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A/N: Hey y'all! It's Makasu-kun here. Now, I'm really excited about this. It's time to write some more epicness and doom known as OroNaru. This is one of my top ten favorite Naruto ships. It used to be my OTP until I came to love KakaNaru more so to pieces. Hehes

Anyways, I won't blather on for too long. Besides, y'all want to get to the story I'm sure. Hopefully y'all will like this. Please enjoy and R&R.

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Pairing: OroNaru. Any others will be implied and/or added like usual.

Dedicated: to my amazing best friend who I consider as an adoptive mother, CapricornKitty1975, who I love and adore to pieces. I don't know what I'd do without her..




Ever since the day I left the womb, my life has been nothing except strife. All of the villagers seemed to hate me which is derived from a fear that I will somehow become or is just like Kurama, the kitsune sealed inside of me. Yet, I don't even know the creature sealed within me from day one. Yeah, I sure have had strange dreams of being visited by a female kitsune locked behind iron bars. It always seemed strange to me. At this point, I'm in early adolescence which would be around between thirteen to fifteen years old. Somehow I've managed to evade the vicious attacks upon me from the civilians of Konoha. Sometimes, I'm unable to escape. It leads to me being pelted by stones, called insults, or worse. Obviously I've been able to hide in my makeshift home although at times the villagers stalked me to my home to badger me there as well.

Right now, I'm running away from some of the villagers. Managing to zigzag through the streets, I went to the rooftops where I seemed to lose them. When I came to a spot where I thought I'd be safe for now, I visibly relaxed. It wouldn't last for long. Frowning, I really hoped that one day I wouldn't be on my own. Yeah, I do know that the Hokage watched over me by keeping tabs on me. What I just hoped is that Sarutobi would assign someone to adopt me or something. I hated always living in fear of being harassed by people.

What I couldn't stand for is being here in Konoha where no one seemed to understand me . Staying in my hiding spot on that rooftop until the close had been clear, I jumped down with a leap of faith to land on my feet, Glancing around to see that there's no one in sight caused him to elicit a sigh of relief. What I couldn't detect is a pair of eyes watching me from the shadows. The serpentine gold eyes belonged to a certain legendary shinobi. Sighing to myself, I went the long way home. It's usually what worked. Upon hearing the vibration of an echo amongst the empty streets, I hesitantly followed it. It seemed to be coming from a serpent. It sounded like a hiss, but it's low enough to attract the one it's looking for. When I arrived at the spot where Manda is sitting with its coils underneath it, the huge anaconda stared at me intently.

"What?" I blurted out in awe of the summon beast.

"Massster sssummoned me to meet with you," hissed out the serpent, noticing we're in an alleyway out of sight of anyone, noticing that the serpent's signature is heavily masked for no one to find it.

"But why?" I asked, confused. "I don't even know who your Master is."

"No need to know about that, little drake. What you need to know is he will come for you when you're of age," informed Manda.

"For what reason?" I inquired, wanting to know the truth.

"You won't know until then," hissed Manda, knowing it had to bite me to give me the curse mark before leaving.

"Oh," I felt mesmerized by the serpent itself, not seeing it lower its head down to reveal its venomous fangs before plunging them into the juncture between my collarbone and neck, causing me to grunt from the spark of pain that caused a burning sensation afterwards.

"W-What was that f-for?" I asked, unable to remain strong with the venom beginning to course through my veins.

"What I had been ordered to do. Now, you know, he will right the wrongs that have been committed to you. Until then, remain patient, Naruto. Good things come to those who wait."

A/N: Yays! Done with the prologue! Hehes, it's fun returning back to the primary form of writing in povs. Hopefully y'all will find this interesting with how things progress from here on out. Obviously I have plans of diabolical doom though that's to be expected. *innocent look*

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