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Worse fates

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1- Jin GuangYao
(Leader of the LanlingJin Sect)
Title: LianFang-Zun
Name meanings: Jin—”golden”; GuangYao—Guang means “light”, while Yao means “a radiant piece of jade”; LianFang—”to hide fragrance”
Height: 170 cm

2- Nie MingJue
Title: ChiFeng-Zun (eldest one of the sworn brothers)
Name meanings: MingJue—”a bright, penannular jade”; ChiFeng—”a crimson blade”
Saber: Baxia (“to be under forceful power”)
Height: 191 cm
Sect: QuingheNie


Can you be addicted to something you hate? Like a tea that stirs your stomach; but you cannot stop drinking it. Or a liquor that makes you lose your head; but still you seek to get drunk with it again and again. Or like a poison, that burns your insides, but you continue drinking sip by sip, swallowing, until even your blood is only dartre and stench to death.
But no. The aroma that floods his nostrils, which saturates his lungs, is not the scent of death. And he knows that it is a trick - one more - even that almost feminine perfume that encourages devouring and possessing is a trick. But just cannot resist it. Not today.
The fault is HuaiSang’s. It was he who made that stupid comment; it was he who sowed the seeds of doubt, of necessity.

'Why do you hate LianFang-Zun so much? He’s kind to everyone and you just reject him and scoff him. Sometimes you seem like a jealous lover. '
And he left, fanning himself as if nothing, hiding the shame of having said what he thought behind his long eyelashes.

But he is not a jealous lover. He is not a lover. Not yet.

Moonlight illuminates the bed and between the sheets, the body of jade almost flashes. His name is well chosen - so well that it would almost feel better to a courtesan than to a cultivating master.
MingJue clicks his tongue to himself as he travels the distance to the four-poster bed. He knows that, deep down, the name was chosen by a whore for a whore.
He stops by the bed and contemplates the dark hair spilled on the pillow. With his back to the window, Jin GuangYao hugs another pillow between his legs and sleeps with the expression of an innocent child.

MingJue could laugh at the certainty that there are many things to say about the man who sleeps before him; but innocent is not one of them. Instead of laughing, it is a growl what leaves his lips and before changing his mind, he unties the cord that ties the robe around his hips.

Jin GuangYao shakes his head and shakes his eyelids in an attempt to abandon dream. The sensation of being observed bristles the hair at the base of the head and he opens the eyes. For a moment, he barely distinguishes the silhouette before him. He immediately woks up and sits down on the bed to face his sworn brother ... totally naked.
Inevitably, his eyes travel the length of the muscular body. He has long accepted that he admires that body. He admires it as much as he envies it. Yes, GuangYao inherited the ethereal beauty of his mother and the seductive ability of his father. Violence is not his favorite method; but perhaps that’s why the temperamental leader of the QingheNie Sect awakens such ... accumulation of conflicting emotions in him. If given the choice, he would choose Lan XiChen, the beautiful and gentle older brother of the two Jades of GusuLan. Or maybe not, he admits inside while his gaze stops at the striated abdomen, descending between the fibrous thighs.

“Brother MingJue”, he says softly, “how can I serve you?”

MingJue would smile, if he were a sarcastic man. But he’s not. And that may be the best.

“You know”, he declares, frowning when the other looks up at his face, feigning innocence. “Don’t act with me; Meng Yao: you know why I'm here.”

I know? The voice asks in GuangYao's brain while an unusual purr warms his veins: when was the last time Nie MingJue called him by that name?

“I think ... you'll have to be more explicit, elder brother.”

There is a slight warm murmur in his words. He knows. However, he recoils when the other jumps to the bed and reaches for his hand. Still when the fingers grab a lock of his loose hair, GuangYao has the doubt of whether he plans to hit him or ...

Neither one nor the other. MingJue has no plans to be tender. It never went through his head. All he expects is to detoxify himself, get rid of the doubts that the comment of his younger brother left in him. And detoxification is not a tender process.

The hands that separate the clothes are less rough than GuangYao expected; but less tender than a similar occasion would imply. He knows what awaits him in the end. He knows how it will end tonight and despite that, the chill that runs through his spine is not entirely scary.
It's strange. It’s strange to know that those hands could kill him - that they have wanted to kill him! - and yet, now they explore his torso and thighs almost carefully.

A muffled moan leaves GuangYao's lips as a finger explores between his buttocks, pressing into his entrance.

“Have you – d-done this -before - bro - elder brother?” he asks while arching to offer a better angle to the invasion.

MingJue's sensual mouth twists to the left.

“I guess for everything there is a first time”, he declares without stopping savaging.

For a second, the other's body tenses, anticipating the pain.

MingJue does not even consider calm him down. He has never slept with a man; but how different can a woman be? You just have to dilate it enough so there are no difficulties at the time ...

GuangYao waves in the possession, opening his legs wider, clinging to the sheets and a thrill of pleasure breaks loose in his limbs. For the first time, MingJue's gaze descends to the erect sex on the smooth belly. Despite his short stature, GuangYao has a good equipment (rumors claim that he also knows how to use it well): a hard and smooth cock, silky to the eye, slightly curved upwards; the testicles are now two excitation stones, rigid and naked, lightly touching the hand that explores in the sphincter without mercy. With his eyes fixed on the contractions of the other's sex, MingJue feels his own cock tremble.
Three fingers are already slipping inside Jin GuangYao - inside and outside, scissoring, moving in circles - and a liquid pearl spills from the tip of his shaft. Instinctively, MingJue takes the rigid member in his free hand and squeezes it again and again, up and down, until the other man shakes, tenses, bends back and with a moan, explodes in his hand.
Without giving him time to recover, the older man just soaks his fingers in the warm semen and uses it to moisten his body's canal even more.

“ChiFeng …” mutters the other, narrowing his eyes and instinctively, separates more his thighs, rising on his heels to offer his body.

It is an invitation impossible to refuse. Before considering how far this will go, MingJue is between his legs, holding in one hand to push in his entrance. A moan of pain contracts the younger man's chest. Impulsively, he closes his body to the invasion; but at the same time, he forces himself not to move, to receive firmly the onslaught that carries more of that column of flesh and fire inside him.

Despite all the preparation, Jin GuangYao's body is narrow and MingJue holds his breath while trying to control the animal instinct that snatches his senses. It’s glory. The way it squeezes around him as if he wanted to throw him out; but at the same time, it holds him inside ... it's glory. He takes one leg from the other and lifts it over his hips to strike again. And now he is totally inside, feeling in his pelvis the pressure of the firm buttocks, in his belly how the sex of the other hardens again. He goes back ... just to dig into that sea of flesh and ecstasy once more. And again. And again. Until only the sound of flesh against flesh and the moans of GuangYao fill the air.

There is a smell of sex. Sweat and semen are mixed in the atmosphere, perfumed with the soft ferrous scent of blood.
MingJue plunges relentlessly in the tight body between his arms. GuangYao no longer resists pain or arches to find pleasure: all he does is get carried away by the assaults that find his center from behind.

They are lying on one side of the body. The eldest holds the other on one arm while with the right he lifts a leg to penetrate from behind in a slow, steady swing. The wet sound of their torsos to meet joins the quiet moans that modulates the youngest while with one hand tries to cling to the bed.
The hard sex of the leader of the LanlingJin sect swings to the rhythm of his hips, bouncing against his belly when the onslaught is too rough. His entire body shudders with need and his muscles tremble as the climax begins to build once more. Instinctively, he turns his head to bring his face closer to the other man's and silently, modulates a plea.
The leader of the QingheNie sect does not need any special talent to understand the wishes of his lover. Always attacking the inside of the other, slide the hand that holds his tense thigh to caress the testicles and massage them almost too hard. GuangYao moans, arches back and looks for more of that hand while offering more to the sex that devours and impales.
Now the open palm of MingJue covers the cock smooth, the thumb presses the wet hole, playing with the juice that sprouts.

“Ah yes!” the younger gasps, shaking his head from side to side, desperate, squeezing his eyelids as his scrotum tightens and the semen bursts into an unstoppable spring. “More, please - ChiFeng, harder…”

Do we have to ask the river to run faster? Or the wind that blows stronger? The lunges are now thrusts that resound obscenely in the room, repeated by the groaning voice of GuangYao, who abandons himself in possession, unable to move, while his half-soft cock still trembles in the grip of the other.
He cannot contain himself anymore. Sinking in the narrow channel, MingJue lets go, biting between the neck and shoulder of the other to silence the roar that accompanies ecstasy.
World disappears in an explosion of light and heat.


When MingJue moves, he does it only to bury his nose at the root of the man-in-his-arm's hair. GuangYao is asleep. Even the expression of affected sweetness has abandoned his beautiful features.
MingJue stands on one elbow to contemplate him. He has always admired the beauty of this man: it’s true that he lacks the purity that his other sworn brother exudes; but Jin GuangYao has always been one of the most attractive creatures that exist. And now, after the long hours of sex, fatigue and pleasure have left in him an unusual glow, a warm light that incites and provokes.

MingJue remembers every minute of the night and his dark gaze stops at the half-open mouth. He has not touched that mouth. Despite everything they did - what he did to him - he has not kissed GuangYao. It was not about being romantic, after all.
Before realizing what he is doing, he leans into that mouth and takes the lower lip between his teeth. Bite gently and then lick slowly. The lips open like a flower and Jin GuangYao's tongue dances to meet him.
With a guttural sound building in his throat, Nie MingJue moves to be placed on top of him again, between his legs. When they finally move aside to breathe, the elder bites the corner of his mouth before he nibbles the jawline.

“You like it?” he demands against his ear. “Do you want more?”
“Mhm ... ChiFeng ...” GuangYao purrs.
“Say it. Say that you like it. Say that you want me inside you again.”
“Ah yes”, exhale the other one, waving hips and torso to look for more contact. “I like it when you're on top of me, behind me - inside me… a-ah! ... I want you - ah, ChiFeng! ... I want you inside me ... all the time. Never -oh heavenly gods! -I had never felt anything like this - never - no one has ... “

The confession dies in a moan and MingJue kisses him savagely. His hands look roughly until they put him in position and with a lunge, he sinks into him. LanlinJin Sect’s leader bends back, raising his body of the mattress, moaning the other’s name so high that his throat stings.

“There is no-one else”, MingJue growls, scratching his sides in an effort to dig deeper into him. “Say it. Say there's nobody else for you.”
“There's no ... a-ah! ... There's no-one! There is nobody, elder brother! Only you - oh heavens, so deep -You're - you're so deep inside me, A-Jue ...” and a tremor shakes his body while fluids spill in his belly, in his chest.

Nie Ming Jue narrows his eyes and again gives himself up to the pleasure of filling him with his seed. In a rest of consciousness, he feels how the thick liquid drains from the inside of the other, moistening his own pelvis.

This time they do not let themselves be overcome by the dream. MingJue lies on his back and pulls the other up to accommodate him on himself, with his legs spread on both sides of his hips.

“This is better than playing the guqin”, Jin GuangYao murmurs, pressing his cheek against the warm skin.
A laugh shudders the tallest man, forcing him to look up, bewildered.
“You learned to play it for me, right?” MingJue reminds him.
“This is better”, he insists, raising an eyebrow, as if challenging him to contradict and MingJue discovers that he likes this daring, challenging GuangYao more than the servile and pitiful child that aroused his piety.

He slides his fingers down the line of his spine and a shiver of delight forces GuangYao to squint and modulate a gasp.

“This is better. For me. You probably won’t be able to walk in a week “, he scoffs.
“You grant me very little courage, A-Jue.”
“Are you challenging me to try it, A-Yao?” He looks at him through the eyelashes.

Jin GuangYao shakes his eyelashes while the blush tints his neck and face.

“Would you accept my challenge, Er-gege?”
“You'll be my undoing “, Nie MingJue growls, with dilated pupils and pulls him to kiss him fiercely.
“There are worse fates”, the other moans in his mouth.


Lan Xichen raises his clear eyes to observe his sworn brothers. Following the rules of GusuLan, the First Jade is awake for hours now and although he has been surprised not to find ChiFeng-Zun training as usual, only smiles affable to see them enter. To his dismay, Jin GuangYao declines to sit at the table and instead, he drops on the couch before the window.

“I hope your trip has been quiet, ZeWu-Jun”, declares the leader of the QingheNie sect while occupying his seat.
“It was, brother ChiFeng. Brother GuangYao, are you okay?” he is worried. “You seem very fatigued. Did you have a bad night?”
“Frantic, not bad”, MingJue responds in place of the other and Lan Xichen almost blinks to surprise a slight smile on the lips of his friend.
“ChiFeng-Zun is right, brother Lan Huan”, the other reassures him as he reclines on the couch on one side of the body. His mouth twitches and a slight moan leaves his lips.

“Maybe you should rest a little more”, suggests the GusuLan’s, fighting against the idea that begins to form in his head.
“No! I'm fine. Just ...”
“I agree with our second brother, LianFang-Zun. Rest will do you good: remember that an equally restless night awaits you.”
“Brother A-Jue!” the younger is almost frightened; but Lan XiChen suspects that the shudder that shakes his shoulders is not, precisely, because of fear.
“Until you get used to it, you should practice daily. You forgot it? Also, you have a challenge to win, right?”

Jin GuangYao moans, thinking that - perhaps - he is the one who’s lost. When he looks up to find the sympathetic smile of Lan XiChen and the almost voracious expression of MingJue, he says inwardly that, after all, there are worse fates.
Like to learn to play the guqin to control another man's qi.