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"I won't! I won't be a Slytherin!"
"James, give it a rest!" said Ginny.
"I only said he might be," said James, grinning at his younger brother. "There's nothing wrong with that. He might be in Slytherin"

Scorpius cautiously walked past the well-known family, he was shaking in his robes, anxious about starting his schooling education at Hogwarts. What were people going to think of him? He was aware of his father’s dubious past and was afraid that people thought that his dad was the same way. He looked at Scorpius genially and put his hand on his shoulder, his mother did the same.
“Scorpius, there is nothing to be afraid of.” His father said “Just because my time at Hogwarts wasn’t the best, doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time.”
“I know dad, its just… what if I don’t make any friends?” Scorpius’ voice faded off, overwhelmed and starting to realise he won’t be seeing his parents for a long time “Write me letters every day, please?” he squeaked.
Astoria laughed gently, “Of course we will! By the time we’ve sent a few letters you’ll be putting off writing back because how busy you are”.
“If you ever feel sad or lonely, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We’re here whenever you need.” Draco smiled at Scorpius. Astoria bent down to hug him tightly.
Scorpius picked up his bags and looked at his father.
“We love you.” He said finally.
“I love you too.” Scorpius stared at him parents one last time and after taking a deep breath. Stepped on the train, ready to start his life at Hogwarts.