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the state of being mentally ill; madness


“Don’t do this,” Shizune pleads.

Sakura purses her lips, and glances at her sensei—seated on the Hokage desk, lower half of her face behind her pensively laced fingers.

“Tsunade-sama,” Shizune begs. “Please—say something!”

Tsunade frowns. “Sakura—you do know that joining that part of the anbu…”

“I know what I’m doing, shishou .” Sakura says. “But I have a hunch. I believe Danzo’s related to Sasu—to the Massacre.”

“You may be right,” Tsunade says, eyes darkening. “But, the missions you will receive… Are you sure you’re ready?”

Sakura nods. “I’ll be communicating to you discretely. Any information, any lead… I’ll tell you.”

Tsunade sighs, but doesn’t protest. “They say a nameless soldier who protects peace in its shadows is a true shinobi. Sakura… I can’t protect you from what is to come. But if I can help as a friend, as a mentor or even as your Hokage… Don’t hesitate.”

Sakura inclines her head in respect.

“Don’t change, Sakura. Stay the same. Too many people have been led astray.”



“You’re fifteen,” Danzo notes, in his age-worn voice. “The youngest to join my Anbu Black Ops.”

Sakura stays passive behind the mask of a snarling tigress.

“You must be a virgin?”

Sakura sputters.“What? Yes; I’m fifteen !”

“I thought so. There is one law—and only one law—you can't be a virgin to join the seduction ops. You have one day. Else, we shall send someone for you.”

“That’s disgu—”

“That'll be all,” Danzo says, sharply. “Dismissed.”



Sakura knocks on a worn wooden door, apprehensive. She bites her lips and twiddles her fingers. She's dressed casually—a thick, chunky, too-loose knit sweater, and tights.

After a moment, the door opens. “I swear, Konohamaru—”

Naruto stops short when he sees her. Surprise blooms on his face. “Sakura-chan! I thought you were Konohamaru… Uh, sorry ’bout that.” He grins sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck.

As soon as Sakura sees Naruto—warmth seemingly radiating off him, hair of gold, eyes of the sky, the embodiment of sunshine—

She immediately feels guilty.

As if what she had planned on doing was impractical, crude even. Most of all, when she saw him, and what she was going to do—she pictures the pained look on Hinata’s face, and feels her heart churn.

So she does something stupid.

She transforms into a laughing Konohamaru, with a puff of smoke. She clutches at her stomach—now that of Konohamaru’s—and jeers. “Ha! Naruto ‘the great’ got tricked by a genin— again!”

And then she picked up a fistful of sand, chucked it towards his blue eyes, and ran before he could recover.



She tells Danzo that she would be ready for him to send for someone the following day.

As child, she must've imagined that she would know her first. What he did, what he liked, his favourite food… At least his name.

Now she didn't want to know.

I must've assumed it were Sasuke.

At this, she laughs mirthlessly, in a sour, bitter tone—surprising herself.