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The Sun's Moonflower

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The Past...

Playing aerial hopscotch on burning buildings to catch up to a villain, with a hostage, was not exactly how Komori had thought her first night as a “Pro Hero” would have turned out.  Especially when the hostage was a single mother and the villain was her ex-husband with a quirk that could conjure and control lava though his arms. The young hero knew the cards weren’t dealt in her favor, but she vowed that she would try her best for the six-year-old daughter down below that was counting on her to save her mother.

Sweat built up on the Komori’s face, plastering the black bangs of her hair, that normally shaped her face, to her cheeks.  The rest of her hair, snow white in color, was pulled back into a low hanging ponytail that reached her middle back. On top of her head two black bat-like ears twitched away, taking in every sound around her, but a lot was muffled by the loud sirens on the street.

It wasn’t extremely hard to keep up with a villain that had one arm glowing bright red.  Though, thankfully for her, her hero suit was black in color--making it much easier to blend in with the shadows that she smoothly slipped through.  She was sure he hadn’t noticed her yet, considering that he didn’t vocalize anything about threatening to harm his hostage. At least she had that going for her, but the real question was how could she get the mother out of harm’s way and take down the husband?

Either way, her body wouldn’t stop moving and her heart was set on reuniting that little girl with her mother as quickly and safely as possible.  Determination and adrenaline coursed through her veins as she finally managed to catch up with the two. All the while trying to keep herself concealed in the shadows.  Ice blue eyes surveyed the situation now that she was closer to them. From what she could tell, one arm coursed with lava and the other was holding the mother close to him.

“Kaito please, don’t do this to Hana--” the mother pleaded, only to be pushed to the ground.

“Quiet!”  he growled, his head looking this way and that, “you should of thought about that before you hung around that son of a--”

Before the male could finish his sentence, the hero took the opportunity to catch him off guard.  She pushed off from the ground, propelling herself forward towards him. With a swift movement, she twisted her body to slam her leg into the male’s face.  The force sent him stumbling backwards as she landed. While the villain recovered, the hero quickly helped the woman to her feet, only to have a blast of lava nearly graze the side of the of both of their faces.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” the male spat, arm blazing brightly and aimed towards the two, “you think you’re some kind of goddamn hero or somethin’?”  

“Yeah, actually I do,” replied Komori, but before she could say anything else she found a lava projectile soaring towards her and the mother.

Without a second thought, she pulled the mother close to her and leaped off the building.  Wind rushed past the two as they quickly dropped towards the pavement below. Though, soon their descent slowed as the hero’s bat-like wings extended from her back.  The two slowed to a coasting speed so that the hero could get them safely to the ground. Unfortunately, a sudden blast of heat hurtled towards the two and scraped the outer edge of the hero’s wing.

A hiss of pain came from the winged female. Her wing crumpled slightly at the burning sensation, causing the two women to drop faster.  The hero’s heart raced as she tried to recover from the hit. However, her eyes widened as she glanced over her shoulder and saw another lava ball plummeting towards them.  Without a second thought, the hero wrapped her wings around the mother to try and shield her from more harm.

Wind whistled loudly in Komori’s ears as she inwardly accepted possibly not walking away from this.  In her heart and mind, as long as that little girl was reunited with her mother, she could accept her fate.  She snapped her eyes closed, waiting for the heat to hit her or the sound of her body making contact with the asphalt below.  

Suddenly, a powerful burst of air exploded around her.  It overloaded her hearing and sent her into a state of pure dizziness.  She’d opened her eyes for a moment, catching a blur of colors, and then her vision faded into complete darkness.


Fifteen minutes later, Komori regained consciousness.  She found herself near an ambulance, laying back on a gurney, with a rather tall gentleman standing next to her.  The hero blinked a few times, half expecting to have woken up dead...but then again she was pretty sure people didn’t feel achy or sore in the afterlife.

She glanced at the taller fellow and took in his appearance.  Blond hair with bangs that defied gravity, a colorful hero suit, and a very large smile upon his face.  She couldn’t recall ever meeting someone so vibrant in her life. Even the bright blue eyes that looked down at her seemed to shine brighter than the stars.

“Oh! You’re awake!” he said, his smile still wide as ever, “how are you feeling?”

“F-Fine I guess,” she replied, slowly sitting up.  There was a moment of dizziness, but it soon faded as her eyes widened.

“Where’s the mother?  The woman I was--I was f-falling with?  Is she okay?! Is she safe? And the husband??” her anxiety rose quickly as she could not see any sign of the woman.  Her head whipped around much more than she should have, but she instantly froze at the feeling of the taller man's hand on her shoulder.

“The mother is fine,” he reassured her, “I caught you both during your fall and apprehended the villain while the paramedics took care of you and her.  The police are taking care of everything else now.”

She released a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding, “thank goodness…”

Then she paused for a moment before looking back at the taller hero, “I erm...thank you..f-for saving her and m-me too...”

“It’s quite alright, Miss!” the male laughed, “I must say for a newbie, despite a few errors, you did rather well!  But of course those kinks will smooth out within time so don’t worry!”

“You could tell--”

Before she could finish her question, a sweet voice rang in her ears.

“Miss Bat Lady!! Miss Bat Lady!!”

Komori turned her head to see a brown haired young girl rushing towards them.  As she pushed herself off the gurney, the child didn’t waste any time propelling herself forward to hug the winged female.  As the child’s body made contact with her own, the 5’ 5” woman nearly fell over but managed to catch herself.

Before Komori could speak, the little girl, who the hero believed was called Hana, looked up at her with green teary eyes.

“Miss Bat Lady you saved my mommy!” Hana hiccuped, “just like you said! You saved mommy!”  

Tiny tears welled up in the corners of Komori’s eyes that she instantly started to wipe away quickly.  No one would know how close to home this happening hit for her emotionally. For now though, she would keep that fact silent and hidden deep inside.  The winged hero then returned the girl’s embrace, almost holding her as if she were her own daughter.

After a moment or two, Hana took a small step back from the hero.  She then removed a white rose--which had been in her short brown hair--and held it out to the woman.  The little girl made gestures for her to take the rose, which Komori did after a few seconds of being in shock.

“Thank you Bat Lady!! You’re my Hero!” and with that said, Hana sprinted back off towards where her mother was.

A wave of emotions washed over the woman.  Her first night trying to get her hero name out there...and someone already called her their hero.  It took her a moment to compose herself before looking back at the male.

A booming laugh came from behind her, the male leaning towards her with that dazzling smile, “Hero!” another laugh, “well now Hero! What do you call yourself?”

Komori blinked, for a split second looking utterly confused before she understood what he meant.

“E-Echo!” she replied, “I go by Echo...and what may I call you?”

“All Might,” he answered, “it’s a pleasure to meet you, Echo.  Perhaps we can work together in the future! But for now I’m needed elsewhere! It was a pleasure meeting you!”

Komori stood in absolute shock as the male dashed away from the scene.  The entire time...the entire time she was talking to All Might and she didn’t even realize it till the very last minute.  

All Might saved her.  

Her ice blue eyes watched as he faded into the background of the shadows.  

But even in the dark, she could still feel the glow he held that was like a sun burning in the night...and she felt she didn’t deserve to bask in the light he brought to the world.

But she could change that.

No, she would change that.

She was Komori Akiyama.  

The Nocturnal Hero: Echo.

She would do her best to become the best Hero she thought she could be.

She just needed time to smooth out the edges.