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my baby brings heat like a mama does

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The first time Shaotian gets wet, he’s fifteen and in the middle of a training session.

He already knows adrenaline spikes get him running faster, get him aroused, just a little - but even though he has hit puberty, the subtle mark of an Omega on the back of his neck, hidden by his grown-out hair, right over his scent glands, he hasn’t experienced actual full-fledged arousal.

Shaotian is incapable of sitting still and noticing things that are happening to him on a good day, so it’s not really a surprise that he doesn’t notice it in the middle of the game - breath catching when the dead-last rookie’s Warlock moves into formation and brings their captain’s Swoksaar to a disadvantage for the second time, when Shaotian couldn’t even once throughout his session. Throughout the game, Yu Wenzhou does not move a muscle except for what’s necessary, his hand speed so ridiculously slow that Shaotian would scoff - again, for the fiftieth time this month, except.

Except Swoksaar is getting annihilated.

Shaotian watches in absolute disbelief as the Warlock goes down - Swoksaar , not the dead-last’s. There’s a pin-drop silence after the second round, and Yu Wenzhou looks as serene as ever, like he’s been eating chips throughout.

What the fuck? Their captain’s APM exceeds his by several hundred. This isn’t possible.

This isn’t supposed to be possible.

The third round, their captain promises, he’s going to be serious. Shaotian doesn’t cheer. He can tell - Wei Chen wasn’t holding back the second time either. No, this is unprecedented, this is -

He thinks of Yu Wenzhou telling him, earlier - it all depends on strategy.

Him and his little fucking notes. He wasn’t kidding, was he? How else is this possible?

Shaotian can tell Wei Chen is going to lose, even before anyone else among the rookies can. He can tell chaos is about to break out right afterwards - and boy, won’t Yu Wenzhou like that? Rubbing it in his face that he’s better than the dead-last he’s always called him?

His face twists at the thought, before he forces it down. No, more importantly - this means he has to play him again. Demand to play him in earnest - because it is beyond evident that this boy is capable of learning a person’s playstyle with careful study. Shaotian has played him before, but with not much mind to it.

This time he will give the PK everything he has.

He’s at his side right after Yu Wenzhou finishes, unheeding of the captain’s look, or how he exits. Shaotian is single-minded on the best of days, and today is already shaping up to be the best of them.

“Play me right now in the arena,” he demands, slamming his hand on the table. “You’ve been holding back, dead-last.”

“How nice to know at least some opinions never change,” Yu Wenzhou says dryly, and Shaotian’s gaze goes to his dark eyes, like it always does before he reminds himself that he’s not in Blue Rain’s training camp to gawk at boys. “I can’t right now, my hands are tired. Tomorrow, Huang Shaotian.”

And that’s another thing. Yu Wenzhou never calls him by anything other than his name. Shaotian’s heard all kinds of things about himself, that range from borderline offensive nicknames that all reference him being an Omega to the Kill-Stealer to That Absolute Asshat Who Trash Talked Me Into A PK . Right now, he realizes - he’s never heard Yu Wenzhou calls him any of that, not even when Shaotian had taunted him every single arena match, both via chat and headphones.

Why is he here, acting needy to this - this fucking pushover? Who hasn’t been a pushover this whole time?

Shaotian feels it then - the weird, hot sensation that makes him want to curl up into himself. His eyes widen in panic, and then he steps back a little, thinking of the distance between the training room and his dorm. There must be some way, he thinks - some way to make sure that he doesn’t, can’t tell, even as the scent begins to rise from him in slow waves.

It’s almost on cue, like Yu Wenzhou had read the panic on his face. “That’s enough for today, please,” he says politely. “I’m going to go out,” he tells Shaotian, and gets up from his chair. And then, beyond all of Shaotian’s expectations, he leans right into his ear, “PK tomorrow, okay? Be ready,” and then squeezes Shaotian’s hand, before moving away from the crowd, creating a wave of people who follow him, eager to learn his secrets, even as the more resentful part of the crowd stays back, watching him venomously.

Shaotian almost lets out a sigh of relief, before he realizes that Yu Wenzhou rooms with him, and had definitely smelt him - which meant he had just given him a way out of an extremely awkward situation.


See, there’s a method to Huang Shaotian’s madness.

The moment he had been told he was sharing with the quiet trainee in glasses he had known that his blood pressure was going to rise at how annoyingly handsome he was… all the time. He had promised himself to not make it an issue, because it was a really fucking bad idea for a career Omega to date a coworker; but Shaotian soon realized that he could, under other circumstances, have blissfully been alone in his room without accidentally catching a look of Yu Wenzhou’s face deep in concentration while buried in some book or the other and giving himself an awkward semi that lasted all the way to lunch.

So, he had started being annoying.

It was little things at first, before it evolved into something terribly awkward. Like today, when he had to run out at the last second after a match. It’s how he’s in this position, head bowed, facing Yu Wenzhou. The other stares at him, with what Shaotian knows is disbelief in his eyes at the sudden apology. He really wants to yell - don't you have any self respect? Why are you surprised? Why are you surprised that an Imega is - after I chased you out -

“I wanted to apologize,” Shaotian says, fidgeting. He doesn’t meet Yu Wenzhou’s eyes.

“What for?” Yu Wenzhou says, and he almost yells at him before he looks up and realizes that the usually inscrutable dead-last - ugh, he’s going to have to stop calling him that - looks genuinely confused. “You did your best. Captain’s just good.”

Holy shit, did he misunderstand what it was for? Shaotian goes over his priority list. There is no way that smell escaped Yu Wenzhou - but what if there is? So...I am safe???

“Not good enough for you?” Shaotian snarks, half as a test.

Yu Wenzhou beams. “What do you think?” and oh. This - this is the smile.

This is the smile when he realizes it, easy as breathing.

“Don’t think this gets you out of our PK!” Shaotian says, but his head is spinning with the implications that hit him all at once.

Oh, oh no. Holy shit, I’m so fucked.