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Everyday 7/11

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Rikka moved into this area just a while ago. He had a new job and only slowly made his way through all the places this area had to offer.

Everything was in walking distance, a supermarket, grocery store, cafes, bars- anything you would need to live.

He liked it here, there were many people around but not too many. He was just a little bit worried about his younger brother, but he was old enough and already a third year in High School. He could manage himself now. Rikka wouldn’t mind it if Sairi would go to a college near his new work area though.

The first shop he went to was of course the supermarket. He needed a lot of things to settle in his new flat. His cart was really full when he arrived at the register.

“Someone’s throwing a party!” the guy behind it said. Rikka shook his head.

“Ah, no,” he said. “I just moved in a new place.” He didn’t mind making small talk with people, he could imagine it being boring sitting behind the register all day.

The guy looked around the same age as Rikka, early mid twenties, and had half of his dark hair put up in a tie. Plus big round glasses, which somehow made him look younger than he probably was. Handsome too. Rikka glances at his nametag. Aoyagi, huh.

“Welcome to the neighborhood then!” Aoyagi said.

Rikka smiled. He seemed nice. “Thank you.”

He saw him several times afterwards sitting at the cash register. They had smalltalk every time but not too much that Rikka could judge him yet.

The next time Rikka walked into Aoyagi outside of the supermarket, was at the nearest coffee shop. It was right across Rikka’s place and he could see it from the window of his bedroom. He had told himself to visit it several times, but he’s been too busy trying to settle in his new job, that two weeks already passed until he finally found time to do so.

He went alone, but he didn’t mind. Rikka liked working at coffee shops and spending time with himself there, he didn’t always need to have people around.

“Hello, welcome to-“ Aoyagi’s eyes widened. “Oh, it’s you!”

“Yes, me…” Rikka was surprised to see the male here too but having two jobs wasn’t that weird. “I thought I’d try this place out.”

“Good idea! We have the best coffee around, trust me!” Aoyagi grinned widely. “What can I get for you?”

“Just one tall latte please,” Rikka said.

“What’s the name?”

“Yarai Rikka.”

“Yarai-san. I’ve always wondered what your name was! Finally got the excuse to ask.”

Rikka blushed lightly, but Aoyagi probably didn’t even notice.

“I’m Aoyagi Mikado, by the way.”

“I know. I mean, I can see it from your name tag,” Rikka said, quickly correcting himself.

“Ah, right! I forgot. Anyway, you can sit somewhere and wait for the call.”

“Right, I can’t stand to wait.”

Mikado raised his eyebrows. “Was that a pun?”

“Yeah.” Usually, Rikka liked his puns but somehow he felt stupid right now. Why? Because Mikado was looking at him like he was judging him? Because somehow he looked pretty cute in the coffee shops uniform?

The corner of Mikado’s lips curled into a wide smile. “That was so bad.“ he laughed.


Maybe he had thought Mikado was cute. That was what he at least thought after his visit at the coffee shop.

At first. Until he met Mikado everywhere. Were there more than one? Did Mikado have a twin? Or was he part of triplets? He worked at the supermarket, the next 7 Eleven, the coffee shop, that one used books store, and now even in the restaurant he went to with people from work.

“This must be fate!” Mikado declared loudly in front of all his co workers when he saw Rikka.

Over the last few weeks Rikka has learned that Mikado wasn’t really cute. Yes, he was handsome and Rikka liked his stupid smile that was so wide, he liked his voice and how messy Mikado’s hair tied up would look sometimes. But Mikado was also… really a pain.

He didn’t really just liked to talk a lot. He talked a lot of bullshit.

Do you know each other?” Rikka’s co worker asked him.

“Kind of,” Rikka replied.

“Duh, we’re kind of already friends. I bet I can guess what kind of underwear he’s wearing.”

Was this allowed?! Did he talk to anyone like that? Who hired him?

“No, you can’t,” Rikka said.

“Going commando! I like that!”

Rikka was glad he wasn’t here with his boss or anyone above him.

“Wow,” the co worker sitting across from Rikka said, grinning. “You sure are popular.”

“Woah, so this is where you live?” Mikado asked, trying to get a peek of Rikkas flat, as he was standing between him and the flat in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?”

“Duh.” Mikado pointed at his hat. “Someone ordered a pizza.”

When Rikka ordered a pizza he didn’t expect Mikado to be the delivery guy.

“Do you have a twin?”

“Oh, you’re interested in me?” Mikado grinned. “I’m flattered. No, I don’t! What about you? Any siblings?”

“Just… give me the pizza.”

“You really got pineapple? I never would’ve guessed. You sure are a freak!”

Rikka had no idea what the fuck that even meant. Mikado smiled and tipped his cap after he gave Rikka the warm pizza.

“Until we see each other again! Maybe even tomorrow already?”

“I doughn’t see why not.”

Mikado laughed. He was annoying, but Rikka liked the way he laughed. It was cute in a way and reminded him of why Rikka thought he was attractive in the beginning. “Hell yeah. Enjoy your pizza.”

He had an exhausting day, everything went wrong at his work today and he had to do over time and it was already 10pm and he was so tired but he couldn’t sleep and just relax yet.

Rikka felt so uneasy, so he decided to go to the nearest bar to drink his sorrows away. It wasn’t really usual of him, but he just needed it right now. He had his day off tomorrow anyway, and he knew where his limits were. He didn’t live too far away either.

He walked in and sat down at one of the seats at the bar. There was a waitress, who was busy right now mixing a drink. The door from the staff room went open and-

Oh no.

“Yarai! You’re here!”

Rikka just wanted to pick up his jacket and go again, because he couldn’t deal with him now too.

Then again, for some reasons, Mikado’s smile lifted his spirits, if only just for a little tiny bit.

He was wearing just a tight black T-shirt right now which looked really good on him. “What can I get you?”

Rikka blinked. “Are you stalking me?”


“You’re everywhere ! This can’t be a coincidence anymore! Everywhere I go, you’re there too! To the point I probably hallucinate you!”

“You think I’m stalking you?” Mikado stared at him with wide eyes. It sounded ridiculous, but Rikka didn’t have any other explanation. He just shrugged in response.

“Wow, here I thought it was fate I kept running into this hot guy and all he thinks is that I’m a fucking stalker. I just have a lot of part time jobs.”

Rikka looked down, embarrassed. “Sorry.” He ran his hand through his hair. “I just had a stressful day and… wait, what did you call me?”

“Ignore that, I think the stressful day is waaay more important. Wanna drink your sorrows away? I’ll get you something strong!”

“Did you call me hot?”

Mikado blushed. He really blushed. “Forget it, I knew you were the definition of straight.”

Rikka shifted in his seat. “Just to give it to you straight: I’m not straight.”

“Your puns are terrible.”

“Your weird love for panties is terrible.”

“It’s not weird!”

“It is!” His coworker shouted.

“Hikari-san, stop ruining this for me!”

Rikka laughed. Talking to Mikado really helped and was surprisingly comforting on this terrible day. It was actually the best thing that has happened to him today.

“Alright, What can I get you? Wait, let me surprise you!”

“I don’t know if I want to…”

“I created a drink, super tasty. It’s called blue panties!”

Rikka winced. “Can’t I just have a normal drink?”

“No, it’s on the house!”

Rikka sighed. “You won’t take a no, right?” Mikado nodded eagerly. “What about this… you go with me on a date and I don’t have to drink it?”

Mikado widened his eyes. “Wow, pun master really wants to get into my blue panties.”

“I take it back.”

“No, stop! Yes! I’d love to!” Mikado smiled brightly. “You still have to drink it though. I’ll pour a lot of love in it.”

“Please don’t say pour into it when you’re talking about panties.”

“Wow, I thought I am a pervert.”

Rikka groaned, but he couldn’t help but smile. He couldn’t believe he really wanted to go on a date with this guy.