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Prince Izuku Midoriya stood in front of his suite’s full length mirror, the seamstresses and ladies-in-waiting plucking at him, pulling fabric into place, combing his hair- longer now than it had been in awhile, and silkier, thanks to the herbal hair mask Uraraka prepared the night before.

Time was of the essence, of course, as Izuku was expected to walk down the aisle in less than an hour. The midafternoon light shown through the glass balcony door, giving Izuku a perfect view of his wedding attire: a traditional white robe hung loose around the omega’s petite frame, calling more attention to his figure than Izuku would normally be comfortable with. Gold bangles ran up his arms, jingling when he moved to adjust the emerald earrings, a gift from his soon-to-be mate upon their engagement. His wavy hair fell just past his ears in waves, adorned in swirls and whorls of lace and soon- maybe too soon- a crown.

Izuku didn’t know whether to cry of joy or nervousness at the thought.

But Izuku knew he couldn’t have asked for a better mate. Shouto Todoroki, though his palace laid in the capital in the center of the Southern Continent, often visited Izuku’s much smaller castle in the summer months, when King Enji- or King Endeavor, the citizens had named him- could spare him from training.

And Izuku was no stranger to the Todoroki home, either. He and his mother often rode in for capital dinners and royal birthday parties. It was at Shouto’s thirteenth birthday all those years ago when the King announced that his son was to wed the omega prince. Izuku’s mother had wept with joy, wrapping both of the boys in her embrace, certain in that moment that no harm would ever come to her beloved son, not with an ice and fire wielder to protect him thereafter.

Their relationship wasn’t strictly political, either. Izuku considered Shouto to be one of the greatest people in his life, a childhood friend who always treated him like a person, not a weak omega.

And today they would become one soul, forever.

Who knew how long Shouto would be able to stay by his side after. The heavy upset on the boarders grew more intense by the day, battles breaking out more and more frequently. None as devastating as the recent attack on Osaka, a war territory close to the boarder. Those who survived to tell about it said that the dragon flames melted through corpses’ bones in an instant, leaving nothing in their wake.

Shouto has ridden out with his men months ago, the Crown Prince also a top-ranking general in his father’s army. Whatever dragon breath burned, the Todoroki’s could burn hotter, that’s what King Endeavor believed.

But Izuku wasn’t so sure.

He barely ate while Shouto was away. Nightmares plagued his sleep: the Alpha Prince’s decaptiated head falling on a muddy battlefield, heterochromic eyes staring at nothing as the light left them. Everytime a messenger sent a letter from the camps, Izuku had bitten his lip hard enough to draw blood, so afraid to read the letter’s contents that he’d often needed Uraraka or Iida’s assistance.

When Shouto and his army finally made it back to the capital, Izuku knew his worry had not been misplaced. Of the men who made it back- half as many as when they departed- many were dehydrated, injured, or hungry. Some were missing limbs, others- the ones most unlucky- were missing a piece of their soul, a deadness in their eyes Izuku knew a person never came back from.

And then the omega prince found out why.

Apparently, the army’s lines had been decimated by an ambush. Dragons, Shouto had claimed, soared from the sky like the Devil’s angels, scorching the earth with flames so hot it had burnt a Todoroki’s skin. Shouto’s skin.

His mate’s handsome face now bore a red scar around his left eye, a reminder of the Dragon King’s wrath should they dare fight back, to try to stop him from overtaking the entire world. The scar, Izuku had heard from Beta Captain Yaoyorozu, came not from a dragon, but from the Dragon King’s own hand.

“You saw him?” Izuku had asked incredulously. A nod of the Captain’s head. “Shouto never told me any of this.”

Yaoyorozu had bowed her head gracefully. “I’m sure he did not wish for you to worry, Your Majesty.”

Though the Captain has already turned to leave, Izuku couldn’t stop himself from asking, “You saw the dragons, then. And the Dragon King.” The beta hummed in affirmation. “What did they look like?”

Dread filled the girl’s eyes, so much so that the omega almost regretted asking. “It was... like nothing I’d ever seen, Majesty. The dragons — They destroyed everything in their wake. Buildings, horses, people.” Yaoyorozu paused. “But they were nothing compared to the Dragon King. He controlled the beasts’ every movement with the flick of his finger, and when he and Prince Shouto fought... It was a close match. The Prince got a good slice in; I thought the Dragon King was down. But then he reached out- with this almost maniacle look of glee on his face- and grabbed Prince Shouto’s face. That’s when I heard it: the simmering of flesh. Heat just radiated from that monster’s palm.”

Izuku’s stomach had roiled. He never brought it up to Shouto, feeling like getting all of those details from Yaoyorozu felt underhanded somehow. Still, Izuku’s dreams played that moment over and over, even though he himself didn’t witness it.

The omega knew his betrothed would soon have to rejoin his men on the battlefield.

Once, when Izuku was very young, he’d wanted to be a knight in the King’s army. His mother had shook her head, smiling knowingly at the little boy.

“You will marry a King someday,” she had whispered as she tucked him into bed, “an Alpha who will protect you from anyone and anything. What need would you have to fight, love?”

Izuku knew that being a male omega was rare, especially these days. To be both a male omega and a royal...It had to have been why King Endeavor took such an interest in him. Shouto’s heirs would have the potential to be even more powerful than their father with Izuku as his mate.

“Izuku,” a voice called, snapping him back to the present. Uraraka beamed as she smoothed the silk of his wedding robe. “You look incredible!”

The omega felt heat rise to his cheeks. Compliments on his appearance were not foreign to him; actually they came quite often, but Izuku never understood the fuss. His features always seemed too... soft: green eyes too big, lips too full. Freckles dotted the boy’s ivory cheeks. His mother, Beta Queen Inko Midoriya, has always told Izuku that his looks were a strength, a power he could use to make the strongest alpha kings bend to his will.

“Thank you, Uraraka. Where’s Shouto?”

Uraraka pursed her lips in a smile. “Getting dressed as well, I presume. You two aren’t allowed to see each other until the ceremony.”

Foolish traditions, Izuku thought. He wished he could see Shouto’s eyes before, eyes that kept him grounded, steady.

“Don’t worry, though,” Uraraka’s eyes glimmered with mischief. “I’m sure you two will have plenty of time alone after the ceremony.”

The omega’s heart studdered. Tonight. Tonight, they would finally...

Izuku and Shouto weren’t permitted to be intimate before they were wed. A foolish rule, an outdated one, but that’s how it was. Breaking it could ruin the union all together, so the boys had listened, however reluctantly. The night before Shouto had left for battle, Izuku almost begged his alpha to take him right then and there. He held himself back, though, for he knew the risks. If the omega ended up pregnant out of wedlock (highly unlikely due to the herbs he took to suppress his heat, but still possible) the child’s legitimacy as heir would be unclear. The pills, Izuku’d stopped taking two nights before, in preparation for this...

His wedding night.

“Uraraka,” he breathed, “I’m nervous.”

His childhood friend and Lady gave him a sympathetic look. “I know. But think of this as the beginning of a new chapter! It’s almost exciting when you think about it.”

The omega tried to heed her words.

“Your Highness,” said a pretty, redheaded servant. “It’s time.”


The courtyard glittered with fairy lights, illuminating the aisle in an ethereal glow. The full moon shone on the beautiful decorations. Izuku smiled as he beheld his wedding guests: his mother’s consort and his mentor, Toshinori Yagi, Shouto’s siblings, Princess Fuyumi, her white hair swept up, and Prince Natsuo, beaming at his sister as he dug into hors d’oeuvres.

Seated at the front, atop a glittering dais, sat Shouto’s parents: King Endeavor’s usually hard face somewhat less so, while Queen Rei, dressed in a dainty red gown, conversed with the woman beside her, Beta Queen Inko Midoriya. Izuku’s mother’s eyes filled with tears as she talked to the High Queen. Izuku willed his own to remain dry, at least until the actual ceremony begun.

“Hurry it up,” Uraraka waved frantically. “We don’t want everyone to see you just yet!”

The omega allowed himself one more glance around before taking Uraraka’s hand and following her to the gazebo around the corner, sparse of servants and partygoers. Over 3,000 nobles were in attendance, Izuku knew. How many guests they would have in all was anyone’s guess. The High King had determined the guest list himself; neither Izuku nor Shouto had any say in it.

Whether they sat out at the gazebo for minutes or hours, Izuku wasn’t sure. He only knew when Toshinori found them, offering the young omega his arm. Izuku felt the tears begin to well up as he took the man’s arm. Dammit. So much for saving the waterworks.

“Don’t be nervous,” Toshinori whispered as they approached the beginning of the aisle. The murmur of thousands of people faded to background noise in Izuku’s mind as he focused on Toshinori’s hand, steading him. “I won’t let you fall, Young Midoriya.”

Izuku squeezed the man’s arm in gratitude, too nervous to form a proper reply as the music began playing, and he spotted his betrothed at the end of the aisle.

Shouto always looked striking. Izuku thought the Crown Price was one of the most beautiful creatures he’d ever seen. But tonight, even more so in his dark blue suit and white dress pants. The Todoroki heir appeared so stoic, yet gentle- so gentle for an alpha- as he looked at Izuku, a smile tugging on his lips as their eyes met.

Izuku didn’t know why he’d ever been nervous in the first place. And when they reached the end of their walk, when Toshinori released the boy’s arm with a parting kiss on the forehead, when Shouto extended his hand out, Izuku did not hesitate to take it.

Did not hesitate to read his vows, despite the lump in his throat. For better or for worse, through sickness and in health, you will be my mate. You are my alpha, and I vow to be yours, both in mind and soul, for the rest of my days.

With shaky tears, Izuku met Shouto’s intense eyes as his alpha began reading his vows. For better or for worse, through sickness and in health, you will be my mate. You are my omega, and I vow to protect you for the rest of my days.

The High Priestess asked, “Are there any objections to this union? Speak now or forever hold your-“

The air around them turned ice cold as the ground beneath them shook.

Izuku lurched forward. Shouto grabbed him by the shoulders to keep him upright.

“Izuku, are you alright?”

The omega nodded, not exactly realizing what was happening. Shouto’s face dropped, his skin going nearly paper white as his eyes darted around.

“Shouto, what’s happening?”

Before his mate could answer, a rough voice spoke. “Well, well, well. What a party. Sorry to interrupt, Todoroki, but this couldn’t fuckin’ wait.”

Shouto pulled Izuku behind him as a warning growl ripped from his throat, more ferocious than the omega thought his alpha was capable of. “Get the hell out of here.”

Izuku dared to peek around Shouto’s shoulder. When he did, he felt his stomach lurch.

A man. Young, probably not much older than Izuku himself, but with a grin like a cat who’d just ensnared a mouse with its claws. Maniacle. And his eyes... They glowed burning red. His blond hair stuck up in sharp spikes. The stranger wore black leather trousers that hung low on his hips, with a crimson cloak slung over his broad shoulders, leaving his muscled chest and arms exposed. Izuku noted the scar that ran across his stomach, still raised and red.

Izuku couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped him. The Dragon King. It had to be.

His fears were only further confirmed when he looked over to the dais, where his mother’s eyes were wide as saucers. Queen Rei gripped the arm of her throne tightly. King Endeavor, a man usually so unswayable that men told tales of his cold-heartedness over campfires looked... frightened. Izuku gulped.

“So we meet again, you Icyhot bastard,” the blond sneered, stalking closer. “I told you I’d be back, didn’t I?”

Shouto remained where he was, but Izuku didn’t miss the prince’s hand moving down to rest on the pommel of his sword.

“That’s a pretty nasty scar ya got there.” The Dragon King laughed, its sound hollow. “Do you know how many of my dragons you killed, Princeling?” When Shouto remained silent, he continued, “Three. Three immortal dragons put to rest forever thanks to the aim of your ice.”

“You attacked my territory,” Shouto’s voice sounded different, less a prince and more the general. “And if you make to harm anyone here tonight, Katsuki’s Bakugou,” Shouto pulled out his sword, “then we will finish what we started in Osaka.”

The Dragon King- Katsuki’s Bakugou- had the nerve to look amused as he shrugged. “Oh, but you see, I’m not here for you.”

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

The gust of wind was all the warning they got before the dragons were upon them. Three of them: one without a rider, the other two holding a man and a woman, both armed with bows and arrows, shooting them freely into the crowd as the leathery best of wings brought them closer to their targets with each passing second.

People screamed, tripping over one another to escape through the double doors leading inside the palace. Izuku looked around for his mother in horror, but found her throne- along with Endeavor’s and Rei’s- empty. He said a silent prayer they made it inside. He and Shouto should-

Shouto let out a grunt when an arrow hit him right in the leg. Izuku yelped as he felt his alpha sag against him, easing him to the ground with as much tenderness as the omega could.

“Shouto,” he said, panicked. “Are you okay? Can you stand?”

“Izuku,” Shouto grunted, pressing his hands into his leg. “Get our of here now. Do you understand me? Get out of here!”

Izuku couldn’t, couldn’t leave his mate here, but his omega instincts pushed him to obey, to do as Shouto wished. The green-haired boy frantically backed up, gasping when his back hit solid muscle. Arms wrapped around him as he struggled, kicking, scratching, biting, anything to get away, get out, get inside.

Where were the guards?!

“Gotcha,” a voice growled in his ear.

Izuku whipped his head to Shouto. His mate was on his knees facing Izuku, struggling helplessly in the Dragon King’s arms. At his mate’s neck, a dagger. Poised to cut his throat.

The redhead holding the knife spoke. “Don’t move, princeling. Unless you want your throat slit.”

Katsuki Bakugou laughed, the sound sending a chill down Izuku’s spine as the brute spoke into his ear, loud enough for Shouto to hear. “When you want revenge, don’t take it out on the person directly. No.” Bakugou’s breath tickled his ear. “Go for the person they love the most and take them away.”

Shouto screamed when Bakugou yanked Izuku back by his hair. “LET HIM GO! I’LL KILL YOU!”

Bakugou hummed in amusement. “Stupid bastard,” he spat at Shouto. “I’m not going to kill him. Where would the fun in that be.” The two must’ve made eye contact (Izuku couldn’t see Bakugou’s face) for his mate’s eyes widened as he struggled even harder against the redhead’s hold. “No,” he cried, practically pleading. The sound cracked Izuku’s heart. “No. Bakugou, your fight is with me, not him.”

“Precisely,” Bakugou answered nonchalantly. “Consider your little betrothed here,” his grip tightened on Izuku’s body painfully. The omega couldn’t help the pitiful whimper that escaped. “Collateral damage.”

Bakugou leaned in to Izuku’s neck, breathing in the omega’s scent deeply. “At least he’s pretty.” Shouto snarled as the Dragon King leaned in and licked Izuku’s neck, right over the scent gland. Izuku stiffened, eyes clenching shut.

“Maybe I’ll send you back pieces of him,” Bakugou murmured. “Or maybe I’ll just keep him all to myself.”

Shouto lunged forward.

And that’s when the redhead’s blade stabbed into his other leg.

“Shouto!” Izuku screamed in terror, as his mate crumpled to the ground.

The omega’s screams grew even more hysterical as the blond slung him over his shoulder, as though he were no more than a sack of potatoes. Izuku managed to lift his head enough to see the giant dragon awaiting them.

He kicked and screamed, thrashing in Bakugou’s grasp. The other man didn’t do much as flinch.

“Shouto! Shouto!” Izuku screamed in utter desperation as the Dragon King flung the omega down in front of him holding him tightly as he moved to grab to reigns.

His mate managed to stand, blood pooling around him. “Izuku.” He lifted a hand weakly towards his mate. “Izuku, no!”

And with that, Katsuki Bakugou vanished into the night sky.

Taking Izuku Midoriya with him.

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Once upon a time, there lived a prince who loved adventures.

The garden was his favorite place to explore, building so many fantastical quests in his young mind that every day had been an adventure. Some days he lived as a knight in the King’s army, on his way to rescue the beautiful princess from her tower. Others, he was the damsel, waiting for a handsome prince to save him from a wicked witch.

On one of those evenings, the prince wandered far into the garden’s trees, hoping his nursemaid or mother didn’t notice his absence and scold him for it. But something in the garden called to the young prince; the trees seemed to whisper, “come closer, come see.”

So he had.

After walking for what felt like an eternity, the boy spotted something high up in one of the trees. It was built from the tiny twigs that had scattered the ground, holding steady in one of the oak’s thickest branches.

A bird’s nest.

It hadn’t been the nest that had captured the prince’s attention, but what lay inside.

The singular egg was larger than any the boy had ever seen, be that in person or in any of the books he’d read since learning how. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to touch it.

It’s just like the story, he thought, recalling one of his favorite bedtime tales. I’ll climb the beanstalk and get to the golden egg.

The young prince had been so small, his little arms could barely reach the first tree limb. He winced as the wood met his pale, unmarked skin, and attempted to hoist himself up.

It took a few tries, but surprisingly the boy found a way to lift himself off the ground, scaling the tree with shaky legs.

Don’t be afraid. It’s just a beanstalk.

Up and up he went, determined to make it to the very top.

Until the beanstalk snapped, and there was nothing but rushing wind and-

He fell to the ground.

He just laid there, unable to get up. All the air had rushed from his lungs, you see, and the boy cried silently because the egg had been right there, a hair’s breadth away, but the ground had pulled him back, and the beanstalk was now completely out of his reach. It upset him, and a boy so beloved and spoiled wasn’t used to being upset.

Eventually, though, the prince had gotten up, as the sun began to set and terrors worse than his imagination would dare go might find him. But even after he returned home, safe in his mother’s warm embrace, the boy could still recall exactly how it felt, to have the air ripped from your chest, to have your stomach fall the the ground.

Years later, the prince felt that again.

But now it was real, and there was no one coming to save him.


Izuku Midoriya awoke in an unfamiliar place. He blinked, his mind fuzzy.

What is this place? Where’s Shouto?

And that’s when the memories came flooding back to him. The wedding, the vows, the intruders, the fight, the screams, Shouto’s blood...

The prince sat up, heart pounding so quickly he could feel it in his ears. The thick fur blanket fell around his waist, and the cold air pricked at his bare chest. Izuku shivered- not just from the cold- wrapping his arms around himself as he tried to take note of his surroundings.

He laid upon piles of black and white furs, unharmed except for a few purple bruises marring the pale skin of his arm. Next to him, Izuku noticed, sat his sacred wedding robes, thrown haphazardly on the ground, as if they were nothing.

On unsteady legs, the boy rose, trying to keep his footfalls as silent as possible as he padded over to the robe, wrapping the fine golden silk around his naked body. Who had taken it off of him? Izuku nearly sobbed, remembering how Shouto was supposed to be the only one to do that, slide the beautiful robe off of him with the love they would finally make all throughout their wedding night.

Now Izuku didn’t know when he’d see his home again. Had his mother made it out unharmed? And what about Shouto’s leg? Izuku felt bile rise in his throat as he recalled the sickening squelch of blade piercing skin.

No, he couldn’t think on these things now. All Izuku could do was run. These barbarians were foolish enough to leave him completely unguarded? Fine. Izuku was smart enough to take advantage of it.

The prince willed his hands steady as he reached out to open the tent flap.

The camp appeared relatively normal. Tents seemed to be arranged in a circular formation around a fire pit, though Izuku’s stomach sank even more when he saw the snow-covered ground. It hardly ever snowed in the South- the weather much more mild, especially this time of year- and when it did, little fell. The weather in the South worked in the Todoroki’s favor, as their flames weakened in the cold. However, it also meant King Endeavor’s power would weaken, should he ever try to venture North and fight the Dragon King head on. When King Endeavor’s wife gave birth to their youngest son, a powerful ice and fire wielder, Shouto surpassed his eldest brother’s birthright and immediately became the heir.

The snow meant they were in the North, or at least venturing northward. Izuku felt his palms sweat as he looked at the rocky terrain, his bare feet. No wonder the Dragon King took no precaution to guard him. If Izuku ran, hypothermia would surely claim him before he could reach help.

What would Shouto do?

Whatever awaited him in the North would likely make the omega wish for death. What life could he possibly forge for himself now? His only hope rested in the South, on his betrothed whose legs had been sliced apart the night before.

Had it been a night ago? Izuku wondered. Could someone travel this far in a day? How long had he been asleep?

King Endeavor would certainly send troops out to look for him. The man had his faults- many, many of them- but he was no coward. The Todoroki’s built themselves on pride and strength. The Dragon King could never take that from them, no matter how many lives he destroyed.

Izuku swallowed. To die here, a pig taken off to slaughter, or to die fighting. He remembered his tutors always telling him to mind his place, as an omega prince should. He recalled his mother telling him Shouto would always take care of him, as only an alpha could. But those things were gone, forever out of his reach now...

His tutors were wrong. His mother-gods bless her soul- was wrong.

Izuku had no one to fight for him, except himself.

With a steadying breath, Izuku Midoriya pulled open the tent flap and ran, ran like hell towards the forest beyond. He tried to focus all his attention to the tree line little under 100 yards away and not the numbing cold seeping into his feet. Faster, faster, faster...

Damn his short legs. The prince didn’t dare look behind him to see if anyone chased at his heels. The robe did little to shed off the freezing cold, but it was better than running through the camp naked, like a madman possessed. Still, though, the robe flowed all the way to the ground. Izuku prayed to every god he knew not to trip over the silky fabric, prayed his sacred gown wouldn’t be his damning curse.

Breathing in hurt his lungs, but Izuku made his legs move, flying past the last line of tents and into the clearing. So, so close to the trees that would be his camouflage and salvation.

A burst of pain shot through the back of his arm. Izuku cried out, stumbling, before losing his balance and tumbling to the ground. White spots exploded behind his eyes as his head hit the ground with a thud.

Izuku winced as voices came within earshot.

“Jirou better be able to heal that. Why did you even let him get this far, you idiot?”

Izuku’s heart thudded when he heard the voice. His voice. That rough, husky growl that would haunt his dreams as it spat, “Oh, but you see, I’m not here for you” at his Shouto, right before snatching Izuku away and bringing him to whatever circle of hell this was.

Another voice, softer, but still rough replied, “Calm down, man. I got him back for you, didn’t I?”

The Dragon King’s answering growl reverberated in Izuku’s bones as he laid facedown on the cold ground. He curled in on himself, wishing he could disappear entirely. Izuku knew it was childish to think so, but he wanted nothing more in that moment than to be curled in his mother’s warm embrace while she hummed him to sleep.

The arms that pulled him off the ground were certainly not his mother’s. Izuku squeezed his eyes shut as he was thrown over a muscled shoulder, feeling warmth drip down his arm. Maybe if he pretended to be unconscious they wouldn’t kill him for a little while longer, long enough for him to think of some kind of plan. Izuku tried his best to remain limp, like a lifeless doll, as the men strode back to the camp.

“He’s awfully frail,” said the other man. Izuku guessed the redhead from the invasion, the one who’d stabbed his betrothed. Had he threw a knife at Izuku a moment ago?

“If he survives our ways,” the Dragon King replied, “then I definitely wouldn’t call him frail.”

Izuku tried not to shiver.

Minutes later, the Dragon King dumped him like a sack of potatoes, jostling his injured arm. This time, Izuku couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped him. The prince barely registered that he was back in the same tent as before.

A hand snakes out and gripped his chin, forcing his eyes to meet crimson. The omega remembered how young he looked at the wedding invasion, but it still shocked him nonetheless to see the unmarked skin- save for the line between his brows as he scowled. Izuku guessed early 20s, but given by the way the blond carried himself, age did not mean he was any less of a alpha. The prince smelled it on him, and willed his omega instincts down, down, down.

Izuku knew the stories, of course. Everyone in the South whispered about the Dragon King of the North, thanking the goddess of fertility that they had not been born in his dreaded territories, made of dragons and the dragon-blooded shifters. Demons, Southerners whispered. Monsters.

“Izuku Midoriya.” The omega tried not to flinch at his name on this demon’s tongue. Tried to hold his stare, just like Shouto would. “You’re just as beautiful as they said you were.”

Well, of all the things the prince expected him to say, that certainly wasn’t it. Izuku’s hands began to shake at the look in the Dragon King’s eyes, looking at the omega like a feast set before a starving man.

Izuku couldn’t help but blurt out, “What do you want? To kill me?”

The Dragon King barked a laugh. “Now where would the fun be in that?”

Izuku blinked in confusion.

“You see,” the blond began, leaning in ‘til he and the omega shared breath, “I’ve been planning this for a long time. The South is a large threat to my territory, as you know, and I really hate those Todoroki bastards.” The Dragon King sat back, grinning like a cat who’d just cornered the house mouse. “Originally, I thought I’d go after the fucker’s daughter. The ice princess. But then, I fought that icy hot fucker in Osaka and couldn’t stop thinking about tearing him to pieces on my sword. See, then I remembered a lesson my mother taught me a lesson when I was very young, Izuku Midoriya. Do you know what she told me?” Izuku shook his head, eyes wide, before the blond continued. “Once you kill a man, that’s all there is.
A brief, fleeting moment of victory and then nothing.” A pause. “So I knew on that day in Osaka when I held his life in my hands, I couldn’t kill the bastard. At least, not yet. First, I had to let him live to see my victory. So I gave him the scar, a nice little reminder as to what happens when he gets in my way. I expected him to look defeated, y’know. Bastard had a huge fuckin’ burn on his face. But when I had him there and peered into his mind, do you know what I saw?”

Izuku felt sick. Peer into Shouto’s mind?

You.” A humorless laugh. “The beautiful omega prince he had yet to claim, waiting back home. And when I saw you in his memories, I have to say, I was enamoured. I don’t even know why, but for some reason- even as I plotted for the ice bitch- I couldn’t stop seeing you in my mind. It annoyed the hell outta me. I let that bastard live so he could play house with a male omega, one more beautiful than anyone I’d ever claimed?” The Dragon King’s red eyes darkened. “So I changed my plan. Heard about that fucking wedding and couldn’t have though of a better opportunity if I tried. My mother was right. To kill Shouto Todoroki compared nothing to seeing that bastard’s face when you were in my arms, helpless and flailing against me. And when you’re mine, when there’s nothing left for him to claim, that is when I’ll kill him.”

Izuku gripped the robe tighter around himself as the alpha’s words hit him. If the King wasn’t taking Izuku north to kill him then...

“Is your intention to bargain me for the Southern crown?”

The Dragon King’s eyes flared. “I am Katsuki Bakugou,” he scoffed, “the greatest conquered who ever lived. I do not bargain for lands. If I see something I want, Deku, I take it. That includes any land. That includes you.”

And with that, Katsuki Bakugou rushed forward and claimed Izuku’s lips. The smaller boy’s eyes widened in a mixture of shock and terror, pushing on the muscled man’s chest. Katsuki didn’t so much as flinch, and when he bit on Izuku’s lower lip- hard enough to draw blood- the young prince gasped, giving Katsuki the chance to slide his tongue into Izuku’s mouth.

Izuku’s mind whirred. What the hell was happening. This man, Katsuki Bakugou, the Dragon King, surely he didn’t mean to hurt Shouto by... No, no, no. Izuku pushed uselessly on Katsuki’s chest, a pathetic whimper escaping him. This kiss... Izuku was supposed to share his first passionate kiss with Shouto. They had shared fleeting moments before, of course: stolen pecks in the gardens, brief goodnight kisses. But nothing like this, nothing so invasive and intimate and claiming.

Moments or minutes later- who could tell?- Katsuki pulled back, keeping a firm grip on the back of Izuku’s head to keep him from moving away too much.

“I wanted to take you right there at the wedding,” Katsuki whispered huskily, “right in front of him. But I wanted our first time to be more special than that. Maybe next time.”

Izuku pushed himself further back, feeling bile rise up in his throat, when a voice called, “Permission to enter?”

Katsuki looked up and Izuku could’ve sworn excitement danced in his eyes. “Granted.”

The tent flap opened, revealing a small girl dressed in black. Her short cropped purple hair was pulled out of her face with clips, and she made to move over to the King and Izuku, not an ounce of fear on her serious face. She carried something though Izuku could not tell what. A first aid kit perhaps, if the bandages were any indication.

“Lord.” A curt bow of her head.

“At ease, Jirou,” Katsuki said, nodding to the supplies in her arms. “I see you got what I wanted.”

Jirou nodded, dropping to her knees as she turned her eyes to Izuku. “He’ll need to disrobe or at least pull it down.”

Before her words registered, Katsuki grabbed Izuku roughly by the hips, setting the smaller boy on his lap. Izuku felt heat rise to his cheeks despite himself when the barbarian pulled the robe off his chest, leaving it pooled at his hips. Jirou reached out, dabbing the cut on his arm with a damp cloth. Izuku hissed, but remained where he was. Better than letting the wound get infected, at least.

After she bandaged his arm, the girl didn’t move away, instead rustling through her kit again. What the hell? Izuku looked at the girl quizzically, but her face remained passive as she pulled out a needle and swiped it with some sort of cloth.

“You still want to do this?” Her eyes swept up to her superior.

“Damn right.”

Jirou nodded.

“Be still,” she cautioned, reaching for Izuku with slender, painted fingers. He jolted when she took his nipple in his hand and pinched the pink bud between her nails. Izuku gasped, reaching up to swipe her hand away. Katsuki grabbed it without a second thought, pinning his hands by his sides in warning.

“Hold still.” Teeth nipped at Izuku’s earlobe and he fought the instinct to lean into the touch. “Or you’ll just fuck it up.”

Izuku’s chest heaved as Jirou pulled out the needle, lining it up with his nipple. “No!” He yelled, trying to twist his way out of Katsuki’s iron grip. “Let me go, you bastard!”

“Stop it,” Katsuki growled in his ear, “or I’ll knock you out.”

Izuku felt tears welling in his eyes as his body went slack on Katsuki’s lap. The blond ran his calloused hands up and down the boy’s arms.

Jirou shoved the needle through.

Izuku cried out in pain, back arching. Jirou wasted no time moving to the next one.

“Shh,” Katsuki murmured in his ear, “relax. You’re doing so good, Deku. So good.”

Izuku’s brain barely registered the strange name Katsuki called him. The praise went straight through his body, his omegan instincts taking over. Izuku prayed Katsuki couldn’t smell the pheromones he gave off, or sense the slick coming out of his body at the close contact with an alpha.

“He’s so flat-chested for an omega,” Katsuki mused, running his hands over Izuku’s chest. The boy barely heard what he said, not as Jirou shoved the needle through his skin again, breaking Izuku out of his stupor. He focused on the whorls and swirls of black ink decorating her hands. “Don’t you think?”

Jirou shrugged, filling the new piecing with silver bars. “He’s young still. Plenty of time for them to grow. Usually happens during pregnancy.”

Katsuki nodded, his hand drifting down to Izuku’s stomach. That caught the prince’s attention. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sheer absurdity. No, no way in hell could this monster possibly plan to-

“How long should it take for us to conceive?”

Izuku nearly passed out.

Jirou’s brows pinched together. “Well, he’s been taking heat suppressants for a long time. It depends on the omega, really, but I’d say the average is a few months. Maybe four or five. However, sexual stimulation has been known to speed up the process, as hormones begin to react more naturally to stimulation.”

Katsuki nodded, waving her away with a hand. “You’re dismissed.”

Izuku wanted to beg her to stay. Please don’t leave me alone with him. Please, someone, help me. Get me out of this place. I want to go home.

Katsuki laid him down on the furs, pulling the golden robe off of him once more, leaving him bare. The Dragon King smirked at the sight of Izuku shifting uncomfortably beneath him, and he leaned down again to capture the boy’s lips. Izuku growled in warning, but Katsuki paid him no mind again. Their lips met.

Izuku felt the frustration and helplessness build in his chest now. To just lay here, like a despondent whore looking for a quick coin. Could he stomach it to possibly save his life? Could he just take it, endure it, knowing Shouto would never want him, not after he was ruined?


Gathering all the courage he could muster, Izuku steeled himself and bit down. As hard as he could.

Katsuki jerked back, looking down at him with murder in his red eyes as blood from the King’s lip dropped onto Izuku’s face.

The other boy snarled. “You little bitch.”

Izuku’s head whipped to the side as Katsuki slapped him, not enough to leave a mark, but enough to leave as a reminder. As to what would happen should Izuku do it again.

“Try something like that again,” Katsuki growled, voice dangerously low, “and I’ll let this entire camp fuck you. I’m sure they can smell your horny ass right now, you know? The only thing stopping them from lining up to take a turn with you is their fear of what I’d do to them.”

Izuku turned his head into the pillow, trying to control the tremors wracking his body. He refused to die here, refused to let this monster steal the rest of his life away. Shouto would come bursting into the tent at any minute to whisk him away with kind words and comforting hugs.

Katsuki leaned forward again, lips latching onto Izuku’s neck as he sucked a mark. The small boy stiffened as the blond’s lips drifted to the side of the neck, to the sacred area where mates laid their claiming marks. His lips grazed the sensitive skin there, and Izuku bit his lip to stifle the moan threatening to escape him.

“Soon,” Katsuki said against his neck, “I’ll claim every inch of you as mine. And in a few months, you’ll give birth to my heir.”

“Shut up,” Izuku dared say, balling his trembling hands into fists. “I will never be claimed by you, Katsuki Bakugou. Not now, not ever. So try your damn hardest, but I won’t be broken so easily.”

Lies, lies, lies. Izuku knew he was weak; he wasn’t cut out to fight. What could he do against someone as strong as the Dragon King?

“I can hear your thoughts, y’know,” Katsuki said. “You’re lying through your teeth. But deep down you know, there’s no one coming to save you, and even if they did, it would be too late. Come on, Deku. I can give you everything. A strong alpha, a strong kingdom, strong heirs... What more could you ever hope for?”

Then the tears really did fall, spilling down Izuku’s cheeks in a never ending stream. He choked out a sob as the alpha pulled him against his chest.

“Stop crying, stupid Deku,” he snapped.

Izuku didn’t. “Why?” He cried, more atbthe world than the man before him.

Katsuki fiddled with the sliver pierced through Izuku’s nipple, making a sharp sting twist the boy’s chest. “You look too courtly, too Southern.” Katsuki snickered. “I want you to look like my mate. That way you’ll never forget who you belong to.”

Izuku cried, the only sound in the silence of the camp.

Chapter Text

Shouto Todoroki winced as he sat up in his bed. His father and his council stood around him, looks ranging from concerned to angry, but Shouto payed them no mind as he leaned his back against the headboard. 


King Endeavor- his father- stood with his arms crossed at the side of his bed, staring at his son’s two bandaged legs with a scowl on his stony face. “The healer said there’s no permanent damage.  You were very fortunate, Shouto.” 


But the soon-to-be King did not feel fortunate in the least. His heart ached everytime he envisioned that filthy barbarian’s hands on Izuku’s skin, the look of horror on his childhood love’s face as he was dragged off into the night. His Alpha instincts had called- screamed- at him to move, to protect, but his damned legs wouldn’t even move an inch. He couldn’t protect the one he loved the most even though Izuku was right in front of him.


And now, he was gone. 


Shouto willed his emotions down, gaze hardening, as he faced his father’s council. “My well-being is irrelevant at the moment. Our top priority should be rescuing Izuku Midoriya from the clutches of the North.” One of the councilman started to speak, but Shouto continued, “I will join the troops looking for him in no less than a week’s time. Where have they been deployed?”


The energy in the room shifted as the Royal Councilmens’ lowered their heads. The King, however, met his son’s demanding eyes with a hardened expression. “No troops have been deployed to search for the boy.” 


The Prince’s eyes widened, heart thumping erratically in his chest. My omega, his instincts screamed. My mate. The normally mild mannered Prince’s voice was as cold as the ice he wielded when he responded, “What the hell do you mean there are no troops? His is my mate, the future Queen of the Southern Continent, and you dare tell me that no one has even bothered to-“ 


But his bastard of a father cut him off, his voice holding the finality of a king. “Izuku Midoriya is not an official member of this court, nor had he officially mated with you, Shouto.”


The young prince mouth dropped open slightly. “What the hell do you mean? We were married. Do you not recall that, Father?” He spit out the word with as much venom as he could muster. “We have been betrothed since childhood. He is my mate and as much of a member of this kingdom as anyone else in this gods-damned room.”


The King’s expression did not waver. “The marriage ritual was not completed, and you had yet to claim the omega’s neck. Besides, he is probably sullied or dead by now anyways.” 


Shouto could’ve sworn his heart stopped at the words, the implications. 


The King faced his councilmen, who wisely kept their mouths shut during the altercation. Everyone knew the Todoroki’s were not to be disturbed during family affairs, lest one wanted to be burned alive. 


“Leave us,” he commanded. 


The men nodded wordlessly and shuffled out of the bedroom, leaving the King and his protege alone, the air thick with hostility and pride. 


Before Shouto could speak, however, his father came around to sit on the side of his bed with a sigh. “I know that omega means a lot to you, Shouto.” The man’s usually stone-cold voice softened ever so slightly. “But going after him is a lost cause now. Katsuki Bakugou and his men are no better than savages. There’s no telling what they’ve done to the boy by now.” 


Shouto’s hand shook with rage as he grabbed his father’s shoulder. “Stop with the implications,” he sneered. “There’s no way Izuku let them touch him. There’s no way he’s been-“ 


“Shouto.” His father forced the prince’s hand off his shoulder. “You can’t believe that. Omega’s only know how to be protected, not how to protect themselves. Izuku Midoriya is no different. Even if we do risk half our troops to go and bring what’s left of him back, the two of you cannot possibly be mates anymore. The legitimacy of your heir would be questioned. An omega must be untouched before he or she can wed a Todoroki, especially the future King. That’s just the way things are.” 


The young prince steeled his heterochromic eyes as he glared at his father. “You’re no different than that dragon bastard if you think leaving him there is even an option.” 


Shouto threw the covers off his lap, struggling to hide the wince as pain shot down his legs. “Call for a healer to change these bandages. I’ll arrange for the troops myself.” 


But the King shook his head, gaze hardening once more. “No,” he responded, getting off the bed and heading for the door. “I will not risk this Kingdom’s future for someone replaceable, Shouto. Your mother and I will find another omega for you to claim and-“ 


“What?” The Prince screamed, a rage blossoming in his chest so intense he couldn’t hold back the tremors that rocked his whole body. “What do you mean ‘replaceable’?” 


“I mean, you need to grow up, son,” Enji Todoroki snapped as his towering frame reached the door. “You are a future king before you are a mate or a friend or a hero or any of that other shit your mother has put in your head. If you attempt to go after him, I’ll have you locked in a cell until you straighten up, boy.”


Shouto could feel flames sparking at his fingertips. “You bastard,” he started. “I’ll kill you.” 


His father had the nerve to laugh, though there was no humor behind it. “Good luck with that,” he responded mockingly, as he pulled the door open. 


“Shouto,” he said, meeting his son’s death stare with a blank expression. “It’s time to grow up and be a king.” 






Izuku Midoriya cried. For minutes, hours, days, he couldn’t tell, but even as the Dragon King’s troops packed up their camp every few days and continued North, the tears still flowed down the omega’s face freely, without reserve. 


After the piercing incident- Izuku’s chest was still sore, and Bakugou had forbade him to take the hideous jewelry out- the omega barely saw his captor, which counted as the only stroke of luck he’d been given during this hell. The only time the Dragon King called for him was during mealtimes, in which he made Izuku choke down every bite of the disgusting trash the North dared to call food. After the plates were cleaned, Bakugou would grab the young prince before he could leave and claim his lips before having Kirishima or one of his other lackeys escort him back to his tent. Izuku always made extra care to thoroughly clean out his mouth at the streams they’d stop to wash up at. 


Katsuki Bakugou wasn’t the only psychopath here. Izuku could confirm by now that the rumors of the North’s people were indeed true, if the Dragon King’s soldiers- companions? friends?- were anything to go by. 


Eijirou Kirishima seemed to act as a sort of confidant for the barbaric king. Izuku often saw the two walk around the camp together when he dared peek out of his tent flap. Kirishima’s wild red hair proved to be easy to spot, and he was quite loud, always laughing outside Izuku’s tent, drinking with his guards... He didn’t know how a jovial spirit like that could bear to be around Bakugou’s savagery. 


But then again, Kirishima was the one who nicked him with that arrow the first day he awoke here. He still wore the badages Jirou wrapped around his arm.


Izuku had asked Bakugou about the strange healer one night over dinner, the only time he dared ask the King a question first. It seemed harmless enough to not upset the roughian.


Bakugou had laughed a little, taking a swig from the bottle of sake he partook of every evening meal. “I guess you could say she’s like a healer,” he responded., eyes lingering on Izuku’s chest. “But that’s not all she’s good for, y’know.“ 


The omega felt heat rush to his cheeks as he suddenly had become overly aware of the iron bars poking through his nipples.


“So, she also acts as, uhm,” Izuku searched for the right word to use. “A jewler?” 


Bakugou had actually cracked a smile at that, looking at the omega through hooded eyes. “I guess you could call it that. Unlike in the South, though, we like to wear our jewels through our skin, not around our necks or wrists.” 


Izuku has shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “So the body piercings are like... accessories for your people?” 


“Not exactly,” Bakugou had responded. “The things we adorn our bodies with- whether that be tattoos or piercings- are meant to be symbolic of some sort. Though I suppose there are a few of my people who get them for vanity, my underlings wear them as a position of status. You’ve seen the markings on Jirou’s hands?” 


Izuku had nodded, forcing himself to swallow the cooked fish that had been prepared that night. 


“That’s to symbolize her position as my personal healer,” Bakugou said around a bite of meat. “She’s forever marked as belonging to me and my lands. Kirishima, Mina, and the rest of my higher-ranking soldiers have them, too, though they all range in size and appearance.”


“And do you have any?” 


Izuku had seen the mischief rush into the alpha’s eyes at the question. “Of course,” he had boasted. “I am the greatest conquerer these lands have ever seen. I have a shit ton to be proud of, wouldn’t you agree?” 


Izuku hasn’t asked to see the Dragon King’s markings, too scared to see what that request might unleash. If Bakugou had any of them in any, er, unusual places, than the omega certainly didn’t want to know. 


The young prince made sure to keep mental notes on the Dragon King and his highest ranking soldiers. He knew the information would be vital to his homeland’s victory when he returned. Ever since Izuku was young, he had journaled things about the people and places around him. When he lacked a pen or paper, he simply wrote it all upon his mind.  The omega recalled sitting in the palace gardens with Shouto, laying his head in the beautiful man’s lap, and unknowingly muttering to himself all the while. His alpha had laughed and called him a weirdo before reaching down to peck him on the lips. 


Everyday he subconsciously looked behind him on the horse he rode with Bakugou, always hoping that Shouto and his troops would gallavant to his rescue any day. Perhaps the terrain proved to be difficult for the Southern troops to navigate or maybe Shouto’s legs were...


No. Izuku couldn’t think about that right now. 


His alpha would come for him. Of this, the young prince never felt more certain. 


The Northern troops continued to ride for days and days, so much that Izuku eventually lost count. His limbs were sore from disuse and constantly sitting on the back of a horse. Eventually Bakugou put the omega in the front, so Izuku could rest his back against Bakugou’s muscled chest. 


The Dragon King seemed to be able to play the role of two separate people at any given time. Sometimes during their rides or their meals together, he would seem composed- almost normal- as he pointed out different animals and rivers they passed to the omega. Everything up North looked very different from what Izuku was used to. The snow, for starters, proved to be difficult for the omega’s body to handle, even with the fur cloak’s Bakugou piled on top of him. The terrain was different, too, though. Much more moutaninous and rocky than the Southern Continent. 


For awhile, it seemed Bakugou felt determined to make it back to his capital, where his palace awaited, so the troops started riding for days without stop. One night, however, as they stopped to make camp for the first night in two days, the Dragon King dragged Izuku to the overlook of the mountain. The stars were clearly visible that night, not a cloud to be seen in the vast sky. 


Shouto is looking at these same stars, Izuku thought. 


But the stars were not the only thing of interest in the view. Just in the horizon, Izuku could clearly make out the shape of a gargantuan gate surrounding the entirety of the surrounding area. 


“Is that your kingdom?” Izuku asked, a chill running down his spine. If he actually ended up in the main part of Bakugou’s territory, it would be much more difficult for Shouto to come after him. 


“Part of it,” Bakugou responded with a glint in his crimson eyes. “Didn’t fucking think someone as good at conquering as me would have a kingdom this small, did ya?” 


Izuku didn’t deign to respond. The Dragon King certainly possessed a talent for inflating his own ego, and the young prince definitely didn’t want to add to that.  Still though, nothing terrible happened to him on the journey. Perhaps Bakugou changed his mind about mating him. Perhaps his new plan was to use Izuku to bargain with King Endeavor. If that was the case, Izuku could finally start to relax in this godforsaken camp. 


“But if your Kingdom is so close,” Izuku started. “Why aren’t we continuing onto there tonight?” 


The young omega felt a tremor run down his spine as the alpha gave him the smile of a cat who had just caught a mouse in its trap. “Because we had a slight pit stop to make first, little prince.” 


With that, he roughly grabbed Izuku by his good arm, dragging him away from the overlook. 


“Hey, stop!” Izuku protested as he was dragged away from the campsite to the edge of the cliff. His heart thumped wildly in his chest. 


Bakugou let go of his arm and circled behind the omega, wrapping his arms around Izuku’s waist and leaning close to his ear. Izuku’s body shivered as the alpha whispered, “That’s where we’re staying tonight, Deku.” 


Izuku ignored the unfamiliar title as he followed the direction Bakugou’s finger pointed in, willing his omega instincts to ignore the way the alpha’s breath hit his ear and the way his strong arms wrapped like vices around his waist. 


His common sense snapped into place as he gazed upon his sleeping quarters for the night. A wide cave mouth jutted out of the side of the cliff, it’s wide mouth already illuminated with what looked to be candlelight. 


“Wh-why am I st-staying in there?” Izuku stammered, shifting uncomfortably in the alpha’s hold. 


“Don’t worry,” Bakugou’s gravelly voice whispered in his ear. “I’m staying in there with you.” 


Izuku heart stopped as the Dragon King nibbled at his ear from behind. He suddenly thrashed in the bastard’s hold, knocking Bakugou’s hands off his waist as he tried to run away. 


The wind wooshed past his ear as he sprinted, not even daring to look behind to see how close Bakugou followed at his heels. 


He didn’t have to wait for long to find out, however. In less than a minute, the in-shape alpha caught up to him, slinging Izuku’s slight body over his shoulder. The prince felt tears beginning to spill over his eyes and he kicked and thrashed in Bakugou’s hold. 


“Let me go,” he cried, as Bakugou grabbed his feet to halt his kicking. “Let me go right now, you bastard!” 


The smug fuck actually had the nerve to laugh mockingly as he carried the defenseless omega to the cave’s opening, Izuku beating his back all the while. It didn’t seem to hurt him at all, and Izuku no longer knew if his tears were from anger at himself for being so weak or Bakugou for proving it. 


He was slung down onto a pile of furs stacked in the center of the cave floor. Izuku’s earlier assumption about the candles had been correct. Tons of them were laid about the edge of the cave floors to give the room a golden glow. 


“Wh-What is this place?” Izuku asked, trying to contain the shaking of his voice. 


“This is the Cave of Amaterasu,” Bakugou replied smoothly. “The North’s Goddess of Fertility.” 


He grabbed the omega by the shoulders and loomed over his small, quaking frame, before whispering, “This is where King’s bring their mates, for good fortune in producing strong heirs.” 


Izuku could barely breath as Bakugou began mouthing at his throat, leaving licks, bites, kisses... 


“Bakugou, p-please.” The omega in him involuntarily slackened against Bakugou’s hold as the alpha licked at his scent gland. “I-I can’t do this.” 


Bakugou laughed into his neck. “Then stop me, you little omega bitch.” 


The alpha grabbed Izuku by the hair and forcibly claimed his mouth. Izuku pushed helplessly at his chest as the alpha shifted on top of him, grinding his hips into Izuku as he deepened the kiss. 


Why am I so weak, he thought. Why can’t I do anything? Is it because I’m an omega? Or because I accepted I was? 


What would Shouto think? What would he do? He asked himself for the millionth time. 


“Stop thinking about that half-and-half fucker,” the alpha growled, pulling on Izuku’s hair harder. “Relying on others only leads to disappointment and weakness.”  


He sat up a little, and the omega had the foolish thought that maybe this was it for the night, before Bakugou started to unbuckle his belt.


“No,” Izuku cried, twisting on his side in a desperate attempt to get away. 


But the alpha just used that to his advantage, forcibly turning Izuku into his stomach, face pressed into the furs. Izuku heart clothing rustle behind him, increasing his heart’s wild beating. 


He couldn’t see a gods-damned thing behind him either. Hell, he could barely breathe being pressed down like this. He returned to his senses quickly as Bakugou began pulling his pants down his thighs. 


“No,” he got out, turning his head to the side. “Bakugou, stop.” 


“Why should I?” The alpha asked, pressing the length of his chest against Izuku’s back. “I can smell your slick from here.” 


The omega felt warmth spread down his neck. The pheromones in this tiny cave were so intoxicating, Izuku was almost glad he could barely breathe against the furs. 


“You’ve been off those supressants for what? Maybe a month now?” Bakugou’s hands snaked down Izuku’s thighs before settling on his ass, massaging the cheeks in his rough, calloused hands. “I know Jirou said it would take longer, but I think I’ve waited long enough.” 


Izuku fought the urge to moan as Bakugou’s finger circled around his slick-covered entrance teasingly before sinking it inside.


“Ah!” He moaned into the blanket, hands fisted in them so hard he was sure his knuckles had gone white. “N-no more.”


“Fuck,” Bakugou groaned, pumping his finger in-and-out. “You’re so tight, just like a virgin. I knew that bastard hadn’t claimed you yet.” 


Izuku’s body and mind fought against each other, one giving themselves over to Bakugou and the other fighting for control again. For a second, all his body knew was Bakugou’s finger inside of him, stretching out his untouched hole.


I’m not sullied yet, his mind whispered. I can still put a stop to this and marry my true mate somehow. 


Bakugou forcefully hoisted Izuku’s slender hips into the air, ass on full display. The omega could feel the flush spread down his whole body. 


“You’re so wet,” Bakugou muttered from behind him. His finger pulled out of Izuku’s entrance with a sickening squelch. “Can’t wait to put my cock in you.”


Izuku scrambled to lift his head up ever so slightly to take note of his surroundings. There had to be something here that could stop the psychotic alpha, something he could use to get the hell out of there before he was ruined...


“But first,” Bakugou continued huskily. “I wanna taste you.” 


And with that, he lowered his mouth to Izuku’s entrance. 


The omega moaned as he felt the alpha’s warm tongue circle around his rim. Another wave of slick rushed out of his hole, and Bakugou lapped at it greedily.


“Tastes so good, Deku,” the King growled possessively. “And no one else has tasted it but me.” 


Izuku fought against the cloudy haze as mindnumbing pleasure overtook every sense he possessed. 


Focus, Izuku. He told himself. For your future. And Shouto’s. 


There didn’t seem to be any loose stones within arm’s reach to hurl at the alpha’s head. Izuku’s eyes darted around in a panic for something, anything...


And that’s when he remembered.


The candles. They were fucking everywhere, even around the makeshift bed Bakugou and Izuku were on. And there- yes, there!- was one right by Izuku’s head, almost close enough to reach. If he could get it while Bakugou’s eyes were elsewhere, surely he could hurl it at him. That hot wax would hurt like a bitch, not to mention the glass holder it was placed in. If he could just reach it...


Izuku calmed his breathing as Bakugou’s tongue continued to ravage his hole. He’d have only a split second to grab the burning hot candle and hurl it at Bakugou’s head. If he missed, he was a deadman; if it hit, he could run. This was his only chance. 


Not giving himself a second more to delay Izuku reached forward with everything he had, snatching the glass holder in his grip. In another second, the glass and the candle were hurling for the top of Bakugou’s head as Izuku threw it behind him. 


Relief washed through him in the millisecond the candle flew through the air, so overwhelmingly hopeful that Izuku felt tears of joy well in his eyes.


Until he heard laughter. 


The Dragon King laughed- maniacally cackled- as he easily knocked the candle and glass on the floor next to the furs. Izuku’s heart sank as the King laughed on and on and on for several seconds. Izuku’s body shook as he was turned over onto his back. 


“You stupid bitch,” Bakugou sneered in his face. Izuku had only a second to register the alpha’s words before a sharp crack sounded and his head whipped to the side so hard he saw white flash in his eyes. 


“B-Bakugou,” he got out, reaching up to grasp his burning cheek.


“What is it, baby?” The alpha asked, voice dripping with mock sympathy. 


“P-please. I just wanted you to let me go.” 


“Hmm.” Bakugou stroked Izuku’s red cheek gently. “Hey Deku, you really liked playing with that candle, huh?”




Bakugou reached over, still on top of the tiny omega, and delicately picked up another candle holder. The flames that reflected off his crimson eyes in that moment made him look just like the devil. 


“Hold still,” the alpha whispered. “Or this’ll hurt like hell.” 


Bakugou ripped the rest of Izuku’s shirt off with one hand, holding the candle over the omega’s pale, unmarked chest (well, except for those hideous piercings). With a menacing smirk, the alpha tipped the candle slightly, letting a bit of the red wax drip onto Izuku’s chest. 


“Ah!” Izuku cried out as the wax seared his skin like a brand. “Stop! Stop!”


“Don’t you like it?” Bakugou questioned teasingly. “I think you look so pretty like this. You have so many freckles, y’know.” 


A tear spilled down Izuku’s cheek, even as more slick rushed out of his hole. Damn this body. Damn it for being so weak. A whimper involuntarily escaped his lips as Bakugou set the candle aside. 


“Where this is our first time, I’ll go easy,” Bakugou murmured innocently into Izuku’s ear. “But try that again and you’ll regret it.”


And with that, he pulled Izuku back down flat on his back against the furs again. The omega lay completely bare now, flushed and panting. Izuku tried to hide the fear in his eyes as Bakugou’s finger plunged back into his hole, soon joined by another as they spread his out.


“Ah, ah, ah,” he panted, as overwhelming amounts of pain and pleasure threatened to shut down his brain completely. 


After a minute or so, he felt bakugou shift again. Izuku looked down at the alpha yanking his pants down, unleashing his massive length as he stroked it a few times. 






“T-that won’t fit.” Izuku didn’t have any experience in this kind of thing, but he had heard about omega’s tearing their first time if they weren’t properly prepared to be knotted, especially if the alpha was well endowed. And Bakugou’s was huge. 


“Of course it will,” Bakugou responded, sounding completely unbothered. “You were meant for this, Deku.” 


The alpha folded Izuku’s slender, shaking legs up to his chest, spreading him even wider. 


“No!” Izuku yelled hoarsely as Bakugou liked himself up, even as something in his traitorous body screamed yes. 


Bakugou plunged inside. 


Izuku screamed as he was split on the alpha’s cock as Bakugou sank deeper and deeper into his wet heat. 


The alpha groaned. “Fuck, you feel so good.”


Izuku’s hands fisted in the fur as the alpha began to thrust. These feelings... it was all too much and not enough. He wanted nothing more than to gouge Bakugou’s demon eyes out, but his body would die if he stopped thrusting. 


Involuntarily, Izuku spread himself wider. 


“Such a good omega slut,” Bakugou praised. “Gonna take my knot so good.” 


Izuku’s mouth gaped open and he could feel drool escape and run down his chin. He felt something bigger push against his hole and knew it had to be Bakugou’s knot.


The alpha met with some resistance around the omega’s ring of tight muscles but forced until his knot went inside with a sickening squelch that made Izuku want to puke. None of the pain from that, though, compared to being pumped full of cum over-and-over again as Bakugou stayed buried deep inside him, murmuring words that sounded like utter nonsense while he filled the previously untouched omega with his seed. 


“Our heirs will be strong,” Bakugou whispered, his forehead damp with sweat as he pressed it against Izuku’s. “They’ll be strong enough to kill all those Todoroki bastards. You’ll see.” 


Bakugou pressed his face into Izuku’s neck, breathing in his scent gland. He nuzzled it with his lips, and Izuku cringed away from the too-intimate contact. Bakugou touching there, despite everything that had already been done to him, felt too wrong for Izuku to stomach. 


Izuku could feel himself dozing off, though the thoughts of what Bakugou could do to the unconscious omega made bile threaten to spill from his throat. 


“My omega,” Bakugou whispered gently against Izuku’s neck. “Mine.”


And without any warning, he bit down. 


Izuku screamed as he felt the mating bond tear into his heart. He screamed because he didn’t even see it coming, didn’t even try to stop it. He screamed for Shouto, who never came for him. He screamed for him mom, who needed him for their kingdom. But most of all, he screamed at himself, for being so weak.