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Arthur's Modeling Agency

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"How was the party?" Galahad chirped as he heard Tristan slam the front door.

Tristan wandered into their bedroom shedding clothes and belching. He waggled his brows as he shoved his hand down the front of his track bottoms and made a great show of scratching his balls.

"Not bad. Shame you weren't there."

"Tristan... are you wearing what I think you're wearing?"

He blinked as Tristan yawned and tossed aside his bottoms and strolled towards their bed in very small, red lace panties. Galahad's tongue swiped over his plump bottom lip when he took in how Tristan was rapidly spilling out of them.

"Oh these?" He ran his finger under the very overstretched waistband and laughed as Galahad's eyes followed the motion greedily. "Eva thought you might like them. I said you would, just not on her." He Laughed and slid onto the bed. "I see you do like them, you perverted little twink."

Galahad growled and slid down between Tristan's spread thighs, rubbing his hands along the rough pattern of the fabric.

"I'm not the one wearing the panties... "

He pulled his nails over Tristan's arse cheeks, humming happily as Tristan groaned.

"No. But you are a little twink."


Galahad mouthed his way over the lace covered bulge before him with gusto. Tristan smelled of beer, Eva's perfume and lavatory soap.

"How nice of you to clean up after," he said with a small nip.

Tristan grabbed a fist full of chocolate curls and shoved against Galahad's mouth. He groaned when a clever tongue dipped under the stressed elastic and swiped along his slit.

"Take all of it..." Tristan moaned.

Galahad did, easily, rolling the top elastic down enough to pop Tristan's cock free. He sucked eagerly, swallowing the whole length with the ease of long practice. Tristan's fingers held him tightly as his hips began to move, fucking into his mouth none too gently. Galahad bared his teeth at the treatment. Tristan growled a bit and backed off.

"Like that, baby... just like that."

Galahad pushed up on Tristan's arse until he tipped forward onto all fours. Then he wrapped his arms around Tristan's thighs and began to suck in earnest. He snapped the elastic against Tristan's skin every so often, getting a muffled curse along with a deep shove. He swallowed Tristan relentlessly, until his lover started quivering and swearing in Danish. He took Tristan all the way back and hollowed his cheeks. Tristan's hips froze for a moment then he bucked once, coming hard down Galahad's throat.

They stayed frozen for a moment until Tristan groaned and crumpled to the side. Galahad reluctantly let him go with a very wet pop and made a show of swallowing and wiping his lip.

"Third round for you?" Galahad teased as he shook his hair out and crawled up to flop into Tristan's arms.



Tristan chuckled and kissed Galahad thoroughly.

end 2014