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Newly weds first dance. Though a dysfunctional gathering with the guests ranging from gangsters to officials thanks to the couple’s backgrounds. It was almost perfect. Almost… if Kankuro were more supportive like the youngest of the sand siblings. What can one expect from the mightiest gangster, after all. If only it were that simple. With Shikamaru being a small time gangster climbing up in the world, Kankuro despises him- even wants him dead. A difficult task, for Temari has made it clear plenty of times, over her dead body.

“I made the best decision in my life.” Shikamaru snapped her out of her sorrow.

Originally, they were ‘enemies’. Temari was set out to Konoha as a spy for Gaara. Raised to hate her enemies by her kingpin father but never did she once think she would fall in love with one.

“He’ll come around… eventually.” Shikamaru whispered.

And lo and behold, he was right.

Temari could see Kankuro’s right-hand man in the crowd. Indicating her brother’s presence, she assumed.

The henchman made his way towards the slow dancing couple. As if he were going to greet them or congratulate them. Bringing a different kind of smile to her face.

Unfortunately, the smile fades as quickly as the man pulled out a pistol and aiming it at the back of a clueless Shikamaru. No one has noticed right away. Not until it was too late. Few seconds before the trigger was pulled, Temari led the dance, making a swift 180. Saving the love of her life just as she promised… just as she threatened.

Collapsing atop Shikamaru. Her surroundings inaudible. From her line of sight, Shikamaru was yelling at the top of his lungs. She couldn’t hear him but the veins on his neck and temple implies it. His lips read “Fucking kill’em!!”

From Shikamaru’s line of sight, the crowd in frantic. Chouji bashing the man’s skull in with an ice sculpture. Officer Gaara trying to keep order. Lastly, his wife losing conscious in his arms.