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The Mark of Fate (|-/)

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As a kid growing up in the Joseph family, Tyler was told little to nothing about the soulmate tattoos. His parents feared the truth of what might happen if his soulmate turned out to be a man. You see, Tyler Joseph’s family was religious. Growing up in a Christian built household had done wonders to Tyler’s beliefs, and he never really knew what a soulmark was until the mandatory sixth-grade class.

The teacher was legally obligated to tell them about what soulmarks were, but almost every other student in the class knew what a soulmark was. The way the teacher explained it was confusing to Tyler’s fresh mind. Apparently, God decided that human’s deserved to have a perfect mate or someone who was a perfect match to their soul.

But, many people believed that it wasn’t God who caused this, as many of the soulmates were involved in homosexual tendencies, so God obviously couldn’t have voluntarily caused this.

This was explained by the teacher, and as she droned on and on about what soulmarks actually were, Tyler was in shock.

He decided to raise his hand to voice his question aloud. The teacher looked a little put off by his question but decided to humor him.

“Yes, Mr. Joseph?” The teacher sighed while acknowledging Tyler’s question.

“If we really do have soulmates,” Tyler said, slightly thinking aloud while asking his question, “When do the soulmarks appear?”

The teacher looked shocked as she tried to answer the question. “Mr. Joesph, yours should have appeared as soon as you were born.”

Tyler nodded solemnly and quickly asked to be excused to go to the bathroom.

He walked down the halls with his hands shaking. Tyler stepped into the boy's bathroom and locked himself in a stall. Wishing he had a phone to search what soulmarks look like, he stripped off his baggy sweatshirt and the shirt underneath to look for the mark. Scanning his chest vigorously, he saw nothing. Sighing, Tyler slid the cloths back over his torso and slid off the wrinkled khakis that were his pants. He looked, and at the last minute saw a little symbol on the inside of his ankle. Tyler bent over and decided to sit on the ground. Plopping down onto the dirty tile, he pulled his ankle towards him so that he would be able to see the little symbol better.


Tyler smiled. Somewhere in this world, there was another person who was his. He knew that she would be beautiful and kind, and obviously, Tyler thought, she would be Christian as not to disappoint his parents.

Tyler suddenly realized that the few minutes that were acceptable to be in the bathroom had long passed and now it probably seemed as if he was dying or something along those lines. He sighed and walked back up to his classroom.

As he headed into the classroom the teacher gave him a strange look and was clearly wondering if he was okay after finding out such a large shock. Tyler flashed her a blinding smile and tried to convey with his eyes that he definitely was all good.

She nodded, clearly feeling much better knowing that her star student, Tyler, was doing alright knowing this information.

Tyler got home as soon as possible, nearing sprinting along the empty Ohio streets. His feet had been pitter pattering and as he neared his house, Tyler slowed his speed, and eventually came to a stop at the front of his door, bent over and panting. The excitement of finding out that he had a soulmate (OMG PRETTY) had powered him through running home. After catching his breath for a few minutes, Tyler stood, straightening out his clothes and walked into his house.

“Hey Mom,” Tyler said, his voice excited and filled with anticipation. “I found out something amazing today in class!”

Tyler’s mom nodded, not really paying attention to her son, and instead focusing on Jay, her one-year-old son’s fussing. “Tell me, honey, what did you learn?”

Tyler was excited to be noticed and jumped at the chance to tell his mother. “We learned about soulmates and soulmarks today!”

His mother’s head jumped up and looked at her son in concern.

“And I have one,” Tyler continued, not noticing his mother’s concern. “Look look, it’s right here.” He paused speaking in favor of pulling up his pant leg and rolling down the sock on his left ankle.

There the symbol was, the meaning still unknown to Tyler.


His mom gasped, having had forgotten that sixth grade was the age that it was required for children to learn about soulmarks. She set down Jay in the feeding chair and pulled Tyler onto her lap. He bounced in joy, hoping that she would be proud of him for figuring this out.

“Mom,” Tyler continued, while bouncing excitedly, “she’s going to be so pretty and smart and I’m so so so so excited!”

His mother laughed, a smile of relief appearing on her face. “Yes you are, aren’t you Tyler? Now, why don’t you ask Zach if he wants to practice shooting hoops with you?”

“Sure Mom!” Tyler had said, hopping down from his mother's lap and smiling at her once more before disappearing out of the kitchen to try to convince his brother to play a little ball with him.