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Blackout Knight

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The sound of Harrison’s authoritative yell jolts your heart. “You’re here to kill me.”

“Finally, you show your face,” Farooq spits.

“Well, I wasn’t exactly eager to be killed,” Harrison retorts boldly.

“Neither were my friends.” The intruder’s eyes glow an electric blue. He’s charging up…

“I know. I hurt a lot of people that night.”

Farooq, or Blackout as Cisco has dubbed him, advances on Harrison and as much as you want to jump in and throw yourself in front of your man, you are just as frozen as Cisco and Caitlin beside you.

“You died that night, too,” the villain says. A blinding and electrostatic zap flies through the air, blasting Harrison and hurtling him out of his chair. His body rolls across the cement floor and you let out a scream.

Barry, at last, speeds into action, saving the scientist from the final electrical blow and in a split second, he’s on the floor in front of you. You grab Harrison in a desperate cling against your chest and you feel his arms hold you tightly back.

Several feet away, Barry struggles with Blackout in their battle and you don’t have the courage to watch. You just cling to your boss, your boyfriend, your life, and mutter to him - to yourself - that everything is going to be okay… even though you aren’t one hundred percent sure of the truth behind it. Maybe if you hug him closer that’ll make it true…