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Midoriya Izuku’s discovery of his quirk was completely by accident.

He was four years old and just came back from a checkup at the doctors to confirm that he did not have the extra toe joint and was now sitting with his mom on the couch, playing with her hair by brushing it.

“Why did you have to talk to the doctor too, mom?” Midoriya asked.

“I was doing a checkup too, dear.” Inko responded.

“But you already have your quirk.”

Inko let out a small laugh. “They were doing other checkups that we have to do sometimes like checking my weight and height.”

“Did the doctor say you were okay?” Midoriya asked, now sounding slightly worried. Inko quickly replied, “everything is fine sweetie, don’t worry. I am 61 kilograms and 1.68 metres, just like I should be.”

Midoriya threaded his fingers through his mom’s hair, muttering to himself. “61 kilograms and 1.68 metres.” He fidgeted with the loose hairs on the brush and smiled, now knowing his mom isn’t sick.

That’s when the light appeared.

It was a brilliant green, the same colour as his eyes, that appeared in the hand of the one that was playing with the brush. It swirled around him before moving towards the center of the living room, in front of the tv, and began to take shape. The light pulsated and grew in height before vanishing, leaving behind a familiar sight.

It was an almost perfect replica of Inko, ‘almost’ being the keyword. It had the same clothes she was wearing along with the same figure and hair as well. Everything seemed to be in place except for her eyes. What should’ve been a matching set of green eyes was instead a pair of completely white eyes, no pupil or iris to be seen.

When faced with a creepy replica of herself, Inko did the only logical thing.

She yelled.

She also grabbed her son and went behind the couch to hide him, waiting for her clone to attack, but it did nothing but stood there with no expression on its face. Inko looked at it with fear as she held tightly onto Midoriya who, instead of being afraid as well, looked at it with curiosity, almost being drawn to it. A tugging feeling in his chest seemed to be attached to it. He finally found his voice as he called out, “what are you?”

Inko turned to her son to hush him but was startled by the clone taking a step forward. “I am your doll, Izuku.” it replied, its voice exactly like Inko’s.

The Midoriyas looked towards each other in confusion before looking at the doll. “What do you mean?” Inko asked, only to be met with no answer. Midoriya stood up and repeated the question. The doll looked to him and smiled.

“I’m your quirk, Izuku.”


Returning to the Dr. Tsubasa with a lookalike of Inko trailing behind them was unexpected to say the least, but at least the hours spent there finally gave them some answers.

Firstly, after asking questions about what happened beforehand, they discovered the conditions of Midoriya’s quirk to be activated: the person’s height, weight, and a piece of DNA, not just hair, that Midoriya must be touching. This was tested when Midoriya held onto a fingernail that Tsubasa cut off after telling him his height and weight.

Second, Midoriya could only seem to summon one doll at a time, as Inko’s disappeared when Tsubasa’s appeared. Midoriya also felt the tugging feeling in his chest disappear for a moment before coming back, now connected to Tsubasa’s doll.

Third, the dolls only listen to Midoriya, as it ignored anything the doctors or Inko told it to do or asked, so Midoriya had to play the middle man for them.

Fourth, and what seemed to be the most interesting thing, the dolls had a weaker version of its original’s quirk. The largest thing Inko could draw to her was a pot in her kitchen while Doll Inko could only seem to use its quirk on a notebook at most.

Finally, the dolls only seemed to go away under three circumstances: either a new doll is made, Midoriya summons it away, or if the doll takes a specific amount of damage. Its bodies were weaker than its original’s, so it was able to be taken down much faster.

Midoriya left the doctor’s office with a smile on his face. He finally got his quirk! “Can we go to Kacchan’s house?” he asked his mom as they got in the car. Inko smiled at her son’s excitement and nodded. “I’m sure everyone will be so excited to see your quirk.”

They weren’t excited, they were ecstatic. The look of shock on Bakugou’s face when a perfect replica of him appeared in front of him was one Midoriya would treasure forever. He commanded the doll to play the victim while he and Bakugou played the villain and hero.

Midoriya smiled as he went to bed that night. He would be a hero, just like All Might!


When Midoriya was 12 years old, he realized he may have his work cut out for him.

He and Bakugou were walking home from school when Midoriya mentioned something about being a hero, causing Bakugou to pause and stare at Midoriya. “You’re still on about that?” he asked.

Midoriya looked at his friend in confusion. “Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be.”

Instead of explaining, Bakugou pulled out a strand of hair from his head and handed it to Midoriya. “Summon my doll.” he ordered. Midoriya thought about Bakugou’s updated height and weight and soon enough, Bakugou’s doll stood in between them, wearing Aldera’s black uniform, staring at Bakugou with blank eyes. The two of them learned that as they aged and progressed, so did the dolls. The doll’s quirk may have gotten stronger, but it was still very weak compared to the real deal.

Bakugou looked around for a second before launching an explosion at its chest, causing it to fly back and hit the ground, not getting up from such a hit to its weak body.

Midoriya looked at his friend in shock. “What was that for?” he asked, summoning the doll away before anyone noticed.

“You have a weak meat shield and no way to defend yourself right now. How do you expect to be a hero like that?” Bakugou demanded. Midoriya opened his mouth to argue back but closed it quickly, not having a retort. Bakugou continued on. “I’ve been thinking about this for a while. My quirk has grown since we were young but you? It’s been the exact same. I’ve entertained all your hero hopes because we were young but now we’re going to graduate soon so it’s time to get serious. I’ll be going to UA with or without you.”

Midoriya looked up at his best friend in disbelief, not because of the harsh tone, he was used to that, but because he was onto something. As much as he’s experimented with his quirk and made his dolls stronger, everything was reset when he summoned a new one. It was a double edged sword, but he was not going to give up at all. “I’ll be going to UA too, Kacchan.”

“Then get your shit together.” he said, moving past him to go home. He stopped and turned around to look at Midoriya one last time. “Want to hear something interesting? Your name can also be read as ‘Deku,’ like those useless wooden puppets. Fitting for you and your quirk unless you do something about.” With that, Bakugou turned around and headed home without Midoriya.

Midoriya stared at Bakugou’s retreating form, frustrated with the situation he found himself in. His hand tightened around the hair he was still clutching and walked over to the empty park to summon Bakugou’s doll again. “ There must be something I’m missing .” he thought. With a flash of light, Bakugou’s doll returned, but there was something different about it. Instead of being made brand new like it usually was, it had a giant hole in its shirt, the edges of it singed from a heated attack. Bakugou’s heated attack.

Midoriya looked at the strand of hair in his hand in awe. The DNA he holds onto to create the dolls never disappears when the doll appears, but Midoriya normally just drops it afterwards and gets a new piece of DNA to remake them, but if he can use the same piece of DNA to keep the same doll, then he may have just found his key to UA.


It’s been a year since Midoriya made his discovery in the park and he has never been more thankful for his notebooks in his life.

He has gone back and forth between using the dolls of him mom and Bakugou’s to train, keeping their hair strands in two different lockets he wears around his neck for easy access. His notebooks kept all his thoughts about what they could do with their quirks and now, he was able to put them to the test with his dolls. The doctor said that the dolls were made with a weaker version of the original’s quirk, but he never said that they couldn’t be trained.

Midoriya chose to hide in a trash infested beach nearby in order to train his dolls, not wanting to get in trouble for public quirk use. He sat on an overturned bookshelf and commanded Doll Inko to start summoning scraps towards her. In the year since he began, Doll Inko has upgraded from floating notebooks to floating a single shelf towards her. Midoriya pointed to a broken metal door on the ground nearby. “Try lifting that.” he told her. Doll Inko lifted her hand and pointed at the door, watching as it shook and lifted in the air. It moved two feet before hitting the ground with a loud thud, crashing into some of the metal.

Midoriya froze and listened carefully, hoping no one heard the commotion, but luck was not on his side as he heard the shuffling of sand nearby and soon enough, someone walked into Midoriya’s clearing.

The man was giant, around seven feet tall, and had blond hair as messy as a lion’s mane. He looked horrifically unhealthy with his clothes hanging over his thin body, hollow cheeks, and sunken in eyes. Midoriya prayed he was not a secret cop.

“My boy, are you okay?” the man asked him, a concerned look on his face.

“I uh, I am sir! Sorry about the noise. I was just training with my quirk.” Midoriya quickly explained.

The man looked from Midoriya to Doll Inko and tilted his head in confusion. “What exactly is your quirk, my boy?” he asked.

Midoriya’s nervous energy dissipated as he happily explained his quirk in full detail to the man, who was giving him his full attention. “So as long as I keep the same piece of DNA, the doll’s ‘history’ won’t be erased. I’m finishing up with my mom’s doll and then I’ll start working with my friend’s doll.” he finished.

“Why not just have them both work at once?” the man asked.

“I’ve tried to make another doll while one is still here but it hasn’t worked so far.” Midoriya said sadly. The man thought for a moment before taking a step towards Midoriya. “I’ve worked with quirks in the past. Perhaps I could be of some assistance if you explain your situation?” he asked.

Midoriya nodded and explained. “When a doll is made, it feels like there’s a connection between us, like a tugging feeling. When the doll disappears, the connection breaks.”

“Like a puppet string.” the man mutters under his breath. “Try visualizing the string connecting you to this doll right here and when you summon your friend’s doll, hold tightly to the string.”

Midoriya nods and opens the Bakugou locket. Pressing his finger to the hair, he closes his eyes and feels the string connecting him to Doll Inko and holds onto it tightly as he creates Doll Bakugou. He could feel the strain against Doll Inko grow stronger but he clenches his teeth and refuses to give up. After a moment, the strain disappears and Midoriya thinks he failed but when he opens his eyes, he sees Doll Inko and Doll Bakugou staring at him.

“I did it.” he whispers in disbelief. “I can’t believe I did it.” He turns to the man to see him smiling proudly at Midoriya. “Thank you so much Mr…”

“Yagi. Yagi Toshinori.” the man replied. “I’m glad I could be of assistance. Are you doing this for hero training?”

“Yup! I’m doing the UA entrance exam next year.” Midoriya explained.

“Well I wish you luck with that my boy. I didn’t seem to get your name.”

“Midoriya Izuku, sir.”

“Well Midoriya, I must be going, but I hope to see you around.”

“Thank you again, Yagi-san.” Midoriya said as Yagi waved goodbye. Once he was gone, he pulled out his phone and took a picture of the two dolls and sent to Bakugou. Seconds later, he got a reply that nearly made him fall of the bookshelf laughing.

What the FUCK?


It was two months later when Midoriya sees Yagi again, he just didn’t realize it at the time.

Bakugou was home sick, so he ended up walking home alone after school, trying to forget his classmate’s taunts when they found out he wanted to go to UA with his ‘useless quirk’. He sighed as he kept walking, wanting to get home and eat so he could continue training his dolls.

“A medium sized body to hide in…” a voice from behind him gurgled. Midoriya moved to turn around but could not even move an inch before all he could feel was liquid.

A villain!? ” he thought as he tried to claw at it. “Hold still kid. It’ll be over fast.” the villain whispered to Midoriya, but he still kept kicking.

He moved his hands to the locket higher up on his chest and opened it just enough for him to place a finger on it, summoning his doll to his side. He managed to choke out a small “attack” before the sludge filled his mouth. That was all Doll Bakugou needed before he let out an explosion towards the villain, shocking him enough to drop Midoriya. Midoriya fell to the ground and began coughing. The last thing he heard was a booming “ DETROIT SMASH! ” before the world went dark.

He awoke to a blue sky and a stinging cheek as he sat up and looked around. He saw Doll Bakugou standing by, staring at All Might and-

Wait, what the fuck.

“All Might!” Midoriya shouted, staring up at his hero in awe. The man looked back at him, giving him his signature, blinding smile.

“Young man, I am very happy to see you’re alright! You’ve got quite the quirk on you. It distracted the villain long enough for me to attack it and capture it!” he explained, holding up a bottle of sludge.

Midoriya opened his mouth but no coherent words seem to come out. “I, uh, I, THANK YOU! For saving me that is. Can you sign my-?”

“Notebook?” All Might asked, holding up said notebook already. “One step ahead of you, my boy. You’ve got quite the notes here. Are you planning on becoming a hero?”

“Yes! I want to go to UA like you did!” Midoriya excitedly replied.

“You’ve got quite the mind but here is a word of advice to you. The entrance exam will need you to bulk up quite a bit. There’s a beach nearby where I’m sure you can put on some muscle clearing it.” All Might said. Midoriya nodded along, taking in his idol’s words carefully.

All Might handed Midoriya the notebook and waved. “I must be off now. Good luck, young Midoriya!” with that, All Might leaped into the air, leaving behind a gust of wind.

Midoriya stood there in shock. He met All Might. All Might called him smart. All Might gave him advice.

He walked over to his bag with a giddy smile on his face and picked it up before walking over to Doll Bakugou. “Thanks for saving me.” he told it, ignoring how it did so because he told it to. The doll gave a short nod to Midoriya before looking at something on the ground. Midoriya looked down too and picked it up, seeing it was a strand of blond hair, more golden than the ones on Doll Bakugou’s head.

Midoriya quickly shoved it into Doll Bakugou’s hand. “He doesn’t know my quirk and I don’t have his permission. Blow it up.” The doll obeyed. Midoriya summoned it away and looked down at his notebook, where All Might’s signature covered two whole pages. He smiled and raced home with a new burst of determination, not noticing how All Might knew his name even though he didn’t tell him.


That evening, he walked over to Dagobah Beach and looked over the trash filled horizon, already thinking of a plan to clean it all.

“It used to be such a lovely sight.” a voice from behind said. Midoriya turned around to see Yagi approaching him.

“I got some advice today that I’m going to follow. I’m going to try and clear the beach!” Midoriya declared.

“All of it?” Yagi asked.

“Yup! I’m doing all or nothing for this to get into UA. Plus Ultra, right?”

Yagi smiled at him. “Plus Ultra indeed. It is quite dangerous without any supervision, though.”

“Can you supervise me then?” Midoriya asked. Yagi looked taken aback before nodded to the boy. “I’d be happy to, young Midoriya.”

With that, Midoriya’s ten months of hell began.