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Prince Izuku Midoriya stood in front of his suite’s full length mirror, the seamstresses and ladies-in-waiting plucking at him, pulling fabric into place, combing his hair- longer now than it had been in awhile, and silkier, thanks to the herbal hair mask Uraraka prepared the night before.

Time was of the essence, of course, as Izuku was expected to walk down the aisle in less than an hour. The midafternoon light shown through the glass balcony door, giving Izuku a perfect view of his wedding attire: a traditional white robe hung loose around the omega’s petite frame, calling more attention to his figure than Izuku would normally be comfortable with. Gold bangles ran up his arms, jingling when he moved to adjust the emerald earrings, a gift from his soon-to-be mate upon their engagement. His wavy hair fell just past his ears in waves, adorned in swirls and whorls of lace and soon- maybe too soon- a crown.

Izuku didn’t know whether to cry of joy or nervousness at the thought.

But Izuku knew he couldn’t have asked for a better mate. Shouto Todoroki, though his palace laid in the capital in the center of the Southern Continent, often visited Izuku’s much smaller castle in the summer months, when King Enji- or King Endeavor, the citizens had named him- could spare him from training.

And Izuku was no stranger to the Todoroki home, either. He and his mother often rode in for capital dinners and royal birthday parties. It was at Shouto’s thirteenth birthday all those years ago when the King announced that his son was to wed the omega prince. Izuku’s mother had wept with joy, wrapping both of the boys in her embrace, certain in that moment that no harm would ever come to her beloved son, not with an ice and fire wielder to protect him thereafter.

Their relationship wasn’t strictly political, either. Izuku considered Shouto to be one of the greatest people in his life, a childhood friend who always treated him like a person, not a weak omega.

And today they would become one soul, forever.

Who knew how long Shouto would be able to stay by his side after. The heavy upset on the boarders grew more intense by the day, battles breaking out more and more frequently. None as devastating as the recent attack on Osaka, a war territory close to the boarder. Those who survived to tell about it said that the dragon flames melted through corpses’ bones in an instant, leaving nothing in their wake.

Shouto has ridden out with his men months ago, the Crown Prince also a top-ranking general in his father’s army. Whatever dragon breath burned, the Todoroki’s could burn hotter, that’s what King Endeavor believed.

But Izuku wasn’t so sure.

He barely ate while Shouto was away. Nightmares plagued his sleep: the Alpha Prince’s decaptiated head falling on a muddy battlefield, heterochromic eyes staring at nothing as the light left them. Everytime a messenger sent a letter from the camps, Izuku had bitten his lip hard enough to draw blood, so afraid to read the letter’s contents that he’d often needed Uraraka or Iida’s assistance.

When Shouto and his army finally made it back to the capital, Izuku knew his worry had not been misplaced. Of the men who made it back- half as many as when they departed- many were dehydrated, injured, or hungry. Some were missing limbs, others- the ones most unlucky- were missing a piece of their soul, a deadness in their eyes Izuku knew a person never came back from.

And then the omega prince found out why.

Apparently, the army’s lines had been decimated by an ambush. Dragons, Shouto had claimed, soared from the sky like the Devil’s angels, scorching the earth with flames so hot it had burnt a Todoroki’s skin. Shouto’s skin.

His mate’s handsome face now bore a red scar around his left eye, a reminder of the Dragon King’s wrath should they dare fight back, to try to stop him from overtaking the entire world. The scar, Izuku had heard from Beta Captain Yaoyorozu, came not from a dragon, but from the Dragon King’s own hand.

“You saw him?” Izuku had asked incredulously. A nod of the Captain’s head. “Shouto never told me any of this.”

Yaoyorozu had bowed her head gracefully. “I’m sure he did not wish for you to worry, Your Majesty.”

Though the Captain has already turned to leave, Izuku couldn’t stop himself from asking, “You saw the dragons, then. And the Dragon King.” The beta hummed in affirmation. “What did they look like?”

Dread filled the girl’s eyes, so much so that the omega almost regretted asking. “It was... like nothing I’d ever seen, Majesty. The dragons — They destroyed everything in their wake. Buildings, horses, people.” Yaoyorozu paused. “But they were nothing compared to the Dragon King. He controlled the beasts’ every movement with the flick of his finger, and when he and Prince Shouto fought... It was a close match. The Prince got a good slice in; I thought the Dragon King was down. But then he reached out- with this almost maniacle look of glee on his face- and grabbed Prince Shouto’s face. That’s when I heard it: the simmering of flesh. Heat just radiated from that monster’s palm.”

Izuku’s stomach had roiled. He never brought it up to Shouto, feeling like getting all of those details from Yaoyorozu felt underhanded somehow. Still, Izuku’s dreams played that moment over and over, even though he himself didn’t witness it.

The omega knew his betrothed would soon have to rejoin his men on the battlefield.

Once, when Izuku was very young, he’d wanted to be a knight in the King’s army. His mother had shook her head, smiling knowingly at the little boy.

“You will marry a King someday,” she had whispered as she tucked him into bed, “an Alpha who will protect you from anyone and anything. What need would you have to fight, love?”

Izuku knew that being a male omega was rare, especially these days. To be both a male omega and a royal...It had to have been why King Endeavor took such an interest in him. Shouto’s heirs would have the potential to be even more powerful than their father with Izuku as his mate.

“Izuku,” a voice called, snapping him back to the present. Uraraka beamed as she smoothed the silk of his wedding robe. “You look incredible!”

The omega felt heat rise to his cheeks. Compliments on his appearance were not foreign to him; actually they came quite often, but Izuku never understood the fuss. His features always seemed too... soft: green eyes too big, lips too full. Freckles dotted the boy’s ivory cheeks. His mother, Beta Queen Inko Midoriya, has always told Izuku that his looks were a strength, a power he could use to make the strongest alpha kings bend to his will.

“Thank you, Uraraka. Where’s Shouto?”

Uraraka pursed her lips in a smile. “Getting dressed as well, I presume. You two aren’t allowed to see each other until the ceremony.”

Foolish traditions, Izuku thought. He wished he could see Shouto’s eyes before, eyes that kept him grounded, steady.

“Don’t worry, though,” Uraraka’s eyes glimmered with mischief. “I’m sure you two will have plenty of time alone after the ceremony.”

The omega’s heart studdered. Tonight. Tonight, they would finally...

Izuku and Shouto weren’t permitted to be intimate before they were wed. A foolish rule, an outdated one, but that’s how it was. Breaking it could ruin the union all together, so the boys had listened, however reluctantly. The night before Shouto had left for battle, Izuku almost begged his alpha to take him right then and there. He held himself back, though, for he knew the risks. If the omega ended up pregnant out of wedlock (highly unlikely due to the herbs he took to suppress his heat, but still possible) the child’s legitimacy as heir would be unclear. The pills, Izuku’d stopped taking two nights before, in preparation for this...

His wedding night.

“Uraraka,” he breathed, “I’m nervous.”

His childhood friend and Lady gave him a sympathetic look. “I know. But think of this as the beginning of a new chapter! It’s almost exciting when you think about it.”

The omega tried to heed her words.

“Your Highness,” said a pretty, redheaded servant. “It’s time.”


The courtyard glittered with fairy lights, illuminating the aisle in an ethereal glow. The full moon shone on the beautiful decorations. Izuku smiled as he beheld his wedding guests: his mother’s consort and his mentor, Toshinori Yagi, Shouto’s siblings, Princess Fuyumi, her white hair swept up, and Prince Natsuo, beaming at his sister as he dug into hors d’oeuvres.

Seated at the front, atop a glittering dais, sat Shouto’s parents: King Endeavor’s usually hard face somewhat less so, while Queen Rei, dressed in a dainty red gown, conversed with the woman beside her, Beta Queen Inko Midoriya. Izuku’s mother’s eyes filled with tears as she talked to the High Queen. Izuku willed his own to remain dry, at least until the actual ceremony begun.

“Hurry it up,” Uraraka waved frantically. “We don’t want everyone to see you just yet!”

The omega allowed himself one more glance around before taking Uraraka’s hand and following her to the gazebo around the corner, sparse of servants and partygoers. Over 3,000 nobles were in attendance, Izuku knew. How many guests they would have in all was anyone’s guess. The High King had determined the guest list himself; neither Izuku nor Shouto had any say in it.

Whether they sat out at the gazebo for minutes or hours, Izuku wasn’t sure. He only knew when Toshinori found them, offering the young omega his arm. Izuku felt the tears begin to well up as he took the man’s arm. Dammit. So much for saving the waterworks.

“Don’t be nervous,” Toshinori whispered as they approached the beginning of the aisle. The murmur of thousands of people faded to background noise in Izuku’s mind as he focused on Toshinori’s hand, steading him. “I won’t let you fall, Young Midoriya.”

Izuku squeezed the man’s arm in gratitude, too nervous to form a proper reply as the music began playing, and he spotted his betrothed at the end of the aisle.

Shouto always looked striking. Izuku thought the Crown Price was one of the most beautiful creatures he’d ever seen. But tonight, even more so in his dark blue suit and white dress pants. The Todoroki heir appeared so stoic, yet gentle- so gentle for an alpha- as he looked at Izuku, a smile tugging on his lips as their eyes met.

Izuku didn’t know why he’d ever been nervous in the first place. And when they reached the end of their walk, when Toshinori released the boy’s arm with a parting kiss on the forehead, when Shouto extended his hand out, Izuku did not hesitate to take it.

Did not hesitate to read his vows, despite the lump in his throat. For better or for worse, through sickness and in health, you will be my mate. You are my alpha, and I vow to be yours, both in mind and soul, for the rest of my days.

With shaky tears, Izuku met Shouto’s intense eyes as his alpha began reading his vows. For better or for worse, through sickness and in health, you will be my mate. You are my omega, and I vow to protect you for the rest of my days.

The High Priestess asked, “Are there any objections to this union? Speak now or forever hold your-“

The air around them turned ice cold as the ground beneath them shook.

Izuku lurched forward. Shouto grabbed him by the shoulders to keep him upright.

“Izuku, are you alright?”

The omega nodded, not exactly realizing what was happening. Shouto’s face dropped, his skin going nearly paper white as his eyes darted around.

“Shouto, what’s happening?”

Before his mate could answer, a rough voice spoke. “Well, well, well. What a party. Sorry to interrupt, Todoroki, but this couldn’t fuckin’ wait.”

Shouto pulled Izuku behind him as a warning growl ripped from his throat, more ferocious than the omega thought his alpha was capable of. “Get the hell out of here.”

Izuku dared to peek around Shouto’s shoulder. When he did, he felt his stomach lurch.

A man. Young, probably not much older than Izuku himself, but with a grin like a cat who’d just ensnared a mouse with its claws. Maniacle. And his eyes... They glowed burning red. His blond hair stuck up in sharp spikes. The stranger wore black leather trousers that hung low on his hips, with a crimson cloak slung over his broad shoulders, leaving his muscled chest and arms exposed. Izuku noted the scar that ran across his stomach, still raised and red.

Izuku couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped him. The Dragon King. It had to be.

His fears were only further confirmed when he looked over to the dais, where his mother’s eyes were wide as saucers. Queen Rei gripped the arm of her throne tightly. King Endeavor, a man usually so unswayable that men told tales of his cold-heartedness over campfires looked... frightened. Izuku gulped.

“So we meet again, you Icyhot bastard,” the blond sneered, stalking closer. “I told you I’d be back, didn’t I?”

Shouto remained where he was, but Izuku didn’t miss the prince’s hand moving down to rest on the pommel of his sword.

“That’s a pretty nasty scar ya got there.” The Dragon King laughed, its sound hollow. “Do you know how many of my dragons you killed, Princeling?” When Shouto remained silent, he continued, “Three. Three immortal dragons put to rest forever thanks to the aim of your ice.”

“You attacked my territory,” Shouto’s voice sounded different, less a prince and more the general. “And if you make to harm anyone here tonight, Katsuki’s Bakugou,” Shouto pulled out his sword, “then we will finish what we started in Osaka.”

The Dragon King- Katsuki’s Bakugou- had the nerve to look amused as he shrugged. “Oh, but you see, I’m not here for you.”

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

The gust of wind was all the warning they got before the dragons were upon them. Three of them: one without a rider, the other two holding a man and a woman, both armed with bows and arrows, shooting them freely into the crowd as the leathery best of wings brought them closer to their targets with each passing second.

People screamed, tripping over one another to escape through the double doors leading inside the palace. Izuku looked around for his mother in horror, but found her throne- along with Endeavor’s and Rei’s- empty. He said a silent prayer they made it inside. He and Shouto should-

Shouto let out a grunt when an arrow hit him right in the leg. Izuku yelped as he felt his alpha sag against him, easing him to the ground with as much tenderness as the omega could.

“Shouto,” he said, panicked. “Are you okay? Can you stand?”

“Izuku,” Shouto grunted, pressing his hands into his leg. “Get our of here now. Do you understand me? Get out of here!”

Izuku couldn’t, couldn’t leave his mate here, but his omega instincts pushed him to obey, to do as Shouto wished. The green-haired boy frantically backed up, gasping when his back hit solid muscle. Arms wrapped around him as he struggled, kicking, scratching, biting, anything to get away, get out, get inside.

Where were the guards?!

“Gotcha,” a voice growled in his ear.

Izuku whipped his head to Shouto. His mate was on his knees facing Izuku, struggling helplessly in the Dragon King’s arms. At his mate’s neck, a dagger. Poised to cut his throat.

The redhead holding the knife spoke. “Don’t move, princeling. Unless you want your throat slit.”

Katsuki Bakugou laughed, the sound sending a chill down Izuku’s spine as the brute spoke into his ear, loud enough for Shouto to hear. “When you want revenge, don’t take it out on the person directly. No.” Bakugou’s breath tickled his ear. “Go for the person they love the most and take them away.”

Shouto screamed when Bakugou yanked Izuku back by his hair. “LET HIM GO! I’LL KILL YOU!”

Bakugou hummed in amusement. “Stupid bastard,” he spat at Shouto. “I’m not going to kill him. Where would the fun in that be.” The two must’ve made eye contact (Izuku couldn’t see Bakugou’s face) for his mate’s eyes widened as he struggled even harder against the redhead’s hold. “No,” he cried, practically pleading. The sound cracked Izuku’s heart. “No. Bakugou, your fight is with me, not him.”

“Precisely,” Bakugou answered nonchalantly. “Consider your little betrothed here,” his grip tightened on Izuku’s body painfully. The omega couldn’t help the pitiful whimper that escaped. “Collateral damage.”

Bakugou leaned in to Izuku’s neck, breathing in the omega’s scent deeply. “At least he’s pretty.” Shouto snarled as the Dragon King leaned in and licked Izuku’s neck, right over the scent gland. Izuku stiffened, eyes clenching shut.

“Maybe I’ll send you back pieces of him,” Bakugou murmured. “Or maybe I’ll just keep him all to myself.”

Shouto lunged forward.

And that’s when the redhead’s blade stabbed into his other leg.

“Shouto!” Izuku screamed in terror, as his mate crumpled to the ground.

The omega’s screams grew even more hysterical as the blond slung him over his shoulder, as though he were no more than a sack of potatoes. Izuku managed to lift his head enough to see the giant dragon awaiting them.

He kicked and screamed, thrashing in Bakugou’s grasp. The other man didn’t do much as flinch.

“Shouto! Shouto!” Izuku screamed in utter desperation as the Dragon King flung the omega down in front of him holding him tightly as he moved to grab to reigns.

His mate managed to stand, blood pooling around him. “Izuku.” He lifted a hand weakly towards his mate. “Izuku, no!”

And with that, Katsuki Bakugou vanished into the night sky.

Taking Izuku Midoriya with him.