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Souyowrimo Prompts

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The kitchen counter was covered in ingredients, with three different kinds of chocolates, colorings, powders, cream and spices taking up all the available space. Yu was chopping up milk chocolate while the water baths heated up on the stove. Next to him, Nanako was weighing out white chocolate into a bowl, glaring at the bowl like it was the one at fault for the current situation.

“Here you go,” she said as she handed Yu the bowl, trying to hide her annoyed expression. “But, big bro, isn’t that a lot?”

“Well, I have to make some for all of my friends, and then you wanted some for your friends as well, right?”

Nanako tapped her foot and pursed her lips, causing Yu to look concerned and kneel down to her level, bowl still in hand.

“Is something wrong, Nanako? You don’t have to bring any to school if you don’t want to, you know.”

Nanako shook her head. “No! That’s not it!”

“What is it, then?”

“You’re being a coward, big bro!” she burst out.

She knew she wasn’t being very nice right now, but the twinge of guilt she felt at telling off her beloved brother was shoved aside by her exasperation.He was being very stupid right now.

“You shouldn’t be giving everyone chocolates when there’s a person you like! You should give him chocolates only. Otherwise he won’t understand!”

Yu’s mouth dropped open and the bowl he’d been holding fell to the floor, scattering chocolate all over the kitchen, but he didn’t move to clean it up, staring at her.

“The… the person I … who?” he asked in a shocked, distant voice.

Nanako looked at him in disbelief.


Yu made a small noise like a balloon being stepped on, or perhaps a dying rat, and Nanako re-evaluated the situation.

“You look so happy when you look at him. You make the same face as when you’re petting the kitties outside, and you don’t make that face for anyone else. Doesn’t that mean you like him?”

Yu ran a hand over his face, looking kind of like Dad when he was having a hard time with work. Nanako bit her lip.

“Sorry, I thought—”

“No, Nanako, you’re right. It does. I just didn’t know I was doing that. Oh no,” he exclaimed, “does that mean everyone else knows? Does he know?!”

“I don’t think so. He looks at you like…” Nanako tried to think of the right explanation. “Oh! He looks at you like you’re the new Detective Loveline toy that he really wants, but you’re too expensive so he can only look but he can’t have you.” Nanako nodded, proud of her analogy, while Yu choked on absolutely nothing.

Does he?

Nanako had some additional confirmation about Yosuke’s feelings, courtesy of his tendency to speak in his sleep and a certain blond boy’s tendency to tell Nanako everything, but she figured she shouldn’t tell Yu that herself.

Yu still looked a bit shell-shocked, so she started picking up the chocolate he’d dropped. After a few moments, he joined her, and when they were done and the floor had been swept clean, Yu seemed a bit more like himself.

“I’ll tell you what, Nanako. How about we still make chocolates for everyone, but make some extra special ones for Yosuke? And maybe… maybe I’ll tell him how I feel.”

“Ok, big bro!” Nanako replied excitedly, and reached into the cupboard to pull out the musical note-shaped mold she’d gotten at Junes earlier just for this. Yu seemed like he wanted to ask something, but then shook his head and took it from her, smiling.

“Let’s do orange and red for him. And no extra spices, I think he’s had enough strange spicy foods for a lifetime.”

Nanako got to work measuring out a new bowl of chocolate, and the rest of the evening passed happily with her big bro by her side. The chocolates they made for everyone were cute little cat-shaped ones with glitter, and the musical notes for Yosuke came out perfect. She just hoped Teddie had as much success with his side of the plan...