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November Shuffles the Deck

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The Tempest

The bomb had not only shattered his spine, but shredded his understanding of the world.

The sight of his friend’s bloodied remains had driven home that new awareness, destroying his naivete.

Limping back to the library, he’d hacked into Harold’s system, and, in a sobering moment, seen his own face.


Reversed Widow

Coming to terms with the loss was the hardest thing he’d ever faced. He’d squandered his talents, led a rich and sheltered life; when finally he’d tried to do something good, he’d ruined everything.

Turning that grief into cold motivation was difficult, but he needed something to keep him going.


Reversed Earth

By the time he noticed Reese, he’d gotten used to his solitary lifestyle. Even as he sacrificed everything to rescue vulnerable people, his heart stayed solid and immovable as the earth.

His relationships had never been that deep, anyway. He’d never let himself get close to anyone… except for Harold.


The Lovers

When Root found out that he wasn’t the author of the code -- that he was, in fact, the reason that the author was dead -- she very nearly killed him. Reese intervened, barely in time.

When Stanton nearly destroyed Reese, Nathan intervened.

The distance between them had melted away to nothing.