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I'm Not Scared, Alright?

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"Who Wants to go to a haunted house?" Denki yelled for the class, who cheered happily, fists on the air, except for Bakugou, of course, who rolled his eyes and mumbled a 'fuck, no'.

"Why not, Bakubro?" Kirishima insisted. "It'll be fun."

"Only kids and couples go on that shit, no, thanks."

"Wow, Baku, didn't take you as the scared-cat type" Ashido commented with a smirk on, gaining the attention from the class and a blush from Bakugou.

"What?" he barked.

"Hm? Isn't that why you don't want to go? It's alright to be scared, Bakugou."

Denki smirked as he joined the fun, Kirishima just nodding and shaking his head with a slight smile on. "Dude! If you are scared we can't help it, it's alright."

Katsuki looked at everyone in class, staring at him, almost shyly. "I... I'm not fucking scared, alright? Assholes. Who would be scared of fake ghost and... All that shit, ugh. Fuck you, I'm not scared."

"Is that so? You seem pretty scared to me" and Ashido nodded.

"I'm not."

"Prove it."

"Huh" he set his hands on the table with a loud 'bang'. "Tag me in, fuckers."




"How the fuck did I get paired up with Deku?!" Bakugou yelled at the entrance, causing most of his classmates to roll his eyes.

"You two picked the same number, we can't help it" Kirishima, who was paired up with Ashido, explained, remembering the way the duos were chosen: by luck, everyone randomly picking up a small piece of paper with a number on it, so those with the same numbers would be paired up together.

"I'm not going with the shitty nerd."

"Dude, you afraid of showing your weak side to Midoriya? Wow, that's cute, man!"

"Who the fuck is..."

"Bakugou is being shy?" Ochako asked, butting in like always.

"I'm not fucking-"

"It's alright, Kacchan" Izuku finally spoke, a gentle smile on. "I can go alone and you too, we don't need to be together."

He seemed surprised for a second, before huffing and talking back, with an annoyed tone, "Like I could leave a Deku live you alone! You'll faint as soon as you spot a ghost."

Denki frowned, "Dude, Midoriya can take care of himself, I mean, he's pretty buff, if I was a ghost I wouldn't mess with him" and Kirishima nodded.

"Hey" Asui giggled, "Can't you see that Bakugou-kun just wants to go with Deku-kun?" and thanks God Kacchan didn't hear that, neither did he notice the blush on Midoriya's cheeks.

"C'mon already, nerd!"



"It'll be fun, they said. It'll be nice, they fucking said."

So, here's the game, they just entered the house and Bakugou is already complaining, even though nothing happened yet. "Oh my God, Kacchan, stop bitching..." Izuku said without thinking, realizing his mistake soon after.

"What did you say?!" he yelled angrily and Midoriya closed his eyes, waiting for an explosion aimed right to his face.

But it never came.

What came was a lady behind the curtains, covered in fake blood, who jumped in front of the two boys. Izuku laughed awkwardly, not scared at all (he even thought it was a little cute, the ghost costume), aware that she had just saved him from his doom. "Wow, that was a good one, right, Kacchan?"

But Katsuki didn't answer, instead, Izuku felt two hands tugging at his shirt and he looked down to see Katsuki, with his head down, holding onto Deku, trembling. Midoriya held his waist, afraid of Katsuki's legs giving out. Why was he shaking so hard? This happened after... Wait. Everything came together on his mind now; the way Katsuki denied to go, how he gulped strangely before stepping in, the way he was walking next to Deku instead of walking in front (what was normally the case), his reaction to the fake ghost... "Kacchan, are you afraid of...?"

He looked up then, a shy expression on, mixed with anger, as every Bakugou's expression form. "I-I'm not afraid, alright? Asshole."

"It makes sense, Kacchan, you were afraid of ghosts when we were little."

The blonde blushed, "I wasn't."

Oh, he was. He remembers how once they watched an horror movie together and Katsuki asked to sleep on Deku's bed that night, how he cried until he slept, hugging Deku. Oh, they got in trouble with Mitsuki that time. Izuku never regretted it, though. 

"Well, I'm not saying you are scared, but if I was, I wouldn't look behind you" Midoriya said, looking at a point behind Katsuki, who froze and hugged Midoriya's waist, hiding his own face on the other's chest. It was a lie, of course, and seeing this reaction made Midoriya regret tricking him, so he decided to keep the act. "It's gone, Kacchan."

Reluctant, he opened his eyes, crimson ones that already started to tear up, Katsuki was aware of the blush on his own cheeks and Midoriya blushed too with that expression, he seemed so... "I'm not scared."


Izuku smiled softly, "Alright."

"Seriously, I'm fucking not."

"Alright, I believe you" Izuku started to walk again, Katsuki running behind him, afraid of being left behind (as if Midoriya would do that after seeing his expression, pfft).

"I'm..." Katsuki jumped when a plastic spider fell on his face, Midoriya frowned when his childhood friend's face went pale.

"It's alright if you are scared, Kacchan. You are not weak for that, it's even pretty brave for you to come considering your fears. You know?"

"Ugh, shut up..." he then closed his eyes, walking that way, not seeing the path in front of him.

Deku couldn't help but to smile a little, amused by his cuteness/childlessness. "What are you doing?"

"I'm not scared, it's just... I don't want to see this ugly as shit decoration."

"Oh, makes sense" Katsuki didn't get the amusement on his voice, thankfully. "Do you need help?"

"No fucking way. I got this."

"I believe you, I just think you shouldn't go that way."

"Don't fucking tell me what to do, shitty Deku!" so Katsuki hit something. Someone. He opened his eyes and was force to face the headless man the had bumped into, start shaking immediately, frozen, and Midoriya sighs, coming behind him and putting on hand in front of Katsuki's eyes, so he wouldn't see the fake monster, other hand on his waist, guiding him away from the headless monster, who Midoriya apologized for Katsuki bumping into him.

"Close you eyes and hold onto me, okay?" he decided to not bully the blonde anymore, even though it was freaking adorable to see a new side of Katsuki.

And, even though Katsuki mumbled about 'don't tell me what to do', he held Midoriya's shirt and closed his eyes, trusting the taller boy to guide him. After he tripped on a box, Izuku decided to held his waist as they walked, which, for his surprise, Katsuki didn't get angry for. He looked at the blonde on his arms, eyes closed with force, his usual frown not on, he was too afraid to keep the angry act for now. Izuku smiled, kissing the top of his forehead.

"We are almost there, okay?"

"Don't fucking lie to me..." he whined, as if he was a kid complaining to his mother and, without even thinking, Izuku blurted out:

"You are cute, Kacchan" and blushed as soon as he said it, what was he doing?

He couldn't afford to look at Katsuki's expression now, he didn't need to look to know that the blonde was blushing too, but he felt Katsuki press his face harder against Midoriya, and maybe he mumbled something? Deku wasn't sure about that. Anyways, the last minutes they stood quiet, until they reached the exit. "Hey, Kacchan, we are here."

Katsuki blinked twice to get used to seeing again, staring at the giant door in awe and then... he smiled. He fucking smiled at Deku, the purest smile he had even seen Katsuki wear. But then it died, an angry frown back on, "Don't fucking tell anyone about this" and opened the door, leaving Deku behind.

Their friends were there, waiting for them. Denki laughed loudly, "Hey man, how was it? Midoriya had to protect you?" and with the way Katsuki stopped, Midoriya was the one who spoke, laughing awkwardly as he scratched his own neck.

"Kacchan it's the one that helped me" indeed, it was true, "It was pretty scary, you know?"

They laughed and joked about Midoriya being a scared-cat, Katsuki keeping quiet all the time but, when they were leaving, Izuku was sure he heard a 'Thank you' coming from the other's mouth, quietly, as if he was shy for it.

Midoriya felt his face heating. Oh, God. He couldn't wait for the next Halloween.