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Oneshots I Can't Keep Up With

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Bebe sat on her best friend’s bed, listening to the music played. She fiddled with her hands, looking her friend up and down as she hooked up the old VCR. She didn’t know why she was so nervous. Wendy was bi herself. She had casually told her friends, no one really saying it. And Red was gay too. Why did it matter if she was? Well, Bebe would have to explain off the fake boyfriends, and have to explain why she was nervous. She knew the immediate question after she comes out. “Oh, great! Do you like anyone?” Wendy would ask her with her sweet smile on her face. It’s not like Bebe could just blurt out that she had a huge crush on her best friend.

The blonde sighed, flopping on the bed. Wendy looked up at the sound. “Everything okay?” Bebe sighed again. “Yeah. Just…”. Now or never, Bebe. “Can I tell you something?” Wendy nodded, setting the cords down and sitting next to her friend. “What’s up?” She asked, pushing a strand of dark hair away. Bebe pushed herself up. “Well, I mean. I don’t like..I like girls..not guys. Only girls.” Wendy nodded, taking in the information. “That’s fine. That’s great, Bebe! Thank you for telling me!” She hugged her friend, the blonde giving her a big hug back. When they pulled away, Wendy still held onto her shoulders gently. “So..”. She started. Here it comes, Bebe thought. She was a terrible liar. Wendy could always see right through her. This was it. The end of Bebe Stevens. Killed by embarrassment.

“Are you interested in anyone?” Wendy asked, a small smile on her face. Bebe nodded slightly, Wendy squealing. “Who?!” Bebe laughed at her friend’s excitement. “It’s no one..”. “Oh come on, Bebe! We’ve been best friends for forever! Please?” She made big puppy dog eyes. Damn Heidi for teaching her those. Her one weakness. Bebe sighed. “It’s you.” She mumbled. Wendy stopped in her tracks. “Huh?” Her eyes were widened, staring at her friend. Bebe didn’t meet her eyes. “You! I’ve had a crush on you since seventh grade and maybe even longer and I didn’t wanna ruin…”. She trailed off as she felt a soft hand on her cheek. Wendy’s grey eyes were looking into her eyes. “You really like me?” She softly asked. Bebe nodded quickly. Wendy leaned in slowly, occasionally looking at Bebe to make sure it was okay. Bebe finally closed the gap, feeling her best friend’s soft lips on her’s. They gently kissed, holding onto each other like they would vanish into dust if they let go. Eventually they parted, resting their foreheads against each other. Wendy laughed a bit. “I wish you told me sooner..we could’ve been doing this for a lot longer.” Bebe joined in on the laughter. “I wish I had, too.” They connected again, and Bebe’s nerves finally steadied themselves.