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Tyler Joseph, everyone knows him, of course, they do - he’s the captain of the basketball team, head of the school choir, the pastors’ son and he’s even dating the head of the cheerleading squad, Jenna Black. In the majority of people’s eyes, he’s, well, perfect. Perfect grades, perfect life, and perfect person. He’s everything that everybody wants to be, and everything everybody else isn’t.

And then there’s Josh dun, stereotypical punk boy. He’s the class clown, a slacker who smokes weed behind the bleachers with his buddies Brendon Urie and Debby Ryan. Always late to lessons, never takes out his many piercings and then his hair, his hair is always the talk of the school. Nobody knows what colour it’ll be due to him changing it so many times and it always has the girls fawning over it.


The two boys are blatant, polar opposites, two types of people who should, really, never meet. That’s why when they see Tyler Joseph walking around school in Josh’s slightly too large jacket, it shocks everyone down to the core. Nobody knows what to do or what to say, because, what had even happened for them to meet?
Well, it all started with a fire drill.


Tyler’s hand shook as he sat on the grassy field. The wind was bitter and cold and his the ends of his fingers felt numb from the harsh wind. He hadn’t anticipated for the fire drill to last this long, so, Tyler being the fool he usually is, left his jumper in the science classroom, simply assuming he’d been back in no time. But here he was, half an hour later, sat on a dew-covered field in the middle of winter. Not something he had wanted, ever.

His mind had wandered off and he was staring blankly towards the sky, he’d chosen to sit far away from the other students and so he didn’t expect anyone to actually come near him, and so when one Joshua Dun plops down next to him, he ends up springing backwards and falling onto his bum, letting out a rather girly shriek (he later tells Josh to never recall the noise that me made at the time, Josh promises with a grin but Tyler has his doubts).

“W-What are you doing over here?” Tyler’s not proud to admit that he stutters around the older boy and yellow butterflies fly around his stomach whenever he’s around. It’s slightly unnerving, seeing as Tyler is stereotyped to be the popular, careless straight male jock who likes to push around those of the younger years and make homophobic jokes, (he can assure you he’s far from that).


Josh shrugged and wrapped an arm around Tyler’s shaking shoulders, “You looked pretty cold over here. Thought I’d come and warm you up,” He winked, although instead of coming off as something sultry, it was more teasing and friendly, and Tyler felt himself opening up more and more to the punk as he spoke next.


“Yeah, guess I am a bit chilly.” Tyler grinned sheepishly.

“Figured so,” Josh responded with a friendly smile, rubbing comforting circles into Tyler’s shoulder. They sat like that until the students were being ushered back into the school group by group and they stood up together. Tyler’s lanky form was still shaking from the bitter cold and before he could even think another thing, Josh was peeling his Jacket from his own body and draping it over Tyler’s shoulders.

Tyler looks up with wide, questioning eyes because this shouldn’t be happening. They’re on two different ends of the food chain, polar opposites that should never collide and yet here they are. Tyler’s cheeks are flushed from embarrassment and slight adoration, it’s no secret (in his eyes anyway) that he’s completely infatuated with the older boy, even Jenna knows his liking for him; Tyler’s secret love for the punk boy is sort of what split him and Jenna up actually, not that the female had any problem with the breaking up aspect after learning how gay Tyler really was (she was completely on board with it, helped him feel more confident in buying female clothes, too).

“Thanks,” He ends up murmuring quietly, slipping his arms into the respective holes, “Won’t you be cold though?” He asks Josh after a beat of silence, who is walking next to him, hands shoved deep into his own jean pockets.


Josh continues walking back towards the school when he speaks, “Nah, you need it more than me, anyway. Heard you got a basketball game later on?” His voice is smooth and deep all at once, and Tyler nods slightly, because he does have a game later on, although he doesn’t enjoy it, not in the slightest, his teammates are homophobic asshole and the only reason he plays is because of his parents need for him to play it (he himself would much rather write and play music).


“Are you gonna be there?” Tyler looks up towards Josh, the sight of the school is becoming clearer and Tyler is getting anxious, wondering what people will say when they see him in Joshua Dun’s jacket.

“I’ll be there if you promise to play well, pretty boy.” Josh teases with a wink.


Tyler’s cheeks flush all over again, his palms are sweaty and there’s a wide smile tugging at the corners of his pink lips, “I promise then.” He agrees easily. “I have Science, by the way. Do you want your coat back now?”


The two of them are at the doors of the school and Tyler suspects that Josh will want it back, to avoid any rumours being spread around, but the older boy just shakes his head, proclaiming that he has English and Tyler should meet him at the school entrance at lunch, so they can sit together. Tyler, being the love-struck boy he is, agrees after merely a second of thought and walks into the school, Josh going off to the second building where his own classes are.


Tyler ignores the stares and whispers that are being passed around as he walks through the halls, he knows what people are going to say, and he dreads what his teammates are going to say, or even do to him, but overall, he just can’t wait for lunch with Josh, he assumes it’s going to be good.