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30 Moments [Souyowrimo 2018]

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Yu had to admit. The team’s Halloween party had gotten just a little out-of-hand.

When the teen awoke from his candy-induced slumber, he felt a distinct soreness creep into his spine that let him know before even looking around that he had fallen asleep on the floor. There was a shiny, crinkled candy wrapper a few inches away from his face that also served as an immediate reminder of the team’s holiday party the evening prior.

When he found the strength in his abdomen to properly fold his torso upright, he surveyed the room and realized he was right. He had absolutely fallen asleep on the living room floor in the space right between the kotatsu and television set.

At least he’d had the common sense at the time to grab a pillow for his head before falling asleep on the floor of Dojima’s living room.

As soon as he sat up, his head rushed with blood and he felt something akin to fogginess behind his eyes. He was absolutely drained of energy.


Yu rubbed his eyes and smoothed his rowdy bedhead, which resembled a sea urchin more than its usual bowl shape. After attempting to pull himself slightly more together, he surveyed the room again. All his friends were asleep on the floor or on the couch in the living room, with their sleeping bodies laying about in every which way imaginable. Random hats and costume accessories had been discarded nearby in favor of more comfortable and less bulky sleeping positions.

As he expected, the entire Investigation Team had crashed in the living room following their night of horror-movie binging and high-calorie candy consumption.

Nanako had stayed over at a friend’s house for the evening and Dojima was still at the station. Unfortunately, Halloween was one of the worst nights of the year for him and the rest of the police department. Nothing serious usually happened in the sleepy town on Inaba (nothing that could be compared to the string of murders all the way back in 2011) but dealing with tipsy partygoers or mischievous teens was a normal occurrence. It was also the reason he told Yu it would be perfectly fine if he and his friends wanted to have a party at his house and spend the night.

Yu was a senior in high school back in Tokyo with his parents, but he always visited Inaba whenever he had the chance. Dojima and Nanako welcomed him with open arms, and with Halloween falling on a weekend, they were more than happy to let Yu stay in Inaba for a few days and hang out with some old friends. Needless to say, the other members of the Investigation Team had been beyond thrilled and had offered to help put the party together to spare Dojima any inconvenience or expense in exchange for his kindness.

Dojima was more than happy to agree. His only two requests were that they stayed out of trouble and that they kept the house clean.

The good part was that they’d fulfilled both promises. The entire team was accounted for, and the house was also pretty clean. They’d left behind no dishes in the sink and had thrown most of their garbage during the night into trash cans. Only a few spare candy wrappers littered the table and floor. It would take less than five minutes for Yu to clean.

After flexing his limbs to shake out the metaphorical cobwebs, he couldn’t help but take a moment and examine his friends’ sleeping faces.

As expected, Chie and Yukiko were cuddled close on the couch and sharing a blanket. It was a sweet sight. Yu also knew that the two girls had been dating for about a year. In fact, he received a call from Chie after she confessed with her screaming joyfully into the receiver. Yu’s ear had ached afterward, but seeing the two friends turned partners snuggle together made his heart feel full of emotion.

Totally worth it, he thought fondly.

Nearby, Teddie had crawled back into his bear suit to sleep. The mascot ensemble has also conveniently served as his costume for the evening. Rise had fallen asleep on top of his plush form and was currently using the large head as a comfortable pillow. The two also looked quite comfortable.

Kanji was snoring softly near the sliding door that led to the yard, and Naoto wasn’t far away. She was sleeping with her back against the wall on the opposite corner. Yu also noted there was a stack of lopsided playing cards and a few discarded hands between them. It looked like, humorously enough, they’d fallen asleep in the middle of the game.

It made Yu wonder…what the hell was in the Junes-brand Halloween candy they’d eaten?

Well, one devoted employee would probably know the answer.

Yu couldn’t help but smirk as one person’s name immediately came to mind.

His stormy eyes moved to the thin sliver of space next to him and the wall. Sure enough, Yosuke was tucked there and still sleeping soundly.

He was dressed casually in a sweatshirt and loose pants. This attire made sense since he’d rushed over to Yu’s house after a full shift at Junes. Even if he hadn’t had time to don a costume for the informal party, he’d still brought pounds of candy and even a package of caramel apples for everyone to enjoy. Teddie had been an especially huge fan of the candy-coated treats. In fact, Yu recalled that it took multiple people to hold the bear back from devouring the entire package single-handedly. 

Truthfully, Yu wanted to let Yosuke sleep as much as he needed to. If it hadn’t been from the precarious arrangement of all his friends sleeping bodies in one semi-confined space, he would have lifted him up and carried him to his futon for added comfort. Alas, one wrong move would have caused a stir, and that was the last thing he wanted on such a quiet November morning.

He also knew his boyfriend probably needed the sleep more than anyone else. He could see the plum-colored circles under his eyes and knew that Yosuke had probably crammed more homework and overnights shifts than he’d ever want to tell Yu into the early weeks of October to make sure he could spend the Halloween weekend with him when he was back in Inaba.

He’d obviously failed to disappoint.

Not that he’s ever disappointed me before, Yu thought with a not-so-secret smile.

The lingering stare finally registered subconsciously with Yosuke. He cracked one, bright-orange eye open to locate the guilty party.

Upon spotting Yu’s face hovering over his, the teen rolled onto his back with a grunt and satisfied smirk.

He sighed comfortably and said, “You’re actually here.”

His voice still sounded dreamy from sleep. It was charming enough that Yu instantly pressed a kiss against his warm cheek. "Of course I'm here, Yosuke."

Yosuke laughed and whispered, “Good. Honestly, last night was so fun I thought it might have been a dream.”

Yu’s eyes softened at the sweet yet painful statement. Instead of dwelling on the fact that he’d missed Yosuke too and how he hated that he’d have to leave him to go back to the city in a few days, he trailed his lips over Yosuke’s jaw and kiss him again. This time, he covered Yosuke’s mouth with a soft yet insistent press of his lips. Almost instantly, Yosuke’s mouth molded to his as he returned every ounce of the affection. He lifted his suddenly heavy arms and pulled Yu closer. It was a silent sign for more.

Having grown in maturity quite a bit from his days as a squeamish sophomore, Yosuke lifted himself into the kiss with a playful and confident arch of his back. He gasped Yu’s name in delight as their lips met over and over in one delicious collision after another.

Though the sadness of the situation still lingered in the back of his mind, Yu would be damned if he was going to spend the few precious moments he had with his boyfriend wallowing in any kind of depression.

 “Hey, partner,” Yu purred against Yosuke’s candy-flavored kiss. “Happy November.”

The greeting elicited an eye-roll from Yosuke. “You’re stretching a bit, dude. Who even says that?”

“Am I wrong?” Yu asked quickly. His silver eyes widened a bit as his expression became adorably curious.

Yosuke laughed at his sudden change in demeanor and couldn’t resist pulling his boyfriend down and into another heated kiss.

“Well, if the first day of November involves you kissing me awake, then you’re definitely not wrong,” Yosuke sighed contently when he pulled away for air.

Any reply that could have been muttered was kissed away without regret.

Yu had to admit. The team’s Halloween party, and the morning after, had turned out absolutely perfect.