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Thanks Imp Givings

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Lucifer woke up and looked around the room blinking slightly. "Hmm?"

Chloe wiggled up against him. "Go back to sleep Lucifer." She muttered softly against him.

Lucifer shook his head slightly before he laid back down and pulled Chloe back against him. "I just feel a shift in the air."

Chloe yawned softly. "Hmm like what?" She opened her eyes and looked down at him.

"I don't know." He looked at her and smiled. "Is it normal to wake up and feel like something has changed?"

"Sometimes humans do that." She straddled his waist as she smiled at him. "But I know how to help you get back to sleep." She said with a rather wicked grin on her face as she looked at him.

Lucifer's morning wood sprung up as he felt Chloe wiggle on his hips. "Are you going to help me with that Decker?" He asked with a rather wicked grin across his face.

"You're always so horny." She said as she reached between them and took a hold of his cock and guided his cock into her until she was fully seated onto him.

Lucifer's hands came up and ran a finger across her nipple before he moved his whole hands down her sides. He stopped his hands on her ass and patted her behind. "Ride me."

Chloe put her hands on his chest as she rose up almost until he fell out of her. Before she slammed herself back down onto him. She did this over and over again riding him and enjoying her ride on his cock.

Lucifer helped her ride him as he came up and kissed her on the lips. He pulled back and moaned as he helped her to ride him harder over and over again as he helped to drive her to the edge but not letting her go over that edge just yet.

Chloe's nails dug into him as she groaned as she rode him as she felt her inner muscles clinging tightly almost strangling his poor cock as she rode him over and over again until she threw her head back and screamed as she finally came all over his cock then.

Lucifer trusted into her harder and harder as he drove them towards another one this time together was his goal in the end.

Chloe clung to him even as he sat up as they still rode towards another end. She put her face in his neck breathing in his scent as everything drove her towards screaming again into his neck. As her mouth came down she bit down hard on his neck drawing blood.

Lucifer sped up then as soon as she bites him hard. He couldn't help himself as they kept on fucking for good long while. His thrusts sped up when he felt Chloe's tongue on his neck licking the wound closed. He trusted into her a few more times hard before they came together.

Chloe fell down onto Lucifer laying there with there body's still connected. She swallowed a couple of times before she lifted her head slightly and saw the bite mark on his neck. "Sorry."

"You mean when you bite me? If that's the case don't be I enjoyed it very much so. Though you're going to be sore later." He chuckled softly.

Chloe blushed as she laid there on his chest with them still connected as his arms come up around her holding her to him. "And who's fault is that?"

Lucifer chuckled softly. "Go back to sleep woman."

Chloe sighed softly as she closed her eyes. "You're lucky I love you Lucifer." She said softly as she drifted back to sleep then.

Lucifer smiled softly. "We are both so lucky to be loved by each other my, queen of my heart." He closed his eyes as he fell asleep with her in his arms and on his chest.

A couple hours later Chloe jolted upright as she herself felt different. In those couple hours, Lucifer had slipped out of her. She got up out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom and quietly closed the door behind her. She walked over to the toilet where she threw up.

About an hour later Lucifer got up and looked around. "Chloe?" He heard someone throwing up in his bathroom and he walked over to the door and knocked lightly. "You okay?"

"I just threw up what do you think?"

Lucifer mentally rolled his eyes. "You need anything?"

"To stop throwing up."

"Anything else?"


"Alright, I will go get some and some lemon-lime soda." He went to get dressed and took a blanket and a pillow to the bathroom for her. "You should try and rest I will be right back."

Chloe nodded her head slightly as she flushed the toilet and wrapped up in a blanket and lied down on the floor.

Lucifer headed to the store and came back a while later. He put the seven up in ice to chill and grabbed the saltines and pregnancy test to the bathroom. He gently opened the door and saw Chloe still an awake looking at nothing really. "You okay now?" He asked putting the test and the crackers on the sink as he sat down on the floor beside her.

Chloe blinked slightly as she looked at him. "Is this normal?" She asked showing small black wings out of her back.

Lucifer blinked slightly. "Cute small little wings." He reached out and pulled her against him. Even when she tried to pull back from his touch. "Right now they are the size of a baby angel's wings." He kissed the top of her head.

"But how?"

"You did bite me earlier hard and you did draw blood too." He said simply. "It was very hot."

Chloe looked at him annoyed.

"What it really was."

Chloe rolled her eyes as she leaned back against Lucifer. "What did you get besides the soda and crackers?" She asked softly.

"Pregnancy test." He said truthfully.

Chloe looked at him annoyed.

"Just encase besides I told you this morning something felt off."

"You think you can feel other life?"

"It felt like a part of me was elsewhere."

"And the fact we have had a lot of sex too?"


Chloe sighed softly. "Tomorrow I will."

Lucifer nodded his head slightly. "Alright deal." He bent his head and kissed her softly on her cheek as he reached up and grabbed the crackers and handed them to her.

Chloe opened the pack and ate a few of them before she stopped and closed her eyes trying to get some rest.

An hour later of Chloe being asleep. Lucifer picked her up in his arms and carried her to bed. He put the crackers near her along with a glass and the iced seven up. He cleaned up the bathroom and walked into the kitchen to text Dan that Chloe was in no shape to take Trixie tonight as she is sick. He kept himself busy and quiet letting Chloe rest in his room.

The next morning Chloe got up and headed into the bathroom and peed on a stick. She didn't even think about the wings from the day before as she stepped into the shower and took a nice long hot shower.

Lucifer sat up in bed and watched the door hearing her in the shower.

Chloe stepped out of the shower and dried off before she looked at the test and let out a rather loud, eek.

Lucifer got up and rushed to the bathroom. "What's wrong a spider?" He asked opening the door to see Chloe with full-grown wings out holding up the test in her hand looking shocked. "What?"

"I have wings."

"I see that."

"Full grown wings too."

"So do I?"

"I also took the test."

"Yes, and?"

"You said I couldn't."

"I said I wasn't sure. I am an immortal and you were a mortal. Though the blood thing I know nothing about."

"I'm pregnant Lucifer."


"Um yes really." She shook her head slightly.

"I'm going to have my own imp."


"It's the same thing."

"No, it's not."

Lucifer looked at her annoyed. "It is to me woman. You should though go to the doctor."

"I forgot to call off yesterday or my poor daughter."

"I did it for you. And your boss gave you a couple days off. So going to see a doctor before going back into work I think would be called for."

Chloe sighed softly. "Right." She shook her head slightly. "But the fact I'm pregnant though."

Lucifer bent his head and kissed her on her nose. "You go see your doctor I will try and get a hold of one of my siblings to ask them about the blood thing." He held out his pinky finger. "Deal?"

Chloe sighed softly as she locked pinkies with him. "Deal!." She kissed his cheek. "And if I am don't call the baby an imp."

Lucifer chuckled softly.