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V1G1L4NT3 WORK 4H34D? UH Y34H, 1 SUR3 HOP3 1 DO

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The first time Izuku heard about the vigilante known as “Redglare” was because of the news. Apparently this woman had stopped a villain that had escaped several pro heroes. The man’s quirk had allowed him to release bright bursts of light, which had temporarily blinded those who were attempting to capture him. The heroes were stopped in their tracks for a while, until a young woman in red and teal had gracefully danced around him, attacking with a cane until he was worn down before knocking him out. After that she had proudly announced her name with a sharp-toothed smirk. The police had done some investigating and had found nothing about any licensed hero named Redglare, nor had they found anyone with a quirk that matched her - with gray skin, sharp teeth, and bright pointy horns, it should have been easy to figure out who she was. So the mystery of Redglare went unsolved. She showed up on her own a few more times, but she seemed to mostly help people, even if it was illegally, so the hubbub died down after a bit.




When they stepped through the door, where a new universe waited, it was… different from what they imagined. There were already cities, civilizations- hell! The whole world was going on like how it had been before they played SBURB. It was years later (or, in Dirk and Roxy’s case, earlier) than when their adventure started. But that wasn’t really the big difference. No, the main change was that almost everyone was born with “Quirks”. Superpowers. Rose had grinned when she found out about that. People wouldn’t think it was weird if they started flying, or using their powers. It also let the trolls (and Calliope) walk around in a world full of humans without having to make excuses.


The area they landed in, after some investigation, turned out to be Japan. They didn’t know how they were able to talk to people as though it was just English, but Rose had a theory. She proposed that it had to do with entering the universe after winning the game. How once you make a new universe, you could always understand the languages of that universe. It explained how the trolls were able to talk to them, even though they were from another planet originally. Karkat had nodded and shouted about how it made some sense.


Even though everyone was able to go out, and have dates, and relax without having to worry about interdimensional flying murderdogs or evil alien queens or reality-destroying time traveling demons, Dave noticed Terezi still didn’t look… At peace? Happy? He didn’t know how to describe it, but she was restless (and not exactly pleasant to be around). He figured it had to do with losing Vriska. If he were separated from Karkat like Terezi was separated from Vriska… he would be even more of a mess than Terezi currently was.


Dave sat down on the opposite end of the couch from Terezi in the apartment everyone crammed themselves into (it was not fun having to room with his three siblings), which was paid by Mr. Crocker’s job as a… well, Dave didn’t know what his job was. Maybe he should ask the guy sometime. He nudged her with a foot, and she lifted her head from where she had her face smushed up against a laptop screen. He knew she had already noticed him, but that wasn’t important.


“Hey, TZ. Can we talk a minute?’ He asked, pulling down his shades in an attempt to be genuine (it was kind of a useless move, considering she couldn’t see it, but whatever).


“It seems like you’re already talking, Dave!” He sighed, even while she gave him a sharp grin.


“I mean seriously. Like, have a serious heart-to-heart, bloodpusher-to-bloodpusher, two bros talking. You’ve been acting down lately.” She opened her mouth as though to deny it, but he held up a hand to stop her. “And I think you need something to distract you.”


“Yeah? Let me guess, you have some great suggestion?” She had one eyebrow raised, and she was grinning, which was absolutely a win in his book. He grinned back, but not much. Enough to be smiling, but not enough to be some dorky grin.


“You like justice?”


She snorted. “Dave. We do know each other, right?”


He shook his head. “It was a rhetorical question. It’s just that we are in a world where heroes are normal. So like, there’s gotta be some vigilantes out there-” She stared out at nothing (not like she ever stared at anything, but she wasn’t even looking at him any more) and he could practically hear the gears turning in her head. “But please don’t hang anyone. Seriously, I think that would turn you from a ‘kind of helpful but illegal’ to ‘a bad guy’ real fast.”


She gave a bright grin, sharp teeth flashing in the evening light. “Well, it has been a long time since I’ve gotten out my Redglare cosplay…” She nodded, closing the laptop, which was still sitting on her lap.




A few days later, a new character appeared on the hero scene. Everyone in the apartment knew about it, and they were all invested in various ways. Jane had taken to healing Terezi when she came home with scratches or bruises, Roxy helped create different kinds of gear, Rose gave tips about where it would be best to patrol, Jade and John both helped with transportation. They all had reasons to help, specifically; they didn’t want Terezi to keep staying home alone moping all the time.


It went like that for several weeks, until one evening Rose approached Dave and Terezi. She sat in an armchair across from them, hands folded in her lap. She looked serious, so Dave sat up a bit straighter.


“Dave, Terezi. I won’t mince words. Something very big is about to go down.”


“What do you mean, big? Like, big as in Calliope’s time-travelling demon bro somehow hopping universes? Or big like Dirk cut off his head to get out of an awkward situation and we need to talk to him?” Rose sighed, and Dave shrugged. “What? You didn’t give me any info.”


Rose shook her head at him. “Big as in there’s going to be a very destructive villain attack. Pro heroes will have trouble with it. I think Redglare might be needed, in Hosu City. The best future for us is one where you intervene.”


Terezi grinned. “Alright, I can get Jade to send me there! Looks like Redglare’s gonna save the day again!”


Dave patted her shoulder. “Good luck with the big bad villains.”


“Dave. Wait. You should go as well.” Rose gave him one of her patented Looks™ that booked no argument. He opened his mouth to protest, but Terezi wrapped her arm around his shoulders.


“Come on Dave! You can be my sidekick!” She winked, and he couldn’t help but scowl.


“Hell no! I’m not a sidekick, at least make me… the co-hero or something. I don’t know.”


She snickered at his attempts to keep his dignity. “Nope! Let’s go!”