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calculator messages

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Keith slumped in his blue plastic seat which was placed next to the wall in his Algebra 2 class. It was another day of another lecture made by Mr. Iverson, however, no one was paying any attention. Everyone was doing their own thing while Iverson went on about slopes or something.

The lecture was so boring that Keith could feel his eyes drooping. He figured Iverson wouldn’t notice if he just closed his eyes for a bit. But before Keith could close his eyes he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

Keith instantly perked up, now awoken but the gentle touch on his shoulder. From the corner of his eyes Keith watched as a slender, caramel arm placed a calculator on his desk.

He hesitated a bit, glancing around to see if anyone had saw what just happened, before he finally picked up the calculator.

Once in his hands, Keith pressed a random button to turn on the calculator. 3 simple letters appeared before him.