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wish you were my color

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It’d been Mina’s idea with the excuse that they wouldn’t really be living the real dorms experience if they didn’t have game nights with these sort of games and they all agreed to it, sort of, mostly to make her shut up. Mostly. To be fair, most of them wouldn’t mind breaking the ice either — and perhaps even pairing some people together, the bottle never failed anyone.

So yes, the twenty of them — even Iida! — sat in a circle and took turns spinning the bottle, boy-on-boy and girl-on-girl allowed as long as they both agreed to it, and seven minutes in heaven if the bottle landed on the same couple three times.

When it was time for Momo to spin the bottle, she’d already seen some awkward and/or funny smoochies going around for the oddest pairs (Aoyama and Toru, Mina and Midoriya, Iida and Kyoka to name a few), and she felt all the eyes on her as she reached for the bottle and twisted her wrist making it spin really fast. There were two, maybe three people she was kind of hoping it would land on, but she tried her best to keep a poker face on.

Eyes on the slowing bottle, Momo didn’t even realize that she was holding her breath until it stopped and she looked at who it was pointing to.

A couple of people to her left, Bakugo was checking his phone bored, unaware of the bottle pointing at him, and Momo swallowed. Okay, that wasn’t in her plans at all, and she wasn’t sure he would want to kiss her. She opened her mouth to say something, but Kirishima elbowed him before she could.

“Dude,” Kiri said catching his attention and Bakugo looked up from his phone.

“What?” he asked, and the other boy pointed at the bottle. He frowned at it, and then looked around. “Who was it?”

Timidly, Momo cleaned her throat and raised her hand, and Bakugo raised his eyebrows tilting his head. To her surprise, he smirked.

“That why I’m getting death stares from that midget?” he wondered pointing in Mineta’s direction and she shrugged. She realized then that Bakugo would go with it just to spite their colleague, and that was a good enough reason, she guessed. He shrugged too. “What the hell.”

“Okay,” Momo said taking a deep breath, and she crawled to kneel in front of him.

He was watching her every move, and it made her hyperaware, but on the other hand, he wasn’t eating her with his eyes, which was something. Bakugo looked into her eyes and Momo swallowed, unsure of what to expect. She looked from his eyes to his lips, and back at his eyes again, and she couldn’t read him at all, which was insane, because everyone knew what to expect of Bakugo all the time, except for now.

“Okay,” she said again and leaned forward.

He met her halfway, his hand going to her cheek, and something fluttered in Momo’s stomach when their lips touched. It was just a smooch, but the softness of his lips surprised her all the same and she closed her eyes leaning on the feeling.

They were supposed to part quickly, but when Bakugo mentioned stopping, Momo’s hand grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to stay where he was. Their lips parted to catch their breaths at the same time and she felt his tongue on her bottom lip before it entered in her mouth warm and gentle.

A chorus of Oooooooohhh echoed in the room as they continued, their classmates teasing increasing in volume until they both agreed that maybe they should stop it at once, and Momo leaned back on her heels looking at him wide-eyed.

Some of her lip gloss had transferred to his lips, and he smirked, thumbing cleaning it up. Momo’s jaw dropped a bit with how sexy he looked, and how different it was when he smiled like that.

“Are you trying to drop some panties here, Bakugo?” Mina asked nonchalantly and he looked at her, raised an eyebrow. “Cause you’re this close.”

Momo hurried back to her place, face burning with what just happened and the implication of Mina’s words. As soon as she settled, Toru poked her shoulder.

“Was it as hot as it looked?” she asked in a hush, and Momo nodded, two fingers on her lips, still warm, still fuzzy.

“Okay, next,” she said, trying to avert the attention from her.

To her left, Shoji reached for the bottle, and she dared to look at Bakugo again. He was looking at her and they shared a smile that turned into a chuckle on her side and Bakugo looked away.

Some turn of events, that game.