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Requests for some one shots/short fics?!

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Hi there!

I'm a new poster, long time reader and I was hoping to get some requests to write up for you!

The tags cover just about everything I'm willing to do, but other suggestions are more than welcome! I will
let you know if I can do it! :D
All kinds of stories are good for me, just no explicit sexual abuse. I can't. Hinting at it and aftermath is okay.
That's my only condition. Thank you for understanding. :D
Under this should be the basic info I would like to have before writing something for you, or just let me know if you want me to make it all up
and just give the scenario/plot or characters.

So please let me know if you want to have something done!


If it's an OC
                                            ~Appearance (If it matters to you)

Any character, OC or not.

                                                                          ~Who the POV is from, or if it can be interchangeable
            ~Time period
                                                                 ~Universe (If these are different from their own)
                                                                              ~Type of relationship, if it is slow burn or straight into it
                                                                                                 ~If there is conflict or other people involved (other love interests etc)
                                        ~The basic plot you'd like to see
                                                                                                            ~What kind of content you'd like (From the tags and others you'd like to see)
                                                                                                                                    ~How much (if any) sexual, and what kind of sexual, content you'd like. Kinks, scenarios etc
                                     ~How long you'd like the story


Of course you can answer only a few of these, or all, whatever you'd like specifically added or excluded.


Keep it simple...
You could give me the relationship and a word or two as a Prompt at minimum? 

(Please give a rating to stick by. I don't want to write smut if you don't want it, or vice versa. TY)  


Thanks again! Hope to be writing something soon! :D


~You can send it via Tumblr if you'd like to remain anonymous. >>  hobi-idoh 
Otherwise comment your requests <3