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Peeping toms

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Commander Chakotay sat quietly in the First Officer`s seat beside the Captain`s. Another relatively quiet day in the Delta Quadrant caused the bridge crew to relax a bit but don`t get it wrong. This Alpha shift crew can spring to action in a split of a second, working as one deadly unit, in an instant of a second. Many aliens have found this out and not lived to tell the tale. This was Chakotay`s musing as, unknown to him, a small smile was pasted on his face. He discreetly cast an eye towards the captain`s chair. Kathryn seemed to be glowing that morning. The first officer wondered what Janeway was thinking about. To his dismay, he felt the familiar stirrings of desire in his loins as he remembered seeing the woman naked, in the bath tub filled with water. The bath tub he had made her. Why oh why was he not bold enough to pursue her? The naked vision made matters worse as the man felt his trousers getting tight in his groin.

"What am i going to do?" The man wondered. He knew that a vision quest or meditation would not help at this point. He was too far gone. All he was going to visualise on a vision quest would be the beautiful face of his commanding officer, possibly `in the throes of passion,` no doubt. He has done it before so he will not embarrass himself by repeating his mistakes.

"Permission to leave the bridge, captain?" He whispered quietly but the request sounded harsh to his own ears. He had crossed his legs in an attempt to hide his unruly organ from making a scene. He did not want the other bridge crew to hear his request to the captain. Chakotay did not want the male crew to see his tight uniform. Tom Paris would have a field day, or possibly the whole week.

"Down, boy!" God, do i have it bad!" The handsome dusky man mumbled to himself.

"Are you okay, commander?" Janeway turned her chair to face her second in command. She sounded concerned, Chakotay thought. His imagination went into overdrive at the sight of her red lips and the raised eye brow directed at him.

"Shit!" Chakotay mumbled again as he felt his manhood twitch, desperate to be caressed by someone, particularly this someone.

"I am not well, captain. I would like to go to sick bay." Chakotay put on his best professional face on. He too, had a `command mask` which was normally used when in dire need. This situation qualified as a `dire need.`


"Well, this region of space is relatively quiet. We can do without you for a while. Take some time off, commander." Janeway smiled compassionately at him as she patted his hand on the arm rest to reassure her officer.

"BOING!!!!" Chakotay felt the unruly organ escape its confines between his legs when he had uncrossed his legs as he stood up, causing him to gasp silently.

"Thank you." The man said and practically ran towards the turbo lift behind the command chairs, hoping the captain did not see his bulge.


Janeway looked back towards the turbo lift and saw everything. The dark patch on the front of the man`s trousers and the excessive bulge shooting at the front of his trousers threatening to tear through the fastener and the black material that made the trousers itself. The captain took a deep breath and looked back towards the large view screen. She did not know what was going on, or rather she chose to ignore what was going on around her. That made three incidents in four days. Recently as she did her nightly strolls on the lower decks, she came across a crewman attempting to pry a rarely used locker door open on deck thirteen. Kathryn had offered to assist her crew man which he refused. When Janeway insisted he let her help. Janeway wished she did not insist on helping the young man as she caught him sniffing her hair and inching right into her personal space. Kathryn had offered to get more people to come and help open the locker door. It was the only way to get away from the amorous man without him suspecting a thing.


Another incident occurred when she was in the mess hall, standing in line. It was a friday evening when Neelix usually served edible Terran food. That evening he served one of Tom Paris` pizza of all kinds. Since the captain had ran out of replicator rations, she could not order food from the replicator. Janeway waited her turn until Neelix spotted her amidst the sea of uniformed lower deck crew men and women. He called her to the front of the line but she politely refused. A woman, whose name eluded the captain, was standing behind her. All Janeway knew was that the crewman worked in Engineering, with Lieutenant Torres. Janeway`s mind went into overdrive as she went through the list of her engineering staff. Janeway heard her name, or rather her title, being called. Warm air reached the back of her neck as she turned around to address the crew man. She came face to face with a beautiful tall built Bajoran crewman in engineering uniform. She had cute nose ridges and long raven hair.

"Peldar joi, captain." The Bajoran said as she smiled sensuously at Janeway. The captain`s brain went back to work as she attempted to remember her limited Bajoran vocabulary for an appropriate response.

"Peldar joi, Ensign Shariika Edon, even though it is not the Gratitude Festival, only dinnertime...with pizza!" Janeway said dryly and turned back to face the front.


A roar of laughter broke through the mess hall starting from the line waiting to be served, spreading to the seated crew men. Janeway sighed. As the happy crewmen continued to laugh Kathryn distinctly remembered feeling the softness of something very pleasant on her shoulder. A satisfied sigh followed the touch then it disappeared. Janeway was no telepath but she knew, without looking, that it was Ensign Edon`s breast she just felt on her shoulder and the sigh must mean that the other woman must have reached some sort of sexual gratification. She wondered whether her crew were beginning to worship her or turning her into some sort of celebrity or a sex goddess. She was not comfortable to be the centre of attention, especially attention related to sex. She was a star ship captain, not a source of crewmen`s wet dreams. She was grateful that at least her crew were laughing and not fighting each other or crying for their mummies back home. God knows what she should do without a counselor on board to look after the crew`s mental health.


Janeway sneaked out of the mess hall and went back to her quarters. She sat on the couch with a plonk and sighed heavily. A moment later her door chime sounded. She asked the computer who it was and was surprised at the reply.

"Crewman Neelix is at the door."

"Come in, Neelix. How can i help you?" She asked politely when the furry little Talaxian man stepped through the door carrying a blue tray.

"Uh, captain. I saw you leaving the mess hall without eating so i thought i should bring dinner to you." He said as he placed the neat blue tray on the coffee table. Janeway smiled a lop sided smile at the chef and patted his arm in gratitude.


Kathryn sat and looked at the tray wondering what Neelix`s motives for bringing her dinner were. She abandoned the thought for being paranoid and opened one of two stasis containers. A large slice of pepperoni pizza sat in the middle surrounded by a meat substitute burger with french fries. She opened the second stasis unit to find a chocolate trifle dessert. Neelix knew Janeway`s secret dessert. Kathryn smiled and tucked in.


The third incident was Shariika Edon`s memo to Janeway a few days after. The memo was unmistakenly a love note from the Ensign to her commanding officer. Janeway remembered sitting at her ready room computer wondering whether her crew had finally cracked or whether it was just an isolated incident. She had taken a deep breath in and released it. The note read:

"From Ensign Shariika Edon, Engineering department
To Captain Kathryn Janeway.

Captain, thank you for the laughter you caused me the other day. I miss my girlfriend so much. She is back in the Alpha Quadrant. Her name is Halima Aran also from Bajor. She looks like you and has red hair, a rare hair colour among Bajorans. Standing behind you that day i knew that i had to find an excuse to touch you somehow. My breast on your shoulder was extremely pleasing i climaxed right there. You have such a strong sexual pagh. I apologize for my insubordination. However, you have helped me a lot. When i sleep i masturbate knowing that i have had contact with my girlfriend through you. The Prophets have been so very kind to me by providing someone else. I feel so much happier now. Thank you, captain. Perhaps i could visit you in your quarters sometime so i can tell you more about the Gratitude Festival and about Halima. Awaiting your reply.

"Love, Shariika?!" Janeway was flattered and fumed at the same time.

"Tuvok, get in here!" She barked at her comm badge to call her security chief into her ready room. She had to talk to him about this insubordination.


Back in the present Janeway looked back at the three incidents involving her interactions with her crewmen. Perhaps she and the Doctor could come up with some activities where she could play with the lower deck crewmen preferably in the holodeck. That way they will get used to be close to her and perhaps their crazy imaginations will fade.


The most important thing was to find out whether the Doctor himself was not infatuated by her as well? Kathryn felt the familiar headache.