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The light of love

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They say what you do and how you act are two different things that shape not only your life, but who you meet.
Motorcade believed that solely and after his creator and told him that, the mechling was on a personal mission to be the best that he could be.
Soundbyte on the other hand, questioned that theory when his carrier told him. Life was never easy for Soundbyte. His sire was never in his life, and his carrier, his poor, sweet carrier, suffered the cross of raising a sparkling in Deadend; a home for the criminals, slaves, and drug addicts.

Motorcade was in his early mechling stages when he decided to follow in his sire's footsteps and become an enforcer. When the youngling wasn't busy with school work, he always helped out around the house. His carrier- Deltastream- had kept his actions in her spark as she tried so hard to keep his drive to learn high.
When the decepticons decided to level Praxus, was when life changed for Cade -who was still living with his creators until his position with the enforcers settled.
“Cade! Where are ya goin’?” His carrier asked Motorcade before he could leave. “Ahh work?” Cade spoke with a tilt of his helm. Deltastream laughed and shook Cade's badge. “Forgetting something?” “Oi! Thanks, yer a life saver.” Cade spoke, hurrying to grab his badge before leaving the house.
Cade wasn't even at the enforcers building when the bomb sirens went off. All he remembered afterwards was getting crushed by debris when he tried to run for safety. Everything had been dark and cold as he waited for a rescue, silently hoping his creators were alright.
Close to deactivation was when Motorcade was found. “We have a survivor!” A blue and yellow Praxian yelled, but at further inspection he had an autobot badge. It was at this point Cade knew he could avoid the war anymore.


Soundbyte's life only seemed to get harder. Growing up through his sparkling stages, he was obedient and quiet, but life continued and he had to get a job early to help his sickening carrier.
All his work seemed fruitless when one day, the nobles decided to send haunting pack after random bots. “Soundy stay here.” His carrier spoke easily lifting the younglings into a vent. “Stay quiet my love.” Her voice quaked as she spoke. Turning, she took off in a dead sprint before Soundbyte could say anything.
In all the rockus, screams of Soundbyte's carrier could be heard. The rest of the years seemed to pass by the young mech as he lived off of stealing energon and credits.
Covered in soot, nobody could really see the small figure that was in need of many upgrades. Until one night, the youngling wasn't careful and managed to get caught by a janitor and had acid thrown at him to keep him at bay. When the enforcers arrived they found the youngling desperately rubbing at his face, groaning loudly in pain. Motorcade -one of the enforcers called- lightly grabbed Soundbyte's chin and applied a wet rag on his face, earning more screams of pain.
After that encounter Soundbyte continued to steal to live -having ran away from the adoption center- and the scars on his face became a part of him. The acid stayed active in some parts so anytime he repainted them the acid would eat the solvent.
Many times later, Soundbyte would be arrested and the released, but when Cade lost his home, he decided to adopt Soundbyte into his life, having finally understood what the younger mech needed, and very soon they became what each other needed to fight.