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The wild cards resurgence

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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for persona usage

Sora's pov

I sat in the car while we drove to our new town I in all honesty was happy to be going as living in Saitama was getting difficult my mother said "hey Sora are you looking forward to it" I said "yeah mom don't worry" I kept sitting feeling a bit dizzy stupid carsickness I've always been bad when it comes down to car journeys I suddenly felt myself nodding off. I all of a sudden heard what sounded like a opera singer when I came to I saw a man with silver hair similar to my own and a older looking gentleman with a longer nose the strange looking man said "greetings young man and welcome to the velvet room my name is Igor what might yours be" I said "it's Sora Sasaki now if it's not rude to ask what is this place" he said "as I said it is the velvet room a place that exists between dream and reality mind and matter you young man are a guest in this room" I said "so it's kinda like a mind palace but not one I myself created how spectacular" he said it is indeed now let me introduce my assistant" the silver haired man said "hello my name is Theodore but you can call me Theo" he did a respectful bow that was when I asked "um Igor was it I have to ask why does this place look like a cargo plane" he said "the velvet room shapes itself to show how the guest feels in their heart" he went on to say "you sir are going to be going on a journey soon one that will bring you many allies and one that will require you to face a deadly calamity one that threatens the future of your world" I asked "how can I stop it" he said "let's ask the cards shall we" he pulled out a set of tarot cards and began shuffling them he than pulled out one that made him say "ah the moon in the upright position it seems you will be faced with a mystery during your journey one that shall cost many lives" before I could ask anything else I woke up from my slumber.

"Big brother wake up come on wake up" I felt someone shaking me I said "hey relax Yuga I'm up" my little brother said "oh I was worried you didn't wake up" I said "hey relax little buddy i just had a nap now let's get in" he pouted saying "I'm not little" I just patted his his head while getting my bags to head indoors. I entered the house with Yuga saying "it's so big in here" while gigiling happily I mean it was a massive upgrade from that apartment we had in the city I said "yeah it's big isn't it Yuga now I call dibs on the biggest room" he said "no it's mine" me and him than raced up to go for the biggest room.

I as expected won the race that and me being older I had the biggest claim to the room I now have I sat on my bed saying "what a day and that dream of that guy Igor was it really a dream ah what the hell I'm tired" I fell into my bed sheets drifting of to sleep. That was when I woke up this time in a dark area it looked like a forest as the trees gave of that impression I said "hello anyone out there" there was no answer I in typical horror movie fashion moved forward to look around that was when I heard a giggle from somebody I said "who's there come on out" but before I knew it I had to avoid a strike from what seemed like a dagger I said "ok this needs to stop" then I heard a deep and malevolent voice say "you can't stop me not with that feeble power you humans can only see what's on the surface" I got up trying to hit him with him replying "it seems there's some fight in you this is a suprise" he disappeared with me trying to go for him but in the end it was all for nothing.