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BNHA Omovember 2018

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“I’m giving you thirty seconds to pull over.”

“But we’re in the left lane.”

“I said thirty seconds.”

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. If you’ll just hold on -“

Shigaraki slams his fist against the edge of his seat.

“Does it look like I care? Go ahead, keep me waiting - just don’t blame me if you don’t live to see tomorrow.”

“Now, now, let’s keep our quirks to ourselves.” Mr. Compress interjects from the passenger seat. “Losing our driver would be counterintuitive to your little problem, no?”

The villain growls in protest, but ultimately realizes he’s right and sinks down. It was an empty threat anyway - everyone knows it.

In retrospect, stuffing 8 villains into a van was a terrible idea. Sure, the end goal of enjoying a vacation together sounded nice. They all need some downtime, and the chance to be with each other for something other than work might encourage the League to become closer to one another. But most of them lack the maturity to survive a close to 20 hour drive, and if things are this bad already, Kurogiri doesn’t know how he’s going to control them at the resort.

“This is such bullshit.” Shigaraki reminds everyone for what feels like the hundredth time.

“I know.” Kurogiri sighs.

He’s been complaining about needing to pee for the last hour. Toga and Dabi have been teasing him accordingly. At first everyone thought he was just being dramatic about his need, as he is with most things, but the longer they spend the more he’s starting to twist and squirm. The League’s amusement only grows at that.

“You’re sure the traffic won’t let up soon? I’m fucking bursting here.”

Toga squeals, “Does anyone wanna switch seats with me? If Tomura pees his pants I don’t want it getting on me!”

Twice pops his head in from the back.

“Why would anyone else wanna get pissed on? I volunteer!”

Magne appears beside Twice.

“Why didn’t you go when we last stopped, hon?”

“Because,” Shigaraki inflects, crossing his ankles, “I didn’t have to GO then!”

Dabi pulls out an earbud. Apparently he’s been listening to the whole conversation instead of his music.

“You can’t even hold it this long? That’s sort of pathetic.”

Shigaraki reaches over Toga to swipe at him, but the movement is too much for his bladder and he falters, grosning as he returns to his hunched position. Kept from holding his cock by his quirk, he shoves his arms deep down between his legs and ruts against his wrists instead.

“Shut up,” he gasps. “It’s been long enough. Too long, in fact. The roads around here are bumpy anyway.”

“Uhh... but we’re stopped.” Spinner points out. Shigaraki eyes his window. They haven’t moved an inch.

“Fuck. Kurogiri -“

“I’m sorry, Tomura Shigaraki. There’s nothing I can do. Complaining about this won’t solve it.”

He stomps his feet quickly, half out of anger and half out of desperation. He can’t find the words to berate his second in command but as the urge gets stronger he finds he doesn’t care so much anymore.

“Fuck...” he hisses. He can’t hold on much longer. Just as a drop of urine stains his boxers, he gets an idea.

“Hey! I wasn’t finished with that!”

It’s too late. He’s already pouring the soda out the window. Kurogiri sighs, knowing exactly what’s coming, and not at all prepared for it.

“I apologize, Toga. I’ll lend you money for a new drink the next time we stop.”

Shigaraki pops the top off the cup, pulls his dick out, and lets out a raggedy sigh of relief as he empties his bladder.

“Ewww! Gross gross gross!” Toga scoots so far over that she’s squishing Dabi against the car door. He tried to shove her off but she just pushes harder and squeals, “Stoooop!”

It’s a good thing he doesn’t care what she wants, because there’s no way he could cut himself off.

“Aw, sick! Good for you, man.”

“Well then...”

“Oh! Maybe warn us next time.”

“Why’s the smell so strong?”

“You’re the worst boss ever!”

“If you gotta go, you gotta go I guess.”

After a chorus of displeasure, Shigaraki’s stream peters out. He lets out one final murmur of relief before tucking himself back into his pants.

“Good going, genius. Have fun holding your piss cup for the rest of the trip.” Dabi sneers.

Without missing a beat he throws the cup out the open window. Everyone goes into hysterics again, and Kurogiri prays the owner of the car Shigaraki just hit won’t get out and confront them.

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As she squeezes her thighs together, Inko wonders if all teachers are this long winded nowadays.

“And another thing, your son seems to struggle with math. I’m not certain if it has to do with not paying attention in class or if he’s really having trouble. Have you discussed this with him?”

“Umm...” She wiggles. The ocean inside her sloshes in response. “Yes, I-I think I remember him mentioning that.”

The teacher raises an eyebrow.

“And you didn’t help him?”

She swallows.

“Ah, well, I’m not so great at it myself.”


Great. Now he probably thinks she doesn’t care about her son’s education. Why should she have to teach him anyway? If he were younger, and it was something more basic than sure, but she hasn’t done trigonometry since she was a kid herself. Isn’t it the teacher’s responsibility to help him if he doesn’t understand the material? Otherwise, what is she paying this school for? She wishes she wasn’t too shy to say that to his face. Instead her lack of courage adds to her anxiety, and in turn tortures her bladder.

“Well, ignoring that, your son seems to be having problems socially. He doesn’t get along with the rest of his class.”

Piss squirts into her panties - her body’s protest. She has to physically clamp a hand over her mouth to muffle the gasp.

“Everything okay?”

“Y-yes! Fine!” she squeaks.

Izuku never likes to complain about it, but she knows how much he struggles. This subject is bound to last much longer than she can handle.

The teacher begins to list off a plethora of problems, and as he does a thin stream trickles out of her. Her hand pressing into her soaked panties does nothing, so she panics and grabs herself with both hands. Tears spill down her face and she sobs - the floodgates have opened fully.

“Are... you alright?”

Her chair overflows. The waterfall of pee hitting the tile is so loud his mouth drops, and he exclaims,

“M-Mrs. Midoriya!?”

She jumps up, exposing how wet her skirt has gotten, and runs off crying, spouting apologies.

Later she strips in her bathroom, punishing herself by staring at her sodden clothes. Why did she think she could wait? She should have gone before the parent-teacher conference.

She feels so stupid.

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“Come on, let’s hurry up and finish this.” Present Mic complains.

He squeezes his crotch in a way that could easily be mistaken for adjusting himself. Then he remembers he probably shouldn’t even do that. There are cameras around, after all.

He sighs. These kids are taking too damn long.


The effort of using his quirk rattles his insides. If he does it a few more times, though, hopefully they’ll give up. If not he’s in for an annoying wait, because it’ll certainly slow down their arrival.

He leans against the gate, boredom practically crushing him. When Nezu decided this was how they would conduct final exams this year, it sounded fun. But learning he would have to work in the woods like this totally snuffed out that excitement.

“Whatever’s best for the students...” he reminded himself.

Actually, being out here wouldn’t have been quite as bad if he didn’t need to pee. It’s not even particularly urgent; he knows he can hold it until the end of the exam. But he always had a small bladder, so it’s uncomfortable. Not to mention his costume feels a little too tight.

Somehow the trees nearest are calling out to him. The bark is just begging to be doused in his hot piss.

Then there’s a rumbling beneath his feet and all hypotheticals leave his mind.


The ground cracks open, and an army of insects burst out. They snake up his leg, completely envelop him, and he’s vaguely aware of a heat running over his body as he screams.


Mic isn’t sure how long he’s been out, but he wakes with a start.

“Have a nice nap?”

Recovery girl is beside him, and she doesn’t look very amused.

“What? I...” The events of the exam flood back. “Wait, did I pass out?”

“Oh, that’s not all you did!”

It occurs to him that he’s not wearing his costume. Instead he’s dressed in some casual clothes - spare ones he keeps in his work locker. He’s confused, so he looks around and sees the discarded pieces of his costume. The pants are draped over a chair, which is sitting on a pile of newspaper, and they’re... dripping?

Mic still doesn’t get it, until he thinks a while longer and realizes he doesn’t have to go to the bathroom anymore.

His whole face flushes red.

“Y-you’re kidding!”

“I wish I was!” She hops down from her chair and marches to his soaked clothes. “Honestly, over a few bugs! How old are you?” She points at the evidence like a disgruntled owner scolding a puppy. He wilts under her gaze, humiliated.

“Um, none of the, uh, students -“

“No, none of them saw.” She rolls her eyes.

A twinge of relief passes through him. Although, now he gets to ruminate on the fact that he doesn’t feel sticky or wet or anything like that, meaning Recovery Girl probably had to wipe him down. Heat covers his face all over again.

“Hey man, you’ll keep this between us, right?”

She sighs.

“Well, it’ll have to be sent to a special support company to be cleaned. I doubt there’ll be anyone there who won’t recognize it. As for the rest of the staff, I promise not to tell.”

“Ahh, thanks old lady! I owe you one!”

“Yes, yes, I know. Just keep your pants dry from now on and we’ll call it even.”

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Eraserhead growls as Ms. Joke bumps against him again, this time knocking the binoculars out of his hands.

“Would you quit that?”

“I told you, I really gotta pee!” she squeals. She’s shoving her hands between her legs as if her life depends on it. “And there’s not enough room for both of us here anyway. It’s not my fault!”

“If you understood anything about stealth you might’ve prepared for it.” he hisses.

Joke is right some level. The space between the run down buildings they’re squeezed into is too tiny, especially for two people. And out of everyone in the world, she’s the one he’d least like to be stuck with. He doesn’t know why their agencies paired them together in the first place. Their fighting styles are completely different.

“Eraseeer! I’m serious, I need to go!”

“So I’ve heard.” He peers through the binoculars again.”

“How do you do this every night?”

“What, you never have to wait?”

She grunts and wiggles her hips.

“Well sure I do, but at least when I get a second to myself I can use a store toilet or something. Nowhere’s open this time of night!” Her face screws up in exaggerated thought, even though he’s not looking. “Where do you pee?”

“An alleyway or rooftop works in a pinch.”

The loud, amused gasp she lets out makes his eyes roll.

“Eraserhead! Public urination? Isn’t that... a crime?” she snickers.

Through his binoculars he finally sees the drug dealers he’s been trailing. He hangs them on his utility belt and shifts onto his haunches, ready to make his move.

“C’mon. These are our guys.”

“What?” Her eyes become desperate again. “You want me to fight now?”

“That’s what we were assigned to do.”

“No, no, for once in my life I’m not joking. I really need to go! I don’t know if I can use my quirk, let alone fight.”

Eraserhead pinches the bridge of his nose. When he reports back to his agency he’s going to have to put in a request to keep the two of the separate. He casts Joke a hateful glare. She’s openly dancing, shameless.

“If it’s going to make you that useless, just wet your pants.”


“You might as well. At this rate it’ll happen anyway, and the mission is more important. Not like anyone will notice. It’s too dark.”

“Are you sure you’re not just trying to satisfy a fetish?” she asks with a grin.

The underground hero turns around and puts his goggles on.

“If you’re going to do it now’s the time. I won’t wait much longer for you.”

“Okay, geeeeeze!”

Behind him he hears some shuffling, probably her shifting into a squat. A few seconds of silence pass before being broken by a hash hiss. He looks down to see her puddle spread past his boots.

‘Ugh...’ he thinks. Working down here he’s stepped in worse, but still. He usually avoids getting pee on his boots if he can.

When she’s done she lets out a relieved sigh and hops up.

“Yuck! It feels so weird! Say, Eraserhead, have you ever had to wet yourself like this?”

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Once she finishes setting up the tripod, Midnight takes a good, long look around. The park is almost certainly deserted given the time of night, but she wanted to be careful. Even one person seeing her could spell doom for her ratings.

She takes a deep breath; This is no time for stage fright.

The camera turns on.

“Hello, my darling,” she coos. “I’ll admit, this is a little strange... I’ve always been a bit risqué but this pushing it pretty far!” Midnight smiles and backs up, so that her whole body is in frame. “But if this is what you like it’s worth it.”

With that she opens her trench coat to reveal nothing but a set of black lingerie. The lacy, too small bra could barely contain her voluptuous breasts. It looked as if they would spill out if she made one wrong move.

A breeze drifts over her body, making her shudder. She squeezes her thighs closed.

“Ah... I’m so full. I’ve been holding it for hours!” she whines, running a hand over the noticeable bump in her abdomen. Her heels click against the pavement as she dances. “Oh my gosh, I don’t think I can hold it another second! And there aren’t any bathrooms in sight... I suppose there’s only one thing I can do.”

A few drops trickle through her sheer panties, the material too thin to absorb any of it.

“Ah! It’s coming out!” Her dribble turns into a thick stream. The heat against her pussy makes her moan - this time without meaning to.

Initially she only took an interest in doing this for her lover’s sake. But now as she stands here, practically nude and wetting herself in public, she finds the danger exciting.

Urine sprays against the hand gingerly massaging her pussy. She shifts her stance, feeling the stream redirect so that it runs down her legs in rivulets.

“Losing control like this... oh, it’s so embarrassing! I hope nobody sees!” She laughs and looks down, watches her piss splash against the ground.

It all ends far too soon for her liking. She lets out a satisfied sigh and shoots the camera a grin.

“That feels sooo much better. Did you like that, honey?” She closes the trench coat. “Well, I’d better get home before someone notices my little accident. I’d be absolutely mortified.” Before the recording stops she’s gives the camera a wink. Then she collects her things and disappears into the night, leaving a puddle as the only evidence of her crime.

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“But I can do it, Master!”

“Oh, I’ve no doubt about that. But you’ve failed me twice now. Don’t you think it would be better to wait until you’re a little more experienced? Jumping in the way you do -“

“It’s not like that at all! I’m plenty experienced, it’s that UA brat’s fault I lost!”

Kurogiri refills his leader’s glass, inwardly cringing at what the flowing liquor reminds him of. He wonders if it’s even a good idea to be doing so. Won’t all this alcohol just add to his attitude? It usually does. But then again, disobeying Shigaraki’s orders when he’s already this disgruntled won’t do any good either, so he carries on.

“Haven’t we talked about this, Tomura? If you want to get ahead like you say, you must examine your own weakness and stamp it out. Pushing the blame onto everyone but yourself won’t help at all.”

“But... but...”

Though he’s standing perfectly still, the rock solid pressure between his hips won’t ease up. It’s tempting to squirm, but he’s got more self control than that. All For One wouldn’t have appointed him as Shigaraki’s second in command if that weren’t the case. Still, he hopes this conference ends soon.


His head snaps up.

“Yes, Master?”

“Is there something on your mind? You’re awfully quiet right now.”

The warp villain produces a rag and starts to wipe down the bar.

“No, nothing. It’s just that I haven’t thought of anything meaningful to add to our conversation.”

“I see.” There’s a hint of amusement in his voice. Can he tell? He squeezes his thighs tighter and tries not to look suspicious.

All For One and Shigaraki’s little argument goes on much too long. He’s not even sure how much time has passed, but he knows he can’t wait much longer. As well trained as he is he’s only human.

“What do you think, Kurogiri?” All For One suddenly asks. At the very same moment a spurt of pee leaks from his tip. It stung him so much his brain short circuits, and he’s working in vain to form a coherent reply.

“I... I don’t... what... I’m sorry, what was it you were asking, Master?”

He hears him chuckle. What is his deal?

“Distracted again? I wonder what’s going on in that head of yours, Kurogiri.”

“I can assure you -“

Another leak warms the front of his pants. There’s certainly a dark streak running down his thigh.

“No, please, enlighten me. If there’s something on your mind important enough that you can’t pay attention to our discussion, I’m interested to know what it is.”


A partially intoxicated Shigaraki leans over the bar.

“Dammit, Kurogiri, you’ve been no use at all tonight. Unless you wanna shape up, just get out of here.” he snaps.

“No! I-I apologize, sir. And to you too, Master.” Why, he agonizes, is he pushing aside an opportunity to excuse himself? “Please, just... allow me to... ah...” His voice falters, as does his control. After a few more dribbles the floodgates open and his dress pants are getting soaked. In the absence of the ability to visibly blush, his smoke billows harder. Shigaraki and him exchange horrified glances after his urine begins to patter against the hardwood, and the leader looks down to investigate.

“Are you pissing yourself!?”

Shigaraki’s never been one for subtlety, especially with alcohol involved. He jumps away in disgust, and All For One makes a noise of surprise, though he sounds the slightest bit amused.

“Oh my.”

Kurogiri isn’t sure what to do. Surely he should explain himself, but it feels a little awkward to talk while still peeing.

Over Shigaraki’s disturbed ranting, All For One says, “Well, that’s one mystery solved. I believe that’s enough discussion for tonight. I’ll leave you two to your... ahem, business.”

The transmission cuts without any time for either of them to reply. Not that they could’ve put together an intelligent response. Kurogiri allows himself to slump over the bar top. He’s already disgraced himself as much as possible - no harm in at least giving his stiff back a break while he finishes.

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“Hey... something strange is going on!”

The police, paparazzi, and other heroes look up at Mt. Lady.

“What is it, Miss?” the chief asks.

“My quirk! I can’t shrink down!”

The crowd murmurs to one another before the police pile into the back of their van, captured criminal in hand. After a little while the chief returns.

“Well, no wonder! Turns out it’s the suspect’s quirk. Apparently he can lock other people’s in an ‘on mode’ so to say.”

The giantess groaned.

“What a ridiculous power! How could that ever be useful for villainy, or anything really?”

“Don’t be too dismissive. At first glance it might not seem powerful, but if he were to use it on someone like Kamui Woods, for example, he’d be totally immobilized. His branches would keep growing, and growing, and growing -“

“Okay, okay, I get it!” she sighs. “But he used it on me, not him. And I’d really like to get back to normal! Can you guys get him to turn it off?”

The chief frowns. “Well, from what we understand he can’t exactly stop it. Once it’s going it’s going.”

She lets out a moan of disbelief, though not so loudly as to hurt any citizen’s ears. After a lifetime of mishaps with her quirk she’s learned to be careful.

“How long will it last?”

“Hard to say, but anywhere from a few hours to the whole day.”

“A whole day!?” Suddenly the small urge to pee she’d been feeling seems a lot stronger.

The police have her relocate to a vacant lot, as she’d be blocking a busy roadway otherwise. They bashfully apologize, joking that she’s probably bored out of her mind. But the hero is more concerned for her bladder than anything else.

Everytime she shuffles her feet the ground rumbles. She cringes, thinking how annoyed people living nearby must be.

‘I’d like to see them try and sit perfectly still like this.’ she then thinks. Actually, she really doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Even if she lucks out and regains control in a few hours, she doesn’t think she can hold it until then.

She bites her lip. She’s not going to actually wet herself, is she? If she does, what does that mean for the city?

“Mt. Lady? Is everything okay? You look troubled.” one of the policemen watching over her says.

“Uhh... Yeah, I’m fine! It’s just...” She swallows. There’s no way she could just come out and admit it! Not when anyone could hear her - it’s not exactly possible for someone of her size to whisper.

A jolt of need rolls through her, and she shifts onto her knees. Crap. If she doesn’t do something soon this whole lot is going to be flooded. Not only would that be humiliating, but it might even flow into a nearby street and drown someone!

‘I knew my quirk could be deadly, but never like this!’

“Listen, I-I have something important I’ve gotta do.” She stands up, and the policemen look at each other with worry.

“More hero work? I don’t get it, did you see something over the horizon? If that’s the case I’ll call in reinforcements to help y-“

“No! It’s nothing dangerous like that!” Her laugh is weak and nervous. The gathering crowd gasps as she awkwardly steps over a nearby building. “Actually, it’s more helpful if you don’t follow me! I promise I’ll be back!” Before they can stop her (though, how would one go about stopping a 67’7 woman from vaulting over city limits?) she’s maneuvered her way through the town, extra careful not to cause any mishaps. Once she breaks free of the huge city, she makes her way towards the countryside. It’s thankfully not as populated.

“What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?” she wonders out loud. Even if there’s no toilet in the world that could help her at this size, there’s got to be somewhere she can do her business. Right?

Her first thought is an open field. It’s perfectly flat, so there’s no chance of her pee running off somewhere and causing a flood. Just as she starts to undo her costume, she notices a shabby, little, run down barn on a hill not too far away. A man, presumably the owner, is hawking at her.


She hightails it out of there. She nearly yells at him for being a pervert, until she remembers she’s the one about to strip naked outdoors to pee. If someone did that in front of her she would probably stare too.

Next she finds a forest. It’s promising enough - she can fit inside without much trouble and it’ll give her privacy. Then she realizes it’s probably teeming with life. What kind of hero would she be if she purposely destroyed the homes of woodland creatures?

“Ooh, stupid, cute, little animals!” The ground shakes in time with her dancing. What is she going to do? She really can’t wait much longer. “G-gotta keep moving...!” she squeaks.

Just when all hope seems lost, she happens upon a little valley. Admittedly anyone walking by could see her, but the likelihood of that happening is low. She hasn’t seen anyone around since the farm incident. And right now she’s so desperate for release she doesn’t think she’ll care if some country hick who probably doesn’t even know who she is sees her tits.

She scrambles towards the valley, desperation making her hips sway. Just as she starts to pull her costume off, an inner switch flips, and her bladder starts to void itself.

“No!” She grabs her crotch, hoping to stem the flow, but it’s no use. It seems the second her body caught sight of impending relief, her control slipped. “Dammit!”

The most she can do is squat down to redirect the stream. She lets out a loud moan despite herself.

Her piss quickly pools in the valley, and she flushes. Coming out here was definitely the right call. Though it’s only a gentle hiss and splash to her, she imagines anyone below her stream would be deafened. That is if they hadn’t drowned already.

Soon enough she’s finished.

“Phew... what an ordeal.”

The stain on her costume isn’t as bad as she imagined. It’s pretty much contained to only her crotch. Still, it would be plain to anyone walking around her, so she decides to wait until it dries to return to the city.

She sits down next to the now piss filled valley, and frowns at the strong ammonia scent. She wonders just how bad for the environment it is.

Chapter Text

Spinner lifted his glass as Dabi entered the bar.

“Dabi, my man!”

“I’m not your man.”

“Yeah, yeah...,” He drains the glass in one long sip, and then slides it over to Kurogiri, who refills it. “Hey, you wanna get in on this contest?”

“What contest?”

“We’re seeing who can hold it longest.” Magne chimes in, swishing her own drink around.

“Like... piss?”

“Yeah! You got it!”

Dabi grimaces. Often he feels like he’s the only normal one around here. With the exception of Kurogiri maybe, who looks just as exhausted with Spinner and Magne’s antics.

“Why would I want to do something weird like that?” he asks.

“Because there’s money in it.” Magne gestures to the two $20 bills on the counter. The villain rolls his eyes. Of course these idiots would waste their finances like this, broke as they are. Still, an extra $40 in his pocket didn’t sound so bad.

“Alright, fine. Kurogiri, hit me.” He tosses down a wrinkled bill. While Spinner celebrates, the warp villain shakes his head and sets out a new glass.

Dabi grimaces as he finishes his fifth glass of champagne.

“What’s with that face you keep making?” Spinner wonders.

“I hate the taste of alcohol.”

“Why not drink water then, hon? Kurogiri keeps it in the back you know.” Magne offers. Dabi shrugs and motions for him to refill his glass.

“Alcohol is a diuretic. It wouldn’t be fair to you two if I wimped out and filled up on water.” That and he’s pretty sure this kind of champagne is Shigaraki’s favorite. He’s eager to enjoy the tantrum that will surely result if they drink it all.

“Ooh, what a gentleman!” Magne laughs. “Don’t overestimate yourself now. You have no idea what I’m capable of.”

Spinner grunts and shifts in his seat.

“Man, I don’t know about you two but I’ve gotta piss something fierce.”

The building pressure in Dabi’s bladder silently agrees.

“Dude! You guys are monsters!” Spinner exclaims, wriggling in his seat. Dabi can’t suppress his slight smirk of amusement. Even if this is weird it’s still kind of funny, and possibly even fun. Possibly.

“I warned you, sugar.” Magne retorts, though she’s noticeably squirmy as well.

Dabi is luckily keeping up his persona even if it’s tempting to press his thighs together. It’s not like holding it is something he’s unused to. He’s spent enough hours waiting for his dad to fall asleep so he could piss without sneaking around the house that this isn’t a problem. Admittedly though, the alcohol is making him the teensiest bit tipsy, weakening his resolve.

“Forget this, I forfeit!” Spinner announces before heading to the bathroom.

Magne laughs as he leaves, and then turns back to Dabi.

“It’s just the two of us now. Think you can last?”

“Of course I can. You’re the one who should be worried.”

The most he can allow himself is crossing his ankles, but that’s not nearly enough. In his drunken haze he thinks his whole body is filled up with urine.

“You’re... ah! Quite the fighter, aren’t you?” Magne groans. Her hands have been practically glued to her crotch for the past twenty minutes.

“Something like that.” Dabi sighs back. He’s practically vibrating from the effort of resisting the urge to dance in his seat. It seriously feels like he’s about to pop, but he’s stupidly determined to hang onto the unbothered look about him.

Kurogiri crosses his arms.

“I’ll warn you two not to push yourselves too far. There’s no doctor around to help if you hurt yourselves.”

Right on cue Magne jumps out of her chair and crosses her legs.

“I might have to agree!” she exclaims. “Fine. You clearly want the money more. You win!”

As she runs off Spinner pats Dabi on the back.

“Good going! You won! I can’t believe you actually held it that long. How do you do it?”

“Just, nng, practice I guess.” After he collects his money he allows his cock a quick squeeze. When he doesn’t get up after a few more minutes, Spinner nudges him.

“Aren’t you gonna go to the bathroom? I know you’re like, the champ of holding your piss and all, but...”

The things is, he’s barely holding on as it is. His boxers feel soaked from the spurts of pee he’s leaked out over the past few hours. Shaking from the effort of holding it together he mutters,

“If I get up...”

“Dude! Don’t tell me you’re actually about to piss yourself!”

“PLEASE tell him you’re not.” Kurogiri interrupts.

His answer comes in the form of a dull warmth spreading in his lap and onto the bar stool.

“Ah, fuck.”

The padding on the seat isn’t nearly enough to absorb the ocean he’s letting loose. It spills over like a waterfall, splashing against the floor loudly.

So much for his carefree persona. Surprisingly it’s not as embarrassing as it should be, though his inebriated state might have something to do with it. Knowing there’s nothing that will undo the damage, he gives up completely and pushes it out as fast as he can.

“Damn, I really had to go.” he sighs, still pissing.

“Uh, I can see that.” Spinner takes a few steps back from the growing puddle.

“Good grief. I really hope you intend to clean that up.” Kurogiri grumbles.

“Don’t worry about it. Unlike the hand brat I know how to tidy up after myself. Just, ah, gimme a sec...”

As he continues to relieve himself, Magne comes back. She has to do a double take before she can even find the words.

“I guess it’s lucky you won! Now you have money for dry cleaning.”

Chapter Text

Sirius squirms beneath her bonds. She feels like such an idiot getting caught like this. Never in her entire career as a sidekick had she ever gotten herself captured by an enemy. Being held for ransom like this feels so cliche it’s almost painful.

“I’ll ask you again. Where’s the money? You said it’d be here an hour ago!”

The villain had long since stolen her ear piece, and has been using it to commune with Captain Selkie. He promised to give her back for $20,000. It’s a laughable compromise - he’s clearly not too experienced, yet he’s going up against an entire fleet of heroes.

“Give it up!” Sirius cries. “The Captain would never give in to a fool like you!”

Her kidnapper glares down at her, then turns back to the radio.

“Twenty more minutes and I’ll have to do something drastic. And be warned - it won’t be quick. She’s been a pain.”

The radio clocks her on the head after he haphazardly tosses it away. When the door slams shut she’s cast back into darkness.

‘Just great.’ she thinks. ‘I’m gonna get put on cleaning duty for weeks when Captain gets me out of here.’

Even so, she’s eager to be rescued. She’s confident Selkie will succeed in stopping this villain, but her conditions aren’t great. The rope is seriously chafing her arms, the floor she’s laying on smells musty, and something is definitely leaking in here. A broken pipe maybe?

Water drips onto the floor in steady bursts. Sirius squeezes her thighs together and whimpers. As ridiculous as it sounds, being that she works closely with the sea, the sound of running water has always made her bladder ache.

“Ooh... please hurry...!”

Her panties feel damp. Ten minutes pass and they feel soaked.

There are some muffled bangs and yells a few rooms away, and she recognizes one of the voices as Selkie’s. She’d breathe a sigh of relief if it wouldn’t push her over the edge.

“C-Captain! I’m in here!”

A hot trickle falls down her thigh. Her heart starts to pound, and no amount of squirming as stifling the flow.

“No, no, no...!”

It’s too late. She couldn’t hold on, and now her skirt and panties are drenched in piss.

Maybe if she’s lucky Selkie and his crew will think the puddle she’s lying in is from that busted pipe.

Chapter Text

‘What a mess this is, being caught like this.’ All For One thinks to himself. Of course, it was natural. Expected, even. His health was failing for a long time, and despite his strength there was still a chance of being defeated. There always was; the egotism of thinking otherwise would only have meant a sooner defeat.

That didn’t mean being tied up and monitored is pleasant, though.

His lack of freedom is suffocating, both figuratively and literally. For example, his straightjacket has been fixed loosely enough only to not injure him, but not to be comfortable. And it certainly doesn’t accommodate his overfilled bladder.

“Excuse me.” He gets no answer. That’s not unusual. “I need to use the toilet.” A speaker clicks on, and the voice says,

“It’s not time for your bathroom break yet. Your next one is in three hours.”

“You know, this system isn’t entirely practical. What if I have to go sometime other than every five fours? Now, for example.”

The line goes silent again. He rolls his eyes.

It’s not that he can’t wait another second, it’s more that he’s annoyed. After a month of being cooped up like this he’s itching to make some trouble.

“There will be consequences to pushing me, you know.”

“Is that a threat?”

The sound of the machine guns positioned about him whirring to life makes him smile.

“Oh, no. Well... not a violent one at least.” He chuckles. “But I doubt you’ll be happy with the result.”

“What are you getting at, All For One?”

“Let me use the toilet.”

“No, not until your scheduled break.”

He feigns sadness with a sigh.

“Oh well. You’ve brought this upon yourselves.”

Letting go is surprisingly easy. As funny as it would be to remain neutral, the second he feels heat collecting in his lap he breaks into a grin. Once the people watching over him realize what he’s doing and panic, he starts to laugh. As humiliating an act as this should be, it’s amusing how much he’s shocked them.

“Jesus Christ.” one of the men mutters as he enters the room. The cocktail of contempt and disgust on his face does nothing to deter the villain.

“In all fairness, I did warn you.” All For One asks as his stream peters out. The prison workers are left with the unfortunate task of cleaning up his puddle, and the even more unfortunate task of cleaning up him.

Chapter Text

Shigaraki stands on his toes - even though stretching himself out like this puts so much pressure on his bladder - and runs his fingers over the top of the door frame for what feels like the million time. He’s run up and down the halls repeating it with every door, but there’s still no key.


He runs back to the bathroom door bouncing from foot to foot.

“Get out already! I need to piss!”

Just like the last dozen times he’s screamed at her, Toga doesn’t answer. He throws his hands up and stomps around in a circle, running his shaking fingers through his hair.

“Kurogiri!” he suddenly shouts. The villain materializes.

“Is something the matter, Tomura Shigaraki?”

“You’re damn right something’s the matter!” he exclaims, and points to the door accusingly. “Toga’s been in the shower for three hours!”

Kurogiri sighs.

“Our water bill will be through the roof.”

“Forget the bill! I have to take a piss!”

“And what am I to do about it?”

“I don’t know, tell her to leave! She listens to you better than me.” He scowls down at the floor. “The damn brat.”

“Very well. If you think it’ll help...” Kurogiri knocks three times. Shigaraki briefly wonders how he’s able to do things like that with mist for hands. It alludes him to this day. “Toga? Miss Toga? Would you please be so kind as to finish your shower, and quickly? Our leader needs to use the facilities.” Nothing but the gush of the shower head replies.

Shigaraki lets out a scream of frustration.

“See!? This is why I didn’t want any of these low level, shit for brains psychos to join my league! Nobody listens to me!”

“There can’t possibly be any hot water left. I’m sure she’s going to be out any minute now.” Kurogiri reasons.

“I don’t HAVE a minute!” He presses his thighs together, gasping when he feels a hot squirt of urine settle in his boxers. “Forget it! Just - just warp me inside!”

Kurogiri looks hesitant.

“But... she’s not decent!”

“Well that’s just too bad.”

“I’m sorry, but I won’t do it.” He turns away in defiance. Another trickle runs down Shigaraki’s thigh.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake! I’ll just destroy the door then. At this point I couldn’t give less of a fuck!”

He uncrosses his legs to stomp over to the door, but right as he reaches his hand out it passes through a portal. He whips around to spit insults at his second in command. Every time he pulls out and tries again a new portal appears.

“Kurogiri, stop!”

“I can’t let you do this!”

Shigaraki’s eyes take on an element of panic behind his father’s hand.

“Do you not get that I’m about to explode!?”

He doubles over, letting out a pathetic whimper, and he can’t hold it anymore. Kurogiris eyes widen as he watches his leader’s pants grow dark and sodden with urine. He reaches out to steady him, but Shigaraki sinks away from his touch.

When he’s done he looks like he could cry, but instead of doing that he stands up and starts yelling.

“This is all your fault! If you would’ve just let me get in there - and you!” He presses his nose against the door. “I’m gonna make you regret this!”

Kurogiri sighs and takes him by the arm.

“Come along. Let’s see if we can’t wash you up a bit in the kitchen.”

“You hear me!? You’re fucking dead!” he continues to yell at Toga.

The girl in question pokes her head around the corner once they’re gone. She giggles wildly and points to the mess on the floor.

“Oh my god, he actually did it!”

Dabi is at her side in an instant.

“Gross.” he deadpans. “Was the wait worth it?”

She nods and points to the ceiling, where a camera is duct taped in place.

“Yup! Now help me get it down!” She rubs her hands together, sprouting a maniacal grin. “This is going to make such good blackmail material! Plus it’s sorta funny.”

“You’re so bizarre.”

Chapter Text

Eraserhead wakes to a familiar yet annoying sensation - the need to pee. He rolls over, grumbling into his pillow. It’s far too early to wake up. He knows if he moves his body too much he’ll be broken out of his half awake haze, and then he’ll never be able to fall back asleep.

He doesn’t really have to go that bad anyway. He’ll just hold it.

The next time he wakes up it’s light outside. According to his alarm clock it’s an appropriate time to get out of bed, but his body has other ideas. Well, most of it does. His bladder wants him to get up and pee.

It’s still not that urgent. Sure, he does feel rather full, but he doesn’t feel in danger of not being able to hold it. Too lazy to move from his warm, inviting bed, he decides to wait just a little while longer.

He spends the next ten minutes staring at the blank ceiling, trying to mentally prepare himself for the task of getting out of bed, when all of a sudden something unexpected happens. He starts peeing full force into his pants.

With a loud gasp he grabs his cock and jumps out of bed, but it won’t stop. He starts running like his life depends on it. By the time he gets into the bathroom he can feel there’s a wet patch stretched past his knee, and when he finally makes it in front of the toilet, puts the seat up, and gets his pants and boxers down, it’s too late. He’s already finished.

What the hell was that? He didn’t even feel like he was about to lose control!

Still panting from the effort of getting there, he looks down at the huge mess he’s made. His clothes are drenched, the bath mat beneath his feet is soaking up a huge puddle, and there’s a trail of urine leading to the bathroom.

‘Ugh. What a pain.’ he thinks.

Out of all the things he didn’t want to spend today doing, he never thought cleaning up an accident would have to be one of them.

Chapter Text

This was it - the last day of training camp. And it had gone off without a hitch! Class 1-A and 1-B had made great strides in the week they spent training there. Even Eraserhead had to admit he was impressed.

Now the hour is late, and everyone’s relaxing outside. At first the classes, teachers, and Pussycats are just hanging around and enjoying each other’s company. Then someone suggests a huge firework show to end the camp.

“Sorry, kid. It sounds fun but we haven’t got any of those around.” Mandalay says. Yaoyarozu enthusiastically volunteers herself.

“I can make plenty! It’ll be a breeze!”

“That’s true. Oh, what the heck. Go ahead!”

Of course, the Pussycats are the ones in charge of setting them all up. Once they finish, Tiger stays behind to light them off. Everyone gathers in the clearing. Some just sit in the grass, and some use the spare blankets and chairs the Pussycats found in storage. Ragdoll is busy perching herself on one of the foldable chairs when she notices that she needs to pee.

‘What a drag!’ she thinks. If she walks to the bathroom now she’ll definitely miss the show. It looks like she’ll just have to wait. It should be over soon enough.

The show is going great, but Ragdoll finds herself getting more and more antsy by the minute.

‘Geeze, can’t I even hold it this long?’

It’s a problem she’s had for as long as she can remember. If she has access to a toilet she’s fine, but just knowing she can’t go makes her urge that much bigger.

The edge of the woods catch her eye. She’s sort of tempted to go pee in a bush, as she’s done a few times in the past. That way she could keep watching the fireworks and get her relief. But it would be just awful if any of the students saw. So that’s a no go.

What a pain! Her need is sort of hindering her enjoyment of the show right now.

A particularly loud explosion startles her out of her thoughts, and a huge squirt of pee warms her panties.

‘Eeeeek! Did I just do that!?’

She looks around. Nobody is paying attention to her. Subtly she slides her legs apart and looks down. Under the light of the fireworks she can see her panties are utterly soaked, and there’s a relatively small patch of wetness on the back of her skirt. Even the chair got a little wet.

This is not good! By now she doesn’t care about missing the show anymore, but if she sneaks off someone could see the mess on her chair and deduce what happened. And there’s no way she can get away with bringing the chair - someone will notice her leaving, and then the wet spot on her costume!

Reluctantly she waits until the show is over. When everyone carries the blankets and chairs back to the storage unit she makes sure to stay at the back of the group.

Much to her bladder’s distress she has to stay behind a while longer until everyone has retired to their quarters. She wants to make certain nobody will see her in this state.

It finally looks like the coast is clear, and she breathes a sigh of relief. As she’s tip toeing to the women’s restroom, a voice behind her nearly makes her pee again.

“Hey, Ragdoll.”

“Eek! M-Mandalay!” She spins around and laughs nervously. “What are you doing here?”

Mandalay snickers and gestures to her bottom half.

“I didn’t want to say anything in front of the group, but you know the back of your skirt is wet, right?”

“Really? Hee hee, I hadn’t noticed!”

“And you just happen to be walking in the direction of the bathroom?”

Ragdoll flushes deeply and then falls to her knees.

“Oh pleeeease, please, please, please don’t tell anyone! I don’t know what happened! It was an accident! I’d be totally mortified if-“

“Woah, no need to be so dramatic!” Mandalay exclaims. “I was only teasing you a bit. What kind of friend would I be if I went around telling everyone something like that?”

The girl jumped to her feet smiling widely.

“Really? Thank you so much! I owe you one!” Then her need rears it’s ugly head again and she crosses her legs. “Just don’t ask me any favors for the next five minutes. I still sorta have to pee, heh.”

Without waiting for a response, she scampers off to relieve herself.

Chapter Text

Fuyumi shifts her weight from foot to foot, constantly craning her neck to see how close she was getting to the front of the line. She knows the habit is only making time feel like it’s slowing down, but she can’t help it! She really has to go!

It seems like her college experience is entirely made up of lines. Lines to apply, lines to buy textbooks, lines for coffee, and of course, lines for the bathroom.

She’s already tried the one outside the class she just left. But it’s small, and all the stalls were taken. Notably by people not using them to pee. She recognized the voices, which were loudly talking on their cellphones, as belonging to three students from the same class she came from. They were famously lazy, and more often than not disruptive to the rest of the class. Fuyumi wasn’t even sure what they bothered enrolling for.

The next bathroom she found was this one, but there was a line. She’d run around the campus for a few minutes looking for an empty queue, but it seemed like every other one she found was bigger than this! So, she did the walk of shame back to the original line, and now she’s stuck waiting.

‘Ugh, hurry up!’ she thinks. ‘I can’t do this much longer...!’

She squeezes her thighs so tightly she’s shaking. Her panties feel damp. Is that just sweat? She hopes so.

The line moves forward a step, but when she takes it a hot jet of pee comes out.

‘Stop, stop, stop!’

Her muscles tense, and she’s able to stop it, but she doesn’t know for how long. She can feel herself weakening, and she knows if she relaxes for even a second it’ll come out again.

Her eyes move down to access the damage. There’s a dark streak running along the inside of her thigh. Someone’s definitely going to notice.

What is she going to do? She could try to run back to her dorm, but she’s positive she won’t make it anyway.

“Uhh... are you alright?” the girl in front of her asks. Fuyumi can’t tell if she’s noticed what’s happened or if she just sees the look of desperation on her face. “You can cut in front of me if you want...”

“N-no! It’s fine!” Fuyumi cries. She doesn’t know why she’s denying herself this chance when she’s so close, but it doesn’t matter anymore. A feeble stream is making its way into her panties, and running down the insides of her legs. The hand that flies to her crotch makes no difference.

Fuyumi stands frozen in place, horrified that she’s wetting her jeans in front of all these people. Some that she knows. One by one they begin to notice her accident, and some start poking fun.

Once her bladder is empty she regains her senses and runs off. How can she ever face the world again!?

Chapter Text

Nana nods along, but she’s not really listening to whatever story this other hero is telling. She doesn’t mean to be rude, but he’s just been going on and on, and she doesn’t even want to be here in the first place.

Sure, it’s nice to have her work recognized, and she likes to meet other heroes. But formal parties are the bane of her existence. Especially if she has to wear a dress.

‘Ugh, I should’ve hired someone to take my measurements. That sort of thing is too easy to mess up on your own.’ she thinks, tugging the skirt down. It ends halfway down her thighs, and with every movement she makes nearly exposes her bare pussy. Going commando is something she does often, and it’s not usually a problem because no one can tell in her hero costume.

The more important matter, though, is getting out of this ‘conversation’ and into a bathroom. It’s been a long night of many, many drinks.

“Excuse me. I really hate to do this, especially in the middle of such a thrilling story, but do you mind if I step out for a minute? I need to use the restroom.”

“Oh!” The hero chuckles awkwardly. “No problem. Sorry about that.”

“It’s no trouble. I’ll be right back.” She secretly hopes he’ll get bored of waiting for her and move onto someone else.

After a while of searching, she becomes frustrated. Where’s the bathroom in this place? She taps a staff member on the shoulder.

“Sorry to bother you. Is there a restroom here?”

“No, ma’am.”

What? That’s such a horrible design flaw! Who booked this place?

“I see. Thanks anyway.”

Nana decides searching for a bathroom in a neighboring building is the next best option. As she’s walking down the street, though, she notices a dim alleyway. It’s weirdly tempting.

She’s never really liked public restrooms anyway. Sure, an alleyway isn’t going to be much cleaner, but at least she can just squat down and pee without having to touch any dirty handles or toilet seats.

Inside, she notices a few other suspicious puddles. Maybe some other heroes had the same idea? It amuses her to imagine the city’s top heroes pissing in such an undignified place.

Once she’s a decent ways down it she squats, making sure to lift her skirt out of the way. She relaxes, and her stream comes out hard and fast. She’s actually getting some impressive distance with it.

‘I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. What if someone saw?’ Even though the situation is a little worrying she laughs.

Soon enough her stream trickles out, and she stands up, though not before shaking off a little. It looks like forgetting to wear panties could be useful after all.

Chapter Text

Pixiebob struggles not to trip as she fumbles her way through the mall. This was supposed to be a fun outing with friends, but her current situation is putting a damper on that.

“Dammit! Does this place really need to be so big?” she asks aloud.

Not wanting to stop shopping, she spent the better half of today holding it in. When it became bad enough to mention to her friends, there was no way she could have waited for them to walk. So she took off running, calling back that she would be right back and not to worry.

“Ah! There!”

She zips up to the door, but freezes at the sign stuck to it.

‘Closed For Cleaning’


Her hands shoot to her crotch. There’s no way she can make it to another restroom. Silently she curses whoever designed this place for installing so few toilets.

The men’s toilet next door makes her mind wander. Should she? It would certainly be taboo... Not to mention embarrassing! Being recognized in soiled clothes would be bad enough, but if she got caught sneaking into the men’s room, people might think she’s a pervert or something! There’s no way she’ll find a suitable mate with rumors all over the news. But it doesn’t look like she has much choice, because a squirt of pee soaks into her panties without her permission.

Pixiebob sneaks inside, and to her luck the bathroom is empty. She locks it behind her, praying no one will come knocking.

“Ah! N-no!”

Pee comes out in a constant stream. It’s not much, just a trickle really, but it overwhelms her panties in an instant. Try as she might she can’t stop it, so she turns tail and rushes for the toilets.

The urinals are closer; fine, they’ll do. She leans over the nearest one, hikes up her skirt, pulls down her panties, and releases.

“Ohhhhhh fuck...”

Even though this situation is completely humiliating, she can’t help the wave of euphoria passing over her. As she drains her bladder all seems right with the world. It’s like a high she never wants to come down from.

When she does though, she realizes she’s made quite a mess. Her legs are going to need a little soap and water. The floor’s going to need a quick mop too; Good thing there are paper towels by the door. Nothing’s going to be too hard a fix.

Except for her panties. Those are going straight into the garbage.

Chapter Text

‘Dammit, please...’

David’s squirming, though he’s really trying not to. It’s not easy - he can hardly control his body at this point.

It’s been what, eight hours since he’s had a break? In his line of work it’s to be expected. Working his body raw in the name of progress is something he’s been practicing since his senior of high school. But fuck if that extra cup of coffee isn’t making it harder.

He’s shuffling back down the hall, messy stacks of paperwork crammed between his arms. He hadn’t even thought to put them down when a sudden twang of pressure between his hips forced him in the direction of the washrooms. There wasn’t any time to put his work away.

‘Shit, shit, shit...’ His boxers get damp as he speedwalks. There’ll be a scolding from his boss no doubt but he’ll take that over wet pants.

“Dave! There you are.”

“Toshi? What are you doing here?”

“You asked me to meet you for lunch. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten, old friend! Haha!”

Lunch? David doesn’t think he’ll even be able to fit it into his schedule anymore. But never mind that, he has more pressing things to tend to.

His knees buckle.

“Right - I’m sorry, but can we talk about this later? I just need a minute.”

Toshinori hasn’t noticed his predicament. He smiles and blocks his path.

“Hahaha! Give yourself a break! Man, you look worn out. Have you even had breakfast yet? Come on, let’s get you something.”

Toshinori’s grip is too strong, and David can’t take the way he’s manhandling him. A long spurt of piss comes out.

“Ah, fuck!”


He shoves the documents into his hands and runs, silently thanking God that his long lab coat is closed.

“Please, hold these! And don’t read them!”

As soon as he rounds the corner he can tell it’s a lost cause. His control has totally given out, so when he gets to the end of the hallway he accepts it, and squats down.

“Oh G-God...”

From this position it’s not too loud, but his piss is splashing down onto the tile floor. It feels hot against his skin, which is burning almost as much with embarrassment. All he can do is push and hope his friend isn’t going to come looking for him. He doesn’t know what he’d do if he found him in this state.

By the end of it there’s a massive puddle beneath his shoes. He stands up, awkwardly, and flinches at the cool wetness between his thighs. Thankfully it’s mostly contained there - his squatting position didn’t allow his stream to run down his legs fully. And his coat is long enough to cover that. Though he isn’t sure how long he can survive before someone notices the ammonia smell about him.

He swallows. It’ll be okay. He can fix this. He’ll find a way. He’ll get himself cleaned up, make some excuse as to why he was in such a rush, and nobody will be the wiser.

Wait. Was that a security camera above him?


Chapter Text

“Katsuki! Slow down, dammit!”

It’s too late. Mitsuki already lost sight of her son. She growls in annoyance. Couldn’t she have one day of peaceful shopping without her kid running off?

She presses a hand under her skirt once she’s sure nobody’s looking.


Among being exhausted and sick of running around, she really wants to go home and pee. It’s just her luck that this store’s restroom is out of order.

“Katsuki, where’d you go?” she calls, wandering around. For being so loud, he was doing an extraordinary job of keeping hidden. She doesn’t know if he’s looking for something in particular or just hiding from her to be a dick.

By the time she stumbles into the cookware aisle she’s squirted into her panties three times. They’re soaked, and the cold fabric pressing against her isn’t doing anything to help control her bladder. If she lets anymore out it’ll start to drip through her underwear.

“Fuck, this is... too much!”

It doesn’t matter if she finds her son. She won’t make it out of the store, never mind all the way home.

Mitsuki is too stubborn to give in and wet herself. Even as piss is starting to dribble out she’s looking around, desperate for an employee restroom, or a discreet corner or - Ah, that’ll work.

She grabs a soup pot off the shelf beside her, crouches down, and pulls her drenched panties to the side.

Her piss sprays into the pot and her wobbly legs nearly give out from relief. The sound is thunderous against the metal bottom, but at this point she doesn’t care who might hear.

“Ohhhhhh yeah...” she moans.

Some guy murmurs behind her, and she turns to see his bewildered face.

“Fuck off before I make you, pervert!”

The man moves on, and she turns back to her business. Considerably relieved, Mitsuki watches piss spray from her pussy into the pot. It’s a little exciting to be doing this somewhere other than the toilet. If it weren’t so socially unacceptable she would consider doing it again.

After a long while her stream dribbles to a stop, and she steps away from her emergency toilet. It’s quite deep, so it isn’t even filled halfway, but still, there’s an impressive amount of piss inside. Without too much thought she places it back on the shelf. It’s pretty rude, but it’s not as if she can dump it out or bring it to the cash register with her. No matter what she does, she imagines she won’t be able to return here again.

Chapter Text

Rei’s gait is getting more and more awkward by the minute. It’s all in the effort of trying to control her bladder, which is made all the more difficult by the cold.

She shrinks into her jacket and wishes she’d listened to her body half an hour ago. Just after she’d gotten ready for her walk with Shoto, she realized she needed to pee. But dressing back down just for that seemed pointless, and anyway their outing wouldn’t take long.

What a mistake that was.

“Mom? Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Of course, honey. It’s just so cold out here. I haven’t get weather like this in ages.”

“Oh.” Shoto presses against her side, and a light heat begins to come off him. “Then please, allow me to warm you.”

“Thank you so much, sweetheart.”

Although it doesn’t relieve the pressure between her hips, the sensation isn’t unwelcome.

Still, she has to figure something out. There’s no way she can hold it until they get back. And there doesn’t seem to be a bathroom anywhere.

‘Oh god, what to do? I have to go, I have to go...!’

“You’re looking sick. Maybe we ought to stop.”

“No, no, I’m fine! Honestly I -“

Rei catches a glimpse of their surroundings. There’s a small patch of trees to the right of them, not too deep, but thick enough that she could easily hide herself in them. The thought makes her flush with embarrassment, but she can’t imagine it would be any worse than soaking herself.

“I... I think you’re right, Shoto. I’m feeling a little nauseas.” she says, and holds her stomach. “In fact, I think I should step aside for a moment. I might feel better if I get it out of my system.”

The student looks over at the forest she’s motioning towards blankly.

“I suppose that makes sense. Come on, I’ll take you.”

“No! I can go myself. Really, you don’t want to see this. It’ll be unsightly.”

“I don’t mind. I’d rather that than see you get hurt.”

“Don’t be silly! I can imagine. Please, Shoto.” A hint of desperation unintentionally leaks through near the end. Thankfully he’s as oblivious as ever, and doesn’t see through her bad excuse.

Rei waddles into the forest, clamping down with both hands the moment he’s too far to see. For a moment she stands in place and twists, unsure of this. But a wave of need rushes over her body, and she knows it’s coming out whether she wants it to or not. So she fumbles towards the nearest tree, crouches behind it, and unzips her pants.

The frigid air coaxes the first spritz of urine from her. Even that little amount of relief is too much, and she relaxes her body. Her hot stream arcs through the air and melts the snow a foot away from where she’s squatting. Although the cold is beating down on her skin, she can hardly feel it through the relief.

She whines - quietly, so her son doesn’t catch on - and slumps against the bark. It feels incredible to finally relieve herself, even if it is in such an inappropriate place. Actually... it’s a little exciting. She doesn’t get to do much of anything at the hospital. Always stuck in rigid schedules, ordered around by staff, and followed everywhere. This is almost like an act of rebellion.

She feels experimental.

She leans back and pushes her hips forward. When she spreads herself with two fingers she’s impressed by her range growing a few feet. She wiggles her hips, and watches with amusement as her stream moves back and forth across the snow.

Just when she’s starting to have fun, her bladder runs empty. It’s disappointing, but she’s satisfied she’s left her mark.

Rei pulls up her pants and takes a minute to marvel at the yellowed snow, then meets back up with her son.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Actually, I am. It turns out my nausea passed on its own. Wonderful, isn’t it?”

He smiles.

“Oh. Yes, it is. Just be sure to let me know if it comes up again.”

“Don’t worry, I will.”