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The Elven Slave

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Keeper Deshanna Istimaethoriel Lavellan walked amongst her clan. She was looking for someone it was not quite dawn. They clan was at the edge of the woods, he Aravels and Halla surrounded the camp. They were in the Free Marches still near the Planasene Forest. She planned to move them on soon, the human in a village nearby where becoming bothersome. Finally she found what she was looking for, she knelt down, and by a small camp fire was a woman. She had long black raven hair. It went down to her waist. She had it in a braid. Her back was facing the keeper her face, facing the fire. Her right arm supporting her head as she slept. Her body was covered in leather clothes. Next to her was a mage's staff that signaled to the others she was Deshanna's first.


Deshanna touched the girls shoulder, "Tiatria! Tiatria wake up!"


Tiatria stirred after few moments, she turned over to look at the Keeper "What is it?"


Deshanna looked into Tiatria's deep blue eyes, Tiatria had the Vallaslin of Ghilan'nain on her face.


"I need you to go into the woods for Elfroot and Blood Lotus. I must stay with our hunters who were wounded from the last battle with the Shemlen."


Tiatria looked at the woods, she didn't like the look of them, and she grabbed her staff. She stood up "Ma nuvenin Keeper, but isn't it dangerous with the human village so close?"


Deshanna looked at her with concern in her eyes "Da'len, I must stay and watch after the wounded hunters. I've chosen this time of day because it's dark and we can see where the Shems cannot. You're safer now then any at any other time and the herbs are at their fuller strength. If our hunters are to have a better chance of recovery now is the time. Please go and becareful!"


Tiatria nodded, she put her staff on her back and walked softly into the forest. She had a small satchel she had brought with her that had a strap to collect the herbs in. She used her Elven eyes to see which ways the leaves had fallen so not to make any noise. Tiatria wandered through the thick lush trees, hunting for elfroot for what her Keeper needed.


Tiatria's eyes brightened as she spotted the leafy herb and rushed over to extract the elfroot from the ground. When she was done she scanned the area again for anymore of the healing plants. She spotted another set close to the creek that was off to her right. Tiatria found a royal elfroot in the middle of the small selections. She went to work on digging them up, forgetting her surroundings.


After a while she started to feel uneasy animals seemed quiet or scattered. The Elfroot was easy enough to find but Tiatria knew she was going to have to go to the river bank to find the Blood Lotus. She started to hear tiny twig snaps in the distance, she turned around but saw nothing. At some point she gently took her staff from her back to softly illuminate the Blood Lotus' pollen so it would be easier to find. She started to see the red pollen in the air, she collected what she needed and stood up. Tiatria held her staff bringing it in a defensive stance in her hands as she held more twigs snapping in the distance. She stood up and began warily walking back in the direction of her clan, eyes darting all over looking for the danger. She turned back and walked further out of the forest. when she felt a sharp pain hit the back of her head.


Sometime later, she woke up with her head in severe pain. When her eyes focused she could see she was on her back. She noticed her arms were above her head. She looked and saw they were tied to a short stake.


"Ah you're up!" Tiatria snapped her head forward seeing three men.


They were tall. One had a mean look to him, he had black short hair and a beard. He held her staff showing it to her and broke it over his knee.


He threw the pieces aside, "We've been watching you pretty!"


Tiatria gave them a nasty look, "What do you want from me? I just want to gather herbs for my clan, I don't want to bother you!"


The harsh man kicked her legs open, suddenly she knew. She started to struggle trying to form fire from her fingers to burn her ropes. As stick hit her upside the head, she looked at him dazed. The man held a four inch thick five foot long stick.


"You're not going to try any of that magic shit or we'll beat the crap of you or cut your hands off! DO you understand?"


The Man walked up to her, kneeling down in between her legs. He ripped off her pants only showing her undergarment. The other two men walked up, their eyes lit up. Tiatria screamed trying to loosen her bindings. The man grabbed her by the jaw forcing her to look at him.


"This will not be pretty, this will not be kind. You will not enjoy any of this in any way! This is for our amusement only."


Tiatria lurched her head out his grip, he slapped her hard. He then ripped her top off too, she struggle screaming, shrieking. The two men drew closer to her. The man grabbed her by the throat and forced her legs to open wider. He ripped off her undergarment, and adjusted himself to her. She cried and struggled, the man used his free arm to grab her thigh and squeezed. She shrieked he had pressed a pressure point forcing her to stop struggling. Her legs and body began to shake uncontrollably. He slapped her as he slammed himself into her causing her to cry out so loud birds scattered.


The man looked down laughing "You're bleeding! Blood and you're so tight!"


He looked at the others and laughed, "We have a virgin here boys I can barely move!"


Tiatria screamed in pain, "THEN DON'T!" trying to find a way to breathe.


The man laughed at her spitting at her, "Oh that won't stop me!" he hissed.


He thrusted forward hard, this made her shriek. The pain was horrible. She thought she was going to split in half from it. He thrusted hard forcing himself deep inside her she felt he like he was going to reach the backs of her teeth. Tiatria screamed in pain as the first man squeezed and bit at her breasts so hard it left marks. After a while she lost consciousness from the pain.


Tears poured down her cheeks as he kept violating her in her sleep and she continued to feel the pain. Even now as she was unconscious she still felt that pain no matter what. As the bastard took her tears continued to trickle down her cheeks. He sliced at her breasts with a dagger as he laughed. The other men began masturbating over her body and coming all over her as the man kept slamming himself into her. She could hear the three men laughing, they thought this was funny.

When he was done he groaned and slowly pulled out. He looked down seeing all the blood on his penis and coming out of her.


"That was fantastic! Virginal pussy is the best! You guys have to try it!"


One of the other men crawled over undoing his pants. He slapped her hard waking her up, when her eyes started to focus; he penetrated her. Tiatria screamed from the pain. The man leaned forward having her legs go over his shoulders. This allowed him go in deeper as he thrusted in deeper. He slammed in harder and harder causing her to shriek in horrible pain until he came.


Tiatria wrists were bleeding from the bindings cutting into her flesh. They had bound her bindings too tight.


He shuttered with aftershocks, Tiatria could only sob as her legs shook from the aching pain. The man pulled out laughing seeing the blood on his dick. The third man nodded at the second. He grabbed Tiatria by the hair forcing her to look up at him.


"My wife can't know of this! I can't afford to be seen with virginal blood on my cock!"


The man walked over to her and dropped to his knees. He put two fingers inside of her and then took them looking at them


"Still too much blood."


Tiatria was tired and didn't know what he was talking about. He lowered his pants revealing his hard dick. He forced her hips up till dick was close to another hole. Tiatria eyes flashed with panic and she kicked to him in the face. The man punched her in the face several times till she stopped fighting and her face was bloody. Tears poured down her face as she knew she couldn't fight him.


He forced his way inside of Tiatria and she cried out in pain as the burn and the stretching threatening to overtake her. She sobbed as he moved hardily and fast. His hands dug into her hips as he slammed her. The other two men laughed as they watched. The man who was taking her scraped his teeth against his neck and down to her breasts. His hands forced her legs back to her chest as he slammed into her. Tiatria just screamed begging for him to stop! The man showed no sign of tiring and she just let her mind leave her body. When he was done he slid out of her, she felt herself lose control of bowels. She couldn't help it from all the abuse she just took.


All three laughed at her throwing food at her. They each took their turn in humiliating her more by groping and fondling her more. Tiatria looked above her head. Her fingers moved around the bindings, the binding cutting in deeper.


Over many hours each man took their turn. They beat her, humiliated her more after they were done from being exhausted the men looked at her.


One man left, "The wife will be missing me"


The Harsh man and the other man stayed behind.


They just looked at Tiatria he walked over to her, she began to shake thinking it was coming again. She was bloody, and dirty. Tears poured down her face. He used his right hand to touch the side of her face. She turned away from, he grabbed her face.


He forced Tiatria to look at him, "Have you ever wondered what it was like to be human?"


Tiatria looked at him with rage, "I would never want to be one of you! I'm proud to be Elvhan!" She then spit on him. 


He slapped her hard, he looked at one of his friends, "Murph get over here, NOW!"


One of the men ran over, "Hold her head!"


The man did what he was ordered to do forcing her head still. Tiatria tried to struggle but it was not use, the harsh man took a knife out of his boot. He grabbed the top of her right ear and started to cut into it.


Tiatria's index finger flickered. The man holding her head didn't notice, for his was sitting on her arms and her hands were behind him. Tiatria screamed from the pain, tears poured down her face. When he was done he showed six inches of her ear in his hand.


"Now you are only half elf, bitch! Now I have something to remember you by!"


The other guy let go of her head, causing her to slam to the ground. He took the knife from the harsh man.


"Let me see that! You're not the only one who gets a souvenir!"


Tiatria's head slowly lulled from side to side she moaned as if in a delirium.


"Help me Elgar'nan! Give me your strength!"


The men laughed at her as the man on top of her molested her face with his tongue."Elgar'nan? Who's that? One of your heathen gods?" he mocked.


The man grabbed Tiatria's hair and started cutting. It came off at her shoulders, Tiatria screamed it was all she could do. Tiatria's head fell back, the light leaving her eyes.


"Thanks gorgeous,our gorgeous prize!" The world we'll always remember you as around her then went black.


After a while Tiatria heard stirrings of the forest, animals nuzzled here licked her wounds. She didn't know how long she laid there exposed, battered, dirty, blooded, and bruised. She started to hear footsteps coming her way; had they come back? Where they going to finish her off, end it? She started to pray Falon'Din to help guide her to death.


She felt her bindings being cut her hands splayed out on either side of her head. She felt herself being dragged by what was left of her hair. She then fell back into the darkness once again. When she felt herself start to wake, she felt a fire's warmth caress her left cheek. Tiatria slowly opened her eyes to see that her two attackers were sitting across from her.


The harsh man smiled, "You're awake gorgeous! Good."


Tiatria sat up shaking, not sure of what was going to happen next. She looked at her hands and she was shackled and there was a neck shackle that connected to her wrists shackles.


Tiatria sat up terrified, "What are you going to do to me?"


The harsh man slowly got up from his seat and walked over to her, he had a wicked look in his eye. "My friend and I are going to join with the Inquisition! We need the company till we reach their base in Haven."


He snatched Tiatria by the nape of the neck forcing her to look into his eyes. "Till then" he snarled, "You can call me master."




Three months went by of Tiatria being dragged along with her captures, being tortured, forced to whatever sexual act was demanded of her. She was scarcely fed, her clothes ragged, dirty and savaged. She was beaten every time she had a look in her eye of using magic. She was stripped of everything that made her, her. When they got to a ridge Tiatria was being dragged by a chain leash they kept on her collar.


Murph pulled her leash so hard she fell down as he chuckled, "We made it Dax!"


Dax looked at Tiatria, "Yeah, it looks that way!"


He bent down as he grabbed Tiatria by the hair forcing her to look at him. She'd recently received a beating for not making Dax come soon enough. Tiatria's nose was broken, her eyes black, she had a split lip and several bruises on her back. Her knuckles where bruised from him breaking her fingers.


"I think we need one last bit of fun before we leave to do our duty for Thedas."


Dax pulled her chains till she was against him, his back against a tree a smirk across his lips. "Service me slave!"


Dax watched as her eyes opened, though they remained narrowed in annoyance. Tiatria did kneel down, her hands making quick work of the clasps of his belt. He looked down to watch her, smirking when he realized she was watching him as well.


They held eye contact as she worked the laces of his breeches, tugging the laces slack so that she could slide his pants down just below his ass. The air was cool against his erection and it took every ounce of Dax's will to keep his eyes open and gaze locked on Tiatria's as she gripped him and stroked, her thumb sliding over the sensitive head.


Her hand felt beyond amazing as it slid down his length and Dax let his eyes fall shut as she took him into her mouth...her mouth was so warm. His cock twitched in response as she began, taking in a little more of him with each bob of her head. Between the warm and wet heat of her mouth and the grip of her hand twisting up to meet with her lips he had to lean forward, resting one hand came to rest on her head. He didn't apply any pressure to her movements matter how little she liked what he made her do.


"Do you like it Master?" Tiatria asked after pulling her head away though her hand continued to stroke his length.


"It's fine slave." He huffed out a small laugh.


Her hand coiled tighter around him as he moaned, her tongue running along the base of his shaft to the very tip before she took him into her mouth again.


Dax swallowed hard as she released her grip from him and wrapped both arms around to grip his ass, her hands urging his hips forward until he was fully sheathed in her mouth. Sweet Maker... it was the first time she had ever done something good with her mouth in his opinion.


Dax's breaths were becoming more rapid as she continued to pull her mouth all the way to the tip before sheathing him again...he nearly lost control when she swallowed with him hilted in her mouth, the grip against him almost staggering in how great it felt.


Dax hung his head as her nails, short and blunt, grazed along his ass around his side and down his thigh until she lightly cupped his balls, her fingers stroking the flesh as she continued, his hips moving to meet her own movements.


"Fuck..." Dax pulled his hips back, freeing himself from her mouth with a pop. He reached down and grabbed her under her arms, tugging her up before spinning her to face the tree, pushing her forward so that she was bent at the waist, her body presented to him for the taking. Tiatria looked back at him and he smacked her head.


She turned her head back "Are you going to fuck me, or not Master?"


Dax grabbed himself to line up with her opening before thrusting in, his groan more of a growl as he reached one arm around her, his fingers sliding down to her folds, parting her folds. He did not set a gentle pace as he pulled back and thrust again, the pressure in his balls and stomach growing with each thrust.


Suddenly Tiatria heard a massive punch with her Master behind her. She fell over as Dax seemed to go with her. She looked and saw a small group of soldiers taking Murph into their custody. Two took Dax and forced him to stand with his cock still out of his pants.


A man came running to see what was going on. He seemed to be these Shemlen soldiers Commander. He was a tall man pale skin, amber eyes, honey blonde with some wave to it. It was short with it combed back. He had an unshaven face a day or two at least. He had a scare on his upper left lip, he wore soldier's armor on his chest on and arms but leather gloves, boots and pants. He wore a coat that wrapped in the front in the front of it but seemed to have fur at the top of the collar of it like lion's mane. He was a very handsome man but she could see he had seen many battles, blood and cruelties of others.


The man looked around with his sword drawn and looked at Dax and then Murph. He then noticed Tiatria, battered, beaten and nearly starved. Her clothes were in the same wretched state as when they first took her, but now even more tattered, dirty. Her elven eyes were very large and prominent as her face was sunken in.


The man's amber eyes grew crazed with anger. "Maker's Breath, what are you doing here?"


Dax looked at the man "We came to talk to the Commander so we could join the Inquisition's army."


The man gave them a nasty look, "I'm the Commander!"


Dax and Murph both stood at attention, "We are ready to report for duty Sir."


The Commander gave Dax a disgusted look as he paced around looking at the two of them. He looked like a lion about to kill and devour his prey.


He pointed at Dax, "You expect me to take you and him?" he asked as he pointed to Murph too.


"You have your cock hanging out between your legs as you are violating that woman! You expect me to take you into the Inquisition's ranks?"


"She's my slave! What does she matter? I don't see what the big deal is, she's just an elven whore!"


The Commander knew better, "She's clearly Dalish and I have a feeling you kidnapped her."


"All I care about is that I know who she is that I had first! I got to feel her around my cock first and I'm the one who broke her in for you or anyone else, first."


Cullen socked Dax in the mouth causing him to fall to the ground. "This isn't Tevinter! Slavery is illegal in southern Thedas, and by the look of you, you'll will never believe this but, she's a person." he snapped.


Dax spat out a tooth as the Commander looked at his men, "Take these two to the dungeons. I'll deal with them later."


The Commander then set his sights on the female elf. Tiatria looked at him still chained and was terrified, she tried to back up as she sat on the ground. Her hair fell in her face as she moved back.


The Commander held up his hands seeing the fear in her eyes. "My name is Commander Cullen" He knelt down slowly, not making any sudden moves "I'm not going to hurt you. Whatever you suffered, whatever happened to you, is over. You're free."


Hearing those words from Cullen was too much, Tiatria's eyes rolled back in her head as she fell back. Cullen stood up and walked over to this elven woman. He gently picked her up and turned to look at his men.


"Move out, we're heading back to Haven."


Cullen looked at Tiatria, "Andraste's Mercy, she needs a healer and these bastards need to be brought to justice.