coat lined with faux fur on the collar and down the front, it had a tall collar and he wore stressed and torn skinny jeans that left very little to the imagination.

Hello, you're the one who fell a few weeks ago after running into my side, right?” The mysterious man asked with a smirk.

I-uh yes?” I stumbled over my words, why was it so hard to talk to this man?

My name is Erik, it's nice to meet you,” The man, now known as Erik said as he held his hand out towards me.

I reached towards his hand with my own. “Natsu,” I said, shaking his hand.

Natsu, huh? Nice name,” Erik said, smirking a bit.

Thank you, if you'll please excuse me, I have to get to my cafe,” I said, bowing politely to Erik before heading down the road to my cafe.

I didn't know it then, and I wouldn't come to know it for about a year after, but running into him was going to change my life.

My name is Natsu Dragneel and this is the beginning of my story.

Prologue end.