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Ride or Die

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It started as an alright night he managed to make new contact with the Toretto crew after the disastrous fight at the shop. Lost the race but it was an adrenaline rush doing so something he usually didn’t get to feel unless he was undercover so worth the embarrassing lecture after.

Then it went from adrenaline rush to horror story as the Trans shot up his supra that he worked so hard to not only pry from the Burros firm grip but actually make race-able. The next thing he knew he was on the ground staring up at the night sky and a worried Dominic Toretto.

“Shit” Brian murmurs staring up into the equally shocked eyes of Dom black lines going up his strong arms. He hisses when Dom pushed down too hard on his wound in his shock. He could already feel a push at the base of his neck telling him what he already knows from the slow-acting pain relief flooding his system. Dom is his soulmate; his mark is his soulmate and he is so utterly fucked.

“We have to get you down the hill,” Dom says softly pushing down a little more on his wound looking on in apology as Brian tries not to whimper, the pain may be less excruciating but it still hurts  “Come-on hotshot the quicker we get a car the quicker we can get you home.”

“Can’t we... “He whimpers as Dom helps him sit up trying to ignore the large shard of glass in his shoulder “call someone?”

“Unless your phone survived the explosion, we’re on our own”

“Shit!” Brian swore, and Dom makes a noise which he’s going to take as an agreement. To be honest he can see the man is just as conflicted and really Brian can't blame him, they only officially met five hours ago. As far as Dom knows he’s not only a man but a wannabe street racer with more money than sense, a buster and it would only be logical to leave his dying ass in Tran territory. But Dominic Toretto despite his file has never followed normal logic especially when it comes to someone who saved his ass from lockup.

They start the slow process of getting Brian up and moving down the hill and out of Tran territory. It takes longer than either want to admit which typically Brian would try and fill in the silence to try and get his mark to open up but the pain relief has officially hit morphine levels and he doesn’t even notice Dom has sat him down leaning on a wall next to a phone booth until he touches his cheek lightly.

“Spliner I need to make a call to get someone to pick us up but that means I'm going to have to stop touching you okay?”

“No...pain will come back”

“Yes, but you deal with the pain of shitty imports you can ignore a little physical pain”

He takes his hand away from Brian pain lines fading from his skin and away the phantom pains coming from the man in front of him. Brian hisses as the pain comes back violently like a tire iron being slammed into him repeatedly but he’s never been one to keep his mouth shut when someone insults his tastes.

“There's nothing wrong with imports asshole better than American muscle”

“I should leave your ass for that”

“But you won’t” Brian whispers curling in slightly hoping to lessen the pain watching as Dom quickly gets into the phone booth paying the charge and dialling. Watching he notices when Dom frowns before swearing slamming the phone back onto the hook. Dom looks worriedly back at Brian causing what Brian hopes is a smile but he’s pretty sure comes out as a pained grimace before he turns back to the phone again.

Whatever Dom dials must be a quick conversation because between zoning out one minute and zoning back in when the pain begins to fade again a taxi pulls up. With slight pain, Dom manages to get Brian in the back of the Taxi keeping his wound covered by getting Brian to curl into his side effectively hiding it.

Brian breathing gets heavy as the pain gets replaced by relief and Dom struggles not to smile down at him as the man falls asleep during the thirty-minute drive. Giving Dom time to over think the whole situation and try and figure out what to do. To say he isn’t happy when they pull up to 1327 Echo Park to find a raging party is to say 10second cars are not meant to go fast.

“Brian” Dom whispers hoping not to shock the man awake. When he doesn’t move except to curl closer, he shakes him slightly which doesn’t work either. Eventually, the taxi driver raises his brow causing Dom to sigh. Getting out slowly he leans Brian head against the seat and pays the man before carefully pulling the injured man out onto his feet and shutting the taxi door.

He watches as the taxi drives away wanting to give the finger and swear for the man being such a great help, but he has other issues on his plate. Like getting the still bleeding man into his house without anyone noticing or before anyone notices they're outside. It doesn’t help that he has these instincts screaming at him to get his soulmate safe and healed that just get louder and more persistent the longer he stands on the sidewalk.

Dom figures he has two choices he can sneak him around back and find Mia to shut the party down and help or he can sneak the Buster past more than a dozen completely hammered room of people before finding his sister to help. He knows which one he prefers. He finds Brian surprisingly heavy and thanks God that there's no one outside at the moment.

 “Sorry Brian”

He slowly lays the man down on the grass moving away so he’s no longer taking the man’s pain and watches as Brians faces begins to frown before then man’s eyes squint open. The glazed texture worries Dom for a moment before it clears and Brian glares at him.

“What the fuck”

“Awesome you're awake. I can't get you past all these people unnoticed if I carry you so you have to be awake for this”

“Fuck you man” Brian groans but he sees the sense, so he sits up slowly and accepts the help when he can't get any further than that. Dom lets the man lean on him again and as quickly as possible makes their way inside. He sees Vince in the living room drinking and Letty talking to Mia and quickly turns before anyone notices them taking Brian up the stairs who hisses swears at him under his breath the whole time.

He leads the injured man to his room thanking God again that for once everyone was too afraid of Letty's wrath to venture into the private areas of the house causing the upstairs area to be clear of any drunk party goers. Brian groans in relief when he gets lowered carefully to the bed before sighing in annoyance when once again Dom lets go. The man moves over to his attached bathroom quickly grabbing some towels and throwing them on the bed before making his way to the door.

“I don’t do wounds, but my sister does your going to have buck up Spliner until I get back” with that he leaves the room hearing Brian swear at him creatively as he makes his way down the stairs causing a grin. When he reaches the living room Vince finally notices him.

“Dom we were just coming to get you”

“No, you weren’t” any other time Dom would lose his shit but he could feel the pain radiating from his soulmate and couldn’t care less about anything but getting him help especially when Vince stands up.

“Where you been Dom,” Jesse asks as he comes into the kitchen detaching from the woman he was making out with causing Letty and Mia to look up noticing him but zooming straight away on the blood on his shirt before they can think to joke about him being late. Within seconds they’re both there checking to make sure he’s okay Letty physically while Mia just asks a million questions fast paced. He steps back.

“It's not mine Mia I need your help with something”

“God Dom, you didn’t kill anyone did you?” She asks frowning and Vince chimes in causing Dom to lose the one thread on calm he had “what the hell happened man?”

“What happened is I almost got locked up and my team were nowhere to be found! Brian found me!”  He turns yelling at Vince and scowling around the room watching as people wince quickly vacating to leave only his team in the kitchen to deal with his anger. They may be drunk but they know not to mess with the King of LA streets when angry.

“What the Buster is here?! Why the hell is he here?!”

“The buster as you call him saved my ass from that happening! He got me when my team weren’t there!” he turns away from the scowling Vince before taking a deep breath to calm down. Closing his eyes he reaches out along the tentative bond to check on Brian only to find him asleep and smiles slightly. “I don’t have time for this shit Mia come with me. The rest of you party is over make everyone go home and clean this shit up”

With that, he turns knowing they’ll follow orders making his way back up the stairs not even surprised when Letty simply follows him instead of shutting the party down. He enters his room ignoring the females surprised exclamations as he sits next to Brian on the bed laying a hand on the man's neck to remove the pain again. Getting a smile in the man's pained slumber though he winces himself as the adrenaline starts to wear off and he can feel the phantom pains a lot stronger now as he begins the process of removing it again.

“What the hell Dom? What happened?”

“Why did you bring him here as opposed to a doctor?”

As soon as the black lines appear both women fall silent as their questions get answered Letty looking sad about the fact, but she nudges Mia into action and that's why he loves his feisty partner so much she focuses on what needs to be done before dealing with anything else.

“What do you need me to do Dom?”

“You’re learning medicine. All I know is I had to bring him home” he looks away as he admits softly “I'm working on fumes and instinct right now and the only thing I can focus on is making sure he’s okay”

“Is it really that strong?” Letty asks moving closer curiously watching the lines moving up his arms as they weave together before disappearing at his elbow. She turns to watch Mia work when she gets no answer from her partner noticing that now that he’s home and someone competent is working on his soulmate he completely switched off from anything bar watching the man sleep. She had no idea the instincts were that intense.

Letty watches worriedly as the new guy curls into Dom as the shard of glass in pulled causing blood to pool quickly from the wound. Finally, having woken up with the commotion and lack of pain but doesn't say anything. Noticing as Dom smooths a hand down the man's neck in comfort pulling him, so his back was to Dom's chest but now Mia could actually get to the wound in his shoulder without Brian moving. Dom continues the soothing movement of his hand drifting his thumb up and down the man's neck another hand curled possessively around the man's waist and that's when Letty knows she’s lost the love of her life.

Dom doesn’t touch anyone that way besides Mia and her. He just doesn’t know it yet, but that man is about to be very important in their lives. It makes her want to swear and curse and cry at the world, get Dom to make him leave but she knows it would change nothing but make her feel like an asshole and besides they both mutually agreed if they ever got the lucky chance to meet their match, they would let the other go. Doesn’t mean she isn’t going to vet the man for all she’s worth, he’s going to prove himself worthy of her Dom’s love if it’s the last thing he does.

“Dom its really deep I don’t think I'm going to be enough”

“Shit” he mutters in reply before closing his eyes “I can try to see what bond is forming and see if it can help but it’s really weak and I’ll probably be of no use after”

“If it helps Mia do her job then do it” Letty chimes in and Dom finally looks at her properly without the weird glaze in his eyes he’s had since he got home. He looks devastated causing a reoccurring look in his partner before she scowls at him “well Toretto don’t want your soulmate dying before I get him to prove his love via torture”

Dom growls and everyone looks confused at his reaction even himself. Thats the reaction he would typically have around Letty when jealous and it usually lead to some X-rated moments or they would joke back and forth while Mia helped cleaned up their mess before moving on to the X-rated moments. They could all figure out the instincts were a lot stronger than they thought especially when Brian turns to hide a grin in the man’s neck feeling the man’s jealousy and Dom looks super embarrassed trying not to make eye contact with anyone in the room. The females knowing if he could escape, he would be out the door and down the street by now but he didn’t want to leave Brian.

“Okay, I need you to do that. Letty, can you go make sure the idiots down stairs are doing as they were told?”

Letty just nods vacating as Mia turns back to Dom and Brian saying “on the count of three I need you to pour whatever you have into the bond and Brian I need you to accept it”

“It’s not going to hurt him is it”

“Let’s hope not” she mutters positioning her needle ready to stitch the wound shut having effectively cleaned it by now. Looking up into Dom eyes she says clearly “three” and watches in amazement as both men’s eyes glaze over completely like they were high and the wound starts closing quick enough for her to quickly put the stitches in. She watches as Dom passes out but Brian’s eyes clear slightly enough to focus on her.

Brian and Dom wouldn’t be able to explain their initial bond properly to anyone who asks even years later .Dom says it’s like driving a ten second care for the first time and Brian argues it feels like flying on the best high imaginable .The experience not only intensified by the extreme situation but by the bond that had already been growing and would have grown normally if they were never in the accident to begin with. The only thing they can agree on is every emotion good and bad was exchanged as well as the uncanny ability to be able to feel each other as if the others body was their own wounds and all.

As Mia was whipping the excess blood clean and bandaging the wound trying to be careful now her brother was asleep she gets to hear about it first hand as Brian speaks again the second time for the evening in a tired whisper “The fucker has a slice on his side he was so worried about me because of instincts that he ignored himself or didn’t notice”

“Sounds like Dom” is the last thing he hears before he too passes out curling into his soulmate for comfort.


Brian wakes groggily not sure where he is at first until the night comes rolling back in techno colour when he feels the arm around his waist tighten causing him to groan quietly. He quietens quickly when the arm pulls him closer and he can feel Dom breaths on the back on his neck. He tries to quieten his raging emotions as he can still feel the very open and still forming bond relaying said emotions to the man behind him.

“You think too loud”

“And your obviously not a morning person” Brian replies without thinking and could curse himself especially when he feels the vague amusement coming down the bond. He shuts his side of the bond the best he can real quick trying to ignore the very warm man running his nose up the side of his neck. Said man smiles into his soulmates neck as he feels Brian seal the bond on his side knowing it won’t last long before sitting up and throwing a shirt on over his bandaged torso. He doesn’t question his half nakedness correctly guessing Mia found his wound.

“Help me make breakfast”

“Your injured!” Brian exclaims before adding “I’m injured”

“They're both scratches you baby”

“You’re an asshole” Brian mutters back but shoves the shirt Dom throws him on anyway trying not to whimper in happiness as his soulmates sent surrounds him. From Dom’s slight leer he knows the happiness and slight arousal got through his hastily built wall on his side of the bond and wants to curse. He is so fucked.

Following his larger soulmate down to the kitchen, he pulls out whatever Dom tells him from the fridge, smiling at Mia when she comes in not long after they start who smiles back before setting the table while they cook . He moves over next to Dom to watch him cook a large breakfast that he’s guessing for the whole crew not noticing when Letty joins until he hears a her speak.

“This should be interesting” Letty whispers leaning against the doorway next to Mia watching the men make breakfast before taking a bite out the apple Mia handed her. Brian turns hearing her but doesn’t say anything just smiles because she’s not wrong things just got a lot more interesting. Here’s hoping it doesn’t blow up in everyone’s face.