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Trying To Replace What We Lost

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Theseus Malfoy strolled through the long, stone corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had come back for the eighth year along with Draco, Theo, Blaise, and Pansy – Crabbe and Goyle had been killed in the horrendous battle earlier in the year. His shaggy blue hair contrasted with his unnaturally pale skin, bouncing along to the rhythm of his footsteps. The other eighth years had gone straight to the common room after the welcome feast, eager to unpack and get ready for the infamous Gryffindor party which Hermione had been planning over the summer to allow people a few hours to forget about the horrors they had all lived through.
After a few hours of wandering through the castle, Theseus walked into the common room. The bright paintings of the wall, lit fire, and worn couches created a homely atmosphere in which Theseus knew he would be able to relax after long days. In the middle of the room, sat a circle of eighth years, talking quickly and earnestly. Theseus spotted Theo and sat down next to him.
“…all get along together otherwise this just is not going to work. We’re all going to have to forget any past feuds and stereotypes, so we can all be friends, start a clean slate.” Hermione spoke.
“What about the Slytherin scum? Weren’t most of those death eaters? Why should I befriend people who got my best friend killed?” Someone questioned. Theseus looked around and realised the speaker was Oliver Rivers, a Ravenclaw.
“No one in this room was ever a death eater, okay? We were terrified of him, he was the one who started all of this.” Pansy said. Theseus was glad to have met Pansy all those years ago, he doesn’t want everyone to find out about Draco’s stint in the ranks as Draco would end up having a miserable year if anyone did.
“Pansy knows what she’s talking about guys. Can we all just for once be friends? Please?” Potter said to the circle as he sat down next to Dean. Theseus noticed Ron open and close his mouth multiple times as if he decided against fighting his best friend, the saviour of the wizarding world. Suddenly, the oak door to the common room swung open to reveal Headmistress McGonagall and a tall, skinny, black-haired man.
“Listen up please.” Everyone quieted as McGonagall spoke clearly, “This is your new head of year Mr Misha Yakovich, he will be like ahead of house for you all. We still have house heads, but it would be easier if you went to see Professor Yakovich. If I hear of any bullying or fighting between any of you, you will be given detention for a month with Mr Filch. Have I made myself clear?” A chorus of yes misses was heard around the room. “Good. I’ll leave you all to get to know your new head of year.” With that, McGonagall glided out of the room, the door slamming behind her.
“As Minerva said, I am Professor Yakovich – but you can call me Misha - your new head of house and potions professor. I have transferred here from Durmstrang as I heard how short-staffed Hogwarts was after the battle.” Yakovich introduced with a thick Russian accent, “I hope to be able to live up to your old house heads. I hope we’ll all get along splendidly but if you excuse me, I have some paperwork I need to fill out for the start of term.” Yakovich traced McGonagall’s footsteps out of the door.
People began chattering excitedly about the new potions professor. Theseus even overheard some of the girls talking about how “good-looking” and “young” Yakovich looked. Pansy had moved to the other side of the common room to sit with Hermione, Parvati, and Hannah (the four were quickly becoming quite good friends). Theseus was acutely aware of Draco, Blaise, and Theo talking around him, however, he was hurriedly looking for someone else in the small group of eight years.
“Ez… Ez… did you even hear what I just said?” Blaise’s voice pierced the silent calm Theseus had built around himself. He turned around to face the olive-skinned boy.
“Not really. I guess I zoned out again, sorry.” Theseus had been watching the Gryffindors gathering alcohol from various students, placing the bottle on an old oak wooden table in the corner of the common room. Dean and Ron seemed to be leading the preparation for their party.
“I asked how your wings are doing, being locked up in that tattoo of yours all day.”
“Oh, uh…” Theseus hadn’t really thought about his wings since putting them back yesterday, he had become used to the back and shoulder pain they caused him when they hadn’t been freed for a while, “I guess they’re alright. I mean, I’ve gotten used to the pain anyway, so I don’t feel them.”
“Did you collect the potion from Pomfrey today?” Draco asked, sitting down next to Blaise.
“No. I don’t really need it anyway.” Theseus replied absentmindedly. He enjoyed watching the mess the Gryffindors had gotten into whilst painting something. Ron had green paint splattered over his face and clothes, whilst Harry had spilt yellow down his muggle jeans and his face was covered in blue. Oliver, Hannah, Terry, Michael, Pansy, Parvati, Hermione, and Padma were stood on chairs around the room, hanging enchanted banners on the walls. Theseus was amused at the lack of magic being used in the preparation.
“If you haven’t picked up the potion by tomorrow morning, I will personally kick you out of bed early to go and see Pomfrey.” Pansy chimed in, she was always the best at making people do what she wanted.
Once the room had been dimmed and disco ball strung up, Hermione connected some sort of muggle device to speakers, turning on music as loud as she could. The door to the dormitories opened and the rest of the eighth years joined the party. Pansy was passing around bottles of vodka to everyone, the stack refilling magically. The loud music irritated Theseus’ brain as his anxiety kicked in, although he was too bemused at the view in front of him as he sat in a corner. Most people were dancing drunkenly with each other under the light from the mirrored ball, others were making out or hugging on one of the many sofas in the room.
As the music started affecting him, Theseus became overwhelmed with dizziness and felt incredibly sick.
“Guess I’d better go and see Pomfrey.” He sighed as he stood up, weaving through the dancers to reach the door on the other side of the room. Once through the door, the corridor was silent. No music could be heard from through any cracks as Hermione had cast a silencing spell over the whole of the common room. Theseus strolled along the corridors, making polite conversation with the portraits as he made his way to the all-too-familiar stone-walled hospital wing.