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The Dysfunctional Duo

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Wesley thought someone was following him. It wasn't as if he were paranoid or anything, but that whole 'being watched' thing... well he'd felt it ever since he'd walked past that yuppie dive bar. He swore at the ATM he kept seeing someone out of the corner of his eye, but that was stupid. Why would anyone be following him? He didn't have anything anyone wanted. However, when he got his card back from the ATM and started to walk away, a tall, rangy guy, nice looking with sandy hair and intense eyes came out of nowhere and blocked him into the doorway of the sign store.

"What's your problem, asshole?" Wesley snapped.

He tried to push past the guy, but he was shoved back. The asshole just leered down at him, gaze roaming up and down, his leer growing larger when he saw the bulge in Wesley's trousers. The guy wasn't actually touching him, but Wesley felt sort of violated anyway. He frowned and made to push past again, but the asshole's hand snaked out and seized his tie.

"Hey!" Wesley cried as he tried to back away.

"I want you to come with me," the guy purred, the word 'come' heavily laden with innuendo.

"Go fuck yourself..." Wesley's eyes went a bit wide as the asshole licked his lips and grinned. The air was getting heavy between them.

"That's boring. I'd rather you do it."

He pulled Wesley by the tie until their lips were very close. Wesley thought for a second the guy was going to kiss him. He stared, open mouthed as the guy's tongue flicked towards his lips. The guy was propositioning him... Him... No one propositioned him. Ever.

"The fuck?" Wesley's voice cracked.

The asshole trailed his fingers up Wesley's neck, thumb pushing into his mouth. He grinned in triumph when Wesley's lips closed around it. Wesley didn't want to suck on this weird guy's thumb but it was almost like he couldn't help himself. His dick hadn't talked to him in so long he'd forgot how hard it was to ignore when it did talk to him and it was telling him he wanted this guy and wanted him big. He didn't even like guys...

After a few pushes of his thumb between Wesley's red lips, the guy chuckled and popped it free, sucking it into his own mouth. Wesley whimpered sightly.

"I'm going to wait around the corner," the guy said, tongue working over his thumb in a gross but weirdly erotic way.

Wesley gasped slightly, his cheeks going hot. He shifted a bit to ease the growing pressure in his crotch and hoped the weirdo didn't notice. The guy barked out another little laugh then was suddenly gone from the doorframe. Wesley stood blinking for a moment and swallowed, his mouth gone very dry.

"Hey... hey Asshole... Fuck you!" he shouted after the guy, suddenly running out after the man. He knew it was stupid but did it anyways. "Hey, I'm talking to you!"

Wesley saw the guy as he turned the corner and bolted after him. He never saw what hit him.



Wesley's eyes popped open to the unusual feeling of someone's tongue laving over his dick. The bed was really nice too. Much nicer than his. And it was quiet. Well, except for the slurping. Which was getting him turned on in ways he'd never even considered before. Thing is, he couldn't think of how he'd got there. His head was pounding but he didn't remember drinking. When he tried to see what was happening, he realised he was restrained. Panic set in.

"Oh my god, oh my god, HELP!" he yelled, yanking on the ropes, "HELP!"

"Shut it!" came the growl, "Or I'll stuff something in there to see that you do."

A man's voice... Some guy was sucking him off. That should not have made him harder but it definitely did.

"Fuck you asshole! Hel..."

Something like a balled up tshirt was summarily stuffed into his mouth. Wesley knew it had to be the asshole from the ATM even before the guy had slithered up his body to lick wetly along his throat.

"Well, my little friend. Here we are."

Asshole propped himself up on his elbows and winked. Wesley just glared, all of the 'fuck yous' lost to the dry cotton in his mouth.

"You seemed to like what I was doing before. Shall I go back to that then?" He raised an eyebrow and smirked at Wesley's snorts, "I take it by your silence that you agree."

The guy ignored the muffled shouts and began to suck marks onto Wesley's skin, tongue leaving complex lines of cooling wetness between savage, blooming bites.

"You bruise like a peach, my lad. It's very pretty."

Wesley wriggled helplessly as the guy kissed, sucked and bit his way down from his neck to his navel. He moaned, in spite of himself, his body reacting happily to every lick and bite. The guy was really taking his time and it was beginning to make him a little crazy. He never knew that licking his nipple could send lightening through his veins like that. Wesley bucked in surprise when a wet tongue worked its way into his navel. Asshole's forearm clamped down over his hips to keep him still, but Wesley still wriggled, pressing himself into the guy's arm. It felt good. Far too good. He must be going nuts but all this was way more exciting than frightening now. That and he hadn't really had sex for months, and this guy seemed way more into him than Cathy ever had been.

"Mmm yes, you do like this, don't you?" the asshole said, as he chewed his way across Wesley's belly, tongue finally flicking back over the head of Wesley's straining dick.

Wesley's moan wasn't much muffled by the shirt. That seemed to amuse the guy, and he chuckled as he pushed himself up. He sat back on his heels, knees sliding under Wesley's thighs, splaying him open wider than he already was. the guy was still dressed even. An expensive shirt, sleeves rolled up; vest from a really nice blue three piece hanging open in ways that made Wesley's gaze go right to the guy's open collar. The guy laughed at him and rubbed his large hands over Wesley's hips and thighs, teasing for a moment before taking a good grip on Wesley's dick. Wesley practically swallowed his gag as he arched up into the guy's hand, trying for more contact. He thrashed his head, trying to dislodge the gag. He was getting light headed from the lack of air and being way too turned on.

"If I take out the gag, will you behave?" he drawled, drawing his fingers up and down Wesley's dick; grip too light to satisfy but heavy enough to keep things going.

Wesley nodded, nostrils flaring. Spots were dancing in front of his eyes and the dry cotton was making him choke.

"Good, because I have plans for that mouth."

The guy pulled the gag roughly from Wesley's mouth and tossed it down the bed. He seized Wesley by the hair and bent to shove his tongue down Wesley's throat. Wesley groaned and heaved his hips up, desperate. That got a growl from the guy as he slowly rubbed himself along Wesley's body, flicking his tongue over Wesley's in time with every grind. Their kiss getting messier and their mingled groans getting needier with every second. The guy wasn't a bad kisser, even with all those teeth.

"Please," Wesley begged, "You're killing me here."

The asshole chuckled and bit Wesley right above the collarbone. Wesley wailed and rolled his hips against the fabric of the guy's trousers. He was a bit past caring that this was a man and that he was tied up and didn't know where he was. He was hard and wanting and this guy was driving him mad.

"Eager little thing as well. How nice."

The asshole slipped from between Wesley's legs with one last squeese of Wesley's dick and stood by the bed, slowly undoing his belt.

"Now how shall I have you first?" He pursed his lips and tapped one long finger against them, as if he were giving it heavy deliberation.

Wesley ran his tongue over his lips, trying to get a grip. He flopped his head back and screwed his eyes shut in an attempt to get his breathing under control. Then it struck him. Asshole had said 'first'.

"What do you mean 'first'?" he squeaked, eyes popping open again.

The asshole was smiling, as he skinned out of his shirt. It was a kind of scary smile.

"I mean first. Now that I've gone to all the trouble of getting you here, I'm going to enjoy you," he tossed the shirt onto the floor and undid his zip.

Wesley couldn't help but notice the guy was really built under the flashy clothes, rangy, but built. He gasped as the guy's trousers slid down his thighs.


Asshole looked smug at that. Wesley wondered why this guy was tying him up when he shouldn't have had any trouble getting all the girls he could want with everything he had going for him.

"And I know what to do with it. The question is do you?"

It seemed the guy had figured out what he was going to do first. Wesley's skin went hot all over as the guy climbed back onto the bed, knees either side of his chest. The guy was palming his not inconsiderable dick and rubbing it along Wesley's chin, bumping it into his bottom lip. Wesley could actually taste him now.

"Open up."

Wesley did, without thinking. The guy shoved his dick in without any warning, making Wesley choke for air. Tears welled up but he tried not to bite. He was pretty sure that wouldn't go over well. After one particularly bad gag, the guy's fingers wound into his hair and he eased back a bit.

"You've never done this."

It was more of a statement of the obvious than a question but Wesley nodded anyway.

"How delightful. I've never had a virgin."

There was that shark's grin again. Wesley bristled at that but it was hard to refute when he was red faced, coughing and drooling around the guy's dick. Now he understood what girls didn't like about doing this. He panted for air while he could but the guy was impatient.

"Its not going to suck itself, lad," he gave Wesley's hair a good yank and rubbed his saliva covered dick along Wesley's lips.

"Fuck you!" Wesley tried to spit the moisture back at him.

He realised that was a bit of a mistake when the guy shoved himself so far in that he almost hurled. The guy dug his thumb into the muscle under Wesley's ear, making his jaw pop wide open, then started to fuck the crap out of his mouth. Wesley thrashed around, just trying to breathe as the guy laughed at him.

"That's it my beauty, let me fuck that perfect, filthy mouth of yours."

Wesley choked as his eyes spilled tears and his nose fills with snot. Crying wasn't the smartest thing to do, but between the head of this guy's huge dick banging against the back of his throat and the extreme humiliation he just sort of did. The sick thing is, the guy seemed to like it more that way.

"God yes..." the guy moaned, deep and loud.

Wesley could feel the asshole's body start to tremble and his shoving get more and more erratic with each thrust.

'please let it end please let it end' Wesley prayed as he tried to bite down.

It didn't work and earned him a slap but the guy pulled out, leaving him gagging for air and coughing. Then asshole took his dick in his hand and gave himself a good few strokes until he came all over Wesley's face. Wesley tried to turn away but the guy's hand clamped hard around his chin and held him fast. When he was done he tangled his fingers in Wesley's hair and yanked his head up.

"There's one cherry down. Lets see what others we can plunder," he purred, bending down to lick some of the fallen tears from Wesley's cheek. "You look delicious with my come all over your face."

Wesley just whimpered at him, still sniffling.

"Please let me go," he cringed a bit at how pathetic he sounded but things had reversed from hot to scary again.

The guy just looked at him, smiling. "Maybe if you please me. Now let's see what else you haven't done."

He started to slide back along Wesley's body, hands everywhere, rubbing and pinching, dragging his nails over delicate skin. Gooseflesh rose on every part he touched. Wesley moaned in spite of himself. Suddenly the caresses stilled.

"Or maybe I'll show you how you're supposed to suck cock."

"Oh god..." Wesley panted.

The guy took Wesley's flagging dick in one hand and teased his balls with the other. Wesley moaned again at the touch of this guy's hands. Embarrassingly it didn't take too much handling to get him fully hard again. It was like the guy could read his mind on how rough and fast he liked it. Wesley writhed shamelessly, thighs bunching and hips bucking as the guy's powerful hands worked him into a pleading frenzy.

"God yes... don't stop... please don't ..."

Wesley let out a strangled groan as the asshole again simply stopped.

"no no... oh come on..." he pleaded.

"I think I'd rather do something more fun with this," he leaned up over Wesley, grabbing something from the night table before licking wetly over Wesley's mouth. "Ever fucked someone in the ass?"

Wesley was sure he'd gone scarlet and that made the asshole laugh at him again.

"What a lovely colour you turn. I'd keep you just for that."

"Don't mock me asshole..." Wesley blurted, temper getting the better of sense.

The guy laughed even more at that one, eyes raking over him in what looked like real hunger. He held up the tube he'd retrieved and cocked his eyebrow.

"It's not nice to mock the afflicted. And you seem afflicted with virginity. Not for long though since I'm going to show you what you've been missing."

He popped the cap and squirted out a big blob of the stuff, coating two of his stupidly long fingers with it. Then he reached around his back and sighed. His eyes closed and his head fell back as the muscles in his arms worked. Wesley shivered as he registered the soft squelching noises coming between the guy's grunts. He craned his neck to see if he could actually see what was going on but there wasn't enough play in the ropes. He also realised his fingers were starting to tingle.

"ohmygod..." Wesley breathed as the guy reluctantly stopped what he was doing and brought his hand forward for another blob of stuff.

"I'm all slicked up, now it's your turn."

The guy took him in hand and stroked, goo getting all over and the squishing noises making him squirm. It was cold, right out of the tube, and Wesley cried out in protest.

"Too cold, darling? Well lets heat things up then."

The guy shifted, going up on his knees. He pushed his hips forward and let Wesley's dick slip back up between his cheeks. He bounced like that a few times before simply impaling himself. It was obvious he loved it, since his dick was filling as rapidly as his hips were moving. Sweat started to sheen over his chest along with a red bloom of exertion.

"God yes, my lad, yes..." he growled.

Wesley panted and shoved up, desperate for more. He'd never felt anything like this before and was rapidly getting overwhelmed by the tight, slick sensations. The guy was clenching down and it was amazing.

"oh my god that's so good," Wesley babbled, "I can't... ohmygod..."

"I didn't say you could come yet," he purred, sitting down hard.

Wesley sobbed and tried to push up but couldn't. His whole body was trembling from being denied. Sweat trickled into his eyes, making the tears well up again as he writhed to no avail.

"Please... I'm sorry, please... I can't..." he wailed.

The guy just smiled down at him and stroked himself gently.

"That was good, but this will be better. No need to ask if you've been fucked before, is there?"

The guy picked up the tube again and squirted more in his hand. He lazily rolled his hips while stroking the stuff all over his dick. Wesley just sobbed as he watched, unable to do more than just take it.

"Now let's have this cherry popped, shall we?"

He slid off Wesley's dick with a little sigh and shifted himself backwards, sitting on his heels and tilting Wesley's hips up until he rested, splayed open across the guy's thighs. One long, well slicked finger traced little swirls along the inside of Wesley's thigh.

"Please... " Wesley begged.

"Are you begging me to fuck you or let you go?" The man's eyes bored into him, bright and frightening.

"i... i don't know..." he whined, wriggling in the hope of any sort of contact.

"Good." He unceremoniously shoved his finger deep inside Wesley's hole.

"oh god, ohmygod!" Wesley howled, thighs bunching as he tried to push onto it even further.

"You dirty little boy, I knew you'd be all over this."

The guy pushed in and out fast, making Wesley scream for more. He thrashed wildly, sweat beginning to pour off him with all the exertion.

"please... please..."

Wesley sobbed as another slim digit was shoved in with the first. He certainly didn't want this to feel good, but it did all the same. Then the guy twisted his wrist and all the breath left him in one long howl. Stars danced in front of his eyes as the guy kept rubbing and pressing on whatever spot he'd hit.

"Oh god oh god..."

Wesley felt like he was going to explode. Every nerve was on fire, pleasure zinging up and down his body like he'd never felt before. Then the guy shifted and everything blew up. It felt like the lower half of him was on fire and upper half was being drowned in heroin. The guy was pounding into him mercilessly now and Wesley didn't care. He cared only about riding this wave until everything crashed around him.

"That's it you little whore, give it up for me."

Wesley was panting, seconds away from finally coming when the guy savagely pulled out of him and jerked himself to completion over Wesley's chest. He laughed breathlessly as he flopped down to the mattress, sweat dripping from his now soaking and messy hair.

"Noooooo no please , god please... ohmygod don't...don't leave me like this..." Wesley begged, hoarse and sobbing, every limb quivering, fresh tears streaking down his cheeks.

The guy heaved himself up onto his elbows, a terrible grin taking over his face.

"Tell me how much you want me, slut."

"Please... more than anything, please..." Wesley thrashed, completely gone with need. "Please just touch me."

The guy looked at him in triumph sliding his hand over Wesley's hip and rubbing the pools of come on his belly into his skin.

"You're ruined now my little friend. Nothing will be the same for you after this..."

He grabbed Wesley's dick and by the second jerk, Wesley had come so hard he passed out.


When he woke up, he'd been untied and was alone. He heaved himself up and ran to the toilet, vomiting loudly. He clung to the toilet until his head stopped buzzing then dragged himself into the shower. He was going to forget this as quickly as he could.

When he'd cleaned himself up and got dressed, he saw the little note was on the night table. At least now he knew where he was, going by the hotel stationary.

'Room is yours till noon. Think of me while you jerk off.'

Wesley crumpled it and threw it on the floor, looking at his watch. He'd only been here a couple of hours. If he hurried, he might be in time to pick up his prescription...