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Spark and Flame

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You lean towards despair
Any given opportunity you're there
But what is there to gain
When you're always falling off the fence that way?
Words are all we have
We'll be talking, we'll be talking
These words are all we have
-Overjoyed, Bastille

         Ethan woke, bleary-eyed, blinking in the sunlight and turning to look for the clock. 11:47 AM. "Good lord," he mumbled, stretching.

          A pair of arms materialised around his chest, and a nose nuzzled the back of his neck.

          "Good morning," Rupert said softly into his ear.

         Ethan smiled and turned around within his embrace, coming nose to nose with his boyfriend. Rupert's soft green eyes crinkled at the corners as he planted a kiss on Ethan's cheek.

         "Why'd you let me sleep so late?" Ethan asked with a yawn.

         "It's our last morning here, I figured I'd let you enjoy it."

         Ethan glanced around the nearly-empty dormitory. A few boxes were sealed and stacked by the door, contents labeled meticulously in Rupert's handwriting. A box next to the bed remained open, waiting for Rupert to load the last of his books into it.

         "I'm going to try to take the boxes on the way to my exam," Rupert continued, climbing out of bed. "If you can just tidy up the room before leaving, I'll meet you at your place when I finish."

         "Our place," Ethan corrected.

         Rupert grinned. "Our place."

         "I don't see why they're making you sit for the exam anyway. There should be some kind of birthday clause."

         "Alas, if only. They've still got to test if I've retained anything after months of being distracted by you."

         Ethan gasped, mockingly offended. "As if I'm such a bad influence. I seem to remember you were the one who--"

         "Oh, would you look at the time," Rupert interrupted him, pulling a sweater over his head. "I must be heading out."

         Ethan threw a pillow at him, smacking him in the face.

         "Oi!" Rupert shouted, then rounded on Ethan. He crawled onto the bed and hovered over him before leaning down and kissing him slowly.

         "Mm," said Ethan contentedly, closing his eyes. "You're forgiven for abandoning me."

         "I'll make it up to you tonight," Rupert promised.