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Miraculous Legendary Defenders

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Lance had been having a totally normal day. He was running late, had slept through his alarm, and had eaten half a croissant on his way out the door. Sometimes (okay, almost all the time) he was glad to have the best bakers in Paris as his parents. As he ran towards the school, Lance noticed a little old man who'd been knocked over by the crowd. He helped him up without thinking about, and then rushed off. How was he to know that that one act of kindness would change his life as he knew it?



Running into class just as the bell rang, Lance was greeted with laughter from his classmates. Typical, as everyday he rushes in either late or just barely on time.

"Cutting it close, Mcclain? You'd think after 2 years you'd know when school starts."

"And you'd think that after 2 years you might realise that being nice to your classmates is beneficial, Luke."

Heading up to where Hunk was, he noticed a new kid picking at a piece of gum on his seat. Giving a Look(tm) to his BFFL, he put his hands on his hips and let an agast look fall onto his face.

"What the frick-frack paddy-wack are you doing putting gum on my seat, dude!? I don't even know you, how can you already dislike me this much?"

The guy turned around, and Lance sort of regretted yelling at him. He was cute as anything, and also coincidentally happened to be famous teen model, Keith Kogane, who Luke had been bragging about knowing yesterday.

"Well, you see, uh-"


"It wasn't me!"

"You're trying to tell me, while kneeling by my chair, gum on your hands, that you didn't put gum on my seat?"

What an idiot. Lance had honest to gosh caught him red-handed and he was trying to play it off as someone else. Just as Keith was about to continue explaining himself, Mr.Shirgane came in and called the class to order. Keith looked around, a little bit at a loss as to where to sit, until Katie moved her backpack onto the floor and waved him over.

All in all, a pretty normal day for the one and only Lance McClain. Despite, you know, the superpowers he got yesterday.