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Cross Generational Slut

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On an evening like any other in Konoha, passionate cries resounded in the Hokage’s bedroom. Every once in a while, his many lovers gathered to have an orgy, and it was that time again.

On that evening, Naruto entered his bedroom and found it full of naked women, all lined up on all fours, presenting their luscious asses to him. They greeted him in unison, and that was all they got to say before a number of shadow clones descended upon them.

Pussies, assholes and mouths were stuffed with thick, throbbing cocks, according to the individual lady’s preferences; moans and the sound of bodies slapping together filled the air.

Things quickly devolved from that orderly beginning into a giant gangbang.

His wife, Hinata, received special treatment, of course. She sat in her husband’s lap in the middle of the room with his cock up her ass while her pussy was getting licked by her long time rival, Sakura. Both of her big breasts were getting sucked on by a shadow clone each and another pair stood at the ready, offering their big cocks for her to suck on.

The pink haired woman eating her out was getting her pussy stuffed with dick while the clone responsible fed her greedy butt a bumpy dildo.

Ino was riding one Naruto while another one firmly grabbed her head and fucked her throat, much to her delight. When she noticed an unoccupied shadow clone nearby, she spread her ass cheeks, inviting him inside.

Tsunade was practically buried under clones. She lay on her back with a clone beneath her, fucking her ass, while another one slammed into her pussy. She had put her head back to allow another one to fuck her throat, and another one was fucking her giant tits. Last but not least, both of her hands were jerking off more clones. Her muffled moaning never stopped and her eyes were rolled back into her head.

Temari was getting the rough treatment she desired so much. Two clones were teaming up on her, one underneath her, fucking her pussy and choking her, and the other fucking and spanking her gorgeous ass. Her face was red and she whined, grinning happily.

Tenten’s butt was in the air and her face on the ground as Naruto’s fat cock dug into her greedy asshole. Every time her ass was slapped she giggled, but Naruto wasn’t doing the spanking. Shizune’s head rested on Tenten’s lower back, delivering resounding slaps every once in a while. Her pussy was getting stuffed by the clone she was straddling, who also fingered her ass.

That was of course only a snapshot of the proceedings of the night. Positions and partners changed constantly. Sometimes girls felt like making out with one another for a while, sometimes they all teamed up on Naruto. The cries of pleasure never ceased, Naruto cock never wilted and his balls never ran dry. It was a blissfully messy affair for everyone involved.

However, being as messy as it was, sometimes the need to clean up arose. After getting drenched in cum from head to toe by half a dozen Naruto’s, and getting subsequently licked clean by Sakura and Shizune, Tsunade excused herself to take a quick shower.

She walked through the dark home stark naked. Her enormous boobs bounced with every step and so did her juicy butt. She opened the door to the bathroom, turned on the light and froze.

In front of her, sitting on the toilet, was Boruto. She had caught him in the middle of jerking off. He stared at her wide-eyed, first at her face, but his eyes quickly wandered down to her luscious body. His hand, while not moving, still grasped his cock.

Tsunade closed the door and slowly approached him.
“My, my, my. What are you doing up so late, young man?”, she asked. The boy swallowed audibly.
“I-I heard noises and w-went t-to take a look and...”, he trailed off. His eyes were restless, shifting from her face down to her tits and back again constantly.
“And you saw your dad fucking lots of women, right?”, Tsunade asked with a smirk. Boruto nodded, blushing, but still staring at her boobs.

“Well, it’s only natural for a boy your age to react like this, but I have to say you really take after your father”, Tsunade mused, looking him over.
“What d-do you mean?”, he asked suspiciously.
“You have a very nice, big dick, just like Naruto at your age”, she said. Feeling embarrassed and confused, Boruto tried to cover up his erection, but Tsunade bent over and gingerly grasped his cock. He gasped, but didn’t flinch, hypnotized by the gentle swaying of her breasts right in front of his face.

“Don’t you know? When your father was your age I popped his cherry”, Tsunade said in a husky voice. That actually shocked Boruto enough for him to tear his eyes away from her lovely bosom and stare at her face in disbelief.

“Back then, Naruto had a big fight with Sasuke and wound up in the hospital. I was in charge, and rumors regarding a certain blonde kid with an impressive member reached my ears from the nurses that gave him sponge baths. So I took it upon myself to give him a bath personally, and wouldn’t you know it, he sported a nice cock just like this one”, she told him, and gave his boner a squeeze. Her voice began dripping with lust as she recounted the story.

“Your dad’s eyes were glued to my cleavage while I washed him and his dick stood up right before my eyes. Wanna know what I did then?”, she asked, smiling at Boruto and biting her lower lip with excitement. The boy nodded. He felt like his heart might burst from his chest any second.

“I took off my clothes, climbed on top of him like so”, she said, getting closer so that her pussy was right in front of Boruto’s face, “and lowered myself onto his cock, claiming his virginity”, she explained lowering herself just far enough for Boruto to feel the warmth radiating off of her cunt on his dick. She was dripping onto his glans.

“Would you like me to take your virginity as well, boy?”, she asked. He took a few deep breaths.
“Yes”, he told her chest.
“That’s what they all say”, Tsunade chuckled, and lowered herself.

Boruto’s cock sank into her sopping wet heat in one go. He moaned, but Tsunade put a finger to her lips and winked.
“We don’t wanna get caught, right?”
Boruto nodded and tried to keep his voice down, but it was difficult. He had never felt anything like the firth Hokage’s pussy. The slippery hole hugged his boner tightly. The warmth was comfortable and the way it undulated felt incredible.

It became even worse when Tsunade started moving. Feeling the wet flesh rubbing him, seeing her giant boobs jiggle and hearing her soft moans was downright paralyzing. He gripped the toilet seat and focused all of his strength on staying quiet.

He managed somehow, but there was little he could do about the urge to cum. Tsunade’s tight pussy felt like it was sucking him in, almost as if it demanded to be filled up. She seemed to be enjoying herself, so he tried his best not to ruin her fun. Her going faster as time went on didn’t help though.

“So, how do you like your first pussy, boy?”, she asked after riding him for about five minutes. He couldn’t speak. He looked up at her with pleading eyes, and groaned softly. Tsunade smirked.
“That good, huh? I like your cock, too. It feels really nice”, she murmured and started gyrating her hips, rather than bouncing on him as she had done up until then.

The sudden new stimuli were too much for Boruto. He gritted his teeth as he pumped jets of cum into Tsuande’s cunt. She pursed her lips and smiled when she felt it filling her up. She continued to move until he stopped twitching, before settling down.

“T-that felt incredible...”, he whispered after awhile. She chuckled.
“You know what’s incredible? The fact that you’re still hard”, she said. Only then did Boruto notice that his cock hadn’t softened at all.
“I’ve had plenty of grown men with smaller dicks that couldn’t keep it up like that. How about one more round?”, she asked. The boy nodded excitedly.

Doing it the second time was easier. Tsunade started bouncing eagerly right off the bat, but Boruto wasn’t as overwhelmed by the sensations anymore. He tried to relax a little and enjoy the view of her massive tits.

“Mmmh, hey! You can’t expect a woman to just get off on her own, kid. If you’ve got time to sit there and watch, make me feel good!”, she said, in faux annoyance. The boy looked up at her, uncertain of what to do.

She sighed in exasperation, took both of his hands and slapped them onto her plush ass.
“How’s that? Nice and soft, right? Fondle it!”, she said. Boruto began right away, squeezing and kneading the supple flesh. His hands would have to grow a little before that would feel really good, but it was best for him to make it a habit sooner rather than later.

“And your mouth?”, she asked. Boruto raised an eyebrow.
“There are two hard nipples right in front of your face, boy. How come you aren’t sucking either?”, she demanded. He looked surprised.
“C-can I…?”, he stammered. Tsunade couldn’t help but grin. Boys that age were so timid. She grabbed his head and pulled him closer. In a matter of second she had placed his mouth on one of her nipples, and he finally began working.

He sucked. He sucked very hard, which felt alright, but there was plenty of room for improvement.
“Use your tongue more!”, she demanded, and Boruto obeyed. Before long, Tsunade was riding him excitedly. His mouth on her boobs and his hands on her ass did a lot to make his dick in her pussy feel even more delightful. She was looking forward to seeing Naruto’s son grow up to be just as much of a ladykiller as his dad.

Some time later, the door opened once more, and Hinata walked inside. The shower was running, and she saw the silhouette of a bent over woman and a boy fucking her from behind through the blurry glass.
“Tsunade, is that you?”, she asked as she sat down on the toilet. The silhouette perked up.
“Hinata? What are you doing here?”, she asked between moans. She felt Boruto throbbing when his mother’s voice appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

“Just taking a quick whiz. But now I see why you’ve been gone for so long. Spending some alone time with a shadow clone of Naruto when he was young?”, Boruto’s mother giggled. Tsunade quietly sighed in relief.
“Well, you know, sometimes I get nostalgic”, she said lightheartedly. All the while, Boruto screwed her hard and fast.

Hinata giggled.
“You kinky slut”. They heard the toilet flushing and then water rushing out of the faucet.
“Just make sure to come back soon. I’m pretty sure Naruto would like us to team up for a titfuck”, Hinata said and left. As soon as the door closed, Boruto groaned and came inside her again. Tsunade savored the warmth flooding her for a moment before speaking up.

“Having you mom right there got you a little excited, huh?” she asked, wiggling her butt as he slowly pulled out. She turned around and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“You heard her, we should probably wrap this up”. Boruto looked a little sad, and she noticed that his cock was still standing.
“Well, one more round won’t hurt”, she said with a wink. The boy beamed at her.

* * * * *

The next evening, Boruto was laying on his bed. He couldn’t stop thinking about Tsunade; about her incredible body, about how good sex had felt. Even though she had let him do it a few more times after his mom had walked in on them, his cock was straining against his pants as if he hadn’t gotten thoroughly milked just yesterday.

At some point, his eyes had closed and he had almost drifted off into sleep when he heard something rustling. He opened his eyes, and next to his bed stood Tsunade, naked, except for a plain white thong. She looked down at him and smiled.

Before he could ask what she was doing there or how she had gotten in in the first place, she placed a graceful finger on his lips and climbed onto his bed.
“Since you are an exceptionally gifted boy, I’ll take it upon myself to train you in the art of sex”, she whispered. The breath caught in his throat.
“W-what are you saying?”, he stammered.
“Who do you think taught your dad how to pleasure women?”, she asked, amused. Boruto looked at her wide-eyed.
“Prepare yourself for nightly training sessions, boy. When I’m through with you, girls will be falling all over themselves to get a piece of you”.

Boruto swallowed a lump in his throat.
“N-nightly?”, he asked. Tsunade chuckled huskily.
“Look forward to it. As for today’s lesson; last night you only fucked my pussy, but women have two other holes that can handle a dick, and I’ll teach you all about them today, starting with my mouth”, she said. She slid down, pulled out his cock and began blowing him. The boy let his head drop onto his pillow. He stared at the ceiling as slurping noises reached his ears, and a warm tongue slithered all over his cock. He was going to try his hardest with this training. The thought of all the girls in his class clamoring to have sex with him motivated him.

He looked down at Tsunade sucking him off. She focused on his glans, but he knew she could take more. He had seen her take his dad’s entire thing down her throat, so he grabbed her head and pushed her down.

She made a surprised noise. Then she looked up at him, and the corners of her mouth inched upwards in a lewd smile. Validated, Boruto began thrusting his hips.
“Mhm!”, Tsunade moaned approvingly. She had high hopes for Naruto’s son.