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Midoriya Izuku wasn’t always Midoriya Izuku, his first full name was Silvanus Albus Aurelius Balbus, the people of his village area just called him Balbus a nickname meaning stammerer. He would never truly complain of his life before it all happened, he helped his mother with the animals and crops, would go hunting with his father when he could, he always complained about having to kill the cute hares.

Things were peaceful for his family, things seemed fine in the capital and his families farm was doing well, they were well off and were stocked for nearly any event, until he found that beautifully decorated trunk full of book rolls, all pertaining to black and ancient magic, rolls that spoke of curses and beasts of the mind, untold power and whole civilizations at one's fingertips, all hiding in a dark cellar under his father's hunting cabin. He watched as his father changed over years, not confronting him on the horrors he had read as he was only 12 at the time, he watched as the man he looked up to slowly change, he became deranged, he raved on and on about what he’d do if all of Rome bowed to him. A young, not yet Midoriya had snuck out on some nights to watch his father read through book rolls and perform strange rituals in the forest behind their home, eventually, enough was enough.

The day he talked to his mother she had suspicions of her own, when his father left to the capital to retrieve a ‘gift’ for his son's 15th birthday was the day his mother and he searched the book rolls, they took note of the rolls that had been read through all the way till the end and the paragraphs of partial read rolls marked with ink, all spoke of ways to claim the power of gods and demons, the minds of mortals being bent to the enchanters will, shocked and disturbed they realised what he was doing, his father had become hungry, starved for the power these scrolls spoke of, they searched for a way to stop this, his father had always been the more fit and able of the small family, they wouldn't be able to fight him even more so with the fact he was trained in sword, javelin and bow, no they needed a powerful and final means from these rolls and only 5 days till his return, they started their search. His mother had found a scroll describing a curse to entrap entities and seal magical strength, after 3 days of searching they were desperate enough to try, they knew his father planned something big for his 15th, referencing the rolls they knew it was most likely a ritual to infuse the souls of innocents into a stone to wear that would lure and entrap powerful unseen and wrathful entities so the wearer could use their strength and power as their own. They found the last items for their rituals, the first was a great sacrifice on their part, but it was necessary for their plan, they needed it for the second ritual, the true one that would seal his father away, a full moon was required and was just on time with his birthday and father's return, the day before his father arrival they had written down the circle of strange runes in a fiery red chalk made in a burning pot, they forced their way through hell and back to gain a curse of which was essential to defeat his crazed father.

Midoriya and his mother subjected themselves to a curse of vampirism, the blood of a vampire needed, his mother refusing to let her son live such a life alone. The day before his birthday they found his father riding his horse-drawn cart with slaves he had bought, when asked he claimed they were for the family, to take the hard work from his wife and child's hands so they could become closer, he also claimed they were also important for Midoriya's birthday the next day. The night of Midoriya's birthday all the slaves were gathered by his father in the night, sadly Midoriya and his mother didn't wake till the piercing screams of a woman’s agony were heard from the forest where a light of glowing blue flames was seen.

They ran with the items needed hoping to save at least one person only to find the mutilated corpses of women, men, and children, a single standing figure drenched in their blood smiling at a blue and green glowing moon and stone, the large circle of golden blue lit runes pulsing with the power of innocents, a second burning ring of runes exactly as they needed sat a little further into the circle. Midoriya and his mother, scared but determined, slowly stepped into the circle, a ceremonially carved bone knife with a gem engraved pommel and silver mirror in hand, they took care to hide their vampirism from him during his return but they needn't hide it now. The crazed look of a once loving father greeted them once they entered the circle, over the dead-eyed corpses, he questioned what they were doing out so late but greeted them just as lovingly as always, he spoke of how this was all for Izuku's birthday, all for his son to rule those of Rome, he was meet with stony silence and a disgusted look of horror, they refused to hear more. They proceeded with the ritual. Inko placed the silver mirror on the very middle rune, removing the hauntingly beautiful stone and stepping back letting her son complete the ritual all while hiding away from the seemingly betrayed glassy looks the innocents seemingly sent toward her. Izuku lunged at his father while he was distracted, watching his wife in confusion. The bone knife hidden in the sleeve of his nightshirt, he plunged it as deep as he could into his father's stomach, his shock and betrayed message clear in his mind's eye even centuries after, as his father dropped to his knees Izuku quickly forced the knife into his own forearm letting the blood of both black magic users travel through specially designed grooves, pooling into a once grey/white star sapphire that now beamed an angry fierce and violent bleeding red, bathing all, in a light of viciousness, Izuku was mesmerised though in pain, he remembered his duty in a rush of panic and fear, he reared his arms back, knife gripped in a white-knuckled vice, he drove the knife into the face of the mirror screaming the rite in a language of demons and shadow. His father was forced into the grip of his own shade as he was dragged through the shattered surface, Izuku’s own blood sealing the cracks, in doing so he lit the gem of the mirrors handle the same angry bleeding red, the knife drained of power crumbled to soot.

The morning after was faced with packing up and burning the foundations of everything they once knew, starting a new, it would be difficult but with Midoriya's new found affinity with black magic he could hope to right his father's wrongs by bathing the stone of souls in the happiness of a brighter world, one struggler at a time.

Over 2000 years one learns a lot, sees a lot, knows a lot. The animals of his family's lovely home now lost to time still live on in essence through their offspring, raised by the ever-stagnant Midoriya’s as they travel the world, helping those in need. They built plenty of footholds for themselves, they could own the world if they wished, power was never what they wished for, the power they’ve gained is used for the unfortunate and to better those who unknowingly need a hand. Midoriya remembers fondly of his heroics, with pain from injury and joy of the hope those he's saved had in their eyes as they saw him, even some deeds comparatively small to his grander heroics, helping a Victorian lady with her lost pooch or the time he helped that group of hacker vigilantes; hiding them away from the police.

He considers all the people he's had the joy to call his friends, family. It may be the maddening sense of eternity but Midoriya is always craving friends and family, even after their deaths he watches over their descendants and made sure their families live kind lives, he’s the weird never changing uncle to many families, he makes an effort with his mother to visit them all whenever they can, he does his best to guide the youth of his family to be good and kind people, willing to do the right thing when push comes to shove. Midoriya knows he isn’t a very good role model to some, his long stretching web of misfits and outcasts attempting to better the lives of those in need, is built on the dark grounds and gritty shadows of the underground world and moral ambiguity, his webs rules are simple though, help those in need, never harm children, stop harm from befalling those who do not deserve it. Though he would call himself weird uncle material, he’d never call himself older brother material until he couldn’t help but feel protective over the adorably chubby spawn of his mother's' friends; Bakugou Mitsuki and Bakugou Masaru. He wanted to watch over and guide this one as well, all the descendants of his ancient friends have all reached an age where his guidance isn’t strictly necessary, so he has taken it upon himself to help and guide this young one with the child's parents permission, them knowing full well what he was.

He has gained many magical abilities over the centuries, even sporting a hand-carved wand like some sort of wizard,he finds it humorous himself, he’s even made a cane for the soul stone his father ‘gifted’ to him, he uses it in extreme emergencies…..he also uses it to poke and annoy his mirror bound father Pff.

Midoriya can change his form to suit any of his needs, so forcing his form to fit the age of his little brother is as simple as breathing. He wished to guide Bakugou to becoming a fine and respectable young man, he was delighted once Bakugou stated he wished to be a hero, the society he currently lived in making a profession of his nature, while good for the time needed some serious changes, he didn't like how the word hero has lost so much of its true meaning but he could never complain about the lives saved from their work. Bakugo wished to be a hero so Midoriya would do his best to guide Bakugou to being a morally right and just hero, imagine his disappointment once he told Bakugou of his ‘quirklessness’ that his once ‘friendly’ little brother became so mean and spiteful, he quickly spiralled down a path that fed only thoughts of winning and not the health or well-being of the people, constantly trying to one-up Midoriya and others to show off.

Midoriya thinks his little brother feels as though people will only care about quirk and not him, so he pesters Bakugou as often as possible and shows that he supports him, he is perfectly willing to drag him by the ear if he goes too far though, embarrassing baby pictures tend to keep him in line too.

Midoriya does not regret acting as quirkless, he technically is, he just wishes for the stigma and prejudices against those without a quirk or with one deemed by others useless and/or villainous, to get the recognition they deserve or to just be treated like the normal humans that they are. His web is filled with those outcasted by such ideals. He will guide Bakugou to do right even if he has to follow him into U.A dammit, I mean embarrassing ones baby brother was just what a big brother does isn’t it?

Not long after Katsuki’s 14th birthday, he gained another sibling. A string of his web spoke of a villain mafia, raving mad as the leader spoke of quirks as a disease, harming others to force society to go back in time, forcibly and horribly trying to remove an important part people, he would need to be dealt with, quickly, and he was; swiftly and brutally. Midoriya never thought he'd find a poor white-haired, red-eyed horned little girl, neglected and hurt. When she ran up to him crying, trying to hide from the chaos, he felt a ping in his chest, just as he did when looking upon his little brother in that hospital room. He swore he’d right all the wrongs done to her, after the madman was properly in jail, all his crimes wafting into the wind for all to see, he took her in as the flower of the web. Now all he could do was help her handle her demons. She spoke of her ‘curse’ how she’d hurt people, how if she didn’t give enough they would ‘fix’ her, it was easy enough to see as feel the rage of the Midoriya family, Izuku told Eri about his own curse, how he's hurt people too, and how he regrets a lot of it, he told her of how even though she could hurt people didn’t mean she would, told her how she was just a child, she made mistakes but that's just it, mistakes, you learn from them and move on. It took a long while but she started to open up, she got more comfortable with her quirk, even practising with it. Not even 2 months and Eri had pretty good control, the favour Izuku called in with an old friend of his to use their facilities definitely helped. Eri was pampered like a queen by all those in the web, as she should be, Midoriya was glad to have found her and looks forward to watching her grow and live further, his little siblings will always be welcome in his buildings and homes.

Life was good, he had many plans. He’s used his future sight to learn as much as he can, preventing incidents is as important as dealing with the aftermath. Only key parts, unlikely to change, are what he can see sadly, you can hardly have accurate details when it comes to seeing the future, those like Nighteye may have very accurate future sight but very rarely do they absolutely never change, the futures Nighteye sees do change, they just change in ways unnoticeably or unimportantly, changes that cause significant difference are rare and seldom seen by those who can see the future. One thing he saw and hopes for was that he could have the answers to his questions from All Might once he meets him in U.A, he’s always wanted to know the idols opinion on the functions of this society. He’s admired his strength and ideals, the fact he can deter crime and villains just by existing is fascinating and impressive, he looks forward to that. Even though he has lived so long he never gets tired of all the amazing ways people change the world, Heroics being a big focus with his ingrained hero complex, he hates his hyper fixation tendencies so much sometimes, but one must pass the centuries somehow don't they? Hobbies are a good use of time. Still, Midoriya may be a jack of all trades and a master of quite a few but that means nothing when there is always something new to learn. He does miss ancient memes though, oh the 2000’s - 2100’s, how he missed that century at times, they had some of the best music and memes~ but one should never dwell on the past wishing to return, the future is always too bright to ignore.

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“Yes yes, you all have wonderful quirks, but you know the rules! No quirk usage in class or school time!” the teachers’ exasperated wave shows just how fond he was of his class’ antics.

“Don’t lump me in with the rest of these pathetic extras teach!” sounded an offended yet confident voice, Bakugo had of course, given his personality, insulted his entire class in one sentence, impressive. Midoriya tuned him out knowing exactly how this was gonna go, it seems every future consistently he would always make a show of his goal for U.A, now all Midoriya needed to wait for was- “oh Midoriya, you're aiming for U.A too right?” Yep the teacher knew exactly what he was doing dragging attention to Midoriya’s own future enrollment at U.A, now with everyone staring in silence it’d only be 5 more sec- OH he was off by 3 seconds, the entire class is now in stitches.

“Midoriya?! How the hell does he expect to get into U.A?! He’s quirkless!”

“you can’t get into U.A only through studying you know? How delusional can you get!” 

The loud ear piercing sound of an explosion hitting a desk cut off any further taunts, Bakugo’s anger radiated off him in waves, he leaned over toward an indifferent Midoriya growling out a question only loud enough for the two; “The hell are you playing at Deku?”

“I think you know perfectly well what I'm doing little brother, someone’s gotta make sure you don’t end up another Endeavour right?” Midoirya’s reply was as quiet as Bakugou's question, only heard by the explosive blond “I don’t need you ‘watching out for me’ or whatever the hell you think you're doing, I’m the only person from this shitty school that gonna get into U.A you hear me?” “Oh I hear you perfectly fine little brother, kinda hard not to when your constantly yelling like a walrus with its whiskers twisted, I’m just gonna ignore you like I always do.”

“BOYS! Enough! Get back in your seats!”. 

Midoriya was packing up his notes and books, the end of the day taking far to long to him. ‘I should write down what I can on Mt.Lady, I should also get Zeal to dig up some stuff on her and her motives, her history regarding people too.’ Planning ahead has what saved him many times before and like hell is he gonna stop now, mixing his current hobby/fixation and his need to write down his experiences helps wonderfully as well.

Bakugo’s lackeys surround him while their boss goes for his notes, his little brother always tries to be so intimidating, frankly he constantly looks constipated but you never heard that from him. “What do you want little brother? If it’s to fight you we can’t do that in school again,” he snatches his notebook back but not before the lackeys could look at the cover, “quirk analysis? Pffff you still going for U.A?” “Here’s some advice, pick a school you can ACTUALLY get into,” Midoriya turned to face him, breaking eye contact with the rabid Pomeranian, “ Oh speaking from experience I presume?” the delinquent snapped his mouth shut with the click of his teeth while his friend sniggering in the background, overly long fingers pointing at his friend, oh how naive to think he was exempt from similar treatment, “oh wow I didn’t even see you there! How’s being irrelevant treating you? Good I hope!” a pleasant smile plastered on his face he turned toward his little brother, “anyway Mom wants you to tell Mitsuki and Masaru about a dinner party she’s hosting in a week, she’s hoping that they can make it,” he left the two extra’s to their fate as forgettable nuisances to turn his attention to his brother.


“whatever, fucking fine, I’ll pass on your dumb message, ONLY because its auntie got it?” he punctuated his claim with a crackling finger jabbing at Midoriya’s collarbone, “yes yes little brother I know, that's what you always say,” he spoke with a prominent eye-roll “YOUR FUCKING DISTRACTING ME ON PURPOSE! Don’t apply for U.A you nerdy hero wannabe fanboy!”

“you say that as if you're not a nerdy hero wannabe fanboy,”


“can’t argue with you there.” Katsuki led his lackeys to the door, pausing before he left to say one last jibe over his shoulder, “if you really want to be a hero so bad why don’t you take a last chance swan dive off the roof and hope for a quirk in your next life-” he was cut off when Izuku marched up to the boy breaking him from his ‘I’m the cool guy’ over the shoulder stance to grab Katsuki by the ear and drag his dumb-suicide-baiting-ass to his mother for a proper chewing out, he was halfway down the hall when Katsuki was able to break away from the grip, that didn’t stop Izuku from ripping into him more with a speed of light rant on the ethics of such an act and a lecture on the effect one’s words can have on others, Bakugos extra’s watched from the doorway waiting for when it’d be safe to grab their leader and leave, they knew they needed to wait to be ‘dismissed’ as Midoriya has previously stated. After a full 10 minute long lecture Midoriya deemed him scolded enough and let them go, he honestly never really understood the lengths of which mothers go to until he gained a little brother, he knew kind of what it was like, but this was the full experience.


He was going to stop off at the store that had this really obscure candy that his mother and Mitsuki liked a lot as an apology and thank you for dealing with them, the fastest route would be under an overpass, he never liked this overpass, doesn’t help he once had to fight a fucking vampire hunter, they claimed they were a descendant of the Hellsing family? Which was fucking stupid because he watched the line of the Hellsing family and he’s even the close contact of the vampire hunters of said family, all of them he helps to hunt rabid vamps, this guy was confused but he got the spirit he guesses? His attempts were pathetic but luckily now 6 years later he’s the official Midoriya family special ops, hunter. Midoriya should pay him a visit sometime, check in a see how the hellhounds are doing? Maybe even the War Toads?


He was about halfway through the underpass when his musing was annoyingly cut short with a wet and slimy arrival followed by gargled hollow words that spoke from behind him, “a medium-sized invisibility suit, perfect, hold still brat,” of course he didn’t stay still, but the gurgle of green slime was faster than anticipated, or he was getting rusty, oh well all he’d need to do was wait for the slimeball to let him go or to figure out a way to freeze or separate him, can’t necessarily drown what doesn’t need to breathe now can you? It was an awkward 30 seconds of no struggle and confusing a villain, luckily with a loud and not as flashy as usual entrance, the one, the only, All Might! While the villain panicked and made an attempt to move a bored Midoriya in front of him as a shield, All Might proved faster, throwing a powerful punch using the wind pressure to blast the villain to pieces in the narrow tunnel. The villain successfully contained in two discarded bottles, All Might was now able to turn his attention to the young middle schooler that was previously in the grasp of such a dastardly individual, he was met with the boys back as he threw up what parts of the villain he’d been forced to swallow in the body-snatching attempt, his head in the nearby bushes as he hacked, he noticed the boys’ bag had been dropped in the scuffle and saw his notebook, titled; ‘quirk analysis’ how inspiring seeing such a youth making a hobby of such a task, he should probably sign it now that he thought back to the look on the boy’s face when he saw him, an absolute star struck wide-eyed gape, before he turned around and emptied his stomach that is….yeah he should definitely sign it.

Midoriya, now done with his expelling whipped around to All Might, his current Idol and one of his biggest inspirations of this century, next to Crimson Riot and the Water Hose duo, you could probably tell his thought process was nothing but loud screeching as he practically vibrated in place. “OH WAIT CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPHY PLEASE!”

“already done young man!”

“huh, HHHHHH- THANK YOU SO MUCH I’LL TREASURE IT FOREVER!” He might break his neck from how erratic his bowing was, but having All Might sign his notebook was probably the best thing to happen to him in the last decade.

“Alright young man, I'm glad to see your ok, I do deeply apologise for taking so long, one does not usually memorise the sewer routes of the place they’re visiting,”

“huh, Oh! pfft, don’t worry about that he wouldn’t have been able to do anything anyway,” Midoriya waved him off with a jittery smile, “well I must place this villain in the hands of the authorities, I look forward to your continued support!” Midoriya made a sound not unlike that of a garbling seal, he absolutely had to ask All Might if he thought a quirkless individual could become a hero, it was important to him that his current Idol knew of the strength of those that came before the age of quirks, so…..he grabbed All Mights’ leg just as he took off, not trusting the speed of which he could follow All Might. To All Might’s panic of course.


“SORRY SORRY I DIDN’T THINK I COULD CATCH UP TO YOU AND I HAD TO ASK YOU SOMETHING SUPER IMPORTANT! IT COULDN’T WAIT!” his reply was met with seemingly contemplative silence as All Might aimed for a nearby roof, but Midoriya has keen hearing even when so far up in the air with the wind rushing past his ears, he heard All Might quietly cuss in english. 

They landed with a quiet thud. Midoriya still shaky-kneed, after having literally held on to his Idol like he was a clothing hanger, he heard the man turn and start walking off, “All Might! Wait!”

“I will not wait!”

“CAN SOMEONE QUIRKLESS BE A HERO, CAN SOMEONE QUIKLESS BE LIKE YOU!” he knew he could physically stop the man, but he needed his question answered, for all the strings in his web that doubt their worth, for all the outcasts that fear those who support the prejudice, they needed to know the strongest man of the current century thought they could make it, that they could save people just as well as he could.

The silence was deafening, All Might never thought he’d hear that question, but oh how it got him thinking. Midoriya could wait patiently enough, for centuries even, but it was All Might that broke the silence first, seemingly about to answer his question only to cut himself short with a wet cough, he doubled over letting off billows of steam, swearing internally All Might cursed himself for getting distracted and forgetting the reason he rushed them to the roof in the first place. Midoriya blinked as the steam wafted away with the light breeze, both shell-shocked hero’s stared at each other.

“Well? You seemed like you were about to say something?”

“uuuuuuuh, wait! You’re not confused? Or going to question whether or not I’m a fake?”

“no? Why? Are you a fake?”

“well no no no I…..” All MIght was so confused, he’s acting as if he already knew of his condition, wait, “were you already aware of my form?” he really needed to know if there was a leak in his security system, he doubted his friends would sell him out, not even the those he was on bad terms with would give him up, “kinda, I had my suspicions, it was just a logical conclusion really,”

“ so?”

“I came to the conclusion that something was wrong about 5 years ago, I noticed that you disappeared for months after your fight with All for One,” All Might made a sound between choking and throwing up while Midoriya continued unperturbed, “I assumed you had been grievously injured and with a bit of hacking your surgery record confirmed it,” More choking throw up noises, “so i came to the conclusion that you were slowing down and with your need to rush off the scene after fights at times I came up with multiple theories, you having a second lesser known form being one of them seeing as how it would also explain why you rarely ever seen outside of hero work and I doubt you just brood in your HQ like freaking Batman,” ‘who the hell is Batman?’ “ I made the realisation that your ‘quirkless’ secretary looked a lot like you albeit thinner and more skeletal, he was even seen wearing clothing near identical to the clothing you wore on the same days, so unless you have a kink for men that look like weaker versions of you while also dressed like you then it was a pretty easy conclusion to come to.” ……...All Mights stunned and confused silence was even more deafening than its predecessor, while All Might stewed in the strange information he has come into possession of, Midoriya was quickly succumbing to the heat of his face when he realised he had just admitted to his Idol and hero that he hacked into his medical record and wondered what his kinks were…..yep some vampire hunter come stake him now please.

“I have several questions,” All Mights voice broke Midoriya of his anxiety and mortification, “ and I would like all of them answered, please.” Midoriya wanted to agree but more so wanted his question answered, but seeing as how he was super nice and also he can understand being mindfucked by a bombshell like that, “I will answer your questions if you promise to answer mine,” Oh right, All Might was about to answer his question before all that, honestly that seems fair, but he’s not sure how the boy will take to being told he can’t be a hero, “That's fair, I promise to answer your question,” “Great! Sooo, ask away I guess?” Midoriya walked toward the railing of the roof and took a seat with his back against it, All Might took that as a queue to this being a rather long talk, “First off, how do you know about All for One-” Explosions, a lot of them, about a couple blocks away, “SHIT!” All Might quickly stood up Midoriya not far behind, they looked over the buildings to the smokestack in the shopping district that they passed over, Midoriya had a quick realisation, he looked down at All Mights pockets and saw that they were empty, oh how he wished they weren’t empty.


All Might made an exhausted dash for the stairs not too long after coming to the same conclusion as Midoriya. Before All Might left he turned to the boy, “You can answer my questions some other time, but for now, I’ll answer yours. No, I don’t think someone without such powers in this world would be able to be a hero, not when a pro can nearly die every day even with immense power, you can be a cop or paramedic though, they get a lot of flak for having the criminals delivered to their doorstep but it’s still a respectable profession, it’s not bad to dream kid just make sure it’s realistic.” as he finished he walked through the roof exit, and down the stairs. Midoriya stared for only a few seconds before jumping over the railing he was still looking over and dropping into a crouch when he lands, while he can understand All Mights reasoning and concerns it's still rather insulting to him, no matter if you have power or not, a hero saves people who can’t save themselves, he has known plenty of people, hundreds even, who have done so without even a lick of power in their bodies, and saying otherwise not only insults those who have given everything for others but also demeans and prevents those who could have done the same, who could have reached out and grabbed the hands of those suffering when no one else could, but instead the hold back and stay in place because they are told they can’t do anything and shouldn't do anything, that just leaves everyone to suffer. Midoriya can think about how upsetting his hero's answer is, he’s got someone he needs to save, and a mistake to fix, he shouldn’t have gotten in the way of All Mights work, he could have just gotten an appointment with him or something official or whatever.

He ran as quickly as he could without appearing as though he has a speed quirk, he came to a blockade of curious people trying to get a glimpse at the heroes, he could hear them talk about how the heroes are going to wait for someone with a more suitable quirk, which is ridiculously stupid, he’d have to have a talk with the hero schools in Japan about their curriculum and teaching them not to just sit and twiddle their thumbs, Kamui he can understand as well as Backdraft, but M.t Lady and Deatharms don’t have much of an excuse. Midoriya noticed All Might had made it to the scene, still in his emaciated form, he noticed that as the fruitless battle went on and the more comments made about how the guy ‘got away’ from All Might, the legend himself slowly curled n deeper, obviously distressed by his lack of ability to help. Midoriya being unable to sit any longer was going to implant a suggestion in one of the heroes minds with a little whisper of clarity runes, but all thought process stuttered to a halt once he saw who the hostage was.




Family is the core of everything he cares about and this piss puddle is threatening to permanently remove a key part of it. He didn’t even realise he was moving until he felt the flames lick his sleeves and ankles, he only just realised he had left his bag on the roof, so fan-fucking-tastic, he knew to go for the eyes, that's a good place to go for really, almost always disorientates or incapacitates, as he was getting closer the sludge twisted his little brothers hands toward him, Midoriya having spared with Bakugou plenty of times just takes the blast and continues, it was unnecessary damage but with his healing factor it didn’t matter anyway, it was a good way to intimidate the slimy shit, he always did prefer mental warfare to physical. Midoriya noticed that all the rubble from the explosions broke a circular road sign, and he had an idea, grabbing the pole of said road sign as he passed he slid into a batter's stance as he got closer and swung, using the circular sign as a kinda scoop or tennis racket, he batted the eyes of the villain clean out of the goop, his supernatural strength luckily not very noticeable.

The slime that trapped Bakugou fell away and let him gasp in as much as he could, the villain having lost his grip, Bakugou fell flat on his ass, that didn’t stop him from immediately screeching Midoriya ears off about being an idiot and how he didn’t need his help, at least his throat wasn’t damaged. The gunk that made up the villain slithered over to the tousled eyes and sat up once he was reoriented if he wasn’t mad before he definitely was now, Midoriya jumped in front of his little brother sign raised, he was ready to throw the fuck down, luckily he didn’t need to risk having more attention on himself, once All Might arrived and blasted the bitch blob into nothing but puddles, the punch that was thrown nearly blew those in the space out the other end if not for M.t Lady or Midoriya, he was stood in front of Bakugou and was taking the blast of air, the power of the hit changing the weather and causing rain to put out the remaining fires. While the Pro’s praised Bakugou for his quirk, Midoriya praised him for remaining as calm as possible after he realised he couldn’t get out, but that brought the Pro’s attention to him and he was chewed out for getting involved and ‘hindering the Pro’s’, he replied in turn by chewing them out worse for not even thinking of not using their quirk, he may have thrown around words such as ‘revoked’ and ‘Hero License’ but they were freaking asking for it.

Midoriya continued home until he was stopped by Bakugou, he told him to mind his own damn business, which from years of translating he could discern as Bakugou being embarrassed his brother had to save him, Midoriya decided to humour him and told him that he was the reason that villain escaped All Might and was just fixing a mistake, that seemed to have made his brother feel a little better, less slouchy and pouty. While his brother made for his home Midoriya couldn’t help but notice All Mights presence in the next ally, Sure enough, the man slid in a weird pose.

“I have come with a correction, explanation and a suggestion,”

sure sure, but first, sorry I got in the way of your hero work, I should have just made and an appointment or something.”

“uuh, ahem well, I must say that I must thank you, my boy, if you hadn’t gotten involved I would have just become a husk of a hero, all talk, not putting what I said into action, so thank you.”

“wait but I just ‘got in the way’ as those others pros said,” you could feel the sarcasm as he said that, obviously unhappy with those heroes, “yes it was you a quirkless fanboy, your ran in there despite all odds being against you,” 

“uuh, um-” 

“and that is why I have deemed you worthy! My quirk is yours to inherit!”.......what.

Chapter Text

After a rather rushed explanation on All Mights part, Midoriya was concerned for his hero, he seemed rather….. hmm what's an appropriate word for naively hopeful yet cynical? Midoriya knew of One for All, he was the reason it was able to be passed down before the the brothers battle, he watched the line of users from afar but lost track of it just after Nana, she didn’t want anything to do with him honestly, didn’t trust him, so he let her be, he also thought it was time he separated himself from the One for All v All for One chaos, his web was in shambles after an encounter with the legend himself and he was more concerned with his people.

All Might seemed to know quite a bit of the history but he seems to have either forgotten some things or he had been sheltered by Nana.

“So my boy, will you accept One for All,”

“........All Might, here, head to this building in the city tomorrow, we’ll talk then okay.”

After handing All Might a card with the address to his Japan headquarters, he walked past the confused man and made for the ‘home’ his mother and he had specifically for keeping in contact with the Bakugou family.

Toshinori was so confused, but what else is new, he was hoping young Midoriya was going to accept on the spot but was perturbed by the change of tone, the card held no clues to the boys thoughts or why he chose to hold off on his answer, a trip home and a good rest seems necessary though.

The next day Toshinori had a strange gut feeling, honestly the boy intrigued him, he knew of All for One and seemed to have connections to a lot of, less than legal practitioners, but the boy had the heart and drive of a hero, he just couldn’t help but felt a little bit, unsettled by the boys presence.

Toshinori knew he probably should have gone alone but he didn't have a car and Naomasa could help him clear any doubt he had with his lie detector quirk, he doubted his best friend would steer him wrong, though, Tsukauchi’s reaction to the building did leave him wondering, he looked at him as if he’d just admitted he was dating Nedzu or something equally disturbing and ridiculous.

Walking into the front door didn’t clear anymore of his worry, it was a beautiful entrance, two glass doors, guarded, into the large open room with high ceilings, a large crystalline chandelier hung above a circular desk in the middle of the floor, the desk had two people sorting files and answering calls, the left and right walls seemed to open to a whole other world of greenery, vines and trees with gorgeous flowers were able to be seen past thick glass, though walls beyond the green were nigh impossible to see, two elevators were placed in the middle of said walls of glass, from what Toshinori could see, the windows of said elevators were glass as well, they seemed to sit in a fountain of water, bubbling up from the rounded edges, two guards stationed at each elevator’s darkwood entrance, the far back wall held two staircases that curled toward the back wall and conjoined in the middle, they stop and a balcony begins, if you could call it that, it seems more as if the back wall above the staircase was pushed back a few feet, chairs and tables on either end of the balcony with lit torches sat upon the poles of the railing keeping guests from falling off the balcony onto the stairs, right across from the stair entrance to the balcony sat a large doorway and arch, covered in more flowers and greenery, bleeding heart vines curled on the arch, the floor of the entire room was a grey tiles that held turquoise and blue specks lined the entire halls flooring with only the balcony holding darkwood flooring, the corners of the wall that made up the front, held large fluffy deep purple red carpets, large wooden and plush chairs sat around darkwood coffee tables, seeming to be waiting areas, with a few guests reading the provided books and magazines, large and viney plants sat in pots on either side of the couches, seemingly climbing the walls, lights like those of crystal torches sat on the walls, placed on either side of doors and on the railings that started the staircases.

Toshinori was blown away, it was gorgeous really, he had never seen a building quite like it, Tsukauchi didn’t seem nearly as flabbergasted as him, just walking up to the secretaries, dragging a still gaping All Might, he brought him back from his stupor with a light jab to his arm.

“How can I help you today sirs?”

“uuuuh Yes uhm, I'm Toshinori yagi and was given this card by a boy by the name of Midoriya,” Tsukauchi made a noise not unlike that of which he made on that fateful rooftop encounter, just more hissy and squeaky, “Ah yes! Izu did mention your arrival, please take the elevator to the left and head for the top floor, Deryl will take you up since you need level 8 clearance,” “uuh,”

A large man seemingly built out of pure muscle stepped forward, he had a helmet on with a triangular reflective visor covering his eyes, he held his arm out toward the elevator to indicate for them to follow him. Tsukauchi seemed to be sweating heavily as they stepped into the clear windowed elevator, Toshinori worried but he couldn’t exactly ask as they had a third pair of ears, the mentioned guard held up the tip of his ring finger to the button for the very last floor, he didn’t press but the elevator dinged and closed its doors and started for the top, it was a tense few minutes, though the view was beautiful, Toshinori could see that the greenery had a sloped roof as they passed through a tube tunnel heading up, it took a bit of leaning but he could see the top of the skyscraper and where to tube ended, though he was confused, it ended just under a lip of a sloped roof, he could see a good 4-5 stories more after that, probably inaccessible by this elevator, it made him think about the level of security this building had, though seemingly lacklustre he couldn’t help but think that that had been on purpose.

The lift dinged as it opened to a hall leading forward with a vastly different appearance to the hall on the ground level, more Victorian than modern fantasy, the walls lined with blood-red patterned wallpaper, more plush and heavy furniture lined the entrance, hanging yellow lights from a decently tall ceiling, a darker red carpet led to heavy dark wood double doors with gold handles intricately carved with animals and vines, the flowers and eyes of said animals adorned in bright gems.

Deryl pushed both the doors open with a dramatic flourish, opening to a large living room of a similar style, large open windows and one door that led to a balcony to the left, covered in flowy white curtains, couches set in a half hexagon faced a large tv, playing some children’s cartoons, two doors either ends of the tv wall and a bar in the far back wall, with tall stools facing the bar table, one could see a kitchen past the bars glass shelves which held multiple liquors and other alcohols. Behind the couches sat a long heavy looking table with multiple chairs, it left plenty of space between the balcony doors and the chairs.

Young Midoriya sat at the bar stirring a drink, no longer in his middle school uniform, he was dressed in a black sleeveless shirt and sweatpants, he was wearing large round reflective pink sunglasses?, seemingly crystally? Or whatever you’d call that, one could also easily see the boy had some muscle, which is good! That means he could inherit One for All much quicker! Though that train of thought was quickly diverted to him panicking about the boy clearly drinking alcohol, he was about to tell the child off when Deryl cleared his throat, catching the boys attention.

“Ah! All Might glad you could make it!, I wasn’t expecting Naomasa, though a pleasant surprise,” with the boys beaming smile, All Might took time to notice the, uh, canine’s, both on the upper and lower jaw, thicker and longer than those of the average, he only now, disturbingly, has noticed an accent in the boys voice, he can’t place it, he assumes the boy kept it hidden because he knows for a fact the boy didn’t have an accent last they talked.

“Midoriya, or should I call you Jorōgumo,” Tsukauchi stated with a glare that spoke of suspicion, “Nah Midoriya’s fine,” Midoriya replied with the wave of a hand, “uuh, um….” Toshinori had to chuckle at his friends' expense, he always did try for the dramatics, though Toshinori was definitely concerned with the name that he attempted to call Midoriya, he was still also reeling from the boy’s apparent drinking habits.

Deryl started on mixing up a new drink in the bar as Midoriya hopped over to the table, he had two seats on the opposite side of him, he gestured for them to sit and they did.

“All Might, I told you to come here, because you shared a secret with me and I shall share one with you, I have learned over centuries that beating around the bush gets you nowhere when unnecessary, and the fact that Naomasa is here he can confirm or deny what I tell you is true or not, I’m a Vampire, a rather ancient one, from even before quirks, even before electricity.” Toshinori had to fight a snort, the boy must be joking with him, not believing the story of One for All, he guesses, “It’s true…” “what?” Toshinori whipped his head around to face his friend, Toshinori trusts Tsukauchi with his life, so he knows it now to be true, doesn’t help that the fanged grin Midoriya is shooting him as he receives his drink from Deryl, speaks of something ancient and predatory and absolutely unnerves him.

Midoriya explains how his father was consumed by the power of some ancient scrolls he had found, his mother and him couldn’t find a better way to combat his father other than trapping him, he showed them his cane, complete with the stone of innocents, it was beautiful piece of work, the body made of quilted maple, the handle was made of the stone, held in the middle of a wooden rose, stained a blood red, ‘vines’ made of a rose gold wire dripped from the rose free to the air, little dew drops made of green jade hung from them. He spoke of trapping his father in the mirror, how to do so he needed to become a vampire, how his mother didn’t wish to subject him to such a fate alone. He brushed over his ‘illegal’ empire very quickly, looking mildly uncomfortable under the scrutiny of both Tsukauchi and All Might.

When Midoriya went to take a sip of his untouched drink, he was stopped by a mildly disturbed All Might,


“........I can’t drink at 2871?”


“..........” Midoriya snorted for a sec, “i appreciate it but i have been drinking alcohol for longer than you’ve been alive.” his smile dropped slowly before looking All Might directly in the eye, seemingly gaining a fire,

“All Might, i've known about one for all and all for one ever since they were created, i was there when All for one forced that stockpiling quirk onto his brother, i've followed all the users of one for all,” Toshinori froze, he really truly didn’t know how he felt about this information, young Midoriya knew more about one for all than anyone else alive.

Although when Toshinori looks at the boy he can see a haunted look he usually only sees in old hero’s with heavy legacies, something tells him it must be from the weight of One for All, he must have it on his shoulders, probably even more so than him.

Midoriya tried his best to keep from reminiscing about All for One and One for All, two scrappy children his web had plucked off the street and protected, he never expected such betrayal or such a loss, ok no, no more of that.

Midoriya continued on, he explained how he had followed One for All’s development, how All Might’s predecessor herself had wanted none of his help, and didn’t trust him, she never explained why and he never asked.

“All Might, I must ask, now that you know this, do you still want to give me One for All,” Toshinori pounderd, but he came to a solid conclusion, if youn- uh, if Midoriya is willing to accept One for All than who better to be its wielder, he could use it for good, for centuries on, but also, eventually One for All is going to reach a point in power where it doesn’t matter how physically able you are, the power will be too much for a human body. Toshinori nodded to himself.

“Young Midoriya, if you are willing, I’d like to still offer you One for All, my predecessor may not approve but, I believe her sending you away was more so for her personally than for One for All, she always did like minimal connections. I believe that you’ll be a better weilder of One for All for centuries to come.” The room was quiet, Deryl stood guard by the door, Tsukauchi tensed and waited for someone, Anyone, to say something. Midoriya looked to All Might.

To be completely honest, Midoriya has asked every One for All user if they would like to give the quirk to him, never for any reason other than to protect a dear friends legacy himself, he only ever asked them once, he suspected that was why Nana didn’t trust him, he wished dearly to hold onto the last flames of a dear friends ghost, and when Nana sent him away and cut contact he was shattered, but his people needed him more than ever then, it took so long but he was able to finally seperate himself from his friends memory, and now, being offered One for All, he finds himself hesitant.


”I’ll Do It.”

Chapter Text

Rain, mud, tears, and blood, those substances are what covered those two children, caught in the crossfire of the worlds war between those with power and those without. They ran and ran, ducking in and out of shadows, scurrying between alleys like diseased rats, run out of home once the eldest gained a curse, the power to take and give those abnormalities. The younger didn’t hold it against his brother, he loved him, what he was born with, forced to live with, didn’t change that.

The sounds of an uprising in the distance made for restless sleep and paranoia, they never knew when they needed to bolt, the dark getting colder and the air more and more polluted with the smoke and fire of battle, the sky seemingly becoming permanently grey and rainy.

It’s the twentieth day on the run, they haven’t eaten in three days and they’ve only just got a sip of rain water from their broken water bottle collector, if the fighting didn’t get them hypothermia or starvation would, they truly didn’t know what was worse.

Once the two were able to catch their breath after running from a bombed apartment building, the eldest brother saw that they had no hope, and only one chance.

“Kaiyo,” The eldest spoke, “you need to go home.”

“What!? No!” The youngest stomped his foot, refusing to listen to the request, “I am not leaving you Tetsuya!” He promised his brother to never abandon him, their parents failed their promise to love them unconditionally, he will not be another on that list of betrayers.

“Please, I will never be able to live with myself knowing I got you killed…” the eldest was tired, he could feel the creeping edge of illness, his brother looked so thin and small, everything had gone wrong the moment he thought to run from home, he had no choice he knew but he could have left his brother there and he could have lived a normal safe life, away from the difference district, the place all those with powers were put to keep contained and away from the normal people.

“No! Nononononono NO! I’m not leaving you! I’m not I’m not I’m not!”

“Kai! Please! I can’t lose you too! It’s dangerous! We’re going to die but you can go home! Mum and Dad will understand! They’ll take you back!” He gripped the smallest shoulders and shook, tears streamed down his face, lost to the rain and disappearing into the wet mud on his neck, the cuts on shoulders being filled with the infectious mixture and tearing in blood, an ode to the fight they’ve been living.

“NO!” Kaiyo screamed in his brothers face, stamping and crossing his scratched mud covered arms, the rain partially draining his pale hair of more mud, while his brothers once pure white may be forever stained.

“Kai….no No! I refuse to be the reason you die! I’m dragging you back home!” Tetsuya snatched his brothers wrist and started to pull him into the direction of a broken containment barrier, to head home.


“I DON’T CARE” Kaiyo dropped to the ground, legs folded underneath him, his pants getting more wet, Tetsuya looked at his brothers defiant face, knowing he was going to make moving as difficult as possible, having lived with his brothers methods before.

Both brother sat at an impasse, neither willing to let harm befall the other, both in tears with emotions running high, screeching their protests, hoping for a miracle.

For help.

“Are you two ok?” A voice cut through the brothers screaming match, as a black umbrella defended the once offending rain. The two froze, afraid they had been caught by the district guard, they ‘purged’ all those with powers. They slowly looked up, only to see a green haired teen, he wore a dark suit and long tailed coat, with a strange pocket watch, one engraved with a bat trapped in a spider’s web hanging from his pocket. His eyes held only concern, a contemplative frown on his face, head tilted. The two boys stilled, they knew he wasn’t a district officer but they still had to be cautious, lest another fifth street incident happen.

The teen crouched down, becoming eye level with the two. “I’m Midoriya Izuku, I heard your yelling and wanted to make sure you two were ok?” He explained, it may be the hunger causing delusions or their own desperation for help but the boys saw only truth in the concern he held.

The boys had become unused to kindness in the district, either being chased out or threatened with worse then death.

They couldn’t help but tear up.

Midoriya noticed how scrawny and injured they were, the pain he could feel from the cruelty he saw shown clearly on his face, he teared up himself. Midoriya stood from his position, holding out a hand to the two, still covering them from the rain as he was soaked. The boys looked to him, still a bit apprehensive, but…

“Here, let’s get you two cleaned up and fed, then you can get some sleep. I promise I’ll keep you safe.”

The two boys tackled his legs and waist, bawling and wailing. Midoriya gave them a soft smile, petting their heads and holding them close.


“No need to fear anymore….”


“ I Am Here”



Toshinori sat quiet as Midoriya thought, the serene look on the boys face betrayed nothing. Deryl turned his head toward the window, seemingly an effort to give them privacy as if he knew the cause of such a vulnerable look, while Tsukauchi figited, worried for what the silence meant.

“I’ll do it,” Green eyes snapped toward sunken blue. “Kaiyo wanted this legacy to last, and if I can be the one to carry it from now on till forever, I will gladly do so.” He looked down at his hands, seemingly seeing something the others of the room cannot. Toshinori didn’t know who this ‘Kaiyo’ was but he could make an educated guess.

“I assume you know what you must do to prepare for One for All, training will possible be required,” Toshinori began, “ I feel a little bit awkward, you clearly know more than me…” Midoriya was about to reply when the door to the left of the tv burst open and a blur of baby blue and pastel pink ruffles tackled Midoriya off his chair.

“ZUZU ZUZU ZUZU,” a young white haired, one horned little girl excitedly chanted as she sat on Midoriya's stomach, clearly in an attempt to make sure his complete and total attention was on her.

“Oh you crazy little unicorn warrior princess! You know your not supposed to tackle me anymore! Your getting so big your bowling me over even when I know your coming!” A kind smile came from Midoriya, showing nothing but fondness.

While the two lay on the floor, getting into an argument about what counts as growing up, a woman of short stature enters from the same door as the pastel menace, fondness and affection shining from her features, shining almost as brightly as her jade green eyes. Her long lovely forest green hair framing her soft face, was held in a well put together half bun.

Toshinori gulped, He knew what this pounding in his chest meant, and he was terrified. Toshinori was never good with romance, All Might, sure, he could flirt and pose like a pro when in his hero form, but everyone has or had a crush on All Might. Never Toshinori Yagi, it never is. It’s always All Might that gets looks. They may be one in the same but they live in completely different worlds.

Tsukauchi caught on, he’s seen that awestruck look on his friends face a few times and needless to say, he’s gonna have a heart attack because he could not have gotten a worse crush than this he swears, his friends just loves unknowingly making his life difficult doesn’t he.

The mysteriously beautiful lady, turned from the childish chaos that has evolved from lying on the floor arguing to having a weird on going match of Rock Paper Scissors, she saw the guests and quickly gave them a kind smile, moving to introduce herself.

“Oh hello! Izukkun didn’t tell me we were having guests! My name is Midoriya Inko, and you two are?” She finished her question with an adorable head tilt, she made herself comfortable on her son’s forfeited seat.

Toshinori froze, of course he falls for the potentially dangerous vampire mother, from what he’s heard he could possibly get torn to shreds if he harms her child in anyway that is not training.

Tsukauchi realising his friend has seen his mistake, jumped in to hopefully save face.

“Hello, I’m detective Tsukauchi Naomasa and this is my friend Toshinori Yagi, I’m here as his ride really, he’s here to discuss something important with your son.” He stood and bowed, If there is one thing being a detective taught him, it’s how to give a good impression and be friendly or unthreatening.

Toshinori finally catching on, joined his friend in a bow, he really doesn’t need to give a bad impression, he has a feeling that no matter how powerful young Midoriya could be he would always listen to his mother’s advice, and he really doesn’t need the advice about him being negative.

Midoriya Inko quickly kidnaped her sons old seat as he and Eri took charge of the couch to continue their still continuously tied Rock Paper Scissors match.

“Oh I hope it’s nothing too bad, I know my son can be rambunctious at times~ well it’s good to meet you.” She held her hand out for a handshake, and Toshinori being the impulsive dope he has been chastised for being, multiple times, he takes a hold of her hand, brings it to his mouth, and gives it a chaste kiss in greeting…

He’s fucked.

He only realises his mistake when Eri cheers in triumph as Young Midoriya freezes on Rock while locking eyes with him, and as Midoriya Inko flushes a lovely red. He peeks over to Tsukauchi for help only to be met with the disappointed dad look his friend has mastered from years of dealing with him. Deryl is watching all of this in the corner with a swallowed giggle and a smile on his face.

Needless to say Toshinori wanted out, fast.



Once the Hero and Detective left for their own homes and Eri was tucked in her plush bed, Inko called her son to the kitchen. The kitchen held a beautiful and unblemished view of the city, lush, short, but thick white curtains frame the large rectangular window, bottomed by a white wood and pastel blue lava stone countertop, shaped in a large L, it followed the window until a sharp turn.

Inko has gained a few habits over centuries of stressful nights while her son was out and about, night baking is one of them, she uses her nocturnal time on some nights to perfect custom recipes. She could be found kneading some dough in the bright city lights. Eyes tired but still shining bright.

Izuku, as shocked at All Might’s boldness as he was, is truly glad someone is interested in his mother in a meaningful way, he’s seen men and woman come and go from his mother’s life but he’s never seen them genuinely try for his mother affections and treat her as well as she should be treated, a ‘hey, let’s get dinner’ hardly counts as true wooing. Usually Izuku would have been snapping at All Might’s hand like a territorial croc, but gently taking his mothers hand and giving it a chaste kiss in greeting? Izuku is honestly impressed, what a chivalrous greeting and potential courtship, call him old fashioned or not.

“Hey mum you called me? Is something up?” He asked as he entered under the tall marble arch way, coming to a stop next to her half of the counter, the sink right between them.

“......Izuku, I-I know, Kai-kun would be proud of you,” she softly spoke, eyes never leaving the dough.

She took a breath, pausing her baking, she turned to Izuku and continued.

“I’m so proud of you, I know thinking of Kai-kun and Tetsuya hurts-“

“Don’t speak that traitors name….” he cut her off, eyes lost in the city. No real venom curdled in his words, all hate having drowned in time.

“Izuku you know your the only one who can make him repent, but you need to forgive him,”

“I can forgive, but I refuse to forget, his hunger for power cost us our family, cost us Kai….” tears built in his eyes, blurring the lights and streaming down his neck.

“I don’t expect you to forget Izukunn, that’s asking far too much. I only hope you will fulfill Kai-Kuns wish, that One for All be used to save Tetsuya… he might be too far gone can try right?” She pulled her child into a warm hug, joining him in tears, she let him hide his face in her neck and hair.

“Mum, I would never forget Kai’s last words. I’m ashamed to admit I hesitated when All Might asked me to be the next wielder of One for All, I may have wanted to face Tetsuya myself with Kai’s power, but… I don’t think I’m actually worthy,” his voice cracked near the end of every sentence, her shirt shoulder soaked. Inko knew that no matter how strong her baby could be, he still felt too much and loved people. A meaningless hello could mean the world to her baby. Nevermind his need to pin all blame on himself, the silly child.

“Izuku, do you really think, some strangers that had the luck to run into a wielder of One for All have more right to carry such a legacy compared to you?” That gave him pause, centuries and he’s never thought of that, he’s always been the passive observer to One for All and maybe a back up plan. He’s never thought he’d have a right to One for All, it’s not like you write who your quirk goes to in your will. That doesn’t change the fact he’s made such a huge decision and he has to follow through, no matter how long it takes or how painful it could be.

His mother is truly amazing, and deserves the absolute world.

He thinks he has the perfect plan to train for One for All.



Eri had always wanted a nice quiet and pretty place to swim, and Midoriya, being the sucker for her, he was, he decided to pin Dagobah Beach as a place of interest, he remembers how beautiful it was before the litter, he’s been planning on getting a crew to clean it up but after a call with All Might and learning it was going to be the next wielder of One for All’s training ground, he set out and started hauling.

It didn’t take as long as one would think, only around 4-5 months, the real ass kicker was all the repairs to the gazebo, it was in complete disrepair from disuse and garbage, tagged and falling apart, he took his time redesigning it while leaving most things in tact but simply restored, that entire thing took the remaining months.

All Might truly was amazed at how quickly the boy did it, having received nothing but a text simply stating, “it’s done” very ominously, the boy was gonna give him a heart attack one of these days.

Toshinori was going to help the boy with an exercise plan and everything, being excited to show the boy how he could help, he was dejected to be denied as he found out the boy already had a plan, as well as the know how to do it all alone, he insisted that Toshinori focus on hero work instead. He hoped to at least surprise the boy by working at U.A.

The trip to Dagobah was quick and windy. Two days until the U.A entrance exam, he hoped the boy had a plan.

The beach was beautiful, the sun painting the sky in purples, pinks, and blues, the water shimmering. Toshinori could already see people travelling the beach, jogging and playing, as he got closer to the gazebo he could see two familiar faces padding around in the clear water, Inko and Eri splashed at each other, clearly having the time of their lives. Toshinori felt a smile creep onto his face, moments like these are why he fights, so people can focus on themselves and each other without fear of others.

“Hey All Might. You like what I’ve done to the gazebo?”

Toshinori jolted at the loose drawl of young Midoriya, leaning over the railing to see the boy lounging on an large inflatable swan….thing, it doesn’t have a beak but instead a plain face. The boy wore his pink crystaly glasses again, wearing his hair held back by a black and red sparkling sequin elastic headband, and wearing pink and green athletic swim shorts that stop at his knees. He really hopes the boy doesn’t wear anything as weird as that for the exam.

“Uuh young Midoriya! I do like what you’ve done to the place, I see Eri is enjoying a swim.” He leant on his elbows and took up a seat on the wooden bench attached to the inside of the railing.

“Yeah, that girls got me wrapped around her pinkie, I was going to clean this beach just so she could swim before the offer of One for All. Oh! Also here.” He hoped from his floating swan thing up to the railing, making All Might spit blood in panic, again. He reached into a backpack next to a duffle bag, most likely their stuff. He pulled out a weird, plain, stuffed doll, it looked like he took a potato sack and filled it with stuffing, although it also has two strands of hair, sticking out in a classic V clearly in homage of Toshinori’s super powered form. Toshinori took it into his hand, he felt, weirdly safe, holding it.

“Here, it’s a protection poppet, you place it in your home and the next hit you take that would usually kill you will instead be sent to the poppet and destroy it. I made one for Tsukauchi and already put it in his apartment, I would of just left it in your apartment, but mum said I should give it to you and ‘behave like a normal human’ whatever that means?” Midoriya’s rambling cut off when the boy dropped back onto his swan thing, clearly intent on lounging on it throughout their discussion.

“Oh! Thank you my boy, you really truly didn’t have too!” He was touched and a little concerned but he really won’t question the boy on the legitimacy of a death defying puppet.

“Think of it as me officially instating you in the web, I make them for everyone in my charge,” he gave the tired hero a warm smile as he lifted his glasses. A mildly evil smirk took his face as his fangs poked from his lip.

“Also it’s a thank you, my dad got so mad when he found out someone flirted with mum, he cried! It was great!” Midoriya giggled manically, kicking his feet in the water, splashing.

All Might froze, not only because of the reminder of his impulsive flirtation, but also because he believed the boy fatherless, they never mentioned his father and he never saw him all those months ago. Needless to say Toshinori was panicking again.

“Oh! This reminds me of something funny! I was going to a florist store under the webs protection, in exchange they care for large quantities of Spanish moss for my poppets and other spells, I went in and saw two people frantically looking around for a bouquet, the shop owner is almost always asleep and I think they didn’t want to wake her, which is so nice of them, so I go and help, they tell me they’re there to get a bouquet for their mothers birthday, and they want it to be special because she’s in the mental ward,” the boy took no breaths as he continued on, it’s honestly amazing.

Toshinori snapped out of his crisis, he wished to discuss with the boy about his gaining of One for All, but the boy was on a roll, he thought it better to let the boy continue.

“So then the guy, he told me his name was Todoroki Natsuo, asked me what bouquet he should get his girlfriend, and I told him, on reflex, ‘I’m Pan not some casanova? She’s your girlfriend!’ And Fuyumi, his sister cracked up because her brother looked like he swallowed bees! Anywho that was a fun weekend.” Ah he’s done.

“Young Midoriya I wanted to ask you, when do you want to take One for All?”

He was meet with silence, he should get used to these long pauses.

“Tomorrow morning? Would that work…” he sounded tired, unlike his excited babble not even seconds before.

“Ok, my boy may I ask why you seem so upset?” Never let it be said that Toshinori knew when to stop, but he worried about the boy.

“Ah sorry! Just bad memories, it’s just jarring sometimes to remember how horrible some humans can be, like those that did what they did to this very beach, families and old married couples, all having lost something so important and sentimental to them, this beach.” The boy spoke with a voice too old for its tone.

All Might could understand, didn’t make him any less sad. He could see this problem wasn’t something he could punch, but he could show the boy more of the better side of humanity. He should cheer up the boy though, maybe get him talking about something he cares about?

“Young Midoriya, you said your a vampire correct? Then why have I not seen you drink blood?”

“Oh that’s easy, blood is like a booster for vamps, we don’t need human blood to live. A Beef blood cube occasionally will keep us alive just fine. Human blood is for if you want a power boost, a litre of human blood ups our abilities 5 times over, faster healing, more strength, better senses. Although if you drink too much human blood you can become, ‘drugged up’ for lack of a better term, usually referred to as feral, they tend to become quick to frenzy and lose quite a bit of intelligence. They’re rare but they happen, usually to newly changed who don’t know anything about how to be a vampire unless it’s from comics.”

Huh, Toshinori would have never guessed, at least the boy looks a bit better.

“Oh All Might, by the by, you have my approval to pursue my mother of you want, I think she’s likes you!” A cute quirk of the head and bright smile that All Might genuinely believes hides a know it all smirk greets his sputter.

Oh dear god not this again, WHY CAN’T THEY JUST LET IT GO!

Chapter Text

To say Tsukauchi was having a weird few months was a huge understatement. Not only has his friend chosen a Vampire Mob Boss as his successor, but said Mob Boss just duped him in finding some shoplifting kids that used their quirks to stop an armed robbery of the store they were shoplifting. All Tsukauchi could find of the kids was a card with Jurōgumo’s mark, a bat trapped in a web, the card was blank, save for a hand drawn smiley winky face…

Who the hell knows what that mad man wants with those children, but he knows that they’ll be safe , just still, he has a job to do dammit!

It’s a few days before the U.A entrance exam, his younger cousin was going to try for Business and Management at the school. He can only hope they aren’t gonna get dragged into anything to do with Midoriya.

The door to Tsukauchi’s apartment clicked open with his keys, followed with the tromp of his boots. Tsukauchi stepped into the lounge after removing his jacket and boots, content to just flop on his couch and pass out. Five case solves in 4 hours, it may be a record, or he’s just exhausted.

Just before he could fall asleep he noticed his window, it was open. Jolting up and drawing a tazer gun, he went to quietly check his home, when he found nothing, he went and closed it. Upon flopping on his couch again to mull over if he left his window open or not, he notice a weird potato sack looking doll, and note sitting nestled underneath it.

‘Dear detective, seeing as both you and All Might are under the webs protection here is a Death Protection poppet, the next time you take a killing blow or are supposed to die, the poppet will take your death instead. Don’t use it too soon Kk coolio? I hope I’m not causing you too many grey hairs?

Yours truly -


What did Toshinori get him into…


One day before the entrance exam and Midoriya was totally calm, he is zen and zen is he. He stood atop the stairs to the beach, king of the world and never gonna die!

Ok that’s a lie, he’s gonna die, he’s immortal and he’s gonna die. All Mights gonna arrive to a dead body. The pier will shut down permanently because of his death and all that work’s gonna be wasted. Eri’s gonna be so sad...

“Young Midoriya! It is good to see you!” All Might’s loud and booming voice cut through his panic.

Jolting, he spun on his heel to face the man. A cluster of trinkets and cutesy charms on his belt twinkled and clinked with the movement. His grey sleeveless hoodie left his arms uncovered and his black jeans stood in direct contrast to the pastel charms on his belt.

“Hi! Yep! Nice to see you too!”his voice warbled in his anxiety, luckily All Might tends to be oblivious to a lot of things.

“I honestly can’t think of much to say, so, here” his voices changed toward the end as he buffed up and plucked a hair from his head, holding it out toward the boy, Midoriya expected an epic speech of some sort, but then again how do you give a speech to someone who has probably heard them all.

“My boy, I know that you have been a big part of One for All’s story, and I can tell that some of its history seems to have left sore spots, to put it lightly, but I truly have no doubt you are to be even better than the previous wielders, you will do it’s history proud my boy.” Even when he says he has no speech he definitely does it seems.

Midoriya took the hair from All Mights hand, no hesitation, he giggled when he fumbled a bit, a sheen of tears in his eyes making it seem as if All Might held 5 hairs. He was getting emotional, one of the most important things to Kai, and he was to wield it.

The seas sounds hummed around them, both assured in their respective decisions. The setting sun burning their silhouettes in gold.

The serene picture was shattered when Midoriya, just, ate the hair, he just quickly swallowed it whole….sputtering at the disgusting act….he wanted to crotch punch All Might for giggling. He’s the perfect height to do so too.

In the end he chose otherwise, sitting on the stairs to the beach with the thin man facing the sea. Slowly the sun set further into the horizon. They spent hours in peaceful silence. Both were quiet, no words needed to be said, both knowing this was the beginning and end of something unlike what they expected.

“So Young Midoriya-“

“All Might, really I’m over 2000 years old in vampire, I doubt “young” is a good term,....just please don’t call me old either, that’s rude.” the boy turned, smiling toward the startled man, looking fondly resigned.

All Might tends to forget that he sometimes isn’t the oldest hero in the room, though usually that deduction is true, most having retired or were lost to battle.

“Ehem right, sorry you- uh, Midoriya, I was going to ask what you wished to do with One for All? Surely you have digested the hair and are able to go for a test drive?” He stood from the stair with a creek, taking slow steps onto the darkened beach, the light of the newly risen moon and flickering lamp posts being All Mights only means of sight.

If All Might didn’t know better he would have flinched at the sight of the boy right behind him once he had turned. Night is the boys blood, silence is his breath, unnatural fear is his heart beat.

Midoriya stood quietly, thinking it over, he had always hoped for One for All, but now his goals collide, they battle, he wishes to enter U.A as quirkless, to become the first quirkless Pro Hero, And serve as a symbol of hope to those that Heros either refuse to reach, forgotten to reach, or cannot reach. With One for All he wishes to do good by Kai, uphold his memory and let Kai defeat true horror through himself and claim justice for his death…but, Kai would have wanted him to put others before even his wishes, their hope is more important than a legacy he can pick up at anytime now.

“I’m gonna refrain from using One for All unless completely necessary. It’s important to me that I show others that the intent and actions of Heroes are more important than the show boating or power of their quirks.” He finalised his decision, hand, coming up and clenching where his heart would have been beating. His family, his Web is the most important thing to him and he wants them to know, worldwide, all of them that has ever been beaten down for a weak quirk or lack of quirk, in the ultimate act he can, state that he is always going to pave the way for them, the weak, or lost with his actions.

All Might was confused, but who was he to dictate what the boy, could and could not do with One for All, the boy had more right to the decision then him. He may be a bit bitter about his future retirement, but he knows when to stop. Most times at least.

“Well still My bo- uh,”

“You can still call me boy All Might, as long as I get to call you child~” the teasing tone the boy dawned as he strutted forward further down the beach caused Toshinori to choke, turning a dimmed red at such a statement.

“My boy I really don’t understand if you’re kidding or not,” he took up a slow jog before matching pace with the witch.

“I am joking, I’m only 15 All Might, to humans I guess….”

“Yet you drink alcohol and do many things 15 year olds should not be doing.” The tired look on Toshinoris face truly spoke of his confusion on the matter.

“Well It’s like a coin! On one side my human age, on the other my vampire age, both are important but different,” the boy was still crossing the sand, though he slowed down to an almost snails pace, obviously becoming lost in his head and the analogy.

All Might knew that the boy was going to start another rant.

“If you want to know the intricacies of it, you have to think of it in details; the face or picture on the coin represent the age, while one is constantly changing the other stays the same but can change if pushed too, my age acts the same, my human age is paused on the day I had become a vampire, but if I willed it too I could age permanently, my shapeshifting changes my bodies look but never the true age, so I’m truly 15, mentally too, my brain chemistry is in perpetual stagnation, never developing further but still luckily I retain information, that was a big risk for some vampires, that’s why some of them seem senile and stuck in their ways. On the other side of the coin you have the side that changes, whether it’s getting chipped and scratched or the owner wanted something new, a vampire’s age takes into account their human age and then adds to it, every year since they are changed is taken into account. The entire Vampire age thing is mostly a vampire social construct designed to gauge who has the most authority in the room-“ All Might cut the boys rant off, he did find this extremely interesting but still, A VAMPIRE SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, AS IN A VAMPIRE SOCIETY.

“My boy what do you mean by vampire society?!” Toshinori’s voice may have cracked near the end in his loud curiosity.

Midoriya’s head cocked to the side, baffled at the question somehow, finally processing what was said, answered.

“Oh uh yeah? It’s not big, kinda like a neighborhood association meeting or something? Small but generally has a goal in mind. It’s entirely because the Eldest Vampire just wants company and he’s nice so we see no reason to deny his request, it’s like three days in a singular week, and that week only happens once a month? I’m the second oldest vampire so I usually host and mediate any disagreements.” He looked pleased with himself at such a statement, proud and happy to help with something so unexpectedly wholesome.

“Uuh, Wait your the second eldest? I would have thought you were far younger?” All Might is starting to regret asking something that could even be perceived as questioning the complexities of Midoriya’s life, of course it’s complex it’s over 2000 years old! That’s plenty of time to get tangled!

Giggling Midoriya continued his explanation. “I’m the second eldest because the current Eldest was the one to develop the spell I used! And I was the second person to use it, the spell getting lost in the scrolls of dark magic and never being opened until I did. Vampires were around longer than both of us but they were all accidents of demon contracts gone wrong and almost all of them were feral, the ones who weren’t feral when we turned became feral or were killed off because of a vampire civil war over power and petty revenge,” speaking of the civil war Midoriya gained a pensive look, trying to remember key points, he was a youngling as the civil war escalated. Only ever encountering 1 vampire, a travelling merchant and storyteller.

Finger tapping his chin he continued.

“Uuuh I think it started because one Vampire was fiddling around with an elders daughter, and an entire Romeo/Juliet thing happened, the eldest abused his right as leader and killed the guy, the daughter killed herself, the eldest didn’t care and forcefully married the dead guys mother as revenge and had a second daughter, the guys family rose up and gained a following of people upset with the unjust and corrupt leader, they killed the guy and tried to kill the new daughter, the mother refused and was thought brainwashed or ‘bewitched’ as it was called then.

Anyway it escalated for centuries and ended up not even being about the late elder, the topic of the war kept changing but people still fought over it like it was life or death, even if the topic was the dumbest thing like, what Vampires had the right to feed on people in one specific bathroom in one specific bar, it dragged every single vampire in existence at the time into it, there where so many casualties, all the original, demon pact, vampires had died, either by murder or died some other way leaving only their children, who were naturally born as ended when the new daughter, 22 human aged at the time, decided to create a powerful spell that killed off every natural born vampire across the world, it left only the old man, my mother, and I… it was really tragic… the old man being the Eldest now took over the role of leader and only encourages peace, that’s why we’re all pretty close and everyone knows everyone.” Midoriya concluded his impromptu History lesson. All Might was stunned, there was a whole war and genocide that history just passed by, completely hidden to all except those who lived it and passed the lesson along through spoken word alone.

The boy perked up, remembering the original reason for the lesson. “Ah! Right! Anyway I’m both only 15 and over 2000 years old, and there are many little connections between them, that’s why I joke about ‘being older’ than others, I am both older yet not at all, I’m young in human society but old in vampire society, but I think of my age personally as the combined age of both, mostly for hilarities sake.” Finally truly concluding his speech, they both stopped back at the stairs of which they had started their walk, having circled the beach completely.

As All Might digested this information Midoriya took the chance summon his staff, pulling a cute charm from his belt, it was startlingly similar to the boys staff, only simplified and made cute with exaggerated features, a larger wood rose, fluffy pom pom’s in place of beads, it was very cute, they boy had many charms like that, All Might came to the realisation it was an entire arsenal of items and potential weapons made easy to carry and disguise, very clever really.

Summoning and enlarging the staff from the charm in a flurry of petals and threads, Midoriya went to start drawing a rune circle in the sand with the tip, elegant in a way that spoke power and practice. When the boy finished he stepped back side by side with the taller maned man, and tapped the staffed twice in the sand.

The circle lit up in a blue-green glow, previously nonexistent glowing petals floating toward the sky.
All Might’s eyes never left the beautiful display as he turned toward the brightly proud witch.

“Um My boy, what is this for?”

“It’s for testing out One for All! The physically backlash might be a bit much so just in case I made a healing circle, so no one dies.” His matter of fact yet playful tone set Toshinori’s spine in ice, uncomfortable with the light way the boy spoke of his potential yet unlikely death.

Before the Hero could reply the staff curled into a ball of light. Swiftly the light cleared and in its place a green transparent bubble with the cutesy charm staff spun, it fell into a glide toward the boys hip where he held his other items. A glowing spider emerged from the top of the bubble and hopped, disappearing into the nest of toys, a single brightly lit thread left in its wake, soon it was pulled taught and with a P O P ! The bubble went, leaving the staff to swing into the sea of charms.

“Huh, that was a pretty display My boy, is most magic like that?” A gaunt finger aimed at the pile of charms and a deep set eyebrow raised.

“Well Child, Yes, magic, at least the non evil kind likes to reflect the soul of the caster! Someone naturally straight forward would most likely have made their staff blast into their charms as it shrunk and connect immediately, and someone All about showboating would have probably have a super exaggerated transformation period with bright loud blasts in large displays of power, despite them being the exact same simple spell.” Oh that makes sense, that’s nice! Every spell is completely unique to the caster-Hey Wait!

CHILD?? What do you mean child??!” A sputter of blood ejected from the flustered man, some landing on the vampires face, his reaction to blood on his face was unexpected.

“E W! EWEWEWEWEWEWEW!!! G r o s s!” The boy hopped up and down shaking his hands in disgust, frantically looking for something to wipe it off, luckily the still flustered hero handed handed him an unused napkin.

“Huh, I would have thought you’d be better at handling blood my boy,” his original guess was close but not quite right.

“I am fine with blood! It’s just that it’s from your mouth, it’s on my face, and your coughed it up! No offence to you All Might, but germs are possible and they are my worst enemy. The only times I get excited about human blood are when they are in blood bags made especially for vampire consumption…” the boy held a disgusted look throughout his explanation, using a spell to summon a bottle of sanitizer from his charm collection, he dabbed it on his cheek.

“We’re getting off topic for a third time, 1. Why are you calling me child? I thought you were joking? 2. Vampires have bags of human blood specifically for eating?? Please don’t tell me it’s like in horror movies like human cattle, I would hope severely that you’re not like that my boy. And finally 3. You should test out One for All, I usually just clench my butt and scream from the depths of my heart, ‘S M A S H!!’” All Might rushed to get those three points across, it was getting very late and he was almost asleep on his feet, yet he still found the strength to pose in demonstration.

“OH! RIGHT RIGHT! UUH UM I was kinda joking but now it’s too funny, plus I did say that if you get to call my ‘My Boy’ I’m gonna call you Child, so this is your life now. Then again I’m kinda like your great great great great great great great grand uncle? The human blood is from blood banks sponsored and owned by vampires in the society, they only take the most common and plentiful of blood types and keep the amount left at the same level as the second most common blood, is completely for pharmaceutical use for us vamps, if our healing factor, or our immunity is too weak to fight off magic illness due to lack of human blood consumption, Magic illness sucks.

Believe it or not vampires aren’t actually that strong, just plain and normal, a single splinter could take us out if left alone with no human blood or treatment. And third I’LL DO THAT NOW!” He yelled the last statement, clearly excited, he jogged toward a spot near the waves, hoping into a fighting stance facing the ocean, All Might stood a distance aways next to the healing circle the boy created.

Midoriya had waited for this moment for centuries, he could finally experience the thrill the other wielders had described to him before.

He pulled his arm back, it lit with unprecedented energy, lines of electric red, glimmering like a miniature universe.

He threw the punch.

And the ocean split, tearing down toward the deep sea and blasting to the sides, the raw power was thrilling, leaving Midoriya breathless, the feeling was truly indescribable,

Oh wait, that feeling is pain.

The teen peeked at his now red mush of an arm,
Seeing that it only barely responds to him, feeling as though it’s exploded from the inside out. All Might is sprinting as fast as his thin legs can carry him, only just losing breath as he lumbered up to Midoriya. He winced at the sight, they both knew the backlash would be great but they both hoped with Midoriya’s already physically strong body and history with One for All, would help but seems they had no such luck.

Midoriya didn’t let it phase him too much, it’s just meant he needed practice, at least he’s not a normal human, his healing factor has already kicked in, covering his wounds in a black bubbling goo, tendrils of light reaching out and swiping at the salty sea air. His healing factor took longer to kick in than it did a year ago… and it’s been 15 seconds already, it should of completely healed that kind of damage by now, that’s concerning, he’s probably running low on blood energy. He hasn’t drunk any blood in over 5 years.

Luckily he’s prepared for this, he hops into the circle and lets the petals weave around his arm, setting into the goo and seeding themselves, he could feel the the vines of the petals growing under the goo, clinging around his arm and leaving it warm. Soon the goo turned to mud and clay, chipped away as branches of light stretch from the dirt around his arm, the light fades and the branches wilt, turning to dust and sand.

He turns to All Might, flexing his now completely healed arm.

“It’s nothing to really worry about, I just need some practice, plus it’s not like I’m in a rush, I’m entering U.A as quirkless, I have no need to be mega punching anything!” He beamed at the nearly asleep man, apparently, as All Might informs him the morning after, the soothing twinkling of the now deactivated healing circle nearly lulled him to sleep.

Midoriya has a plan, and he’s gonna follow through, it’s not like He’s gonna use One for All while he’s a U.A.

Oh how he regrets that thought come tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Midoriya skipped and hopped down the street, belt of charms jingling like keys. He wore his classic red sneakers, and his old Orudera uniform as he marched toward U.A.

To anyone else it may have seemed ridiculous, seeing as how he was rather bulky with thick muscle, some would claim he’s overweight because they can’t see defined muscle, he wouldn’t care, he knows he has actually useful muscle and not the body types like a Mr. Universe, those are purely aesthetic, meaning they aren’t as strong as they could be, his physicality isn’t for aesthetic, it’s for kicking ass and holding all the dogs, his muscles aren’t defined and he’s fine with that, he could lift everyone in his building in a hug and that’s what he cares about.

Midoriya, coming to a pause at a crosswalk, noticed his little brother stalking his way to U.A. A Cheshire grin claimed his face as he made himself as stealthy as possible, quickly crouch walking he made his way behind his brother who had stopped at the next crosswalk over. He made to strike but Katsuki was saw through it, grabbing Midoriya’s arm and twisting it.

“OW owowowow, Katsukiiiii, I was trying to scare you!” He whined, pitifully, still stuck as bakugou continued to twist his wrist.

Bakugou snarls, glaring he releases Midoriyas wrist in favour of jabbing his collarbone in aggressive warning. “I don’t give a shit what you were trying to do, you just better stay the fuck away from me so I don’t catch your infectious dumbassery before the exam.” With that he continued across the crosswalk and up the hill to U.A.

Midoriya just watched after him in classic exasperated fondness.

Midoriya pulled a charm from his chaotic pile, willing it to its natural size. It was no bigger than the middle of his palm, it was shaped like a cute egg-shaped stone, with a cartoony gem on the very top, an ancient rune graced the front, facing him. He held it flush against his mouth and whispered an incantation. He disappeared quietly, one second there and the next gone.


Nedzu knew many powerful people from all walks of life, from the mundane modern world to the hidden secretive underground. He has sat and broken bread with those that lead them. And that is why he didn’t even look up from his tea when the ornate stone on a shelf behind him lit up and spat out one Midoriya Izuku. Neither even acknowledged the other, save for a hum in greeting, as Midoriya slipped out of the office and toward the atrium and test briefing.

Midoriya still had the same spring in his step, gliding down the hall without a care in the world.

Until he tripped on some kinked carpet….toward some linoleum….he hates broken noses, the healing goop on his face always feels gross.

Luckily he wouldn’t need to worry about that, seeing as how he was now floating.

With a quick yelp he looked around for the culprit who caught him, and was met with a giggling brown haired girl with rosy cheeks and bright eyes. She started talking as she helped him to his feet.

“Sorry I used my quirk on you without permission, it’s just that it be bad luck to trip and fall just before the exam right?” Recovering quickly Midoriya replied.

“Uh yeah! Thanks for saving me from a broken nose, I hate them. I’m Midoriya Izuku! You are?” He held his hand out for a handshake which she gladly reciprocated.

“Uraraka Ochako! It’s nice to meet you! But we should get going we’re gonna be late for the explanation!” She turned and headed down the hall, though she still kept eyes on him encouraging him to follow. Without needing to be told twice, Midoriya briskly walked after her, they continued their conversation until they reached the doors.


Midoriya’s seat happened to be right next to Bakugou, probably because of their shared junior high.

He listened in to Present Mic’s energetic introduction, even joining in a cheering or calling out when Present Mic asks, although he’s the only one, he doesn’t care, he can easily see that Present Mic is intimidated by the intense air of these students and wants to loosen up the tension, Present Mic is a member of his Web after all, He’s gonna help him if he gets the chance, even if it’s something mundane or simple.

Present Mic was dragged into the Web because the Radio station that hosts him is owned by Midoriya, they see each other there quite often and struck up a friendship over Memes and pestering coworkers, and have a strange solidarity in the fact people constantly underestimate them, either because of their personality or their work.

Midoriya decides to pester his brother 10 minutes in, leaning into his space and doing his best to read Katsuki’s information, much to the blondes irritation and physical retaliation, he doesn’t yell though, only because that would be embarrassing and awkward. After a while he chose to give his brother a break and continue watching the introduction, Mumbling all the while, searching out potential strengths and weaknesses in each design.

Present Mic continued his explanation of the point system, explaining the three villains types the students have to fight. A student raised their hand bringing Present Mics attention to them, standing as a spotlight flicked on, it revealed a sturdy looking student with a dark blue undercut and rectangular glasses. Present Mic gave his clear to ask his question as the rest of the audience focused on the student. Clearing his throat he held up the Pamphlet for the assessment.

“I am Iida Tenya from Somei Academy, I’m sorry to interrupt your explanation Present Mic, but the School sanctioned Pamphlet says that there are 4 villain types, not 3, if this is a mistake then it is highly shameful for a prestigious school such as U.A. Additionally,” the boy turned from facing Present Mic to facing toward Midoriya, arm snapping into position, pointing at the Mischievous Witch. “You! With the Unkempt green hair! You have been highly distracting this entire time!, with your unnecessary cheering, disruption of the student next to you, and now incessant mumbling! I demand you cease at once! Since you clearly have no respect for such a difficult exam and important school I suggest you leave, or quit your games!” Iida, Midoriya recalls him calling himself, has finished his rant. Katsuki kisses his teeth with a ‘tsk’ as he slowly curled his head underneath his arms, getting ready for the bombshell. Present Mic meanwhile has tried signaling to Iida to not engage, sadly failing. Oh his poor nephew.

Midoriya had a quick dibate in his head, leave it be, or defend himself? He shot through the pros and cons of such a decision.


  1. Expend energy on something simple and petty.
  2. Humiliate the fellow examinee.
  3. Lose the tactical advantage of having others underestimate him due to the rant.


  1. Oooh the satisfaction of wiping that hoity toity look off his face.
  2. Set himself up as a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Intimidate the other examinees.

Safe to say it was tough choice, but he noticed something, the boy didn’t seem to take into account how others cope with high stress environments, an others right to situations, and people’s intentions in their actions. Well now that won’t do. If left alone, thinking like that could fester into an unhealthy outlook on conformity and could even result in many lawsuits in mental health harm or negligence. With that in mind, Midoriya stood, faced the student, and went at it.

“Look I get that your trying to be a model student but I can definitely tell you that I was disturbing no one with my cheering or my messing around with Katsuki, the only person who lost time or attention was me and that was my decision and intention. You, good sir, are the only person to notice and care. I was cheering because that was what Present Mic asked and was a fun way to relieve the tension that everyone can agree was very stifling. The mumbling that you so loudly dragged into the light is a behavioural tick that comes from my autism! I can and will assure you that my mumbling is entirely instinctual and not on purpose. Maybe next time, before you go and dig your nose into other people’s business, that they’d most likely want to keep private, you can think and not drag someone’s personal issues or choices out in front of a room full off, what? Over a thousand people? Your extremely lucky that I have plenty of experience with talking in front of so many people, imagine the emotional and mental distress you could have placed a more shy or socially anxious person under with your completely unnecessary call out. If you’re really here to become a heroics student, then I hope you can clean up your act and have actual genuine regard for the wellbeing of others, mental or otherwise. Unless you were trying to solidify a reputation with the other students as someone not to be toiled with lest you publicly humiliate them by sabotaging another student?” With the final carefully placed suggestion, Midoriya faced the front again, bowed to the utterly horrified Present Mic, and sat back into his seat with a self satisfied grin on his face. Turning he could see Katsuki trying to stifle a laugh and succeeding luckily.

With that Present Mic went on to explain Zero Pointer Robots and their purpose. Don’t think Midoriya Missed the implication of “ 0P “, how it could be an acronym for “Over Powered” he’s looking forward to seeing how it goes. Of course he could warn his little brother, but where’s the fun in that? He needs to set a reminder to ask for his brothers exam tape.


The sight of the fake city left many of the students in awe. Midoriya saw this coming but was still getting emotional, this is a step closer to his goals.

He just wished he’d picked his lucky tracksuit over his black gym shorts and leggings and his black sideless tank top. He much prefers his neon aqua green one, it’s ridiculously stupid looking but that’s why he loves it. He kept some charms on him, only the charms he dubs his emergency bundle, being a mix of sanitary items, first aid, defensive items, and a couple of small weapons.

Midoriya took notice of Uraraka, she seemed to be calming herself. He reasons she’s probably tense and worrying, he’d best go and help her loosen up, you can’t be stiff when your going into things like this. He stepped closer to her and raised an arm in an intended greeting, only to be stopped by the examinee that tried to scold him in the auditorium.

“What do you think you are doing? She is clearly trying to concentrate! Are attempting to sabotage her?” His loud ‘scolding’ drew the attention of the examinees and even snapped a few out of their concentration. Seems the lesson didn’t stick, he’d also better teach him about volume control.

“No, I am trying to go and help my friend loosen up and calm down, and frankly your loudness is sabotaging the examinees that do need meditation and quiet. I really hope you’re not still trying to present yourself as a rule abiding student with a concern for others, because your really not acting like it.” Midoriya deadpanned, looking just about done with this student.

As the student sputtered he just walked around him and called out to Uraraka, jogging over to distract her from any worry.

The other examinees were pretty split 50/50 over Midoriya, some worried, some grateful. Midoriya didn’t pay them any mind. He’s not here for them.

GO! GO! GO!” Present Mic screeched from his perch.

While the other examinees stared at the man, confused, Midoriya was grabbing Uraraka and running toward the open gates, luckily all the others caught on quick and dashed after them.

The two teamed up to take down the 2 pointer they came across as soon as they entered. Midoriya distracting it by sliding under its strike allowing for Uraraka to come up behind it and get close enough to use her quirk. They soon split to get their own points.

Midoriya jogged down the deserted street of the arena, if he’s right he’s somewhere to the right of the center, he’s taken down 2-2pointers 4-1pointers and 3-3pointers so far and 4 mins in. He knows if he keeps this pace he won’t get in, but he’s not upset about it, sadly most of those 4 mins have been dedicated to protecting less lucky examinees and getting people out of ruts or from being cornered.

Midoriya decides he’s best course of action to get the robots to attack each other, playing chicken and hopping in front of or on top of unsuspecting robots. 8 mins in and he’s racked up 30 points. Still he’s got 7 mins left.

Midoriya rescues another 3 students from two 3 pointers, they had been distracted with a large group of 2 and 1 pointers, not noticing the larger bits getting ready to blast them. 2 mins passed as he checked their injuries, seeing as one of the 3 pointers got a shot off before he could pull its wires out from behind the head. He was satisfied with the minimal injuries and turned to head toward the center, slightly light of breath, he’s definitely not had enough blood if he’s a little winded currently.

An explosion and tremor greater him as he saw a large plume of smoke from the center, it can’t be Katsuki because he’s in a different training ground. It could be another student, so he should go and check, make sure no one's hurt.

As he jogged onto the scene he was almost bowled over by panicking students, all running from one of the biggest robots he’s ever seen. His prediction was correct, the 0 pointer is Overpowered.


Looking at the behemoths very very far off treds he noticed a downed figure in the dust, it only took second before he realised it was Uraraka, nauseous and trapped. It took even less time before he was sprinting, he was very far, even if he used his vampiric speed he’d still just barely make a meter before the treds crushed her. He didn’t want to use One for All but no one in his web would be happy if he put their dreams over the life of an innocent.

Feeling One for All father in his limbs he pounced toward the head of the robot, drawing an charged arm back, he threw a One for All infused punch, shattering the bot and sending it tumbling. His 5 seconds of fun ended as gravity took over again and he plummeted. He wouldn’t die no, but it’d still hurt and it’d still feel gross. He closed his eyes and accepted his fate.

Only to be slapped and have his stomach flip at the sudden loss of force.


Uraraka relaxed on the large piece of robot as both it and Midoriya flopped to the ground.

“Whew, thanks for saving my nose again!” Midoriya called from the ground, mushy arms already covered in healing goop. He lies back and lets the power do its thing.

Uraraka looked up to say something only to throw up. Midoriya freaked for a second before realising it's probably her quirks backlash. Doesn’t lessen his worry though. He stood on still healing legs and flopped against the side of the robot debri away from the vomit, he started to rub her back and hand her some wipes from his emergency charms bundle, his back rub turning to massaging nausea reducing pressure points. Midoriya felt himself fluster because he really doesn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea.

Click clacks of a cane announced one Recovery girl as she steps up to them, quickly healing the bruises and scrapes of other students, ignoring the whispering about the crazy overpowered kid.

“Now dearies do you need any assistance? From the cameras it seemed as if your arms and legs turned to spaghetti sauce!” She stopped and looked directly at Midoriya, he would be gushing about her but he is too occupied with the fact he’s gonna have to use One for All now, or he could just continue to claim he doesn’t have a quirk and be dubbed a cryptic or crazy guy.

“No I’m good, already pretty healed up, it’ll just be another minute. Uraraka might need help though, she’s pretty sick and can’t seem to walk…” ooh he could feel proper protectiveness already, he gets attached to humans so easily, the others in the society think he’s much to soft on them, or that he’s clinging to his past life, he kinda can’t really? He’s gonna need to make a protection poppet for her, maybe a sickness one as well, for her nausea.

“Ok Dearie I’ll get a stretcher for you, and you young man, should go and rest up, you’ve done a lot of fighting and saving all that other nonsense.” She spoke on, as the bot picked Uraraka up from her perch, she followed them out of the arena.

Midoriya realised he should make sure Uraraka gets his number. “Hey Recovery Girl? Can you give her my number when she wakes up, Principal Nedzu should have it.” His request confused her but she agreed.



Midoriya took off to the changing rooms and out the front of the school, he was waiting for his little brother so they could walk to his place and have dinner with the Bakugou family and his Mother, as celebration for taking the exam and some R&R after such a high stress activity.

Midoriya didn’t have to wait long, as Katsuki stormed through the front doors looking incredibly self satisfied and smug. Midoriya fell right into step with him and they went on their path with no words. Of course that didn’t last long.

“What did you get on the exam, Broccoli boy.” Katsuki didn’t look particularly interested, most likely just wanted to compare. Or he was lying about hating his brother and genuinely wanted to converse but that would never be admitted out loud.

“I don’t know, I think I did good, last I counted I got 30 points, you?” Midoriya was genuinely interested, he wanted to know how his little bro did, and if he’d need to get him his favourite French pastries from the local webs cafe hangout. You’d never peg Katsuki as a chocolate and strawberry crépe, with a side of banana and vanilla white chocolate dipped macarons.

“I got 77 villain points, fucking get on my level pleb.” Again with the smug smirk.

“But Captain Shitswizz! Crouching that low hurts my knees!” Midoriya tunes his voice to that of a higher pitch all while dramatically placing his hands on his cheeks and whining.

In typical Katsuki fashion turned to his brother with an aggressively deadpan face. “ who the hell are you calling Shitswizz? Ankle lady?” With an indignant Squawk Midoriya gaped at his brother before huffing in a dramatised fashion and marching down an alley. Bakugou followed unprompted.

“Why you gotta pull that incident again! I swear! It was one time!” He ranted as he began to right another rune circle onto the wall of the alley in black chalk. Katsuki leaning on the opposite wall right behind him.

“Because it’s hilarious? And I want to…..eeeugh, I wanted to, apologise for the suicide comment, I know it was forever ago…” his voice strained with clear difficulty.

“No need I’ve already forgiven you! But I appreciate you apologising anyway! I know how hard it can be for ya sometimes, and you already know what I’ll do if you ever do it again!” He finished that sentence with a light twitter tone to his voice, turning to look over his shoulder with a falsely comforting smile. Katsuki just nods, with an uncaring look as the portal opens to the Bakugou's house.

“What are you doing after dinner? You’ve had a look on your face the entire walk that says you’ve got something up your sleeve.” The light from the kitchen was a harsh yellow and did no favours for Katsukis face.

“I’m gonna visit The Society, gotta update everyone, plus I’m not hosting so the least I can do with this break is pop in an say hi!” He flashes a toothy smile. He can’t wait to scream about this with some of the others.