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Alan ran. She kept running and running. Men were chasing her down, trying to grab her, take her somewhere. She didn't want to be taken, she was only 19. It was her birthday today, but not any more if these men don't stop chasing her. She saw her family killed before her eyes, no time to yell no time to cry. All she did was run until her legs could run no more. Until the men stop chasing. " Leave me alone! I don't want nothing to do with you!" She screamed and yelled, fighting with all her power to get away from the men that were now tackling her to the ground. One of them lifted up their mask, standing over Alan. They both stared at each other, until the man spoke up. " Listen little girl. You come with us with no problem we could make this easy for you." Alan didn't say anything, she just stared waiting for the man to continue. " Or you can work up a fight and we could do much more fun. Next thing Alan knew was the darkness that surrounded her. The last thing she heard was someone saying, "throw her in." That was it until she could nor hear or see no more.


In the circle


"Can we go one day and not have to search the maze?" Rodimus whined as he dropped his pickax and wiped the sweat from his face.  Everyday was the same thing. Work out,search the maze,come back,Work,sleep. Megatron spoke up, "Calm down rod. It's called life. Might wanna get one." Rodimus gave him a glare, "Thanks for the motivation..." Rodimus. The captain, not a good one but it's all they got to survive. " Hey megs?" Megatron looked at him, "don't call me that, but what is it?" "Doesn't the new greenie come today? It passed a year, right." Megatron looked up at the other people surrounding the elevator, "I guess it is that time of the year." They both started to walk over to the others, checking to see if the new kid showed up yet. And it did. Perceptor spoke up from his spot next to drift, "It seems to be a female." Tailgate went closer to the girl, "wow another one? The last female we had was arcee." Rodimus looked at her, "Be careful tailgate, Never know when she might wake up. And trust me we don't want another man hurt from a persons fighting skills." 


Alan felt herself come back to reality. Or at least she thought she was back. It was really bright, she could hear people talking. No idea what happend no idea what to expect. She couldn't even remember how she got here, what was she. who is she? What emotions does she feel right now? "So what do we do with her if she doesn't wake up?" The voices kept talking, " I guess we throw her somewhere deep inside the maze so the body won't mess with our health." Another voice said. That's when she forced her body to wake up. Breathing heavily, quickly standing up just to fall again. The voices. She saw the people that had the voices. One of them approached her, He was small, white hair and blue and white mask. "Hey hey, calm down. We're not going to hurt you." Alan glared at them with tearful eyes, "Yea right! Like I would believe something that you would say!" The white haired man kept on coming closer, and closer. Alan couldn't take it anymore and got up to run. She ran near a big stone door. The people were yelling at her to stop running and not to go in there. She didn't listen of course and kept running, Night was coming over, she wanted to be free. not in that prison with everyone else.


The girl ran. Kup yelled at her to stop running. "She's gonna get herself killed!" Kup yelled from his spot. "Perceptor go with kup and find the girl,The rest of you stay here and keep a watch out, night is gonna come soon so we need to keep a look out." The group nodded and perceptor and kup left running after the girl, "where do you think she went?" Perceptor asked as he slowed down to look at every dead end, every corner, every turn they could find. Kup looked up at the sky, "I don't know where she went but we have to find her fast, night i gonna come soon. I we don't find he and get out of here soon we will all be dead meat." They kept on searching for the crying girl, as the night was catching up to them and it got darker and darker kup was losing hope. "We gotta stop kid. We gotta go back and look for her in the morning." Perceptor stopped and ran his fingers through his hair, " we can't go back now. She is still out there. And it would be to late if we even try to go back now. The gate is prob-" He was cut off, the screeching sound of metal and rocks packing in together. Kup looked back at where they came from, he slammed his spear on the ground, cursing in anger. "God dammit! We shouldn't have followed her in the first place! Now we're gonna die all because of her." Perceptor was livid, not because of the girl but because kup said it was all her fault they were stuck in the maze. "Will you shut your bloody mouth!" Kup stopped his curses and starred at perceptor, "it's not her fault were stuck out here. The last thing we need is to go back emptied handed. She doesn't know what is happening. The last thing she wants is to die not knowing why the hell she is in this mess in the first bloody place." Kup stood up straight, "Percy. That's not what I mean, it wasn't suppose to come out like that." Perceptor looked down, "She's our only hope kup. We have to help weather you like it or not." 


Kup looked at him and looked him straight in the eye, "alright kid. You made yer' point. We're gonna get her out of here, even if we die while doing it. It will all be for a good cause" Both were startled when they heard a high pitched scream coming from around the corner, they both ran to see the girl. But there also was a griever too. Kup stabbed the monster with his spear as perceptor ran towards the girl shielding her from the monster. Alan had no choice but to grab on to the man and nudge her face into his jacket. She didn't know what was happening, all she wanted to do was get out of here once and for all. The griever was killed with one final stab to the head, it lay dead on the ground in front of them. "You okay Percy?" Kup asked as he stepped around the body, Perceptor nodded, "I'm fine but shouldn't we be the one asking her that?" They both turned to the girl standing a few inches away from her to give her some space. Perceptor spoke up, "are you okay ma'am? I swear to god that we are not gonna hurt you." Alan looked at them confused, sad, and angry. "Who are you guys? Where am I? What the hell was that thing that just tried to attack me!" Kup walked up to her, "promise you won't run away again out of panic?" Alan nodded, kup spoke up again, "I'm kup," he pointed to perceptor, "that is perceptor. And your in the maze and then we'll talk about it later." Alan pointed to herself, "who am I?" Perceptor spoke up, "you won't remember your name as you just arrive, it would take a while until you fully remember your name."


Kup looked up at the sky, "we can talk about this later, sun is rising we have to make it back to the entrance." They started to walk back, kup and perceptor had their spears in hand as Alan walked between them. Alan spoke up again, "how long did it take for you guys to remember your name?" Perceptor spoke up, " well it took me about six months before I was able to remember." Kup looked at the sky to see it turning a brighter color, "it took me a little longer to figure mine out, don't know how long it was but perceptor knew his name way before mine." They kept on walking, finding the entrance and walking back to it. They found the rest of the group ding their daily things, all three of them walked toward's the captain building. Rodimus walked over to them, "I see you found the girl, leave her here i'll talk to her about the other things." Kup and percetor both nodded after leaving the girl and rodimus to talk.


Alan shook as the other two men left. She was left with another man, he had reddish orange spiky hair. He didn't meet her eyes because he didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable. Alan finally decided to speak up, "who are you?" Rodimus pointed to himself, "I am rodimus. And you are in the glacier, we call this our home until we escape." Alan was confused, "what do you mean escape? Who are we trying to escape?" Rodimus pointed out the door to the maze she ran into, "there is an exit, we need to find the exit and get out of here." Rodimus continued, "but we never go in the maze when it's close to night. That's when the grievers come out to attack." Alan was still confused, "you mean that thing that tried to attack me? that weird eight legged thing?" Rodimus nodded, "I wasn't there but yes that is what attacked you." Alan slowly looked up, "how long?" Rodimus looked at her, "what do you mean 'how long?'" 


"How long until we find the exit. How long until I can remember my name? Will we ever be able to escape?" Rodimus walked over to her and crouched to touch her chest where her heart would be.


"That is for time to tell tell. It's always eyes, keep a look out. It's always more than meets the eye."


Alan walked out of the suppose to be captains log. She remembered what rodimus said, "That is for time to tell." She didn't know what he meant by that. "It's always more than meets the eye." Don't know what he means by that either, maybe just a saying. Alan heard foot steps coming her way, slowly backing up just to bump into the figure. She quickly turned around and fell on to the ground, alan looked up to see who she bumped into. It was the same small man from yesterday, "o-oh! i'm sorry sir I didn't know which way you were coming from." The man spoke, he had a squeaky voice, "it's okay. I'm tailgate, sorry for making you jump." Alan slowly got up and looked down at the man, "uhh I'm a well I don't remember my name yet." Alan said shyly, tailgate chuckled behind his mask, "don't need to mention it. Trust me it's natural when your here." Alan just looked around, the place felt so weird. Everything here was controlled by nature, except for the maze part, that part was just controlled by. Hell. Alan was spooked when tailgate started talking again, "Well might as well introduce you to your job." Alan looked at him as he started walking, she caught up to him, "job? What do you mean by job?" Tailgate chuckled, "well where you'll be working of course! We all have jobs, if your lucky ultra magnus might upgrade your job. And as you get higher and higher your job will turn into the highest of them all." Tailgate and Alan arrived at the place alan was suppose to be 'working' in. "But don't worry your not gonna be working alone. You have me, lug, anode, starscream. and a few others. And that guy perceptor you were kinda holding on to when you guys came back from the maze. He's a scientist, you could find him literally anywhere around here. He's a good help when it comes to problems, but if you got any personal problems you can go see rung. He's a therapists." Tailgate then pointed to a hut with a red cross on it, "That over there is where you can find ratchet and first aid. They are the medics. Then you have the wreckers, They run the maze and try to find the exit. Perceptor is one too, he actually has two jobs, that on and being a scientist."


Tailgate looked at the confused girl and just left her be. "I have to get back on my job. Hopefully you know where to find me and everyone else. I'll leave you be now." Alan looked up at the blue sky, "Why did 'they' choose me to be here?"