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“Babe,” Banks said as she walked up behind her husband, wrapping her arms around his neck, “are you ready to see if all of our hard work has been worth it?”

Jim turned around facing her, laying his hand on her visible baby bump, “I’m confident that we will have results. Speaking of tonight,” he paused briefly, “I would prefer if you didn’t go in the water with Carter to get the shark.”

Banks shook her head, “It’s kind of why I’m here so, I’m definitely going to be in the water. You don’t have to be worried, I’m very good at my job,” she placed her hand on his cheek, “Plus, we’re being observed so I think I need to show why I’m here.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Jim answered, visibly concerned still. “At least we have the party first.” He stood and leaned down placing his lips to hers before pulling back, “Do you wanna go somewhere quiet?” he whispered.

Banks grinned, “Why, that sounds like a wonderful idea. Lead that way, Dr. Whitlock.”

Jim grabbed her hand and led her to one of the smaller research labs within Aquatica. Once the door was shut, Banks shoved Jim back against it, taking his mouth with hers, running her hands up his chest.

He moved his hand to her bump, working his way down to her skirt before trailing his fingers under the hem to the waistband of her panties, smiling against her mouth while she moaned into his.

“At this rate,” she gasped, “We’re going to end up with a litter of babies.”


Once night fell, Banks and Jim went to surface level to prepare for their surprise party for Dr. Susan McAlester.

The couple was joined by Carter, Preacher, Janet, Tom, Brenda, and the suit, Russell Franklin.

Brenda called Susan to the surface where she was greeted by her team and a surprise followed by a wonderful meal by Preacher.

“I am going to miss eating for two,” Banks lamented as she was enjoying her meal.

Russell looked at her, “You’re the other shark wrangler? Is that safe to do while you’re…” he trailed off.

Banks noticed Jim about to speak so she answered quickly, “I am five months pregnant and it is still safe for me and the baby. I appreciate your concern,” she smiled before changing the subject, “What I’m really sad about is the fact that I can’t take part in these drinks like the rest of you,” she laughed, joined by the others.

Jim leaned toward her and placed a kiss on her forehead, “I’ll get you something to let you feel included, my love,” he said, standing and leaving the table.

Once Jim left, Carter went after Susan and Franklin began to ask about their work which Janet, their marine biologist was happy to answer.

“Why sharks?” she asked, “They have never gotten cancer or any other type of disease. Somehow, they are immune to the things that ail our species. It’s amazing really,” she paused, “And by using a genetic hormone to increase their brain size, we can harvest some of their cerebral fluid and use it to cure us. It’s amazing,” she finished.

Jim returned, placing a virgin strawberry daiquiri in front of Banks, “Sharks are the oldest living creatures in the world. They are the key to what allows for the optimum evolution.”

Susan and Carter walked back to the rest of the party, “Is everyone ready to begin the test,” Susan began, “Brenda, you’ll watch the incoming storm?”

“Of course, Doctor,” Brenda replied, leaving the party to retake her station.

Banks turned to Jim, giving his hand a squeeze, “I’m up,” she stood and walked to Carter so they could suit up and get in the water to bring in one of the sharks to the lab.