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“Oi!” One of the nameless shinobi who were attending the Jonin exams along with Sasuke called.

Sasuke doesn’t turn, still watching as  Samui dictates the rules of the exam.

“Hey—you’re Sasuke right?” He asks, and scampers closer. “Uchiha Sasuke?” He clarifies.

Sasuke finally turns, eyes frosting at the man who dared interrupt his life. He was young-ish—Sasuke’s age—and had an admittedly nice-looking face. Sandy hair fluttering in the winds of Kumo (where the exams were being held), a cropped beard and pale blue eyes. His headband—with the insignia of Suna emblazoned pridefully—gleams in the sun.

“You’re the dude who fought alongside Uzumaki Naruto and Sakura in the war, huh.”

Sasuke noticed the lack of last-name in Sakura’s name, and the way her name rolled of this guy’s tongue. It was vaguely familiar… but he couldn’t place its origin. Noting that mentally, he asks, “So?”

“Nothin’, nothin’,” he drawls. “I wanted to know Sakura-san’s number, if you have it…”

That’s it, Sasuke realizes. He recalled those times that he, Naruto and Sai were grabbing a bite, and some random men kept on stopping Sakura and handed her a beautifully arranged bouquet of fresh roses, and asked her out.

She, in a sorrowful voice, and a sad smile, tried to explain that she couldn’t come. Sometimes, when men came too close (usually drunk), she sent them flying with a dislocated jaw and threatened to end their ability of reproduction.

That’s where I’ve heard that tone.

Sasuke raises an eyebrow at the man, skeptical. “I don’t have her number.”

“But I thought you both were in touch…?”

“I don’t have her number,” he repeats. “I just know her.”

“Like, distantly acquainted? From what I’ve heard… well, never mind.”

Sasuke wants to know what this man ‘heard’, but instead says, “I said I don’t have her bloody number. Wasn’t that what you approached me for?”

“Y-yeah… Uh, thanks, anyway.”

Sasuke turns back to Samui.

He tries to pay attention to her, but something itches his mind, irking him constantly.

He hasn’t felt this—whatever it was—since Naruto learnt the rasengan. Since Naruto began to train with Jiraiya. Since the feud they had on the terrace of that wretched hospital.

Is this… jealousy?

He shuns that thought just as it surfaces. Impossible.